Marie France Bodyline PRO-FREEZE Review

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Hi Loves!

Recently I had the pleasure to visit Marie France Bodyline to try out their PRO-FREEZE treatment, which is a new treatment that uses fat-freezing technology to safely and effectively remove unwanted fat cells.

How PRO-FREEZE works is exposing the fat cells to an extreme cold temperature, causing them to be frozen and degenerated. These degenerated fat cells will be eliminated from the body via the body’s own metabolism system and can be permanently remove up to 25% of the unwanted fat in a single treatment session, thereby reducing the thickness of the fat layer.  It’s an alternative to liposuction and is most effective for areas such as tummy, waist (love handles), hips (saddle backs) and inner thighs.

It is said that visible result in loss of fat can be seen in 3 weeks following the treatment, with more significant results shown between 3 – 6 months. People with major serious illness and sensitive to extreme coldness or pregnant are not suitable to undergo PRO-FREEZE.

The entire PRO-FREEZE treatment takes about 45-60 minutes. After a quick consultation with the staff, I decided to try out the treatment on my back thighs, the starting 5-10 minutes was very cold and I could feel the strong suction from the machine. After that, my body was accustomed to the cold sensation and suction and I was just resting head down on the bed while the PRO-FREEZE machine did all the fats-busting work on my thighs, hahaha! The staff applied a very generous amount of gel and a gel layer on my skin before attaching the machine, which she says, helps to cushion my skin from the extreme cold. After the treatment, the area was very cold and I was a bit worried that the cold will result in condensation and causing an unsightly wet patch on the dress I was wearing, but it didn’t. 🙂 However there was some residual gel left at my lower thighs, so I advise a thorough wipe down after the session. 😉 I was advised to drink 2 litres of water for the following 3-4 days and to also follow up for 2-3 sessions for the most optimum results.

The MFB staff that attended to my also mentioned that Fann Wong enjoyed this treatment after her pregnancy to regain her svelte figure. I would recommend this treatment for a fuss free fat removing experience. 🙂

If you’re wondering about Marie France Bodyline’s customers satisfaction, you’ll be happy to know that Nielsen, a leading global consumer research and measurement company, conducted a consumer survey on 105 women (aged between 22 and 40) who underwent body contouring treatments twice a week, over six weeks (in November and December 2014) at Marie France Bodyline. Being one of the well-trusted, leading slimming professionals in Singapore, Marie France Bodyline has taken the bold step to release the results of a consumer survey on slimming solutions.

 The results?

 93% of women found that their clothes were not as tight and 92% were satisfied with the overall experience*.

 So why would these findings mean anything to you if you did not undergo at least a session to experience the treatment, right? So….

 Marie France Bodyline is giving a very special promotion of TWO body contouring treatments priced at ONLY SGD$50.00! This not-to-be-missed promotion is valid from now till 30 April 2015. Terms and conditions apply.

For appointments or more information, please call 1800-7777-111.

Thank you WOM PR and Marie France Bodyline for this review invitation and promotion for my readers!



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