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Korean Celebrities Love FrancisKay Jewelry

Hi Loves~

As you should know by now, I’m a major Korean Drama fan and I’m almost always following at least 1 Korean drama serial a week and that sort of just very naturally developed my love for Korean fashion and Korean makeup, which is evident allll over my blog. So I discovered a gem of a website by FrancisKay that is a beloved costume jewlery brand worn and loved by many Korean celebrities and I just have to share it with you all!

Check out the  FrancisKay jewelry I’ve got!:2014-12-17 11.20.15-1

New Yorker chic simple Ring set of 3, US$27.56. Buy here.

2014-12-17 11.24.37-1

New Yorker Duo Earring Set, US$38.59. Buy here.2014-12-17 11.29.18-1

2014-12-17 11.31.04-1

Classic Emilia Pearl Set of 3, US $43.88. Buy here. 2014-12-17 11.16.59-1

Each set is beautifully packaged, comes in a chic & simple plastic zip bag and bubble wrapped. My 3 sets took about 1 week to reach me in a box in perfect condition.

Took a few pictures with my New Yorker rings + Dior-inspired New York studded earrings with Pearl back. I really love the design and the quality of the FrancisKay jewelry, you really get what you pay for~! 🙂 It isn’t flimsy metal but great quality that’s sturdy and can be worn repeatedly so I foresee myself wearing it for years or until I am bored of the design, lol~2014-12-21 02.47.17 2014-12-17 00.50.54-1 2014-12-17 00.51.43-1

That’s not all!

Check out the Korean celebrities that are wearing FrancisKay!! I have picked a few of my favourites:

Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 005

I can’t be sure if Han Ye Seul is wearing a pair of Dior or FrancisKay in Birth of Beauty (which btw is TOTALLY awesome show everyone must watch!) but it definitely looks like either the New Yorker earring duo in the pearl back or New Yorker Volume to Pearl Earring! The latter which is also worn by another of my favourite Korean actress Jang Na Ra (Fated to Love You):Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 002

Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 008Also acting in Birth of a Beauty, Wang Ji Hea is sporting 1 layer from Nature Multi Layer Necklace. Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 001

Another favourite Korean actress Park Shin Hye currently acting in Pinocchio which I am also following, is sporting FranisKay Capri Blue Mini Square Earring.Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 006

At her fan signing she’s wearing one ring from the Lady Rose Silver Ring Set.

Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 004Shin Seong Rok is seen in Trot Lover wearing FrancisKay For You Special Silver bangle that comes with free engraving. This up and coming actor is also in The King’s Face which is another drama that I am also currently following. I should probably watch lesser Korean dramas, huh! >u<

Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 007

Actress Choi Yeo Jin is seen wearing Francis Kay Lovely Initials necklace in Emergency Couple, which is a drama I have watched.

Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 003

If you buy now during the festive season, you can opt for their Christmas sets that come in special Christmas packaging with card, limited edition necklace & bracelet, each set starts from US$60.63.

Happy Shopping!

Stay beautiful my loves~!