8 Beauty Features for This Chinese New Year

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There are many important things about Chinese New Year, one of them is reuniting with relatives (many of whom we only meet once a year, sadly). And of course we want to look our best when we’re about our New Year visitations; giving and receiving warm greetings as well as when we’re smiling for the cameras, for the memories down the years! In this 3rd (or 4th, if you include my new year home decor with IKEA post, heh) and final instalment for this year’s special Chinese New Year feature, its all about Beauty! If you haven’t be sure to check out my features for good food and savvy style respectively! In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the latest beauty products that will help you to incorporate into and/or improve your current skincare, makeup and lifestyle routine so you can look radiant during this festive season! 😉

1. Fill in wrinkles & Firm Skin with Nuxe Merveillance Expert

Nuxe Merveillance Expert range is formulated to fill in wrinkles and firm the skin. The day cream cones in 2 formulations for normal skin & dry skin respectively. I have normal and oily T-zone (I feel like I’ve repeated this many times over on my blog, lol) so I use the Nuxe Merveillance Expert Correcting Cream for visible lines for normal skin in the day. The lifting eye cream, lifting concentrate & regenerating night cream is suitable for all skin types. I’m super loving the fresh floral scent of Daylily in the range! You can find Nuxe in Singapore at Beauty by Nature outlets, John Little, Robinsons, BHG, Watsons, Guardian and Unity shops.

Nuxe Merveillance Expert Range Blogger Review

2. Restore radiant skin with Trilogy

Trilogy’s Blemish Control Gel is a certified natural blemish gel, with salicylic acid that targets and decongests pimples. Antibacterial lemongrass and mandarin help control breakouts and ginger reduces inflammation and rose hip aids repair. I’ve used this for 1-2 weeks and I don’t think the effect of the gel is remarkable when I use in on my acne/pimple blemishes. So don’t expect an instant / overnight reduction, but if you’re all about natural skincare, this is something you might want to keep in mind! Trilogy’s Mineral Radiance Mask promises to energise, purify and deeply cleanse. This certified natural, mineral-rich kaolin clay mask promises to deliver instant radiance with a deep cleansing action. Using native New Zealand pohutukawa extract helps tone and regenerate while emollient oils rosehip and evening primrose nourish and hydrate. This is quite an embarrassing confession; I’ve not actually tried this mask despite having received this before Christmas last year, oops. However I am really sold on this clay mask based on the evening primrose oil ingredient. In case you don’t know, I take the EPO pill every night and it has helped me to balance my hormones so that I have lesser breakouts and thus healthier skin. I don’t know yet if applying it on my face for a mask will be equally good for my skin, but I’ll definitely update either on my Instagram or on the blog in another feature after I’ve used it! 😉

Big thanks to Fusion Cosmetics SG for sending these Nuxe & Trilogy products over!

Trilogy New Blemish Control Gel & Mineral Radiance Mask Blogger Review

3. Enjoy CNP, South Korea’s No.1 Cosmeceutical Brand, Now in Singapore

CNP Laboratory, Korea’s leading cosmeceutical skincare brand is now in Singapore~! Founded in 2000, CNP Lab is the brainchild of 50 dermatologists from CNP aesthetic clinic that originates from Korea Gangnam, and they understand the importance and need for good after treatment home care for various skin issues. We had the chance to try their products at the media launch and I’m impressed with their Daily Peeling Foam, a mild, self foaming cleanser that leaves skin smoother and supple after. I was told by the local CNP staff that the Propolis Deep Moisture pack which works like a sleeping pack is also really effective. Both products retail at $48.90 and you can get CNP products from selected Guardian outlets. Am also gifted their masks, Black Head Clear Kit ($14.10), Propolis Energy Ampoule ($40.90) and will update my review in time. 🙂

CNP Skincare Launch Singapore 001 CNP Skincare Launch Singapore 002

4. Brighter Skin with Laneige Collagen Drink & Clear C Advanced Effector

Come 31st March, Laneige will be launching their Collagen Drink. Sourced from tilapia fish, each bottle contains 5000mg of collagen peptide which is the amount that is used each day, and thus to be replenished. This drink promises to help brighten, hydrate and smoothen skin. It’s free from artificial colouring, preservatives and sugar and has the lowest amount of calories at only 105KJ. In addition to fish collagen, the drink also has vitamin C which helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and brighten the skin. It also has red orange extract and pomegranate extract, these two ingredients has powerful antioxidative effects and pleasant fruity flavours. Thanks to Laneige & Clozette, I’ve been gifted 3 boxes and have been drinking it for 2 weeks now. I drink it every night and it’s like a dessert for me. It’s slightly sweet and sourish but definitely not overwhelming and has no fishy scent.

Collagen Drink SHK PR cut B Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 005 Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 007 Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 008

In addition to the Collagen Drink, I’ve been religiously using Laneige’s Clear C Advanced Effector, which works as a skin brightening boosting essence, it will help prep the skin to better absorb consequent skin products. It contains 92.5% superberry extract which has a 4 fold anti oxident effect! in 5 weeks, his essence promises moisturized skin, bright skin, clear skin tone, improved skin texture and even skin tone. This product comes with special cotton pad with two textures. After washing and drying your face, pump 2-3 full pumps on the the cotton. In the day, use the patterned /ridges side in the day in an up and down motion on your face and in the night use the smooth portion and gently pat the essence into your skin, you may wrap your face with your hands gently for deeper penetration of the essence on your face. After using this product, it doesn’t promises nor deliver an instant / over night result, however I do think it has helped me to maintain an even skin tone, my forehead tends to be darker but my facial skin tone is more even with this. 🙂

Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 006

Laneige will also be launching in March their duo lip bars in 10 colours, $34 each. It’s something unique and fresh!

Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 002 Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 003 Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 004

5. Achieve Beautiful Skin from the Inside with Imedeen

In addition to Collagen drink, another consumable skincare product that I am about to commence is Imedeen’s Time Perfection beauty supplement. It contains exclusive collagen rich Marine Complex, packed with proteins and polysaccharides which is naturally found in the skin, and each age defying formula is enhanced with antioxident nutrients. I read very incredible reviews of this product online before accepting it for review so I am really very excited about commencing on a 3 month trial. I will be updating again after my course ends! 🙂

Imedeen 001

6. Rosy Complexion with Etude House Stay Up Foundation & Sweet Lips with Dear My Wish Lip Talk 

Etude House has launched a new line of foundation in addition to their already awesome Magic Any cushion foundations, named Stay Up Foundation range, they have many shades to cater to various skin tones. I am loving their Stay Up Foundation in Rosy, it has a great formulation that provides moderate coverage all day without being heavy, cakey or wearing/melting/sweating off in our humid Singapore weather. You might probably already know I am a major fan of Etude House lipsticks, and it’s no surprise I am a fan of their Dear My Wish Lip Talk range, again great formulation as its neither too light nor heavy, they don’t dry out my lips and plussss super awesome pigmentation in just one coat. I am in love with PK001, PK002 and OR202 (raved by super popular Kbeauty vlogger and make up trainer, Pony).

I’ll be updating more about the Etude House Valentines Day media preview soon. 😉 Thanks Etude House SG for your constant generosity! xx

Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 001 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 002 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 003 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 004 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 005 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 006 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 007 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 008

7. Get Sharp Looking Eyes with Ena’s Highly Recommended Clio Kill Black Brush Eyeliner

Guys, this is my new holy grail eyeliner. If there’s only one eyeliner I can pick, it’s this. It’s super sharp, so I have accurate lines, it doesn’t smudge on my sometimes oily skin and plus it removes cleanly with my normal waterbased cleanser. I use the brown one for days when I want a more natural look. Sometimes I mix both to get a look with more depth. Clio Kill Black, Kill Brown Brush Liner, MAJOR LOVE guys.

Clio Kill Black Brush Liner Blogger Review 001 Clio Kill Black Brush Liner Blogger Review 002

8. Slim Down Like Fann Wong Did, with Marie France Bodyline

Honestly I can’t imagine giving birth and losing my figure (still single, but just sayin’! haha). So I’m sure many Singaporean women are super envious of Fann’s figure after pregnancy and this is no doubt thanks to Marie France’s awesome slimming treatments. I mean, just look at her!

Fann Wong Before Treatment Fann Wong After Treatment 2

If I were her husband Christopher, I will surely be eager to kiss her all day too, hehe!

Marie France Fann Wong Media Conf 002

I was looking for the kissing photo on Marie France’s Instagram and came across their awesome promotion. So if you’re planning to lose some weight after CNY feasting… Make use of this promo! 😉

Marie France Fann Wong Media Conf 001

That’s all for my super long beauty post for CNY!

I hope you enjoyed it!



Usher The New Year Into Your Home with IKEA

Hi Loves!

Well, this isn’t exactly part of the 3 Chinese New Year special features I have in mind, but it fits right in, so it’s the bonus feature I guess! 😀 So far I’ve got your stomach and style covered, now we’re onto dressing up your home for CNY! 😉

As you probably know by now, this year IKEA’s teamed up with a few bloggers, myself included for a special blogger program with special tasks each month. This month, it’s all about redecorating your living room and I’ve decided to do so before CNY! 🙂

Now, check out how my living room looks like before the new decorations come in:

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 001Simple, cream, white and blu-ish coloured decor.

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 006

Check out the IKEA decor (except for the two pineapple lanterns, hahaha) I brought home with me! Special thanks to Lionel for accompanying and sending these back with me HAHAHA. 😀

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 002This is how my living room looks like after! When I sent the photos to my close friends, they like how colourful, vibrant and festive it looks! 😀

Putting the before and after photos side by side, for comparison:

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 003 Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 004

Items featured include: Solymys Lantern in White, $14.90, Vintermys Unscented Block Candle in Red, $6.90. Love the weave pattern on it, so pretty.

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 007
I bought white because I like how classic and simple it is. I also specially went to google to check that there’s nothing inauspicious about white lanterns, white means health and red means prosperity guys! 😉Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 005Featured in this photo are 3 batches of IKEA Pussy Willows in Pink, Purple and Red, $6.90 each. So super affordable! The cylinder glass vase,$34.90.

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 011Knappsave Cushion with festive prosperous pineapple at $9.90. Craftholic Bear in Pineapple print is a gift from my bestie. <3

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 008 Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 009

You might want to get some cheery flowers and colourful assorted decorations  like I did for my coffee table. 🙂
Items featured include 7pcs of Smycka Art Flowers 45 at $3.90 each, Ensidig Vase 18 at $1.90, Rotera Lantern at $7.90, Sinnlig orange scented candles at $4.90 for a pack of 30, plus a really super cute bird Barbar Tray 33x at $9.90
Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 010

Cute hor? >U<
Also featuring Fantastisk Napkins in Yellow and Orange, $3.90 each These are fabulous quality napkins, guys.Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 013

Pssst, grab these cute floral and fish ice trays at $1.90 each only! Fish stands for 年年有余, meaning there’s always excess, while flowers stand for 花开富贵, prosperity blossoms. Isn’t it wonderful? 
Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 012 Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 014

Happy shopping at IKEA loves! Thanks IKEA for the gift card so I can pick out these wonderful new goodies for my home. <3



Style It Up For Chinese New Year

Hi Loves~~~

If you haven’t, be sure to check out my 1st of 3 Chinese New Year features, which is all about food here! In this 2nd CNY special feature, it’s all about Stylin’ It Up! 😉

1. Be WOWed by The Zalora Label’s CNY Collection

The Zalora Label’s launched their CNY collection at their Pop Up store at ION Orchard and I really love it. It’s a wonderful blend of the traditional and the modern; festive prints paired with fresh cuts, silhouettes and designs. Plus, the quality is great, considering the affordable price points from $25-60. Be sure to check out the collection online here. There’s a promotion of up to 50% off their CNY collection (Wow!). In case you’re wondering, here are my top 2 picks: here and here. Use my code “ZBAPQGVB” to get 15% off! 😉

