Pink Hair for Hope with Hairdreams Singapore

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You might have noticed the pink streaks in my hair since last week. I paid a visit to Hairdreams Singapore to experience and share about their ‘Pink Hair for Hope’ campaign and hair creation package which costs $80, and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation and is available for the whole month of October.

This includes the application of the stripes, wash and blow dry, and subsequent removal at the salon. This hair creation lasts up to three months, giving those in support a chance to spread the awareness of the support for Breast Cancer.

The last time I had coloured streaks hair extensions was when I was 21… For a rock & roll themed bday party. 💁😎✊😆 I’m glad that the extensions I have now is for an even more meaningful cause!

For more information and appointment booking, visit, or call 6653 5500. Hairdreams is located at: 51 Cuppage Road #01-09, Singapore 229469 / Tel: 6653 5500

Thank you Publicist PR & Hairdreams Singapore for having me, I am glad to lend my support this meaningful campaign.



HD_0006 HD_0008 HD_0029 HD_0032 HD_0038 HD_0044 HD_0045

My Trip to Rexults Clinic (formerly known as EPW Laser & Medical Aesthetics Clinic)

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A few weeks back I paid a visit to Rexults Clinic  (formerly known as EPW Laser & Medical Aesthetics Clinic) for a consultation followed by treatment session and I’m very pleased with my experience and happy to be able to share it with you today!


Before I go into details about the treatment process, let me share a little more about Rexults Clinic~


With 22 Years in Medical Aesthetics Practice, Rexults Clinic is located on the 17th floor of Tong Building in Orchard Road and the clinic is a pioneer in Singapore’s medical aesthetics industry which delivers top line medical skincare procedures for problematic skin conditions and non-surgical face enhancement solutions. The clinic was started in 1993 by Medical Director and Founder Dr EP Wong. You may not have seen many advertisements for the clinic because it has always relied on word of mouth, bass on their good track record. It is their reliability, being up-to-date and customer-centric culture that keeps patients visiting the clinic!


Excellent Facilities & Equipment:
Rexults Clinic has excellent facilities – large waiting areas with comfortable designer sofas, a professional photo-taking room, immaculate doctors’ consultation rooms and 4 treatment rooms filled with the latest medical-grade equipment. From these, I can see that the clinic strives to attain the highest professional standards in everything they do. I’ve also learnt that the doctors at Rexults Clinic also keep abreast on the latest developments in the field of medical aesthetics. In order to deliver precise results, due diligence is applied in the selection of equipment and refining the techniques of any new procedures.  For this reason, it is not just about the equipment, but the discerning eye, experience and skills of the specialists that matter.

 image6Spacious & comfortable waiting space before treatment. 

Rexults Clinic Treatment Room pictureA peek of the treatment room.

Procedures – No or Minimal Downtime:
After the registration, I was chaperoned into Associate Doctor, Melvin Tan’s consultation room.  I shared my objective to get rid of my some pigmentation and minor skin growth on my face.  As I was concerned about having any downtime, Dr. Tan assured me that the downtime for the recommended procedures would have no downtime / minimal downtime.

image8 Here’s a picture of me with the anesthetic cream before the laser treatment. It is left on for about 30-60 minutes and removed before the laser treatment. 

Here are the procedures and treatments I had experienced at Rexults Clinic: 

Clarity laser procedure – a very effective for pigmentation. The Clarity laser also helps in photo rejuvenation of the skin, so it can minimise your pores, reduce fine lines and help boost collagen synthesis.  Just what I need to maintain youthful-looking skin! You don’t have to worry about skin thinning as this laser targets the skin layers beneath, not the surface. Results: Brighter, clearer and more even skin tone.

Extraction – My nose needed extraction and the best way to is to have the procedure performed by a medical professional in a sterile environment.
Result: Smoother skin texture and helps in preventing future breakouts. I am really very impressed by the Doctor’s professional extraction, the acne spots very quickly died down with little to no scarring within the next few days. There really is a difference between a clinic and facial salon extraction, the difference is in the shorter downtime.

 • Radiowave surgery – is a highly effective procedure for the removal of skin surface irregularities such as acne, moles and skin tags.  Dr. Tan performed some spot radiowave surgery for some of the minor skin growth on my skin.
Result: Improved skin texture – i.e. smoother skin. After 3 weeks, I am truly very happy to report that this procedure has been a dream come true. The procedure did leave some minor scabs which dropped off naturally and now my skin is smooth. I didn’t even need any extra skincare after, Doctor Tan just told me to use my usual hydrating skincare.

