Hollywood Celebrities’ Skincare Favourite EMK Beverly Hills

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A while back I was invited to the launch of EMK Beverly Hills skincare at Escentials Paragon outlet and today I’m excited to be sharing with you their star product and more!

EMK Singapore Blogger Review 001

 As their names says, this brand hails from US, Beverly Hills, where many Hollywood celebrities reside. The brand was founded by Emilia Karsh, a professor and chemist who wanted to help her friend who suffered burn scars on the face. She applied the derivatives of human placenta which helped her friend recover and thereafter developed a line of products made from botanical placenta extract which is similar to the human placenta that helps expedite the healing process; thus EMK Beverly Hills was born. The brand was originally only available through dermatologists who recommended it to celebrities like Victoria Beckham; who has been using it for a decade now. Magazine also reports that Simon Cowell is a huge fan of their anti-aging face serum and face mask and the EMK representative told me that Cowell uses half a bottle (too extravagantly) on the face each time and buys them by the dozen.

EMK Singapore Blogger Review 002

I had the pleasure to use and review 3 EMK Beverly Hills products; Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser, 3 in 1 Live Anti-Aging Facial Mask and the Supra Night Cream.EMK Singapore Blogger Review 009_Fotor_Collage

The EMK Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser is a gentle and light cleanser that promises to exfoliate, hydrate and repair. It also comes with a light medicinal scent that’s reminiscent of cough syrup (no kidding). The cleanser contains hyaluronic acid and shea butter to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance. What I like about this cleanser is the light texture which feels luxurious, moisturizing and leaves the skin fresh without drying it out. However I don’t feel its supposed exfoliating effects. This is the first anti-aging facial cleanser I’ve used, as I previously tend to use facial cleanser that leaves my slightly oily skin feeling tauter. Therefore I use this in the morning and use a stronger facial cleanser in the night. I would recommend this facial cleanser especially for people with dry and sensitive skin.

EMK Singapore Blogger Review 003

EMK Singapore Blogger Review 008_Fotor_Collage

EMK Beverly Hills Supra Night Recovery Cream ingredient list.
EMK Singapore Blogger Review 004EMK Singapore Blogger Review 006 EMK Singapore Blogger Review 007

EMK Beverly Hills Supra Night Recovery Cream after application on the skin.

I personally tend to be wary of night cream as they tend to be too enriching for me and cause me to breakout especially in our warm and humid weather. However I am quite in love with this EMK Beverly Hills Supra Night Recovery Cream because even though it’s a cream, it’s light and it absorbs into the skin very quickly. Plus it  has a botanical/fresh floral scent which I love! The cream promises to combat wrinkles, firm and hydrate. I can’t be sure about the wrinkles (thankfully they haven’t showed up), but it definitely absorbs into the skin to firm and hydrate! This EMK Beverly Hills Supra Night Recovery Cream has worked well for me in our Singapore weather and I can imagine it will work great across dry and cold weathers too, I recommend it as an all around ideal night cream for everyone. 🙂

EMK Singapore Blogger Review 005 EMK Singapore Blogger Review 010_Fotor_CollageEMK Beverly Hills 3 in 1 Live Anti-Aging Facial Mask is the pleasant surprise and my favourite of the 3 products in review today! Again, I have a misconception that Anti-Aging products are heavy and too enriching for me. However this product completely proved me wrong and it’s a total winner. The EMK Beverly Hills 3 in 1 Live Anti-Aging Facial Mask promises to 1. Detoxify, softens and soothes, 2. Stimulates and boosts collagen, 3. Revitalizes & deeply hydrates. You can use this either as a 15 min mask and wash away, or apply generously and leave it in for a night and wash in the morning. I tried both and I LOVE the effect after leaving it in for a night and I would recommend the latter strongly. EMK Beverly Hills 3 in 1 Live Anti-Aging Facial Mask definitely hydrated, calmed and clarify my blemished skin, after leaving it in overnight, I awake to refreshed skin that’s clearer and brighter. I’ve been recommending this to my friends and it’s now on par with my other Holy Grail item, Estee Lauder’s Advance Night Repair. It’s that good, guys. I strongly recommend this EMK Beverly Hills 3 in 1 Live Anti-Aging Facial Mask for folks looking for a mask that will make your tired and blemished skin feel and look better/great after a night’s sleep! 

