Alcina Hyaluron 2.0, My Current Favourite Moisturizer

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A while back I was invited for an Alcina’s bloggers event and brought home a goodie bag for review. For those who haven’t heard of them, it’s  because they’re a German brand that’s new to Singapore market and recently just launched on It was a great time at the event having coffee and treats while hearing from the Alcina R&D team including their makeup artist. I also got to try out their skincare and makeup as I had the pleasure to be the model for the demo. 🙂  I really enjoy their skincare which is very hydrating and has a fresh botanical scent. And I super love their moisturizer Hyaluron 2.0 which includes hyaluronic acid. After using the Hyaluron 2.0 moisturizer for a week, my skin was very well hydrated and a lot of my blemishes cleared up and I felt that my skin became better with this moisturizer, so I highly recommend it! You can get it on Luxola at $74.95 here.  Their makeup also wears very well on my skin and holds up well even in the humid weather. Expect a more matt finishing with their foundation an makeup and their Sun Kiss Powder is exactly that – gives you that Sun Kiss look! You can get it at $49.95 here
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 002Club Street Social cafe at 5 Gemmil Lane. Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 003Beautiful array of Alcina cosmetics!Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 004Variations of powders, blushers & sun kissed powder.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 005Eyeshadows in earth colours.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 006Richly pigmented lipsticks from natural to bold colours, moisturizing with a shiny finishing.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 007Had the chance to try on this eye and lip cream before the lipstick and it’s super good. I highly recommend it for people with dry skin and looking for a lip moisturizer that’s effective without being overly oily.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 008 Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 009Another product highlight is the Alcina Skin Clarifying Fluid that promises to clear blemishes and and yield a clear and healthy skin complexion with prolonged use. To be used after cleansing face and before makeup. I would recommend this over the Hyaluron 2.0 as a moisturizer for blemish skin and after the blemishes clear up, then change to the Hyaluron 2.0.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 010Close ups of makeup with gorgeous rope embossing.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 011Bold red lipstick.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 012Alcina also has their version of nourishing capsules for more mature skin and for a velvety finish.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 013More Alcina products.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 014Mocha and treats!Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 015Listening to the Alcina team share about their R&D base in Germany – the building and weather looks awesome!
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 016Alcina make up artist shares her experience with Alcina products and how they’re holding up well even in Singapore’s humid weather.
Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 017Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 018Had the chance to snap a few pics during the make up demo too! Haha.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 001 Posting my before make over; simpler, fairer and dewy make up look.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 019Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 022

Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 020 Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event 021Post make up demo look; matt finishing, more contouring and defined look.Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event Review  001Luxola x Alcina Blogger Event Review  002Alcina’s Sun Kiss Powder and Hyaluron 2.0.

You can visit Luxola to purchase Alcina products here.
Thank you Luxola and Alcina for the invite and products for review !



The Face Shop Best Selling Suncare; Sebum Control & Power Long Lasting

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You know what are my top three tips for healthy skin?
1. Drink water regularly
2. Have sufficient sleep and sleep early (ideally by 11pm, unfortunately I always sleep late T_T#)
3. Sunblock is your best friend!
Basically the sun and dehydration of the skin is the cause of all, if not most of the skin problems. So keeping your skin hydrated and protected from harmful sun rays is essential to good, healthy skin! 😉

If you’re completely new to the realm of sunblocks, especially facial sunblock, then I’ve got good news and recommendations for you today!

A year ago, I blogged and reviewed THEFACESHOP’s then new Natural Sun Eco range and their Power Long Lasting Sun Cream (Sunblock). Fast forward today, this Sun Cream is now THEFACESHOP’s best selling product under their Natural Sun Eco range and it’s reportedly selling at 1 piece every minute. To recap the benefits of this product, in addition to UV protection, the Natural Sun Eco Power Long Lasting covers blemishes and corrects skin tone, doubling up as a light makeup base as well.

 This year, THEFACESHOP introduces yet another amazing sun screen- Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun SPF40 PA++. A lightweight textured sun block, this new sun screen contains eco-certified organic Sunflower extracts and controls excessive sebum. Unlike the usual sun creams in the market that is sticky and oily in texture, the Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun Cream highlights itself on its super lightweight texture and amazing sebum controlling functions.

The Face Shop Sebum Control and Power Long Lasting Sunscreen Blogger Review

I personally love THEFACESHOP’s new Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun Cream because it’s an effective sunblock while still being lightweight and able to provide sebum control – doesn’t clog pores or make my oily/combination skin feel more oily than it is! PLUS it has this really refreshing scent I love. I highly recommend this sunblock for everyday use for people with normal to oily/combination skin like me. And it’s affordably priced at S$23.90. I would recommend THEFACESHOP’s Power Long Lasting Sun Cream if you’re constantly under the sun or if you’re planning to head out to the beach. The beauty of this product is that it can double up as lightweight foundation and cover blemishes, so on days when you feel lazy or are running a quick errand, this is all you need for your base! This sunblock is available for sale at S$28.90.

Thank you THEFACESHOP for sending this super cute media kit and sunblocks for review!



Effective Scar Removal Mederma Proactive Gel

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You know how pesky mosquito bite scars can be on the calves, legs, arms and neck? Thank God for scar removal gels!

Mederma Proactive Scar Removal Gel Blogger Review 002Mederma, the No. 1 doctor-recommended scar management brand in the USA, is now in Singapore with their highly-raved Mederma Proactive Gel, a great healing product that has been proven to help to visibly reduce scarring. This proactive gel works on many types of scars – from operation and old-injury scars, and even acne scars!

