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Back to 1965 Movie with KDK

Tho late in coming, today I’d like to share about a movie I’d watch with Fion, at the invite of KDK! 1965 is a movie about Singapore during her pre-independence days and the struggles and racial riots the people went through. It was a heart warming movie to know how the different races came together to help each other and it was also a timely reminder of how far Singapore’s come as a country, nation and as a group of people since those dark days – and we should never take our peace and harmony for granted. The movie starred local celebrities Joanne Peh, Qi Yi Wu (though they are a couple in real life, they were not acting as a couple on screen, haha) and veteran actor Lim Kay Tong as Lee Kuan Yew. Having watched Jack Neo’s Long Long Time Ago during this year’s Chinese New Year, 1965 is a much heavier movie in terms of political coverage and emotional scenes – if history’s your kind of thing, you’d love this – though I did feel the movie was a little slow and boring, without the local celebrities star power, the movie would not have had such an appeal. I’m not sure where you can catch the film now since it’s no longer screening, but you can watch a clip of it here on Toggle (my first time actually visiting Toggle site, hahaha).

1503_1965-Teaser-Poster4-428x600KDK 1965 Movie Goodie Bag_0001 KDK 1965 Movie Goodie Bag_0002

Thank you KDK for the movie tickets and cute goodie bag gifts!