You can shop EMK Singapore products online at Luxola.com. Follow them on IG @EMK_Singapore.

Thank you EMK Singapore for the event invite and products for review!



#FreeInMySkin with Physiogel and the body care product I didn’t think I needed


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Do you suffer from sensitive skin such as dryness, redness and itchiness of the skin? Well, you’re not alone! An alarming rate of 1 in 2 women suffer from dry and sensitive skin,  with skin flare ups at an average frequency of 12.1 times a month, according to recent findings from Physiogel’s Skincare Asia study.

And if you’ve been following my blog for a long time, you’d also know that I have a history of mild facial and back acne which is why I became super interested in skincare at a young age of 18.

When I was 18, I battled mild acne and there wasn’t a day where my face was clear from fresh acne spots or blemish. It was so bad that I had to ask my mum to sponsor facial treatment which helped me to clear up my skin over the course of a few months. Since then it’s been years since the blemishes cleared up and I am still en route to recognizing clear, blemish free skin as my status quo rather than the exception.

Whilst my facial acne is kept to a minimum now and my friends have often complimented on my radiant skin on good days, not many know that I still battle with back acne, which can be a struggle especially when they flare up after I’m out under the sun or somewhere warm and dusty (which can be quite often considering my job as a property agent). To prevent my back acne from flaring up, I always ensure regular baths, twice daily and apply powder after baths,  however these measures are not fool proof and I still suffer from the occasional back acne spots every month. Also, the powder can sometimes be quite drying for my skin, but I honestly didn’t know what else I could do! T_T

So it’s not until very recently when I was introduced to Physiogel’s Daily Moisture Shower Cream that I found the product that my dry and sensitive back skin needed!!! 

You can use the Physiogel Daily Moisture Shower Cream on its own and as well as for the face, but I like to double cleanse and use it on my back after my usual body cleansing gel. What this product does is that it cleanses and moisturizes the skin, in the shower! It truly feels like freedom for my back skin when my dry and sensitive skin is moisturized throughout the day. It has helped prevent my usual and frequent back acne flare ups and I am looking forward to the gradual clearing up of my back skin blemishes after prolong use.

Physiogel #FreeInMySkin Campaign Eunice Olsen 001

I am not alone in my struggle with dry and sensitive skin, as Eunice Olsen also shares her story and how she’s now feeling confident with the help of Physiogel’s products. Watch the beautiful Eunice Olsen in her video testimony here:

If you’re looking for a solution to your dry and sensitive skin, check out this handy info-graphic by Physiogel to find out what products to use to meet your needs:
Physiogel #FreeInMySkin Campaign Eunice Olsen 002

Also, give Physiogel’s Freedom List Quiz a go! I got “Inspiring Innovator” and they’re seriously spot on! I totally want to achieve the 5 suggested ideas on the Freedom List! HAHA! 😀Physiogel #FreeInMySkin Campaign Eunice Olsen 003Last but not the least,  I’ll be hosting a giveaway on the 2nd of August to give away 15 sets of Physiogel hamper (worth more than $100) that includes:
1)  Physiogel DMT Cream 150ml
2) Physiogel DMT Lotion 200ml
3) Physiogel DMT Shower Cream 150ml

Physiogel #FreeInMySkin Hamper Giveaway

Stay tuned for the giveaway blog post, Facebook and Instagram announcements and be sure to take part to win the awesome product hampers! 😉

Thank you Physiogel Singapore and Oglivy PR for the products for review and giveaway~



My Zalora Loots

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So I recently I blogged about ShopVenture before I went shopping on Zalora and here are my loots! You can check out my review which is now up on their site here. 😉ShopVenture Zalora Review 005

1 of 3 Zalora dresses I bought, they were having a 3 for $50 offer, score! This is a white dress which would be perfect for my formal work attire. The other 2 are safe black dresses. The material, fit and cut is pretty good for this price!ShopVenture Zalora Review 003

Really love this Material Girl blue dress, the fabric is soft and the fit is awesome. I can’t wait to wear it for a night out! 🙂ShopVenture Zalora Review 001

