Brighter and Hydrated skin from within with Laneige Collagen Drink

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You’ve probably seen me posting about LANEIGE’s Collagen Drink on Instagram and in my previous post here. In this post, I’m giving an updated review. 😉

Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 007

Come 31st March, LANEIGE will be launching their Collagen Drink. Sourced from tilapia fish, each bottle contains 5000mg of collagen peptide which is the amount that is used each day, and thus to be replenished. This drink promises to help brighten, hydrate and smoothen skin. It’s free from artificial colouring, preservatives and sugar and has the lowest amount of calories at only 105KJ. In addition to fish collagen, the drink also has vitamin C which helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and brighten the skin. It also has red orange extract and pomegranate extract, these two ingredients has powerful antioxidative effects and pleasant fruity flavours.

Thanks to LANEIGE & Clozette, I’ve been gifted 6 boxes for 2 months and have been drinking one bottle each night for more than 1 month now. I drink it every night and it’s like a dessert for me. It’s slightly sweet and sourish but definitely not overwhelming and has no fishy scent. With the intake of LANEIGE Collage drink for a month, my skin is visibly more hydrated than before, especially when I wake up after a night’s sleep. Usually my skin will be dehydrated even when I put my usual moisturiser, so I will usually prep my skin with facial mask or sleeping mask the night before. Now with the intake of LANEIGE Collagen Drink at night, my facial skin has become hydrated from within. Also, I was worried that I might gain weight because the LANEIGE  Collagen Drink tastes like a dessert, thankfully I didn’t experience any weight gain and that’s because it has the lowest calories at only 105KJ. 🙂

It is recommended to consume the Collagen Drink for 2 months to see results. You can buy them exclusively from LANEIGE boutiques! 🙂

Bedroom Makeover under $300

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It feels like a while since I last published a post (just check it was 1 week ago)… Time is whizzing by incredibly fast isn’t it? >u<

One of the things I accomplished over my fruitful weekend was to pay a visit to IKEA to pick up items for a mini Bedroom Makeover under $300!

IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 003 IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 002

I’ve long wanted to get a laptop cushion, for when I use my laptop while on the sofa or on the bed, and I finally found Byllan ($29.90). I got it with the white cover and a multicoloured cushion cover, so pretty! It’s also available in grey, for all you monochrome lovers. There is also a matching swivel chair which I think would be super lovely as guest chairs in a creative office space (note to self; bookmark for future office, hehe). I also got a lovely new quilt and pillow casing in Angsskara ($14.90) and a Tejn faux sheepskin rug ($19.90) which I think makes my room look super snug and comfy~

IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 001

I’ve accumulated quite an amount of shoes and products from my own vanity creativity and from blogging. Thus it has resulted in the need to put in 2 shelves in the last year, when my room’s wall was originally clear/ empty. HAHA. And I also just acquired Breim Wardrobe ($39.90), with all the miscellaneous items that were piling up in my room. It’s super affordable and relatively easy to put together (my sister helped to put them together, thanks Er Jie!!!).IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 005

I decided to get Ditte fabric ($4.90) and cover the shelves by attaching it with Velcro to the top of the shelves and also hem it down with SY Iron on hemming strip ($2.90) at the bottom. I’m thinking of going back to buy a few more fabrics from the wonderful array available so I can switch them from time to time! 🙂
IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 004

I thank God for SKUBB shoe box ($14,90, Set of 4), they’re seriously god-sent! Bless those clever designers. These replace the odd shape and coloured shoe boxes that my shoes come in, so they look so much better now when stacked together. Plus, the design allows me to see through into the mesh and easily take out the shoes! I’m super stoked and happy with them! 😀 They also come in Pink and White colours~ They’re only 16cm high, so they can’t fit shoes taller than that, but as they’re pretty long (34cm), as long as the shoes aren’t too wide, you can still fit them in, lying down. I got a total of 5 sets. Yes, I have more than 20 pairs of shoes. That’s why I need to store most of them in my own room cause my family’s shoe cabinets ain’t got enough space for me. Hahaha. 😛

To get more bed & bathroom makeover inspiration, check out IKEA’s online bedroom gallery here and bathroom gallery here as well as this hilarious video on “How to Improve your Private Life”:

There’s also a cool microsite as part of this “Private Life” campaign with product info integrated into the slideshows, check it out here!

