Fuller Firmer Skin From Within with Imedeen Time Perfection

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If you’ve read my post “8 Beauty Features for This CNY” earlier this year, you’d know that I started taking IMEDEEN Time Perfection skin supplements after reading up and finding mostly positive recommendations online. So after taking them for 3 months, here’s my review!

Imedeen 001

So what’s IMEDEEN Time Perfection all about? Basically, IMEDEEN is all about tablet skincare; while beauty creams and serum work from the outside of the skin, Imedeen works on the inside of your skin, deep down in the dermal layer where the process of skin ageing begins.

More specficially, IMEDEEN Time Perfection is based on an exclusive collagen rich Marine Complex foundation, but enriched with LycoPhence GS™ – a potent and patented antioxidant complex that helps protect skin against UV-induced damage and deterioration. IMEDEEN Time Perfection reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

These are the effects of IMEDEEN:

·         Improves skin quality and structure

·         Improves moisture balance

·         Helps protect collagen and elastin fibres against harmful UV rays

·         Makes skin on face and body feel softer, smoother and more supple 

There have been scientifically proven results in just 90 days, with more than 10 scientific studies carried out to confirm the skin-beautifying benefits of IMEDEEN skincare tablets.


“For me, true beauty really does begin within and when it comes to skincare that means Imedeen.”

Christy Turlington, Imedeen’s Global Ambasssador

Model and maternal health advocate Christy Turlington Burns is the new global brand ambassador for nutricosmetics expert IMEDEEN beauty supplements (manufactured by Pfizer).

A genuine advocate of the award-winning beauty tablets, Christy credits two daily tablets of IMEDEEN Time Perfection® as one of her secrets to maintaining beautiful, younger looking skin from the inside.

As for my review today, I was convinced to give IMEDEEN tablets a try after reading this really convincing review on MakeupAlley:

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.21.08 pm

2015-06-07 15.30.082015-06-05 16.19.05After taking IMEDEEN Time Perfection tablets for 3 months, I can see that my facial skin is fuller and firmer. My face, especially my forehead looks plumper and healthy. To illustrate how I feel about my skin after taking IMEDEEN Time Perfection tablets, see these images and writeup (provided by IMEDEEN):


The images above are taken from one of the scientific studies carried out on IMEDEEN. They confirm what’s happening in the invisible dermal layer of the skin and clearly show improvements after 3 and 6 months of use.

The top black line depicts the outer layer of the skin, also called the epidermis. Below this is the supportive layer – the dermis. The coloured elements represent collagen, elastin, and moisture retaining elements present in the dermis. A high concentration and distribution of dark coloured elements indicates a good skin condition.

My nails are also growing out to be stronger and they no longer chip easily. Thankfully I did not experience any weight gain due to the taking of these pills. Personally I am always interested to explore anti-ageing beauty / skincare products and supplements, so I wanted to give Time Perfection tablets and try and see its effectiveness. And I am happy to report that this product has worked for me and I will definitely consider this product as a collage supplement when I’m in my 30s. The recommended age for IMEDEEN Time Perfection tablets is 35+ so I am technically still young for it as I’m turning 25 this year.

I personally also prefer taking this tablet skincare over collagen drink. The recommended intake is 2 tablets once a day. It comes in a box which lasts 30 days/1 month and the recommended course to see effects is 90 days. A box currently costs S$101.05 which works out to $3.40 daily, which is about the price of a collagen drink or cheaper. I would opt for these tablets over the drinks because I feel that these are more fuss free compared to drinking the collagen drink and definitely much more compact to bring around when travelling or even when buying them home (of course unless you buy online and opt for home delivery than its not an issue)!

You can read up more about the product here and buy IMEDEEN Time Perfection with 25% GSS discount from the website here.

Thank you IMEDEEN Singapore and Touch PR for sending the tablets for review.

Disclaimer: The product has worked for me but I cannot guarantee that it will definitely work for you.



Indulge in Caffe B’s Delicious Yet Affordable Set Lunch @ MBS


Hi Loves!

A while back I feasted at Caffe B’s at Marina Bay Sands and today I’d like to share about this gem with you! 😉

Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 014

Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 013

Located at Marina Bay Sands #B1-15/01-83, Caffe B is a mixed Japanese and Western fusion restaurant and bar. It’s a place that’s definitely under the radar despite its lovely ambience and food. So I recommend you checking it out the next time you’re visiting MBS.  

Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 001

The amazing thing about their Set Lunch is that it’s so affordably priced at $25+ despite the posh location and delicious food. It’s a deal you definitely want to take advantage of! Diners get to pick one each; between 2 starters, from 4 main courses and dessert comes in only 1 item. For the food tasting we got to try all of the items on the menu! Also, as it’s a media tasting, we got tasting portions for the main course (else we could not possibly try every dish) so if you’re visiting, be assured that the portions are much bigger than what you see here! 🙂Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 002 Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 003

The interior decor reminds me of classical roman mixed with modern western design.Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 004

Free flow bread throughout the meal.
Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 005

Potato and Prosciutto Salad
Potato and Prosciutto Ham topped with Bonito flakes, served with Mesculin tossed in Miso Vinaigrette. The potato is served soft and the dish is a great balance of savoury delight.

Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 006

Chef’s Fresh Pot of the Day.Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 007

Tuna Sake Tataki
Quick seared Tuna with Sake, served with Hash Browns, Tomato Florentine and Red PestoCaffe B Enabalista Blog Review 008

Beef Verde
Black Angus Beef drizzled with Sauce Verde, side by Edamame and Potatoes with Parsley – this dish is yummilicious! The beef was tender and juicy, highly recommended. 🙂

Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 010

Vegetarian Pasta Alla Funggi
Spaghetti cooked Al Dente in Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce. 

Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 009

Chicken Lasagne Parmegiano
Spinach Pasta layered with Chicken, Shitake and Eggplants covered in Bechamel Sauce, Pomodoro and Mozzarella – this lasagne is a perfect mix of pasta, ingredients and sauce, another excellent main dish that I’d recommend!

Caffe B Enabalista Blog Review 011

For desserts, we ended with Trio Profiteroles, filled with Matcha, Red Bean and Chocolate Cream which is a nice touch that reminds us of Caffe B’s Japanese influence.

Now you know where to bring your business associates for your next lunch meeting! 😉

Caffe B now has a second set lunch menu for 2015, contact them at bar@caffeb.com.sg or 6222 2329. Be sure to like them on Facebook here for news and promotions!

Thank you Caffe B and PR Communications for the media review invite!



Catch Tanya on a One Night Only Concert, with AMPed!

This post is sponsored by AMPEd.Tanya Chua AMPedHi Loves!

Local singer- songwriter Tanya Chua, one of the key Singaporean musicians in the Chinese pop music arena, is having an exclusive one night only concert for AMPed subscribers!

Tanya has brought immense pride and joy to Singapore and as part of the celebration for the SG50 season, AMPed is giving away showcase tickets to their premium subscribers to witness her performance live this July~ As a talented and brilliant local musician, Tanya’s performance should not be missed!

Simply sign up for 6 or 12 months of AMPed for a free ticket. For more information about how to get tickets to the showcase event, check out the AMPed site here: http://po.st/TanyaChua.

Check out the talented singer’s promo video here!:



Discover Awesome Offers & Dining Options with OpenSnap, Your Must Have Mobile Food Guide

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Well if you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of good food… who isn’t right? 😛 I think 90% (pulling number out of thin air, btw) of Singaporean gatherings include some form of food; dining or drinks. Us Singaporeans just love our food!

unnamed opensnap

As such, I honestly can’t believe how late I am to the boat of OpenSnap, which is an amazing food guide app, truly a wonderful work of art. With this app, you’ll never have to rack your brains over where to eat in Singapore~

I mean, what good is it for me to say so much? Take a good look for yourself!

OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 001

Browse the homepage with tabs such as “Offers” and “Editor’s Pick”. I love how the app’s interface is so clean and easy to navigate!OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 002

Obviously, we’re gonna check out the Offers tab…  Do you know that OpenSnap has the  most offers in one app available, with more than 500 unique restaurants and more than 900 offers on board?! Does this interest you already? 😉

OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 003

I’m not sure how much a slice of Lady M Marron Mille Crepe usually costs, but if you’re planning to head down, why not take advantage of this offer?
OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 004

Here’s another great offer, if you’re planning to head down to Lawry’s for your family’s Father’s Day Dinner… Lawry’s at Mandarin Gallery has a very nice ambience. 🙂OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 005