This is probably the only dress that didn’t fit that well (and the most pricey at $31, lol), I’m usually a size 8 but this Girlondon dress comes a little smaller. So I guess I have to lose some weight to fit it better as I don’t want to go through the hassle of exchanging! 😛ShopVenture Zalora Review 002Will be wearing these out, follow and look out for my OOTD updates on IG, @ena_teo! 😉

Shop Venture Website Review 001

A gentle reminder that ShopVenture is now offering a $999 designer Yani Armchair for giveaway! All you have to do is to:

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Now you can head over to ShopVenture to check the reviews of your next shopping website! 😉

 If you’re shopping on Zalora, use my exclusive code “ENATFFW” at checkout to enjoy 15% discount on top of awesome discounts for Zalora Fashion Fever week (now to 2 Aug, 11.59pm)! 😉

Happy Shopping Loves! <3



Indulge and Refresh with Earth Botanics Bath & Body Products

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I’ve been using Earth Botanics products for a while now and been really loving it! Earth Botanics Logo

Earth Botanics is an innovative range of luxurious bath and body products and is also Matakana Botanicals’ most popular, best selling products, with its improved formula and award winning packaging.

This range is available in three exciting and refreshing notes: Cucumber and Mint, Lavender and Lemon and Tangerine and Ginger, these unique blends are made from premium natural New Zealand ingredients picked from specialised growers.

The key essential ingredient of all Earth Botanics products is wild harvested organic Manuka Honey which is sourced from Great Barrier Island and is an high antioxidant with remarkable anti bacterial healing powers. Other ingredients include; macadamia oil and extra virgin oil from olives grown and pressed at Matakana as well as lavender harvest and distilled at a farm near Lake Taupo. These unique botanical blends nourish and sooth the body and also rejuvenate the mind with sensuous aromas.

Earth Botanics products also have no parabens, no animal testings, no synthetic colours, specialised growers and 100% pure essential oils.

The Earth Botanics revitalising series is available in the three categories:

Bath & Shower Gel – smooth lathering cleansing gel made with Manuka Honey and Macadamia Oil to nourish and sooth. Infused with special blends to refresh and provide an ultimate aromatic fragrance.

Exfoliating Hand and Body Scrub – A moisturizing body wash made with Manuka Honey and finely crushed Apricot shell, complete with rejuvenating aromatic blends for a superb exfoliating experience.

Hand and Body Lotion – Nourishing lotion containing Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera and special infusions for a revitalizing experience.
Earth Botanics Singapore Blog Review 001 Earth Botanics Singapore Blog Review 002 Earth Botanics Singapore Blog Review 003

I received the Earth Botanics Bath & Shower gel in Tangerine and Ginger which is a very refreshing and invigorating scent which I love to use in the morning to wake me up. It’s also super smooth and gentle on the skin because of the manuka honey. It definitely feels very luxurious and organic. I use Earth Botanics Exfoliating  Hand and Body scrub in Lavender and Lemon once a week to scrub away the dead skin and I love it because the finely crushed apricot shell created an enjoyable exfoliating experience. I love the Lavender scent as it’s very soothing and relaxing. Earth Botanics Hand and Body Lotion in Cucumber and Mint is a thick white lotion when dispensed and requires a fair bit of effort to massage into the skin. However once applied, the skin is much smoother, plumped and the scent is very summery and refreshing.

I highly recommend this range of Earth Botanics bath and body products for natural and organic lovers and people with sensitive skin looking for a luxurious and aromatic bath experience.

Earth Botanics:
Bath and Shower Gel, S$28. Hand and Body Lotion, S$30. Exfoliating Hand and Body Scrub, S$32.
Available at John Little (Jurong Point, Marina Square, Plaza Singapura, Tiong Bahru Plaza), Robinsons (Jem, Raffles City), Sephora (ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands, Suntec City), Soon Lee at Haji Lane, Far East Flora, Noel Gifts, Xpress Flowers.
You can also shop them online onWearto here and Luxola here. By the way, now you can also get some extra discounts on Earth Botanics Products at  Luxola. To get these cool discounts, check out the coupons and offers at CouponzGuru.sg! 😉

Thank you Sirius PR and FNBC for sending the products for review.



