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Car Review: Volvo V40 For The Sporty, Practical Individual

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to test drive Volvo’s V40 T2 Sports Hatch for a weekend and here’s my review for the layman (sorry, no fancy car geek speak here), followed by excerpts from the official press release about the car’s key features and specifications! ūüėČ

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The New Volvo V40 T2 exudes the aura of a compact car with large car capabilities. It is equipped¬†with Volvo‚Äôs Drive-E powertrain ‚Äď designed and built in Sweden ‚Äď offering a world-class blend of
drivability and low CO2¬†emissions. ¬†It’s hard to not fall in love with this beautiful car; it’s sporty yet practical exterior and interior design is a sight to behold.
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There a few features of the car that I love, one of them being¬†the keyless access and ignition – something that’s not new to the car world, but definitely worthy of mention as it’s a feature usually found for bigger cars and not easily available in smaller, entry level cars. I also love the overall feel of the car on the road, thanks to a powerful yet quiet engine, a gear panel that’s ergonomically designed for smooth gear changes, luxurious full leather seats and a comfortable interior for both front and back seats despite it being a rather compact car.
Overall the Volvo 40 is definitely a car I’d recommend if you’re looking for a great, safe and reliable compact car. The only few things I can think of that it is¬†lacking is an inbuilt GPS system (though it is¬†available on a slightly higher-end variant) and lacking a¬†reverse camera( granted it¬†does have a reverse sensor). I would also prefer if it came with a higher, instead of lower body, which is available for¬†Volvo V40 Cross Country.
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The Volvo V40 that I test drove came in a beautiful striking red, a colour I never imagine I’d drive as I prefer monochrome colours like black and white. Admittedly, a few days with the car made me think that a little red car might not be a bad idea, as it looks kinda hot and cute.


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The New Volvo V40 T2‚Äôs wide shoulder line stretches back from the headlamp with a sharp line to echo the rising beltline. As it reaches the end of¬†the rear door it sweeps up into an integrated “hook”¬†‚Äď a trait inherited from the legendary Volvo P1800.¬†This highlight continues rearward integrating¬†flawlessly into the tail lights. The roof silhouette contributes to the impression of a car leaning forward – eager to take off.¬†The car is finished with a dynamically-sculpted rear to further emphasise its width and muscular¬†stance, with the lower area “blacked out” to achieve an athletic, low and wide look.
Designed Around People
The interior of the New Volvo V40 T2 is designed around people with a strong emphasis on ergonomics, comfort and an engaging driving experience.The wide instrument panel, together with the fluidity of the door design, creates a spacious feel where driver and passengers can bask in a relaxing atmosphere of true Scandinavian luxury.
All-New Petrol Drive-E Engine
The New Volvo V40 T2 is powered by an All-New 1.5L turbocharged petrol engine. It has 122 bhp and 220 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption is 5.5 L/100km with CO2 emissions at 129 g/km
City Safety – Active Up To 50 km/h
The New Volvo V40 T2 is equipped with the enhanced City Safety system. This system is active at speeds up to 50 km/h allowing the car to brake auto matically should the driver fail to react in time when the vehicle in front slows down or stops, or if the car is approaching a stationary vehicle too fast.
Pedestrian Airbag Technology – A World First
In order to alleviate the consequences if a collision with a pedestrian is unavoidable, the New Volvo V40 T2 can be fitted with Pedestrian Airbag Technology, a world first. When the sensors in the front bumper register the physical contact between the car and the pedestrian, the rear end of the bonnet is released and at the same time elevated by the deployment of the airbag, cushioning any blows to the head from the front windscreen.

Watch a video explanation here:

Cross Traffic Alert РCovering Your Back 
Cross Traffic Alert uses the radar sensors at the rear end of the car to alert the driver on crossing traffic from both sides when reversing out of a parking space. This is especially helpful in tight and crowded areas where the side view might be obstructed by infrastructure, vegetation or other parked cars.
Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection technology
New advanced software, including more rapid vision¬†processing made it possible to extend Volvo¬†Cars’ detection and Auto Brake technology to cover¬†certain cyclist situations as well.¬†
Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake is equipped with an advanced sensor system that scans the area ahead. If a cyclist heading in the same direction as the car suddenly swerves
out in front of the car as it approaches from behind and collision is imminent, there is an instantwarning and full braking power is applied. The technology also detects if a pedestrian steps out into the road in front of the car. If the driverdoes not respond in time, will sound a warning and automatically activate the brakes. The V40 can also detect, alert and automatically brake if the car risks colliding with another vehicle in front.
Road Sign Information – An Extra “Eye” on the Traffic Environment
Road Sign Information supports the driver by displaying road signs in the instrument cluster. It can also be combined with the Speed Alert function, which provides the driver with a visual warning in the speedometer if the speed limit is exceeded.
Active High Beam ‚Äď Relax While Driving in the Dark
Active High Beam technology helps the driver utilise high beam more efficiently. It offers automatic switching between high and low beam at the right moment, when an on-coming vehicle is detected.
Driver Alert Control ‚Äď Detecting and Warning Tired¬†Drivers
Driver Alert Control technology is designed to detect and warn tired and distracted drivers. Sensors register the car’s movements, while a control unit stores the information and calculates whether the
driver is at risk of losing control of the vehicle. 
Adaptive Cruise Control & Distance Alert РKeeping a Safe Distance
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) promotes comfortable driving by using radars to automatically maintain a set time-gap to the car in front. Queue Assist helps to maintain the set gap all the way till the car comes to a complete stop.
Volvo V40 Specifications
V40 T2 Spec Sheet V40 T2 Spec Sheet2

As of March, the price of the Volvo V40 is $145,000. ($182,000 previously published was for the Cross Country version)

Visit the Volvo Main Showroom
249 Alexandra Road S(159935)
Tel: 64731488
Fax: 64738232

“Refresher Course” ¬†Tips¬†

Ena Teo Volvo V40 Car Review_0003
It’s¬†been a while (a few years) since I last drove, so my dad had accompanied me to pick up the car on Friday before I had a “refresher course” on Saturday and finally driving it on the roads by myself on Sunday. I highly recommend going to Kallang Stadium area where there are a lot of empty car park lots to practise driving and parking! Also, driving over the weekends (while avoiding town area) is a lot easier as the roads are not as congested compared to week days.
Thank you Volvo Singapore and One9Ninety PR for the kind invitation and offer to test drive the Volvo V40 for the weekend! Visit the Volvo V40 microsite here and Volvo Singapore FB here.