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Enabalista’s 1st Fashion & Beauty Blog Sale!

Hi Lovelies!

It’s my first blog sale and I hope that some of you will be able to benefit and share in the joy of these items for sale! 🙂

In case you’re wondering why I’m hosting a blog sale; I only have 1 body and that includes 1 face, so I can’t wear that many clothes or use so many products concurrently.  For most of the clothes, I have been gifted (mum, aunt, etc) and I realize that though I really like most of them and have kept some for a while, it’s just not my style to wear. And for others, I don’t see myself wearing them again but they’re still in fair condition(girls tend to like variety, right? :P). Then for the beauty products, some of them are doubles/dupes, I have either bought or been gifted the extra/similar and I can’t possibly finish using them especially when I acquire new products on a monthly basis. It’s definitely a good problem to have and therefore I’m letting all these products go way below their market value, at 10-30% of the retail price (r.p.) because I don’t want to let them go to waste. I also hope some of you will enjoy using these products as well. 🙂 

Enabalista Blog Sale 001

Things to take note/How it works:
1. To purchase, email me your name and the item number, description with the price $X that you want to purchase.
2. I will email reply with my bank details for payment via bank transfer/ibanking, assuming that item is still available. If item is sold, I will reply to let you know as well.
3. Once payment has been transferred, please email me the transaction number and your address.
4. Due to my busy work and blogging schedule, please allow 3 working days (Mon – Fri) to have your items delivered after payment.
5. Any questions should be directed to my email: enabalista @ gmail.com (without the gaps). I reply to emails faster than I do to comments. Should you leave your questions under comments, I may also reply you via email.
6. No trades, no negotiations & no refunds. All items come in As Is condition.
7. Items will be sold on first come first serve basis.
8. All prices includes normal postage. Additional $2.24 (includes GST) applicable for local registered article, available upon request.
9. Blog Sale open to local Singapore Residents until 31 August or till items are sold out, whichever is earlier. If the response of the sale is good and I am able to cope with the inquiries and deliveries, I may add on new products and transfer this to a page to keep a continuous tab for my blog. So come back and check on the progress! It would be great if you could email me or comment here with your thoughts about this sale. 😉
10. I will try to update the post as and when items are sold out.

Happy Reading & Shopping! 🙂

1. Cute Bow Striped Top One Piece Dress – $5
M size, preloved.

Enabalista Blog Sale 001_new Enabalista Blog Sale 002_new

2. Get Snug Winter Knitted Sweater in Maroon from Hong Kong – $10
M size, Worn once, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 003_newEnabalista Blog Sale 005_new Enabalista Blog Sale 004_new

Actual colour more similar to the photo above.

3.  Cute Denim Worker Jacket with Cat & Smaller Denim Jacket Embellishment – $10
M size,  good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 006_new Enabalista Blog Sale 007_new Enabalista Blog Sale 008_new Enabalista Blog Sale 009_new

4. Vintage Le Grand Cafe Floral Printed Jacket – $5
Fits M-L, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 011_newEnabalista Blog Sale 010_new

5. Vintage Black All Floral Lace Jacket – $10
M size, tight fit, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 012_new Enabalista Blog Sale 013_new

6. Black Denim Shorts with Paisley – $5
M size, preloved but still in good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 014_new

7. Twenty One Japanese style Kawaii Mini Lace Skirt – $5
States XS size but fits M, never worn before, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 015_new Enabalista Blog Sale 016_new

8. YourEyesLie Galaxy Maxi Skirt – $15
Size S, elastic band also able to fit M, worn once, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 017_new Enabalista Blog Sale 018_new

9. Cute Peach Jap Style Dress with Layered Petticoat, comes with shiny belt – $5
Size M, fits L, Never worn before, good condition. Slight defect of additional cloth on the shoulder portion.

Enabalista Blog Sale 019_newEnabalista Blog Sale 021_newEnabalista Blog Sale 022_new

10. Sheer Lace Dress – $5
Size M. Never worn before. Recommended to wear with a slip dress/petticoat beneath. Lace portion is off white while skirt is pure white.

Enabalista Blog Sale 023_new Enabalista Blog Sale 025_new

11. Nautical Striped Tube Dress with Floral Print – $5
Size M. Flairs at the top. Great for the beach, picnics and on the yacht with a wide beam hat!

Enabalista Blog Sale 026_new Enabalista Blog Sale 027_new

12. Poufy Lace Jap Style Skirt in Beige – $5
Fits M, great to accentuate for a fuller butt! Recommended to match with a plain top and black or cute stockings and heels for a cute & girly look.

