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Panayo FW 2014/15 Urban Nomad

Hi Lovelies! <3

Today I want to introduce a local label, Panayo. 😉

The apparels are predominantly minimalistic and classy with structural twist. Panayō experiment with geometry, bold cuts and shapes to conjure unique patterns. Panayō is an Ancient Sanskrit word (पनयो) equivalent for confidence.   For more info. refer to their site about page here.

Panayo’s FW 2014/15 collection is titled Urban Nomad and their pieces can be found at stockists or bought online. More of that later.

Photos first! 😀



Nomadic Pastoralism “Nomads” is a result of the Neolithic revolution where humans adapt to environmental conditions and migrates to exploit scarce resources. This movement has been dubbed as one of the great advances in the evolution of mankind. Over the centuries, Tibetan nomads “ndrogba” ( འབྲོག་པ། ( འབྲོག་པ།) overcame the harsh mountain ecosystem that offers little and strived on moving through the wandering lustre of green grasslands and hills of the romantic Tibetan plateau. 


The nature of nomadic fashion styles are testaments to practicality and functionality of simple sophistication with a touch of unique and distinctive flair which is intertwined to the romanticism of flowy green pastures in the midst of hostility. “ndrogba” dons on multiple layers of clothing that enables them to adapt to varieties of environmental conditions. These layered flowy look creates visually stunning overall appeal, one that is iconic to Tibetan nomads.

There is real beauty in their fashion and life alike. The nomads did more than just survive. They created a unique, vibrant and colourful culture that depicts the triumph of humanity over adverse circumstances and conformity. 

Surreal, but closely knitted to the fate of urban nomad in the face of globalization.

“Urban Nomad” is a modern wanderer; a dreamer – of not just things material but immaterial too; from sensuous to spiritual. Home is but a relative concept that is devoid of any attachment to fixation. The concept of flow is aligned to their intellect. Urban Nomad is slave to nothing, not even fashion, but has perceived fashion as the way they deem fit.

My picks from the collection:


Kashaya Robes available here.IMG_8611

Grey Capote Cardigan here.

I can totally imagine myself wearing the Kashaya Robes for an art exhibition opening or Euro trip. And the cardigan is love! Would totes wear it to work everyday.

Urban Nomad is officially available  @ See their full FW 2014/15 lookbook here.



– Multi-label pop-up retail – Temporium – 72 & 74 Dunlop Street, S209400, +65 6294 1139

– Departmental Stores – Coming soon


– Multi-label retail – Coming soon


– eRetailer Western Europe – Not Just A Label (

– eRetailer Eastern Europe – Coming soon



Inspiring yet Humble; An Afternoon with Victoria Beckham at LASALLE


Hi Lovelies! <3

So technically cameras and photos are not allowed for this event… So after reading this just pretend you didn’t see photos of VB on my blog, ok? 😛

Back in May, as LASALLE alumnus, we received a very surprising yet definitely delightful email saying that the Victoria Beckham was gonna grace our Singaporean shores AND pay our Alma Mater a visit!

I couldn’t miss up this chance, so I took 2 hours off work (which is flexible in anycase) to see her in person, altho really far away, which you’ll be able to tell shortly:
2014-05-14 15.30.31 2014-05-14 15.30.33 2014-05-14 15.29.14

2014-05-14 15.31.57

MANY THANKS to The Peddar Group for bringing the VB to our school and giving us the grand opportunity to hear her speak! It was truly an inspiring to hear her in person.

Many students praised her in adoration before posing their questions, and rightly so, saying how she’s one of the rare and spectacular example of a celebrity turned designer who managed to build her fashion empire in so short a time and so successfully.

Yet through all of the praise you can clearly tell that she’s not let any of it to her head, she’s extremely grounded and she actually says it out aloud that she didn’t do it alone, she has her entire VB team that did it along with her. Do I hear a hooray for this wonderfully inspiring yet humble woman???

Additionally she adds that she sees herself as a mother, wife and her role in the family is as important as it is at work. And the time when her family esp. her sons saw her work at the runway they were clearly impressed that she was capable of what she’s done, in spite of the time she spends with them. And nothing gives her more pride than seeing her children grow up and she and Beckham makes time for the family.

In case you have not already stalked the Beckhams on the news, which are almost always good, I recommend these: Adrian Weale dishes on Daily Mail on what it’s like living next to the polite Beckhams, Brooklyn freaking Beckham works at a cafe when he could just be fronting magazine covers every month, really!, Beckham loves her daughter Harper very much and watch them being their gorgeous and humble selves here:

I am obviously very taken and a huge fan of VB the designer. I love her clean and chic cuts that she sends down the runway! And she’s just got an amazing personality and not forgetting she has also snagged a hot husband. Hehe. 🙂

Now time for OOTDs after the talk with Christabelle! 🙂
2014-05-14 16.12.14

In a Net dress and Go Jane Heels.2014-05-14 16.18.01

2014-05-14 16.16.37

With lovely Belle~

Thank you On Peddar and LASALLE for the invite! <3

Thank you for reading!



Audi Star Creation 2014

Hi Lovelies! <3 <3 <3

Yes I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted (9 days, to be exact) and I am terribly (read: 1 month) behind my events updates! *covers face*

Nonetheless, I am getting down to blogging and posting the wonderful and beautiful photos from Audi Fashion Fest, Blueprint and many exciting fashion events I’ve attended in May! Yay! *throws confetti in the air*

Without further ado, let’s go!


Into its fifth year, Audi Star Creation is a regional design competition that identifies, nurtures and brings together aspiring young fashion designers from around Asia to battle it out in a runway showdown at the Tent @ Ngee Ann Civic Plaza in Singapore.


This year’s finalist, who were challenged to design around the theme “The Asian Perspective”, were short listed from 418 submissions from 14 countries including Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


The top three winners are Rebecca Corrine Lam from Hong Kong, Zhou Jun from China and Newman Han from South Korea.

Additionally on 13 May at the Audi Red Carpet Night gala dinner, Rebecca Corrine Lam also took home the Audi Young Designer Award, whom judged thought her creation best embodies the Audi design spirit of innovation, technology and progression.

The 12 finalists had to submit six original and commercially viable designs that creatively portrayed the theme. The runway showdown took place in Singapore on 12 May at Tent@Orchard.

The 12 finalists for Audi Star Creation 2014 are:

1. Oei Shoo Jun Angeline, 27, Singapore

2. Keh Min Chloe, 19, Singapore

3. Leong Yaowen, 26, Singapore

4. Newman Han, 29, Republic of Korea

5. Hye Ra Rhee, 32, Republic of Korea

6. Hye Jin Kim, 27, Republic of Korea

7. Zhou Jun, 24, China

8. Rebecca Corine Lam, 25, Hong Kong

9. Tu Nguyen Hoang, 23, Vietnam

10. Kata Oka Hidenobu, 22, Japan

11. Peh Chin Yee, 24, Malaysia

12. Erica Devi Handika, 21, Indonesia

Here are my favourite 6 designers and their designs:

ASC2014Runway-504-Mid ASC2014Runway-513-Mid

Red Construction is the theme for Zhou Jun’s collection. Red corresponds with fire, symbolizes good fortune and joy. The collection is modern, sleek and reminiscent of Ralph Lauren yet undeniably Oriental through the use of crimson red which is representative of the Chinese flag and all things related to Chinese festivities. A graduate of London’s College of the Arts, Zhou Jun is a rising designer to watch.

ASC2014Runway-428-Mid ASC2014Runway-465-Mid

Leong Yaowen’s collection combines the iconography of the East on a Western silhouette. The result is a beautiful marriage with a contemporary vibe. Leong is a graduate of Lasalle College of the Arts and currently a stylist.

ASC2014Runway-310-MidASC2014Runway-326-Mid (1)

Rebecca Corinne Lam’s collection is titled “ZHI” which means paper in Chinese. Lam treats the cloth in her collection as paper and the resulting combination of laser cut and ink calligraphy is both culturally rich and modern.


Hye Jin Kim’s collection title Blooming Your Truth combines Buddhism symbols and Korean traditional knots. Her collection is on trend with its mix of structured and fluid silhouettes, yet the knot details makes it remarkable and memorably hers.


Newman Han’s collection titled The Scientific Expedition is inspired by the how asian cultures have been influenced by the west, on top of their own traditional culture. The collection is Sahara desert ready while looking fashionable.


Peh Chin Yee’s collection is inspired by Singapore’s National flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim. His collection shows a deep understanding of current sport luxe trends and clean silhouettes. His pieces are outstanding and wearable.