If you’re a fan of trying out new places and experiences, check out OpenSnap’s list of new restaurants! I’m looking forward to try out Milk Cow, when the queue isn’t that long, heh.OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 006

This has got to be one of my favourite tabs – “Editor’s Picks”. Seriously, it’s like they read my mind and catered the top two features for me… I’m a fan of salted egg yolk and matchaaaa! OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 007

Sorry if this post is making you hungry… Look at all these wonderful salted egg yolk dishes! The best part is that these images you see above are user submitted food photos and reviews, which comes with a dish rating feature (1-5 stars rating)! This means, you can decide which popular dish to try, based on the user ratings/recommendations, how helpful!
OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 008

Another thing is how pretty the app looks visually – some of the user uploads look like they came out of the magazine… it’s like searching on Instagram with #matcha, except the quality is higher and comes with more details like price! OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 009

This, am going back for this matcha soya soft serve for sure! OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 010

Scrolling down the homepage, you’ll see more useful features such as “Cafes” and “Open Till Late”.OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 011

Now you can go totally crazy on those #CafeHopping #Saturdates!OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 012

You can find out the Best Restaurants and Dishes in Singapore.

OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 013

If you’re out of new places to check out after midnight – this feature will give you new ideas!
OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 014

Another option to filter restaurants based on Location, and in this case, I picked “Bedok”. Essentially you can search for restaurants and new food places near your location!OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 015

Similar to Instagram, you can follow cool (or should I say Food, keke) users with lots of food updates and recommendations too!

If you haven’t already, go download OpenSnap here (Android) and here (Apple)!

Thanks OpenSnap for making this review possible. 😉



Latest Beauty Trends @ Beauty Asia’s 19th Trade Exhibition for Beauty, Spa & Health

Hi Loves!

As a beauty enthusiast, I couldn’t miss the offer for a preview tour of Beauty Asia, a B2B tradeshow when it was here in Singapore, Suntec back in early Jan. I met up with Leanne for the tour and we met Vinna who was attending to a booth during the fair. One of Leanne’s favourite was Hakuhodo, a Japanese brush brand. I was fascinated with the Korean salmon roe luxurious golden eye patch, we also tried rose extract and checked out the self care radiofrequency treatment by Habalan which is apparently really popular in Korea… this technology is apparently not available to the mass consumers in Singapore yet! We were also quite impressed with Cailyn (nope, not Caitlyn as in Caitlyn Jenner), a new US makeup brand and of course the elaborate nail art artworks during the competition was quite remarkable too. Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 001
Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 002 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 003 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 004 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 005 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 006 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 007 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 008 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 009 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 010 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 011 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 012 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 013 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 014 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 015 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 016 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 017 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 018 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 019 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 020 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 021 Beauty Asia Trade Show Enabalista Blog 022Thank you Grayling for the tradeshow invite!

What caught your eye from this tradeshow, and what’s the latest beauty technology that you’ve seen of late? Share in the comments below!



Golds & Oxblood for Burberry’s Winter Glow 2014 Collection

Hi Loves!

I couldn’t hide it even if I wanted to, lol, this is a terribly half a year late blog post. (Yes, I am still en-route to clearing my #blogdebt! #pressingon)  Nonetheless, let me share with you if you haven’t seen Burberry’s festive 2014 collection. 🙂
Burberry Winter Glow Festive 2014 Enabalista Blog 001 Burberry Winter Glow Festive 2014 Enabalista Blog 002

That oxblood lipstick looking might fine on the model! Whilst the packaging is Limited Edition, the colours should still be available at the counter located at Tangs Orchard. 🙂 Burberry Winter Glow Festive 2014 Enabalista Blog 004

With babes Cindy, Qiyun, Alene, Vinna & Clarabel~Burberry Winter Glow Festive 2014 Enabalista Blog 003

The beautiful calligraphy handwriting on the goodie bag, so old school and classy chic!Burberry Winter Glow Festive 2014 Enabalista Blog 005Thank you Vinna for inviting us! <3



Long-lasting Sophistication with Elizabeth Arden’s NEW Foundation & Matte Lipsticks

Hi Loves!

Before I dive into the new Elizabeth Arden makeup products, let me share about theElizabeth Arden skincare & make up tete-a-tete session that Clarabel & I attended, hosted by bloggers Meiting & Tricia!

