Soothe your muscles & firm skin with MTG ReFa Body

Hi Loves!

I don’t know about you, but my calves and shoulders are the two muscles/areas that ache the most after a long day of work and attending events. And I’m sincerely glad to have my MTG ReFa Body massage roller to knead and soothe my tired and aching calves and shoulders! I feel that it helps reduce water retention in my calves, relaxes and soothes my muscles. Most of the times I apply slimming cream and / or body lotion to my skin before I massage it using MTG ReFa. Scroll down below for more information and how I use the MTG ReFa Body massage roller as well as for a massive discount code at the end! 😉

MTG ReFa Body Massage Roller Ena Teo Blogger Review_0000 MTG ReFa Body Massage Roller Ena Teo Blogger Review_0001Loving the chic and minimalistic packaging that the ReFa Body massage roller comes in!

MTG ReFa Body Massage Roller Ena Teo Blogger Review_0002You’ll find the MTG ReFa Body massager roller and a soft cloth to clean after each use.
MTG ReFa Body Massage Roller Ena Teo Blogger Review_0003This is the default position for the MTG ReFa Body Massage.

MTG ReFa Body Massage Roller Ena Teo Blogger Review_0004This is another position that you can adjust for the MTG ReFa Body Massage, so you can cover a larger body part, such as thighs or tummy!

More about ReFa massagers:

Over five million units of beauty devices from the ‘ReFa’ series have been sold to date. ReFa Beauty Roller uses micro current technology which is known to be an effective non-surgical method to restore youthful appearance. ReFa Beauty Roller borrow the body’s natural current to stimulate the lymphatic system, promote skin regeneration and provide a number of cosmetic benefits including skin firming and facial lifting. ReFa devices are coated in platinum, a material durable against acid and sweat which eliminates the risk of metallic allergies on your skin.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Skin care:
For a clearer complexion and to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in facial tissue, as well as to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Old scar tissue:
can be reduced while the appearance of new scars can be minimized

the body will benefit from lymphatic drainage to reduce the sluggishness brought on by too many starchy, high fat foods and too little exercise

Water Retention:
There is often fluid retention in pregnant women and lymphatic drainage can improve comfort especially in legs and feet

Reduce swelling:
After long periods of immobility such as air travel or lessen mobility, fluid tends to stagnate in the tissue making it puffy and tender.

one of the most relaxing way to relieve stress and it enhance the cleansing and rejuvenating effect

Benefits of Micro Current:
Reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and any scars on legs and buttocks.

It tightens and tones the stomach and love handles. It trims down the waist lines especially in post pregnancy cases.

 It reduces the fat in flabby arms, toning and tightening the loose and sagging skin.

It lifts slack areas of the skin, tones muscles, hydrates and improves overall appearance of the skin.

It aids in natural lifting of breasts.
It is used by the sport person as part of their fitness regimen.

It provides relaxation, relief, and rejuvenation to your body

Here’s a video to show you how to use the MTG ReFa Body to massage & firm the various parts of your body and skin:

If it’s not convenient for you to load the video, check out these easy pictorial demonstrations taken form MTG SG’s website here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.19.30 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.19.37 AM

My favourite uses are referred to in the first and last photos! 😀

MTG ReFa Body Massage Roller Ena Teo Blogger Review_0005Some of the creams and lotions I recommend to be used with the MTG Refa Body massage roller:

1. Meditrina’s Ageless Herbal Cream which is particularly good for the stomach and bust area for softening and firming the skin.

2. Mary Cohr Paris Pure Slimmer Quick Action body gel cream that Valerie from Nouri Body Spa highly recommends for effective slimming effect. She recommends me to apply this to my tummy before I exercise and it will double the burning action.

3. Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy Cream which has a very nice and light botanical scent and hyaluronic acid which will help not only to reduce stretch marks but also keep the skin supple.

4. Marie France Bodyline’s BodyTech Activ-PPC Cream, which touts itself to be a highly effective cream that aids in the reduction of fat and cellulite. Take from their official release:
If you have been exercising and watching your diet diligently but are still unable to lose the final stubborn few inches, then this miracle cream might just be the solution for you. Fuss free and effective, the BodyTech Activ-PPC Cream contains phosphatidylcholine (also known as PPC), which has been shown to play a vital role in fat metabolism and the breaking down of fat deposits. Other than reducing fat deposits, the BodyTech Activ-PPC Cream also maintains the skin quality by increasing moisture and elasticity.

download(Forgot to include the gel I use into the photo above)

5. Expression Wellness’s Gold Fitness Cryo Thermo Slimming Gel which I’ve used on a few occasions on my calves and I like how it leave my skin moisturized, smooth and I really like how well it pairs with my MTG ReFa Body Massage Roller experience.

The MTG ReFa Body retails online here for $399,
but use my code ” ReFa100Ena” for $100 off! 

In addition to the ReFa Body, you might also want to consider these!

MTG ReFa Body Massage Roller Ena Teo Blogger Review_0007

MTG ReFa Carat, MTG ReFa S Carat & MTG ReFa Body.

MTG ReFa Body Massage Roller Ena Teo Blogger Review_0008MTG ReFa Carat is a smaller version compared to the ReFa Body and is catered for the face, head and the more delicate and smaller parts of the body.

Roll your way to beautifully conditioned skin

ReFa CARAT is inspired by the kneading techniques of professional aestheticians. The double spherical drainage rollers imitates the motions of manual lymphatic drainage by firmly pulling up and gently releasing the skin to make it firmer.

Use on the face and entire body in the bath or after bathing, when the skin is most relaxed.

MTG ReFa Body Massage Roller Ena Teo Blogger Review_0009

MTG ReFa S Carat is the smaller version of the ReFa Carat and helps to massage the parts where the latter cannot, such as the nose, eyes and mouth area.


ReFa S CARAT is inspired by the kneading techniques of professional estheticians. It is sleek, portable and can be used on specific eye and face areas.

The double spherical drainage rollers imitates the motions of manual lymphatic drainage by gently lifting and firming the eyes and mouth areas with soft-touch pinpoint kneading.

In case you’re scrolling through to the end just for the discount code, it’s ” ReFa100Ena” for $100 off.
Simply add product to cart, enter the code into “Vouchers” and you will see the $100 discount at check out. 😉

Thank you MTG Singapore and Colleene for the MTG Refa Body for review!

Cheers to beautiful & firmer skin!



Weekend Getaway to Genting Highlands!

Hi Loves!

I’m back again! 😀

Yesterday I posted about my review of Aaron Crow’s Fearless Magic show, the highlight of my recent weekend trip to Genting Highlands. Today I’ll be posting about the rest of the trip and cover everything else we did! It’s gonna be super image heavy! 😛Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0000Traveling with my sis for this trip! On the coach~
Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0001My cute personalized passport cover thanks to Tiffy!

We reached the hotel early in the morning around 5am, caught some sleep before we headed out around 10+am~

Checked out Terminal 2 cafe just at the lobby of  XYZ wing.

Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0005

Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0004They had nice bread, but servings were huge. We didn’t want to be too full as we were expecting a buffet lunch at Coffee Terrace~

Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0002Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0003 So I snapped a few photos and we headed to check out other food places.

Like 1 Meter Teh!
Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0006

The porridge smelled amazing, so we decided to get a bowl to share…Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0007Teh & Chicken Porridge. Honestly the porridge was so-so, it was the fried onion that made it smell heavenly and taste good! 

Then it was time for buffet lunch!!!

Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0008Once again, our SOP – array of cuisine on our table! 😀

Close ups of the delicious food… Once again, the buffet did not disappoint, both in quality and quantity. 😛

Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0009 Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0010 Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0011 Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0012 Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0013A photo with the bloggers and plus ones, and our blogger host from RWG, Eric. 🙂

This time round, I explored the Coffee Terrace place with Chiu Yen and sis and found this sightseeing spot:

Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0014 Enabalista Media Review Resorts World Genting March 2016_0015You can pay to view further… but I didn’t la. Haha.

Then I was trying to practise selfies/wefies on my new Canon G7 camera…

Enabalista Resorts World Genting Review_0000Apparently my sis is a pro at it! 😛
Enabalista Resorts World Genting Review_0001Here’s one of me after a few takes. But as you can see, I can’t seem to take on with one hand only… I need more practice. Haha.

Next we headed to Snow World!!! I know I sound super excited now, when I was initially not. But I unexpectedly had a lot of fun for what was supposed to be for kids/children, hahaha. All you need to have fun, is to have a child’s heart! 😛
Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0000 Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0001We went just shortly after Easter, so it was Easter themed! 

Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0002The Dress Up Corner where we changed into our jackets and shoes.

Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0003Here’s one with the group before going in! The plan was to take 5-10 min before it was open to public, to snap some photos before we can have fun after! Photos and cameras are not allowed (except for media) inside Snow World as they have professional photographers inside and will charge you for photos, should you want.
Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0004Super cute Easter eggs and sweets decor~
Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0005They have ice sculptures too.

Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0013Another group we-fie, inside!
Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0006Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0007With sis outside the Igloo house! Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0009

After this we couldn’t snap photos when the Snow World opened to public and we kept our cameras away, but I did get to seat the slide which is only for people before 65kg, and we also played with the red sledges and it was a lot of fun! It’s those kiddy level kind of intensity which is just perfect for me because I don’t like scary rides, hahaha.Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0010Group we-fie outside Snow World~

Snow World Resorts World Genting Review March 2016_0011And another!

After Snow World, we went to catch the Fearless Magic Show, which I’ve already covered in the previous post. After the show, we had dinner at Bubbles & Bites!

The name Bubbles & Bites originates from the fact that the restaurant serves simple western food with an exquisite list of drinks―including sparkling wines imported from such countries as Italy, Spain and France. Hence the word“Bubbles.”  True to its name, Bubbles & Bites makes the perfect chillout place for effervescent young people, families and all others who believe great food and good ambience go hand in hand.

Let’s check out the place!

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0000 Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0001I like how it has an open concept, it’s like dining in a European cafe along the streets except it’s indoors, haha.

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0002Here’s the view from the stairs to the mezzanine level for VIP seating.

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0003A lovely feature wall, with presumably names of Italian dishes.

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0004Our VIP and private spot at Bubbles & Bites!

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0005We-fie with dinner group~

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0006The menu, sorry it’s a little dark, basically you have choices from Pizzas, Pasta and Meat.
Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0007Aglio Olio.
Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0008Refreshing Blackcurrent with apple base juice.
Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0009The dancers from Fearless show were having dinner, salad! That’s how they stay so slim…

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0010Chicken wings!

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0011With Salad. My favourite rocket leaves. 

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0012Slow braised lamb shank.

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0013My favourite dish, Chicken Schnitzel, it’s crispy on the outside and tender inside. Love!

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0014Spaghetti Bolognese.Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0015Carbonara Pizza.Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0016Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0017Lam Lee Burger, tastes like a restaurant version of Ramly burger.Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0018Ethiopian Chicken, as its name goes, it tastes like curry chicken from Africa. One of the recommended / popular dishes.

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0019

Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0020Oblong Margherita Pizza.Bubbles & Bites @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0021Kampung Chicken.Bubbles & BItes Enabalista Resorts World Genting Review 1_0000Old Angus Beef T-Bone Steak.Bubbles & BItes Enabalista Resorts World Genting Review 1_0001Old Angus Beef T-Bone Steak. This was pretty good! Overall the food at Bubbles & Bites were of great value with prices from RM29 for Ethiopian Chicken to RM75 for the Old Angus Beef Steak. I highly recommend the Grilled Salmon Tagliatelle & Cremosa Pesto (RM33) & Chicken Schnitzel (RM29).

Enabalista Genting Highlands Blog Review March 2016_0000

After dinner, Eric arranged for us to feast on Gelatos! The server reallyyy packed in a ton of Gelatos for us in this bowl. We went with Hazenut, Mango, Chocolate and Blood Orange flavors.

After desserts, we had free and easy time… My sis and went walking around the Plaza Square, there was a Japanese fair going on… It was inspired by the hanami/pink blossoms season.Enabalista Genting Highlands Blog Review March 2016_0001 Enabalista Genting Highlands Blog Review March 2016_0002 Enabalista Genting Highlands Blog Review March 2016_0004

After some shopping, we joined William, Leong, Gerald, Lenice and Jocelyn at K Studio for some Karaoke!

It’s located at level 4, above Nike Factory Store:Enabalista Studio K Genting Highlands Review_0004 Enabalista Studio K Genting Highlands Review_0003 Enabalista Studio K Genting Highlands Review_0002 Enabalista Studio K Genting Highlands Review_0001Oops, I didn’t snap a pic of the room / hour rates HAHA. I thought this was it. T_T I think it’s about RM80 per hour.


We all had a lot of fun singing both chinese and english songs, I did wish the walls weren’t so thin / better cushioned as we could totally hear what the next room was singing! LOL.

After the K-session, sis and I headed back to our room to rest! It was 3am by the time we prepped for bed and slept.

The next morning we checked out some of the art at the lobby and I took shots for my OOTDS before we headed for breakfast at Food Factory! 🙂

Enabalista Genting Highlands Blog Review March 2016_0005 Enabalista Genting Highlands Blog Review March 2016_0007 Enabalista Genting Highlands Blog Review March 2016_0006

Striped Top / Dress from Motel Rocks, Revolve. Skirt from Stradivarius, Bag and Shoes from Steve Madden.

Enabalista Genting Highlands Blog Review March 2016_0008

Enabalista Genting Highlands Blog Review March 2016_0009

Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0021

My sis looking all fine and grand with her Starbucks coffee fix! HAHA.

The Food Factory is a brand new dining concept located at 3rd Floor First World Plaza. It is a 23,568 sq ft opened kitchen concept restaurant that can accommodate 1300 diners. The restaurant serves a delightful range of breakfast offering from 4 different counters ie: West Asian, East Asian, Western and pastry from 6.00am to 11.00am daily at only RM 29.00 nett (adult) and RM 14.50 nett (child).

Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0020 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0019 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0018

Fascinating pancake making machine!

The chef says the machines make it possible to serve up to 2,000 people at one time. The pancake machine, for instance, can make up to 200 pieces of pancakes in approximately 30 minutes. Using the machine saves time and energy. More interesting fun facts: Making pancakes for 2,000 people requires 7.2 kg of flour, 13 eggs and 7.2 liter of milk!

Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0017 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0016 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0015 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0014 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0013

Among other choices offered are varieties of freshly Baked Breads and Local Buns, Danishes, Pancakes, Cereals, Nasi Lemak, Idli, Dhokla, Putu Mayam, Pita Bread, Paratha, Congee and Condiments, assorted pau, Juice, Coffee & Tea. Pizza lovers will also enjoy freshly baked pizza from our large pizza conveyor such as Pizza with Tomato Sauce and Cheese and Vegetarian Pizza with Mushroom.

Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0011

Our picks for breakfast!Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0012 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0000 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0010

Lots of freshly baked bread!!! <3

Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0009 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0007 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0008 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0006 Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0004

Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0003

At East Asian Counter, you may find favourite local delicacies such as Fish Ball Noodle Soup or Curry Noodle Soup, Fried Carrot with XO Sauce, Grilled or Deep-fried Yam Roll, Deep-fried Cheese Roll or Chee Cheong Fun, Fried Loh See Fun or Fried Yee Mee, Chinese Soup and Dim Sum too.

At West Asian Counter, wide varieties of local cuisines such as assorted Malay and Nyonya Kuih, Nasi Lemak with condiments, Potatoes Samosa, Vegetables Pakoras, Tandoori Chicken, Fish Head Curry, Ayam Masak Merah, Chicken and Lamb Skewer to Roti Jala or Grill Seafood.

For light snackers, you may also want to enjoy some finger food such as Margherita Pizza, Chicken Ham Pizza, Toasted Bread with Kaya and Butter or even Fried Banana or Sweet Potatoes.

Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0005Leong looking so happy with his food! 🙂Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0002My sis took prata for our round 2! By now I was really full already. 😛
Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting Enabalista Media Review_0001 With the group after a hearty and full breakfast!2016-04-03 12.03.35-2

Last shot with our hosts Eric and Jia Yi before we get back on the road home~

Do check out my previous trip post here if you haven’t, I’d love to go back and visit the scenic temple surroundings, they do have the best view in Genting after all!

Thank you Resorts World Genting once again for the kind generosity in hosting and preparing such a fun trip for us! ^^



Aaron Crow Fearless Magic Show @ Resorts World Genting

Hi Loves!

A few weeks back, Resorts World Genting hosted a group of bloggers and I for a trip and we caught Aaron Crow’s Fearless show!

Before revealing media exclusive photos of the show, here’s my OOTD at Resorts World Genting’s new wing XYZ tower lobby area:
Ena Teo Enabalista Resorts World Genting Media Review_0000 Ena Teo Enabalista Resorts World Genting Media Review_0001

Wearing my trusty Timberland boots and new really cute mini bagpack bag from Steve Madden… Also, Khaki top and grey sweater were items I got from F21 Men, on sale! 😉Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0000With my sister and fellow bloggers and plus ones. Also, uncle in front row photobombing – hello there! 😛

I WAS SO NERVOUS at the beginning because Eric said that I will get selected to go up onstage since I was seating right next to the aisle! T_T

And the show begins!

Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0001

Aaron Crow’s cast enters first… 3 sexy women, acrobats and dancers and a mad scientist looking guy.
Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0003Aaron Crow enters with a sword performance!

Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0004

Next, we have audience participation…. our host Eric and team were called up, spontaneously!!!Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0005

They are positioned on stage by Crow…Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0006

Crow begins to cover his eyes with hot wax (HOW HE DOES THAT WITHOUT GETTING BURN AMAZES ME) and layers of cloth.Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0008And aluminium foil.

Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0009And sealed shut.

And I don’t have photos for what came next – but he basically cut the paper bag / wooden plank and pineapple that the staff were holding on stage, WITH HIS EYES SHUT!!! WHAT SORCERY IS THAT?! @_@2016-04-03 12.46.21A great shot of Crow and the wonderful and gutsy RWG staff! (Photo grab, can’t remember if this is taken by me, if it isn’t, I think this is by Eileen @eatdreamlove or Gerald @geraldpng, thanks!)

