Month: March 2016

Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0017

Rebuild damaged hair with Chez Vous’ Trilogy System: Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder

If you’ve been following my updates on social media, you’d know that I’ve gone through multiple hair colours in the last 2 years and most significantly in the last year when I’ve sported light brown with ash highlights, purple (which faded to a blend of blonde & purple hues, mad love) and grey hair colours. Whilst I did

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Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2016 Happening Tomorrow

Singapore’s longest outdoor fashion runway is happening once again tomorrow 26 March 2016 at Orchard Road. It will start at 6pm along Paragon Main Atrium and fashion show will start at 7.30pm before ending with a party. Be sure to catch the show along Orchard road tomorrow night and all the fashion event related promotions

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