Dad’s Birthday Celebration! (Belated Update)

Hi Loves!

So, my dad’s birthday’s in September and here are some photos from the 2 celebrations and awesome yummy food we had last September, kekeke!

2014-09-13 18.50.09

For the first dinner celebration, we went to Ah Yat, which is famous for their delicious and tender Abalone! We went to the Bugis/Hotel Grand Pacific branch. I only took like the first few dishes and I think I was too busy eating to capture the rest, hahaha!

Dad Birthday Celebration 001

I think this is the duck skin dish.Dad Birthday Celebration  001

Fried Man Tous!
Dad Birthday Celebration  002

Pork Ribs!

They also have this really yummy chicken and awesome 3 meat dish; pork, chicken and duck, must try! Dad Birthday Celebration  003

With my sisters, parents and Daddy’s good friends. ^^

For dinner round 2, we went to Teochew Traditional Seafood Restaurant, at my dad’s friend’s recommendation and treat! He was raving about it (during dinner 1) and it really didn’t disappoint! The only downside is it’s quite inconvenient if you don’t drive. I thought I could walk from Paya Lebar and I walked REALLY FAR. I was quite amazed at how far I walked. Better to cab in! Anyhoos, this restaurant supposedly use Shark’s bones to cook the soup base so its really yummy. I won’t oversell the soup, so you won’t go with damn high expectations. Just go with an open mind and enjoy the good food!
Dad Birthday Celebration  004

Even HK Actress Kenneth Ma and Charmaine Sheh come here! Dad Birthday Celebration  005

With family and Dad’s friends!Dad Birthday Celebration  006

Happy Birthday Papa!Dad Birthday Celebration  007

Look at the really yummy and fresh ingredients!
Dad Birthday Celebration  008

They have this salted egg dish which is like zomg delicious. Must try!

Ok, I hope I didn’t make you too hungry with this post, these are places you can bring your parents for the next family dinner! 😉



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