For the full set of runway photos of all 12 designers designs visit Star Creation gallery here.

Watch the video reel featuring the 12 designers:

Shall end off with selfies and photos taken on show day. 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

With Christy~2014-05-12 16.39.43

With Gabby~2014-05-12 17.42.26

Caught the winners at the photowall and requested for a photo! 😉
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

2014-05-12 21.04.55

With my fashion partner, Christabelle~ :*

Thanks Star Creation & AKA Asia PR for the invite!

Thank you for reading. 😉



Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard Road 2014

Hello Lovelies! <3 <3 <3

Terribly overdue photos from Fashion Steps Out (FSO) 2014 back in early April.

It was a rather last minute decision for me to head down that evening (the same day I attended Kose event the day earlier, hence in the same look and dress. :p) Omg, yes that’s how embarrassingly long ago these photos are. >.<

Many thanks to Shn and clozette for the ticket! 😀 <3

A grand total of 137 photos & movie clips, let’s go!

Me shamelessly taking selfies on the train towards Orchard, what to do, I really like my look with Estee Lauder’s signature lipstick in 62 Scarlet on my lips. <3

2014-04-05 20.00.45 2014-04-05 20.00.51 2014-04-05 20.00.52 2014-04-05 20.04.38

Alright and here go! 2014-04-05 20.17.59

The models queuing up at the start of the street runway beginning at ION Orchard. 2014-04-05 20.18.01
Model decides to spontaneously pose for me.2014-04-05 20.18.07

So I decided to take a selfie too!2014-04-05 20.20.25
It was a reallyyy long walk to the Takashimaya side where the seats were. But hey, it’s not like we get to walk on Orchard road everyday right? 😀2014-04-05 20.23.33
A big screen infront of Paragon area tells announces for all to know that Fashion Steps Out 2014 is in full swing!2014-04-05 20.26.35
With my girlfriends Carissa and Shirleen, of which we all attended the same primary school, St. Hildas! <32014-04-05 20.28.35

As posted on Instagram, follow me on @ena_teo if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? :p

And it begins!
2014-04-05 20.37.34

2014-04-05 20.40.12

Crazy fierce entrance with entourage of Harley Davidson bikes!

2014-04-05 20.43.50

This funny guy walking front and literally back with the balloon that signals the brand, Manish Arora, designer that hails from India with super colourful designs! <3

Manish Arora2014-04-05 20.43.56
2014-04-05 20.47.14

Yes, that’s a woman going all the way up to take close ups of the models. LOL. Not quite sure if that was allowed or not.

2014-04-05 20.48.14

Aha, we meet again! HAHA.

2014-04-05 20.48.16

This model is super duper enthusiastic.

Then some athletes came by, who by then had already done their acrobatic routine so we didn’t get to see any. >.<

Next up, designs from David Koma. Super sleek and edgy.

David Koma

2014-04-05 20.50.42

2014-04-05 20.51.17 2014-04-05 20.51.19 2014-04-05 20.52.12

Looks from I.T. Fashion

Looks from Depression & Reckless Ericka. #homepride

Looks from Aimer

2014-04-05 21.04.28 2014-04-05 21.04.30 2014-04-05 21.04.40

2014-04-05 21.06.07-1 2014-04-05 21.06.07-2 2014-04-05 21.06.23 2014-04-05 21.06.25 2014-04-05 21.06.27 2014-04-05 21.06.30

I think that this model above is incredibly pretty! Lovely chocolate skin tone.
2014-04-05 21.06.59
2014-04-05 21.08.38

Katy Perry inspired outfit much?2014-04-05 21.08.42

Carnival like!
2014-04-05 21.08.44

Cutie alert
2014-04-05 21.08.59

So Korean looking and pretty model!2014-04-05 21.09.02 2014-04-05 21.09.03 2014-04-05 21.09.17

Sorry for this really blurry and weird shot, but just had to get a pic of this reallyyyy humongous hat!  😀

And we have another local label, Ashley Isham!

2014-04-05 21.11.47
2014-04-05 21.12.53 2014-04-05 21.12.56 2014-04-05 21.14.41

You can see all the designer labelled balloons gathering at the end!
2014-04-05 21.15.04

A panoramic hot of the runway from my view!

Next up, Robinsons!

2014-04-05 21.16.41
2014-04-05 21.17.26

2014-04-05 21.17.54
2014-04-05 21.18.21 2014-04-05 21.18.24 2014-04-05 21.18.27 2014-04-05 21.18.28

Roller bladers!2014-04-05 21.21.01 2014-04-05 21.21.06

Fancy a helmet of flowers? :p

Ending off with scooters!2014-04-05 21.21.23 2014-04-05 21.21.25
2014-04-05 21.21.49
2014-04-05 21.22.21 2014-04-05 21.22.23 2014-04-05 21.22.25 2014-04-05 21.22.34 2014-04-05 21.22.37

Local model Sarah! She’s looking into my camera phone in the video below. 😉

2014-04-05 21.23.08

Local model Ying Ying on the right! 😉

2014-04-05 21.23.14

Another local model!

2014-04-05 21.23.53 2014-04-05 21.23.55 2014-04-05 21.24.08 2014-04-05 21.24.43

All the balloons gathers, and the joker/fav model of the night is spotted!

The closing walk commences!

2014-04-05 23.42.16

Here with Camy!

Ending off with my instavideo which I posted on Instagram too!

I really enjoyed myself that night soaking in the fun carnival like nature of FSO, it’s fashion that’s not to be taken too seriously, a totally new experience for me! It was also really lovely to see international and local designs coming down Orchard road and to see what’s on trend for summer – lots of edgy asymmetrical and cut outs, floral prints and bright colours! 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did reminiscing over it!

Thanks to Clozette for the ticket and be sure to check them out here and my page here. 😉



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When I was in JC, I was part of the environmental club! As part of the club, we would implement environmentally friendly campaigns, like donating old phones as part of a campaign we held with Nokia (yeah, those were the days!).

Since young, I’ve always believed in being eco-friendly, having taught the 3 simple Rs:

I remember I would cut up all my A4 papers from past years’ worksheets but were still empty on one side to use as rough paper. I stopped doing that since secondary school days, as there weren’t worksheets after JC… But that’s just a little earth-friendly activity that every student can take part in!

Well, if you have never been one to take part in environmentally friendly actions, you can start now by taking part in creating awareness for this campaign titled #EcoAfterMe!

Without further ado, I’ll introduce this site which allows you to take part and send your friend a fun postcard to spread awareness for environmentally friendly tips. 😉

A quick run down of how the site & postcard works! :

Eco After Me Site Contest1

Here’s how the website would look like: 

Eco After Me Site 01 Eco After Me Site 02 Eco After Me Site 03

Eco After Me Site 04

Eco After Me Website 2 Eco After Me Website 3 Eco After Me Website 4 Eco After Me Website 5 Eco After Me Website 6

Insert the photos of you/yourfriend/photo of you & friend for the big reveal~ 🙂
Eco After Me Website 8 Eco After Me Website 9 Eco After Me Website 10Then you’ll be asked for your particulars, including your friend’s address to mail the postcard to!

I think this is a really fun site and it mails a postcard to your friend for free, so send one to let your friend know you’re thinking of him/her! 🙂

If that’s not a compelling reason enough, by taking part you can stand to win a staycation!:

Eco After Me Site Contest3

After sending and receiving the postcard, follow the instructions below and
stand a chance to win $200 shopping vouchers and another staycation! 
Eco After Me Site Contest2

Now, if you’ve received your postcard, what can you do with it? 

2014-05-07 12.36.54

This is how a hardcopy #EcoAfterMe publicity postcard looks like.2014-05-07 12.37.17

2014-05-07 12.37.40

Scrapbooking materials of colourpencils and journal from The Paper Store! 2014-05-07 12.37.48 2014-05-07 12.38.01 2014-05-07 12.38.09

These coloured pencils are made with recycled newspapers! 2014-05-07 12.38.17 2014-05-07 12.38.27

You can use these stickers to stick your postcards to your journal. 🙂2014-05-17 23.23.18My sister happen to have bought these 4 stickers recently from the Paper Store at 4 for $9.90.
They have a lot of cute stickers and paper stationary, be sure to check them out. 😉

Visit their site here to find out where you can shop your stationary from!

Follow #EcoAfterMe on Facebook here!

Thanks to The Thinking3 Team, Lyrenna, Melissa & The Paper Store for the press kit.

