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Elizabeth Arden’s Magical 8 Hour Cream

I didn’t say it.

American actress Amanda Peet‘s the one who said “Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is like a magical ointment; it’s for cuticles, it’s for everything.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

You might remember seeing my previous post on Elizabeth Arden’s Blogger Launch for their latest fragrance and 5 min home facial. It was also when the VP Ficarelli insisted that we also be sent a tube of Elizabeth Arden Best Seller 8 Hour Cream so that we can experience and attest to the magic of this 8 Hour Cream so beloved by celebrities and everyday women alike.

I know, you’re probably thinking that Ena (yes, I do call myself by third person sometimes, lol) is totes over-selling this EA 8 Hour cream right here. But you know how each beauty brand has their something-something claim to fame and/or their skincare classic that’s a HG of cult status? Lest it be known that you’re an ignorant woman of skincare (like I was before I was educated by Mr Ficarelli, lol) the 8 Hour Cream is synonymous with the woman and brand Elizabeth Arden:

Eight Hour® Cream was created more than seventy years ago, in 1930, by Miss Arden herself and was the first ever cosmetic product to bear the Elizabeth Arden name.

The cream was so effective in its debut, that Miss Arden used it to sooth her thoroughbred horses’ bruises. The product name, ‘Eight Hour® Cream‘, takes its inspiration from a loyal customer who claimed that the cream helped to heal her son’s scraped knee in just eight hours.

Since its debut, Eight Hour® Cream has escalated to near cult status. Testimonials from customers attest to the product’s miraculous healing capabilities. Its wonderful versatility also makes this product a favorite of models and make-up artists alike. – Source Credit here.

I just love reading beauty brand history! It’s always inspiring reading about enterprising women creating their own beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, EM by Michelle Phan, Tory Burr.

What the brand history excerpt didn’t include but the information I have from the kind folks from EA Singapore is that
the Eight Hour Cream that was created in 1930 to soothe skin became an instant and overwhelming success. What made/and still makes it so effective is an combination petrolatum*, a skin-soothing beta-hydroxy** in one of its first cosmetics uses, and vitamin E.

*Petrolatum Wikipedia
**the term beta hydroxy acid refers specifically to salicylic acid, which is used in some “anti-aging” creams and acne treatments. Credits Wikipedia.

So as promised, the EA 8 Hour cream did reach my home, with a handwritten note no less:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.14.44 pm

More specifically, the product is called Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant.

This skincare classic smoothes and softens skin. Protects against and helps alleviate symptoms of chapping, peeling and windburn due to dryness from exposure to the elements.

The benefits of using this includes: 
– Helps protect, soothe and moisturize skin.
– Soothes and comforts minor weather burns, scrapes and abrasions.

What they didn’t say is that it’s basically an all in 1 cream for most (I can’t claim all because I can’t prove it, lol) skin issues. I can attest that I had an issue of my lower left eye area hurting due to excessive rubbing (I promise I don’t usually do it, it was that once!) and I had no clue what to apply that would help speed up the recovery. So I used the 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant, and it worked. The formulation of this cream is more like a honey coloured, scented & consistency ointment. I personally don’t really rely on creams/ointments for my skin, rather I prefer lightweight cream lotions on my limbs which I also only put in the night. So I didn’t find that many uses (yet) for this 8 Hour Cream.

What my sister did find, is that this 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant helps her with reducing the itch she gets from spots /areas due to eczema:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.26.37 pm

She was 100% skeptical, until she used it, lol.Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.27.18 pm

While my sister and I are new converts to this cream, my friends Clarabel & Smita are long lovers:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.40.30 pm

In the event that you do decided to invest in a tube of this miracle 8 Hour Cream, know that in addition to the suggestions above, women around the world have also used it to
Refresh the skin from jet lag. Shape brows. Revitalize shine. Soothe hands. Nails. Knees. Ankles. Toes. This remarkable cream promotes healing for dry skin and seals in moisture. Use it whenever you need, as often as you like.

The Eight Hour Cream range also offers Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Hand Treatment, Daily Moisturizer. Prices range from SGD$33-51, available in stores here. For more info. visit their site here.

Now I’ve got to ask my sister for the 8 Hour cream, I’ve been told by my last manicurist that my finger cuticles are a little dry and I should apply an ointment to keep it moist. 😉

Thanks Elizabeth Arden Singapore for the magical 8 hour cream!

Do you use the 8 Hour Cream? Let me know your experience in the comments below!



Radiant Skin with EcoBeau Specialist Skin Care

Hi Lovelies! <3

Do you have sensitive and acne prone skin and looking for a safe cleanser and skincare regime?

In this post I’m reviewing EcoBeau’s skincare set which I’ve used for the last 2-3 weeks. And I’m happy to report what’s good. 😉

2014-06-17 13.19.17


Introduction of EcoBeau.

Info. from TheOrangeCo.com.

Started by Professor Choi from Kwangwoon University (Korea) and co-developed with University of Toledo (Ohio), Ecobeau is absolutely free from synthetic preservatives such as parabens and phenoxyethanol. The reference to “alcohol” on our labels refers to Cetyl alcohol, which is totally different from the harmful alcohols commonly added to skin care products. Cetyl alcohol is extracted from coconut oil and acts as a gentle and nourishing binder for the water and oil parts of our formulation.

At Ecobeau, we stand by our strong belief in using only natural herb-medicine extract and loess. Antimicrobial, nutritive and hydrating extract of medicinal herb keeps skin-mite’s activity under control while Loess effect derived from far infrared rays and anion of loess cleans, soothes & supplies abundant nutrition deep into the skin. 

Ecobeau’s antimicrobial and anti-aging properties help to stimulate skin cell’s regenerating system. It may not show immediate results as synthetic and harsh skincare products out in the market which many a times only provide temporary efficacy. Its antioxidant extract from herb medicine diminishes wrinkles and acts as natural source of whitening. Continuous use of Ecobeau line will give you bright, moist, smooth, resilient and clear lustrous skin.  Ecobeau was exclusively distributed by specialist skin care centers in Korea. Now launched at www.TheOrangeCo.com. Enjoy natural rejuvenating skin treatment at home, at a fraction of cost charged by the luxury skin salons.
Simply Natural and Restorative for the Skin.
Safe & Effective! For All Skin Types including Sensitive and Acne Skin
Free from alcohol, synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates, paraffin wax, petroleum, mineral oils, gluten and artificial colorants.
No Synthetic Preservatives. No Alcohol. No Parabens.

Is it really all as good as it sounds? Thanks to TheOrangeCo, I’ve had the chance to put the products to test. I was sent products good for Hydrating, Whitening & Oily T-zone. 🙂

2014-06-17 13.14.07

 A sweet personal note from June of TheOrangeCo.

2014-06-17 13.18.18

EcoBeau products, very clinical packaging, practical and nothing fancy.2014-06-17 13.15.13

Introduction of TheOrangeCo.com.

Info from their homepage.
TheOrangeCo.com houses top selling brands of skin care and BB cream (blemish balm) for customers to shop comfortably online.
Customers can choose from popular Korean brands such as Skin79Dr. Jart+LaneigeEcobeau and some of the hottest blemish balm (BB cream), collagen, Q10, whitening and anti-aging beauty products at discounts. Our online prices are predominately 30-70% cheaper than listed prices at major stores. That’s because we only operate online and do not pay notoriously high rental for physical stores, and therefore able to pass considerable cost savings to consumers.

2014-06-17 13.15.21

Get EcoBeau Skincare at Special Introductory Prices.
Free Ecobeau 3pc Travel Kit with minimum purchase of $60 (any brands). 🙂
Also includes rave reviews from various online sites and The Business Times.

2014-06-17 13.15.37

Write up for EcoBeau Loess Water Cleanser, EcoBeau Control Skin (Toner), EcoBeau Control Essence, EcoBeau Control Lotion, EcoBeau Nutritive Cream and EcoBeau Eye Cream.2014-06-17 13.23.39

The cute travel set that I also received. Love the candy-like striped zip lock bags.2014-06-17 13.24.48

Travel set here includes (Top Left, Clockwise): EcoBeau Natural Loess Nutritive Mask, EcoBeau Natural Eye Cream, EcoBeau Natural Dark Spot Serum, EcoBeau Natural BB Cream. Very lightweight packaging and definitely convenient for travel! Probably able to fit 3 day’s of products, perfect for a weekend getaway.

Now time for review!

2014-06-24 02.17.51

First off, I love the packaging. Each of the skincare product comes in a very hygienic dispenser nozzle.
2014-06-24 02.18.21

And of course with the caps.2014-06-17 13.19.17

Reviewing in this order as pictured and usage:

1. EcoBeau Natural Loess Water Foam Cleanser.

Product Info., taken from here:

Natural cleanser with soft foam that gently cleanses your face. Minerals from loess water and natural hydrant provide nutrition for your skin and keep your face feeling moist. Best Selling natural hydrating cleanser!
Use: Single pumping of foam will clean up light makeup and BB cream.  
Nonallergenic to skin and eye. Soap-free. 

Ingredients : Loess Water, Disodiun Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Polysorbate-20, Houttuynia cordata Extract, Gingko biloba leaf extract, Sesame seed  extract, Padina pavonica thallus extract, Artemisia vulgaris  extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Citrus Medica Lemon Juice, Rice Bran, Avena Oatmeal Extract, Allantoin, Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Usnea Barbata(Lichen) Extract, Collagen, Ubiquinone, Natural Fragrance

Recommended for all skin types. Made in Korea.

Ecobeau Loess Water Cleanser is formulated from natural loess harvested from mother earth. Depending on the loess minute mineral harvested, product may vary slightly in colour, scent and sometimes with mineral sediments. That’s because Ecobeau Loess Water Cleanser is 100% natural, with no artificial colouring and preservatives.