Mederma Proactive Scar Removal Gel Blogger Review 001Thanks to Mederma SG and The PR People, they prepared a Quick-Fix Kit just for me, for those little emergencies and curveballs that life throws up, including, of course, the Mederma Proactive Gel.

I’ve tried it on my facial acne scars and I was impressed with the translucent gel and especially how lightweight it was! My bestie Fion suffered from pesky mozzie scars from her Taiwan trip and I passed her the gel to use and she LOVES it! She’s now unto her second tube. Beverly also blogged about how she used 3 tubes after her C-section birth to her baby. This stuff is legit, guys.

Mederma Proactive Gel is available in 20g ($29.80) and 50g ($59.80) at all Guardian, Unity, and selected Watsons stores. The 50g pack size is only available at Guardian stores. 



Diptyque’s Florabellio Launch @ Escentials Paragon



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I’m finally getting up to speed on posting about Diptyque’s Florabellio fragrance launch on the blog, yay! That’s why you should follow me on my Instagram @ena_teo and Facebook if you haven’t, because I update these platforms when I’m at events/ on the spot moments! Sometimes I get kind of torn and think about ditching my blog cause it takes so much more effort to publish a post, but then I think about how people can’t find an Instagram post like they can find a blog post when they google for reviews, and of course I’ve come to compile sooo much content on my blog that obviously I can’t give up on it, it’s too precious. So I just need to work on updating my blog more often! #Icandothis #Ivegotit 😀

For the uninitiated, Diptyque is a Parisian that started off at 34 boulevard Saint Germain as a home decor brand of sorts before they expanded to include home and personal fragrances. Now they’ve reached a cult status as a home fragrance brand for the discerning, just check out #Diptyque on Instagram.

Diptyque’s new spring fragrance Florabellio is inspired by Diptyque’s founder Christiane Gautrot’s childhood memories growing up by the Normandy seaside, apple orchards and smelling fresh coffee in the morning. 🙇🌊🍎🌳☕️ (Yay to emoticons on the blog! hahaha) This unique scent starts with the freshness of osmanthus, layered with sea fennel (smells similar to the peppery anise), apple blossoms and ends with coffee notes. After application, the scent smells powdery or musky on different skin. All in all, a refreshing spring scent that ends on a nostalgic & sensual note.

I personally really enjoyed the intimate blogger/instagrammer session organized by escentials, I love how they evoked our various senses with the visual projection, story telling, illustrations and of course fragrances that make up the new scent. It was a beautiful experience! I recommend the use of this fragrance if you’re an outdoorsy kind of person or for an outdoor date. 😌🍃 

The 50ml retails for $144 and the 100ml retails for $190. escentials is located at Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, #03-02/05, Singapore 238859. Tel: 6737 2478. Thank you escentials for the lovely evening & Leanne for the invite~

Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 001 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 002 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 003 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 004 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 005 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 006 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 007 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 008 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 009 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 010 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 011 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 012 Escentials Diptiqye Florabellio Launch 013Random photos of Lipstick Queen lippies at escentials!




Touch Up at Chez Vous

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Lol, I know my hair colour is completely different by now, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’re my frequent blog reader cause I take forever and a day to update my blog. But, ahem, just a few months ago, when my hair colour was in a very vibrant blondish brown with ash grey highlights, I had my hair roots touched up and here are the pictures! Looking back at these photos made me realize that I really do like this hair colour on me, must be my inner LA girl unleashed! Also, I’ve come to really like my Chez Vous salon trip updates on my blog, because they give me a legit reason to spam selfies, HAHAHA. 😛 Thanks Jamie for the original hair dye and Shawn (pictured below) for the touch up! And as always, thanks Eugene and Chez Vous bosses for always giving me a slot like every month/other month for my hair adventures/transformation, kekeke. Chez Vous Salon Hair Roots Touch Up April 2015 001 Chez Vous Salon Hair Roots Touch Up April 2015 002 Chez Vous Salon Hair Roots Touch Up April 2015 003I like how silly/cool I look with this hair machine/helmet looking thing. 😛
Chez Vous Salon Hair Roots Touch Up April 2015 004Thank you Shawn!Chez Vous Salon Hair Roots Touch Up April 2015 005 Chez Vous Salon Hair Roots Touch Up April 2015 006You know what they say, toilet selfies are the best, no?Chez Vous Salon Hair Roots Touch Up April 2015 007 Chez Vous Salon Hair Roots Touch Up April 2015 008 Chez Vous Salon Hair Roots Touch Up April 2015 009

Visit Chez Vous Salon at 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City #05-05, Call 6732 9388 to book your appointment, lest they’re fully booked if you walk in.

Till the next update!



Grand Plastic Surgery Korea Blogger Event & Prestige Cell (Anti Wrinkle) Mask Review

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A while back I was invited for a Grand Plastic Surgery Korea blogger event to hear and learn more about Grand Plastic Surgery Korea and the services/treatments they have to offer. They tout themselves to be Korea’s biggest plastic surgery center with 4300m2 across their 21 stories building. Their Sinsa Main Center is fully equipped with state of the art medical facility and they offer one stop service from consultation, treatment, surgery, recovery and post care.

Naturally they provide a comprehensive list of surgery treatments including Eyes, Nose, Fat Grafting (voluminous baby face is apparently popular in Korea now, which for the life of me, I can’t understand why, especially since people with baby face are actively trying to get rid of the excess fats), Anti-aging (Face lift), Breast and Body Contouring and Jaws/Facial Contouring.