We had a great time listening to them share their skincare and makeup tips. They raved about the Flawless Future Caplet Serum that gives them youthful skin with great moisturization, Meiting shared about her eyeshadow makeup tips whilst Tricia shared her very extensive lip regime to give her all day wear; prime with moisturizer, apply foundation, lip pencil, lipstick x 2 and finally  loose powder over tissue. Epic regime eh? Enough with the intro, let’s check out the pics! 😉

Elizabeth Arden Workshop & Red Door Enabalista Blog 001 Elizabeth Arden Workshop & Red Door Enabalista Blog 002 Elizabeth Arden Workshop & Red Door Enabalista Blog 003

With Kim from EA~Elizabeth Arden Workshop & Red Door Enabalista Blog 004 Elizabeth Arden Workshop & Red Door Enabalista Blog 005

With my babe, Clarabel. <3Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 2.35.25 pm

With Tricia, Meiting & the ladies for our session! Thanks Clarabel babe for inviting me as your +1! :*

Also, be sure to check out Elizabeth Arden’s NEW Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR (I’m a 04 Sunbeige) and their new Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick Matte! I’ve always been a fan of EA’s long lasting foundation and their lipstick is richly pigmented and perfect for formal occasions. Plus, that gold red door bullet is so classy, it’s the lipstick you’d bring out while touching up on a formal night out. 😉 Available at all EA counters locally, priced S$69 and S$35 respectively.

Elizabeth Arden Workshop & Red Door Enabalista Blog 006 Elizabeth Arden Workshop & Red Door Enabalista Blog 007Thank you EA Singapore for sending the products & press kit! Check out #ElizabethArdenSG on IG here.



“PUNCH DRUNK LOVE” Amos Ananda Collection @ Agenda Mandarin Gallery Store Opening

AGENDA launched late last year, located at Mandarin Gallery, the multi label store stocks local designer Amos Ananda’s chic street style wear and other young designer brands too. Check out the pics!
AGENDA Store opening Amos Ananda Stockist Enabalista Blog 001

Teaser of Amos Ananda’s PUNCH DRUNK LOVE collectionAGENDA Store opening Amos Ananda Stockist Enabalista Blog 008

The runway // down Mandarin Gallery corridor AGENDA Store opening Amos Ananda Stockist Enabalista Blog 005

Amos Ananda’s booth
AGENDA Store opening Enabalista Blog 003

AGENDA Store opening Enabalista Blog 002

Fashion accessories by The Kang

Check out AGENDA instore:

AGENDA Store opening Amos Ananda Stockist Enabalista Blog 003

Amos AnandaAGENDA Store opening Amos Ananda Stockist Enabalista Blog 004

Eight SlateAGENDA Store opening Enabalista Blog 001

ProtestaAGENDA Store opening Amos Ananda Stockist Enabalista Blog 009With the designer!

Thanks Amos for the invite! Follow him on FB for updates! 😉



Face Your Inner Demons // DEPRESSION Spring Summer 2015 @ DFW2014

DEPRESSION introduced their SS 2015 collection titled “Inner Demons” to much applause at Digital Fashion Week 2014. I love the womenswear in this very street style chic collection and would totes wear all of them out. DEPRESSION is arguably Singapore’s most recognisable local label and that is undoubtedly testament to the super duo Kenny & Andrew’s talent in story telling, persistent and unending efforts in introducing compelling collections every season and cross promotions with brands and celebrities. New and inspiring local designers and labels should definitely study them as a role model on how to succeed in SG and beyond. It is thus definitely well deserved that they are included in the SG50 book as one of the pride and representative of local brand and talents. Without any more further ado, check out the collection below!

Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 010 Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 008 Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 006 Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 005Depression SS2015 DFW2014 Enabalista 002Depression SS2015 DFW2014 Enabalista 001Depression SS2015 DFW2014 Enabalista 003 Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 009 Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 007

Images taken from DEPRESSION FB here and here. For the full collection album see here.

Event photos with friends:
Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 003

Dressed in NCE – Not Cool Enough, a sub label which i love from the DEPRESSION duo.Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 002

With HelenaDepression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 004

The duo, with Camy, Myke, Fenny & Smita
Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 001

With Nigel & AmosKotsujuru Nabe Enabalista Blogger ReviewEnding the post off with dinner after at Bugis Junction, highly recommended Japanese dumpling soup Kotsujiru Nabe!