Mask – A brightening and soothing mask is applied. Excellent in calming my skin.

LED Blue Light Treatment
Result: The light causes the development of oxygen radicals that get rid of acne bacteria without damaging healthy skin.

• LED Yellow Light Treatment
Result: Improves skin tone and helps to heal the skin.

IMG_4762Here’s a photo of me sans makeup with Dr Tan during the review, 1 week after the treatment. 

Patient Care
A key success of Rexults Clinic is that the staff are committed to developing long and trusting relationships with all clients.  Rexults Clinic trains their people to deliver superlative service both within the clinic and through a comprehensive after-care program that lets patients know that they are always there for them.  I like the fact that the clinic makes it a point to find out how your skin is doing even after the procedures and treatments have been done, like how I went back 1 weeks after the treatment for follow up. I can now understand why patients and their family/friends choose to visit Rexults Clinic. It is their professionalism and genuine after-care service that speaks volumes.


Background on Dr. Melvin Tan, Associate Doctor – Rexults Clinic
From my visit to Rexults Clinic, I learned that Dr. Melvin Tan enjoys individually tailoring combination treatments for his patients, relying on a large toolbox of procedures to ensure his patients achieve the best and most predictable results. He believes that patients should look natural and rested, while still maintaining their individuality. What is also interesting is that since 2012, Dr. Tan has personally trained over 50 doctors in South East Asia on basic and advanced injection techniques using Botox and fillers. If I do plan to have some face enhancement procedures done, I know who I can look for.

If you’re interested to improve your skin, you can make an appointment to see Dr. Melvin Tan at Rexults Clinic.

 Dr. Tan’s consultation fee is SGD$50.

 A customised program would be recommended by the doctor for every patient’s individual needs.

Rexults Clinic is located at 302 Orchard Road #17-01 Tong Building (Beside Paragon).
Call +65 235 5533.    Email:    Website:


Thank you Rexults Clinic, Dr Tan & Simon for my pleasant experiences at the clinic & for helping me achieve clearer and smoother skin through the laser and combination treatments!



Stylista Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop

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Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 0262 weeks ago, Stylista squad held our first Korean Beauty & Fashion workshop and here’s what went down!

Thanks to our location sponsor Park Regis Singapore, we held a cosy and intimate workshop session at their Melbourn Room on level 2. I recommend this hotel for business travellers as it’s conveniently located 5 min away from Clark Quay MRT station, plus you can also enjoy the night life nearby after work. It’s also great for a local staycation over the weekends as it’s newly refurbished and fully equipped with swimming pool, gym and dining restaurants. 
Park Regis Singapore 001Before the event took place, we had a quick tour around the hotel and it’s lovely! Once entering the hotel at ground floor, you’ll find seating spaces, restaurant and bar to hang out and chill.
Park Regis Singapore 003At the check in lobby, you’ll find free flow refreshment drink and a long counter that comes with seats to cater to the business travellers that come in from long haul flights.

There are 202 rooms and they come in 4 types; Park,  Merchant,  Quay & Regis (Suites). Park and Merchant are the standard rooms, with Park facing the office buildings while Merchant has a view of Clark Quay. Quay rooms are on the second floor with direct exit to the pool. Regis refer to the exclusive suite rooms.

Park Regis Singapore 015 Park Regis Singapore 016 Park Regis Singapore 017Exit from Quay room, with direct access to the pool.

Park Regis Singapore 012 Park Regis Singapore 013 Park Regis Singapore 010 Park Regis Singapore 007 Park Regis Singapore 006Regis rooms are suite rooms located from the 2nd to the 7th floor, they are bigger and some come with attached balcony, as in the one above that we viewed.

After the tour, we got back to the function room to prepare for the event.  Thanks to Floral Garage Singapore for sponsoring the floral arrangements for the table setting and baby breaths for our attendees’ goodie bag!

Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 005 Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 002 Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 006 Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 020 Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 021Visit Floral Garage SG’s site here for floral bouquets starting from $29.90!

Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 001After preparing the goodie bags, attendees started filling up the seats and it was time to begin! Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 013The workshop started off with a skincare segment with Atlas Medical Clinic’s new skincare range, here we have our lovely attendees  testing out the products during the demonstration led by Vinna.

