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Estée Lauder New Pleasures Eau Fraîche


I’m pretty sure your holidays is getting along well! For the ladies, have you wondered what you’d like to smell like this Christmas? 😉

In light of this festive season, I would like to introduce a wonderful new scent by Estee Lauder, the Pleasures Eau Fraîche.

Estee Lauder  Pleasures Eau Fraîche

Eau Fraîche is french and it refers to Eau de Fraich which means fresh water, and that is cologne. Cologne does not have the type of essential oils perfume does, and is not as strong -smelling or long-lasting. Therefore the new Estee Lauder Pleasures Eau Fraîche is a sweet, light floral fragrance for women!


Check out the beautiful Constance Jablonski in this Estee Lauder video for Pleasures Eau Fraîche:

Isn’t it lovely?


For those who are olfactory inclinced, you will be keen to know that:

in pleasures Eau Fraîche, the proportion and balance of pleasures Eau de Parfum have been modified, revealing a new olfactive experience. This re-balanced impression opens with top notes including pure white lilies and violet leaves with even more airy clarity.  The crisp green elements are fresher and more watery. The floral heart of black lilacs, white peonies, pink roses and exotic karo-karounde blossoms smells even more petally and dewy.  The signature baie rose spiciness, although still present and vibrational in Eau Fraîche, is more intense in the eau de parfum, as is the underlying warmth of the floral heart.


But of course, reading it won’t justify the smell at all, so go ahead, check out the new fragrance at any Estee Lauder counters! 🙂

Every 50ml is priced at SGD$86.

If you’re a guy and still wondering what gift to get for a modern and young woman like your girlfriend, sister, best friend or crush then this is really a great Christmas gift choice!

Other than the new  Pleasures Eau Fraîche, Estee Lauder has an excellent variety of gift choices for women this year. Check out my next post for more Estee Lauder Christmas limited edition gift sets! 🙂



Flawless with Estée Lauder

Hi lovelies!

Have you ever wondered how to get a flawless complexion like international supermodel Liu Wen?

Wonder no more, because it’s no secret that Estée Lauder produces one of the best and longest lasting foundation!

“A woman’s beauty is not in her features, or the shade of her skin, but her confidence.” – Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder understands that women around the world are in search of a long-lasting foundation in their perfect shade to even skintone, conceal freckles, pores and imperfections and create a flawless look. An Estee Lauder research insight revealed that 94% of women are wearing the wrong shade of foundation.

Therefore, to meet this need,  Estee Lauder is releasing its extended breadth of shades in Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10/PA++ and Stay-in-Place Dual Effect Powder Makeup SPF 10/PA++ to match every woman’s beautiful skintone.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10/PA++ is the same formula that’s made it Estée Lauder’s number one foundation, with NEW non-drying, oil-controlling benefits that won’t clog pores.  Other benefits include:

–        15 Hour Wear
–        Buildable Coverage
–        Lightweight, Comfortable Texture
–        Heat and humidity resistant (tested in 88°F and at 88% humidity)
–        Transfer-resistant
–        Non-acnegenic
–        Fragrance-free

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10/PA++ is available islandwide and retails for $58.

Stay-in-Place Dual Effect Powder Makeup SPF 10/PA++ has a unique applicator that lets you go from foundation to finishing powder instantly. Use the sponge side to create a smooth foundation finish. Use the velvety side to apply over liquid makeup as a semi-matte finishing powder.

This innovative powder promises comfortable, all-day wear and stay-true color coverage that won’t transfer, settle or streak. It also stays fresh and looks natural for up to 8 hours, even through nonstop activity. Other benefits include:

–        Adjustable medium-to-full coverage
–        Oil-free
–        Oil-absorbing
–        Non-drying
–        Fragrance-free
–        Dermatologist-tested

Stay-in-Place Dual Effect Powder Makeup SPF 10/PA++ is available islandwide and retails for $60.

To celebrate the launch of the extended shades of foundations and to help her customers achieve Flawless complexion, Estee Lauder is conducting a Flawless with Estee Lauder workshop.

Date: 24 Oct (Wed) to 28 Oct (Sun) ’12
Time: 11.00am – 1.00pm (Fri – Sun), 3.00pm – 5.00pm (Wed – Sun) & 7.00pm – 9.00pm (Wed – Sat)
Venue: Central Court A, VivoCity Atrium
Fee: $100 per participant (Fully redeemable for Estee Lauder products)

Early Bird Special: Register before 22 Oct ’12 (Mon) and receive a 4-pc Beauty Kit.