What is Loess?
Loess is minute mineral matter that aids health by emitting infrared rays, and has excellent absorptive, purifying, and revitalizing properties. In one tables spoon full of Loess, approximately 200 million microscopic organisms can be found, and those microscopic organisms have abundant supply of enzyme called ‘Catalase’ that breaks down oxides, which also have the effect of anti-oxidant; reduce heat, metabolisms and relaxation.

Loess is a new concept to me, so I did a bit of research and I found this write up online particularly helpful and insightful, so here’s an excerpt:
Loess is a geologically recent deposit of silt or material which is usually yellowish or brown in color and consisting of tiny mineral particles brought by wind to the places where they now lie. It is a product of past glacial activity in an area. It is a sedimentary deposit of mineral particles which are finer than sand but coarser than dust or clay, deposited by the wind. Loess is a type of silt which forms fertile topsoil in some parts of the world.
Loess was formed during the time after the Ice Age when glaciers covered a great portion of the earth. When the climate warmed up, the warm temperatures melted the glaciers creating tremendous flows of water down into a valley or river, and exposing vast plains of mud. When these plains dried, strong winds blew the exposed sediments and swept the finer materials from the flood plains into huge clouds of dust, which were deposited into the bluffs, that is, bold steep banks. As silt accumulated, higher bluffs were formed. Often several loess deposits are stacked on top of each other, because each individual glacier produced new loess deposits. Topsoils made up of loess are found in the central and northwestern parts of United States, in central and eastern Europe, and in eastern China.

The closest thing I can draw a parallel with is humus, which is essentially rich, fertile soil aka decomposed organic material, except that Loess is more like past-glacier-enriched-sand.

I enjoyed using this product very much. It’s very user friendly, 1 single pump results in a palm full (my palm anyways) of foam that doesn’t require any lathering. The scent is refreshing and “aqua” and the foam is very gentle. It gently cleanses my skin and it leaves the skin fresh and hydrated, no taut feeling. I recommend this for sensitive and acne prone skin.

2014-06-24 02.14.11

This is how the foam looks like, very dense bubbles and fine foam.

UP. S$42.90, now S$30, available here.

2. EcoBeau Natural Skin Toner

Antimicrobial properties (intensified) from the extract of herb-medicine helps to keep off skin parasite and aids skin cell’s restoration. The herbal extract and sweet fragrance of rosemary totally invigorates the skin.

Use: After cleansing, spray onto face (close eyes) and tap gently to ensure best absorption. Apply Ecobeau lotion and cream (or refer to skin care tips for detailed steps customised for different skin types)  

Ingredients: Water,Houttuynia cordata Extract, Gingko biloba leaf extract, Sesame seed  extract, Padina pavonica thallus extract, Artemisia vulgaris  extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Aloe Leaf extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Usnea Barbata(Lichen) Extract, Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin, Rice Bran, Oatmeal, Arbutin, Collagen, Ubiquinone, Sodium Carbonate, Elastin, Adenosin.

Made in Korea.

Likewise with the Foam Cleanser, I enjoyed using this toner because it’s light on the skin and leaves it refreshed, hydrated. This toner does not leave my pores feeling taut. Like the foam cleanser, its effects will not be immediate overnight but after 2-3 weeks for healthier skin.

2014-06-24 02.14.31

This is how the toner with water like qualities look like on the hand.
Similar to the cleanser, this is one of Ecobeau’s best sellers, now available here at UP $32.50, now S$28.

3. EcoBeau Whitening and Anti Wrinkle Natural Essence

Made from highly enriched extract of herbal medicine, Natural Base Control Essence is an intensive natural hydrator, highly nutritive with potent antimicrobial properties. The composite harmony gives restoration of damaged skin cell for radiant and resilient skin. 

100% Natural Essence! orSweet scent of rosemary. As good as it smells!

Use: After cleansing and toner, pump 1-2 drops and tap gently onto face. Soft feeling when applying. Quick absorption

Ingredients : Water, Houttuynia cordata Extract, Gingko biloba leaf extract, Sesame seed  extract, Padina pavonica thallus extract, Artemisia vulgaris extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Aloe Leaf extract, Glycerin, Arbutin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ubiquinone, Agaricus Bisporus mushroom Extract, Rhododendron brachycarpum Extract, Saxifraga stolonifera Extract. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Collagen, Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Usnea Barbata(Lichen) Extract, Hydrogenated Castor Oil 60m, Alpha-Bisabolol, Oatmeal, Allantoin, Cellulose gum, Rice Bran, Elastine, Adenosin

All skin types including atopy skin, acne-prone skin and face with freckles, liver spots, dark spots. Especially recommended for Oily/ Combination skin type.

Made in Korea

Unfortunately for me, this essence does not seat well with my skin as it’s “highly enriched extract of herbal medicine, highly nutritive” ingredients was too rich for me. :((( I tried it on 3 consecutive days, first two on my forehead which gave me pimples the next day, after which I wondered if it’s possible that I was having a hormonal induced outbreak (but I rarely have pimples on my forehead), so I tried it again, this time as a spot test below my chin, at my upper neck area and true enough it was too rich and I had a pimple.At this point you must be wondering why I’m so brave to test it directly on my skin, guess I can say that thankfully my skin is pretty good and not that sensitive and plus I have a lot of faith in EcoBeau products and generally have a very favourable view and experience with their other products. 🙂 So I will be passing on this product to my mum and I recommend this product for women and men who have dry-er skin, vs folks who have normal and oily T-zone like me, this would probably be too rich for you.

*Update* After passing the EcoBeau Whitening and Anti Wrinkle Natural Essence to my mum, she’s enjoying this product, she applies it on her face after and enjoys smoothness and shine that the product gives her after using it. 🙂

2014-06-24 02.14.562014-06-24 02.15.12

The EcoBeau whitening and anti wrinkle essence on my hand, it’s a gel like texture. Available here, UP S$76.60, now S$38.

4. EcoBeau Natural Nutritive Blemish Balm Plus  SPF 28/PA++

New Formula Sebum Control, Natural Coverage, Matte Look
*Certified Sun block, Anti-Aging & Whitening, SPF 28 (KFDA)

Natural Base BB Plus Cream is formulated from herb medicine extract, natural hydrant, vegetable oil and natural nutriment. It helps to shield off harmful UV rays, acts as makeup foundation, provides nutrition and hydrates the skin (multi functional BB cream). With added sebum control properties, it helps to control oil secretion and maintain clean matte finishing. 

Long lasting hydration and coverage for blemish

Use: Apply small amount over the face evenly. Sheer and light coverage. Dash a thin layer of pact or loose powder if you prefer better coverage. Suitable for combination/ oily skin type.

Ingredients : Water, Propylene Glycol, Titanium Dioxide, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, sopropyl Palmitate, Talc, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Diisostearyl Maleate, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate, Dimethicone, Dictamus dasycarpus turcz Extract, Houttuynia cordata thrunberg Extract, Gingko, biloba leaf Extract, Sesame seed  Extract, Padina pavonica thallus(Brown Algae) Extract, Artemisia vulgaris(Mugwort) Extract, Rosemary(Herb) Extract, Aloe Leaf extract, Kelp extract, Morus Alba Root Extract, Phaselous Radistus Seed Extract.Grycylrrhiza Glaba Root Extract, Solanum Dulcamara Stem Extract, Agaricus Bisporus mushroom Extract, Rhododendron brachycarpum Extract, Saxifraga stolonifera Extract, Magnesium Sulfate, Beeswax, Microcrystalline Wax, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Iron Oxides (CI 77492), Aluminum Hydroxide, Dipentaerythrityl Hexahydroxystearate/ Hexastearate/Hexarosinate, Iron Oxides (CI 77491), Iron Oxides (CI 77499), Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Zinc Stearate, Bisabolol, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Panthenol, Ultramarines (CI 77007), Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Usnea Barbata(Lichen) Extract, Natural Fragrance

All skin types except highly sensitive skin due to sun screen added. Specially formulated for oily and combination skin types.

Tip 1: Ecobeau is free from synthetic preservatives and alcohol. Nevertheless, if you have highly sensitive skin condition, do spot test for allergy before actual use. Refer to Skin Care Tips on website.

Tip 2: Ecobeau BB Plus is specially formulated for ladies who prefer natural and sheer coverage (matte finishing). To apply, squeeze out bean-size BB cream and dab onto 5 spots (cheeks, eye area, fore head, chin and nose area) of your face after your usual skin care regime (cleanser -> toner -> moisturizer). Pat and gently spread the BB cream in outward direction to ensure a natural and good spread of the cream. Don’t be worried if your face appears a little fairer than usual. It will settle in after a while. Pat a few times (gently) to warm up the skin and enhance adsorption. For ladies with eye circles, you may wish to increase the coverage at the eye area for flawless finish. Unlike foundation, BB cream does not clog the skin and when used in the long run, will improve skin condition and even out skin tone.     

Made in Korea

I have tested and used this BB cream and I like it for its sebum controlling effect and its matt finishing. This is a BB cream that is perfect for days when I know that I’ll be out and about and I don’t want the oily effect on my face. If you’re looking for that currently trending dewy Korean girl look then this is not what you’re looking for. My tip would be to use this for your oily T-zone and then a normal BB cream, such as their Ecobeau BB Cream (New! Smoother & Natural Shade) for the rest of your face.

2014-06-17 17.57.57

Using the EcoBeau Natural Nutritive BB Plus Matt. No filter. Coverage is moderate. It’s specially formulated to feel and look matte.

BB Plus Matt UP $49.40 now S$33 here. BB Cream Smoother & Natural UP $49.40 now  $30 here.

2014-06-24 02.16.06

The BB Plus Matt. Beige with slight grey undertones.2014-06-24 02.16.38Applies with slight grey undertones but blends completely when applied. For comparison, my skin tone’s a NC 20 (MAC), Natural 05 (Elizabeth Arden) and 02 (Kose).

2014-06-17 17.58.06


Want to win a set of products that I’ve reviewed?

2014-06-17 13.19.17

1 Lucky winner will take home 1 set worth S$200, take part in my FB giveaway here! 🙂

Plus 4 more winners from the same giveaway will win the travel set (Lamb-y soft toy not included).

