Look Your Best For Valentine’s Day


Look Your Best For Valentines Day 2015

Hi Loves~!

Valentines’ Day is coming right up this Saturday and whether you’ve got a sweet date with your special someone or having a picnic with a group of close pals (like me, hahaha) you want to look your best right?

I’ve got a few ideas here to brighten up your look and your date’s face. 😉

Look Your Best For Valentines Day 2015 VGY Vaingloriousyou Store Opening

Are you still wondering what to wear for Valentines Day? Why not visit VGY store at 42 Haji Lane for some great ideas? Founded by fashion blogger Tricia Ong, VGY store stocks fashionable, feminine and totally wearable pieces that are popular for its often soft and delicate prints and designs. They revamped and reopened late last year and their collections are always running out due to the brand’s popularity. I would recommend you checking out their online store and making a call to check if the store stocks the design you want in your size before going down. Or you could just visit them and see what’s in store too! 😉

Look Your Best For Valentines Day 2015 Bioderma LE Reserved Pump Cap

A lovely face always starts with great skincare and the basis of good skin is ensuring that you’ve got a great make up cleanser. My current and highly recommended makeup cleanser Bioderma has introduced a new and limited edition reversed pump cap and it’s such a wonderful invention! I no longer have to pick up and turn over the bottle during my makeup cleansing step, how convenient. 🙂

Look Your Best For Valentines Day 2015 Estelle & Thild Super Bio Active Magic Duo

After ensuring you have a clean face, it’s time to pamper and keep your skin moisturized. Of late I’ve been giving my skin some tender love and care with Estelle & Thild’s Super Bio Active Magic Duo, touted as effective anti-aging products made with the brand’s revolutionary microalgae-based Super Bio Active ingredients. Using the Age Control Serum to even and tone, boost collagen production and soften lines, mixing a few drops with the Repairing Oil Complex to hydrate and increase elasticity while helping to repair and combat damage. As I have combination of normal and oily T-zone skin, I’ve been using this duo at night and on my normal skin areas and my neck. It has a remarkable peach scent which I love and though I am wary of oils in general on my facial skin, I found that these have been totally fine when I use them on my lower face, neck and hands, yay! Specifically these help my skin to remain softer and suppler till the next morning, comparing to when I just apply a coat of moisturizer, which doesn’t last through the entire night. I recommend this especially if you have dry skin concerns. You can get them from Net-a-porter here.

Look Your Best For Valentines 2015 MTG Refa Carat Blogger Review

Do you desire to have a more V-shape face and more defined facial features? MTG recently hosted an intimate bloggers session and we were introduced to their array of hand held facial and body devices and massagers. The MTG ReFa CARAT in particular offers many benefits for your entire body. You can use this wonderful device to massage your face, hands, arms, bust, waist, legs and feet for brighter smoother skin, relax and sooth your aching muscles and for a more toned looking appearance. Plus, this product is coated in Platinum so it’s suitable for sensitive skin. I totally recommend one for each family, so you can help your boyfriend/husband/wife/mother/sister to massage and vice versa, plus good for bonding too. ^^ If this product sounds like what you’ve been looking for, you can enjoy a 10% discount when you use my special reader’s code “MTGena” when you purchase from their e-store. The code lasts till 28 Feb 2015.

Look Your Best For Valentines 2015 Estee Lauder Little Black Primer Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks Eyeshadow Palette Blogger Review 001Look Your Best For Valentines 2015 Estee Lauder Little Black Primer Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks Eyeshadow Palette Blogger Review 002

Last but definitely not the least in my special Valentines Day feature, I am calling out to all you makeup lovers~ Estee Lauder has introduced a brand new Little Black Primer that’s triple usage: Tint your natural lashes for darker lashes, Amplify when you use it as a base /primer for your mascara, Set when you use it after your mascara, so it lasts longer and prevents flaking. I’ve used it mainly on its own and as a primer. On it’s own it’s been great and it provides enough length on its own as a usual mascara and when I use it with another mascara, I feel it provides a good base to extend and volumize my lashes. Estee Lauder also has an array of beautiful Pure Color Envy Lipsticks colours and what you see here are colours in Dominant, Eccentric, Envious and Infamous as well as the accompanying Limited Edition Nail Lacquers. The lipsticks are pigmented and moisturizing, creating the perfect pout. If you’re wondering what gift to get for your girlfriend/wife/sweetheart, look no further, get them a set of these in a colour you think suits her best! 😉 For a sweet romantic look, go for Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Sculpting 5-Color EyeShadow Palette in Pink Mink. Use the lighter colours to highlight your brows, accentuate your eyes in a deeper pink and frame it with the browns. Top it off with a light eyeliner and it’ll be hard not to look desirable with this look, if I may so myself! 😛

Stay beautiful and have a great Valentines Day my loves!




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