Alcina Hyaluron 2.0, My Current Favourite Moisturizer

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A while back I was invited for an Alcina’s bloggers event and brought home a goodie bag for review. For those who haven’t heard of them, it’s  because they’re a German brand that’s new to Singapore market and recently just launched on It was a great time at the event having coffee and treats while hearing from the Alcina R&D team including their makeup artist. I also got to try out their skincare and makeup as I had the pleasure to be the model for the demo. 🙂  I really enjoy their skincare which is very hydrating and has a fresh botanical scent. And I super love their moisturizer Hyaluron 2.0 which includes hyaluronic acid. After using the Hyaluron 2.0 moisturizer for a week, my skin was very well hydrated and a lot of my blemishes cleared up and I felt that my skin became better with this moisturizer, so I highly recommend it! You can get it on Luxola at $74.95 here.  Their makeup also wears very well on my skin and holds up well even in the humid weather. Expect a more matt finishing with their foundation an makeup and their Sun Kiss Powder is exactly that – gives you that Sun Kiss look! You can get it at $49.95 here
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 002Club Street Social cafe at 5 Gemmil Lane. Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 003Beautiful array of Alcina cosmetics!Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 004Variations of powders, blushers & sun kissed powder.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 005Eyeshadows in earth colours.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 006Richly pigmented lipsticks from natural to bold colours, moisturizing with a shiny finishing.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 007Had the chance to try on this eye and lip cream before the lipstick and it’s super good. I highly recommend it for people with dry skin and looking for a lip moisturizer that’s effective without being overly oily.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 008 Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 009Another product highlight is the Alcina Skin Clarifying Fluid that promises to clear blemishes and and yield a clear and healthy skin complexion with prolonged use. To be used after cleansing face and before makeup. I would recommend this over the Hyaluron 2.0 as a moisturizer for blemish skin and after the blemishes clear up, then change to the Hyaluron 2.0.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 010Close ups of makeup with gorgeous rope embossing.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 011Bold red lipstick.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 012Alcina also has their version of nourishing capsules for more mature skin and for a velvety finish.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 013More Alcina products.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 014Mocha and treats!Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 015Listening to the Alcina team share about their R&D base in Germany – the building and weather looks awesome!
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 016Alcina make up artist shares her experience with Alcina products and how they’re holding up well even in Singapore’s humid weather.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 017Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 018Had the chance to snap a few pics during the make up demo too! Haha.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 001 Posting my before make over; simpler, fairer and dewy make up look.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 019Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 022

Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 020 Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 021Post make up demo look; matt finishing, more contouring and defined look.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event Review  001Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event Review  002Alcina’s Sun Kiss Powder and Hyaluron 2.0.

You can visit Luxola to purchase Alcina products here.
Thank you Luxola and Alcina for the invite and products for review !



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  1. I have been using Alcina brand of skincare 30 years ago in Malaysia. It’s not new too me. It’s a trusted brand.

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