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Chacott & Freed of London’s Singapore Launch @ Mandarin Gallery

When I was young, I dreamed of being a ballerina.

Perhaps it’s because of the graceful movements
or perhaps it’s because of the pretty tutus and lovely ballet flats that ballerinas donned~

Thus when I received this lovely invite, I looked forward to check out the new store opening…

Chacott Mandarin Gallery 7pm Event

There’s just something quite captivating and mesmerizing about ballerina’s tutu’s, fair stockings and flats right?

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 12

For the uninitiated, Chacott and Freed of London are two of the most esteemed labels in the ballet world. Both labels have a rich history of producing some of the best handcrafted pointe shoes adorned by the top ballet dancers around the globe, making the two labels the go-to brands for professional ballet dancers.

Well of course, having no experience in ballet, I’m no expert and can’t tell if this is indeed a fact. So I researched a bit online and I found an about article titled “9 Popular Brands and Styles of Pointe Shoes” by dancer Treva Bedinghaus, whom I’ll quote here:

Freed of London

Founded in London, England in 1929 by shoe maker Frederick Freed, Freed of London supplies pointe shoes to many of the leading ballet companies throughout the world. The company is one of few that boasts handmade pointe shoes, but they don’t last very long. There are six varieties of Freed Pointe shoes, but its “Classics” are the most popular and most easily recognized.


Chacott is a subsidiary branch of Freed of London. Chacott pointe shoes are known for a short break-in period, an important feature to many dancers.

Now let’s check out the store!

The entrance of the store was graced by these lovely ballerina dresses:
Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 1

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 5 Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 2
Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 4

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 3

The amount of details that goes into each dress is impeccable, and it’s what makes each dress so beautiful, precious and desired.

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 7

Do you fancy some cute ballet shoe key rings? 😉

Chacott also has a professional make up range, very aptly branded as Chacott for Professionals.

Chacott for Professionals makeup range is of assured quality, being made in Japan. The products are formulated for professional use and are resistant to sweat and liquids. It also has these key features:

– Suited for High definition TV
– UV protective effect (Non-chemical SPF/PA)
– Uses mainly vegetable extract, natural colorant – Gentle to the skin and safe for children
– Fragrance-free, Colour-free & Mineral oil-free

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 6
Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 8

Chacott for Professionals’ particularly famous for their loose powders, which is also featured on Nylon’s beauty hit list 2014 reader’s choice.

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 11

Their colours range also features 25 unique shades of colour variation from its bold regular shades to its pearly Winking Series and vivid Varie-lining series, suitable for use as eyeshadow, blush, highlight, contour and more, each shade retails at SGD$22.

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 9There are additionally 14 lip colours and 1 lip gloss, retailing at SCG$18 each. The colour range comes in singular palettes and can be fit into customized palettes created by Chacott. Chacott For Professionals Colours are intensely pigmented and they finish matte with a bright and vivid tone.Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 10

These are the customized 3 hole eyeshadow palettes and 4 for lip colours. The middle palette is customized by makeup artist Sarah Chaundry, titled ‘Arabian Nights’ with “gold blue and black to create a smokey look. Something different, from the usual combinations”.

On the right you’ll spot a lip palette customized by make up artist and also a fellow blogger friend Joanna Koh, titled ‘The Essential’. She says, “A lip palette with three basic, universally flattering shades. A glamourous red, a neutral and wearable blush pink, and an intense purple. You can wear them individually, blot them down for a sheer look or mix two to three shades together to get a whole new colour tone. Top it off with clear gloss for a beautiful sheen.”

Additionally, the store offers a range of dancing shoes and gymnastic and yoga apparels. Do check them out!

Visit the store at Mandarin Gallery #03-21A, 333A Orchard Road.

Also check out and follow them on Facebook here for interesting dance related updates and promotions!
Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 13

A picture with lovely ladies, Ashley & Samantha of Samantha-Ashley.com, my friend Yan Ling, Shn and Jerlene of Musicalhouses!Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 14Follow me on instagram @ena_teo for my updates on the go. 😉

Chacott for Professional Star Lash Beauty Direct Enabalista

Thanks Camy of BeautyDirect for the invite & lovely goodies. :*

Thank you for reading~ <3