Next up, we shared about key Korean skincare and makeup looks, trends and tips using our makeup partner, LANEIGE products.

Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 003 Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 014 Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 016 Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 015Event attendees testing out LANEIGE products during the makeup demo.

Following which, Alene and I shared about Korean fashion trends, culture and tips and we invited our friend Sydney and founder of fashion label, Style Of Leda to share about the brand and inspiration behind it.Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 017

We also had the pleasure to hear from Lorraine, co-founder of Atlas Medical Clinic and Atlas Medispa about Korean facial and skincare technologies.Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 018After Lorraine’s sharing, the workshop portion ended and everyone was free to mingle, ask questions and check out the booths by Atlas Medispa & Style of Leda.
Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 009 Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 007 Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 011 Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 012A big THANK YOU to everyone who came down to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon with all of us and making our very first Stylista workshop such a sweet memory! We hope that all of you learnt a thing or two about Korean beauty and fashion trends, enjoyed the session and will make full use of the items and vouchers from the goodie bag!

Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 027Not forgetting our hair sponsor Chez Vous for the hair services vouchers, Polished Hand + Foot Spa for mani+pedi vouchers as well as Kenny Bite Production for capturing the event happenings!

Last but not the least, the event would not have been possible without my squad and fellow bloggers: Celine, Vinna & Alene.
Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 010Celine & Vinna

Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 004Alene

Stylista Bloggers Korean Beauty & Fashion Workshop 008With a heart full of love and gratitude, I’d like to also give special thanks to my sisters & friends Jia Hui, Lu Jia, Ying Ling, Christabelle, Clarabelle, Leanne, Smita and Leon. Thank you for your prayers and encouragements. Thank you Jesus that you’ve made it all possible. It hasn’t been an easy journey to organize and prepare for an event like this for the first time but it’s made possible because everything fell into place with thanks to our sponsors and in accordance to God’s perfect timing. The Stylista squad definitely has a lot to improve on and we’ve definitely learnt a lot from this. If there’s only one thing you can take away from my post today, I hope it’s this:

You will never be fully prepared to fulfil your goals. Whether you fail or succeed, the act of taking a risk will stretch you. And it’s in taking that step of faith, out of your comfort zone that you will learn much and be closer to your goals. Don’t stop dreaming and never give up. One day you’ll look back and be thankful that you didn’t give up.

If you haven’t, be sure to follow me on IG @ena_teo for my updates!



Casual Days

Hi Loves!

What’s your idea of a casual weekend? Mine’s definitely hanging with family or friends over food – whether cafe hopping, at the mall’s, my place or theirs. Had the chance to pop by Christabelle‘s place the other weekend and took the chance to also take some outfit shots around her place. And while reviewing these photos, I belatedly realize… that I am back to leaning towards monochrome colours for my wardrobe. Black, white & greys are just so easy to mix and match with… and easy to throw on in the morning too!

Ena Enabalista Revolve Clothing Unif 003 Ena Enabalista Revolve Clothing Unif 002 Ena Enabalista Revolve Clothing Unif 001If you don’t already know by now, I am in love with sporty chic outfits and dresses. Although I have 2 similar dresses, one sleeveless and another short-sleeved, I just needed to get this when I saw it, hahaha. #Obsessed. I imagine this is the perfect dress to wear to support your favourite boy or sports player for a game. Throw on a black moto jacket or a jazzy bomber jacket and you’re ready to attend a concert or throw a party for your favourite rockstar. This particular dress is sold out, for more Unif dresses, check out Revolve Clothing here. I’m also wearing Free People’s Bella Coachella Strappy Back Bra with this look.American Eagle Outfitters Black Shorts Outfit Street Look 001 American Eagle Outfitters Black Shorts Outfit Street Look 002Have I mentioned that I love muscle tees? I got this DIOR NOT WAR singlet/tee from Malacca! Sometimes you can get really cute slogan tees from the market stalls. If you’re looking for something similar online, see this. Or if you prefer sleeved tees, which are reallyyy comfy, I totally recommend this cute OBEY Glitch Garden tee.  For shorts, nothing else beats American Eagle’s Outfitters’. I got these cut off shorts at their Vivo City outlet, I highly recommend you check them out if you haven’t! And if you’re wondering about the lace up sandals, these are from Zalora, you can get them here. Anddd if you’re planning to shop, save the code “ZBAPQGVB” for 15% discount at check out, valid for 1st purchase and for new customers only.

