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Dyson Cool Fan Launch @ Gillman Barracks

Hi Lovelies!

Recently Dyson held a media launch for their new Dyson Cool Fan @ Gillman Barracks and I was there to witness some of the fans and demonstration on site.

2014-04-29 19.56.22

Here’s some photos!
2014-04-29 19.41.47

Some pretty neat pastries were served.

Basically there was a Dyson representation who was explaining the technology and demonstration how it works, (photos and videos below) and also telling us how there’s 1600 employees in Dyson and 500 in Singapore alone. Pretty awesome right? And to think Dyson the bladeless fan is still all very novel, intriguing and new to me!

Anyhoo, photo time!:

2014-04-29 19.47.10 2014-04-29 19.47.13 2014-04-29 19.47.18 2014-04-29 19.50.59 2014-04-29 19.56.22

2014-04-29 19.59.44

Yes, the bladeless fans were launched 2007.

So why are Dyson fans all the rage??? Here’s why:

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 6.30.06 pm

Wait, there’s more! Check out their site here: http://www.dyson.com.sg/fans-and-heaters/cooling-fans.aspx

Ok, where to buy?

You can hop over to their site here.

Or if you prefer a brick and mortar store where you can to see it for yourself, check out a list of their stockist here.

Thanks to Dyson Singapore for the invitation!

Thank you for reading. 😉



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