Abstract Prints for Sarah Morris x Longchamp Collection

HI Loves!

Sometime back, Fenny invited me to attend Longchamp’s special Sarah Morris collection launch at their ION outlet. Sarah Morris is an abstract print designer and together with Longchamp, they created a series of bags with her prints and limited edition colours. I’m not sure if they’re still in stock, lol cause I’m posting this about half a year later, oops! Since Longchamp bags are so common nowadays, it’s nice for them to release LE bags which are more unique. Anyhoos, it was really fun attending the launch with Fenny and we had salad for dinner at Watami after! 😛Longchamp x Sarah Morris Collection Enabalista 004 Longchamp x Sarah Morris Collection Enabalista 005 Longchamp x Sarah Morris Collection Enabalista 003 Longchamp x Sarah Morris Collection Enabalista 001 Longchamp x Sarah Morris Collection Enabalista 002 Longchamp x Sarah Morris Collection Enabalista 006 Longchamp x Sarah Morris Collection Enabalista 007x


Get Your Glow On with Atlas Medispa Korean Vita Glow Facial!

Hi Loves!

Not long ago, I tried Atlas Medispa’s Korean Vita Glow Facial and I love it ! There’s a really comfortable hand and face massage, followed by microdermabrasion to remove the dead cells before infusing a customized serum to give it a healthy glow. I highly recommend it!

Atlas Medispa Korean Vita Glow Enabalista Blogger Review 005

Atlas Medispa Korean Vita Glow Enabalista Blogger Review 003

Always a treat to be back at Atlas Medispa’s relaxing and soothing space~Atlas Medispa Korean Vita Glow Enabalista Blogger Review 002

Atlas Medispa Korean Vita Glow Enabalista Blogger Review 001Atlas Medispa’s gorgeous and comfy waiting area.

Atlas Medispa Korean Vita Glow Enabalista Blogger Review 004 Atlas Medispa Korean Vita Glow Enabalista Blogger Review 1 001Bare face after the treatment and with make up on.

My readers are entitled to a $68 promotion for this Korean Vita Glow Facial, simply quote “Ena Teo” when you call & visit them for your appointment! 😉


#13-10/10A SINGAPORE 238874
Tel: +65 6735 0996
Email: enquiry@atlasmedispa.com



Internships: Get Paid To Pick Up Essential Skills & Knowledge

Hi Loves!

Last week I blogged about my part time job experience, read it here if you haven’t. 😉 Today, I’d like to share about my internship singapore experiences.

When I was in LASALLE, I wanted to know as much as I could about the Fashion industry in Singapore and I realized that the way I could do so was by applying and getting an internship with a local fashion company. Over the course of 2010-2012, I took up several internship / paid positions with various companies; including a backstage stint with Blueprint Fashion Tradeshow, as well as an admin and accounts assistant with Club21, a multi-label retailer in Singapore.

Through these internships in singapore, I got to meet many local designers of local brands, such as Depression and Revasseur and international brands such as Timo Weiland. I also learnt first hand that the cliche is completely true: Fashion is a lot of glitter and glam on stage and on camera, but it’s a lot of hard work, grit, sweat, long hours behind the scenes and many years before you see the light of day as an established designer/brand/marketer.

With Andrew of Depression in 2014 during Sects Shop Opening (as a guest, not an intern, haha)

Many people always ask me how I ended up in the real estate industry as a property agent when I was studying Fashion Media & Industries in LASALLE. And it’s no secret, really. The reason is because my friend Valerie’s recommended me for a marketing internship with a local real estate developer company, back in 2011 when I was still studying and that opened the doors for me into the property world.

It was during my internship as a marketing intern at property show flats that exposed me to the world of property sales. I quickly learnt how property agents build rapport with their clients and qualify their client; if they were eligible to buy executive condominiums and if they had sufficient funds to purchase such a big ticket item as a condominium.

Of course I also learnt how incredible the potential financial reward was for a property agent, and more so for a property developer. I learnt and saw how so many different people and departments came together for a single project: developer marketing team, outsourced marketing team, architects, landscaping team, bankers and property agents. It was this world of business and sales that attracted me to join as property agent.