Next up we have our very own representative from Singapore… KW Leong!!!

Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0011 Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0012 Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0013

Basically Crow had him knocking down randomly placed paperbags which are all but empty except for one with a knife…. and the second last one he had him crush with his bare hands… *sweats* OF COURSE IT WAS EMPTY. The last one was the one with the knife!Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0015We watched a beautiful Cirque Du Soleil-like performance by one of the dancers/cast. Her performance is like a dream, beautiful!

Then I noticed someone familiar was seating down infront… WHO IS IT? 

Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0016


Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0018


He stood up and had the photo-bombing uncle, Eileen and husband join him in the next act!

Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0019

They are holding long needles.
Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0020

Eileen feeding Crow the long needles – yes it is as weird as it sounds.Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0021

And then he spat them out with the thread looped through the needles…. like WHAT?Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0022

The first needle. Just look at photobombing uncle’s reaction!Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0023Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0024

And they’re out! Also, can we take a moment and admire the beauty that is Aaron Crow? SO HANDSOME.

Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0025 Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0026

Another performance, beautiful poses… So Lara Croft-esque!

And we have another segment with another SG representative! 😛Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0027 Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0028 Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0029

She had to feel Crow’s heartbeat and tap the bamboo accordingly…. and basically Crow’s heartbeat came to a stop… T_T

Next, Crow invited her “BF”, William on stage! 😛
Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0031 Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0032

She had to remove her ring and put it in the apple…Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0034

Crow shot the arrow and it spilt the apple apart, no injury onset!Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0037 Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0038

Crow had William on his knees… HAHAHA. SO FUNNY. >,<
Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0039

Thank you Crow and cast for the super engaging, nerve wrecking and amazing show!Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0040  With Aaron Crow, Fearless Cast & bloggers~Aaron Crow Fearless Resorts World Genting Media Review_0041

One with the man of the show! 🙂

Tickets for “Fearless! Cheating Death Nightly” (Genting International Showroom from 18 March to 15 May, 8pm and 4pm) are priced at RM78 (PS2), RM98 (PS1) and RM118 (VIP).

For more information, visit or call 03-2718 1118

Thank you Resorts World Genting for having me!

Look out for my next blog post for more happenings at Resorts World Genting during our trip! 😉



Sweeten Up with Etudehouse Berry Delicious Collection

Hi Loves!

Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve posted something beauty related, isn’t it? I’m currently on a mission to clear my 100+ backlog blog post , as I’ve mentioned on my personal FB page. I don’t know exactly how I’ll do it, except it’s gonna be a lot of sleepless late nights with music blasting from my laptop and a lot of blogging in between property appointments from home or office. 😉

Introductions aside, I’m really excited to share about Etudehouse’s latest Berry Delicious & BIG foundation spring summer makeup and beauty collection! First of all, Etudehouse’s Berry Delicious collection comes in this amazingly adorable berry themed packaging, which honestly, which girl can resist? Secondly, they come in the sweetest, trendy colours that are totally on point for this season – pinks, oranges, dark reds and even a unique green lipstick colour that turns pink on your lips! How’s that for special?


Also, have I mentioned before that Etudehouse makes the best formulation and hues that’s just perfect for asian skins at an affordable price point? I’ve always been a huge fan of Etudehouse makeup for their cute concept, impressive formulations (lipsticks! eyebrow pencils! cc cushions!), trendy collaborations such as with PONY makeup and K-celebs and thus I have raved and recommended their makeup to a lot of my friends and readers. This collection is no different, though it probably doesn’t need much promotion – if it is not already sold out by now! XD

ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0001Check out my two picks from the Berry Delicious Colour in Liquid Lips Juicy ($17.90 each) RD306 red wine colour and OR207 – a fresh orange colour perfect for summer, I tell you!

Berry Delicious Colour in Liquid Lips Juicy swatches:berry-delicious-color-of-liquid-lips


Check out these swatches for Berry Delicious Strawberry Souffle Nails ($5.90 each):


Don’t ask me which is my favourite because all of them are so wearable for summer! I told you the colours are on point for this season right?  If I have to pick only 5, I’d go for pinks #1, #2, #4,  wine #8, & orange coral #9. 🙂

ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0003Some of the makeup on the table for us to check out~!

We were invited for the media launch of Berry Delicious collection at Karafuru desserts shop, which I totally recommend for you to check out for super cute and pretty authentic (looks and taste wise) Japanese desserts! ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0007And an even cuter display on carpet grass!
ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0006Decked out like they’re served with breakfast…. Berry Delicious Cream Blusher swatches:

ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0005YES the bread – Berry Delicious Bread Shower Sponger – is actually for sale at $5.90, girls. \(>U<)/
ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0004I’ve noticed that Etudehouse’s nail polishes come in smaller sizes, so you don’t face a situation of wastage when they dry up after a year, and you get a satisfaction of finishing them up. 😉
ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0009Trendiest strawberry buffet  in Korea comes to Singapore!
ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0008Super cute Lip scrub and Lip treatment! ($11.90 each)

ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0010 Legitimately good Japanese desserts and matcha latte! LOVE! <3ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0011Super cute cat calender! <3


(Berry Delicious) Color of Liquid Lips, 10 new colors; 3.5g, SGD$17.90.

(Berry Delicious) Cream Blusher, 3 colors; 6g, SGD$15.90

(Berry Delicious) Fantastic Color Eyes, 2 variants; 0.7x6g, SGD$19.90.

(Berry Delicious) Strawberry Souffle Nail, 10 colors; 8ml, SGD$5.90.

(Berry Delicious) Strawberry Body Soft Milk; 200ml, SGD$17.

(Berry Delicious) Strawberry Body Scrub Wash; 200ml, SGD$17.

(Berry Delicious) Bread Shower Sponge; SGD$5.90.

(Berry Delicious) Strawberry Jam Lip Jam Scrub; 15g, SGD$11.90.

(Berry Delicious) Strawberry Jam Lip Jam Treatment; 15g, SGD$11.90.


(Berry Delicious) Fantastic Color Eyes, 2 variants swatches. I prefer the left, Strawberry Fondue and it’s my current go to eyeshadow palette!:

etude house berry delicious palette1 ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0015

Armed with its signature Big Cover technology, the solution contains two different sizes of cover powder – one 35nm in size and the other 10 to15nm in size – both much smaller than the usual 250nm cover powder found in regular concealers. The combination of two vastly smaller sizes of cover powder helps effectively provide coverage while minimizing caking and clumps thanks to the smaller sized particles. The BIG COVER concealer collection is available in four variations for your different needs – BIG COVER Concealer BB, BIG COVER Cushion Concealer, BIG COVER Tip Concealer and BIG COVER Concealer Kit.

I wish the BIG cover foundations came in cushions – I’m so used to them now, nonetheless the formulation gives stronger coverage, has a dewy effect and also lasts all day.  I personally love the Big Cover Tip Concealer,  I think it’s well designed with the q-tip design, I use it for my under eyes dark circle and I also think the Big Cover Cushion Concealers are a really nifty idea for concealing, colour correcting and highlighting with a soft cushion tip. I have yet to play and explore with the Play 101 sticks in Jumbo size! I will get some inspiration and share more over this Labour Day weekend on IG. 🙂

Big Cover Concealer BB SPF 50++/PA+++, SGD26.90 / 30g.

Big Cover Cushion Concealer SPF 30/PA++, SGD20.90 / 5ml.

Big Cover Tip Concealer,  SGD 11.90 / 10g.

Big Cover Concealer kit, SGD15.90 / 5g.


PLAY 101 STICK CONTOUR DUO,  SGD24 / 1.7g x 2.


With with Sydney for KodakIt App launch, I’m wearing Etudehouse Berry Collection makeup, Strawberry Fondue eyeshadow and lipstick in either PK15 or RD306 (sorry can’t remember exactly which!), blush in #2 – another of my current go-to blush!

ETUDE HOUSE Singapore boutiques are located at:

  1. Flagship Store at Wisma Atria #B1-20/21/22
  2. 313@Somerset #B2-30
  3. Bedok Mall #01-87/88
  4. Causeway Point #B1-K02
  5. Chinatown Point #01-12
  6. Clementi Mall #03-34
  7. JEM #02-44
  8. Junction 8 #01-48
  9. Jurong Point #01-57/58
  10. Lot One #01-19
  11. NEX #01-63
  12. Parkway Parade #01-23B
  1. Plaza Singapura #B1-26
  2. Tampines 1 #01-15
  3. Vivocity #B1-03
  4. Suntec City #02-601/601A

Thank you Etudehouse Singapore and Touch PR for the generous stash of products for review!

Happy Berry Delicious makeup shopping girls~ 😉



Rue Madame, All things French and Fabulous

This is a guest post contributed by Sabrina from Rue Madame, I trust that you will enjoy the post, while you gain insights on the French style boutique! 😉

I know that when I’m feeling for some Parisian inspiration, the one stop shop has to be Rue Madame. The French style boutique has an incredible selection of French fashion designers, European and US designers all showing their own individuality. A Parisian heaven in one super cute boutique! The store has an inviting presence with colorful pieces that I just want to go through every single piece. Just incase I find that extra special piece.