We also heard from Jacqueline aka GollyLocks, who gone through double eyelids and jaw reduction/facial contouring done at Plastic Surgery Korea. She said it was a painless experience, which obviously came as a shock to the other bloggers in attendance. She’s very satisfied with the results and recommends their services.

Along with 2 other bloggers, I had the chance to meet one of the Grand Plastic Surgery doctor for a quick consultation at the event. I enquired about double eyelid surgery (would/might want to go for one in the future) and he was quite confident that I can get my even double eyelids for my eyes, as I currently have uneven double/single eyelids. I enquired about the failure percentage at Grand Plastic, to which he said is less than 5% as each doctor specialises in a certain area so they are very skilled and they also offer free rectification surgery.

The staff followed up with an email on the recommended surgery after the consultation, their rates and recommended length of stay after the session:

[Eyelid Surgery]

1.  Natural Adhesion Method
  1,500,000 ~ 1,700,000 Korean won (>$1500SGD)

2. Ptosis Correction
700,000 ~ 900,000 Korean won (>$800SGD)

The minimum recommended stay is 3~ 4 days in Korea to have post surgery treatment  and outside stitches removed. If you could stay up to 6 ~ 7 days it may be even better to check on your recovery.

S$2300 for an eyelid surgery is definitely cheaper than in Singapore, which costs about S$3000 or more and by doctors who are likely not as skilled then those in Korea who likely perform on hundreds a week, if not days. But if you include airfare and hotel stay in Korea then it’s definitely more expensive, haha.

I can’t attest nor recommend their services since I’ve not tried them before, nonetheless I do think they’re worth considering if you’re preparing to head to Korea to have an eye/nose/jaw/boob/facelift job done! Check out their english website here and email them here if you’re keen to enquire about the fees, consultation and surgery details, etc.

What I would recommend is that you look for a Korean friend to help you make the booking in Korean if possible, as I’ve heard from friend/friend of friends who’ve been to Korea for beauty services/treatments/surgery that it’s cheaper when a Korean makes the booking in Korean. Plus, Koreans themselves would most likely know which clinic is credible and recommend the really good clinics, right?

Plus, my review of Grand Plastic’s Prestige Cell (Anti Wrinkle) Mask is at the end of the post.
Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 001Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 002Snapping selfies before the event which was held at a restaurant/Joie By Dozo at Orchard Central, which is one of my favourite malls in town, the other being 313 Somerset, because they have SO MANY YUMMY RESTAURANTS. I digress.Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 003Jacqueline shares her own experience with Grand Plastic Korea, yes she travelled to Korea for the surgeries. You can read about her experience on her blog here!

Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 004During the consultation with the doctor, blogger friend before me was asking about liposuction.

Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 005Waiting for my consultation, which was held on stage and by my turn I don’t think the other bloggers were keen/following with the consultation questions, lol.
Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 006Wefie with Melissa and Jacqueline!<3 Lighting was really good.
Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 007 Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 008So I snapped a few more, keke.Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 009 Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 010 Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 011Headed for a surprise birthday celebration for a colleague at Studio M Hotel after the event, snapped more selfies while I was on the way! 😀

Grand Plastic Surgery Blogger Event and Prestige Cell Mask Review 012I’m not a huge mask person because I’m generally a really lazy hassle free  person that don’t seem to find that 15-20 min time period for a seat in facial mask, ha. And I also tend to be put off by really fancy masks like snail essence #IJustCant. So it’s kind of thankfully that I didn’t read the ingredients into the mask before I used it because this Prestige Cell (Anti Wrinkle) Mask contains 5% cord blood derived stem cells. with 30 different skin regeneration factors to reduce wrinkles and give you youthful/supple looking skin. I probably shouldn’t be grossed out because the ingredient is an extract/derivative from laboratory and not actual blood per se. And I will still use the 2 other masks I have (3 in the pack I was given) because it does feel really good. The mask sheet is premium fibre sheet that promises to hold more of the cord blood derived stem cells and hold on to the face better, and when I first touched it I could tell it’s better quality then the usual/normal ones and they did cover my face snugly until it began to dry out with time before it came off. The mask is free from fragrance, artificial ingredients, ethanol, paraben, mineral oil, so I reckon this is good for sensitive skin types too! Use this face mask after washing and toner. Remove after 15-20minutes and dab remaining essence into the skin for absorption. I recommend using this mask in the evening so you can wake up to refreshed skin. Only found 1 online site selling these Prestige Cell Masks (no guarantee if the site is credible or not though) and it’s selling at 65HKD/$12SGD which is surprisingly cheap cause I was expecting the mask to be like SKII pricing, which is $122 for 6 or $20/mask. I haven’t actually tried SK-II mask before, but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, perhaps you can try this! 🙂

Thank you Grand Plastic Surgery Korea and Incite Comms for the blogger event invite and masks for review!



Watson’s Girls Day Out 2015 aka Mini Health & Beauty Expo

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A while back, I had a blast at Watson’s Girl’s Day Out at NEX along with my fellow bloggers and beauty enthusiasts Joanna and Charissa. There were more than 10 health/beauty booths promoting their latest health or beauty related products on site. It was like we were attending a mini health and beauty expo and it was fascinating to have so brand/product presentations within 2 hours! The atrium event lasted a week, be sure to follow Watsons on their FB and IG for their future events and promotions updates. 🙂

Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 001Cool Watsons Girl’s Day Out Ceiling Lights Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 056With  my angel wings ^^
Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 005Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 004With Charissa at the Bioderma boothWatsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 002Kinohimitsu Diamond Night collagen drinks counter.
Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 003Yu Pin Zhen bird nest counter.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 006 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 007 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 008 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 009 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 010Manuka Doctor booth and skincare products.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 011 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 012 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 013 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 014 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 015With Charissa and Joanna at Vichy Ideal White range booth.
Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 016At L’Oreal’s Revitalift Magic Blur moisturizer booth.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 020Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 017Bio Essence 24 K Bio Gold Platinum dual eyecream.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 018Bio Essence Day and Night Bio Platinum and Bio Gold face cream.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 019Bio Essence 24K Bio Gold Gold Water
Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 021Himalaya Anti Wrinkle Cream, Himalaya have very affordable skin care products! Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 022Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 023 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 024 Pure Beauty beauty counter, skincare products from Korea.
Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 025 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 026Divinia, skincare with triple action hydration from Taiwan. I haven’t tried their products yet, but this brand sounds very promising to me, since I’m a huge fan of hyaluronic acid/hydrating skincare products!Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 027Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 028 Bene Premium haircare with Delicious SPA and Delicious Repair ranges.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 029 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 030 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 031 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 032 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 033Kustle Shower and Bath Gels in Lavender, Cherry Blossom, Chamomile & Rose!Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 034Watsons also launched their own haircare label Hair Pro that promises Salon Treatment at home, think they mean the product can give you salon level haircare.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 035Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 036Honeyce hair shampoo and mask.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 037 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 038 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 039 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 040Lots of Kate cosmetics!Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 041Ascience promotes their new shampoo with a beauty serum consisting of 5 types of ingredients.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 042 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 043L’Oreal Paris haircare booth promoting their new Oleo Therapy and extended extraordinary hair oil range.AsWatsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 044 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 045Maybelline’s beauty booth,  many product promotions! I always like shopping for makeup products especially for necessities like eyeliner and brow pencils and not so basic items like new lipsticks during Watsons sales, which thankfully also happen quite regularly, haha.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 046Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 047Revlon lipsticks.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 048 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 049Kerasal nail care.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 050Scholl feet care.
Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 051Smilemakers, really friendly looking vibrators.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 052And the good looking folks of Smilemakers with Joanna. Basically they had this idea to create vibrators that were friendly looking and you could buy them from drugstores instead of going into an intimidating sex shop.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 053 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 054Joanna and I trying out the Energeyes glasses,  these promise to protect you against the digital glare from laptops and well, digital screens.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 055 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 057“What is this doing in our goodie bag?” Charissa and I having a good laugh that the smilemakers made it into our goodie bag, lol!
Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 058

And lo and behold, the massive extremely generous goodie bag which I am still trying to get down to reviewing the products given. 😛 Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 059Hair care products.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 060Skincare products.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 061Makeup products.Watsons Girls Day Out 2015 Singapore 062Health care / others.

Thank you Watsons Singapore / Huntington PR for the kind invite!



Spanish Delights at UNA’s Summer Sunday Buffet Brunch

Hi Loves!!

A few Sundays ago, my bff Fion and I enjoyed a delightful Spanish buffet brunch at UNA. We indulged in the free flow salad, meat and bread bar and delicious dishes from the eggs, tapas & grill station. I recommend their egg dishes, tapas and grilled prawns (Fion says they’re super yums) & pigeon; these were super yummy and I’m not sure where else you can get these Spanish specials in a buffet brunch! Special mention for their Sangria, if you’re an alcohol fan I think you’ll love it, heh,  Book your appointment for your next family gathering / date whilst this brunch lasts till 6 Sep 2015. 😉UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 001Comprehensive Sunday Menu for your selection.UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 003Selection of fresh seafood includes prawns, crabs, oysters and clams.
UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 006 UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 004Spanish salads and meats bar.
UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 007Bread, biscuits and cheese bar.UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 002Sangria with a kick!
UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 008Our salad, seafood & tapas picks.UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 009UNA’s Signature Eggs Benedict comes with Smoked Mackerel for fish lovers.
UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 010Love their crispy fried squid tapas.UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 011Perfect Sunday brunch with my gal pal Fion. <3
UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 012 UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 013Beautiful alfresco dining setting.
UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 014UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 015Chef at work for our grilled prawns and pigeon! These are grilled to perfection.UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 016The Tapas ordering station and beside, the live band performing makes for a lively brunch atmosphere.
UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 017 UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 018Our grilled picks!UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 019Selection of desserts. I didn’t have any stomach left for these, lol! 

UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 020 UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 021UNA Sunday Summer Brunch Review 022

1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212

Call 6773 0070 to book your seats/table, I recommend asking for sheltered seating if you’re not a fan of the afternoon sun. The buffet starts from 11am.

Thank you UNA and Heat Branding for the media tasting invite!



Be Rejuvenated with Vedure Mineral Earth Full Body Massage

Hi Loves!

A while back I paid Vedure Medispa a visit for their Vedure Mineral Earth Full Body Massage and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though they were running out of the clayspray and had to mix two types (red and white clay) to make up for enough clay for the body treatment, it was still awesome nonetheless! I would expect them to not run out of the clayspray in future though, it might be good to check with them when you make your appointment. 🙂 The treatment consists of an hour of relaxing and soothing massage followed by 20 minutes wrapped up in blanket before showering off to reveal remarkable baby smooth skin that lasts for days. After the entire session, I felt super relaxed and really good.  Although it’s pricey, I highly recommend this treatment as a treat for yourself or as a treat for someone you love! Special mention to the lovely masseuse who provided great service. With skilled and courteous masseuse like her, it’s no wonder that Vedure is an award winning medispa and favored by many local celebrities (check out Vedure’s IG)! It’s also very conveniently located at Wheelock Place. 🙂

Vedure Mineral Earth Body Treatment Review 001Vedure Mineral Earth Body Treatment Review 002 Vedure Mineral Earth Body Treatment Review 003Provided that it’s restocked, you can opt for 2 types of Clay; Red (all skin types) or White (for sensitive skin).