Check out a few of the Zalora label’s CNY looks:

Zalora Chinese New Year Blogger Picks 004 Zalora Chinese New Year Blogger Picks 002 Zalora Chinese New Year Blogger Picks 001 Zalora Chinese New Year Blogger Picks 003



2. Try on Love Bonito @ 313@Somerset Pop Up

 Love Bonito fans are rejoicing as they’ve launched a pop up at 313@Somerset #04-32, that’ll be open till 28th Feb. Their new CNY collection is pocket friendly priced from $32-59. Hurry pop by before the pop up’s gone. The dress I’m wearing in the photo is their Covet Dallaiah Jacquard Flare Dress with a sexy back. 😉

Love Bonito New Year Pop Up Store

3. Frame Up with Tokyo Star Optical

Frames are getting a lot of attention these days, with the nerdy / hipster (depending on which look rocks your boat, right?) looks catching on trend. There’s no better time than now as Tokyo Star Optical is bringing Tokyo cool to our shores. Tokyo Star Optical believes in changing your frames to suit your mood, you know, just like how we change our shoes and bags to suit the occasion! As such they have a beautiful array of styles and designs to match the various aspects of our lives. I love it! The best part is, they are quite affordably priced too, you can pick from 3 fixed package prices – $96, $126 and $156 – includes imported frames and Tokyo aspheric lens. They promise a quick 15 min processing time (longer if you have a very high degree tho), visit them for your next eyewear fashion update!  Tokyo Star Optical is located at 1 Raffles Link, #B1-31 CityLink Mall, Singapore 039393 and is open daily from 11am to 9pm. Tel: (+65) 6532 0071

Tokyo Star Opening Blogger Review 001 Tokyo Star Opening Blogger Review 002 Tokyo Star Opening Blogger Review 006 Tokyo Star Opening Blogger Review 005 Tokyo Star Opening Blogger Review 003

Lots of certified optometrist to assist you in store! Also spotted this special lens that will cut the glare from computer/tv screens, cool or what? 🙂

Stay tuned for my final instalment for my beauty tips for CNY! 😉



Feast Well For Chinese New Year 2015

Hi Loves!

Chinese New Year is coming right up this Thursday and I’ve got a few great food & drinks ideas for you & your family in this post! 😉

1. Enjoy Soup Spoon’s Healthy Collagen Hot Pot at the comfort of your own home!

Chinese New Year calls for family reunion dinners… and we’re all so busy with work that dinner preparation and cooking can be quite demanding, right? To meet the needs of busy customers like us, the thoughtful Soup Spoon founder Anna has created the Collagen Hot Pot set which you can conveniently order from online here, arrange which day you want to pick up and all you need is just a hot pot and your love ones to enjoy dinner with! Just a heads up that the entire bag is about 10kg, so be sure to have someone strong to carry with you and you might want to take cab or have a car ride home with the heavy bag. 😉 The Collagen Hotpot come in two sizes, Deluxe for 4 pax ($98) or Premium for 6 pax ($128), the latter which includes Whole Cordyceps Chicken, Collagen Chicken Stock, Clear Chicken Stock, Kimchi Stock, (stocks in 1.5L each) Assorted Seafood & Veg, 3 dipping sauces (Soya, Garlic & Chilli) & Osmanthus Jelly! I foresee that this is gonna be a hot seller as it makes for an ideal, fuss free yet sumptuous CNY gathering meal. This Collagen Hot Pot set is only available for takeaway. Want to know more about the benefits of Collagen for your body and skin? Check out their very helpful & informative site here.

I had the sweet privilege to enjoy this yummy Collagen Hot Pot twice, the first time with a few bloggers at the Soup Spoon Suntec store and the second time, I enjoyed it with my family… It was such a delight to enjoy the yummy collagen soup base which was thick and yummy, and sweet with all the vegetables and cordyceps chicken! I definitely think that this Collagen Hot Pot is super value for money. It’s meant for 5-6 persons but if you prepare additional rice/noodles, soup stock and ingredients, you can definitely host up to 10 people, or have 2 rounds of dinner with the recommended 5-6pax. Check out my photos for the 2 rounds of Collagen Hot Pot below! 😀

Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 011

Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 001 Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 005

The Collagen base which is to be first melted/cooked into the Hot Pot.Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 004

All the very fresh vegetables that comes in the Deluxe Set!Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 003

Even includes Prawns and meat portions!Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 009

Cordycep Chicken taken out after its cooked in the soup, to allow space for all the other ingredients…Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 007

Super sweet and yummy hot pot!Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 008

Colourful and festive~
Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 006

Cheers to good health and prosperity with our Collagen soup! Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 002

The most amazing sauces… Spicy chilli, Lemon & Ginger, Sesame Soya… LOVE LOVE LOVE!Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 010

And ending off with Osmanthus Jelly, So oriental, light and wonderful end to the Collagen hot pot!

Just in case you’re not sure how to prepare the hotpot, check out this nifty poster:


My family loved the Collagen Hot Pot and my sister Lu Jia was so inspired that she came up with a story line for my post today, hope you’ll enjoy the short story! 😀 Thanks jie for the cats, cat pictures credits to Dayre, heh.

Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 015

Are you tired and weary after a long day of work?

Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 012

Come home to enjoy a warm and delicious Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot with your family!Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 013

You can add on ingredients to what’s in the set, we prepared seafood, more mushrooms, meat and veges.Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 016

Enjoy it with your family…Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 014

After eating you’ll be very full~Eat Well For Chinese New Year 2015 Soup Spoon Collagen Hot Pot Blogger Review 017

And Feel Awesome! 😀

Thank you Soup Spoon, Anna & Cherie for hosting us for your delicious Collagen Hot Pot! <3

2. Enjoy Yu Pin Zhen Bird’s Nest at home

Bird’s Nest is widely known to be an oriental delicacy which boosts many health benefits; “As it is rich in protein, collagen and other nutrients and minerals, the consumption of bird’s nest is scientifically proven to have several health benefits, such as stimulating the regeneration of cells, strengthening our immune and respiratory system, and improving the performance of our internal organs. When consumed by pregnant women, it could also help to strengthen the body of the mother and foetus as well as speed up the post-birth recovery process. Besides that, bird’s nest is known for its beauty benefits that help women to rejuvenate and maintain smooth, radiant and youthful complexion.” credits here. However, it’s not easily affordable because a lot of work goes into rearing the sparrows’ for their nest, obtaining their nest and then cleaning it effectively. Thanks to our local brand Yu Pin Zhen who has invested in cleaning technologies for pure birds nest, they have also conceptualized the idea of delivering cooked birds’ nest, so you can now order them by the bowls and enjoy it at the comfort of your home! For this CNY, why not surprise your parents and reward them with a bowl of this delicacy? 😉

At the media preview of the Yu Pin Zhen Bird’s Nest, we had the pleasure to enjoy many variations of Birds Nest dishes and I was so wowed by the Chef Simon Lee from Citrus restaurant specially flown in from M’sia to prepare the dishes. The taste of the Yu Pin Zhen birds nest is neither too sweet nor bland, and makes for a great after dinner healthy dessert. Each bowl costs $28 (Free delivery), call 6842 1142 to order. Better hurry if you want to order, ahead of the Public Holidays! 😉

Yu Pin Zhen Bird Nest Blogger Review 001 Yu Pin Zhen Bird Nest Blogger Review 002 Yu Pin Zhen Bird Nest Blogger Review 003 Yu Pin Zhen Bird Nest Blogger Review 004

Chef Lee, brains behind the amazing Birds Nest dishes.Yu Pin Zhen Bird Nest Blogger Review 005

Order more to enjoy a lower rate. 😉

3. Enjoy Jap & Thai Cuisine In a Relaxed & Artistic Atmosphere at Mad Nest

Mad Nest has recently concluded their last exhibition “What She Gave To Me”, a nostalgic exhibition about what Nature has given to us. I had the pleasure to be there to enjoy some fine sushi and the artworks. Located at 378/380 East Coast Road, check them out with your friends for dinner and enjoy drinks at the bar after. Their kitchens are closed for CNY but their bar will be open. For more info., visit their FB page.

Mad Nest What She Gave To Me Blogger Review

4. Indulge with Italian Wines from The Wine Creek

Festive & happy occasions calls for a toast, right? Why not order a dozen of wines from The Wine Creek to celebrate the Chinese New Year with your family? Plus you can always keep them if you can’t finish in one seating. 😉  I recommend the Furlan ($30/btl) if you’re a fan of Proseccos, sweet Italian white wines, like I am. For sweet reds, try Mignanego, I call this the alcoholic Ribena, lol. Turns out, my family and friends also really love the sweet white from Miganego (orange btl below) and they’re both only $15/btl. Free delivery for 1 dozen and above! Call/sms/whatsapp to +65 83186992 (Lionel) for your orders.

The Wine Creek Blogger Review 001 The Wine Creek Blogger Review 002 The Wine Creek Blogger Review 003

Should I be writing a post on how to minimize weight gain during Chinese New Year? 😛

I’ll be having 2 more Chinese New Year fashion & beauty related posts coming right up… Keep a look out for them! 😉



How To Plan For a Romantic Date

Hi Loves!

Valentines Day may just be behind us, but that’s no reason for you to stop being romantic in your relationship, right?  Well, so even though this post didn’t come in time for Valentines Day 2015 unlike my previous post, you can no doubt still use these ideas & tips for your love one’s birthday, special anniversary day or #monthsary! 😉

So Sofitel Valentines Day Dinner Blogger Review 001

1. Bond Over Good Food at So Sofitel

I personally believe that good food is essential in a relationship. Everyone needs to eat and humans bond over food. So what better way to express your love for your partner then to bring him/her to a special dinner? So Sofitel’s Resident Culinary Designer Anne-Cecile Degenne impressed both our palate and eyes at the 3 course (pre) Valentines Day Dinner media tasting.  I was surprised with the fresh crab meat paired with the refreshing cucumber and ginger sorbet. I would love to have the sorbet again! The grilled beef tenderloin was excellent too, cooked just nice and tender. While I would usually have trouble chewing on steaks which are cooked too dry & tough, this steak wasn’t an issue at all. We were all impressed with the sharing dessert which came in a decadent chocolate and raspberry combination and of course I couldn’t resist a photo with it, hehe. Visit their site here or call for more information and bookings.

If your partner and you are Spa lovers, why not complete the date with a therapeutic getaway at So SPA by Sofitel’s in Sentosa? With it, you and your sweetheart can enjoy a 2+hours long session with Neem Body Polish, Bath for 2, So Abhyanga Massage at their Private Couple Spa Suite with complimentary champagne & canepe, full Usage of the outdoor spa gardens, mud pool and more at $528++ per couple. This promotion is valid until 28 Feb 2015. You can call & reserve via (65) 6371 1288.

So Sofitel Valentines Day Dinner Blogger Review 002

So Sofitel Valentines Dinner Blog Review 001 So Sofitel Valentines Dinner Blog Review 002 So Sofitel Valentines Dinner Blog Review 003 So Sofitel Valentines Dinner Blog Review 004 So Sofitel Valentines Dinner Blog Review 005 So Sofitel Valentines Day Dinner Blogger Review 003

MadAboutSucre Official Opening 001

2. Fall Sweeter In Love with Mad About Sucre Cakes

As a general rule, girls like sweet things; chocolates, ice cream, cakes, oh yes, cakes. There’s just something special about sweet, soft cakes. My friends over at Mad About Sucre have recently opened their cakery at 27 Teo Hong Road (walking distance from Outram MRT) and their cakes are sophisticated and a delight to our palates. I am particularly in love with their Burnt Caramel topped with Himalayan Salt Cake which is soft, sweet and simply amazing. My next favourite is their Passion Fruit Cheese Cake which is sweet, citrusy with a tinge of cheese. Chocolate lovers can find delight in their Red Cherry & Mexican Cocoa Cake as well as their decadent Rum infused Chocolate & Banana Cake. Enjoy a cake and a tea or coffee here, let the sweet tastes of the cake mingle in your mouth and linger on through the night. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you might also fancy their Lemon & Coconut Tart. Priced at $9.80-$11.80, visit them after your dinner date as they’re open from 12.30-10.30pm, Mondays off.

