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A Daughter’s Tribute

Hi Loves!

Sometime last year in May, I took part in Braun Buffel’s Art Competition and before the competition I was thinking of what my theme for the artwork would it. As the day of the Competition was on the weekend for Mother’s Day and my Mum’s born in the year of the Ox, I decided to dedicate my artwork to her. Titled “A Daughter’s Tribute”, my artwork is an appreciation and reminder of my Mum’s love for my family and I.

I had a lot of fun preparing for the competition beforehand and also attended the Award presentation thereafter – even though I didn’t win any of the top few titles, I still went home with a certification of participation, a Braun Buffel travel wallet and my little Braun Buffel artwork gets to travel around for the moving exhibition! 😀

I was very inspired to pick up my brushes and paint, do something creative again after dabbling a bit for this competition – in case you didn’t know, I studied and practised Art for A’s, O’s and also in Lasalle while studying for Fashion Media & Industries… 😉 I was also very inspired by the other participants’ artworks – the first place winner dressed up her Braun Buffel buffalo/artwork in rice grains – a reminder of the hard work of the farmers and the Oxen in the field as well as the Buffel founder’s efforts in missions that goes beyond fashion fads. It’s this kind of artwork that makes me think and wonder – why didn’t I think of something so deep and meaningful? 😛

Enjoy my photos from the two days as well as some random meals and encounters along the way! 😉

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 001

Bought some new materials for the competition.Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 002

Practised my ideas at home…Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 003 Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 004

Write up for my artwork “A Daughter’s Tribute”.

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 009

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 008

My blank canvas before the competition began…

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 005

Getting started on my artwork~

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 007
Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 006

“Mama” in English on one side and Chinese on another for “Mother”.

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 010 Drying the paint…Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 011

Was the first to submit my artwork!Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 012

With my artwork. 🙂

Vivo Lunch & Cafe Costa 002

After the competition, had lunch with my 2 sisters at Vivo City basement HK Cafe… love their beancurd skin! And also met Milo himself! 😛Vivo Lunch & Cafe Costa 001

Headed to Costa Coffee with my sister. We love their Mint slushie!

Braun Buffel Award Blog 010

The Award ceremony took place at ION atrium.Braun Buffel Award Blog 008

Participant’s Buffalos on display in public…
Braun Buffel Award Blog 009

Braun Buffel Award Blog 002

Some of my favourite picks…Braun Buffel Award Blog 007

Any my little Buffalo too!Braun Buffel Award Blog 006 Braun Buffel Award Blog 005

Summary of the history of Braun Buffalo.Braun Buffel Award Blog 003Braun Buffel Award Blog 001
Braun Buffel Award Blog 004

Top 3 artworks and I also snapped a picture of the first winner. Also got to speak to her to congratulate her for her brilliant concept and win. 🙂Braun Buffel Award Blog 011 Braun Buffel Award Blog 012

With Ritchie, one of the participants. 🙂Braun Buffel Award Blog 013

With the lovely ladies, MD & PR lady of Braun Buffel. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful and meaningful art competition!

Braun Buffel Award Blog 014

Braun Buffel Award Blog  1 001

For more information about the Buffel Art Project, visit their site here. Or check out Instagram #BuffelArt #BuffelArtProject and you just might find my artwork there too. 😛