RM Store

What really caught my eye was the Figurine Doll Necklaces by Servane Gaxotte! I have never seen anything like them, they are so adorable and I am obsessed! It’s handmade and no doubt a cute statement piece that is stylishly chic and playful. I could wear it with anything, even with a nice plain white t shirt so that the doll pops out more.

servaneg servanegaxotte

Spring is a time where I can express my feminine side with fancy frills and floral fun.  I especially love the flirty off shoulder pieces they carry, and I know that it’s going to be a massive hit this Spring. Valerie Khalfon does an elegant collection of the off shoulder that is decorated with floral embroidery. So feminine and girly and perfect for Spring. 

The boutique has a true Parisian feel to it and offers something for everyone. All collections are one of a kind and handpicked by Rue Madame in order to stand out from the rest. Even better yet they have now officially launched their online shop I know I’ll be visiting more often now.

Thank you Sabrina and Rue Madame for making this guest post possible.

Rebuild damaged hair with Chez Vous’ Trilogy System: Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder

If you’ve been following my updates on social media, you’d know that I’ve gone through multiple hair colours in the last 2 years and most significantly in the last year when I’ve sported light brown with ash highlightspurple (which faded to a blend of blonde & purple hues, mad love) and grey hair colours. Whilst I did not regret the multiple hair colours as they were so much fun and made it easier for others to break the ice and approach me (“Wow, purple hair, so brave!” “Another hair colour?”), my hair was really dry and damaged especially after bleaching for five times to achieve a light grey hair colour. (And to think that I once dreamt of having Platinum blond hair, my hair would be fried!)

So when Chez Vous offered me to try out their latest Trilogy treatment: Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder, I accepted in a heartbeat – God knows my hair needed the hair treatment!

Best Hair TreatmentThanks to Chez Vous Trilogy System: Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder, my dry and damaged hair (left) was restored to a healthier and manageable state (right)! 

Just what exactly is Chez Vous’ Trilogy System? 
A simple, systematic and sustainable 3-phase approach to achieving beautiful, manageable and healthy-looking hair: Rebuild, Resculpt, Revitalize.

The three Trilogy hair services work synergistically as a complete beauty regimen for the hair, as well as separate, customised treatments for specific hair conditions and lifestyle needs.

And what does Chez Vous Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder entails?

Utilising three state-of-the-art ingredients (bond rebuilder elements, a potent mix of amino acids and anti-breakage actives) in combination with a highly- effective delivery system to penetrate these complexes deep into the hair, this treatment promotes genuine and permanent reconstruction at the cellular level.

The bond rebuilder elements repair broken bonds in the hair shaft that are prevalent in damaged hair so as to strengthen hair from deep within. The amino acids complex then seals the repaired protein bonds in the hair shaft for long- lasting resilience, giving it a distinct edge over other strengthening treatments in the market. Hair is stronger, more resilient and perfectly prepped for the Resculpting Supreme treatment to follow.

In a nutshell, it is basically a hair repair treatment filling dry and damaged hair with nutrients to repair and rebuild broken bonds and strengthen hair from within, so hair becomes stronger and healthier over time. 

Check out my hair transformation over the last few months:

Purple hair, this was after 4 times of bleaching to achieve a hair colour light enough for the purple to come through:Hair Repair Treatment Hair RepairPurple hair fades to blonde and purple hues – my favourite hair colour combination by far!:

Thereafter I had bleached my hair one more time to a grand total of 5 times to achieve a light grey hair colour, this was when my hair became really really dry and frizzy and it was very hard to maintain – I had to go through a strict regime of: Shampoo, conditioner, mask, hair moisturizer/essence at night and hair oil in the day just to tame the frizz and keep it manageable! Despite my damaged hair condition, I reallyyy loved the grey hair colour too!
Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0000

If I washed my hair in the day, this is how frizzy it would become, I had to wash at night, blow dry and sleep overnight to reduce the frizz (but I don’t always wash my hair at night, haha): Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0001Really hate and dislike mad frizzy hair! Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0009On mornings after I washed my bleached hair at night – more tame and manageable hair. 😀

This was when I started my journey on Chez Vous Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder, after a coat of dark brown:

Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0003 Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0004 Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0005 Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0006

After the second session in October 2015:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0007

After the 7th session that ended in November 2015:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0008

Even after a few months later in March 2016, my hair is tame and manageable just like before my crazy hair colours! I can now wash my hair in the day and it is NOT frizzy! Amazing, almost miraculous!

Without a doubt, I highly recommend Chez Vous Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder to anyone who is looking for a legit, effective and long term solution to dry and damaged hair. While it takes a few sessions to see results, each session is less than an hour long and it’s always a comfortable and relaxing experience each time. 

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Check out the super enlarged scans of my own hair after each Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder treatment:

After the 1st treatment, hair is visibly hollow and with spilt ends:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0010

After the 2nd treatment, hair is less hollow as the treatment is beginning to fill it up, but you can still see visible split ends:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0011

After the 3rd treatment, the gaps in the hair are gradually being filled up:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0012

After the 4th treatment, the gaps in the hair are gradually being filled up, so its less hollow now:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0013

After the 5th treatment, you can barely see any hollowness/gaps now.Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0014

After the 6th treatment, the results of the treatment are beginning to really show:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0015

After the 7th treatment, hair is now repaired and restored to a healthier state!Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0016

It took me quite a while to prepare this blog post detailing my experience with Chez Vous Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder treatment; as I had to compile photos and information to illustrate my hair’s journey from dry and damaged to its current rejuvenated and healthy state. I hope you find this post helpful, as much as I found it satisfying to share this wonderful treatment with you too!

If you’d like, you can watch my review on video too:

In my next Chez Vous related post, I’ll be sharing my review of the Express Revitalizing Supreme!

Prices: Starting from $155 per session of the Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder, $375 for a session of the Resculpting Supreme and $185 for a session of the Express Revitalizing Supreme. A complete series of the Trilogy System is recommended for optimum results.

Chez Vous is located at #05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium, Singapore 238872. Call 6732 9388 to book an appointment, or log on to for more information.

Follow Chez Vous on Facebook for breaking news, updates and hair-inspiration.

Thank you Chez Vous team, especially Eugene, Echo, Oscar, Shawn & Jessica for the multiple Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder treatment over the last few months! <3



Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2016 Happening Tomorrow

FSO_16-001_Opening NIght_E_Invite_1080wx548px_wSubaru_r3

Singapore’s longest outdoor fashion runway is happening once again tomorrow 26 March 2016 at Orchard Road. It will start at 6pm along Paragon Main Atrium and fashion show will start at 7.30pm before ending with a party. Be sure to catch the show along Orchard road tomorrow night and all the fashion event related promotions and activities for the months ahead! 😉 

Get ready for one of Singapore’s largest fashion festival in two weeks’ time, as Samsung Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2016 [FSO 2016] returns for a six-week extravaganza from 25 March – 8 May 2016.

Organised by Orchard Road Business Association [ORBA], FSO 2016 is presented by Samsung, the festival’s Official Technology Partner.

In conjunction with FSO 2016, Samsung is also launching its latest Samsung Galaxy S7 4G+ and S7 edge 4G+. Samsung Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2016 is supported by Singapore Tourism Board [STB], with MasterCard as the Official Card.

This year’s edition promises to wow visitors to Orchard Road with much to do, see and shop. A string of lifestyle activities from events, a signature runway show, fashion installations and exclusive MasterCard® shopping promotions have been planned for the annual festival, as Orchard Road’s famous shopping belt celebrates the Spring/Summer fashion season with local and international brands.


On March 26 – and for the first time, an entourage of more than a dozen personalities, influencers and artistes from Singapore and around the region will join the Orchard Fashion Runway. They include JJ Lin [Singapore]; VJ Daniel [Indonesia]; Min Chen [Malaysia]; Laureen Uy [Philippines]; Aisyah Aziz [Singapore], Sheila Sim [Singapore], Hayley Woo [Singapore], and more.

Adding to the style factor are eight labels to look out for – FOX Kids & Baby; MASH-UP; PHANTACi; Raffles Privato; RÊVASSEUR; Sean & Sheila; Thomas Wee; and UNIQLO Lifewear. PHANTACi, a label by Asian pop icon Jay Chou, makes its debut at the Orchard Fashion Runway while Raffles Privato, Thomas Wee and UNIQLO Lifewear participate for the first time.

The biggest outdoor fashion show, curated by Singapore’s fashion doyen Daniel Boey, is the curtain raiser for Samsung Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2016. Like the previous FSO editions, the stretch between Scotts Road and Bideford Road will be closed to vehicular traffic and transformed into Singapore’s longest fashion runway.


One of the highlights is Knit in the City [15 Apr – 8 May] at Wisma Atria, Atrium at Basement 1. Check out craftist Adeline Loo’s [above] quirky vision of a fantasy knitscape, featuring a fully knitted giant backdrop, headpiece and train complete with giant needles.