Enabalista Blog Sale 028_new Enabalista Blog Sale 029_new Enabalista Blog Sale 030_new

13. HVV Country style Green Top with lace details – $5 SOLD
M size, worn once.

Enabalista Blog Sale 032_new Enabalista Blog Sale 031_new Enabalista Blog Sale 033_new

14. Zara Women Country Style High Waisted Denim Skirt – $15
Size 24, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 034_new Enabalista Blog Sale 035_new Enabalista Blog Sale 036_new

15. F21 Leopard Dress – $5
M size, preloved.

Enabalista Blog Sale 037_new

16. Hypnosis Country Style Dress in Sheer Fabric – $5
M size, preloved.

Enabalista Blog Sale 043_new Enabalista Blog Sale 044_new

17. Pocahontas Long Shirt Dress – $5
M size, worn once, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 045_new Enabalista Blog Sale 046_new

18. Glam Dark Gold Office Top – $5
Size 38, never worn, with a slight scratch on fabric on the top. Great fabric, luxe feel.

Enabalista Blog Sale 047_new Enabalista Blog Sale 048_newEnabalista Blog Sale 049_new

19. Esensual Office Top in Peach with Floral Embroidery – $5 
UK size 10, M size, Worn once, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 050_new Enabalista Blog Sale 051_new

20. Mastermind Japan Love Crochet details Top – $15
Size S/4-6, Worn once, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 052_new Enabalista Blog Sale 053_new Enabalista Blog Sale 054_new

21. Grey Dress with Blue Floral Print Details and Bubble Bottom – $5
Size M, never worn, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 057_new Enabalista Blog Sale 058_new

22. Blue School Girl Dress with Bronze Buttons – $5
Size M, tight fit. Would fit a size 6 just nice. Preloved but good condition. Buttons in varying hues.

Enabalista Blog Sale 059_new

23. Super Cute Peplum Dress – $5
Brand New, size M, tight fit. Would fit size 6 just nice. Zipper is very stiff, but in working condition.
Enabalista Blog Sale 063_new Enabalista Blog Sale 062_new

24. Arithalia Cocktail Black Dress, $10
States size S but fits size M as well due to stretchy fabric. Worn twice, good condition. Great for a formal cocktail setting.

Enabalista Blog Sale 064_new Enabalista Blog Sale 065_new Enabalista Blog Sale 066_new

25. Colourful Tribal Embroidery on White Dress, $5 SOLD
Size M, preloved, good condition. Great for school or office wear too.

Enabalista Blog Sale 067_new Enabalista Blog Sale 068_new

26. Country Style Mini Skirt, $5
Elastic Band, fits size S -M, Pre-loved. Match with plain top, boots & crochet or woven bag for a cute country look.

Enabalista Blog Sale 069_new Enabalista Blog Sale 070_new

27. Fashion Lab Palm Leaves Summer Dress – $10
Brand new with tag. Size S also able to fit M as it’s stretchy material.

Enabalista Blog Sale 119_new Enabalista Blog Sale 120_new

28. Cute Knee Lenght Red Skirt – $5
Fits M Size

Enabalista Blog Sale 040_new Enabalista Blog Sale 041_new

29. Streetstyle Cute Skull Muscle Tee  – $5
Worn once.
Enabalista Blog Sale 121_new Enabalista Blog Sale 122_new

30. NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil – Aigle Noir (Shimmer Black), $10
Swatched lightly, r.p. $38.

Enabalista Blog Sale 072_new Enabalista Blog Sale 071_new

31. Majolica Majorca Honey Plump Gloss Neo $5, SOLD
Brand New, Unused.

Enabalista Blog Sale 123

32. Sally Girl Eyeshadow 4 Quad, $5
Brand New, Unused.

Enabalista Blog Sale 078_new

33. Faceshop Mini Lipstick, Glossy RD301, $2
Used twice. Does not come with packaging. Colour is sheer.

Enabalista Blog Sale 076_newEnabalista Blog Sale 075_new

34. Majolica Majorca Trick On Liner Black, $5
Brand New, Unused.
Enabalista Blog Sale 077_new
35. The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain in 01, $5.
Used once. Colour is sheer. r.p. $24.90.

Enabalista Blog Sale 079_new

36. Bella Blaze Lip Balm Honey Lemon, 20ml, $5
Brand New, Unused, r.p. $21.

Enabalista Blog Sale 080_new
37. The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover, $1SOLD
Brand New, unused, r.p. $5.
Enabalista Blog Sale 081_new

38. The Body Shop All in One BB Cream, $10
Used once, r.p. $32.90

Enabalista Blog Sale 082_new39. Bright & Glow Brightening BB Cream in 2, 35ml, $5
Used 1-3 times, r.p. $16.90. Read my review here.