Thank you for reading! <3



Zulu Zion’s Rad Socks

If you haven’t already seen or heard, Zulu Zion socks are some of the raddest socks on earth.






Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion Zulu Zion

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.58.05 pm


Zulu Zion is a brainchild of Miha and Dijana Rolc – husband and wife, who grew up with the street culture of the 90s and always felt the urge to transform their lifestyle into a fashion accessory wearable everyday of the year.


BEST OF ALL, congrats to Zulu Zion for reaching their $10,000 target on their Kickstarter!:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 12.12.26 am

Want to get your rad socks?

Their shop will be coming soon on

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 12.16.08 am

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Here’s my happy feet dressed in Rio socks! 😉

Thanks Miha & Zulu Zion for the gift of your rad socks.

Thanks for reading <3



My date with J’s Nails

Nail Art is gaining popularity in this sunny island Singapore.

So imagine my delight when J’s nail’s invited me down for a session of their nail service and to review their nail salon! 🙂

J’s Nail’s Salon is located at 19 Shelford condominium, a little shop right in front of the pool area.

Js Nails Review Enabalista 1 Js Nails Review Enabalista 2

A little waiting area decked out in purple hues.Js Nails Review Enabalista 3

A wall of nail magazines, nail polishes and gel containers.Js Nails Review Enabalista 4 Js Nails Review Enabalista 5 Js Nails Review Enabalista 6

How cute are theses nail polishes? ^^Js Nails Review Enabalista 7 Js Nails Review Enabalista 8

Something about these colours gets the artist in me very excited and happy!Js Nails Review Enabalista 9

The pedicure area. Cushy red seats.Js Nails Review Enabalista 10

The manicure area!Js Nails Review Enabalista 11

Some of the current trending designs, i picked the design on the second column, second from the bottom. Opting to replace the neon yellow with blue. 🙂 These designs are done by Vivien / Joann, usually they will take inspiration from magazines and trends and input their own flair to it. So there is really no duplicate and every design is unique. Plus they will also take in your preference and customize a design as per your requests.

And the work begins!

Vivien nail artist and manicurist attended to me, she explains that opting for hard gel would be easier to mould and design the nail art. So I went for the hard gel option, versus the soft gel.Js Nails Review Enabalista 12

Here’s Vivien using the machine to sand my nails and prep them before applying the gel. And how cute are her minion designed nails?! ^^
Js Nails Review Enabalista 13

After the sanding, comes the gel application,Js Nails Review Enabalista 14 Js Nails Review Enabalista 15

Close ups.

Js Nails Review Enabalista 16

After each layer of gel applied there would be a short UV light period. As the period if very short, there should be no UV damage to the skin. Since we don’t do this daily as well. But if you’re worried, you can always remember to apply amply sunblock lotion to your hands and fingers before the session. 🙂Js Nails Review Enabalista 17

Here Vivien uses the nail covers to create a nice smooth gel layer on my fingers. Very cool huh?Js Nails Review Enabalista 18 Js Nails Review Enabalista 19 Js Nails Review Enabalista 20 Js Nails Review Enabalista 21

After the fingers have all been gel coated, it’s once again sanded. So that the coloured gel can attach onto the gel.Js Nails Review Enabalista 22

Well, I didn’t have available hands to take photos of her painting the colours on, but check out the final results!
Js Nails Review Enabalista 23

How pretty is this?! ^^ PLUS I love how she photographed my hands to look so pretty here..

A little more about J’s nails:

Established since 2007, J’s Nail started from a home-based nail art salon to become an active renegade force in the nail art industry. What comes with each therapeutic experience is not only the highest-quality nail art service, but also exclusive hours-on-end fun and enjoyment.

Services provided include Gel Manicure, Gel Pedicure, Nail Art, Manicure, Pedicure, Hand Spa and Foot Spa. Each is itself a different abyss to take you to various levels of relaxation.

J’s Nail believes in education, having been rigorously trained from Hong Kong Nail Collections Academy. From time to time, J’s Nail also works closely with the academy to keep the nail art profession up to date, and deliver the latest industry trends and choice to the customer.

Check out the certifications awarded to Joann Tsui, the founder and owner of J’s nails:

Js Nails Review Enabalista 24 Js Nails Review Enabalista 25

And here are the prices:Js Nails Review Enabalista 26

A nail design like mine shown above will cost $70 for hard gel service, + $58 for nail design, totalling SGD$128.
These nails will last 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow. Usually they would recommend making your next appointment in advance. Also it is advisable to go back to them for removal service as it requires sanding. But no worries, as they will always leave a thin layer of gel covering your nails and will not actual sand your real nails! Thus your nails are kept protected. Vivien kindly explained all these to me because I’m on that’s afraid of thinning and nail breakage.

Js Nails Review Enabalista 27 Js Nails Review Enabalista 28

photo 2

A photo with the talented Vivien~

More pretty pictures of my nail art in the natural sunlight~Js Nails Review Enabalista 30 Js Nails Review Enabalista 29

I seriously love it, just waking up to pretty nails makes my day and makes me happy. My friends have all been admiring my nails too! ^^

Follow J’s Nails on Instagram: @JSNAILJSNAILJs Nails Review Enabalista 31

Follow them on their Facebook here.

Make your appointment with J’s nail salon by phone: 
Tel : +65 64647498
SMS : +65 93830014
Monday – Friday 10AM to 12PM by Appointment only.
Sat10:00 am – 7:00 pm

From May 15 onwards, J’s Nails Salon will operate from Sembawang, at Block 415, Sembawang Drive, Singapore 750415.
Call / SMS / Whatapp +65 93830014 for appointment.

Thank you Joann and Vivien of J’s Nail Salon for your kind invitation!

Thank you for reading~ <3



i Lights Highlights

Hi lovelies!

I hope your week is coming along fine! ^^

I do hope you’ve been enjoying my posts so far, there’s so many posts I have and am eager to share with you all,
so let’s get started! 😀

About 2 weeks ago, I asked my sister to join me on the last night of i Lights, a lights festival held in the evenings along Marina Bay.

Before the skies turned grey and dark, I had some “me” time while waiting for my sister to join me….

Pasarbella EnabalistaTook a walk around Pasarbella but the heat was too much for me to take, so I sought refuge indoors instead!

Toast Box Mee Rebus

Yummi-licious Mee Rebus from Toastbox. It’s real good guys, go for it. 🙂Bath & Body Works Relax

A trip to Bath & Body works had me convinced that I must aspire to always smell good in the bath… I’ve heard some raved reviews online/insta and I wondered what’s all the fuss about. But guys, you need to go in to see smell it to believe it. This set smells amazingly soothing and calming. Someone get me this please. <3 I think it’s especially appropriate for most Singaporeans who work in high stress environments, heh. 😛

So basically, here’s what I googled, to find out more information about i Lights and how to navigate the place:I Light Singapore Enabalista

The event is flanked on the left and right of MBS, on the left all the way towards Raffles Place MRT and on the right all the way towards Esplanade MRT. My sister and I started off at MBS, went down to Raffled Place first, then all the way back down to Esplanade.

The scenic city view just before the skies got dark.
Marina Bay View Singapore Enabalista 1 Marina Bay View Singapore Enabalista 2

We begin with lights installation A1.

A1. BEAT by Arup (Singapore.

I Lights Enabalista 2

A2. THE WISHING TREE by The Living! Project (Singapore)

Basically you can queue for a lighted strip, presumably make a wish and the toss your strip on the tree.

I lights Singapore Enabalista 3 I lights Singapore Enabalista 3a I lights Singapore Enabalista 3b I lights Singapore Enabalista 3c

This ain’t an installation but a poster at the SelfiePod store at the bazaar. Too cute! We couldn’t resist a few selfies. Heh.I lights Singapore Enabalista 4 I lights Singapore Enabalista 4b

A4. HAPPY CROCO by Bibi (France)

Nope I didn’t make a mistake and skipped A3, it’s because it was in the waters and we just missed it all together.
You can go watch a clip of it on Youtube though, I think my friend posted it on Youtube, it’s done by students from SUTD.

So for A4 Happy Croco, it is cute, it’s the kind of thing I imagine kids creating and enjoying.

I lights Singapore Enabalista 5 I lights Singapore Enabalista 5a

A5. BEDAZZLED by Meinhardt Light Studio Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

Where kids and adults alight can go under a half cove area and watch a light performance.