Vedure Mineral Earth Body Treatment Review 004Shower in the corner of the room.
Vedure Mineral Earth Body Treatment Review 006Awesome view for those who are planning to head down for nails treatments!

Vedure Mineral Earth Body Treatment Review 005Delicious tea and bites after the treatment.
10419962_953044194718360_3801743134858150817_nFollow them for their updates and promotions on FB here!

Vedure’s Mineral Earth Full Body Massage is priced at:
1 Hour – $198
90 min – $238
2 Hours – $268
Be sure to call them to book your appointment before hand. 🙂


#04-06 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, 238880
Contact: 6732 6448
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 10am-8pm,
Sun & PH 10am-6pm
Thank you Vedure for the invitation for review!

Breakfast with Penhaligon’s; Ostara Fragrance Launch

Hi Loves~

This morning I’m thinking of the breakfast I had at Penhaligon’s where we immersed in the new Ostara fragrance and indulged in pastries. It was a cozy and extravagant affair.

Ostara, the floral scent is created by Master Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. Inspired by the daffodil, the fragrance is a modern interpretation of this delicate flower. An iconic feature of the British countryside, the daffodil symbolizes the optimism and revival of spring. In 1802, the distinguished poet William Wordsworth wrote about a sea of daffodils in his poem, ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.’

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

This spring time fragrance is a unique blend of scents which notably opens with fresh greens, layered with fruity clementines and blackcurrents before ending off on a powdery amber and woody note. I’m truly quite mesmerized by this lovely scent. This fragrance is perfect for an outdoor date at the park or an adventure about the city.



Penhaligon’s has worked with artist Melissa Bailey to create a beautiful and unique illustration of Ostara exclusively for the launch. Melissa used gentle brush strokes to recreate the fragrance in her own distinct style in a combination of watercolours and inks.

Top Notes: Clementine, Bergamot, Red Berries CO2, Juniper, Spearmint, Blackcurrant Bud CO2, Violet Leaf Absolute, Leafy Effects, Aldehydes
Heart Notes: Hyacinth, Narcissus Absolute, Beeswax Absolute, Cyclamen, Ylang Ylang, Hawthorn, Wisteria

Base Notes: Styrax Resinoid, Vanilla, Benzoin, Musk, Amber, White Wood Effects

The complete Ostara Collection:
Ostara 50ml $205
Ostara 100ml $290

Penhaligon’s Ltd is located at 10 Bayfront Avenue #01-34 Marina Bay Sands Singapore 018956 and
2 Orchard Turn #03-16 ION Orchard Singapore 238801

Thank you Penhaligon’s Singapore and Touch PR for having me for this intimate breakfast session.  <3



Soft & Airy Hair Blowout at Chez Vous

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A few months back, I was involved in the shooting of a local documentary commissioned by Discovery Channel for SG50, the short film is titled Heartland and you can check out the details on their microsite here and visit their FB here. From 17-21 August, Heartland will be showing daily at 6pm on Discovery Channel SEA, Starhub Ch 422. I actually haven’t seen the full film and hopefully will have the chance to watch it soon. I’m playing my role as a property agent and giving KC a tour of Tiong Bahru, heh. Did you know that Tiong Bahru was one of the earliest HDB estate in Singapore? And that the designs of the old HDBs there are inspired by the 1920s transportation modes like airplane?  #NowYouKnow 😉 Anyways, before the filming, the kind folks at Chez Vous helped to give me a soft and airy look, so I can look pretty on screen. 😛 I love the look! Much thanks to Jaime and Eugene at Chez Vous! <3

Chez Vous Wash & Blow April 001 Chez Vous Wash & Blow April 002 Chez Vous Wash & Blow April 003 Chez Vous Wash & Blow April 004 Chez Vous Wash & Blow April 005 Chez Vous Wash & Blow April 006

Visit Chez Vous Hair
391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #05-05
Call 6732 9388 for your reservation lest they’re fully booked (which is quite often)!




LANEIGE Collagen Launch Event

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So a while back I wrote my review for Laneige’s Collagen drink and was invited down for their media/VIP launch. Here’s photos from the evening!LANEIGE Collagen Launch Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 001MC, R&D, Doctor and top beauty blogger Cheryl shared their insights about Laneige’ collagen drink.

LANEIGE Collagen Launch Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 002Enjoyed the evening with these lovely ladies, Celine and Sydney!

LANEIGE Collagen Launch Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 003Thanks Laneige & Clozette for having me for the event and the drinks for my skin! <3



Vibrant Fashion Steps Out 2015 @ Orchard Road

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A while back a group of Clozette ambassadors and I attended Fashion Steps Out 2015 @ Orchard Road and here are the photos from the media preview and actual evening! It’s my second consecutive FSO and I really enjoy the vibrancy of watching the models sashay down the road instead of the traditional runway! Plus it’s just so much fun to be there and enjoy the evening with friends. 😀

Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 001Taking a selfie before the media preview located at the swanky Mitzo Restaurant and Bar located at Grand Park Orchard Hotel.Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 002Love the cranberry cocktail concoction at Mitzo!

Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 003Watching models in local labels such as Depression.

Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 004Here we have designers Pleatation, Max Tan and Francis Cheong.

Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 005Gorgeous interiors, delicious bites and cocktail smoothies. Highly recommended place for a date or group gathering!

Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 006Got dressed up for FSO 2015!

Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 007Meeting Candy for desserts at ION before the evening. ^^

Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 008We enjoyed a cuppa of dessert.

Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 009Visited the ION Orchard Fashion Garden 2015 that housed many butterflies!
Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 010Checked out the gallery at the atrium.
Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 011Took many many group photos with the other Clozette ambassadors!

Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 012Waiting for the show to start. 😀

Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 013Many designers, including Mary Katrantzou, love the under water inspired prints for this season!
Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 014 Aimer lingerie show.Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 015Raffles Design Institute with Yakuza style fashion.Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 016Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 017Ashley Isham with many dramatic “blings” and fringe fashion.Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 018 Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 019Really cute kids ending off the show in Fox kids wear.Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 020We ended off the night shopping at Mandarin Gallery and feasting on Ice Cream! This Pat and Stick’s from Providore is really good!Fashion Steps Out FSO 2015 Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 021Thank you Clozette for the invites and thanks FSO for having us! <3



My Eyebrow Embroidery Touch Up @ Browtisan

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I got my very first eyebrow embroidery done at Browtisan earlier this year and I love it! A pair of well designed eyebrows has helped to define and enhance my overall facial look and I’ve been so happy and grateful for it. I’m also completely at ease whenever I visit Browtisan because I trust their skills and expertise. So a while back I went for my second touch up session and here’s how it went!

Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Touch Up Ena Blog Review 007Browtisan is located at Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard Road, #03-17.Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Touch Up Ena Blog Review 003Love the cute princess Cinderella style cup that the tea comes in! <3Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Touch Up Ena Blog Review 006Congratulations to Browtisan for winning Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2015 for the best eyelash extensions! In case you’ve missed it, you can also read my review of their eyelash extension service here.

Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Touch Up Ena Blog Review 005Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Touch Up Ena Blog Review 004Here’s my “naked” eyebrows, my left eyebrow has a scar and unlike the rest of the normal brow area, the previous embroidery/ink on the scar has faded off.Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Touch Up Ena Blog Review 002Here’s having the anaesthetic cream applied before the eyebrow embroidery touch up session.Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Touch Up Ena Blog Review 001With the beautiful and friendly lady boss Coco after the touch up session! <3Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Touch Up Ena Blog Review 008Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Touch Up Ena Blog Review 009How my freshly touched up eyebrows look like, it’s slightly darker than usual for the first few days. Plus, the touch up has covered my scar area perfectly! <3Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Touch Up Ena Blog Review 011Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Touch Up Ena Blog Review 010And here’s how they look like after a while!

Thanks Browtisan for having me!
Book your appointment with Browtisan via their hotline 6235 2355, they’re conveniently located in Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard Road, #03-17.



SG50: What We Love About SG!


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SG50 What We Love About Singapore

Today on the 9th of August 2015, we celebrate Singapore’s 50th independence day! To commemorate this milestone, I’ve invited 50 special people to share their favourite thing (person / food / music / place / history / memory) about Singapore. Enjoy!

loveforskincareLeanne@loveforskincare | 
When I participated in the National Day Parade in 1990.

Linda SilverkisLinda M.@silverkis |
I love SG for the food obviously, but this is home where all my favourite people are. 🙂

rachelxoooRachel Hoe | @rachelxooo
My favourite place would be Fullerton hotel. It’s the place where my husband and I got married and it’s also the place where we first met. Plus its rich heritage around that area and even the beautiful Fullerton bay hotel is simply stunning.

_winnie.h_Winnie H. | @_winnie.h_
Favourite memory of SG are the playgrounds i grew up in. Lots of happy memories were made playing catching at the watermelon slide and mangosteen swing at the Tampines Central Park.

flyingpistachiosQi Yun | @qiyunz
There so many things I love about my homeland : ❤ Great food in many variety, apart from local favs such as char kway tiao, or jian etc, we also have Indian, Malay… all the way to Mongolia! ❤ Awesome people who work hard for the country and our families. ❤ Efficient, cheap and friendly transport system (some may not agree, so I urge you to try ditch tours and travel bag pack instead). ❤ Shopping malls that have everything and if not enough, ❤ super fast Internet networks to fulfil our online shopping desires! ❤ safe and well-built homes ( small but I choose to think cozy) ❤ high standard of living (comes at a price, surely. But there are places where it’s citizens can’t even afford a clean plate of rice. I cannot imagine myself born into a country as that, or a different time. I thank God and my forefathers that I’m a Singaporean today. ) ❤ clean ❤ green ❤ patriotic citizens who take extra effort to don red and white today on national day … it really warms my heart the same way I see my fellow country man queue to pay our last respects to Mr Lee our founding father earlier this year. ❤ While we’ll never know how Singapore and the world will be like like in another 50 years, I say, let’s guard our hearts and our country, and hope that when SG100 comes along, we are still the same successful , lovely and highly praised – Singapore.

vinnaVinna Er | @vinvola
My favourite part of SG is that it’s a safe and great place for family growth. We are able to live freely without worrying for our safety.

Celine ChiamCeline Chiam | @chiamhuiy
Food, cleanliness and safety of the country.

Alene BreddemannAlene B. | @paperkitties
For me, it would be the Joo Chiat heritage and culture that is prevalent till today. 🙂

crystal wu secondsacharmCrystal W. | @secondsacharm
Food or course! We have food from every corner of the world!

alethia tohAlethia Toh | @alethiatoh
What I love about Singapore is SINGLISH! Haha cause that’s what makes us unique.

Christabelle PehChristabelle Peh | @bellepqz
I like the greenery here in SG.