Search, Compare & Shop with Priceza

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If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of online shopping. I mean, you don’t have to try the pieces and you don’t have to lug the items home. Plus, there are just so many websites to buy from. Whether you are looking for clothes, cosmetics, shoes, or electronics, there’s a website for it. But I think one of the biggest challenge is to find which website offers the best deal for what you are looking for. You end up having to go through 10 different websites to compare which one gives you the best price. What a hassle! BUT! I recently found this website, Priceza Singapore, where I can search the product I want, compare for lowest prices, and buy online!

pic 1

Priceza, in a nutshell is a price comparison website for all kinds of products such as electronics, cosmetics, groceries, and many more! This what their homepage looks like. To me, Priceza has a very friendly user interface. The first thing I notice when entering their website are the sliding banners at the top. Currently, it is featuring different popular products such as the Apple iPad, Go Pro Hero 4, and PlayStation 4. Once I click on one of them, it takes me to another page to see more details about the product.

Another thing that I notice right away are the round icons underneath the banner, which shows different categories of products that they have. They have everything from electronics, fashion items, health related products, and best of all cosmetics! If you notice on the left, the very first button is for “promotions.” Who doesn’t love a great deal? I will get to that in just a moment.

pic 2

Scrolling down further, you have a quick glance at products that are currently on sale from various categories. As you can see there is a dash camera, scarf, heels, and a baby stroller currently on special discount. You can also see which stores are offering that sale. Looks like Priceza has partnered with major websites that offer online shopping in Singapore.

Coming down a little more there is a quick preview of popular products under categories like smartphones, fashion, mother care, food, cosmetics, and even books! It seems like Priceza have compiled everything imaginable! Which gave me an idea.. let’s trying searching for something!

pic 3

Obviously, I love selfies. I mean, who doesn’t? 😛 Taking photos is pretty much my second nature, especially when cameras on smartphones these days are so advanced. So I’ve heard that Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best phones to take photos with, especially for selfies. So I went ahead and try to search for a Galaxy S6. I went back up to the search bar and typed in “Samsung Galaxy S6” and hit search!

pic 4

Voila, here’s what the search result looks like! Look’s like they do have the Samsung Galaxy S6 that I’m looking for. What I find frustrating in the past is that when I try to search for something, there’s a bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with what I was trying to look for. If I look to the left side, there are also all kinds of filters that I can click to get even more specific with my search. I can filter for only the phone memory size that I want such as 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S6, or even toggle the price range.

Towards the right, there’s a lowest price listed for the Galaxy S6. Below it is a “Compare Prices” button. I went ahead and click on the button to see which stores are offering the cheapest and the most expensive price for the same phone.

pic 5

After hitting compare, this is what Priceza’s “Compare Prices” page looks like. Under the “Compare” tab, it shows 4 different websites that are competing for Samsung Galaxy S6. Currently the best price is shown at $739, while the same phone is selling for $894.99. Next to the price, there’s a button for me to go to that particular shop that I want to buy from! Easy! Instead on running around to see which store offers the best price, you can do it all right in one website.

What I like about Priceza website is that it shows the payment methods as well as the reviews of the merchants. With so many choices of online websites to buy from, I think it is really useful to read the reviews about that website before making a decision to buy. You want to make sure that your money is well spent by getting great products and services.

Not only that I could read the reviews of the merchants, but I could also click to read the reviews of the phone itself. I can write my own review for the Galaxy S6 if I want to!

pic 6

Scrolling down from the product itself are the related products section. I believe they are Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories. Below that are the “recently viewed” products. I am thinking about buying a Nike Roshe too. But leaving my guilty pleasures aside, I think this is great because I can have a little “history” to what products I was searching for. I can quickly check back to I previously looked for, in case I accidentally close the window.

pic 7

I’m curious if there’s fresh produce on sale so I went and look for some imported meat and seafood. I’m in luck! There’s a little tab for coupon on the product. So why wait? After clicking the coupon tab, ite coupon pops up with money saving details with codes that I can use to buy! I do not have to look at multiple websites to fetch the best deal, I could also save time by eliminating the process of visiting all kinds of coupon websites for a coupon code. So far I don’t see a lot of coupons yet, so I hope that they will update more coupons in the future. I think it is a really neat feature that Priceza website has if they add more coupons.