MadAboutSucre Cakes Review 006 MadAboutSucre Cakes Review 001 MadAboutSucre Cakes Review 002 MadAboutSucre Cakes Review 004 MadAboutSucre Cakes Review 005 MadAboutSucre Cakes Review 003

Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 014

3. Capture the Memories with Sony’s Selfie Cam DSC-KW11

Time flies, you and I know this well. There’s perhaps little more thoughtful then to capture and compile beautiful memories into scrapbooks or keepsakes for your special someone. With Sony’s Cyber-shotTM DSC-KW11 digital still camera, aka Selfie Cam KW11, you can capture these sweet memories on the go without having to photoshop (heh) and you can also easily transfer the photos to your mobile and share them to your social media platforms! Check out these photos I took while at their recent media launch event held at Goodwood Park’s Rose Marie Suite. The group shots aka #groupfies are the ones taken by the KW11, no editing required! 😉 The Cyber-shotTM DSC-KW11 is available at all Sony Stores, Sony Centres, and selected Sony authorised dealers at a recommended price of $999.

Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 013 Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 012 Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 001 Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 002 Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 005 Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 011 Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 010 Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 006 Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 004 Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 003 Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 008 Sony Selfie Cam KW11 Media Launch 009

That’s the end of my post, now you’re all set for a sweet date, good luck! :*



P.S. If you haven’t check out my post on Issey Miyake’s new Spring fragrance City Blossom and take part in the Instagram contest to stand a chance to win a perfume for yourself or your love one!

City Life in Bloom with L’Eau d’Issey City Blossom

Hi Loves!

Chinese New Year is coming right up, as Spring is coming into full bloom! As we march into Spring, there’s no better scent then Issey Miyake’s new spring fragrance City Blossoms for this season.

2015-02-03 12.38.28

The original L’Eau d’Issey fragrance was born in the early 90s, shaking up the perfumery world, rising through the ranks of iconic fragrances with its timelessness and purity. Today, Issey Miyake celebrates city and nature sparkling together with its new fragrance City Blossoms.

City Blossoms is a fragrance for the girl that’s out and about town for work and sashays for her cafe date on the weekends in a floral dress. She’s contemporary, vibrant and feminine.

For this fragrance, perfumer Alberto Morillas created a divine spring breeze: the  bright and cheerful opening like the signs of changing season with pink peppercorn, and a sprinkling of citrus notes as well as a hint of calone, a nod to the legendary L’Eau d’Issey. The freshness of the scent is accentuated with middle notes that resonate beneath delicate honey-like osmanthus flowers, freesia and magnolia. With bottom notes made up of natural Virginia white cedar dominated by powerful notes of ambrox and white musk, this metaphorical bouquet takes shape and draws its energy, opening out serenely, in a subtle mingling of charm and boldness.

2015-02-03 12.39.42

To complete the fragrance, Mademoiselle Maurice created the visual identity of City Blossoms like a chrysalis that transforms itself into a butterfly, swirling around the lights in the city…

2015-02-15 18.29.26 Issey Miyaki

To win a bottle (50ml) of this refreshing spring scent: 1. Learn how to fold a beautiful floral origami, 2. post your floral origami creation on Instagram tagging @ena_teo and @metrosingapore with #cityblossom, #sg, #metrosg, #cityblossomsena.

Contest will run for a week from 15 Feb 2015, Sunday, 1 lucky winner will be announced on 22 Feb 2015, Sunday.

L’Eau d’Issey City Blossoms EDT 50ml retails at $123.
L’Eau d’Issey City Blossoms EDT 90ml retails at $161.
Now available at all Issey Miyaki counters at Tangs Orchard, VivoCity, Takashimaya D.S, Robinsons Heeren, Raffles City, JEM, Isetan Scotts, BHG Bugis, Metro Paragon, Woodlands, Sengkang and Centrepoint.

To experience this beautiful fragrance in person, visit:
Metro Woodlands: 27th Feb – 8th March
Takashimaya: 12 March – 8th March

Thank you Luxasia for the fragrances for review and giveaway!



Look Your Best For Valentine’s Day


Look Your Best For Valentines Day 2015

Hi Loves~!

Valentines’ Day is coming right up this Saturday and whether you’ve got a sweet date with your special someone or having a picnic with a group of close pals (like me, hahaha) you want to look your best right?

I’ve got a few ideas here to brighten up your look and your date’s face. 😉

Look Your Best For Valentines Day 2015 VGY Vaingloriousyou Store Opening

Are you still wondering what to wear for Valentines Day? Why not visit VGY store at 42 Haji Lane for some great ideas? Founded by fashion blogger Tricia Ong, VGY store stocks fashionable, feminine and totally wearable pieces that are popular for its often soft and delicate prints and designs. They revamped and reopened late last year and their collections are always running out due to the brand’s popularity. I would recommend you checking out their online store and making a call to check if the store stocks the design you want in your size before going down. Or you could just visit them and see what’s in store too! 😉

Look Your Best For Valentines Day 2015 Bioderma LE Reserved Pump Cap

A lovely face always starts with great skincare and the basis of good skin is ensuring that you’ve got a great make up cleanser. My current and highly recommended makeup cleanser Bioderma has introduced a new and limited edition reversed pump cap and it’s such a wonderful invention! I no longer have to pick up and turn over the bottle during my makeup cleansing step, how convenient. 🙂

Look Your Best For Valentines Day 2015 Estelle & Thild Super Bio Active Magic Duo