2014-06-17 13.24.48

Last but not least, you may want to check out these helpful links on Skincare tips and Natural Skincare~ ! 🙂

Thanks to TheOrangeCo and EcoBeau for the products for review.

Thanks for reading!



Your Perfect Shade Workshop with Elizabeth Arden featuring Summer Escape Colour Collection 2014

Hi lovelies! <3 <3 <3

A while back, I attended “Your Perfect Shade” Workshop with Elizabeth Arden featuring Australian Make Up artists, Stephan Gaskett.
It’s always a pleasure attending Elizabeth Arden’s workshops and product launches, it isn’t just the wonderful skincare and beauty products that boasts of the latest R&D technology, delicious food or generous goodie bags, it’s the gracious company of fellow beauty bloggers and the humorous Elizabeth Arden team that I enjoy the most. 🙂

The event was held at Mandarin Gallery Grange Ballroom and there was a spread of Elizabeth Arden’s new make up products for us to test and swatch! 😀

2014-04-10 18.12.05

New products include:

Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Makeup  SPF 15PA++ ($70)
Flawless Finish Correcting and Highlighting Perfector ($40)
Spring Collection 2014 – Summer Escape (Assorted Prices)

2014-04-10 18.25.35

Beauty iridescent creamy pots of eyeshadow colours perfect for summer with its nautical inspiration! <3

Pure Finish Cream Eyeshadow in Overboard (Blue), Anchors Away (Brown) and Sand Dollar (Peach)
2014-04-10 18.25.45

Get your summer sunkissed look with these bronzers without ever having to step out in the sun! :p

Pure Finish Summer Escape Bronzing Powder in Deep Glow (darker) and Warm Glow.

2014-04-10 18.26.36

Beautiful Colour Gloss Stick, L-R: Coral Reef 01, Pink Sky 02 &  Sunrise 03

2014-04-10 18.26.42

I particularly like Coral Reef 01 and Sunrise 03 (Pink)!

2014-04-10 18.31.15

More Elizabeth Eyeshadow colours!2014-04-10 18.31.39

Food & Dessert spread ~~~
2014-04-10 18.32.48 2014-04-10 18.32.53 2014-04-10 18.32.59 2014-04-10 18.33.20

I LOVE QUICHES. <32014-04-10 18.39.00

Elizabeth Arden even brought in a full make up tester counter ! 2014-04-10 18.39.12

2014-04-10 18.39.32 2014-04-10 18.40.01

The new star product,  Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Makeup  SPF 15PA++.
The actual product comes in the pretty & classy gold coloured dispenser, the black ones are testers.

2014-04-10 18.40.16
It’s a fact, girls can never have enough lip sticks and lip glosses.2014-04-10 18.40.49
And you might know that I am forever obsessed with bright pink lippies! Pink Vibrations 28 ($35) is just perfect! It’s from the Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick range, see below:

2014-04-10 18.42.31

Before the workshop, Angeline Lim-de-Silva, Elizabeth Arden’s Regional Training Manager presented to us the Summer Escape Collection.

2014-04-10 19.07.03

2014-04-10 19.07.18

I’m sure you want to see the pretty collection it all its glory, so here it is, you’re welcome. 😉

elizabeth-arden-limited-edition-summer-escape-collection-final-2-1 ANIMATED1.2
Animated gift credits to EvCurlGurl.all
The entire set. <3 <3 <3 EA-Summer-Escape-Limited-Edition-Color-Collection-WITHOUT-nail

Elizabeth Arden spring bronzer

I think the cover design is serious pretty. <3

Next up, we have Stephan Gaskett showing us on model Joey, how to use the products to create a Summer look!

2014-04-10 19.16.58

2014-04-10 19.27.372014-04-10 19.41.49

2014-04-10 19.49.10

 The completed look! A naturally sun kissed summer look.

2014-04-10 19.19.04

Here’s my “before” look and I was coincidentally also sporting a blue eyeshadow look.
2014-04-10 19.37.16

Bare-face, let’s begin!

2014-04-10 20.20.07 2014-04-10 20.20.51

These are the products I used for my look. 🙂 <3 2014-04-10 19.44.38 2014-04-10 19.44.46

More close ups of these eyeshadow beauties.2014-04-10 20.22.59

And here we have a peak at the bloggers busy at work! 😀2014-04-10 20.31.40

Here’s my made up look! The blue eyeshadow is lighter in colour, creamier and of course my skin looks fresher with a coat of the
Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Makeup  SPF 15PA++ (S$70) ! It’s touted to be a lightweight, luminous foundation and proven to minimize pores. I think it provides really great coverage and a smooth finishing! My shade’s in Natural 05. Flawless Finish Correcting and Highlighting Perfector ($40) I used it to conceal my dark circles and highlight the area below my brows. Works like a charm.  And yes do I love the Beautiful Color Gloss Stick in Sunrise (Pink)! I personally think that the look is sophisticated, allowing one to step out from the office and right onto some summer beach or pool party. Yeah~

2014-04-10 20.31.42

I am very happy with my look. 😀
I always believe that to look good, one needs to have good skincare, makeup products & confidence. 🙂
I personally think we should invest in the best skincare and foundation that we can afford, and of course the confidence comes free, and often it comes easily when you’ve got good skin. You can trust me on that, as I use to have teenage acne troubles!

What’s an event, if not for the memories that we take back with us?
2014-04-10 21.15.45
Here with model face of the evening, Joey.2014-04-10 21.15.56
With Stephen Gaskett, check out his instagram on @SGaskettMakeup 😉2014-04-10 21.16.08

With lovely belles, June, Patricia & Yvette, who also won the best look of the evening! 🙂
2014-04-10 21.23.34Follow me on Instagram @ena_teo for actual time updates! 😀

I know you want to get the products!
For a list of Elizabeth Arden Singapore counters visit their site here.

Thanks Elizabeth Arden Singapore for the workshop invite. <3

Thank you for reading! <3



Watsons on Wheels Launch Party

Watsons celebrates its 26th anniversary with a bang, introducing its first ever mobile bus, a 21st century digital kiosk and elite Watsons card!

The party was held at Harry’s at Dempsey, check out the fun~ 😉

Watsons on Wheels Cupcakes Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Cupcake Boy Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Food Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Maybelline Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Maybelline Truck 2 Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Maybelline Truck Exterior 1 Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Maybelline Truck Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Maybelline Truck Interior Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Goodie Bag Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Pillow Blogger Enabalista.jpg Watsons on Wheels NoteBook Blogger Enabalista.jpg

Watsons on Wheels Photos Blogger Enabalista.jpg Watsons on Wheels Commemorative Stamps Blogger Enabalista.jpg

Thanks Watsons for the fun and cute anniversary presents! 🙂

To celebrate its 26th anniversary, Watsons’ holding a month long daily giveaway on their Facebook page, take part here!


Another on-going fun promotion is to spend $15 on any Watsons brand on a single receipt to redeem a DIY photo fun pack worth $9.90. All you have to do is post a photo of your completed DIY Photo Fun packs on their Facebook or Instagram (@watsonssg) with the hashtag#watsonsDIYPhotoFunPack. The top 3 most creative works will bring home a Polaroid Camera each!

Don’t we just love Watsons for their customer loyalty program and promotions?

I just went shopping at Watsons today and redeemed by DIY Photo fun pack.
I will be uploading my creative work on my instagram @ena_teo. Be sure to follow me there! 😉

Thank you for reading~ <3



L’Oreal Paris Bloggers’ Event & New EverStrong Thickening Hair & Scalp System Review

Hi lovelies~

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, like I am~ ^^

A few weeks back, I attended the L’Oreal Paris Hair Bloggers’ Event. Today I’m gonna blog about the event and my reviews of their products from the new range, EVERSTRONG Thickening Sulfate Free Hair & Scalp system. 😉

L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista 2 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 2 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 5 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 4 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 3 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 6 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 7 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 8 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 9 L'Oreal Paris Eversrong Bloggers Event

The bloggers’ event was held at Lime House, 2 Jiak Chuan Road, an in-road from Keong Saik Street.
Heading back there brought back a flood of memories because Keong Saik Street was where I started my first job after JC. The place has changed quite a bit, lesser dingy pubs and more classy restaurants catering to tourists and expats. But it still has that old school charm. I would definitely head back and explore this place again.
The finger food and beverages were just right to feed our empty bellies before the presentation started. After the presentation, we had the chance to have our scalp tested and put our creatively to good use for some floral arrangement!

I love floral arrangements because I love flowers, the beauty they embody and the sweet scent they bring. I also like how floral arrangement allows for relaxation, creativity of expression and zen moments.

Quite coincidentally, the florist L’Oreal invited, Christopher, is the same florist that I learnt floral arrangement from back when I was in JC, so as to enter a floral arrangement competition! 🙂

It was such a pleasure to meet with lovely Leanne at the event who’s always such a dear. Check out her beauty focused instagram @loveforskincare. I am a huge fan of her collages, as they display great use of light and unique eye for aesthetics. <3

L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Singapore Enabalista Review L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Singapore Enabalista Review 3.jpg L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Singapore Enabalista Review 1

~My Review~

I’ve been using L’Oreal Paris EVERSTRONG Thickening sulfate free hair & scalp system for a few weeks now. I can attest that this range of shampoo, conditioner and tonic does a smashing job in fortifying thinning hair and purifying the scalp. I recently had my hair cut as I was finding long hair tough to manage and also getting worried when my hair was dropping quite drastically. I would get a lot of hair dropping whenever I showered and combing my then long hair. However, after getting my hair cut and starting on this hair care range, my hair has thankfully thickened back to normal and my hair loss has decreased. I no longer react to “omg so much hair dropped” in the shower and when I’m combing hair. Even a hair stylist commented just this weekend when I was getting my hair ends curled at a beauty event that I have thick hair, which made me happy! ^^

I am thoroughly loving this hair care range of EVERSTRONG Thickening sulfate free hair shampoo, conditioner and tonic. The shampoo cleanses well, the conditioner does not leave an artificial waxy after feel but rather conditions naturally. This range is unique with their two star ingredients; Rosemary & Mint. Rosemary helps to stimulate hair growth, soothes dry, sensitive scalp and prevents dandruff. While Mint is a well known scalp and follicle stimulant. Using these products in the shower brings a very refreshing feel and scent to my hair and sense. I am very satisfied even long after my shower, knowing how well my hair is cleansed, cared and how good it smells. 😀

Unlike most tonic, this tonic is unique in that it is formulated to be used at the hair roots, to be massaged into your scalp. It is liquid and non oily. I use one spritz and massage from the top of my head and outwards.