Clarabelle ChewClarabelle Chew | @clarabellechew
The food!

yinglingYing Ling | @icolegal
The food; like Chomp Chomp, different types of food found at one place. :)))

Loretta ChanLoretta Chan |  @thesecrossroads
Personally, its a place which stores memories of my life growing up and I guess that’s irreplaceable no matter what. Food and safety are bonuses!

Gan DaGan Da | @haagandaz | Mr Da Photography
Safe streets.

ClintonClinton | @ongton

Justin Justin Siau | @justhinksiau
My favourite thing about SG is walking through the arrival hall in Changi Airport. Always feels great to be home. The efficiency of the automated immigration is a bonus. Haha.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 8.51.54 pmSister | @waynerooney88
Too many favs!!! If I have to narrow down, it will be SG PEOPLE: My family, husband and his family, colleagues, uni friends!! If I can choose more: SG’s food. SG’s safe and crime free streets.

Jia HuiJia Hui | @jiahui2289
If I really have to choose I think I like that one can get all types of food in a place at cheap prices at hawker centres. Yay food! They are unique to Singapore. A public place with lots of stalls selling many varieties of food. And a good reflection of our multi cultural society. And you see rich people in suits eating there with old uncle in shorts and singlets. It’s just #uniquelysingapore.

Clarabel TanClarabel Tan | @clarabeltan
I would say it’s the food. We have everything and anything here. Japanese, indian, chinese, malay, korean, mexican, western, european, italian and french. Endless choice every meal! 😀

cassansaurusCassandra | @cassansaurus
I love that I have lots of great memories of my family and I at the beach and the secondary school memories where my best friend and I of 8 years now met. 🙂

Cassandra TanCassandra Tan | @cforcassan |
My favourite thing about SG is definitely the food! I think the chances of seeing a pig fly is higher than running out of food choices here! Though there are so many variations to choose from, I’ll always go back to my comfort food – chicken rice! 🙂

Anico HannaAnico Hanna | @anicohannamg
My favourite thing about SG is the food. Honestly, I am picky when it comes to food but local food are simply the best. You can find them anywhere at any time.

Hanna TantocoHanna Tantoco | @hannatantoco
My favourite thing about SG is the efficiency of public transportation. 🙂

ChristyChristy | @christyfrisbee
I love how safe Singapore is. 🙂 And I really really love the stretch of coconut trees and bougainvilleas that line the roads leading to and from Changi Airport! For SG citizens, it serves as a warm welcome home and tourists, an introduction to our garden city! 

10843990_328881093972944_311526309_aAdele | @axdelwen
I like that we have different races so we grow up knowing more about others’ cultures and delicacies. 

Smita DeSouzaSmita DeSouza | @smitadesouza
My favourite part about Singapore is the food. You get to indulge in chinese, malay, indonesian, indian and of course all the international cuisines all on this beautiful, tiny island. If I leave Singapore, it’s the local food I will miss the most.

TarandipTarandip Kaur | @tarandip
My favourite memory would have to be growing up in Queenstown – from rollerblading in the estate to picking saga seeds and drawing hopscotch boxes everywhere – the neighbourhood felt like one big family. Everyone was a friend.

Sydney HoSydney Ho | @ssydneyho
My favourite thing about SG would be Sentosa! It has been the place closest to heart to me since young. 🙂

Lorraine TanLorraine Tan | @lorraineclx
There are many but if I have to choose one it will be peace and stability. I appreciate that we live in a peaceful, safe and green country. The fundamentals of where we can build a happy and safe home. Then we are able to spread our wings and go further in our work and aspirations. <3

Charissa YvetteCharissa Yvette | @_charissayvette_
My favourite thing about Singapore is the local food that makes us uniquely Singapore! Also, growing up in harmony with people and friends of all religions and races is a huge plus too. A very inclusive community.

alethea janeAlethea Jane | @aletheajane |
My favourite thing is singlish. It’s an accent you recognize when you’re abroad. So it’s easy to spot a fellow Singaporean. Also, with singlish we sum everything up so nicely in so few words. 😀


downloadJerlene | @musicalhouses
For me it is the food! Cheap and good food available at all hours of the day is really a luxury we only get here. And the fact that our local fare is so varied and tasty means that you can eat local food everyday and not get sick of it.

Roanna TanRoanna T. | @paradeoflove
My favourite thing about about Singapore is that we have different kinds of cuisine all in this one little red dot! We’re all spolit for choice when it comes to food here.

11116798_868638736505211_1664335146_aRusty | @missrustydotnet
I like the country itself because of its stability and safety!

Juliana CJuliana C | @ilovebunnynet
My multi-lingual and multi-culture community.

Sarah BeautybyrahSarah | @beautybyrah
The wide variety and cheap food! 🙂

Jody LiuJody Liu | @jodulu
I love the fact that in Singapore it doesn’t matter what time it is, there will always be food available (you just need to know where to go); I love how we have come a long way to be this beautiful blend of racial rojak and it always amazes my overseas friends how culturally diverse Singaporeans are! 

Kersie Glammama.sgKersie |
I love how beautiful and majestic our trees are, sheltering our journeys all these years. Whenever there’s more than one way to my destination, I find myself choosing the greener, more scenic route. Happy Birthday Singapore! I hope our future remains robust like our hardy greens and we grow to be a more caring, helpful and gracious society.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.20.38 pmKenny | @kenny_depression
My favourite thing is the education system! It made me effectively bilingual – which I’m very proud of.

Amos AnandaAmos Ananda | @amosananda
From the satisfying Roti-prata, the savoury fried carrot cake, the ultimate comfort of the kaya toast with two soft boiled eggs, to the heavenly teh tarik, there’s no place like home. Having been living away from Singapore occasionally due to work, makes me appreciate Singapore even more. Regardless of the indifference people have about the political issues within the country, it is with no doubt that we are fortunate to live in a safe and comfortable Singapore we call home.