So far the website is pretty useful. There are just so many things that make my online shopping easier. Now, I’m interested in what other things that Priceza has to offer. I already know that the website has tens and thousands of products for me to search from. So, I went back to their homepage to check out if there are any other promotions that I need to take advantage of.

pic 8

After I click the button for “promotions”, here’s what the result looks like. There are many different promotions listed here. What’s convenient is that there’s an expiry date shown underneath each promotion. I always find it frustrating when I see a great promotion, but I just cannot find any information about it, especially about the date. Another great thing about this is that I no longer have to subscribe to different websites, expecting to receive promotions that ended up in the trash, or junk folder. Now I can just leave my email junk free and just check back to look at these selected promotions instead.

pic 9

I also notice that Priceza has product news and useful guides for shoppers. There’s a wide range of topics from new product releases, product recommendations, reviews, and other useful articles under “Recommended Products” from the browse menu at the top, as well as “Hot Contents” right on the homepage. Let’s check out one of their articles. Once I click on the recommended products, it takes me to their guide page. I went ahead and click on their latest article, which happens to be about a Nike Roshe. Perfect! After reading the article, there are related products that were talked about within the article as well. This Nike article also as a styling guide for Nike Roshe!

All in all, I think Priceza Singapore is a great shopping website for many reasons. It is a place where shoppers can truly make the most out of their online shopping. Instead of manually going around different websites to find prices for the things I want, Priceza lets me search, compare, and buy all in one place. The website complies amazing deals from all over Singapore online shopping platforms, as well as providing useful product reviews and buying guides to help shoppers like myself to make wise buying decisions while also getting great discounts. Time and money is no longer wasted. Online shopping becomes even more convenient with website like Priceza! Check them out at Priceza.com.sg!

Hope you find Priceza helpful as I do!



Review Shopping Websites with ShopVenture

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Nowadays there are so many shopping websites popping up online and sometimes it’s hard to verify if the website is a legitimate one that provides good service and products.

That’s why ShopVenture came about to help online shoppers like  you and I! On ShopVenture, you can search for the shopping website you’re looking at to see user reviews of the website.

Check it out:
Shop Venture Website Review 002I searched for “Zalora” on the homepage of ShopVenture.
Shop Venture Website Review 003
And “Zalora SG” and “Zalora Malaysia” popped up. Shop Venture Website Review 004

“Zalora Sg” is given an 85% positive rating from 34 reviews which is pretty good I’d say! With these positive reviews, I am confident of making my purchases on Zalora SG website now. 🙂
Shop Venture Website Review 005

You get to see that Zalora SG received mostly “Very Good” ratings,
4/5 ratings for “Fit / Quality of Products”, “Delivery on Time” and 3/5 ratings for “Customer Service” and affordable pricing at 2 $$. Shop Venture Website Review 006

Additionally, some users also give more insights to their experience in their reviews. And on the right side bar, there are similar shopping sites to explore! Shop Venture Website Review 001

ShopVenture is now offering a $999 designer Yani Armchair for giveaway! All you have to do is to:

  • Facebook: Sign up to ShopVenture.com, double-your-chances to win by liking and sharing the post.
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I can’t wait for my Zalora loots to come in and update again! If you’re shopping on Zalora, use exclusive code “ENATFFW” at checkout to enjoy 15% discount on top of awesome discounts for Zalora Fashion Fever week! 😉

Thanks ShopVenture for creating such an awesome online shopping review platform! <3



ORBIS CLEAR Skincare is Your Solution to Menstrual Acne

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Don’t you just hate it when the time of the month comes and your beautiful clear skin is ruined by pesky acne? >,<#

To combat menstrual acne, ORBIS recently launched their renewed CLEAR skincare series! Honoured with the Best Basic Research Award at the 28th International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, ORBIS’ new discovery identifies female hormones (Progesterone) as one of the factors that causes a decrease in skin resistance towards acne. A world’s first, this breakthrough established that during the female monthly cycle, an increase in progesterone causes a decrease in “antimicrobial peptides” which eventually leads to acne breakouts. Now we know why these pesky menstrual acne come about!

As such, ORBIS’ renewed CLEAR skincare series come with Gromwell Root extract, a compound that enhances the skin’s own protective functions to defend against menstrual acne. The use of herbal ingredients like Gromwell Root / Lithospermum Erythrorhizon extract (which promotes wound healing with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects), actually multiplies the amount of antimicrobial peptides five times, making the solution highly effective in tackling menstrual acne.