Thank you Revolve Clothing & American Eagles Outfitters for the apparels. <3 Thank you babe Christabelle for the photos! :*

Disclaimer: Outfits are sponsored or my own. The links in this post aren’t affliate links so I don’t get any credit if you buy, except for the Zalora discount code! Happy Shopping! 😉



Achieve Clearer, Brighter Skin with Atlas Medical Korean Triple Translucent Skin Trio

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Feels like it’s been a while since I last blogged about a facial review. I experienced the treatments a few months back, now that I finally find the time, I’m very excited to share about my experience with Atlas Medical Clinic/Medispa’s Korean Triple Translucent Skin Trio, aka Korean Skin Trio!

Atlas Medicial Clinic’s Korean Translucent Skin Trio consists of:
1. Revlite Laser Toning by Doctor SM Yuen
2. Aqua Radiance Medical Grade Facial
3. Korean Intense Moisture Mask
and it costs $128(inclusive GST)

You can also enjoy a similar Skin Trio treatment at Atlas Medispa, with the following steps:
1. Silk Peel
2. VPL, Variable Pulse Light Treatment
3. Hydrating Mask

Do note that a pre-assessment is needed prior to the treatment.

So I tried out 2 sessions of Revlite Laser Toning by Doctor SM Yuen and I love it! It was my very first time going through any laser toning or treatment of sorts and I was very happy to be under the good hands of Dr SM Yuen and team! If you’re like me and have never tried Revlite Laser Toning before, let me explain my experience~

After cleansing the face, one of the Atlas Medical Clinic attentive Skincare Therapist will prepare you and have your hair pulled and secured back with a white head band. Then the doctor is called in and he will gently speak to you and prepare you if it’s your first time going through laser. He explains that the laser is similar to a warm light and at the most, it shouldn’t feel more then an ant bite. Plus, there is a light air tube that blows cold air concurrently with the Revlite laser treatment which helps to distract and sooth any discomfort. There might be some slight burnt scent as it’s the laser burning away facial hairs, it’s perfectly normal and not detrimental.

I definitely enjoyed both Revlite Laser Toning sessions and love the clearing and brightening effect it has on my skin after. Check out the photos I took during and after the Revlite Laser Toning sessions!

image1After my first Revlite Laser Toning session.image2 image3A few days after the first Revlite Laser Toning session, my skin’s clearer, brighter and make up applies on smoother.

image4Another photo after my first Revlite Laser Toning session.

Went back for my second Revlite Laser Toning Session, I think I was pretty much experiencing my best(albeit slightly tired) skin in my entire life, with little to no pimples because of the right combination of hydrating skincare, supplements, facials, laser treatments and healthy lifestyle. ^^image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image10

A few days after the second Revlite Laser Toning session. Was actually feeling really tired, but thank God for radiant good skin thanks to the Revlite Laser Toning sessions!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Last but not the least, I also had the chance to review Atlas Medispa’s Skin Trio session, which as mentioned above, consists of the Silk Peel, VPL and mask steps which helps to remove dead skin cells, rejuvenate by hydrating and brightening the skin!

Remember to quote “Ena Teo” if you’re visiting the Medispa or Clinic to get special rates for their services and products!

Visit & Contact:

Atlas Medical ~ Laser & Aesthetics Clinic by Dr SM Yuen
391B Orchard Road #24-08/09/10
Ngee Ann City Tower B
Singapore 238874

Tel: +65 6556 0829
Fax: +65 6734 9685

Atlas Medispa (Orchard)
391B Orchard Road #13-10/10A
Ngee Ann City Tower B
Singapore 238874

Tel: +65 6735 0996

Thank you to Dr Yuen, Atlas Medispa Team for all the continual love and care for my skin and I!



Photoworthy Captures at ION Orchard’s The Fashion Playhouse

Hi Loves!

A few days ago I had the pleasure to visit ION Orchard’s The Fashion Playhouse with 2 Fashion Inversion rooms; one where you’ll look like you’re floating in mid air and another where you’ll look like a giant when you’re standing on the right side of the room. There’s also a Fashion Reflection room where you can lie on the floor and look like you’re on the front cover of a magazine! It’s definitely something cute, fashionable and photo-worthy.
ION Fashion Playhouse 2015 003ION Fashion Playhouse 2015 002 ION Fashion Playhouse 2015 001

Unfortunately, the Fashion Reflection room was not in working order the day I was there. So there’s no photos of that room.