Citibank Exclusive: Sign up for the workshop using your Citibank credit card before 22 Oct ’12 (Mon) and receive an additional deluxe foundation brush.
**Please present your Citibank credit card upon attending the workshop.

Register here.

Want to try a week’s worth of  Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10/PA ?

Get your 1-week supply of Double Wear at Estee Lauder Singapore’s Facebook page here!

“Every woman can be beautiful.”- Estée Lauder

I’ll be attending Flawless Workshop on Wednesday, 24 October from 7-9pm! So let me know if you’re coming by and say hi! (;

I am pretty excited to try the new foundations, will update again after I’ve tested them!





As mentioned in my post earlier, here’s the Q&A with Chinese supermodel & Estée Lauder Spokesmodel, Liu Wen. (:

Information credits to Estée Lauder Press team.



Q&A with Liu Wen, Estée Lauder Spokesmodel


1)     Where is your favorite place to be in fall?

I think Paris, because when I’m there for fashion week every October, I always love seeing the beautiful colors of the trees along the Champs-Elysees. I always imagine myself and a good friend sitting there, drinking coffee outside.

2)     How does fall in New York differ from fall in Beijing?

I don’t think there is too much difference. Maybe Beijing’s weather is drier on my skin.

3)     Will you celebrate Halloween? If so, what costume will you wear?

I really like Halloween, but I never wore a costume because I always think about what I want to wear, but never make a decision! I do pass out candy to the kids who come by my apartment though!

 (Ena: Yes I will, with my classmates again! See my 2011 celebration here. Not sure, but I will start thinking about it! :D)

4)     What’s your favorite fall meal?

What I eat during fall is pretty similar to every other season, but because it might be drier, I make sure to eat meals with more vegetables, and of course more fruit during the day.

5)     What is your favorite fall activity?

Going on a short trip outside the city so I can have a picnic with my friends!

6)     What is your must-have fashion item for the fall season?

A big bag that can hold a lot of items! I feel like I have more and more to carry every season.

 (Ena: I love furry vests & berets, so they would be my must-have fall items. I carry big bags everywhere too! My current Mango bag is tearing at the handles due to all the weight of the books I’ve been carrying. >.<)

7)     What’s in your handbag?

Three phones (One French, one American, and one Chinese), my wallet, keys, iPod, Lumix Camera, eye drops, travel size jar of Estée Lauder Nutritious Creme and a bottle of water!

 (Ena: That’s a lot of phones she’s carrying! I always wondered how people manage with so many phones!)

8)     What were your favorite fashion shows for Fall 2012?

Jean Paul Gaultier, because the show itself is always a playful performance.

Balenciaga, because the outfit I wore was one of my favorites this season.

Oscar de la Renta, because I wore a gorgeous princess-style dress!

 (Ena: Mine would be Balmain & Valentino for their intricate and lovely Shakespearean / Renaissance inspired embroidery & Victorian Beckham for  her sleek and modern take on MIlitary style. Trés chic. More about them in another post sometime soon!)

9)     How do you prepare for Fashion Week?

I make sure that I’m ready for it mentally, because it can be very stressful. But most of the time I just do it!

 (Ena: Speaking hypothetically if I were to take part as a blogger/press, I would prepare for Fashion Week about 1 month in advance, making sure I have my array of classic items to be matched with trendy / covetable fashion items. I might link up with my favourite brands and work out my various attires in advance. I will definitely select which shows to attend and then plan my schedule around it. I will also prepare interesting / dying questions to ask celebrity designers, models and artistes when I meet them. Of course, I’d make sure to charge and be armed with my trusty gadgets like IPhone and camera to capture and record all the flurry of Fashion Week. (; )

10)  What is the best style advice you’ve ever been given and by whom?

I don’t think anyone has given me direct style advice, but I do check street style websites a lot to get ideas.

 (Ena: It would be to be more adventurous in my style and given by my bestie, Bini. By far, Bini has the most unique and daring fashion sense amongst everyone I know irl.)

11)  Do you have any tips for taking a good photo?

Just smile!

12)  What is your fall skincare routine?

First I apply Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator because it’s gentle and gives my skin an amazing glow. For moisturizer, I love Hydrationist because it absorbs quickly and keeps my skin hydrated all day long.

 (Ena: You can check out mine here: My Skincare Routine with Estée Lauder Refining Pore Minimizing )

13)  What will be your go-to fall beauty look?

I absolutely love how modern and dramatic the colors are in the Estée Lauder Five Color Eyeshadow Palette from the Violet Underground Collection. Also, the new Double Wear Two Tone Zero-Smudge Eye-Opening Mascara is great because the brushes are designed specifically for Asian women’s lashes.