After ensuring you have a clean face, it’s time to pamper and keep your skin moisturized. Of late I’ve been giving my skin some tender love and care with Estelle & Thild’s Super Bio Active Magic Duo, touted as effective anti-aging products made with the brand’s revolutionary microalgae-based Super Bio Active ingredients. Using the Age Control Serum to even and tone, boost collagen production and soften lines, mixing a few drops with the Repairing Oil Complex to hydrate and increase elasticity while helping to repair and combat damage. As I have combination of normal and oily T-zone skin, I’ve been using this duo at night and on my normal skin areas and my neck. It has a remarkable peach scent which I love and though I am wary of oils in general on my facial skin, I found that these have been totally fine when I use them on my lower face, neck and hands, yay! Specifically these help my skin to remain softer and suppler till the next morning, comparing to when I just apply a coat of moisturizer, which doesn’t last through the entire night. I recommend this especially if you have dry skin concerns. You can get them from Net-a-porter here.

Look Your Best For Valentines 2015 MTG Refa Carat Blogger Review

Do you desire to have a more V-shape face and more defined facial features? MTG recently hosted an intimate bloggers session and we were introduced to their array of hand held facial and body devices and massagers. The MTG ReFa CARAT in particular offers many benefits for your entire body. You can use this wonderful device to massage your face, hands, arms, bust, waist, legs and feet for brighter smoother skin, relax and sooth your aching muscles and for a more toned looking appearance. Plus, this product is coated in Platinum so it’s suitable for sensitive skin. I totally recommend one for each family, so you can help your boyfriend/husband/wife/mother/sister to massage and vice versa, plus good for bonding too. ^^ If this product sounds like what you’ve been looking for, you can enjoy a 10% discount when you use my special reader’s code “MTGena” when you purchase from their e-store. The code lasts till 28 Feb 2015.

Look Your Best For Valentines 2015 Estee Lauder Little Black Primer Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks Eyeshadow Palette Blogger Review 001Look Your Best For Valentines 2015 Estee Lauder Little Black Primer Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks Eyeshadow Palette Blogger Review 002

Last but definitely not the least in my special Valentines Day feature, I am calling out to all you makeup lovers~ Estee Lauder has introduced a brand new Little Black Primer that’s triple usage: Tint your natural lashes for darker lashes, Amplify when you use it as a base /primer for your mascara, Set when you use it after your mascara, so it lasts longer and prevents flaking. I’ve used it mainly on its own and as a primer. On it’s own it’s been great and it provides enough length on its own as a usual mascara and when I use it with another mascara, I feel it provides a good base to extend and volumize my lashes. Estee Lauder also has an array of beautiful Pure Color Envy Lipsticks colours and what you see here are colours in Dominant, Eccentric, Envious and Infamous as well as the accompanying Limited Edition Nail Lacquers. The lipsticks are pigmented and moisturizing, creating the perfect pout. If you’re wondering what gift to get for your girlfriend/wife/sweetheart, look no further, get them a set of these in a colour you think suits her best! 😉 For a sweet romantic look, go for Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Sculpting 5-Color EyeShadow Palette in Pink Mink. Use the lighter colours to highlight your brows, accentuate your eyes in a deeper pink and frame it with the browns. Top it off with a light eyeliner and it’ll be hard not to look desirable with this look, if I may so myself! 😛

Stay beautiful and have a great Valentines Day my loves!




Silky Soft Hair with Chez Vous New & Improved Red Carpet Hair Treats

Hi Loves!

Recently I had the privilege to be one of the first few people to review Chez Vous salon’s new and improved Red Carpet Hair treatment, along with lovely Leanne. My first session with them was remarkable to say the least.

Most hair treatments in the market coat a layer of oil on the hair, treating only the superficial layer without truly fixing or addressing damaged internal hair structure. Seeing a lack of hair treatments in the market that provide comprehensive and reparative hair treatments that truly restore, repair, protect and smooth guests’ hair, Chez Vous has remodelled its treatment process and ingredients used to prove effective, 360-degree solutions targeted to properly and efficiently treat hair.

By first cleansing then prepping and restoring damaged hair, and then repairing from within, protecting and binding and finally soothing and smoothening the hair from root to tip, damaged hair is able to attain a sleek, soft and silky texture.

The entire session took about 1.5 – 2 hours but the time just flew by because Leanne and I had such a great time enjoying the treatment and chatting~

I was most satisfied with my hair after and you can check out the photos of my hair the day after the treatment. The effect lasted 1+weeks for me before the frizziness of my hair came back due to the humid weather conditions in Singapore. Plus I wasn’t very diligent in using the hair mask for 5 days after, if I were, the effects should last at least 2 weeks. It’s not a replacement for rebonding or soft rebonding, but with this Chez Vous Red Carpet Hair treatment I feel like my hair is groomed from inside out. I would highly recommend this for you if your hair is very dry, frizzy and damaged and need a truly effective treatment. This treatment will give you and your hair the confidence to step out of your pumpkin carriage and onto the glamorous red carpet. 😉

Thank you Chez Vous and Eugene for hosting us & for pampering Leanne & I with this wonderful hair treatment~ ^^

Chez Vous New and Improved Red Carpet Treats Blog Review 1 001

Step 1: Cleanse.
Using a specialized shampoo that thoroughly cleanses the hair without stripping away the necessary moisture our hair needs.

Chez Vous New and Improved Red Carpet Treats Blog Review 001

Step 2: Prep & Restore
To prep and restore the hair, contains all the necessary base to hold moisture and make hair soft and conditioned, so that it can absorb and retain the goodness in steps 3 & 4.

Step 3: Repair from Within
Contains different kind of hair repair elements and moisture to reverse previous damages.It contains keratin to refill the keratin in our hair, thus repairing damage hair by “filling in the gaps”.It uses non soluble keratin, that is shampoo resistance, this acting as a net that will bind the reparative agents in the hair.