A lot of people spend time wondering how some people get their feet into the door of a certain company or get the opportunity to that coveted job, and the secret is this: many singapore internship opportunities are disguised as work – if you’re willing to work for little to nothing, you’ll be sure to find many opportunities coming your way.



Delicious Meals Without The Wait

Hi Loves!

Today I’m very excited to be sharing about Food Panda~!

Food Panda Hui Wei Takeaway Blogger Review Enabalista SS 003

In case you haven’t heard or tried Food Panda before, you’ll be glad to know about them now! Food Panda is an awesome online/mobile service where you can order from an array of restaurants that provide delivery to your local address based on your postcode.

You can order to your home, office, friend’s home or wherever life/work takes you to, as long as the location is recognised and food is deliverable there (don’t blame me if your location is too obscure! :p).

Food Panda Hui Wei Takeaway Blogger Review Enabalista SS 001

Based on the postcode you input, Food Panda will show you the list of restaurants nearby which will deliver to your choice of location. From my place, there’s a whole list of 42 restaurants, impressive!

Food Panda Hui Wei Takeaway Blogger Review Enabalista SS 002

And the best part is, you can order in advance so your meal is delivered during your meal time! Awesome isn’t it?

I decided on Hui Wei, which is a Tze-Char (stir fried) place which has 3.5stars based on 143 ratings.  Thanks to my sister Jia Hui for doing her research (I outsourced this task to her, hehe) and she decided on these few delicious dishes!

Food Panda Hui Wei Takeaway Blogger Review Enabalista 001

Seafood TofuFood Panda Hui Wei Takeaway Blogger Review Enabalista 002

Stir Fried Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce
Food Panda Hui Wei Takeaway Blogger Review Enabalista 004

Thai Style Honey Chicken – this is totally yums. Thumbs up!Food Panda Hui Wei Takeaway Blogger Review Enabalista 003

Mei Ren Yu (Mermaid) which is fried eggplant and it’s seriously addictive. This is a highly raved dish and it did not disappoint. Highly recommended too. Food Panda Hui Wei Takeaway Blogger Review Enabalista SS 001I recommend Food Panda service for your next family or friend’s party or gathering! With this, you can save time on preparing your meal, you can even get your guests to look through the menu and order dishes to suit their liking and enjoy the meal in the comfort of your own home / private location~ ! The only downside is the minimum $50 order (for Hui Wei) for delivery, however if you’re ordering for a party of 8 or more, this won’t be an issue. 😉

Thank you Food Panda for making this review possible!



Part Time Job: Have Fun & Get Paid To Find Out If You’re Suited For The Job

Hi Loves!

I’ve told a few friends and juniors before, I had the privilege to know what jobs I liked and what jobs I didn’t like before I graduated and starting working, all because I took up internships and part time jobs in singapore during my school holidays.

My earliest memory of working during my school holidays was helping out at the stationary & book store in my secondary school. My friend Eunice and I would go back to school during school holidays for about 2 weeks to pack textbooks and help the bookshop auntie and uncle to sell them to our schoolmates. It wasn’t that difficult or tiring, in fact it was quite fun since when I was working together with my friend and the bookshop auntie was super nice! We even get paid and if my memory doesn’t fail me, that’s also how I partially funded my IPod (my kind parents paid the other half). If making your holidays fruitful and having fun with your friend at work isn’t something that motivates you, perhaps the income will.


Recently I reunited over lunch with the very nice bookshop Aunty Xiao Yan after 10 years!

It’s because I started working in my secondary school days that I know the value of every dollar earned. And of course, it’s working part time at the school bookshop that made me know that even though it’s an easy job, it’s not something that I’d want to do for the rest of my life. It’s working part time in retail that motivated me to try out different jobs (admin, accounts, marketing, yes I did all of these while still studying) and find out what jobs I did enjoy and would consider pursuing as a career.

Even though some of the fashion and beauty events I attend nowadays are very glitzy and glamorous, I’m actually still pretty low maintenance in real life (sans sponsored facials and branded skincare & makeup, keke). I’m sure glad that I took up part time jobs for students when I was still studying as it helped me to be more grounded about life and work.

If you’re still studying, or considering a career switch, I’d definitely encourage you to consider taking up part time jobs singapore opportunities, to find out if you suit the job, if it’s something you’d enjoy and have the passion to make a career out of!

Do you have any part time job stories to share? Let me know in the comments below!