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How to Create your very own Home Spa

Hi Loves!

I don’t know about you, but I love going to spa because of the relaxing ambience and luxurious pampering. Don’t you think that it’ll be wonderful if we can integrate elements of the luxurious spa into our own home and bathroom? Here are my ideas on how you can create your own Home Spa in your bathroom! 🙂

1. Get Inspired

First of all, decide on what concept you would like. Do you prefer clean and fresh decor, blue and comfy or brown and cosy?


Clean & Fresh. Refer to online product catalog here.20152_coba10a_01_PH121841

Blue and Comfy. Refer to online product catalog here20134_coba10a_01_PE362683

Brown, warm and cosy. Refer to online product catalog here.

2. Get Scented

A Spa’s relaxing ambience is created with the warmth of lighted candles and soothing scents. Decide on your favourite scents, candles and candle holders to create your own scented haven.


LUGGA scented candle in glass, fresh linen, white.sinnlig-scented-candle-in-glass__0331359_PH122232_S4

SINNLIG Vanilla Scented Candles in glass.sinnlig-scented-tealight-lilac__0247753_PE387469_S4

SINNLIG scented tealight, full blossom, lilac.


BLOMSTER candle holder, set of 3, white.lugga-scented-candle-in-glass-white__0372838_PH124742_S4

GOTTGORA Lantern in light pink.rotera-lantern-for-tealight-white__0124202_PE280408_S4ROTERA, lantern for tealight.

3. Wrap up in Style

Hotels and Spas always use thick and comfy towels, now that’s the way to conclude your Home Spa experience!




I hope you’re inspired and will thoroughly enjoy your own Home Spa! All items and photos credits to IKEA Singapore.
It’s been my pleasure working with IKEA Singapore for the last 4 months and featuring their wonderful products and collections on my blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about them!