14)  What was your favorite part of the beauty look from the Derek Lam Fall 2012 show?

I really loved the undereye part where they painted fake eyelashes onto the skin-it was a really cool effect.

15)  What is the best makeup tip you received from Tom Pecheux?

Tom taught me that I should always have two colors of foundation ready, so I can mix them together to get the exact right color. Also, before you apply a dark eyeshadow, always put on mascara first because it helps prevent the eyeshadow from falling onto the bottom part of your eye!

16)  What is your favorite part of being an Estée Lauder spokesmodel?

There are too many to name, but I love that I learn so many beauty tips and feel like a part of a family. Also, I met wonderful friends like my fellow spokesmodels, and I will cherish their friendship forever.

 (Ena: Similarly, there’s too many to name. I’m not an Estée Lauder spokesmodel per se, but as an Estée Lauder Social Media Advocate, I love receiving new Estée Lauder skincare and makeup products which have become an integral part of my lifestyle. It has acquainted me with other advocates like Jac, allowed me to bring my friends to makeovers, given me so much content to share with my readers and increased the interest I have for skincare and makeup. Thank you Estée Lauder Singapore! )

17)  What are you listening to on your ipod?

Lana del Rey, Adele and Chinese artists like Fan Weiqi.

 (Ena: Song of the moment most probably Good Time by Carly Rae Jepson & Owl Time. My most recent songs on repeat are Primmadonna, Wild One & Chasing the Sun. I also like songs by Fan Weiqi, especially 一比一

18)  What is your new favorite restaurant and where is it?

ABC Kitchen! It’s here in New York.

19)  Did you have a nickname growing up?

I didn’t really have one, but my mom always called me “bao bei,” which is “honey” or “baby” in Chinese.

( Ena: My mum calls me “En-ah!” which is a short form of my mandarin name Jia En, and my friends also call me Ernie and En. ) 

L.o.L <3,

Ena Vlogs | Estée Lauder Violet Underground & China Doll Hair


I hope your September is going well? I know mine sure is! (;

It’s yet another Ena Vlog! ARE YOU EXCITED?! On average, it takes about 10 times as long to product a vlog compared to a blog post, and I’m not exaggerating. I take about 30 min to write and publish a post (mostly, if I don’t need to edit the photos or prepare to take the photos) but I take about 5 hours to film, edit and publish a vlog. Even if it’s about 5 min long. @-@ Haha! But I’m enjoying making these vlogs. Well I do hope I get faster at it. And more humorous. And more entertaining. And more awesome. 😀




Introducing a new multi-dimensional, limited edition trend collection for 2012 – Estée Lauder Pure Color Violet Underground.  Inspired by multiple cultures, styles and textures, this collection is the ultimate fusion of high style and street chic.  The makeup in Pure Color Violet Underground takes glam rock to a new dimension with a fantastical aesthetic revolution of deep, vibrant violet and fuchsia tones.


Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette in Violet Underground S$80

NEW Pure Color Quick-Thick EyeLiner in Punker Black S$36

Double Wear Zero-Smudge Volume Lift Mascara in Black* S$40


Pure Color Velvet Lipstick in Black Cassis S$38

Pure Color Velvet Lipstick in Violet Crush S$38

Pure Color Gloss in Chaotic Currant S$36

Pure Color Gloss in Rebellious Violet S$36


Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Black Iris S$26

Items in bold are featured in the vlog above. (;

* Except for Double Wear Zero-Smudge Volume Lift Mascara, all the above products are available for a limited period only.

Availability: Pure Color Violet Underground Collection will be available for a limited time at Tangs Orchard, Isetan Scotts and Takashimaya.

As I mentioned in the vlog above, I love the collection and I feel as though it was custom-made for me! As you can tell, I’m a huge lover of Fuchsia. So basically this collection is a big favourite for me. I’m so blessed, hehe. *^^*

Do head over to AtelierBeauty and check out the full collection & swatches here (Eyeshadow Palette & Nail Polish) & here (Lipsticks & Glosses) ! (;

I will be updating a Part 2 of Estée Lauder’s Violet Underground collection featuring Liu Wen’s exclusive interview sharing about her experience as Estée Lauder’s spokesmodel. Stay tuned for that! (;

I will end off the post with a spam of Sel-cas! ^^ Basically I took them after I filmed the vlog. All of them were post-processed with photo app Poco Beauty Camera App which I reviewed here. (;

If you’re wondering, I took these pictures in my room. And yes, my walls are painted black & pink. (;

L.o.L <3,