Perhaps the only downside to this range of products is that you have to use all three shampoo, conditioner and tonic together to achieve the full desired effect. I always use shampoo and conditioner together (whether with this range or not) because each product has different functions and I tend to have frizzy hair, so conditioner is a must. However my sister commented that when she use the shampoo without the conditioner, her hair and scalp tend to be too drying.

L’Oreal Paris Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner retails at $14.90 for 250ml each, Tonic at $29.90 for 100ml at supermarkets, pharmacies and departmental stores islandwide. I’ve done the math for you, the whole system will cost $59.70. 😉

L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Extraodinary Oil Singapore Enabalista Review

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil is just as it is named. It is really a superb product. The difference when I apply it on my hair ends compared to when I don’t (on days when I am lazy or in a rush to get out) is remarkable. I do not have a habit of applying hair oil as I tend to find it a hassle and don’t like to have to wash my hands again before I head out. But after using this product, I am now convinced that I have found the solution to frizzy hair and I have found the secret to beautiful hair. I know this sounds damn exaggerating and dramatic, but I kid you not. The reason behind the powers of this oil is due to its flower extracts ingredients: Flax, Tiare, Rose, Lotus, Chamomile and Matricaria. The best part is, the new formulation now comes with UV filter protection, keeping your hair protected from harmful and drying UV rays, keeping it luscious.

Another reason why this hair oil is extraordinary is because its usage is mani-fold. You can use it before you colour your hair, the night before, so that your hair is deeply nourished and well-prepped for colour treatment so that your hair will not be left dry and brittle. Before blow drying. Mix it with your hair mask and as a finishing touch.

I use it as a finishing touch, while my hair is still wet and before blow drying. Just one spritz is sufficient for my whole head’s hair ends and when my hair is dry, it’s smooth and straight the entire day.

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil retails at $26.90 for 100ml at supermarkets, pharmacies and departmental stores islandwide.


If you want to experience this range of products, L’Oreal is now offering travel size products for you to use and take on their 30 day challenge. Find out how to redeem their products on their Facebook here. Valid for Singapore residents only.

Follow L’Oreal Paris Singapore on their Facebook here for more new product updates! 😉

Thank you Touch PR & Events & L’Oreal for the invitation and products.

Thank you for reading~ <3



HABA Japanese Non-Additive Skincare Review


Today I’ll be reviewing a set of products from HABA, a Japanese skincare and beauty line. ^^

HABA Skincare Review

HABA the brand, is an acronym which stands for Health Aid Beauty Aid.
HABA believes in beauty from the inside out:
that the right skincare and healthcare will lead to a better life.

HABA also desires for their users to experience a Non-Additive mindset,
which originates from Hokkaido, Japan.

What is unique about HABA is that it boasts to be:
Mineral Oil Free
Artificial Colourant Free
Artificial Fragrance Free
Petrochemical Surfactant Free

These are common additives (aka preservatives) in many brands’ products
that can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.
Instead, HABA uses ingredients such as sasa kurilensis water (bamboo extract) which acts as a preservative, contains antibacterial properties and helps to keep the skin moisturized. (Is that why bamboo juice is so refreshing on a hot summer day?!). HABA only uses ingredients that are safe  and healthy for the skin.

Enabalista HABA Skincare Review

Weeks back, I was invited down for a mini facial and skincare treatment at the HABA Suntec outlet.

The skincare treatment consists of the items which I also brought back for use to review.

The regime is as such:

HABA Micro Force Cleansing Review

1) Cleanse
with HABA’s Micro Force Cleansing
2 in 1 make up remover and cleanser

I pump 1-2 times on my cotton pad and wipe away my makeup.
Then I will gently cleanse my face with water.

After using this to remove my make up, it also cleanses my skin, so technically it saves me one step!
That said, however I still use a gentle cleanser in the shower. 😛

I love this water based cleanser as it is very hydrating and moderate in consistency,
much like a water based lotion and cleanses gently as much as  thoroughly.

HABA White Lady Whitening Serum Review

2) Special Care
with HABA’s best selling whitening serum, White Lady

I use 1 pump for my entire (small) face.
Pump generously into your palm for how much you require,
and gently pat on your face with your fingers.

This serum is developed from a doctor’s formula,
contains sasa kurilensis water (bamboo extract) and vitamin C,
it is moisturizing, antiseptic and has sterilizing effects.
The serum is light weight and is liquid in consistency.

HABA VC Whitening Healing Toner Review

3) Moisturize with
HABA’s VC lotion, whitening toner

Apply VC Lotion by patting lightly on the skin with both hands.
HABA encourages ladies to apply this toner 5 times during each use.
This way, the product can fully penetrate the skin, leaving it refreshed and supple.

I was quite amazed at why I was never previously educated on this method,
it does make a lot of sense since toner bottles always come in such big bottles and take forever to finish.
That said, it’s still important to check and follow the recommended dosage for different brands
as not all toners are formulated in the same way. 🙂

VC lotion is a moisturizing alcohol free toner infused with Vitamin C derivative
which can penetrate the skin better and is non irritating to the skin.
It also contains Ceramide nanosome which
helps to keep moisture levels in your skin for a longer time.

HABA Squalane Beauty Oil Review

4) Protect 
with HABA’s Squalane

With hands and face still moist from toner lotion,
apply one drop of Squalane on your moist hands,
spread the Squalane on your palms and press them gently on your moist face.

This is also one of HABA’s best selling products.
Extracted from deep sea shark’s liver oil, this is the same oil
that is in our skin that created a protective film to retain hydration.

After using this set for weeks in the morning and evening, I feel that my skin is pampered and properly hydrated. I would definitely recommend this to ladies who are looking for natural skin care products, for hydrated and supple skin, especially in dry weather. 

The prices of the featured products are as such:
– Micro Force Cleansing (Makeup Remover) 120ml, S$46
– White Lady (Whitening Serum) 30ml, $78
– VC Lotion 180ml, S$85
– Squalane (Beauty Oil), 15ml $29
I’ve been using these products for about 3 weeks now,
and I approximate that these will last for 3 months.

2014-02-25 00.28.36

5) Moist White Beauty Drink 
A fresh, crisp beauty drink that contains Haskap (blueberry honeysuckle),
a fruit that is coveted for its powerful whitening and anti-aging properties.
It also includes collagen, ceramidea and L-Cystine
which helps to enhance skin clarity and firmness.
Each bottle contains 3,000mg of collagen and on 21 calories per bottle. 🙂

The taste is sweet, smooth and I love the blueberry flavour.
I only got to try 1 bottle, so I can’t attest to it’s longer term effect.
Also, as I am also in my early 20s I don’t (yet) have to worry about collagen loss.
Altho’ I’m quite sure when the time comes (another 5-10 years) I’ll start collagen intake regularly
as it’s been said that collagen drink works wonders for your skin! 😉
$49/box (of 10 bottles).

ION Esthe II Review

When I was in their store, I als got to try their Ion My Esthe II,
a home esthetic treatment device that cleanses and treats your skin with the power of ion.
It performs two basic function in two modes:
Ion Cleansing Mode and Ion Care Mode.

I tried their  Ion Care Mode as such:
Apply 8-10 pumps of White Lady Serum on face
Soak a face sheet with VC Lotion
Put the mask on face and slowly roll on Ion My Esthe II on my face
At approximately 8 minutes, a beeping sound will go off to indicate that the treatment is done.
Remove the mask and apply lotion Squalane on your face.
It is recommended to perform Ion Care Mode twice a week
and Ion Cleanse Mode once a week for maximum results.

I am quite amazed at how ION treatment works, in the sense that I am unsure how it works.:P
(Maybe my learned chemical engineering sister can tell me how?)
It’s also hard for me to say how effective it is as I’ve only tried it once.
However I can attest that it’s definitely safe, it uses our/my own body’s ION power to
charge this instrument. Cool huh?!
That’s one of the reason why I love being a blogger!
Getting acquainted and to be able to try new and cool
beauty products and treatments to share on my blog. ^^
Given the chance, I would definitely love to try using it for a longer period. 🙂

 The Ion My Esthe II (Facial Instrument) costs $350.

HABA also has make up products, which I had the pleasure to try during my visit.
Their make up products are light and feels very natural
and also creates a very Japanese look, in my opinion.
If you’re a fan of natural/non-additive products, do give their make up range a try. 🙂

~ For my dear readers ~ ^^
Quote my name “Ena” and get 15% discount, valid till April 2014.  

I will also be having a HABA GIVEAWAY &
1 lucky winner will win more than $200 worth of HABA products consisting of:

– 1 make up remover

– 1 White Lady (whitening serum)

– 1 toner

– 1 Squalane oil

To join, simply do the following:

 Step 1: LIKE HABA’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/haba.com.sg

Step 2: Like my blog Enabalista Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/enabalista

Step 3: SHARE this Facebook post here.

Deadline: 30 March 2014, Sunday 7pm.
Winner will be announced here and on my Enabalista FB page shortly after.

Winner will have to provide his/her email address and pick up the products at the Suntec store!
HABA staff will select the suitable products after checking your skin type. ^^

You can find HABA outlets at:

Suntec City Mall #01-306

Ngee Ann City #B2-13A

And their *NEW* OG Orchard !
To celebrate this event, they are having an exclusive promotion, see below image for more info.:

HABA OG Orchard EDM_edited-4

Follow HABA on their Facebook here.