A8. #WEHEARTLIGHT by Light Collective (United Kingdom)

It’s one of my favourite, just cause it’s such a pretty light display. Hearts will always attract the girls right? 😛

A9. JOUJOU-OURS by Uno Lai (Taiwan) 

These bear heads are all sorts of cute. Puts a smile on your face when you see them, fo’ sure!
I lights Singapore Enabalista 8

I lights Singapore Enabalista 8a I lights Singapore Enabalista 8b I lights Singapore Enabalista 8c I lights Singapore Enabalista 8d

A10. Floating Hearts by Travesias De Luz (Spain)

It’s also about hearts except this one you can turn off and on the light hearts with a switch in the middle of each heart, very cool.

A11. **INSERT CAPTION PLEASE by Ryf Zaini (Singapore). 

Guess I’ll have to compile a video and post this picture below on Youtube! ;P


A12. THE GUARDIAN ANGELS by Maro Avrabou & Dimitri Xenakis (Greece & France)

I lights Singapore Enabalista 10

I lights Singapore Enabalista 11

10170994_10152168810990829_972618202_n 1655922_10152168811050829_401653237_n

Did we spot a ghosts? 😛

A14. THE POOL by Jen Lewin Studio (USA)

I really like this one too, with all the rainbow light changes. Very pretty and interactive.


Check out SG Uncle’s version of #PimpMyRide!I lights Singapore Enabalista 13

B14. CELEBRATION OF LIFE by Justin Lee with Dorier Asia Pte. Ltd.

It’s an animated video on the “shells’ of the building exterior. Interesting.

I lights Singapore Enabalista 14 I lights Singapore Enabalista 14b

B11. DIGITAL WATTLE by Out of the Dark (New Zealand)

Another one that I really like. It just reminds me of autumn trees and water colour paintings, both which I really like, but in the digital lighted form. I would love something like that in my future or a futuristic home. Not to say that I want my future home to be a futuristic home, but that it would be nice to have a light element like that, and that would make my home a little futuristic looking, ha! I lights Singapore Enabalista 15

B10. 1.26 SINGAPORE by Janet Echelman (USA)

I am really not sure what this coloured net means. But it allows the audience to rest under it on the grass and it’s just beautiful.I lights Singapore Enabalista 16

I lights Singapore Enabalista 16a

B9 CLOUD by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett.

Like what my sister said, you’d probably never seen so many people looking so keen, under what seems like a rain cloud. Heh.

Basically viewers can turn off and on the lightbulbs through the various strings attached. Cute right?I lights Singapore Enabalista 17

I lights Singapore Enabalista 17aaA video of the cloud, my sis and the view. Hehe.

A video of the short lightshow we caught and the ending fireworks from MBS! 😀

B5. THE WHEELS OF INDUSTRY by Twist Design (United Kingdom)

Basically anyone can get on the bike and cycle and light up the car. Quite interesting and probably wasn’t easy to get the mechanism working.

Honestly having been involved in a small-scale exhibition before, I know it’s tough work putting one together. These guys and the organizers have really done an INCREDIBLE & SMASHING job putting everything together and letting the public enjoying and having so much fun. My hat’s off to i Lights team!

B6 GIANT DANDELIONS by Olivia d’Aboville (Phillippines/France)

This is a poetic installation. Also very pretty and great lightning for selfies. HEHE.
I lights Singapore Enabalista 21 I lights Singapore Enabalista 21a
Ending off with an InstaVid I post on my Instagram~

It was one of those nights that was very well spent and makes me glad that we’re able to enjoy a festival like that. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post which has so many videos! 😀

There will be another post with many videos, on Fashion Steps Out, when I get to it! 😛

Thank you for reading <3



The Perfect Alien Man, Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon is coming to Singapore!

Hi guys, so if you don’t already know, Kim Soo Hyun,
who’s the actor for the much famed Love From Another Star Korean Drama
is coming to Singapore this weekend!!!


Well, I missed the deadline for the contest submission to win tickets to see him.
(procrastination woes, I tell you.)

but to join in the fun, I did submit an entry for a contest and if I get lots of votes,
I just might win a Samsung Galaxy Note 3!
Starhub says that the phone’s great for watching dramas on the go and
PLUS I think Samsung sponsored Kim Soo Hyun / Do Min Joon their phones on the show/set…
so having the same phone as my idol, why not? 😀

I honestly don’t have anything to give you back for this favour (well, maybe the photos below will actually return the favour),
but if you tweet, IG or FB comment me asking me to help you like your contest entry in the future, I WILL DO IT TOO! <3

Honestly though, If I get to go for the fan meet and get my wish fulfilled by Kim Soo Hyun,
I will bring a marker, a clean A4 paper and get him to write:
Yes, complete with a heart, take a selfie together with my phone and upload it up here on my blog, for you guys.

You guys must be reading this and going… “Who cares?”
THAT IS if you didn’t watch the show (what are you, living under a rock?) 😛
and all you wanna read/see are pictures, I KNOW.
HAHAHA. (Cause I’m like that too.)

So I shall let your eyes feast and indulge in the goodness that is Kim Soo Hyun, cause I am sharing like that.
And go and like my contest entry, pretty please! 🙂

OH btw, these pics are DIFFERENT from the ones I posted in my contest entry! DUH, right?
The ones I posted in the contest entry are all about his latest drama Love From Another Star and those fabulous kisses,
while these are his other gems. 😉


Well, you must watch his show Moon Embracing the Sun. I did a blog post here, go read it if you haven’t!
Cause the show’s amazing. Am personally not a fan of saguek (traditional dramas)
but man, these costumes are the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen,
all the HK/TW/CN/KR dramas shows combined. You can go watch it for yourself.spoiler-kim-soo-hyun-impresses-with-powerful-acting-in-the-moon-that-embraces-the-sun_weete_0

Oh Kim Soo Hyun, no one furrows their brows the way you do~ms14

Or attempts a kiss as delicately as you do…moon-that-embraces-sun-kim-soo-hyun-close-up

Mono-lids have never looked cuter.

Even when you cry, it’s lovely. <3


You look amazing in modern day outfits. <3 <3 <3Kim-Soo-Hyun1

And so beautiful and carefree while cycling~Screen-Shot-2012-09-07-at-10.40.59-AM-687x450

I don’t care what drink it is, if you’re endorsing, I’m buying.c13bde18

Stop it, you will burn a hole into my face with that stare of yours. >.<ksh_unicaunnisansu_samsonitered3

I honestly have little preference for work bags, but Samsonite RED is suddenly the best work bag ever.3

If Kim Soo Hyun did have a twin (that’s two of him in that pic, seriously), the world would possibly combust due to too much awesomeness.

The Face Shop, I am pretty sure your CC Cream, moisturizers, face masks, lotions, what-have-you, are gonna sell like hotcakes.
And I’ll be one of those contributing to that sales. Maybe more if you do stick/print KSH’s pretty face on to the packaging. *swoons*

I never knew a guy could sport pink lips, but I’m sure if his lips were blue, I’d find it hot too. #totallybias #openlybias #kimsoohyunismybias482035

KSH obviously doesn’t show too much skin on screen cause, yunno he’s a humble guy.
You’re welcome and you might want to wipe off that drool before you leave your desk/mobile screen. 😉

If you haven’t, please like my contest entry HERE. <3

I hope you enjoyed this frivolous highly entertaining article!

Kim Soo Hyun, if you’re reading this
(if that is ever, even possible, as he unfortunately doesn’t read English, from what I know)
please know that I love you <3

Thank you for reading! <3



Majolica Majorca & Ma Chérie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event

Have I told you how much I like Majolica Majorca products?

Oh yes I have, I shall quite egoistically quote myself here. 😛

"I love this brand for its fantasy concept… It’s so beautiful lah! *^^* "
 - Ena Teo, Blogger of

the quote is taken from my previous post, about the Matsuri Day Beauty workshop I attended previously. 🙂

It’s always a pleasure to attend Shishedo events because the team always put in so much creativity & personalization, creating a magical and exciting atmosphere. ^^

This time, it’s the Majolica Majorca x Ma Chérie Floral Enchantress Bloggers’ Event~

Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 18 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 19Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 3 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 2

Aren’t these fun facts and presentation just amazing?

Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 11 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 12 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 10

Equally lovely product presentation of Majolica Majorca’s Line Hunter, New Smudgeproof, double-faced eye liner, for delicate & strong, bold lines as well as Ma Chérie’s Air Feel & Moisture series.Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 7 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 6 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 5 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 4

At the last ZA event, bloggers were introduced to a reading of “My Lip Personality” based on their lip shape. This time, we got a reading of our Hair, Lips & Eyes character, based on what our favourite styles were! Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 9 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 8

This game required us to pitch the “crystal” balls through the holes in order to win beauty goodies. On a side note, another of their fun fact says “The World’s first ever cosmetics were created from copper and lead ore by ancient Egyptians” Lead cause poisoning! Aren’t we glad that technology has improved thus far so that we can actually have safe beauty products? >.<

Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 20

My eye, hair & lip character reading:

The Sweet Surrender
You’re a combination of sugar & spice, but the twist is your sweetness is the mystery.