IKEA’s also releasing 4 cute & pretty series/collections, visit them to see the new products!

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.21.50 am Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.20.38 am Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.20.29 am Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.20.10 am

Thank you IKEA Singapore and BBH for the products and updates!



Definitive Yet Feminine Eyebrow Embroidery with Browtisan


Hi Loves!

If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then I suppose our eyebrows are the window frames to our soul! I don’t know about you, but ever since I’ve started putting on makeup and drawing on my eyebrows, I can’t help but notice people’s eyebrows when I meet them. I always appreciate a thick yet defined set of eyebrows, and personally don’t fancy messy, unruly eyebrows or thin and sparse eyebrows with no defined shape.

2015-01-08 12.36.22

How I usually draw my eye brows on… 🙂

You might not know this, but I got an injury that cut through my left eyebrow when I was 15, while foolishly “free-cycling” (read: cycling with my hands off the handle bars) while going down a slope. And for that silliness bravado, I have a broken badass left eyebrow, like yunno, the kind Korean actor Key has as well:

Key Eyebrows

Well, I’m not Key or a guy for that matter and scars don’t look half as cool on me as it does on him. I prefer to have full and feminine brows! In addition to the eyebrow scars, I also generally have quite sparse eyebrows… So much so that towards the end of the brows, they’re almost missing. Like this:2015-01-08 15.24.34


 So a while back, I popped by Browtisan’s again (See my first post on eyelash extension here) for an eyebrow embroidery session. And here’s how it went!

First of all, Coco and I had a chat, she wanted to know what image I wanted and she also gave her expertise as to what eyebrows would suit me. I told her that I like the current thick and straight Korean eyebrow trend and have been sporting it for a while now. Like this:


You can even check out a tutorial on how to get this Korean thick eyebrows here.

She then advised me to get a more feminine set of brows without the edge that I usually draw in for my mid brows. Something like this which looks more feminine:

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 12.43.13 am

Instead of this which is more harsh:


So after the little chat, she proceeded to draw on the eyebrows which she designed for me and asked me if I was happy with it. I love the new set of eyebrows she designed for me and then we proceeded to the next step, which is to apply anaesthetic cream before the embroidery:

2015-01-08 15.13.53

Then the embroidery session took place. If you’re worried about the pain like I am, don’t be. I have very little tolerance for pain and it didn’t hurt due to the anaesthetic cream. For the most part of the session, it feels like a pin is scratching against your skin. When it did start to hurt towards the end of the embroidery after the effect of the cream is starting is wear off, I told Coco about the pain and she proceeded to apply more anaesthetic cream before resuming again. 🙂 Then there’s application of colouring to darken the embroidered brows:2015-01-08 17.15.56


Who looks cuter, crayon Shin Chan aka 蜡笔小新 or me? 😛

The results of Coco’s embroidery are super impressive, incredibly life like!:2015-01-09 17.00.04

2015-01-09 17.00.03

Watch the video and check out how 3D and awesome it looks!:

After the embroidery session, I had to apply a gel on for the next 5 days and also prevent my eyebrows from getting wet when I shower. This is so that the embroidered eyebrow lines won’t get infection and also last longer. Also given is a helpful After Care Tips to follow up on:2015-01-09 00.17.39 This is how it looks like with the sticker film on my eyebrows before shower:2015-01-09 00.27.15

How my brows look like in the first 5 days with the gel on, which totally reminded me of Spring Summer 2013 Wet Hair runway fashion trend, albeit on the eyebrows, haha. Who knows, maybe that’s gonna be Spring Summer 2016 Wet Eyebrows look eh? 😉

2015-01-09 17.52.12

Rag & Bone, Spring Summer 2013 Wet Hair Trend:53a09a0584d8d_-_cos-01-rag-and-bone-spring-2013-de

And here’s how I’ve been sporting my new, definitive yet feminine and, if I may say so myself, all around lovely new eyebrows, much thanks to Coco from Browtisan!