Thanks for reading! <3



Human Nature Hair Care, Body Care & Make Up Review

Hi guys!

Are you an organic skincare and beauty lover? If so, today’s post will be super relevant for you!

If you’re not, fret not, cause it’s still good to know more about this affordable organic brand, Human Nature! 😉

Human Nature started out in Philippines in 2008 with the vision to be one of Philippines’ leading social enterprises, they have two goals, which is 1) Sustainable Living for the Poor and to be 2) Faithful Stewards of our Only Planet. Find out more about how they achieve these meaningful goals on their site here.

Recently Christine from Human Nature Singapore reached out to me through email to review their products, after a few email exchanges, a box of products was promptly sent over. I took a few weeks to test and review the products, and here it is! 🙂

Human Nature Natural Products Review

If you prefer to watch me sharing on video, hit play! 😉

Human Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo Conditioner Review

Human Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo (left) and Conditioner (right) in Mandarin Fresh.
Available here and here.
My shampoo was just about to run out and I was wondering what other brand I would try next,
so I was certainly glad to receive these two lovely products. I love the tangy zesty smell of the shampoo and how it cleanses gently and effectively. The conditioner has organic virgin coconut oil which is an age old secret for beautifully shiny, deeply moisturized hair, which I LOVE. After usage, my long hair is smooth and tangle free!

Human Nature 100% Natural Hand and Foot Salve

Human Nature 100% Natural Hand & Foot Salve in Strawberry.
Available here.
The difference between a salve and a lotion is that salve aids healing. Thus this salve soothes and softens dry and cracked skin. Luckily for me, my hands and legs are rather smooth, so I can’t exactly bear testament to its effectiveness for what it’s touted for. But what I can say, is that does leave a residual grease after application which will be less apparent after 10 min. I would recommend this, if you have cracked skin, between your toes or on the ball or heel of your feet. Apply it just before you sleep and I trust that your skin will be better.

Human Nature Natural Hydrating Mineral Lipstick Review

Human Nature Natural Hydrating Mineral Lipsticks; Lucky in Love (left) & First Kiss (right).

Human Nature Natural Hydrating Mineral Lipstick First Kiss ReviewHuman Nature Natural Hydrating Mineral Lipstick First Kiss Review 2

Human Nature Natural Hydrating Mineral Lipstick in First Kiss
Available here.
I definitely love how pigmented the color is. True to its name, it’s hydrating and that must be because of it’s formulation with an extra dose of cocoa butter added to passion fruit seed oil and sunflower oil. The result is a natural and healthy looking lips. I wore it to work and I love how it does not dry up my lips, which some lipstick do. I have also previously used an organic lip balm with cocoa butter, so I know I love the ingredient in this as it’s good for my lips.

Human Nature Natural Hydrating Mineral Lipstick Lucky in Love ReviewHuman Nature Natural Hydrating Mineral Lipstick Lucky in Love Review 2

Human Nature Natural Hydrating Mineral Lipstick in Lucky in Love
Available here.
Lucky in Love is a deep red colour which has a slight gloss effect because of the hydrating effect of the lipstick. It would be ideal for a date night when you are looking to have plump or luscious red lips.

Human Nature Sunflower Cleansing Oil

Human Nature Sunflower Cleansing Oil
Available here.
This is a very effective cleansing oil, which is in my opinion ideal for heavier duty make up removal. If you’re like me and you tend to veer away from oil based cleansers, than this might not be ideal. It would be suitable for days when you’re attending a formal or glam event with full on mascara, eyeliner, foundation in layers… you get my drift. Or perhaps you’re a stage performer and you’re looking for something natural, gentle on your skin while effectively and quickly removing your thick makeup. This, my friends, would be it.;)

If you want to buy their products, be sure to key in ENA15 before check out to enjoy 15% off on ALL products!
This is valid till this Sunday, 9 March, so don’t wait! 😉

That is all for my Human Nature review! 🙂

Thanks for reading, love you.<3



Helenere Skincare Cream & Mask Review

Hi lovelies!

I’ve been using Helenere, Swiss skincare brand products for some time now and here’s a video review!

If you prefer to read, instead of watching my video review, here’s a quick summary:

Before I received the invitation to review their products,
I did a quick google search and found out from Cozycot forum  that
ladies wanted to know where they could buy Helenere products in Singapore.
So I was convinced that Helenere products must be really good and I was eager to try the products for myself!

Just in case you don’t know the brand, Helenere is a Swiss skincare brand started by Helen Rosato Rossi in 1980s.
Their products are all made in Switzerland and they have a strong emphasis on R&D.
Helenere has built a strong reputation of being a skincare brand that knows,
understands and addresses women’s skincare issues which is why it is gaining increasing popularity across the globe.

Helenere Whitening Cream Review 2

Helenere White Perfection Day & Night Cream
available online here.

2014-02-25 00.22.52

Cream is pure white and moderately thick in consistency. (No filter and no flash)2014-02-25 00.21.28

Once spread out evenly, it is leaves a very light white layer that is almost colorless to the naked eye.(No filter and no flash)

After using it for two weeks, I’m really loving this cream. I use it twice daily,
in the morning and in the evening, after my shower routine.
In the day, I use it after my toner and moisturizer, just before my sunscreen lotion.
In the evening, I use it after my toner and moisturizer.

After two weeks of use, I feel that my skin has lightened,
and this cream has helped to tone my oil glands so that my face is not as oily as before.
I have used other day/night creams previously but those were generally oily in nature
and I would stop using them after one try.

However this cream is moist without being oily, and
is really a suitable cream for people who have oily and acne prone skin like me!
Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a good day and night whitening/lightening cream in your beauty regime!

Helenere Purifying Pack

Helenere Purifying Pack
available online here.

2014-02-25 00.14.08

A very light mint green colour and thick consistency.

2014-02-25 00.14.35

A visible light pale layer when spread thinly across the skin.

I have used this pack/mask twice so far. As it is named, this mask aims to purify your skin.
To use, spread a thin layer around your face for 20 min and wash away with tepid/lukewarm water.
After which, I feel that my skin is softer and smoother. Recommended for use 1-2 times a week.
I would especially recommend this mask for people whose skin is exposed to harsher conditions such as strong sun
or dirt as this mask would definitely pamper your skin. 🙂 

Thanks to Helenere for their kind sponsorship of the products!

Visit Helenere’s official website here.
Like them on their official Facebook page for cool lifestyle posts and their latest products here!
If you’re on Twitter, be sure to tweet them here via their handle @Helenere_Intl. They also often offer discount codes! 😉

Last, but not the least,
You can also choose to buy Helenere products in Singapore in 2 places!
Salon De Expression 
T: +65-6338-6958

Arleen Beauty Therapy Centre 
T: +65-6532-5668

Thanks for reading, sending you my love! <3



Get Pretty with Mary Kay Make-up Workshop

Just before Chinese New Year, at the invitation of Wendy,
my girlfriends and I visited Mary Kay’s office in Tanjong Pagar for a make up workshop!

Here’s some photos, my favourite products and review from the session! 😉

Enabalista with YL Mary Kay

With YL pre workshop session!
My skin was honestly in bad condition that day, after a breakout.

Before the makeup demonstration and workshop, we indulged in a little skin care pampering session.

Enabalista Mary Kay Workshop Review

Here, YL, Belle and I had half our face slathered with Mary Kay’s Botanical Mask.
So we could tell the effect comparing to our non-masked half!
Don’t we look like we have dramatic masks on? 😀

Drama Masks

Enabalista Mary Kay Review Favourite Products

Mary Kay TimeWise Replenishing Serum and Botanical Mask
These are my favourite Mary Kay products from the workshop. 🙂
The serum preps the skin before the mask and after the mask application, the skin is fresher and clearer.

Enabalista Mary Kay Review 5

After prepping the skin and cleaning off the mask, it’s time for makeup demonstration!

Post make up workshop photos!:D

Enabalista Mary Kay Review 4

With lovely Belle

Enabalista Mary Kay Review 3

With my fav neighbour and bestie YLEnabalista Mary Kay Review 2

Mary Kay Workshop Review Enabalisa Groupshot

And with Juliana and Wendy, Mary Kay trainers and consultants.
Thanks Wendy for inviting us! 🙂

Enabalista Mary Kay Workshop Chinese New Year Look 1 Enabalista Mary Kay Workshop Make Up Look 2

Close up and unfiltered photos, post make up!

With Mary Kay concealer, primer, foundation, loose powder, eyebrow pencil, blusher and
eyeshadow in pink, orange and gold to suit the auspicious chinese new year occasion!
Mary Kay lipstick colours are also very lovely and pigmented.
On my lips are a mix of  TrueDimension lipstick in Color Me Coral and Wild About Pink.
I really really like this look on my girlfriends and I!

Enabalista Mary Kay Mission Statement

My girlfriends and I enjoyed the session and we agreed that the session was made more enjoyable because we
had each other’s company while we pampered ourselves with skincare and picked up make up techniques.
I actually think this is an excellent idea for a girls’ gathering! Plus, Juliana is a great make up coach and
she made us feel very relaxed and at ease with her bright smile and cheerful personality. 🙂

Mary Kay is a unique skincare and beauty brand in the sense that it doesn’t have a brick and mortar shop,
instead their products are sold by women, started  by Mary Kay Ash in America and is now in Asia.
Mary Kay Beauty Consultants start by going through the workshop and training themselves
they are certified trainers and enlist other women into their own teams
that sell and train other women in skincare and make up.
Pretty much like real estate or insurance agents but in the world and field of beauty!
I love the concept of women empowering other women and making their passion a living.