Enabalista Blog Sale 084_new

40. Bright & Glow Brightening Compact Foundation in Ivory 2, $5
Used once, r.p. $18.90. Read my review here.
Enabalista Blog Sale 085_newEnabalista Blog Sale 086_new

41. Estee Lauder Ultra Marine Eyeshadow, $15
Used 3-5 times, scratches on the cover, comes with the applicator and plastic cover over the eyeshadow.

Enabalista Blog Sale 087_new

Enabalista Blog Sale 088_new

42. Benefit Eau De Toilet, Noelle, $15
Used once, comes in box. Exotic, glamorous, woody floral scent. r.p. $36.

Enabalista Blog Sale 089_new Enabalista Blog Sale 090_new

43. Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure in 470 Purple Pulse, $7
Brand New, Unused, r.p. $19.90.

Enabalista Blog Sale 092_new

44. FitFlop Nail Varnish in Blue My Mind (Glitter Blue), $5
Brand New, unused, comes with box.

Enabalista Blog Sale 094_new Enabalista Blog Sale 093_new45. Rachel K CC Blemish Balm, $5
Unused in box, stored for some time, good for use until March 2015. R.p. $34.

Enabalista Blog Sale 095_new

46. Skinc Regenerate Vit A Serum, $30
Brand New, unused in box, retails for $136.96.
Enabalista Blog Sale 097_new

47. Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Anti Melanin Spot Corrector, $30
Used 1-3 times, in box, retails for $110.

Enabalista Blog Sale 098_new

48. FTC UV Perfect Cream Premium 50 For All Seasons SPF 50 PA+++, 50g, $15
Brand New, Shrink wrapped, r.p. $60. Tube, airless pump, very convenient. Has a light green grape scent. Excellent sunblock. The one I’m using now is placed next to box to show how the product looks inside. There were plans to bring these line in Singapore but from my knowledge, it is currently still not made available in Singapore.

Enabalista Blog Sale 099_new

49. FTC UV FF SPF 50 PA++++, 30g, $15
Brand New, in box, r.p. $60. Tube, airless pump. Have not tried or used this before. Comes in pretty gold packaging box and cap. Enabalista Blog Sale 100_new

50. Senka Whitening Lotion, $5, SOLD
Brand new, unused, r.p. $16.90.

Enabalista Blog Sale 124

51. Senka UV Gel, SPF 50 PA+++ comes free with 2 perfect whip make up remover foam, 40ml, $10, SOLD
Brand New, unused, Women’s Weekly, Best Beauty Buys, r.p. $16.90.
Enabalista Blog Sale 125

52. ZA True While Emulsion Sample Set, $3, SOLD
Enabalista Blog Sale 126

53. Mekhala Soothing Tamarind Facial Cleanser, 15ml, $2
120ml retails for $42

Enabalista Blog Sale 118_new

54. Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Body Oil, 10ml, $5
Similar oil at 75ml retails for $63.

Enabalista Blog Sale 117_new

55. Alpha-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid, 50ml, S15 After some research from here & here decided not to sell and will review it. LOL. And yes I take my research for my posts very seriously, including selling these products at a reasonable price. As of now I’m in my 4-5th hour of writing this post since I started tonight. >,< Anyhoo, I’ll post up my review if it’s any good for me! 😀
Brand new, shrink wrapped, retails online 100ml for $56.Enabalista Blog Sale 116_new

56. Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash Powder Cool, 200ml, $2
Used 1-3 time for review. Retails online $9.90.

Enabalista Blog Sale 115_new

57. Harnn Oriental Herbs Hand Cream, 50g, $10
R.p. $45

Enabalista Blog Sale 114_new
58. PCA Facial Wash, $10
It is a gentle wash and it leaves my skin with just a light tinge of tautness. I would recommend this for people who have sensitive skin and require a wash that is gentle, calming, soothing and free from artificial ingredients.” Read my full review here.
Enabalista Blog Sale 113_new

59. Pure by Phytocare Papaya Ointment with Calendula,25g, $5
r.p. $15 (kindly ignore the gold packs and snack bar). Selling only the Ointment.
Enabalista Blog Sale 112_new

60. Somang Midnight Hydro Intense Sleeping Cream Sample, 10ml, $1.Enabalista Blog Sale 110_new Enabalista Blog Sale 111_new61. The Body Shop Pink Make Up Pouch Small, $2
Can fit lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow pots but nothing bigger than the size of a pen. ~4cm width.Enabalista Blog Sale 109_new Enabalista Blog Sale 108_new

62. SAMPLES Full set, 31 pieces for $8 (Save $3) SOLD
Just a note: I was gifted these samples from goodie bags, by the counter ladies or with purchases. So most of the samples would have “Not for sale” as samples are meant to be gifted for trial use. I’m selling them in bundles mostly to cover the postage and my trip down to the post office, I hardly make a profit from them.
Enabalista Blog Sale 101_new

That is all!

Thanks for reading! 😉