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Where to find Below Valuation properties in Singapore?

Hi Loves!

Want to make a guess what is the common thread among the three properties in the following photos below?Below Val Properties Below Valuation Listings Portal Website Singapore_0003Below Val Properties Below Valuation Listings Portal Website Singapore_0001 Below Val Properties Below Valuation Listings Portal Website Singapore_0002(Above photos are taken from BelowVal.Sg.)

Well, the answer is they are all sold below valuation on BelowVal.sg!

For the uninitiated, valuation is what the bank will value the price of the property for, and below valuation basically means the seller is selling the property below what the property is actually worth in the current market! To verify if the property is really below valuation, all you need to do is to send the information to a local residential banker to double check the valuation, which will be indicative, as they can only give an accurate figure if they send a valuer down to the house. 😉

There are four main reasons why sellers sell their properties below valuation; migrating, foreclosure, family change and relocation. And what this means is that there can be a happy buyer who can get a property at a lower price!

Check out this informative video to find out more about the Below Val website:

So if you’re keen to find value buy properties do check out the site BelowVal.sg!

Thanks to the good folks behind Below Val and The Influencer Network for sharing the news of Below Val with us over dinner at Monochrome Bistro located at 291 South Beach Road. I had a squid ink risotto which was pretty good and a carrot cake for desserts! I also really like the chic black and white interior, which is perfect for IG snaps.

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