My girlfriends and I are planning to head back for workshop two where we pick up how to create “Smokey eye effect”.
If you would like to arrange for a Mary Kay workshop session for you and your girlfriends,
email Wendy, wenyip516 @ gmail.com (without the gaps)!
I’m also thinking of arranging for a session for my blog readers to attend Mary Kay’s workshop,
so keep a look out for that! 😉



NEW ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Bloggers’ Event & Review

Hi guys! 😀

A while ago I attended ZA’s Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Bloggers’ Event
and here’s snippets of how it went! 😉

ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Enabalista 2 ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Enabalista 3 ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Enabalista 4 ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Enabalista 5 ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Enabalista 6 ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Enabalista 7 ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Enabalista 8 ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Enabalista 9 ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Enabalista 10 ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Enabalista

The entire hall was decked out in varying hues of pink with black accents,
with lots of “Fun Facts” about lips
and booth activities/games for us bloggers to take part in, including match the cards and
“My Lip Personality”!

Speaking of which, my reading is as such:

“Bow-shape lips”
You are an expressive, seductive person who likes to fly with her own wings.
You pursue the things you love fearlessly and speak your mind..

Love Life
You need someone who stimulates you both mentally and physically.

Hayden Panettiere, Reese Witherspoon

About 80% true. 😉

On my lips: a light coat of ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in RS481, Deep Pink.


Go sexy with pink or demure with beige? 😉



8 New Shades that flatters Asian undertones 

My Review of the NEW ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge

I personally find the new liquid rouge a very unique blend of lipgloss and lipstick.
Imagine your favourite lipstick, now in liquid consistency.
It is unexpectedly non sticky, unlike how some lip gloss is and it has pretty decent staying power,
up to half a day, like the regular lipsticks.
It’s formulation is inspired by ladies who desire the shine of lip gloss with the pigmentation of lipsticks! 😉

At $18.90 a pop, in stores from 30 Jan 2014.
ZA can be bought at most Watsons stores island wide in Singapore. 😉



My Morning Beauty Routine!

Hello my lovelies!

Morning Skincare Beauty Routine

Check out my usual face, at work, with no filter! 😛

Today I’m sharing a vlog of my current morning beauty routine! It’s a video that I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time, every morning as I run through the same routine, I imagine how fun it will be to share my experience and tutorial with all of you! So FINALLY here it is! 😀

I didn’t state on the video, I have combination skin; normal with oily T-zone and I’m concerned with enlarged pores on nose and cheeks area. So acne-care, hydration and whitening (lightening of blemishes) is important to me in my skincare. I also take care that all the skincare and make up products I use are non-comodegenic (does not clog pores). I’ve been using this range of products for about a year now. Also, I’m 23 going 24 this year. So skincare products for me have to be affordable as much as it is effective. As for make up, I believe in paying more for good quality foundation, blusher and eyeliner. While lip colour can be bought at cheaper prices (usually they are priced cheaper too) as I usually change my lip colour everyday depending on my mood and what I wear.

Products featured, in sequence:

Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser with Microbeads
Johnson & Johnson Baby Cooling Powder (Back)
Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear Essentials Oil Control Toner
Hada Labo Whitening Lotion
Hada Labo UV Whitening Emulsion

Make Up:
Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer
Estee Lauder Double Wear Moisture Powder Stay in Place Makeup
Estee Lauder Pure Colour 01 Violet Underground Cyber Metallic
Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner
Star Lash Golden Ratio Eyebrow Pencil
The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Cushion Blusher in Coral
Mentholatum Q-10 Lip Gel / Maybelline Baby Lips
Etude House Lipstick in Coral (Not sure what range it falls under, bought it on offer in 2013)

I say “mmm-mhmm” too much in the video.

I will film another “My Night Beauty Routine” soon as well as
“My Top 10 Holy Grail Beauty Products” videos so do look out for them! 😉

Let me know if you have any other good video ideas that I can do! 🙂

Some pics I took the day I filmed the video:

Ena x Irene

Here with my pretty colleague Irene at work! ^^

2014-01-23 17.58.09

And another one with Shirley at Toastbox, heh.



P.S. This is not a sponsored video.

Enabalista | 2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 32,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Jean Yip R6 & Clarity Facial Review

Many readers come across my blog because they googled “New York Skin Solutions (NYSS) Review” and read my blog post about it.

However, after completing 20 facial sessions at a hefty price of averaging $110/facial, I decided that NYSS facials are too costly,
hard to book (they advertise a lot and get a lot of clients and hence busy schedule), and that my skin condition has improved markedly and thus I don’t need to continue such an expensive package with them.

I had the chance to enjoy a complimentary Jean Yip R6 facial, which is customized and originally priced at $488, thanks to Clozette.com
and Jean Yip for running a Clozette members’ privilege (Now closed).

Jean Yip R6 Skin Revolution Customized Treatment_0

My review of Jean Yip R6 Facial is that it is very good. I tried it a few months back at the Plaza Sing branch and it was a really in depth cleansing treatment.  My beautician is Mandy and she’s got good skills. That’s the main reason why I decided to sign up for a facial package with them, not the R6 package ($488/facial) as it is too costly for me at the moment. To me, the most important thing for a facial package is – affordability/price followed by the skills of the beautician. A basic one would suffice for me, as I am still young and my skin just needs basic cleansing and maintanance at the moment, now that most of my acne issues have cleared.

As a big fan of facials, I believe in facials because they have indeed helped me to improve my then acne prone skin condition and now, help me to maintain a relatively acne clear skin condition and given me so much more confidence in life. But, I am a young adult, with bills and study loans to pay, so I feel the pinch and I do not enjoy paying the hefty price to each facial even though I know it helps my skin condition.

Therefore I signed up for the Clarity facial at $90/facial for 10 sessions and that is a discounted rate because I told them I wanted the cheaper package, one that would meet my budget and needs. I have completed two sessions of the Clarify facials, I am satisfied with the services of Jean Yip (Plaza Sing branch) in terms of the scheduling, follow up and beautician’s service rendered. I don’t think there is any major difference treatment result on my skin compared to the basic facial package by NYSS thus Jean Yip would be more value for money in terms of a more basic facial treatment, and have better scheduling experience.

I still feel that $90/facial is expensive because with $90, there’s so many other things I can spend it on; have several good meals or 1-2 pieces of clothings/shoes. But that said, like many girls, beauty comes at a price, and for the treatment and service provided by Jean Yip, I would still say that it is an investment. Expensive, but necessary to me. I will still continue to be on a lookout for alternative facial providers of the same effectiveness/service standard but at a lower price. Consumers these days are hard to please indeed. 🙂

Have you tried Jean Yip R6 or Clarify or their other facials? What’s your review and/or verdict? Share with us! 🙂


#LaterPost | Pink Party Bash!

About a month ago in November, I joined my ex-colleagues in Clozette/GlamAsia
to check out the Pink Party Bash!
It was one of the last projects that I was managing before I left,
so it was good to see it come to fruition. 😀

Here’s at the bash venue, St James Power House station… My pink outfit of the day!

2013-11-17 14.12.40 Pink Party Bash 2013 Pink Party Bash 2013

The highlight of the day was to see the models of the mix media nail art competition groups
who have prepared two months for this day!

Team 1 with Valerie Lim as model with a Alice in Wonderland theme:

Pink Party Bash 2013

Team 2 with a garden fairy theme:Pink Party Bash 2013

Theme 3 with a Protect the Earth from pollution message:

Pink Party Bash 2013

The 2nd team won and it must have been a tough decision as all of them did so well!
Go search #PinkPartyBash on Instagram for all the awesome pictures for that day! 😉

Here with my lovelies of the day, Cassandra a super creative nail artist who has all these pretty nail art designs! (She’s also a Clozette Ambassador, see her Clozette profile and blog),
Cherie (@cheriexsh) and Azleena (@azzychubby)!
You can thank me later for helping you make it easy to stalk them on Instagram. 😉

Pink Party Bash 2013 Pink Party Bash 2013

One of the best part of the day was that we got to enjoy gelish nail services at $20 instead of the usual $50
and all the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore! 🙂

Thanks to The Pink Room academy for organizing and Clozette for inviting!



Matsuri Day Beauty Workshop featuring Majolica Majorca, Senka & Ma Cherie


Today I’ll be blogging about my experience at Matsuri Day Beauty Workshop about 2 weeks ago. 🙂

Matsuri means Festival in Japanese. I am not quite sure which festival we were meant to be celebrating, but I think it should be the Mid-Autumn Festival or Lantern Festival which was just recently passed!

Once again, I’ll let the photos do the talking. 🙂

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Shiseido
The workshop was held at Shiseido’s office and conference hall.
Matsuri Beauty Workshop Hummingbird Palette
The little hummingbook III and a set of nail polish looking bottles which are actually blush tints! >_<

So I took these photos before the workshop started proper, and I thought those bottles were nail polish. When the time came for us to test and apply the products, I used them on my finger, only to realize they don’t dry up but rather they become a powder-like layer over my names! The girls on the same table and I have a good  laugh over it. 😛

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Hummingbird Palette 2
This is how the little Hummingbird III Palette look on the inside. It has a 3 light eyeshadow pots and 1 lip gloss pot.

The light pink is the eyeshadow base followed by two eyeshadow colours in gold and pink which you can decide to use them individually or together. I don’t like that the eyeshadow and lip gloss pots were placed together as the eyeshadow powder will contaminate the lip gloss pot. I also don’t like the lip gloss colour as it didn’t seem to go with the other colours. But what I do love, is the pretty and unique packaging…

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Hummingbird Palette 3
The palette with musical score which I believe to be accurate. Would be interesting to play it out on the piano!
Matsuri Beauty Workshop Senka
Senka Product Table

The workshop started first with Senka product introduction followed by testing/application. According to the trainer whose name is Louis, Senka means expert or specialist in Japanese and essentially the brand is known to be focus on R&D to produce the best skincare products for Asian skin. Hence they have good quality products without much fan-fare on the packaging.

I won’t go much into details about the products except for the Senka Perfect Watery Oil, which is known to be a makeup remover that also helps to remove and minimize blackheads!