In addition, when complemented with ORBIS’ signature OIL-FREE formulation, not only is the menstrual acne diminished, the overall skin also becomes firmer, smoother, more protected and moisturised with better clarity and texture – a foundation for beautiful skin.

Whilst it’s meant to combat menstrual skincare, this range is also suitable for acne in general as well as for men! Infact ORBIS products are commonly known to be unisex and I recommend their concealer for my male friends as well for their unisex packaging and branding.

ORBIS held a media launch to share more about the CLEAR series, check out the event below:

ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 001ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 002

The ORBIS CLEAR series consists of a Wash (Cleanser), Lotion & Moisturizer:

A bound-rich facial wash that effectively clears clogged pores, preparing the skin for active ingredient absorption. Contains Amino acid components to gently cleanse the skin

A toning lotion that is effective in penetrating through to the stratum corneum layer (outermost), even in rough skin condition, and binding itself to the sebum within the pores. The result is that the ingredients of the lotion get actively absorbed deep into the pores effectively.

This moisturiser with fine 0.1 micron mesh structure, effectively protects the skin from external damages, such as dryness, for a skin that is soft and hydrated.

ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 003

There are also masks and body lotion and wash in the range.ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 004

Gromwell Root Extract, the special ingredient to the range due to its anti-inflammatory effects, promotes wound healing and anti-bacterial properties.ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 005

ORBIS CLEAR series promises better skin protective functions and higher skin hydration.
ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 006

Award winning findings; during women’s period, increased progesterone causes the decrease of antimicrobial peptides which cause acne – hence by increasing antimicrobial peptides, the skin can combat menstrual better.ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 007

My Review

The ORBIS CLEAR Wash requires lathering to create a thick foam to gently cleanse the skin. It’s gentle yet able to cleanse thoroughly for a taut clear skin. The ORBIS CLEAR Lotion is refreshing formula that is able to remove any debris even after a second wipe down, the only set back is the light alcohol scent. My favourite of the lot is the ORBIS CLEAR Moisturizer – it’s got a watery gel consistency, applies smoothly on the skin and really keeps the skin hydrated for the whole day.

Before I knew about ORBIS CLEAR Skincare, I was more familiar with ORBIS supplements. I popped by their outlet at Robinsons after the media launch and here’s some interesting supplements I came across!ORBIS supplements 001 ORBIS supplements 002

ORBIS CLEAR Step for clear healthy skin, comes with Vit Bs and C and more to combat acne skin.ORBIS supplements 003

Slimming exercise pills that help you burn more while you exercise!ORBIS supplements 004 ORBIS supplements 005

Super cool isn’t it?

Product Prices
ORBIS CLEAR Wash, $20.00
ORBIS CLEAR Lotion, $23.00
ORBIS CLEAR Moisture, $26.00
ORBIS CLEAR Trial Set, $18.50
ORBIS CLEAR Powder Foundation, $28.00
ORBIS CLEAR Powder Foundation Case, $11.00
ORBIS Acne Spots Concealer, $18.50

You can purchase ORBIS products at their outlets here:

Robinsons (The Heeren, Raffles City) both at Level 1 Beauty Hall

Bishan Junction 8, #01-46

Westgate, #02-18

Let me know if you’ve tried any ORBIS products and what you think of them!



Cool Kids Echosmith Live in Singapore!

This post is sponsored by AMPEd.

Hi Loves!

Echosmith Live in Singapore 11 August

“Cool Kids” Echosmith Band will be performing LIVE in Singapore on August 11th! If you’d like to score 4 tickets, all you need to do is to sign up for 12 months of AMPed Premium @ $94.80 ! That’s less than $25 for one ticket. #SCORE! Hurry gather your friends for this concert before it’s sold out~ For more information, visit AMPed website here.

Check out Echosmith’s teaser video here:



Say Yes to Sexy with Summer’s Eve

Hi Loves!

Have you seen the Summer’s Eve “Say Yes to Sexy” video campaign which I’m a part of, along with many fabulous bloggers? 😉  If you haven’t, watch the video below and take part in the giveaway on FB here!