Lindsey lipstickpassportpearlsLindsey | @lipstickpassportpearls
My favourite thing in Singapore has got to be: early morning runs at the botanic gardens. Especially running through the rainforest area. The whole park is stunning and you get a reboot of fresh air right in the middle of the city! I totally loose track of the time when I’m there (which is convenient on a long run. 🙂

Sheena PhuaSheena Phua | @sheenaphua
Laksa & chilli crab ! 🙂

CharleneCharlene | @pinkmartinipink
It has to the food! Convenience of food everywhere. Hehe. And the transport system too. May not be the best, but certainly much better than most places.

Jacqueline SengJacqueline Seng | @jacseng
I’ll say it’s the hawker food, because I can’t pick just one single dish. It’s the one thing we miss about home whenever we are overseas for extended periods of time, other than our loved ones. It’s the one thing we talk passionately about with visitors to Singapore, and can connect over with people we’ve just met. 😋

KiranKiran P. | @kpkr
I’d pick hawker food, the other thing would be familiarity with common folks I.e talkative taxi drivers, aunties and uncle in wet markets offering disc, the convenience having everything in one city (both modern, historical and Asian feels to it).

Elvina LiowElvina L. | @elivinaliow
Definitely hawker food!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I miss it so much! 
And also our cultural diversity.

Annabel TeoAnnabel Teo | @annabelteo
YES TO HAWKER FOOOOOOD! And how it’s so convenient to get from place to place with our transport system

Rachel ORachel O. | @rabeyy
I love that we can call anyone uncle and auntie here in Singapore!

Ena TeoMe! | @ena_teo
My favourite thing about Singapore is the Marina Bay area especially in the evening. I love chilling there with family and friends whether we’re at the Gardens by the Bay watching the lights show or at Sky on 57 bar overlooking the beautiful skyline in the night. 

An overwhelming 22 people picked food as their top favourite, hehe. To find out what’s tasty in Singapore, check out my review of OpenSnap, a local food app here if you haven’t.  What’s your favourite thing about Singapore? 😉

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!



Limited Time Free Membership Sign Up for Beautiful.Me Asia’s Premier eShopping Club

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Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.17.52 pm

Today I’ve got exciting news for you all! Beautiful.Me which promises to be Asia’s Premier eShopping Club for Beauty, Health and Baby is launching soon and having been invited, I’d like to extend the exclusive invitation to you and your friends! 🙂

What is Beautiful.Me all about?
Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.18.01 pmBeautiful.Me is all about online value shopping! Think non stop Daily Deals, Group Buys (like Groupon), Flash Sales, Loyalty Points, Free Samples (Yay!) and Free Shipping (Hooray!).
Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.18.10 pm

Plus, if you refer your friends, you get to earn perks and get paid! Basically perks are enjoying free memberships of 6 or 12 months and getting paid a share of what your referrals purchase! Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.18.20 pm

In case you aren’t already convinced, online shopping is usually the cheaper alternative to brick and mortar retail shopping because hey, no rental! So that’s why You can enjoy lower prices, higher savings and get paid to shop (cash back)! Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.18.28 pm

What brands do Beautiful.Me have, you may ask. Over 5,000 products from 300 top global brands including SKII, L’Oréal and Johnson & Johnson at special members’ prices that start lower.

Well, obviously I’ve signed myself up! 😉

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.20.26 pm

And I want to invite you to sign up too! Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.20.36 pm

Sign up for your Beautiful.Me account here  today for your free 6 months membership and you can start shopping and saving when it launches, better hurry before the offer ends on 26 August! Also invite all your friends (before they hear it from someone else, haha) with your own special code after you’ve signed up! 😉 Trust me, it’s gonna be so much fun, see you over at Beautiful.Me when it launches!

Thank you Beautiful.Me for sharing this wonderful news with me and my readers, looking forward to enjoying the perks and rewards!



#FreeInMySkin Physiogel Hamper Giveaway

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A few days ago I posted about Physiogel’s #FreeInMySkin campaign and here’s the giveaway as promised! You’ll find the details of how to take part below the photo. In addition to my review of the Physiogel Shower cream and how it has helped my dry and sensitive back skin, I’m also using the Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion on my skin, namely hands and legs for the day and Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Body Cream at night! The former’s texture is watery and lightweight and applies on smoothly and leaves no sticky or white sheen. The latter is thicker, providing longer moisture coverage through the night, recommended especially if you sleep in an air conditioned room.

Physiogel #FreeInMySkin Hamper Giveaway

 Thanks to Physiogel Singapore, I’ll be giving away 15 sets of Physiogel Hampers (each worth more than $100) which  includes:
1) Physiogel DMT Cream 150ml
2) Physiogel DMT Lotion 200ml
3) Physiogel DMT Shower Cream 150ml

To take part, simply leave a comment on the blog, why you want to try Physiogel. I have 5 sets to be given away on the blog, my Facebook and Instagram respectively! For Facebook and Instagram, you’ll have to comment and tag 3 friends to share the good news with.  You can triple your chances by taking part on all 3 platforms!

Giveaway period is from now until 16th August (Sunday), winners will be announced on 17th August and will have to email me their IC names and phone number for contact purposes and will have 2 weeks to collect their hampers from the PR office located at 71 Robinson Road #07-01 Singapore 068895.

Thanks Physiogel Singapore and Ogilvy PR for the product hampers for giveaway!

Good luck!