Perfect Watery Oil Senka

Louis was raving about how effective it was and that he used it and it works. So I even asked him if it is non-comodegenic (non acne causing) and he said it is! Out of all the products, it’s one that I’d like to try and thankfully they handed us a sample bottle to try! So I’ll likely try and put up a review after I’ve used it. ^^ Meanwhile, you can check out QiuQiu’s sponsored review on their makeup removers here.

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Majolica Makeup 2013

After the Senka introduction portion, we had our hands on session with Majolica Majorca makeup! I tweeted after the session how I love this brand for its fantasy concept… It’s so beautiful lah! *^^* They remind me of Anna Sui, except with a stronger concept with more story telling. 🙂 Check out their website and watch the video on the site! You can follow their FB page here. This season’s story is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland with a strong baroque styling. Not exactly the most original concept, but still interesting and captivating!

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Majolica Makeup

My favourite items out of the tray of testers/samples will definitely be the Skin Lingerie Pore Cream with its BB cream like effect and it acts much like a lightweight primer and the golden brown eyeliner, which I also have one at home. I bought it at Watsons sometime last year when I was hunting for a brown liquid liner and the lady recommended me it. It doesn’t have the best of mechanism as it requires one to shake and dispense on a brush tip, but when I mastered it, the effect and colour is most lovely. 🙂 Matsuri Beauty Workshop Majolica Tints

Saying Hi again to the deceptive blush tints, nail polish wanna-bes! 😛

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Ma Cherie

The last segment of the workshop was Ma Cherie, it means my dear in french. Looking at the branding and design it looks just like a French pastry store logo doesn’t it? I guess Ma Cherie wishes its customers to feel sweet and happy when using their products!

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Hair Demo

Louis the skincare and hair trainer showing how to work a Ma Cherie product. I think this was a hair curl setting spray.

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Ena and Friends

Taking a photo for memories with the ladies on our table! Wei ling, Huihong, Winnie & Huili! 🙂

My review! 

Out of all the workshops/events I’ve attended thus far, this has got to be one of the most light-hearted and enjoyable event, much credit due to Louis’ good humour and entertaining demonstrations! It was also really nice meeting new friends who are also makeup lovers! Thus the time during the session just flew past. 😀

It’s surprising to me that Shiseido would invite 30 female guests down for a free workshop and offer so many of its products for free testing. But I reckon it works out for them if after the session 1/2 of us or more would actually buy their products after testing and potentially become loyal users. This is especially so if there are also existing and similar Japanese brands such as Hada Labo skincare and Liese haircare in the market who are stiff competitors. Also, I got a chance to attend the workshop by taking part in Majolica Majorca’s Facebook contest and was 1 of the 10 winners. So it’s also a strategy of giving back to the fans, thereby reinforcing brand loyalty. 🙂

I don’t love every single item that I tried on that day, there were definitely some hits and misses. But for what it’s worth, it made me fall in love with the Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cream and want to try the Senka Perfect Watery Oil! That’s a pretty good desired effect from a participant, I reckon!

Oh, as a note to self,  it might also be a good idea to bring a small set of usual makeup so in case there aren’t some holy grail makeup items to achieve my desire effect, such as my eye makeup, at least I would have backup… I didn’t that day and took the longest time using Majolica Majorca’s makeup (which are not close substitute to my usual ones) to draw my eye makeup. >-<

So with a face full of makeup (which is rare for me, since I usually don’t put full on foundation) I decided I’d snap more photos!

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup

After the Nth time to get a good angle.

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup2

Still a bit dark.

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup3

Changed a spot to get the light on my face. 🙂

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup4

Anotther one. Panda eyes, Duck smile!

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup5

Retarded smile! 😛 Angles are so important for face selfies, really!

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup6

Gotta love my tiny eyes and funny faces! ^^

And yes, I’ve probably worn the exact outfit and necklace combination more than thrice. What do it, it’s nice like that right? 😛



Sephora Opens in Suntec City Mall

This is a pretty late entry (I will try to blog more promptly in future), but back in early Sep, 5th of September to be exact, I accompanied a friend with Sephora’s White Card (VIP member card) and went down for Sephora’s new store launch at Suntec City Mall. 🙂

I’ll let the photos do the talking and end off with a review of Sephora’s Suntec City Mall outlet launch event, also named “Beauty Night Out”. If you’ve read a post I wrote previously on “My Business Ideas“, in it I wrote that I’d love to have a beauty (makeup and skincare line) some day, so attending these events are not only great for my current job networking but also research for the future, heh. 🙂

Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening 1
Pardon the blurriness, not easy taking a clear shot with one hand. That was a goodie bag (box to be exact) tag for guests to claim at the end of the event. I forgot to take a snap of the box, but I will review a part of the box, to be explained later.
Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening 2 Lancome
Several makeover booths by various brands stocked at Sephora. Each with obvious branding, this being Lancome. Surprisingly, there were not many queuing, I guess most came with made up faces!
Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening 3 Lady Jayne
I have no idea what brand Lady Jayne is. I will google and share with you my findings. I am proud to say that I am proud of my google skills. Haha. #random

Ahh.. It is a hair accessories and styling brand from Australia. For more about them, check out their website http://www.ladyjayne.com.au/. They have a SG Facebook page here.

Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening Benefit Clinique
Makeup booths at a glance, Benefit, Makeupforever and Clinique. And ostensibly bigger crowd here, but what you can’t see from this angle are the Ciate nail booths before the makeup booths.
Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening Ciate Bar
I think these were my favourite part of the entire pampering offers! Ciate is an exquisite nail polish brand with quirky nail ideas like Caviar manicure and chalkboard polishes, for example. As a beauty user, I tend to trust and buy a brand after testing, so this in my opinion is great for guests. However, I was not in the mood that day to actually test them, as I didn’t want to squeeze with the crowd. :/

Because I think you’d appreciate me sharing with you images of Ciate Caviar Manicure and chalkboard polishes, in case you have not seen them before!:

Don’t ask me why they needed to put the tiny balls on the lips when it’s only meant for the nails.
So pretty isn’t it? 🙂

You can buy it on Amazon here at USD$25. (You’re most welcome.)


You can get the white one here and black one here, on Amazon.

Those cute little black ribbons just kills it doesn’t it? Makes these cute little bottles so charming!  I am a sucker for ribbons, totally.

Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening Ciate Nails
Nope, those obviously weren’t my hands. But proof that the booth though well equipped with sample / tester bottles, had too little space than demand required.
Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening Fragrance Bar
A nifty frangrance bar offering engraving services for guests who purchase fragrances on that day. I think that’s a pretty neat service and will KIV this thoughtful service for a gift idea someday.
Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening Ice Cream Bar
My second favourite part of the event, ICE CREAM. I die. The ice cream wasn’t perfect, I had mango flavour which was so-so, but any event that has free ice cream immediately scores high on my books. I won’t deny that I have a sweet tooth.
Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening Nail Bar
Ok, I will admit, I did not quite get this. It says “Get Nailed” but it’s a legit alcohol serving bar! So I was expecting it to be a real nails pampering bar, but I think they meant more like get nailed/drunk. Sorry I am not fancy enough to get it the first time (if that’s what they meant). Haha! Wasn’t in the mood for wine that day (next day Friday still have to get to work) so too bad!
Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening 11
Sephora invited several local TV and theatre celebs down as well as a what seems like tertiary cheerleading group down for a performance followed by rah-rah entry to the store’s grand launch.
Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening 12
Sorry again for this being blur, as a result of me being highly amused and equally shy to be walking down the red carpet while flanked by cheerleaders cheering and smiling on like we were runners onwards the last lap towards the finishing line!
Sephora Suntec City Mall Opening 13
And a finally clear shot of the store front. The huge Sephora eye palette like wall/stand is where they stored all the goodie boxes for guest to redeem before leaving.

My thoughts:

The Good

It’s always nice to start off with what was good, or great. I thought the free makeovers and nail booths were very generous indeed. I liked that the venue was spacious while still feeling cosy and the handful of local celebs and another handful of famous/semi-famous (depends on how you look at it, if you know them they’re famous but if you don’t then they are not) bloggers like LadyIronChef and Melody Yap and many more makes one feel good to hobb nobb with an exclusive crowd. I also had my star moment, meeting Oon Shu Ann of Tried and Tested on Clicknetwork.tv and I wanted to take a picture with her but also shy and afraid I’d disturb her. (So unlike me, I know.) I liked the free flow of sweet bites and drinks. And the atmosphere of the event was very appropriate for an opening, understandably very enthusiastic with a host and video crew to engage the crowd’s interest throughout the night’s event. The goodie box, without a comparison, was not bad with several tester size products. I took an Urban Decay pouch and passed my colleagues the rest. I will try to review the tester products! 🙂 The photo-booth was really cute, if not for the fact that I wasn’t dressed for the occasion (I woke up that morning and forgot I had to attend the event) I would most certainly have posed gamely for it.

The Not so sure

I can’t say that I enjoyed the rousing cheer leading performance and the lead into the new store. It felt like it was a civilized version of a Lion Dance that got me very amused. I am not sure what stores usually do for openings, but I do think a local band performance with cute male and female models/talents flanking the grand opening entry will be more palatable for me.

For those of you who don’t know what a Lion Dance is, you may check and watch the above video to acquaint yourself with something quintessentially Asian, and perhaps soon to be dying traditional and cultural form of dance.

The Bad

As a VIP card holder’s invited guest, my friend (the card holder) and I were disappointed that we were given a goodie box, without a bag to bring home while we saw the media folks bring home what seemed like a very generous bag 4 times the size of what we had. As a marketer by day, it is a lesson I will learn for any brand/s I may manage now or in the future. I think VIP guests (and their friends who are likely to convert to VIP guests as well) are a big deal to any brand and they should not have to feel slighted at any event. Perhaps the organizer should take note to separate the guests and media event, so the former won’t have to feel slighted by the latter. Also, please, provide a bag for your guests so they won’t have to go to another store and be offered by the store with their bag. Which is what happened, my friend went to Royce to get chocolates and the nice store lady offered us their paper bags.