Visitors can also learn how to knit like a pro during the live knitting demonstrations held over three weekends.

The other noteworthy fringe highlight is the Samsung Fashion Visionaries, to be held at 313@somerset [22 Apr – 24 Apr] and Paragon, Main Atrium L1 [28 Apr – 8 May]. At Samsung Fashion Visionaries, consumers can enjoy an immersive experience with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 4G+, S7 edge 4G+ along with Samsung Gear VR and Samsung Gear 360, Consumers will be able to experience different ways of capturing memories in 360◦ with the Gear 360 which allows reliving them in vivid, immersive quality via the Gear VR.

Complete your visionary journey of style with the design showcase of Harvee Kok, featured in the Opening Segment of Samsung Steps Out @ Orchard 2016.
Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 6.11.45 PM



Car Review: Volvo V40 For The Sporty, Practical Individual

Volvo V40 Car Review_0000

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to test drive Volvo’s V40 T2 Sports Hatch for a weekend and here’s my review for the layman (sorry, no fancy car geek speak here), followed by excerpts from the official press release about the car’s key features and specifications! 😉

Volvo V40 Car Review_0007

The New Volvo V40 T2 exudes the aura of a compact car with large car capabilities. It is equipped with Volvo’s Drive-E powertrain – designed and built in Sweden – offering a world-class blend of
drivability and low CO2 emissions.  It’s hard to not fall in love with this beautiful car; it’s sporty yet practical exterior and interior design is a sight to behold.
Volvo V40 Car Review_0003
There a few features of the car that I love, one of them being the keyless access and ignition – something that’s not new to the car world, but definitely worthy of mention as it’s a feature usually found for bigger cars and not easily available in smaller, entry level cars. I also love the overall feel of the car on the road, thanks to a powerful yet quiet engine, a gear panel that’s ergonomically designed for smooth gear changes, luxurious full leather seats and a comfortable interior for both front and back seats despite it being a rather compact car.
Overall the Volvo 40 is definitely a car I’d recommend if you’re looking for a great, safe and reliable compact car. The only few things I can think of that it is lacking is an inbuilt GPS system (though it is available on a slightly higher-end variant) and lacking a reverse camera( granted it does have a reverse sensor). I would also prefer if it came with a higher, instead of lower body, which is available for Volvo V40 Cross Country.
Ena Teo Volvo V40 Car Review_0000
Ena Teo Volvo V40 Car Review_0004

The Volvo V40 that I test drove came in a beautiful striking red, a colour I never imagine I’d drive as I prefer monochrome colours like black and white. Admittedly, a few days with the car made me think that a little red car might not be a bad idea, as it looks kinda hot and cute.


Volvo V40 Car Review_0008


The New Volvo V40 T2’s wide shoulder line stretches back from the headlamp with a sharp line to echo the rising beltline. As it reaches the end of the rear door it sweeps up into an integrated “hook” – a trait inherited from the legendary Volvo P1800. This highlight continues rearward integrating flawlessly into the tail lights. The roof silhouette contributes to the impression of a car leaning forward – eager to take off. The car is finished with a dynamically-sculpted rear to further emphasise its width and muscular stance, with the lower area “blacked out” to achieve an athletic, low and wide look.
Designed Around People
The interior of the New Volvo V40 T2 is designed around people with a strong emphasis on ergonomics, comfort and an engaging driving experience.The wide instrument panel, together with the fluidity of the door design, creates a spacious feel where driver and passengers can bask in a relaxing atmosphere of true Scandinavian luxury.
All-New Petrol Drive-E Engine
The New Volvo V40 T2 is powered by an All-New 1.5L turbocharged petrol engine. It has 122 bhp and 220 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption is 5.5 L/100km with CO2 emissions at 129 g/km
City Safety – Active Up To 50 km/h
The New Volvo V40 T2 is equipped with the enhanced City Safety system. This system is active at speeds up to 50 km/h allowing the car to brake auto matically should the driver fail to react in time when the vehicle in front slows down or stops, or if the car is approaching a stationary vehicle too fast.
Pedestrian Airbag Technology – A World First
In order to alleviate the consequences if a collision with a pedestrian is unavoidable, the New Volvo V40 T2 can be fitted with Pedestrian Airbag Technology, a world first. When the sensors in the front bumper register the physical contact between the car and the pedestrian, the rear end of the bonnet is released and at the same time elevated by the deployment of the airbag, cushioning any blows to the head from the front windscreen.

Watch a video explanation here:

Cross Traffic Alert – Covering Your Back 
Cross Traffic Alert uses the radar sensors at the rear end of the car to alert the driver on crossing traffic from both sides when reversing out of a parking space. This is especially helpful in tight and crowded areas where the side view might be obstructed by infrastructure, vegetation or other parked cars.
Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection technology
New advanced software, including more rapid vision processing made it possible to extend Volvo Cars’ detection and Auto Brake technology to cover certain cyclist situations as well. 
Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake is equipped with an advanced sensor system that scans the area ahead. If a cyclist heading in the same direction as the car suddenly swerves
out in front of the car as it approaches from behind and collision is imminent, there is an instantwarning and full braking power is applied. The technology also detects if a pedestrian steps out into the road in front of the car. If the driverdoes not respond in time, will sound a warning and automatically activate the brakes. The V40 can also detect, alert and automatically brake if the car risks colliding with another vehicle in front.
Road Sign Information – An Extra “Eye” on the Traffic Environment
Road Sign Information supports the driver by displaying road signs in the instrument cluster. It can also be combined with the Speed Alert function, which provides the driver with a visual warning in the speedometer if the speed limit is exceeded.
Active High Beam – Relax While Driving in the Dark
Active High Beam technology helps the driver utilise high beam more efficiently. It offers automatic switching between high and low beam at the right moment, when an on-coming vehicle is detected.
Driver Alert Control – Detecting and Warning Tired Drivers
Driver Alert Control technology is designed to detect and warn tired and distracted drivers. Sensors register the car’s movements, while a control unit stores the information and calculates whether the
driver is at risk of losing control of the vehicle. 
Adaptive Cruise Control & Distance Alert – Keeping a Safe Distance
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) promotes comfortable driving by using radars to automatically maintain a set time-gap to the car in front. Queue Assist helps to maintain the set gap all the way till the car comes to a complete stop.
Volvo V40 Specifications
V40 T2 Spec Sheet V40 T2 Spec Sheet2

As of March, the price of the Volvo V40 is $145,000. ($182,000 previously published was for the Cross Country version)

Visit the Volvo Main Showroom
249 Alexandra Road S(159935)
Tel: 64731488
Fax: 64738232

“Refresher Course”  Tips 

Ena Teo Volvo V40 Car Review_0003
It’s been a while (a few years) since I last drove, so my dad had accompanied me to pick up the car on Friday before I had a “refresher course” on Saturday and finally driving it on the roads by myself on Sunday. I highly recommend going to Kallang Stadium area where there are a lot of empty car park lots to practise driving and parking! Also, driving over the weekends (while avoiding town area) is a lot easier as the roads are not as congested compared to week days.
Thank you Volvo Singapore and One9Ninety PR for the kind invitation and offer to test drive the Volvo V40 for the weekend! Visit the Volvo V40 microsite here and Volvo Singapore FB here.

Back to 1965 Movie with KDK

Tho late in coming, today I’d like to share about a movie I’d watch with Fion, at the invite of KDK! 1965 is a movie about Singapore during her pre-independence days and the struggles and racial riots the people went through. It was a heart warming movie to know how the different races came together to help each other and it was also a timely reminder of how far Singapore’s come as a country, nation and as a group of people since those dark days – and we should never take our peace and harmony for granted. The movie starred local celebrities Joanne Peh, Qi Yi Wu (though they are a couple in real life, they were not acting as a couple on screen, haha) and veteran actor Lim Kay Tong as Lee Kuan Yew. Having watched Jack Neo’s Long Long Time Ago during this year’s Chinese New Year, 1965 is a much heavier movie in terms of political coverage and emotional scenes – if history’s your kind of thing, you’d love this – though I did feel the movie was a little slow and boring, without the local celebrities star power, the movie would not have had such an appeal. I’m not sure where you can catch the film now since it’s no longer screening, but you can watch a clip of it here on Toggle (my first time actually visiting Toggle site, hahaha).

1503_1965-Teaser-Poster4-428x600KDK 1965 Movie Goodie Bag_0001 KDK 1965 Movie Goodie Bag_0002

Thank you KDK for the movie tickets and cute goodie bag gifts!



Fight Period Cramps with these 3 Tips

Let me share my two worst period cramp experiences – the first one was when I was in JC, I almost concussed while trying to crawl out of a toilet because I was in such severe cramps. I ultimately made it to the Art classroom and ended up sleeping for 1+ hours before my dad came to pick me up. The second bad experience was on the way for a facial session at Plaza Singapura and I ended up sleeping for 1+hours before needing a friendly female security guard to guide me to the taxi stand to get on a cab and lying down at the back until I made it home. I never want to relieve these nasty experiences ever, which leads me to my top 3 tips on how to fight period cramps:

1.Mentruheat Pack

IF I had Menstruheat pack with me then, these experiences probably won’t have happened! I can’t recommend these enough – during the 1st / 2nd day of my period when it’s the worst – I’m all bloated and cramps are the severest – I open one of these and I stick it under my shirt where the abdomen / pain is and then it just soothes the pain so much! The best part is the heat lasts for 12 hours straight!