The Fashion Playhouse opens from 11am to 8pm daily to shoppers who spend a minimum of S$80 at ION Orchard.  In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, ION Orchard is offering free admission for shoppers to the fashion playrooms, and all they need to do is to post at least three Instagram posts with the hashtag #IONPlayhouse and #OrchardRoad. The Fashion Playhouse will be located at ION2 from 24 September to 21 October.

Contingency plans have also been put in place in light of the haze.  The outdoor Fashion Playhouse will be closed if the PSI readings exceed the unhealthy range (above 150).  Signs will be placed at the entrance of the Fashion Playhouse to encourage shoppers to minimise prolonged outdoor activities, or redirect shoppers accordingly.  

Aside from the Fashion Playhouse, shoppers will also be inspired by the larger-than-life doll-houses on Levels 2 and 3 of ION Orchard.  These carefully styled doll houses showcase the latest collections from the mall’s best-loved brands such as Bally, Diane von Furstenberg and Dsquared2 among others.

Also part of the Autumn Winter Fashion Season are a series of shopper workshops and shopping deals throughout the season, including the perfect accessory this fall – a limited edition Dian Von Furstenberg scarf – with a minimum of $1,000 spent.

Have fun checking out the Fashion Playhouses and shopping at ION Orchard! 😉

Thank you Daphne from Weber Shanwick Singapore PR for the kind invite! Also thanks to the friendly staffs on site for taking the photos for me and posing with me too! 🙂



Experience JMF Multi-Level Peeling for Healthy Skin

Hi Loves~

A short while ago I had the pleasure to try out JMF Multi-Level Peeling at Annabelle Skin boutique and I’d like to share my experience of it with you.

Before this treatment, I’ve not tried any fruit acid peeling treatments before, so this is my first time!^^
Annabelle Skin JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Blogger Review HiRes 002Annabelle Skin boutique at The Adelphi, conveniently located a stone’s throw away from City Hall MRT station.
Annabelle Skin JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Blogger Review HiRes 003This is the cozy entrance and reception area. This area is also where the therapist will conduct the consultation prior to the treatment. The therapist will provide an in-depth skin analysis using a skin scanner and advise the level of JMF Multi-Peeling accordingly.

The therapist shared a very insightful comment about my skin, that my acne prone skin could be a result of my facial hair (I have more facial hair than normal). Even though it’s not obvious to the naked eye, under the skin scanner, the acne spots I have on my skin could be caused by irritation or dust collected due to the facial hair. This was the first time I have heard about my facial hair being a cause of my acne and I will take note to remove my facial hair via mask, laser or a simple knife tool (also recommended by popular American beauty Youtuber Caribel). 

The therapist also shared that I should use an oil based cleanser as it does the job of removing make up and especially sun block much better than just water based cleanser. So ever since then, I have taken her advice and started using my Kose oil based cleanser (which also smells really good, hehe) and I do think this advice have proven useful! So basically I am very impressed with Annabelle Skin’s therapist because, despite having been to a handful of facial salons, non of them have actually given me such valuable insights, which I really appreciate. 🙂

Annabelle Skin JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Blogger Review HiRes 001Annabelle Skin’s facial/therapy room.
Annabelle Skin JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Blogger Review 002A snap of my bare face, pre treatment. Some prominent redness on the cheeks, nose and forehead with acne/pimple spots scattered around. Unfortunately I have not been having the best of skin lately as I have been under a fair bit of stress juggling a few things on hand. Not an excuse because I really had awesome skin earlier this year… hahaha! The truth really is, if we don’t stress so much, sleep early/more and be happy, we will all be healthier and have better skin. But being #SoSingaporean, skincare, makeup and facial are our skin’s saviours when we have outbreaks due to stress, am I right? 🙂

For the uninitiated, JMF Multi-Level Peeling gets its name from the JMF brand. Founded in 2004, JMF has since gained popularity in Italy and the rest of Europe. The brand provides safe and effective treatments with customised cocktails of fruit acids such as AHA, BHA, SA, PHA, AKA and other active ingredients to gently exfoliate, tighten and rejuvenate the skin. This unique synergy reduces the irritation usually caused by the penetration of fruit acids and, at the same time, allows dead skin to be sloughed off safely and for active ingredients to be absorbed effectively. New skin cells are regenerated rapidly, thus the skin becomes smoother as impurities are removed naturally. The treatment also plumps up and hydrates the skin, giving it an energised and oxygenated boost, along with reduced appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines with its antioxidant effect.