If you haven’t heard of Summers’ Eve, they’re a feminine care brand that promises to help women feel clean and confident, which is the key to sexiness! 😉  Here’s some photos from the filming day and bloggers’ event for the video preview~

Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 001

On the way to the filming venue! Mood: *Excited* ^^Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 006

With my ladies Celine & Sydney! Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 008

With Alene in her get up as Sexy Gal, Celine as 60 year old granny and Sydney as 16 year old sweet young thing. I’m just a regular shopper at the bazaar! ^^VSummers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 004

With the really sweet and friendly Kai Ting whom I’ve known for a while on IG and met her for the first time! Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 005

With Kaiting, Ginevi, Chevron and Juliana! Thanks Kaiting for these pics! <3Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 003 Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 007

Behind the scenes shot of Alene acting out her scene… we literally took a whole day to film the short video because the production team and director took many multiple “safety shots”. Filming is really not easy! Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 002

Got my hair tied up by the make up artist on set. Isn’t it lovely and super tumblr worthy? 😛Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 009

Had a really great time on set with these ladies and the hospitable crew! <3

A few weeks after filming the video, we were invited to My Cozy Room spa at Cairnhill for the video preview!
Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 011

The stairways was all decked out and welcoming us!Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 010

Find out what kind of Sexy you are here, and be one of the lucky 5 winners each week to win an Ultimate Sexiness Pack of goodies worth over $200!Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 016

The entire spa was decked out in feminine decor and Summer’s Eve purple for the event~Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 015

A full shelf of feminine care and delight!Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 014

Summer’s Eve is probably most famous for their feminine wash, you will find them in two versions for normal skin (scented) and sensitive skin (unscented). They’re gentle yet effective, and their allergy-tested formula is specifically designed to match the pH of the external vaginal area and cleanse away odor-causing bacteria without irritation. Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 013

Beyond mere feminine wash, Summer’s Eve also provides feminine wipes for busy women on the go, these ultra-soft feminine wipes are the perfect pick-me-up. Individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience, the flushable wipes are great for freshening up between sanitary pad or pantyliner changes. Formulated with Neutresse® and skin-soothing Aloe and Vitamin E, they gently cleanse and neutralize odor without irritation.Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 012

Summer’s Eve also provides handy travel sized Feminine Cleansing Mist and Feminine Deodorant Spray to keep odor at bay! Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy 017

Summers Eve Blogger Event Say Yes To Sexy Goodie BagThank you Summer’s Eve, OCG and The Cozy Room for hosting us at the bloggers event, it was great fun working together for the video campaign!

Be sure to like Summer’s Eve on FB for exciting news, promotions and updates!



TheFaceShop Singapore Cushion Screen Cell Feels Like Second Skin

Hi Loves!

I’m very excited to be finally sharing about TheFaceShop Cushion Screen Cell foundation after months of using and procrastination in blogging! Seriously, the media kit and packaging from The Face Shop is the best, they are always so thoughtful and it’s always a welcomed surprise!TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 006

TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 004

What is lighter and fresher than before? As light as your skin? TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 005

TheFaceShop Cushion Screen Cell promises to be lighter and fresher than before!

TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 003

Comes with SPF 50+ PA+++ to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.
TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 002

Really pretty casing too!TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 001

This is the 99.9% anti bacterial net to ensure hygiene.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.28.55 amAdditionally these are the 3 features and effects on your skin!

When I first received the product, I was frankly completely skeptical about what the product boasts of… “Lighter and fresher than before, as light as your skin”… Really??? But after using it for 2 +months, I love it! Firstly, it really amazingly does looks and feels like my second skin, when I applied it on my skin the first few times, I had to take a double look that there was foundation applied over. It gives a really super natural look and feel. I also just read that this very TFS Cushion Screen Cell won Cleo SG’s Feels Like Second Skin Foundation award on its Beauty Awards 2015 (July), which I definitely think it’s well deserved. I’d highly recommend this if you’re looking for a hassle free foundation cushion that feels and looks natural. Plus it’s also affordably priced at S$42.90 and available at all TFS outlets island wide.

The Face Shop Singapore Lower Prices Blogger Hamper

Another reason to celebrate and visit TheFaceShop is that they’ve lowered their prices in SG, how awesome is that?! I am personally a HUGE fan and loyal user of their products including their facial masks, SMIM treatment essence, Raspberry Roots Mask and their Rice Water Bright Facial Cleanser.  In essence, TheFaceShop products feels light on the skin yet they are effective, that is why I love them so!