Chez Vous New and Improved Red Carpet Treats Blog Review 003

Step 4: Protect & Bind

After massaging all the reparative elements into the hair, step 4 helps to seal and lock all the goodness into the hair. This step is lacking in many of the treatments in the market.

Step 5: Soothe & Smooth

Potent dose of elixir oil and plant extract to defrizz and smooth every strand of hair, giving it a soft to touch and silky texture~

Step 6: Finishing Touch & Take Home

A last shot of highly reparative Argan oil will be added prior to blow dry, to add shine to hair.And a complimentary intensive salon use mask given to guest to prolong the results and further condition the hair for the next 5 days.

Chez Vous New and Improved Red Carpet Treats Blog Review 004 Chez Vous New and Improved Red Carpet Treats Blog Review 008

Check out my hair after the treatment! Chez Vous New and Improved Red Carpet Treats Blog Review 005

With gal pal Leanne before and after the treatment! Check out our smooth hair on the right!  <3 <3 <3 Chez Vous New and Improved Red Carpet Treats Blog Review 006

Plus Chez Vous has such awesome and thoughtful service, even providing a box to store my earrings as well as refillable tea and biscuits during the treatment.

The Chez Vous Red Carpet Hair treatment launches in 1st March 2015, priced $195 and upwards.
Visit them at 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City #05-05, Call 6732 9388 to book your appointment! 😉

After our treatment, Leanne and I went for lunch nearby the salon… 😛

Chez Vous New and Improved Red Carpet Treats Blog Review 007

It’s really small servings  when they come in such big baskets, but very filling and only $10 for one set for their tea time! Thanks Eugene for the recommendation~  😀

Chez Vous New and Improved Red Carpet Treats Blog Review 009 Chez Vous New and Improved Red Carpet Treats Blog Review 010Ending off the post with my glamour shots of my post Chez Vous new and improved Red Carpet treatment!! 😀

Can’t wait to go back for my next session~~~



My Brighter, Healthier Skin with Atlas Medispa Sono & PDT Light Treatment

Hi Loves~~~

As you probably know by now, I’ve been going for my facials at Atlas Medispa  and they’ve recently opened another space which is their main clinic on the 24th floor and thus converted their previous space on the 13th floor into a Medispa! The main clinic provides the laser, aesthetic treatments and procedures done by Dr SM Yuen, such as botox, fillers, ulthera, V thread lifts, fat melting etc while the MediSpa caters for facials & slimming services using medical grade products and technologies.

Since late last year I started on a new combination facial treatment consisting of Sono and PDT light treatment. The Sono treatment is an anti-aging / Acne therapy. It is a versatile yet simple technique of treating a variety of problems like pigmentation, acne, aged/wrinkled skin. It also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect which can be used in acne patients, and after laser treatments or surgical procedures to improve patient comfort and accelerate skin healing. Credits here.

PDT Light treatment is an intensive yet short 10-15 min light treatment with 2 colours for various skin needs. Red light is for dry skin while Blue light is for oily skin and anti-bacterial function. When going through this treatment, there will be a pair of goggles to cover and protect your eyes and yet I still feel like I’m in heaven because it’s so bright! hehehe. 😛

The Sono portion takes about 10 min, the PDT light treatment another 15 min and then ending off with a hydrating mask for another 15 min. In total my facial session is a short 45 min.

I’ve had 3 sessions thus far and I am very pleased with the results thus far, I can see that my skin has improved, my blemishes are clearing up so that my skin is smoother and fairer. ^^ In my recent trip to the clinic, I met up with Lorraine! So nice to finally meet the lovely lady in person after our many interactions on IG. 🙂 Of late there’s also a lot of celebs frequenting Atlas Medispa  too, like Chen Han Wei, Jayley, and blogger Xiaxue  … That day I just saw Cynthia Koh coming out of the clinic while I was entering, heh!

Stay happy & pretty loves!


Atlas Medical Clinic Atlas Korean Medispa Sono PDT Light Treatment Review 004 Check out my bare face, no editing at all! Not flawless but I am confident to go out with no make up. 🙂

Atlas Medical Clinic Atlas Korean Medispa Sono PDT Light Treatment Review 008 Atlas Medical Clinic Atlas Korean Medispa Sono PDT Light Treatment Review 009 Atlas Medical Clinic Atlas Korean Medispa Sono PDT Light Treatment Review 010

Atlas Medispa (Orchard) 

391B Orchard Road #13-10/10A

Ngee Ann City Tower B

Singapore 238874

Tel: +65 6735 0996

Website: www.atlasmedispa.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/atlasmedispa

Opening Hours: 

Monday & Tuesday: 10am to 6.30pm

Wednesday: 10am to 8pm

Thursday & Friday: 10am to 8.30pm

Saturday: 10am to 1.30pm

Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Love Meets Love Risis X Enabalista V-Day Giveaway

Hi Loves!

As you probably know by now, Valentine’s Day is coming right up this Saturday…

If you’re a sweet and attentive boyfriend still wondering what to get for your Special Someone, you’re in luck! I’ve got a suggestion for you:


For Valentines 2015, RISIS has a special Love Meets Love collection which includes seven 18K gold plated designs centered upon the saga seed – aka “love seeds” and the nostalgic symbol of love is paired with pink rose quartz specially cut to resemble the unique and organic form of the saga seed. Check out the full collection here.

Thanks to Risis, I have one necklace from their Love Meets Love collection,
crafted in 925 silver and plated in 18K gold, embellished with red enameled saga seeds and a special cut rose quartz worth S$178 (pictured above) for giveaway on my Facebook page, check it out on how to take part!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’ve recorded my rendition of L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole… Hope you like it! 😉


IKEA Project: One Night Without Lights


Hi Loves!

A group of bloggers, including myself are part of this blogger program which will include interesting activities each month and we were also given a tour of IKEA store at Tampines. If you haven’t read about the in depth and intimate tour, read it here.