The Delectable Mist
You are a motivated & career oriented girl but when the time comes, you can still be playful & cheeky.

The Tantalize Caress
You wear your heart on your sleeve, but your sweetness & soft nature wins the hearts of many.

I think the reading is really quite generic except for the hair reading. HAHA. I am really a motivated and career oriented girl and can be playful when I want to be!
Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 14 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 16

Here’s the Majolica Majorca Line Hunter Eyeliner and Perfect Automatic Liner (I have one in golden brown) and Honey Plump Gloss Neo in pink and peach. I’ll be using this for a #LOTD soon and will post on my instagram. Follow me on IG, look for @ena_teo~ 🙂

Majolica Majorca Line Hunter Eyeliner retails at S$19.90, Perfect Automatic Liner at S$22.90 and Honey Plump Gloss Neo at S$12.90 at Watson stores island-wide.
Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 15

We also got to bring home Ma Chérie Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner. I can’t wait to use these cause their fragrance is sweet and lovely and I love my hair to be silky smooth~ *^^*
Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 17

Most recently, Ma Chérie has introduced their refill packs to the market, which is great because it’s environmentally friendly and returning customers get the same amount of goodness at a lower cost! Yay!

The Secret of Ma Chérie’s products is their Champagne Honey Gelee which is a formulation that protects hair from oxidative stress (I wiki-ed to read what it’s about, simply put it means damage to cells from the outside environment…), retains moisture, softens and adds shine to hair. For the specific ingredients and function breakdown you can read from the image above. 😉

Ma Chérie has two range:

1. Air Feel
for volume and shine to fine hair

2. Moisture
for silky lingering smoothness that treats dry ends

Be sure to follow Majolica Majorca and Ma Chérie on their Facebook here and here for their latest product updates, beauty and skin care tips & product giveaways! I won a Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversary Press Kit by taking part in their Facebook giveaway recently, which I’ll blog about soon~ I was really happy to win it cause a blogger won it at the last event and I really really like the Press Kit that came in a classic book box! >.< Us girls and our love for pretty packaging!

Play Ma Chérie’s Facebook App game to stand a chance to win up to $200 worth of products. Find out more info. from their Facebook post here! Good luck~

Also, they’re having a Oasia hotel staycation giveaway worth $2048, you’ll have to buy $15 (less than the price of one eyeliner!) worth of products, find out how to take part here.

Thanks Wendy from WhiteSpace PR and Shiseido for having me at the event and the lovely goodies~

Thank you for reading~ <3



Clozette Ambassador 2014!!! :)

Hi ladies!

I’m a little late in bringing you the news, considering it was out on 11 Jan (HOW TIME FLIES, omg),
but I’ve got great stuff to share, so better late than never, right? 😛

Anyhoo, you probably know this by now, I’m a Clozette Ambassador for 2014!

Clozette Ambassadors 2014

“What’s Clozette?” you may ask.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 4.19.33 home page~

Clozette is an online fashion and beauty portal
mainly for women to SHARE their virtual closet,
DISCOVER inspirational fashion and beauty updates,
SHOP from brands or bazaar (user uploads) & take part in contests with fab prizes!

Enough of me talking, take a look at it for yourself. 😉Ena on Clozette

My profile on Clozette! ^^ Yeap my handle is “Enabelle”. 😛
I have a total of 29 collections, here’s just 6 of the collections in view.
You can sort your items into collections anyway you like and name them whatever you like!
I save lots of inspirational & pretty fashion & beauty photos and also post lots of my #OOTDs & #LOTDs. 😀

Ena Items on Clozette

Here’s my profile, but in “items” view, here’s 15 of my 291 items. 😛
I upload most of my items/photos through Instagram.
Basically you can sync your Instagram account to your Clozette account
through your Clozette account settings, and when you add “#Clozette” to your Instagram photo’s caption (note: not comments)
the photo will automatically be shared to your Clozette account. Cool huh! 😉

In addition to user profiles, fashion & beauty community pages,
there’s also a dedicated Clozette Ambassadors page where you can access from the menu under Fashion > Featured. ^^

2014 Clozette Ambassadors Program

Here you’ll find updates from the 12 Clozette Ambassadors,
photos of our #OOTDs, #LOTDs, #NOTD (Nail of the day),
event updates and basically all the pretty photos related to fashion & beauty! 🙂

Items shared by ClozetteINSIDER on ClozetteI’d also like to highlight ClozetteINSIDER’s profile, which every user will follow upon sign up.
Here, Clozette team posts fashion and beauty product launch and event updates on the go.
I love coming here to see what’s new and what’s hot. 🙂

Do you love online shopping? Then you’ll LOVE Clozette’s Shoppe pages.

Home    Clozette Shoppe The Style Report    Clozette ShoppeClozette’s Shoppe pages has recently been revamped to be clean and chic.

One of my favourite Clozette pages is the Shoppe Style Report
where a collection of shoppe items are curated according to the season’s trends.
It’s where I get to see popular trends and how the trend is translated on various brands!
Plus… ALL the items are linked to where you can shop them from, how convenient! 😀

Clozette Contests

Clozette Contests!
Here you’ll find fun, interesting and easy contests to take part in to win attractive fashion and/or beauty prizes.

Can’t wait to sign up and join in the fun, right?
I’ve got more GOOD NEWS!

Clozette Sign up promotion 2014

If you’re signing up for the first time, you stand to win attractive prizes!
For the June draw, you’ll stand a chance to win a Givenchy Antigona Medium Bag
& a Prada Saffiano Lux Shopping Bag for the Decemeber draw.
Sign up before June and you’ll be eligible for BOTH bag giveaways! 😀

That’s not all!
The grand draw in December will see 1 super lucky girl
winning a trip to KOREA for 2,
PLUS US$2,400 in cash!

So if you haven’t be sure to sign up here!

I hope you enjoyed learning about
as much as I did sharing about this portal that I’ve come to love!

Thanks for reading~! <3


Stay Blue, Stay Cool feat. Phillip Lim Thurston from

Hey Ladies~

Are you looking for a a pair of chic glasses?

If so, you might want to check out and their array of chic & fashionable glasses & sunglasses! 😉 reached out to me to help them style 2 pairs of glasses, which I gladly accepted.

Here’s my take on two fashion glasses, available on their site! 😉

1912049_520814891365322_442201063_nStay Blue, Stay Cool. featuring Phillip Lim Thurman Glasses,
Alexander Wang cropped top, Converse High Tops and Kanken Backpack.
You can shop the Phillip Lim Thurman here (SG) and here (MY).
If you wanna know where you can shop the other items, check out the set on my polyvore here!

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 11.59.06 pm
Rock it like it’s hot, featuring Phillip Lim Chopper,
Mango Jacket, Victoria Beckham Demin Pants, Proenza Schouler Bag & Saint Laurent Booties.
You can shop the Phillip Lim Chopper here (SG) and here (MY).
Check out the set on my polyvore here.

My set’s also featured on their Facebook pages here (SG) & here (MY),
be sure to like their page (depending which region you’re from)
to follow their fashionable updates! 🙂

Which set do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



Why You’re Still Single (For Guys)

I’ve blogged a version for Girls, check it out if you haven’t!

This is totally bias and from a girl’s POV.


1. You think you are not good enough for the girl you like.
Unfortunately she thinks the same way too.


2. You comment on every single Instagram, like every FB posts and repeatedly asks her on FB message “Where are you?” And it totally freaks her out so she blocks you on social media.


3. You are constantly juggling nth number of girls on your whatsapp and have lost track of the number of girls you’ve sent your after shower naked abs showing selfies to, that you have no energy to invest in an exclusive relationship.


4. You post photos of your car and cash (yes seriously) on your Facebook and wonder why girls don’t love you or want a relationship with you. That’s because girls who look for you are only interested in you car and cash.


5. You are too busy with school /work.



6. All you ever talk about is school, work and/or army.
The girls just don’t get it or understand you.


7. You wait for the girl to ask you out because you fear rejection. It rarely almost never ever happens.


8. You love watching anime and playing game at night more than talking to a girl.

qfbmp_chrisbrown_580711 I'm_not_a_Gamerc/o

9. You think you are drop dead gorgeous and when you look into the mirror you see a handsome hunk. You don’t understand why girls don’t appreciate your huge biceps that’s the size of their thighs. That’s because it scares them and they think that you like guys cos you seem obsessed with trying to impress guys with your physique.