If you’re wondering how heat helps relieve period cramp, check out this article extract:
Presenting his findings to the Physiological Society’s annual conference, Dr Brian King said: ‘The pain of colic, cystitis and menstrual period pain is caused by a temporary reduction in blood flow to organs, causing local tissue damage and activating pain receptors. ‘The heat doesn’t just provide comfort and have a placebo effect – it actually deactivates the pain at a molecular level in much the same way as pharmaceutical painkillers work.

menstruheat blogger review period life saviour _0000

You can find and purchase them online here, $9 for 4 pieces.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise can help relieve menstrual cramps in a few ways. It increases blood circulation, which helps cramps to go away. Menstrual cramps are also made worse by stress; exercise is a well-known, natural way to lower stress. Extract taken from this article.

3. Increase Complex Carbohydrates (Whole Grains)

When we have periods, our brains crave for sugar, by increasing the intake of complex carbohydrates such as whole grains will help counter fluctuating blood sugar levels, which in turn helps lessen cramps. Extract taken from here.

Here’s to a healthier, happier period cramps free life!

Thank you PSLOVE for sending these Menstruheat packs over for review!



Fitness and Fun for the Family with Snoopy & Friends!

I’m not sure about you, but since I’ve started working I realized that time for exercise really needs to be scheduled due to the hectic schedule of work. And I always look forward to my company Monday evening runs along Sports Hub at Stadium nearby our office because there are’s a regular group of colleagues that will always show up and its so scenic there! Running and breathing in fresh air just really lifts my spirits and energy for the week, as it helps with my blood circulation for better skin and the endorphines released during and after exercise makes me feel happy~

So if you’re looking for some fitness and fun times for the family, friends or colleagues, why not check out the 5km Snoopy themed fun run? 


Fast Facts:

Singapore Sports Hub, from 7am – 11 am

24th April 2016

Registration begins at 7am

Estimated turnout of 8-10k participants

Runner passes can be purchased at

Early bird sales ends 16 March 2016 (3 more days, act fast!)

Sales ends 22 March 2016

Check out the really cute merchandise /  running pack!

Screenshot-2016-01-26-09.02.42 Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.46.58 PM

Hurry and book your tickets at Early Bird Price $58! 😉

I have a pair of tickets up for grabs, all you need to do is to share this blog post on your FB page, email me the screenshot and you will have one chance of winning the tickets! Alternatively you can take part in the giveaway on my IG(@ena_teo) by tagging 3 friends who will be keen to go for the run! 🙂

Thank you Snoopy Run and DynamiteNinja PR for the heads up.



Origins Rose Mask Review: Get that glowing “no makeup” selfie

You might have seen my postings of Origins’ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay (aka Rose Mask) and Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb on a previous post when I brought them along for a staycation and on my IG, here’s an in-depth review of Origins’ Rose Mask and Renewal Serum!
2015-09-07 19.25.52Brought the Origins’ rose mask and renewal serum with me for the staycation so I could apply it with by bff!
Origins Rose Mask Review 1Close up of the duo
Origins Rose Mask Review 2How we look with Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay. Only a quick 10 minutes is all it takes! I love it!

Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay

Phase I: Purify & Deep Clean
Upon application, creamy Rose Clay deep cleans skin to absorb impurities and excess oils while drawing out dirt and build-up from pores. Sourced from Spain, Rose Clay has been used for thousands of years as a powerful detoxifying ingredient. For centuries, women as far back as Cleopatra and Nefertiti recognized its power to give them flawless skin.

  • Simultaneously, Original SkinTM key ingredient, Canadian Willowherb, helps restore skin’s clarity and luminosity to reveal much sought-after glow. A potent extract found in Northern Canadian prairies and traditionally used as an herbal supplement to treat medical ailments, this blossom helps combat dullness and sallowness while restoring skin’s clarity and glow.
  • To balance skin and maintain peak health, Persian Silk Tree, an anti-irritant native to Eastern Asia and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, works to rebound from stress.

    Phase II: Exfoliate & Refine Skin’s Texture
    Once the mask dries, natural wax Jojoba beads suspended in the formula activate upon the introduction of water. These natural, scrubby plant beads gently exfoliate and polish skin’s texture, sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal the look and feel of radiant, smooth skin. Grown in South America, these natural scrubbing beads gently refine and polish skin’s surface to revealing perfected skin.

This efficacious treatment enhances your inner glow and rejuvenates the senses with a refreshing Essential Oil blend of Grapefruit, Lavender, Geranium, Rose, Amyris, Chamomile and Clary sage.

To use, apply a thin layer to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave the mask to dry for 10 minutes before using wet fingertips to scrub and wipe off. Use 1-2 times per week for optimal results.

Origins Rose Mask Review 3How we look after the mask and applying Origins’ Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb.

Origins has created a high-performance solution, Original SkinTM Renewal Serum with Willowherb, to specifically target quarter-life skin concerns – rough texture, enlarged pores, stressed skin, flaws and loss of radiance – in one product driven by two key factors.

  1. Intrinsic = Cell turnover. Cell renewal is vital for skin vibrancy which is a prominent sign of youth. As we get older, cell turnover slows down and degrades our original skin. When cell turnover is increased, fresh plump cells are brought to skin’s surface boosting skin’s ability to reflect light and increase translucency

2. Extrinsic = Carbonylation.ingredients from nature with immediate and long-term benefits, addresses quarter-life skin concerns by refining texture, enhancing radiance and glow, shrinking pores, blurring imperfections and restoring overall quality for glowing and smooth skin.

Here’s how Original SkinTM works:

Refines Skin’s Texture and Minimizes Pores. Featuring Chestnut Seed Extract, originally found in Europe and known for its skin refining properties, a renewal complex helps boost skin cell turnover and eliminates roughness, counteracts flakiness and improves overall texture. Together with nutrient rich algae extract found in North East Atlantic Ocean, Laminaria Saccharina helps balance skin’s production of sebum to tighten and shrink the appearance of pores, making them appear smaller.

  • Restores Radiance and Rebounds from Stress. The potent extract, Canadian Willowherb, helps restore skin’s clarity and luminosity to help recreate original glowing skin. Found in Northern Canadian prairies, it has traditionally been used as an herbal supplement to treat medical ailments. Anti- irritant, Persian Silk Tree, works in tandem to help keep skin at peak health. Native to Eastern Asia and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this active boosts translucency for optimal looking skin.

    Visibly Blurs Skin: A blend of optics immediately corrects dullness and visibly softens the appearance of pores and imperfections giving skin a flawless finish.

    Origins is a leader in harnessing the power of nature to discover potent ingredients that deliver advanced skincare results. Original SkinTM Renewal Serum with Willowherb is specifically developed with powerful ingredients from nature to provide a multi-dimensional one-step solution to these issues.

My review:
First of all, I love the Origins’ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay because it only takes 10 minutes for the mask to dry up and take effect, which is faster than the usual 20 minutes masks required for clay masks. Secondly the mask leaves my skin baby smooth because it contains Jojoba beads that gently scrubs my dead skin away after I wash it out. Plus the Rose Clay draws out dirt and oil and has a tightening effect on my pores. Therefore, after the Rose Mask, I apply the Original Skin Renewal Serum which refines the skin texture and minimize pores with chestnut extract and canadian willowherb restores skin’s clarity and luminosity for that glow. It’s definitely my favourite clay mask and serum duo thus far and I highly recommend it. After my bff used it, she loved it so much, so I bought one set for her as her birthday gift! You can find the products at Origins stores in Singapore retailing for $50 and $78 respectively.

Thank you Origins Singapore for the mask and serum for review!



Face Forward with Clinique’s Smart Eye Serum and 3 Step Skin Care

Last August Clinique launched their meaningful Face Forward campaign encouraging women to make a promise for their future self, via social media.
CLINIQUE FACE FORWARD _0000Here’s mine, writing to my future 30 year old self:

Dear Ena, how is life like at 30? Honestly it feels weird speaking to you, my older self. I trust that you’re now older and wiser. Hopefully you’re more passionate than ever; living life to the fullest, whether you’re still in working in the property industry and blogging. I hope you’re still rooted in Christ and enjoying His love and grace each day. May your life be a testament to His glory and goodness. I also hope that you have a better understanding of the value and preciousness of time and that you’ve mastered being in control of time. I believe that as I continue to be grounded, faithful and industrious, I’ll have the confidence to face you in 5 years time. X Ena

In addition to the Face Forward campaign launch, Clinique also launched their Smart Eye Serum, mascara and liner and a few Clozette ambassadors and I were invited down for the launch at Sephora at ION.

