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Everyone lives for an affirmation of some sort. As a new born baby, we whined and cried to gain the affection of our mothers and we grew to seek the affirmation of our parents. We learn to walk and talk in the applause and cheers of our first cheerleaders in life; our parents and family.

As we grow older, some of us begin to seek the affirmation of our teachers in school. Through the “well done” compliments and “You’re a Star!” stamps and stickers, we reveled and collected these symbols and proudly showed them off to whoever would be keen to see.

Some of us sought and perhaps still seek affirmation from our peers – maybe from the prettiest girl or most handsome boy in class. Or the coolest kid with the latest converse shoe model and/or the world’s first coloured screen Nokia phone(those were the days). Or even perhaps the kid who plays the violin on stage during every major event in school or the head prefect that pulls the flag up very morning assembly. Well, now perhaps it’s seeking affirmation from the friend with the most number of Instagram followers, the dude with the coolest party tickets or the girl with the most branded bags (such is life).

Then we progress to the work place and we’re often forced by circumstances whether good or bad, to seek affirmation from our bosses, managers, superiors. So that we can have that bonus, promotion or pay increment.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur or business owner and you don’t have a boss above you. Then you’ll be seeking affirmation from your clients, buyers or customers.

Maybe you’re in love. And you seek affirmation from your partner. To hear that you’re pretty, beautiful, gorgeous are the sweetest words to your ear. Or perhaps to have cooked a meal and to know your partner found it delicious is the biggest reward in life.

Or maybe you’re a believer. And your life is about seeking affirmation from God. To know your life’s true calling, purpose and meaning is to be able to do the will of God.

What I want to say is, all of us seeks affirmation in life.

What happens when we do not gain the affirmation we seek? That’s sometime I would like to consider personally.

I believe that humans are like sunflowers and the affirmation we seek is like the sunlight.

When we don’t get the affirmation we need, in order to grow. We turn away to that which gives us the affirmation we seek.

When young girls don’t get the affirmation they seek from their parents and family, they turn to friends and lover(s) who will affirm their beauty and existence in life.

Whereas for the young boys, they will clique with other older boys whether through gang related activities, clubbing or sports.

The thing is, unlike the sunflower who’s rooted to the soil/pot and only response is to tilt towards the sunlight, we as humans have far more choices. The various affirmations one can seek in life are not limited to the ones I listed above.

Therefore, you can decide whose affirmation you seek in life.

So, whose affirmation do you seek in life?

Thank you for reading <3