10. You just want to focus on your studies / career because having one woman ie Mom nagging at you is more than enough.

things-girls-need-to-stop-doing-on-dating-sites-3 sheldon-breathing-into-bag-gif tumblr_lyxx3af2wz1r50g7wo1_500_large



Why You’re Still Single (For Girls)

Hi Lovelies!

How was your V-day?

I meant to publish this on V-day but was too busy to, anyhoo, it’s still V-day weekend, hope you enjoy it!

I’ll be publishing a Guy’s version too! 😛 Edit: Here’s the Guy’s version!

Why You’re Still Single (For Girls)

1. You are too busy with school / workworkaholicc/o

2. You are slow on the uptake and belated realize that the guy that asks to chat every night actually likes you but you have ruined any possibility of getting together because you found him annoying.


3. The guy that you like doesn’t like you back.


4. You found out that the guy has a girlfriend on the second date.


5. You enjoy going out on dates with the guy but you don’t like him enough to be in a relationship with him.


6. The guy who asks you out for the first time cancels the date an hour before. It’s so flaky and uncool that you never want to meet him ever.


7. The guy who likes you thinks and says he is not good enough for you. You then actually think so too.


8. You don’t want to settle because seeing your couple friends quarrel over the pettiest things scares you and assures you that being single till you’re ready is the right decision.


9. You’re waiting for the tall, intelligent, guitar-playing, reasonable and understanding guy who is preferably a few years older and has a spark with you to come in your life… But he just hasn’t made an appearance yet. Only in your mind.


10. You think being single is the best thing and you’re totally enjoying your freedom.




Best of 2013 & Happy New Year!

*Updated* 🙂

Happy New Year in advance folks!

2013 has really been a fabulous year for me and I want to blog about a list of my favourite and my readers’ favourite posts.

But I’m on my way home for a countdown party with my friends now so I’ll be editing this post in the new year! :p

I wish all of you a fab new year ahead! Make happy memories and may all the best opportunities come to you!


<<Updates begin here!>>

Let’s start with the top 10 readers’ favourite 2013 posts! 🙂

Ena After Liese Pink Jewel Hair Dye 3
1. Liese New Jewel Pink Hair Dye Review, 3, 498 views in 2013

Song Hye Kyo That Winter The Wind Blows
2. Laneige, Korean Actress Song Hye Kyo’s Beauty Secret, 1 478 views in 2013

Ena Glomax Facial Review 9
3. Glomax Aesthetics Facial Review, 627 views in 2013

Ena Reviews Bio Essence 2
4. Bio Essence New Launch Royal Jelly ATP Range Review, 613 views in 2013

5. Thai Chick Flicks on Youtube with Eng Sub, 480 views in 2013

Ena Hada Labo Whitening Lotion Review
6. Hada Labo Whitening Lotion Review, 350 views in 2013

7. 23 Things I’ve learnt on my 23rd Birthday, 286 views in 2013

Enabalista Mentholatum Deep Moist Lipbalm 2013 Review
8. Mentholatum Deep Moist Lip Balm Review, 280 views in 2013

Oasap Giveaway Enabalista
9. Fashion x Enabalista Giveaway, 267 views in 2013

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista Review
10. Coco Ichibanya Curry House Star Vista Review, 219 views in 2013

Now for a recap of my blogging journey in 2013,
all of which I am super grateful for!

Let’s Begin with Hong Kong (Hong Kong Trip Day 1)

Fashion, Food, Fun, Hong Kong Day 2

Posing with Nico Panda~
Posing with Nico Panda~

Visiting Lane Crawford Hong Kong Days 3 & 4

Ena Japan 2013 12

Ohaiyo Japan 1

Ohaiyo Japan 2

Ohaiyo Japan 3 Traditional House Tour and Glass Frosting Workshop

Ohaiyo Japan 4 Isohara Seaside & Tokyo Tower!

Ohaiyo Japan 5 Tokyo & Temple

London Sights & Food! 
At this point, after two travel trips abroad,
I decided to just post up all my trip photos on one post
instead on separating them in to several posts. 😛

I also had the chance to go to Philippines again for the 3rd time, with my church.
But I didn’t manage to find the time to post up the photos!
I will post up a really belated and summarized one.

I consider myself super blessed to be given the opportunities to travel abroad in 2013
and in 4 countries! I love travelling, experiencing the different cultures,
exciting new experiences and coming home to realize just how blessed I am to be in Singapore. 🙂

Other milestones in my life:

Ena's Graduation
Oh, Graduation!
Also check out my post on 3 things no one told you before graduation, if you haven’t! 🙂

I don’t blog much about my career but I’ve also transitioned from a fashion and marketing job
to becoming a real estate agent and all in all,
I am very grateful to my mentors, bosses, colleagues and peers
who have taught me so much
I thank the Lord for all the open doors and wonderful opportunities in 2013. 🙂

I am also grateful for all the brands and PR firms
that have approached me to feature their brand and events/products on
I’m listing the rest which has not been listed in the top 10 posts above. 🙂

Ena x YourEyesLie 4

OOTD with Galaxy Skirt by YourEyesLie (YEL) 


My First Musical at RWS, with the Addams family cast backstage.

2013-06-08 18.29.29

ESYE Fashion Wine Down

2013-07-23 13.11.14

Lunch @ Oca Grassa

Ena Teo Oasap Contrast Collar Embriodered Dress 1

OOTD with dress by Oasap

Sothys Energizing Creme Review Enabalista

Sothy’s Paris New Engergizing Creme Event & Review

Jia En

Fide Fashion Week 2013

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Nanis x Goldheart Media Preview

Lile Aux Ashby @ Digital Fashion Week 2013

Digital Fashion Week


Collections Cosmetics Pop Diva Workshop

Enabalista Bunc @ Radius Review 1

Ayer’s BBQ & Staycation @ Bunc@Radius



OOTD with red dress by Choies

Enabalista HotelClub Best Lifestyle Blog 2013

Perhaps the cherry on top of the cake for 2013, was receiving this badge from HotelClub. 
Never expected an accolade like this, and it makes my blogging journey that more rewarding that it already is! 🙂

Last but not to the least, I am thankful to all the people who have made my life such as blessed one.
My family, my church and my peers.
My life will simply not be the same without these beautiful people in my life.

Ena London Family Pic

Teo family portrait while in London
2013-07-10 21.42.05

While celebrating my birthday at Covelli.


With my er jie, Jia Hui on her graduation day in London.2013-05-02 15.39.10

With my eldest sister, Lu Jia while shopping in London.

Posing together after our ferry ride~
Posing together after our ferry ride~

Ena's Graduation

With the Chilli Fargarettes who made school such a pleasure and the HK trip a truly memorable one!


Another one ^^

With bestie Bini, through ups and downs, our friendship remains true. 🙂 <3
Let’s work hard together in 2014 and go on trips together! 🙂

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Group Photo2

We’ll be celebrating our 9th year of friendship and camaraderie this year, and many more years to come!
Thailand, August 2014, here we come!
Ayers will always hold a special place in my heart. <3

Benji 2013

With my Benjis from church, Christmas was a blast as usual!


And our super impromptu staycation, tho it was short nonetheless fun.

I just know that 2014 will be an even better year ahead for the blog, my career and life!
And I wish the very same to you my readers as well.
Let us continue to pursue our dreams and passions relentlessly! 🙂
Blessed be.


Nanis x Goldheart Dancing in the Rain Collection @ JewelFest 2013

JewelFest 2013 took place during the same period as Fide Fashion Week.
Here are some photos and a video I took when I was there at the media preview! 🙂

Nanis is an Italian jewellery brand by founder and designer Laura Bicego.
The brand represents creativity and versatility
which is undoubtedly expressed by how the jewellery pieces can be worn in several ways!
When it comes to just how many ways a piece of pendant can be worn, the sky’s the limit.

For their expansion in Singapore, Nanis teamed up with Goldheart Singapore
for a special line “Dancing in the Rain” which is as beautiful as it is poetic.
I’ll let the photos do the talking. 😉

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013 Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Nanis’ spokesperson, who in a private conversation later explained to me that
Nanis is the name of a beautiful girl who brought joy and smiles to the founder Bicego.
What a beautiful name and story!Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

That’s the charming creative designer and founder Laura Bicego.