Thank you TheFaceShop for sending the products and hampers for review!



Clozette KParty & Klarity Bloggers’ Event

Hi Loves!

Clozette held a Clozette Ambassadors KParty some time back and it was a blast! We had fun playing with LANEIGE new duo tone lip bars, selecting our gold foil tattoos, enjoying the fantastic food at Farm to Table cafe (@ 83 Duxton Road), chatting and taking pictures with fellow ambassadors and taking part in the lucky draw (which I won a TFS set because I answered a Kdrama related question correctly! YAY!). 😀Clozette Ambassadors Kparty Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 006 Clozette Ambassadors Kparty Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 001 Clozette Ambassadors Kparty Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 002 Clozette Ambassadors Kparty Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 004 Clozette Ambassadors Kparty Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 005 Clozette Ambassadors Kparty Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 003 Clozette Ambassadors Kparty Enabalista Lifestyle Blog 007

On the same day, Klarity skincare brand held a blogger workshop to share more about their products, held at SaladStop at MBFC.
Klarity Blogger Event 001 Klarity Blogger Event 003

With Roanna, Fifi, Jerlene, Crystal and Vinna!Klarity Blogger Event 002Vinna and I were coincidentally dressed in sync in knit wear which is our version of soft korean style, kekeke.

We met the founder of Klarity skincare brand who was sharing about the benefits of Klarity CC cream which is hydrating, moisturizing while being a great makeup foundation/base. We were gifted a sample pack which I tried and it’s really good! It’s no wonder that it’s highly raved and loved by many beauty bloggers even from abroad, as I’ve seen Australian beauty blogger/instagrammer raving about it on IG. I would recommend you to try it too!

Thank you Clozette & Klarity SG for the event invites!



Sweet Valentines with ETUDE HOUSE Singapore; Eyes, Lips & Nails Talk


Hi Loves!

So Etude House launched their flagship store at Wisma Atria basement back in October and if you haven’t, be sure to check them out there! It’s my favourite outlet out of the many island wide cause it’s so conveniently located and I can always check in for their new products and colours whenever I’m in town. I know I am really super late (am really working on keeping up to speed with all the events and products reviews! #fighting!) but in case you haven’t already seen, or even if you have, I am sure you can still admire and appreciate the products again! Hahaha! So, going back to topic, Etude House launched a Give Me Chocolate Valentines Day collection, along with their Stay Up Foundation and Dear My Wish lips talk to create a sweet V’ Day look. They also introduced their Enamelting Gel Nail Polishes and had a live demonstration. Check it out! 😉Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 006

Love the Princess-y decor~Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 005

Delicious bakes from Tart SG.Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 004

Cute Princess Doll House with such intricate details!Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 001

My favourite Dear My Wish Lips talk lipsticks!Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 002

Wide range of colours for Enamelting Nail Polish!
Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 007

The Enamelting Gel Lamp~Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 003

Love these helpful makeup step by step tutorials!Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 008 Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 009

Royce Chocolates for Valentines!Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 010

Give Me Chocolate Eyeshadow collection~Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 011

Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 012

More sweet Princess decorations!Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 013

Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 014

With Jerlene, Alethea, Roanna~ Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 015 Etudehouse Valentines Party Enabalista Blogger Review 016Ending off with wefie pic with Leanne! <3

Thank you Etude House for the fun & pampering session in-store!



Vintage Glamour with Benefit’s Roller Lash

Hi Loves!

A few months back I had the pleasure to attend Benefit’s Roller Lash media launch as Leanne’s plus 1 and it was a blast having our hair styled, watching a retro themed dance, magic performance and last but not the least experiencing the Roller Lash which is great for asian straight thin lashes as it gives extra length and curl without the weight down! You can get these babies at all Benefit stores and Sephora outlets for SGD37. 🙂Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 001Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 002 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 003 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 004 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 005 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 006 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 007 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 008 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 009 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 010 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 011 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 012 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 013 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 014 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 015 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 016 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 017 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 018 Benefit Roller Lash Launch Enabalista Blogger 019

Thank you Leanne for bringing me along and Benefit for the fun night!