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Achieve Youthful Light with Estée Lauder ANR Eye Synchronized Complex II Serum & Cream

Hi Lovelies!

It’s no secret that I’m a personal fan of Estée Lauder. And like many, I have been introduced and fallen in love with their Advanced Night Repair serum and now consider it one of my HG serum. I’m not sure about you, but I do think that serums start to come in handy as our skin age so that they can help to nourish and/or maintain the youthfulness of our skin. And truth be told, I’m not a big fan of serums as I generally find them to be too rich (read: oily or greasy) for my combination skin and occasionally pimple outbreak. However I can attest that after using the ANR serum for 2 years, I now consider it my magic potion and I apply it in the night before I sleep and in the morning after I wake up I find the blemishes on my skin is reduced remarkably and has an overall radiance and glow. It’s no wonder that the ANR is the best selling product of Estée Lauder. With amazing results as such, what’s not to love?! Well, the price may be a little steep but a little of this magic potion goes a long way and it’s a price of beauty that I think is worth paying.


So a while back, I was invited down for an EL event featuring their ANR Eye Synchronized Complex II Serum & Cream and here’s photos from the lovely event held at the Fullerton Bay Hotel Floating Pod. It was an exciting and moving (literally) event. :p

The stars of the event; ANR Eye Synchronized Complex II Serum & Cream, alongside the widely raved (me included) ANR.

Estée Lauder trainer, Belda came in to educate us about the new range.

And here are my key takeaways from Belda’s presentation (note the headers are the main points and the paragraphs after are my personal elaborations):

1. Light = Youth
The younger the skin, the more it is able to reflect light. And that is why retaining the suppleness and fairness of the skin are keys to retaining the youth of the skin.

In fact, in light (pun intended) of this perspective, Estée Lauder has now introduced the Youth Light measurement as an Estée Lauder proprietary testing method / measurement to measure the age of the eyes.

2. Ozone = Cellular Damage
The air, sun, dirt in the environment we are exposed to, especially in the city, causes cellular damage. No surprise there, honey. Unless you’re able to somehow find solace in the Swiss mountain alps or somewhere of equivalent purity, we can’t run away from the exhaust from cars on the road, industrial factories and not to mention occasionally forest fires from neighboring countries. I hate to encourage fear where none ought to be due, and perhaps we’re not all going to start sleeping in oxygenated (not pure but in higher concentrations) rooms (which is too pricey anyways and only the likes of Mariah Carey can afford). But this is a fact of life, as we should know that 1 in 4 adults will have cancer in their lives, we may not wake up each day in fear that we will have cancer but we can surely start to use this knowledge to empower us towards healthier living.

3. Skin is 40% thinner around eyes
And that is also why the formulation differs from the regular ANR and the ANR Synchronized Complex II Serum and Cream.

4. Catabolysis Purification of Skin
I know, Catabolysis is a huge word and you’re wondering what it means. To put it simply, the geniuses in the Estée Lauder labs have found a way to formulate the ANR Eye and Cream serum to activate the skin in the way that it will renew itself, and hence purify the skin.


How the Estée Lauder Eye Synchronized Complex II Cream looks like before application.


Estée Lauder Eye Synchronized Complex II Cream after application.

It’s gel like in consistency and compared to the serum it is also thicker and heavier. It is recommended to use this cream as a total eye serum product, so you don’t have to layer it. Generally we apply skincare products on our skin avoiding the eye area as it might be too strong, then you can use this to cover the eye area.



How the Estée Lauder Synchronized Complex II Serum looks like before and after.

It is more liquid based and beige/ cream in colour. Compared to the cream it is lighter in texture and consistency. Due to the nature of my skin as mentioned at the beginning of this post, I tend to prefer using this serum over the cream. I love that it’s stored in a pump dispenser allowing ease and convenience of use. I love to use this on the night before I have little sleep or have to wake up earlier and it helps to lighten my dark eye circles. I can’t promise that it will work magic for you, if you constantly work and sleep late but it’s definitely worth a try.

As a huge fan of the ANR, I embrace these two eye serum and cream into my ANR family.


Delicious finger food at the event!

Photo print outs at the event to bring back our memories.

Cute cup decor customized for the event.


With the lovely ladies at the event~

With Kymm, June, Alene & Min Ru~


Thanks to sweet June for this snap of my outfit of the day. 😉


I’ll be conducting a giveaway for these two ANR Eye Serum on my Facebook page soon (will update the link here when it’s up) so be sure to keep a look out for it soon! 😉

Or if you can’t wait, redeem your free trial here!

Thank you Estée Lauder!

Thanks for reading. 🙂