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Noteworthy Christmas Advertorials & Apps 2012


I do hope you are having fun this Christmas!

Over this month, I’ve had some fun reading, watching, playing and engaging with some commercial Christmas advertorials and apps with I thought I’d share with you! This is not a sponsored post, and I’m reviewing/sharing these as a consumer/user because I found them to be interesting! 🙂

1. Cartier Winter Tale Advertisement Video & Gifs

I was first captivated by their super high quality gifs but unfortunately don’t seem to show on my blog. ):



But I also thought their video very brilliant, who knew showcasing products as life-sized items in a snowy landscape as leopard cubs traverse could be so… heart warming?

2. Kit Kat CrazyPrezzies FB App

It’s really irreverent, hilarious and as the title suggest, crazy. It’s an app with an image of a ball/gum dispenser atop a dead Santa with super hilarious result when you dispense, to send to your FB friends:


This was for my aunt. Hehe.


This was for my sister. You start to see their lame jokes? 😛
Find/tag a friend to go along with you on the fairy tale journey and end with an album! It’s cute but I was expecting cartoon images and not text heavy images, pity!
424884_10151210158369121_905524748_n Christmas FB App Robinsons
The End
Till the next post!

Adv | Vote for your favourite Visumé organized by PreVView!


Some time back, I wrote a post about PreVView, Asia’s First Interactive Video Job Portal and how they are holding a competition titled Visumé Wars, here.

The competitors have uploaded their Visumé, so now its the time to vote! Check them out at http://www.prevview.com/visumewars/index.php/user and vote for your favourite Visumé!

I have voted for Ting Xuan Tan, because I think he has the most creative and engaging Visumé!

Have fun checking out and voting for the Visumés! 😉