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 12.19.06 am Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 12.19.28 am

If you want to have definitive and feminine eyebrows, book your appointment with Browtisan via their hotline 6235 2355, they’re conveniently located in Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard Road, #03-17.

While Coco’s design and embroidery fees will be higher, you can trust her staff which are trained by her to deliver the same service and results. You can also request for her to design the brows and then let her staff to do the embroidery. 🙂

Thanks to Coco from Browtisan and Nikki from AT Marketing Consultancy for making this session and review possible.

I’ll update again after my touch up session, and also with my newer/current hair colour! 😀



Indulge in Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling


Hi Loves!

Months back, I had the great pleasure to take part in Penhaligon’s Cocktail workshop that celebrates their fragrance Juniper Sling, which is inspired by the London Dry Gin. We learnt from the expert and bartender Kamil from Tippling Club, how to create a unique concoction including raspberry, gin & a special undisclosed recipe that leaves a lingering after taste that is similar to Juniper Sling, so you can taste the very scent that you smell! I learnt that a good fragrance is much like a good cocktail, it should be layered yet balanced. The cocktail session was truly an interactive, engaging and immersive experience of the Penhaligon’s world.

Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 001

Penhaligon’s staff introducing the Juniper Sling fragrance.Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 002

Watching Kamil in action first.Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 003

The tools and ingredients required for cocktail making.Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 004

Kamil shaking things up before serving up the cocktail.Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 005Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 020

And here we have the Juniper Sling cocktail!

Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 007

Next Kamil taught us how to make Old Fashioned, consisting of syrup, bitters, brandy or whiskey and a twist of citrus rind.Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 008Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 009It is amazing how much the cocktail changes just with a twist of lemon skin! The drink instantly becomes layered and more appealing.

Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 010

Next up we learn how to make Mojitos.Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 011

Mint leaves are a must.Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 012 Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 013

Decorating the cup with lemon, heh.Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 014

Then we make our own cocktail, like Old Fashioned.Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 015

And we tried mixing with different alcohol like this Pear flavoured sweet/dessert wine, Merlet.Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 016

Not sure what this cocktail is, basically a mix between Mojito and dessert wine! HAHA.Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 019

With sweet Caroline!
Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 018

And everyone who attended the session, it was great fun! I suppose alcohol connects us all, haha.

Penhaligons Singapore Juniper Sling Cocktail Session 017My sister made this very apt Bitstrip for me after the event, hahaha!

Thanks to Penhaligons & Touch PR for hosting this lovely cocktail workshop!



Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event

Hi Loves!

Some time ago, Luxola held a One Night Stand bloggers’ event, for one night, we indulged in all things beauty(not to say that we don’t already indulge in all things beauty each night),  keke. We had a blast checking out the stations which covered from hair, makeup to nails! That night we were one of the first few to try out Wet n Wild, an affordable and fun brand they just brought in. If you haven’t, be sure to check out their site here.

Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 002 Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 007 Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 003
Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 013 Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 004

Lots of Wet n Wild make up products!Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 014Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 031

With make up artist and our look using Wet n Wild makeup!Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 010

Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 011 Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 012Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 028

Manicure station with Covet London and Jacqueline Burchell‘s New Colour Changing Gel, super cool.
Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 017

Sleek make up, affordable and great pigmentation.Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 018

Lots of nail polishes on display.
Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 019

Mirenesse Cosmetics.
Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 020

Not fogetting, skincare products!Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 021

More skincare and brushes!Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 022 Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 023 Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 024

Love this Sensory Therapy, Peace of Mind, On the Spot Relief by Origins, great mint scent!Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 030

With fellow lovely bloggers and beauty lovers; Alene, Vinna, Jodie, Fenny, Amanda and Clarabel!Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 027

With Amanda.Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 015

And Clarabel~Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 016

Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 029

Clarabel brought Fenny and I to this awesome mee sua place just near Kembangan MRT station for supper after the event. Yums!Luxola One Night Stand Blogger Event 032Thanks Luxola for the invite and goodie bag!