The demonstration of “Dancing in the rain” begins!

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

The necklace can be worn in two layers or…Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Worn in one later with part of it dangling down the back.Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

View from the side.
Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013 Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

The necklace can be worn as a chocker and with a bracelet. For a casual look with a denim top.Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

The same chocker necklace can be lengthened by attaching another necklace..
And for a more glamourous dinner night look!Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

The same necklace can also be worn as a longer necklace.Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Or lengthened completely and attached to a fabric piece and worn down the chest.Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

More beautiful pieces, this bracelet is made of precious gems and gold pieces, each handcrafted in Italy.
Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

This is a green pendent with rain drop effects organically and handcrafted.Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

A Nanis ring and also a pendent, with rain drop effects, in peach / beige.
Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Here’s Rana of BonjourSingapore who’s also the managing editor of Marie France digital magazine. Smiling as Laura adjusts the bracelet to a necklace for her. Watch the video I took below! 😉

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Another versatile piece of accesory which can be worn as a ring or pendent or attached to a bracelet as well!
Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Another pendent, here worn as a bracelet but can also be worn as a necklace.

The Nanis brand is a beautiful and versatile jewellery brand that brings out a woman’s confidence and creativity.
This demonstration left all of us present with a sense of wonder and playfulness,
that fashion and beauty is unlimited when we put our creative juices to use.

Visit Goldheart Jellewery stores in town to get a piece of Nanis for yourself
and let the inner creative spirit in your shine through! 😉

Follow them for their updates!:
Goldheart on Facebook
Nanis on Facebook

2013-10-17 14.53.28

We also met up with Sharlinn of Sharart Jewellery line while we were at JewelFest!
Check out her site here and Facebook page. And also follow her on Instagram @sharartdesign.


P.S. Follow my blog on Facebook if you haven’t! 😉
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Blessed Christmas 2013!


Blessed Christmas my dearest readers!

What is Christmas to you?

I saw this tweet pic from Roy Bennett, @inspiringthinkn:


“Christmas is love in action.”

In essence, that is true because we celebrate the birth of Christ, that God sent his only son Jesus to come to earth and to prepare him to die for our sins on the cross. How often we neglect and forget the real meaning of Christmas when we are busy in the celebration and revelry of the season.

For me, Christmas this year is a time when I gather with old friends and family to celebrate the season and enjoy the warmth in the company!

Blessed Christmas, be the Love in action today! 🙂


Fide Fashion Week 2013

This is my super belated post on attending Fide Fashion Week
while working with Clozette/, almost three months back. 😛
I’ve procrastinated on blogging this because I’ve got a lot of photos from attending 8 out of 11 nights.
Better late then never, so I’ll the the photos do the talking!

2013-10-13 18.25.41

With Mayshella on one of the first few nights of fashion week.
2013-10-13 21.13.57

In a StyleStalker dress, a label from Sydney Australia by designer duo Sue Ann San and Rachel Zeilic.
It’s available in Singapore at Eclecticism + Lauren Jasmine at Wheelock Place #B1-06! 😉
Jia En
In the Aria Dress by Black Halo,
also available in Singapore at Eclecticism + Lauren Jasmine at Wheelock Place #B1-06.:)
This photo posted on my Instagram was also featured on Black Halo’s Facebook page here.
2013-10-13 11.45.522013-10-13 11.34.54
Had the privilege to interview Mr and Mrs Towako, the founders behind Felice Towako Cosme, for 🙂

2013-10-13 01.12.00

Their Towako Mist and FTC UV Perfect Cream.
The mist can be used / applied even above make up, best for OLs who are exposed to aircon all day long, to keep their skin moist and supple. The FTC UV is perfect for my arms which I try to apply every day before heading out. It protects my skin from the sun and has a sweet grape scent which I love!2013-10-12 13.41.51
Also had the privilege to interview Japanese  haute couture fashion designer designer Yoshiki Hishinuma.
I love how his designs are so ethereal and out of this world! Check out the photos from the runway here.

Photos of Sebastian Gunawan, Indonesian Haute Couturier’s backstage fitting process!

2013-10-14 11.50.11-1
Beautifully embroidered and embellished shoes.2013-10-14 11.56.59 2013-10-14 12.17.31 2013-10-14 12.17.44-1 2013-10-14 12.22.29-1 2013-10-14 13.19.46

With local top model and friend, Ying Ying who’s toweringggg over me. HEH.
2013-10-14 13.37.12

With the incredibly talented yet humble designer himself!

On Day 6, the inauguration of the Asian Haute Couture Federation.

2013-10-14 17.47.02Utt, ex-MTV DJ looking as suave as ever.

2013-10-14 18.45.55
Michael Cinco iconic lace dresses.2013-10-14 19.15.20

Korean designer Lie Sang Bong and US TV style maven, Jeannie Mai!2013-10-14 20.12.38-1

With fashion blogger, Willabelle Ong.

2013-10-14 20.17.58

Dinner was a lovely candle lit affair.2013-10-15 11.20.22

Designer duo Vatit Itthi known for their modern and elegant designs,
spent 10 years in Chicago and is now based in their home country Thailand. See their runway collection here.
2013-10-15 12.53.42

With Michael Cinco, acclaimed Filipino fashion designer
who was invited to America’s Next Top Model to be a guest designer and judge on two occasions!
See his collection here.2013-10-15 14.52.44

With iconic Chinese haute couturier Guo Pei! We were blown away by her elaborate concepts and designs!2013-10-15 20.23.58

With Jed

2013-10-15 20.24.12

With Adrian Jiun2013-10-16 09.05.42

with Christabelle 😀
2013-10-16 18.44.51

With teachers & students from Atelier Chardon Savard. 🙂

2013-10-16 19.35.23

With local DJ Yasminne! 🙂2013-10-16 19.52.19

With Rana, blogger of Bonjour Singapore and current editor of Marie-France Singapore. 🙂2013-10-16 21.23.23

With friends Clarabelle, Christabelle, Kelvin & Nigel.

2013-10-17 01.49.29

Clarabelle, Christabelle & I 🙂2013-10-17 01.49.32 2013-10-17 01.49.35

With Beatrice:)

2013-10-17 16.01.46

Jean Paul Cauvin the COO of Julien Fournier Haute Couture house speaking on the history of Haute Couture.

1383544_679858658706173_1014298327_nWith Alexandra, the lovely lady and fashion writer for NY Times. 🙂
I’m in a Talulah dress, available on 😉
2013-10-17 17.44.56

A badly lit photos, but with a few of my favourite tutors! From L-R, Gilles, Circe, Ann & Lionel. 🙂2013-10-19 19.46.52

On the last night, in a dress by Talulah, available on InvertedEdge.com2013-10-19 22.03.14

2013-10-19 22.03.23-2

With Smita, current editor of 🙂
Follow her latest fashion, beauty & travel updates on her instagram @smitadesouza 😉
1375872_10151767614964121_1255482787_nWith a the lovely PR team who made FIDE a success,
Cindy, Jansen and Lionel on the far right,
along with Smita (in pink) and Alexandra. 🙂

2013-10-20 00.18.44

2013-10-20 00.20.20

With Felicia, kissing Fide Fashion Week 2013 goodbye with a kiss! :*

Read about my interviews with Julien Fournie and Love, Bonito girls.
Also check out Smita & I’s interview with Inverted Edge on their blog, the Thread! 😉

It would be tough to top another bigger fashion week in Singapore next year! 😛


Blogging for a Living by Grace Tan Book & Workshop Review


I first found out about Grace Tan’s new book Blogging for a Living when my aunt shared with me her Facebook post about it, along with an exclusive offer for a free 2 hour blogging workshop for the first 20 that purchased the book from her.

After reading the Facebook post, I promptly paid (Ibank) her for the book and signed up for the course mainly because it is one of my dream to be a book author (along with many of my other life ambitions, heh!) and as a fellow Singaporean blogger, I wanted to support her and also read what she has to say about Blogging. The workshop was simply a bonus and I am really glad I signed up, turned up and met her in person (see her post hereb.). More about that later, I will review the book first followed by the workshop! 🙂

Blogging for a Living by award winning Singaporean blogger Grace Tan

I will not divulge all the tips and tricks that Grace shares in the book, so that you will pay a small cost of ~$22 (slightly more with gst) at major book stores (see below for listings) and support our local author! 🙂

But I will share some parts from the book which I found to be very interesting for me, and hopefully also interest you to get the book. 🙂

Grace Tan’s Tips for blogging success (Summary):

1. Discover your passion. Blog about what you are passionate about so that it does not feel like ‘work’ and will be sustainable in the long run.

