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E Pure Membranous Jelly Mask Review

Hi Loves!

Are you a facial mask lover? If you are, I am sure you are familiar with mask sheets which are popular in Korea and Taiwan, as well as Clay masks which are popular in US. But, have you heard about Jelly Mask? Well, I sure haven’t before I tried ePure Membranous Jelly Mask and I must say, it is a very special mask!
E Pure Membranous Jelly Mask Blogger ReviewePure Membranous Jelly Mask comes in a box of 3, with a spatula, $39.90 / box.

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Main ingredients include Alpha Arbutin, Seaweed Extract, Epure Natural Vanila Scent, Jojoba Leaf Extract, & Hyaluronic Acid – Triple Moist Complex (HA-TMC).

ePure mask boasts that after 25 minutes, it leaves the skin 60% more hydrated, 55% more refined and 52% brighter.

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1. Apply jelly mask with the spatula, apply a thick layer 0.3-0.5cm.
2. Relax and leave on for 15-30 minutes.
3. Wash it off using warm water.
4. Mask can be apply to eyes area to lighten dark eyes circle.

For the first month of using éPure, use 3 times a week.
After the first month of using éPure, you can cut down on the frequency to once OR twice a week depending on the results that you are after.
Mask can be applied to eye area to lighten dark eye circles and problem area can apply thicker for better result.

My Review
I really enjoyed using the ePure jelly mask and can see why it has become quite the cult mask in Asia. Whilst the application requires more effort than a facial sheet mask, the experience is also correspondingly more refreshing. The jelly mask is translucent and clear from the sachet and after leaving it on for 30 minutes, it is as though the jelly absorbs all the oil and dirt from the pores that it becomes slightly cloudy when removed. The other remarkable quality of the mask is that it leaves the skin super refreshed, which can be accrued to the Hyaluaronic Acid which deeply hydrates the skin and leaving it supple for many hours.

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Email: info@epureskin.com.sg


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Thank you ePure SG for sending the masks for review.