CLINIQUE FACE FORWARD _0002A few of the mug shots taken of the guests, spot me! 😛

CLINIQUE FACE FORWARD _0001Some swatches of the Clinique’s Pop lip colour.

Clinique’s Smart Custom Repair Eye Treatment: Our smart eye treatment targets repair as needed, where needed.  Custom repair is how one formula can visibly brighten, contour and firm, plump or repair the look of crow’s feet.  Use twice a day.CLINIQUE FACE FORWARD _0005With Clozette ambassadors at the event!

CLINIQUE FACE FORWARD _0006Photos and products from the event. Unfortunately I did not like both the chubby mascara and liquid eyelining pen as I found the chubby mascara hard to handle with the chubby body and the eyelining pen smudges. Have yet to review the eye serum, will put it to the test and review on my IG @ena_teo, follow me if you haven’t! 😉
CLINIQUE 3 STEPS_0000Was also gifted the Clinique’s 3 step skin care for taking part in the #FaceForward social media campaign. I have oily + normal combi skin and I was matched with the type 3 for the 3 step skin care, consisting of soap, lotion and gel. Heard really good reviews of the dramatically different moisturizing gel, shall also review on my IG after testing it.

Thank you Clinique SG and Clozette for the media invitation and product gifts!



Modern Meets History in Shanghai Tang Silk Road Fragrance Collection

It might no longer be news, but in case you haven’t heard of Shanghai Tang’s Silk Road Fragrance collection, you’ll find out all about it here in this post!

Launched mid May 2015, I was invited to the launch in Singapore last August. Media guests were welcomed with purple orchid blooms and the fragrances from the collection. The focus and highlight of the launch is the purple coloured fragrance, Orchid Bloom which was also very apt for our SG50 celebrations.

Shanghai Tang’s Silk Road Fragrance Collection conjures the spirit of adventure through a sensory journey from the East to the West – reflecting the essence of the brand which fuses Chinese with Western elements. Inspired by the exotic landscapes, rich colors and sense of adventure of the Silk Road, Master Parfumier, Carlos Benaim, has created a captivating collection of precious fragrances infused with all the mystery and sensuality of the Silk Road. Handcrafted using 100 percent natural ingredients, this collection embodies a genuine respect for the ancient craft of perfumery, and mirrors the essence of Shanghai Tang – lux quality and superb craftsmanship.

A celebration of attention to detail, exquisite handcrafting and luxurious materials, each fragrance is housed in precious bottle that prominently features SHÒU. This Chinese symbol of longevity is cited as one of the Five Blessings: longevity, wealth, health, love and virtue. The women’s bottle features the SHÒU symbol meticulously engraved in enamel and a gold leaf on the cap, serving as centerpiece of the design that forms the pattern of the lucky number 8. The tall and statuesque men’s bottle features clean beautiful lines and glass cap handcrafted by skilled artisan, also featuring the SHÒU symbol in a solid metallic piece.

The fragrances’ starting point was the fabled Silk Road, created during the Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD). This 4,000-mile network gave ancient merchants, pilgrims and soldiers a direct passage from China through India and beyond, to the Mediterranean and throughout Europe. Precious jewels, spices, jade, and ivory treasures were transported, but it was famed for the exquisite Chinese silk which delighted wealthy Westerners.


Women’s Collection – Oriental Pearl (Grey)
This sensual amber accord is magnified with Rose Absolute, Patchouli Heart, benzoin, and vanilla, creating an exotic, rich and decadent essence

Women’s Collection – Spring Jasmine (Green)
The iconic Jasmine Absolute – the symbol of luxury and delicate femininity – is enhanced by violet accents, creamy sandalwood, and sheer musk for a heightened impression of sensuality

Women’s Collection – Rose Silk (Pink)
Accents of rose petals and Narcissus Absolute are combined with cassis, cardamom, vetiver, and musk to create an exquisite pink silk accord

Women’s Collection – Orchid Bloom (Purple)
A magnified close-up of the unique beauty and complexity of the iconic flower, the single floral bouquet is accented with rose, enhanced with berries on top of a background of musk and patchouli

Women’s Collection – Gold Lily (Off White)
The precious Lily flower is wrapped with accents of jasmine, orange flower, patchouli and musk to create a mysterious and sensual composition

My personal favourites are Gold Lily and Rose Silk, which are floral fruity in nature and more suitable for daily wear. Orchid Bloom is a sensuous fragrance perfect for night outs.

10870190Sample set


Men’s Collection – Jade Dragon (Green)
The freshness of Vetiver Heart is accented with juicy bergamot, bright tea leaves, and lush Jasmine creating an earthy masculine scent

Men’s Collection – L’Orient (Black)
Textured Cedarwood Oil is enriched with hints of pink pepper, elemi, vetiver, and Leatherwood to create a bold and masculine eau de cologne

Men’s Collection – Mandarin Tea (Red)
Vibrant mandarin and crisp bergamot combined with lush neroli and mate leaves creates a fresh and comforting tea note

The range will be launched with an advertising campaign bringing together fashion photographer Mario Testino and Chinese supermodel Du Juan as the face of the new fragrance collection.

Du Juan exudes an aura of Eastern mystery under through the lens of the master photographer. ”

You can really feel his passion when you work with him,” she says. “He’s incredibly creative and original: a truly amazing photographer.”

Shanghai Tang chairman Raphael Le Masne de Chermont describes the collaboration between Mario Testino and Du Juan as a perfect union of East and West.

Watch the video collaboration of Du Juan and Mario Testino here:

Thank you Shanghai Tang Singapore and Luxasia for the media event invitation. If you’re based in Hong Kong or visiting soon, you can even get a personalized engraving on the fragrance bottle for 88HKD. For more information on the fragrance collection, visit the official page here.

Secret’s Out: Dine & Chill at Roots Kitchen Bar

Have you ever wanted a secret chill out place with your friends or date, like in Friends or How I Met Your Mother? Well, the secret’s out, I’ve just the place to introduce to you today. Last Christmas season, I met up with my talented friend Myke (most of the photos you see here are taken by him, be sure to click the link to visit his site!) for dinner and drinks at Roots Kitchen Bar and we thoroughly enjoyed our tasting session. I didn’t quite know what to expect before hand as Roots Kitchen Bar is fairly new to the local dining scene, having launched around mid 2015 and checking out their website at that point in time, didn’t quite illuminate what to expect as the website wasn’t as furnished as it is now.  You’ll see now from their site and my review post here that they’re all about fresh food and a laid-back atmosphere. Whilst Myke and I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh food that the chef served up, we were equally, if not more captured by the warm and rustic ambience the beautiful place holds!

Our food picks for the evening will be Absolut Cured Salmon for starters. I love the vodka cured salmon which gives it a very unique taste and texture. Pigs and Eggs is a popular brunch item at only $11(nett, no additional service charge!) the fresh meat, mushroom and cheese leaves me wanting for more. I highly recommend the Ocean Crab Pasta which gives you a taste of the freshness of the ocean as well as Nagano Pork Rack for their impressively tender meat. For desserts, their Banana Bailey is a crowd favourite of Bread and Butter Pudding with walnut, nutella and creamy bailey but I prefer the Citron and Passion, which is a curd of lemon and passionfruit with marshmallow cookie ice cream.

With Rochor MRT line opened a short 10 min walk away, you’ll find Roots Kitchen Bar quite accessible if you don’t drive. If you do, they have private car park lots, but you’ll have to reserve them in advance. I recommend Roots Kitchen Bar for a friends’ gathering over dinner and drinks or a brunch date with your date or girlfriend. Go ahead, pick a date and ask your khakis along. If you’re still wondering where to head to for your date this Valentines, why not check out their 1 day only Valentines Day menu?  At $120nett per couple(!!!), better hurry and book your seats with them at 6291 5679 before they’re fully booked! 😉


For their menu and nett prices, see here.

Thank you Andy for the kind invitation, Derek for hosting us and Chef Alvin for serving up such fine food!



LUSH For Every Season

Pardon me as I’m a late for this post, which should have been up last Christmas. >U< Here, I’d like to share with you LUSH’s First Snow dusting powder, Lord of Misrule Mint Shampoo, Santa’s Red Lips Lip Scrub treatment and an minty bar soap. As LUSH is all about fresh handmade cosmetics, you’ll always find fresh items for every season. Now that we’re in the month of February, from this Valentine’s seasonal items, you can find a heart shaped rose bar at $10 a pop in stores! If you have a lover who prefers a practical, usable gift over a bouquet of roses, u can consider getting her half a dozen of soap bars. OR you could gift her both roses and rose bars! And well, if you’re single like I am, you can always gift one for yourself, or share the love with your single friends! 😉 LUSH XMAS ITEMS_0000LUSH XMAS ITEMS_0001

Thank you LUSH Singapore for the festive items!