Additional Thoughts

I generally like Sephora’s clean and sleek image with a black and white colour theme so that all the pretty beauty and skincare products will stand out against their simple scheme. However at times, it can be intimidating when the space is empty (i.e. no one is around) and I will tend to want to exit as fast as I can as I don’t feel comfortable just browsing casually. I also understand that it’s Sephora’s branding policy to keep their brand element consistent, but I can’t help but feel, am I the only one that gets bored of brands that look the same every where? I much prefer H&M’s concept, to jazz things up a little with each venue, so no two shops look identical. What do you think? 🙂

Visit them at Sephora’s Suntec City Mall Address

3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-314/315/316 Suntec City Mall S038983
Opening Hours Daily: 10:00 – 22:00

You may like to visit Sephora website, FB page and their Tweets.

More about Sephora, from Insing:
With more than 750 stores worldwide, Sephora is a chain beauty product store that carries over 250 brands of items including makeup, fragrance, hair products, skin products and more. They also carry their own private label lines that feature beauty tools, travel kits, bath products, make up and much more.

This is not a Sponsored Review.

If you’re from Sephora or a beauty brand and would like to invite me to your upcoming beauty event, simply drop me your invite at enabalista@gmail.com. I look forward to your invite! 🙂

xx Ena

Etude House Pink Play Party


If you’ve followed me on my instagram @ena_teo, you’ve seen on last Monday night that I posted about my excitement about attending Etude House Pink Play Party the next day:

SHINee & Sulli
Etude House Pink Play Party Official Poster

I’ll post some photos and videos taken during the event followed about my thoughts and review! 🙂

Etude House Pink Play Party Registration Booth
Registration booth for Media, yeah baby
Etude House Pink Play Party
Just one of the many many group of teenage girls!
It’s the 4th Pink Play Party by Etude House & the first in Singapore! Gotta love the cute Merlion graphic.
Etude House Pink Play Party Singapore
Pink Goodies & my pink heels! 😛

The collagen water tastes like Dolphin (brand) water and the popcorn had a pink powder coat…
I brought a pair of flats to change out from my heels! 🙂

Outfit of the day
My #Ootd, My new GoJane glitter champagne dress & heels w pink & glitter coated nails. ^^
Pink Nail Art
Close up of my pink nails
Pink Heels
My pink heels, love the ruffle detail by the side!
Etude House Pink Play Party
Goodie bag with popcorn, water, fake/toy mirror, card holder, bb cream samples, wristband & SHINee badges!
Etude House SHINee Badges
I’ve got an extra set of SHINee Badges… anybody wants em?

Venue & Pre-party

The venue was held at the spacious MBS convention hall and there was ample space to go around, so thankfully despite hundreds of fan girls, we didn’t have to feel overwhelmed. The idea was, the concert starts at 7pm proper, but at 5pm, the doors are opened for everyone to try out all the makeup and game stations before you collect all the stamps to enter the stage arena, to save your space for the concert. Needless to say, all the girls rushed to complete and be the earliest in order to get the front row spaces and hence closer to their idols. Station wise, I was quite impressed with the station decor and placement as it was very well done and had girly, theme park vibe to the entire place, much like entering an Etude House theme park. I also think the idea of making them complete the stations in a fun way was a pretty smart way of making them interact with the brand instead of just mindlessly waiting for the concert.

Not so good thing: To get a ticket, one needs to buy $100 worth of Etude House items, technically $20 for one item to get a ticket, collect 5 different tickets to get a chance to be the 1st 400 participants to score invite to the Pink Play Party. Yes, it’s that insane. And that’s how dedicated Kpop / SHINee fan girls are. In a way, you could say the girls paid at least $100 to watch the boy group perform, and Etude House threw in products to boot. But it’s a lot of effort on the girls part in order to get 5 different tickets to then exchange for 1 chance. What if they didn’t make it to the first 400?

Pre-concert & Concert 

The doors opened at 5pm, my colleague & fellow Kpop lover Carissa and I reached at about 6. But since we had the Media invite, we didn’t have to go around to the stations to collect stamps before we could be admitted into the stage area to save our space for the concert. The event only started proper at 7.30 and the SHINee boys probably only came out at about 7.45pm. So that was approximately a total of 1 hr & 45 minutes of painful waiting which was necessary in order for us to get front row (technically we were standing behind one row of girls, but close enough!). I had to give it up for Kevin Lao Shi’s enthusiastic american accented English and his pretty and demure Kim Tae Hee lookalike model to make the 7 minutes make over pre-concert/obligatory Etude House marketing plug-in that much more bearable.

As for the concert, that was the real highlight! I highly doubt any girl bought tickets for the show to try on Etude House Make Up or check out Etude House theme park venue… It’s definitely for the boys!!! 😛 For me, I was definitely satisfied(x200%) to have seen the SHINee boys perform LIVE, about a mere 2metres away from me. 😀 Unfortunately my dearest Min Ho was not able to make it! 🙁 Nonetheless I was still extremely stoked to have met Tae Min & Key. Of the 4 present, Key was the only if not the most engaging member who took more effort to reach out to audience by like waving and smiling and acknowledging the fans. <3

I wasn’t very sure if they would be able to perform as they do on Music Bank, but they sure did, and 4 times over! I didn’t expect anything less than them decked out in pink pastels to suit the Etude House vibe, but if you had expected them to appear in their cool chic image, you’d definitely be disappointed. Over all, they are really good looking, personally I feel that Tae Min looks the prettiest, followed by Onew, who looked better in real life then Key then Joon Hyun. Maybe it’s personal preference because Jong Hyun had a lot of fans in the crowd too!

This event was definitely enjoyable for me, as I got to see Tae Min and Key whom I watch on We Got Married (WGM), in person. They were definitely every bit good looking as they are on screen, duh. They are also really really skinny. I wonder how they have so much energy with so little body mass.  >_< I also had a lot of fun experiencing the event and marvel at how Etude House, with their mission to make every girl a princess, integrate their user base’s passion for music and idols to be influencers for their brand across social media platforms (just like this article!). Pretty amazing and splendid job I must say! 🙂

For more photos check them out on Clozette.co >> here!


New York Skincare Solutions Update

New York Skin Solutions

My previous review post on New York Skincare Solutions is really popular, and many readers have approached me either through the comments or email asking me about my treatments and experience with NYSS.

So I thought I’d compile my answers to the various questions which I’ve been asked and post them here.

If it’s the first time you’re here on my blog, you might want to check out my previous post here. Also as a background to this post, you might like to know that I signed up for NYSS package back in 2011. I have completed my treatment package of 20 sessions with NYSS since February 2013 and have not signed up with them since. The last time I had a facial was for my review for Glomax Aesthetics in June. At the moment I have not signed with any facial salons.

Also as with the previous post, I am not paid to provide this update on my blog. I also do not endorse NYSS. I do think they have helped to improve my skin condition, but I do not take responsibility for your experience with them, should you decide to sign with them. 🙂

Alright, enough with the introduction, let’s get the Q&A going! 🙂

1. How much is the price range for the 20 sessions?

I paid $2,200 for 20 sessions, 10 youth + eye treatment and 10 normal facial sessions. Back then I had face and back acne so I had the choice to use the “facial” for a “bac-ial” which was what I did for about 5 normal sessions.

I am fully aware that the package is very expensive for a student. And that is the reason why I am hesitant to state the price on my blog. But it is, in my humble opinion, a worthy investment because I am now so much more confident in person and on camera. It came to a point for me where I was sick of being troubled by problematic skin and I decided that facial was the best solution for me because it is a non invasive treatment and does not require me to take pills.

Additionally I want to repeat that facial did help but also with other factors like eating healthy avoid oily food, take Evening Primrose oil, and drinking more water.

2. Is the price inclusive of all the creams/facial products etc? If not inclusive, how much is the additional cost?

No, it is not inclusive. The creams and facial products differ from type to type. I have been sold their cleanser, toner but I only purchased their anti-bacterial powder which I applied on my face and back acne. It’s a small container about 30ml in size and cost $30. I think i paid $10 because I used $20 voucher to redeem it. Back then, I would get $10 voucher whenever I made an appointment before 5pm. Not sure if this is still applicable today.

3. Is the treatment addictive (meaning if you don’t go for treatments, will your skin problems return within say a few months)?

I wouldn’t say that the treatment is addictive. In fact the treatments did help me regain the balance required for my skin and my face and back is no longer as oily as before! In fact towards the end of the package, I only went back for treatments about 2-4 months interval.

4. Do they use many electrical treatments / chemicals?

I am not sure if they use electrical treatments, but from what I know, my facial did not include any electrical treatment. As for chemicals, I am sure they do, as do all the skin care products I purchase. But if you mean to ask if they are safe or not, I do think they are safe based on my personal experience.

5. I signed up for 20 sessions Youth treatment packages and 20 Ampules.. I tried to talk to my beautician on the possibility of selling this package to another customer, but she doesn’t respond well.. But from your blog, it seems that your beautician is nice.. I am wondering, do you think you will need more session of the treatment? 

I am sorry to hear about experiences such as yours, but I do not need more sessions and hope you can find someone else who will.

6. When did you start to see the results, after how many sessions?

I can’t remember after how many sessions but I think it is 4 sessions and I didn’t apply foundation and now I also don’t so it helped as foundation tend to clog pores.

7. What is the procedure like when you go for facial at NYSS?

First I went for a free facial (as seen on Newspaper advertisement) and it included a skin analysis. I decided to go for $2200 for 20 sessions. You can try to negotiate the price lower, but the package might change according to your budget…

On normal days, I have to book at least 2 weeks before hand, then go down at the appointed time, go into the room, change and wait for my facial. Post facial, some paperwork then that’s about its. 1hour 30 min in total for each session.

That is all for my update on NYSS, hope it sheds some light or answers the queries you may have!

Be Beautiful, Inside & Out!