Ena: I can’t agree more with her, the reason why I am able to sustain this blog is because I love what I do here. Whether it’s a beauty product review, fashion apparel outfit of the day or restaurant/food places recommendation, I blog about them simply because I enjoy doing so and sharing about them on my blog to my friends and readers!

2. Do something different. Focus on your strengths and who you really are and convey that through your blog. Grace is famous for interviewing entrepreneurs, celebrities and millionaires for her blog. So find a way to make yourself and your blog memorable.

Ena: This is a point that I am still working on, I don’t think I have a very strong unique selling point (USP) that distinguishes me from other Singaporean lifestyle blogger. But I do think right now that my blog name – Ena Teo – is quite unique. I hope in time, people can begin to remember my name, face, blog name and for writing articulate, in-depth and honest reviews about fashion,  beauty and more. 😉

3. Emulate your way to success. In short, what you want to know about blogging, you can figure out from studying other, more established blogs.

Ena: This is a point that I’ve applied many a times on my own blog. Whenever I am in doubt, I’d reference other blogs and essentially, my blog is a result of my version of the best features that I liked on a few of my favourite blogs. 🙂

Another excerpt from the book, from an interview she had with Silver Ang:
“Also don’t start a blog because you think it will earn you good money. It is a lot of hard work if you don’t enjoy blogging. You want good money? Go into the banking and financing industry. And don’t think that that’s going to be easy either.”

Ena: As a part-time blogger, I can assure you that blogging is not an easy feat. Don’t expect money to drop your way just by writing and posting photos on your blog, that is if you even do that consistently. Just like any other task in life, you reap what you sow. A blogger has to be consistent and diligent in creating good content in order to reap rewards, whether in kind such as products, services or even cash. At this moment, I don’t make a single cent off my blog and in fact I’ve put in some money into this blog, to pay for my own domain. But I’ve reaped rewards in sponsored products sent for reviews, invitation to events and most rewardingly, a community of WordPress bloggers and friends I’ve made through this blog. 🙂

One last excerpt from chapter 9 “Different ways to monetize your blog in Singapore”:

Write a book. If you have the expertise, you can also write a book and get it published, or sell it online as an e-book; it is a great way to earn passive income off your work!

Ena: As an aspiring book author, I have some ideas on what I’d like to write about, mainly about topics such as fashion and beauty which are of keen interest to me. But it’s been simply a “dream” I’ve yet to put any action to. So meeting Grace in person is an inspiration, to know that someone has done it before me and as Singapore entreprener Adam Khoo would say, “If I can do it, so can you!” Although in this case, it would be, “If Grace can do it, so can you!”. This is a principle I’ve always adopted in life – if I want to achieve something, I’d look to someone who has done it before, and be convinced that if someone has done it before me, surely I can as well! 🙂

Overall book review: 5/5

I’d give this book a 5/5 for it’s content, delivery and layout. For what it’s worth ($22), Grace has shared so many helpful tips in the book that even with many years of blogging, I still found more than 50% of the content to be new and inspiring. It definitely helped that she has interviewed 7 other Singaporean bloggers (Patrick Liew, Celestine Chew, Silver Ang, Alvin Lin, Renee Lorentzen, Daniel Ang & Melissa Koh) who generously shared their experiences about blogging. I love Grace’s writing in the sense that it reads pretty much like how she’d speak to you in person, like a friend. No boring corporate speech but very friendly and engaging. Lastly, the layout was very easy on the eye and there would be lightbulb graphics to emphasize on certain topics of issue of note. If I were a complete newbie to blogging, I might even add a star * to 5/5 because she even has screenshots to detail step by step how to create a blog. That’s a lot of effort for your convenience. Overall, this book is definitely value for money, although I think if there was a special discount for students, it would be even better. As $22 isn’t a lot for me as a working adult but it would be for a student. 😛

Do go by her blog to check out a Book Hunt giveaway with total $1000 worth of SK-II products. 7 winners will be chosen with at least $100 product each! >> Contest ends 12 October, so gotta hurry! For list of places to buy her book, see below. 🙂

Now onto the 2 hour free workshop I attend along with 5 other bloggers!

 Grace Tan Blogging Workshop Review 22nd Sept 2013

From left to right: Joanna, Nasri, Carol, Leesa, Grace, Myself and Steven.

Overall workshop review: 4/5

I’ve got to say, my favourite part of attending the session was definitely meeting Grace in person. She is simply one of the most down to earth and honest person I know. She simply speaks her mind, gives excellent advice based on her real life experiences.

To be more specific, her advice for getting more traffic to one’s blog is to make opportunities to appear in mainstream media, such as Television (although, who still watches that? :P), newspapers and radio stations. This will greatly increase a blogger’s credibility and awareness. Perhaps it’s not simply about appearing in the media, but to also own the bragging rights to have appeared on the media, as a badge on your blog and book. 😉

Another practical tip she gave on how to be a better blogger is to commit to blogging consistently at least once a week. This is something I have a lot of problems with because I have no obligation to blog, and thus it makes it difficult for me to make a commitment:P However I do see the potential that my blog has, to grow to be a platform known for good recommendations and in-depth reviews for readers and thus I am definitely inspired from the workshop to take my blogging more seriously! Grace is very driven to make a proper/full time income/living off her blog. She sees how every effort she makes towards her blog as a business strategy and opportunity for income and that, is something that is really not easy for many.

Lastly, I am most inspired about how clear she is about living, that she desires to do the things in life that makes her happy and not to waste any moment of it. If there was only one thing I could take away from the workshop, it would definitely be that I want to be able to make decisions that will guide me to a happy living – whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. The reason why I didn’t give the workshop a perfect score is because the session was a tad too long, would be great if it could have been 1.5 hours instead of 2. 🙂

Here’s my review of the workshop, also seen on Grace’s blog:

Jia En, Digital Marketer and Blogger: “I like that I learnt how to be consistent in blogging by making a commitment – like blogging every Sunday. Thank you Grace, I really appreciate your time and sharing”..

It’s actually longer than that, but I guess you have the full version above already! 🙂

Do check out and like Grace’s Facebook page.



You can purchase the Blogging for a Living book at these places here:

1) MPH

Raffles City: 6336 4232

PARCO Millenia: 6336 4232

Robinson Road: 6222 6423

2) Kinokuniya [website]

Singapore Main Store (Ngee Ann City)
Tel: +65 6737 5021

Liang Court Store
Tel: +65 6337 1300

Bugis Junction Store
Tel: +65 6339 1790

Jurong Store
Tel: +65 6430 0868

3) Times [website]

JCube: 66844150

Jelita: 6466 5702

Tampines 1: 6782 7017

Centrepoint: 6734 9022

Marina Square: 6334 4650

Paragon: 6836 6182

Plaza Singapura: 63368861

4) Popular Bookstores -> Full list of contact numbers HERE


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Darling, you are the only exception. Paramore video review & personal reflections.

It’s not the first time that I’m watching this video and if anything I think this video was published at least 3 years ago. The Sam Tsui version was published back in 2010. Nonetheless a conversation over dinner tonight contained the words “you are the only exception” – not directed to me, if you are wondering. Which reminded me of this song and thus I’m here to wax lyrical about it.

I love the video to bits. It’s one of those so coherent with the lyrics and just visually so in sync with the entire song- the persona, the set, the mood, it’s so beautiful and with emotions within me that’s partly forming over the recent weeks and perhaps also due to some monthly hormonal high that got me tearing up as I watched it tonight.

The lyrics ring true:-

And that was the day that I promised
I’d never sing of love if it does not exist

But darling, you are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception

Maybe I know, somewhere deep in my soul
That love never lasts
And we’ve got to find other ways to make it alone
Or keep a straight face

And I’ve always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable distance
And up until now I had sworn to myself that I’m content with loneliness

No, I have not found a darling but I can still relate to the points of trying to find the existence of love on this earth, keeping a comfortable distance and affirming myself that I’m content with loneliness.

No I’m not saying I wish someone who loves me will pop up tmr and say hello but I guess I am saying that I’m still learning to admit that it’s ok to be vulnerable, it’s ok to say hi there, I’m not perfect and I need your help. And most importantly, it’s ok to be hurt and to be hurt in the process of developing friendships/relationships. We all learn and we all make mistakes. And if I remain forever clammed up in my own shell or walled in my own fortress I may be missing out on the joys outside of my own protective world.

Baby steps, I’ll take baby steps.