Stepping into Spring

With the Lunar New Year only a day away, I thought it fitting to share some of my recent outfits that’s perfect for the festive season. Since young, it’s been a tradition for my family and I to don on new clothes for the new year, but I’ve never been clear or sure of why that is the case. A little google research online revealed that it’s a traditional belief that new year heralds new beginning and so we wear new clothes to celebrate. Well for me, I’d take any reason to shop for new clothes! 😛 As you can see, I’ve already worn these outfits so they won’t be “new” per se, I’ve actually purchased and reserved one set of outfit, a top from my friend, Aggy’s online label and a red leather skirt from Stradivarius for the very first day, which you can expect to see either on my Instagram or an upcoming blog post. 😉 For this post, I’ve picked this Begin Again dress from C/MEO, an increasingly popular and cult fashion brand from Australia with chic silhouettes and cuts which you can purchase from Revolve. You might not have heard about MARYLING, as they’re new to Singapore but have been rapidly expanding from their home country Italy, Milan to China, Korea and is also no stranger to many female Hong Kong celebrities. What I love about this brand is their unique one of a kind pieces, in fact for Singapore, they’re only bringing in each design with a few varying sizes. Talk about exclusivity! Have I mentioned that MARYLING uses the same lace and tweed fabrics that produces Chanel pieces? So you’ll find very fine fabrics including 100% silk that feels soft and great on the skin. You’ll find their temporary pop up store at Takashimaya Level 3, Women Department, before they launch their flagship store officially in Singapore.

Lunar New Year Outfits_0006 Lunar New Year Outfits_0007 Lunar New Year Outfits_0005C/MEO Begin Again Dress, available here. Paired with Free People Strappy Back Bra, similar here.
Lunar New Year Outfits_0000 Lunar New Year Outfits_0001 Otw for Casio’s recent Exilim TR70 media launch in Maryling’s asymmetrical printed silk dress. Lunar New Year Outfits_0002I simply love the edgy asymmetrical design and modern, vibrant print and colours!
Lunar New Year Outfits_0009 Lunar New Year Outfits_0008Also donned this outfit for a corporate shoot for work! You can find a similar dress on Maryling’s e-store here.
Lunar New Year Outfits_0004 Lunar New Year Outfits_0003Dressed again in a Maryling dress, this time in a pink dress in lovely pastel pink, unique fabric and a feminine silhouette, find similar here.

Thank you Revolve & Maryling for dressing me for the recent events!

Has any brands and new designs caught your eye, if so, share them with me via email or in the comments below!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very blessed and prosperous Lunar New Year in advance!



Review: Slim down and tighten up with Marie France Venus Freeze

Hi Loves!

Are you thinking of seeking professional help on your slimming journey? Marie France Bodyline should be no stranger to locals since we are all too familiar with the brand’s ambassador Christy Chung’s svelte figure on past campaign posters around town and more recently, our local A-list actress Fann Wong’s post pregnancy sexy figure reveal, all thanks to Marie France Bodyline treatments.

About a month back, I visited Marie France Bodyline to try out their new treatment that promises to be highly-effective in circumferential reduction, reduces cellulite appearance and enhances body skin tighteningVenus Freeze. It was my second time at MFB as I was visited earlier last year for their PRO-FREEZE treatment review. I was pleasantly surprised that Venus Freeze, unlike Pro Freeze, is a warm treatment.

More about Venus Freeze:

Safe, pain-free and results-driven, Venus Freeze is the first and only clinically-proven treatment to receive FDA clearance for the use of Magnetic Pulse technology. Magnetic Pulse fields have been used in medicine for decades and have a proven track record with regards to their regenerative properties, including synthesis of collagen, fibroblast proliferation and neo-vascularity.

Each session of Venus Freeze treatment takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the area and one can expect to see results as the treatments progress. The treatment is relaxing and pain-free with no downtime that gives long-term results.

Now on to photos and my review!

Marie France Venus Freeze 1Checking in to Marie France Bodyline at Orchard International Building, first time visitors can expect to fill in particular forms before meeting a consultant to advise which treatments would best fit your needs and target areas.  After my discussion with the consultant, I decided to go ahead and try out the Venus Freeze treatment on my arms.

Marie France Venus Freeze 2In the changing room.

Marie France Venus Freeze 3Changed out into the robes.. but I later changed into a towel wrapped around my body for the treatment on the arms.

Marie France Venus Freeze 4Treatment room with natural sunlight streaming in.
Marie France Venus Freeze 5This is the massage head that was used for my Venus Freeze treatment on the arms.

Marie France Venus Freeze 6Another smaller massage head.
2015-12-01 12.54.07First a gel is spread across the skin of the targeted area to reduce friction and increase effectiveness from the massage and treatment.
2015-12-01 12.56.05Then the massage begins and it is timed for an automatic 10 minutes. The heat from the massage head and massaging action gets more intense with time. If it gets too hot, you can request for a lower temperature. At first I was a bit hesitant as I was afraid it might be too hot, but after I know the heat limit from one side, I could really enjoy the heat and massage during the treatment on the other side.
2015-12-01 13.06.17The result after 10 minutes, the skin is red from the heat and massage but is not prolonged, goes down quickly after the treatment.2015-12-01 13.20.54The last step is putting on a mask with collagen, to sooth and hydrate the skin.

After the treatment, I did a post review session with the consultant and my immediate post treatment measurement shows that I lost a quarter inch from 10.75 to 10.5inch around my arm. This Venus Freeze treatment works for those looking to reduce circumference of the body, cellulite appearance and tightens the skin.

Depending on your needs and target areas, you can adopt a treatment blend of both Venus Freeze and Pro Freeze treatments, a session with Marie France Bodyline and their professional consultants will help you to custom make a  personalised treatment to achieve your desired physique and goals.

For appointments or more information, call 1800-7777-111.

Marie France Bodyline centres, appts made subject to availability:

  •   Orchard 360 Orchard Road #08-01 to 05 International Building
  • Marina Square 6 Raffles Boulevard #01-200 Marina Square
  • Bishan Central Blk 513 Bishan Street 13 #01-502
  • Jurong Point 1 Jurong West Central #02-21/21A Jurong Point Shopping Centre
  • Marine Parade 1 Marine Parade Central, #01-03

Thank you Marie France Bodyline and WOM PR for the Venus Freeze experience.



Why my Mum loves the ASUS ZenFone 2 6inch Full HD

Hi Loves!

How has the New Year been for you? Short as it may have been, it’s already been full of ups and downs for me. However I’m hopeful and staying positive that the year will only get better! Today I’m sharing the third and last installment of my ASUS ZenFone 2 6 Inch Full HD review and I’ve got my mum to share her views of it! ^^ If you haven’t you may check out my unboxing review and second review.

My mum loves the new ASUS ZenFone 2 6 inch Full HD because of its wider, bigger screen and clearer sound system than her current Samsung phone. She’s happy because she doesn’t need to squint any longer. Her satisfaction of the phone is evident in the photos you’ll see, as she’s all smiles in them!

I personally think that ASUS ZenFone 2 is great for the elderly because of the wider and bigger screen, they can read from the screen and watch online videos clearly without haven’t to squint their eyes. Plus the sound system of the phone is great and clear for elderly that may have some hearing difficulties.

image image image

Thank you ASUS Singapore for the new gadget that allows my mum to catch up on her Taiwan dramas and Youtube cooking shows with much ease and comfort!

P.S. Take part in this giveaway of ASUS Zenfone 2 on ASUS SG Facebook page, hurry it’s only until 20 Jan! 🙂

This is a sponsored review.



Spectacular Drama Watching Experience with ASUS ZenFone 2

Hi Loves!

After a day’s of work, how do you spend your time while resting and relaxing? For me, I love to watch dramas, especially Korean dramas of romantic comedy genre… 😀

Recently I am especially hooked on Oh My Venus, starring actress Shin Min Ah and actor Soo Ji Sub and I’m so stoked to be able to watch the drama on the latest ASUS ZenFone 2!

In my previous unboxing post I’ve compared the ASUS ZenFone 2 with my IPhone 6.

ASUS Zenfone Laser 2 6inch Full HD blog review 1 004Comparing the ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 6.0-inch FHD phone on the right with my current iPhone 6 on the left. iPhone 6 is 4.7inch, so the ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 6.0-inch FHD is a whooping 1.3inch inches bigger! The screen is also longer, wider and bigger for a more enjoyable video watching experience, woohoo!

And here’s how it looks like:

ASUS Zenfone 2 For Drama Watching Blog Review 002

A bigger screen to see Shin Min Ah’s pretty face~ASUS Zenfone 2 For Drama Watching Blog Review 001

I am super loving drama watching on the ASUS ZenFone 2 because with its 1920 x 1080 Full HD,  the screen is wider, longer and bigger  resolution. Plus, the dual 5-magnet speaker makes for excellent audio too! I love that even though the screen is bigger, I can still hold it comfortably in my hands while resting in bed. I find my IPad Mini too big and bulky while drama watching and the ASUS ZenFone 2 is a great size upgrade from my IPhone 6! 🙂

Check out a snippet of the beautiful visuals, loud & crisp audio experience from the ASUS ZenFone 2 for yourself! 😉

Til the next post~

Thank you ASUS Singapore for the ASUS ZenFone 2 for review!

This is a sponsored review



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