The JMF Multi-Level Peeling treatment comprises of a highly focused three-level approach namely T1, T2 and T3, with 27%, 37% and 55% fruit acid at each respective level. At every stage, the skin will be treated with a FIX solution encompassing Aloe Vera extracts for a neutralising effect which soothes and calms the skin before the next level is administered.

By the third level, T3 is only applied at targeted spots for a localised treatment. A therapist will decide on the level of peeling and adjust the treatment according to the client’s skin conditions at every step of the way. The JMF Multi-Level Peeling treatment is a highly versatile treatment suitable for all skin conditions including acne, enlarged pores, dull skin complexions, scarring, pigmentation, and mature, wrinkled skin.

According to the therapist, a few treatments would be recommended to achieve the full results. So my one time experience is really just to share more about the process and what you can expect if you’re going to try it for the first time! 🙂

So after the skin consultation, Annabelle Skin’s therapist recommended that for my skin, we can reach level 2, also known as T2 stage, for the JMF Multi Level Peeling. I can feel the tingling sensation quite strongly already at level 1 so I was quite hesitant to go for T2. Bearing in mind, I have quite a low threshold for pain. So the therapist suggested a very quick T2 process, applying it for about a minute rather than the full 3-5 minutes. I agreed and went along with her advise as I trusted her experience and professionalism.

This is the full JMF Multi-Level Peeling Method, for your reference:

Treatment for all skin types. Therapist to observe the different skin conditions and adjust treatment time and level of treatment according to the individual skin’s needs.

  1.  Remove make-up with DM clean. (Cleansing milk to clear impurities and makeup)


2  . Cleanse with Sens Pre-peel (for sensitive, dry skin) or Deep Pre-peel (for oily skin or skin withenlarged pores)


3  . Remove with cotton wool soaked in cool water. Dry thoroughly, using tissues.

4  . Apply T1 composit (27%) to each area in sequence for about 3-5 minutes, and neutralise with Fix composit. Remove with cotton wool soaked in cool water. Dry thoroughly, using tissues.

5  . Apply T2 composit (37%) to each area in sequence for about 3-5 minutes, and neutralise with Fix composit. Remove with cotton wool soaked in cool water. Dry thoroughly, using tissues.

6  . Check on the skin’s condition for problem areas such as wrinkle, pimples or pigmentation, apply T3 composit (55%) to each area in sequence as a localised treatment for 1-3 minutes, and neutralise with Fix composit. Remove with cotton wool soaked in cool water. Dry thoroughly, using tissues.

7  . Apply Vita AE or Vita C complex for skin that needs anti-ageing, anti-oxidant or brightening treatment (not applicable for young skin or clogging skin)

8  . Apply SB. Cream composit

9  . Apply Mask composit and leave in place for 8 minutes.

10  . Remove with cotton wool soaked in cool water. Dry thoroughly, using tissues.

11  . Apply SB.creaM composit as moisturiser.

After the treatment, I was given these product samples to use for home care, refer to end of post for more product details and information and where to get them. I personally think the mixture of Dr Belter and JMF cleansers/ moisturizer provided for a simple and gentle home care, post treatment.

Annabelle Skin JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Blogger Review 003Gentle makeup remover, toner and cleanser.Annabelle Skin JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Blogger Review 004With cleanser and moisturizer.Annabelle Skin JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Blogger Review 005Addition of light scrub after 1 week.

Keeping track of the results after the JMF Multi Level Peeling treatment!:Annabelle Skin JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Blogger Review 006This is a 4 days after the treatment, my bare face right after the shower. Skin is redder where the sensitive areas/acne spots are as the JMF Multi-Level Peeling has activated these areas for dead skin/acne removal from within – it was a little unbearable the first 2-3 days as this process takes place.

Annabelle Skin JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Blogger Review 007Bare skin after 12 days / less than 2 weeks. Redness has definitely died down. Overall, although the treatment can be altered for all or most skin types, I’d personally recommend this more for people with normal to dry skin type, or if you’re looking for a natural fruit acid peeling treatment for skin removal and rejuvenation! And I definitely think Annabelle Skin boutique provides personalized, professional and thoughtful service that makes you feel at home and cozy.
Annabelle Skin JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Blogger Review After 001Ending this post with my made up, funny faces instead of a bare face! 😛

Thank you Annabelle Skin and The Good Folks for the kind invitation!

Visit Annabelle Skin:
TEL: 6336 8975



The JMF Multi-Level Peeling treatment includes key Active Ingredients such as:



Glycolic Acid

A natural constituent of sugar cane juice and the smallest organic Alpha HydroxyAcid (AHA) which allows for deeper penetration and high fibroblast stimulation.

Pyruvic Acid

A chemical peeling agent ideal for inflammatory acne, moderate acne scars and greasy skin. Promotes a smoother skin texture, reduces wrinkles and lightens hyperpigmentation.

Salicylic Acid

An extract from the bark of a willow tree, it is anti-inflammatory and has a strong comedolytic, bactericidal and sebum-regulating action, therefore perfect for acnes.

Kojic Acid

An extract from the fermentation of malting rice, used in the production of sake, Japanese rice wine. Targets pigmentation as it inhibits the development of melanin.


An effective skin whitener, sebum normaliser, hydrating agent that also promotes elasticity. Suitable for acne, rosacea, pigmentation conditions.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.54.11 am Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.54.20 am Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.54.26 am

JMF Multi-Level Peeling treatments and products are available exclusively at:


TEL: 6336 8975


681, HOUGANG AVE 8, #01-819 SINGAPORE 530681
TEL: 63856077


BLK 625, ANG MO KIO AVE 9, #01-112 SINGAPORE 560625
TEL: 64525667


BLK 353 JURONG EAST ST. 31, #01-119, 2ND FLOOR SINGAPORE 600353
TEL: 93860232


TEL: 91467958


BLK 88 #01-153, BEDOK NORTH ST 4 SINGAPORE 460088
TEL: 64485288


TEL: 62745137

Project Facelift: Helpling lends a helping hand to Boon Lay residents

Hi Loves! 

Today I’d like to share a guest post from my friends from Helping. I’m really happy to be sharing what they’ve done, in doing their part and contributing to society. Hope you’ll enjoy the post!

Between SG50 celebrations, a national election and battling the haze, it’s been a hectic couple of months in Singapore. With so much happening across the island, and so little time to do it all, it goes without saying that Singapore’s residents have been very busy!

But amidst all the commotion, we sometimes forget about what motivates us in the first place to do the things we do. Take Helpling, for example, which provides a platform for customers to book part-time cleaning services. The company has its beginnings as a community project to help locals in lower-income households find part-time domestic cleaning jobs. These values remain a core part of Helpling, with many of its cleaning partners from low-income households, or unable to take a full-time job because of elderly or childcare responsibilities.

So in July, Helpling contacted Boon Lay constituency’s grassroots organisers to participate in its Project Facelift. Helpling Singapore CEO Hoe Yeen Teck and his team, together with some of their cleaning partners and volunteers, spent a day cleaning the homes of low-income residents with health and mobility issues.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.18.58 pm

It was an important reminder for the staff and volunteers, especially in the 50th year of independence, that while Singapore is an economically advanced and prosperous country, many Singaporeans could still do with support. Many of Helpling’s cleaning partners themselves come from underprivileged backgrounds, so it was doubly meaningful for them to participate in Project Facelift.

Yeen Teck said, “The most memorable part of the day was not so much the scrubbing and cleaning, but the humbling conversations we had with residents and the heartwarming stories by our cleaning partners about overcoming their own challenges.”

And it wasn’t just the Helpling staff who were touched. One of Helpling’s cleaning partners added, “I am able to relate very well to what these residents are facing. I enjoy helping others, and I am glad for this chance to give back.”

Participating in Project Facelift was a great experience for everyone involved, especially for the Helpling team to experience the values behind its service, while assisting those in need of a helping hand. You can watch the Project Facelift video below.

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Thank you James & Helping for the post. Kudos and well done to team Helping for bringing smiles to the residents of Boon Lay as part of Project Facelift!