As part of the blogger program, every month we’ll be given a gift card to make purchases from IKEA to fulfil our task for the month. For the month of January, we were given the task to experience what life is like for one night without lights, which inspired by IKEA’s current Brighter Light for Refugees campaign. As part of the campaign, for every LED light bulb sold during February 1 to March 28 2015, the IKEA Foundation will donate 1 euro to UNHCR. The funds generated will help improve access to lighting, renewable energy solutions and primary education in refugee camps across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Read more about it here.

Watch the video to find out more about this meaningful IKEA Brighter Light for Refugees campaign:

In line with the campaign about lights, from 6-8 February 2015, bring your used halogen or incandescent lightbulbs to the IKEA store for a 1 to 1 light bulb exchange. Up to 3 lightbulbs per person and exchange is limited to the first 1000 bulbs per day. 

So what is a night without light for me? As part of the #1NightWithoutLight project, IKEA gave each blogger a torch. A very special torch that’s movement operated, turn it 30 times and it will power light for 90seconds. So we’re cheating a little bit here, since I do have a torch light with me in the night. I’m not going to lie, I can’t survive my night without light. But I am going to bring you through what my night will be like, without light:

Well, when I reach home after work I usually have dinner that mum prepared or something I bought back home. Imagine me eating in the dark. Chewing on dishes without knowing it’s the meat, fish or vegetable dish I picked up until I taste it. And then I head to shower and it’s just scary and also inconvenient having to shower in the dark without being able to tell which bottle is for my facial cleanser, body soap, hair shampoo and conditioner. It’s not easy getting dressed in the dark either. When I’m back in my room, I am fumbling over which beauty product I am going to slather on my face. There’s so many products I have, skin prep lotion, moisturizer, pimple / blemish control gel. Let’s not even talk about hair maintenance, towel drying my hair isn’t a big issue, but I am too lazy to find my hair oil and apply it on my hair before I blow dry it – this is such a luxury / tedious process that without light, I would be disinclinced to do it. I know, this is absolutely #FirstWorldProblems to the max, I am not proud to admit about it here. And then there’s my nightly green tea routine. Again I am careful to walking to the kitchen, get a cup and find the green tea sachet, open it up and dispense hot water into my cup. Finally, assuming that my electricity power is still available, I run through updates on my social media before I say a quick prayer and go to sleep.

As I think through my night without lights, I am reminded of the times when I was away in Chiang Mai and Philippines, the former during a CIP trip when I was in secondary school and the latter when I visited with my church youth group. Up in the mountainous areas in Chiang Mai, water and light is precious because water is scarce and light is powered by generator(s) which requires fuel, which is not commonly available when it’s far from the city. In the Philippines, power shortages are common and therefore when I visited Laoag, which is the northern tip of Philippines, every household has torch and candles for when the power shortages happen. And when it does, everyone tends to be more careful because burglary and theft cases are more common on those nights. And I am reminded of how grateful I am whenever I return from these trips abroad; back to Singapore, back home where we take our daily water and light usage for granted. These necessities are denied from the refugees in the world, and we with our privilege, can surely do something to help them when we can.

IKEA Brighter Light for Refugees Night Without Light 004 IKEA Brighter Light for Refugees Night Without Light 001

The IKEA Ljusa LED hand driven torch, $9.90. See here.IKEA Brighter Light for Refugees Night Without Light 002

Lights up for 90 seconds. Not remarkably bright, but sufficient in the dark.IKEA Brighter Light for Refugees Night Without Light 003Just a glimpse of what it’s like for me to fumble in the dark trying to find which product I am going to use on my face/body…  >-<#

Thanks IKEA Singapore for the torch!



Cozy & Intimate IKEA Store Tour

Hi Loves~

I posted on my Instagram sometime back in January that I’ll be working alongside IKEA, our friendly furniture store. I am very excited to be part of this blogger program because I love interior design and exploring home & living ideas. And as part of the program we were all invited down for an intimate and cozy tour at their Tampines showroom/store. Here’s photos from that day!
IKEA Blogger Tour 001

A huge showroom for all your home-living needs! At the entrance, there are 5 rooms which are custom made, the size and layout is localized. For example, Singapore rooms are smaller while US showrooms would be bigger. Each of the showroom costs $30,000-40,000 to create and IKEA team makes about 1000 home visits in the country as part of their survey and research. It takes about 8-10 weeks to complete each showroom area; which begins when the sales team write the brief to solve the frustration or meet the needs of the clients. Then the designers sketch a rough layout, consults and fine tunes the design with the sales team. Then it takes time to construct the showroom and 5 days to execute the design.

IKEA is all about creating a better everyday life for the many people. To do so, they create affordable yet great quality design, because the design starts from the price before the sourcing of material and production.

IKEA Blogger Tour 002

Showrooms specially designed according to actual layouts, reminds me of the showflats which I am so familiar with in my line of work as a real estate agent, heh.

We were given the tour by Malcolm, who is the incharge of the store with more than a decade of experience in IKEA. He hails from Australia and has worked in China and been in Singapore for many years. He is super knowledgeable about IKEA’s history and he is a walking IKEA catalogue because during the tour he basically just shared about key / iconic products without a book/brochure and purely from memory – that’s passion right there!

IKEA Blogger Tour 003

This coffee table is actually an iconic 50s design that’s been brought back and it tells the story of how IKEA was birthed, the founder had a coffee table which couldn’t fit into the boot of his car and so he thought of how it would be good to have detachable coffee table legs so that it can fold flat in the car. And that’s how IKEA is able to minimize cost; by flat packing when they ship products abroad and when customers can also deliver their own purchases home.
IKEA Blogger Tour 004

Some of the showrooms are under the Stockholm range, which signifies quality. Stockholm refers to the Swedish city that’s also famous for its Scandinavian design.

IKEA Blogger Tour 005

IKEA’s PS collection are iconic and there are only 20 products released under the PS collection each year, an example is the stool above.

IKEA Blogger Tour 006

There are more bamboo materials in IKEA now as it’s a sustainable material which grows fast.

IKEA Blogger Tour 008IKEA Blogger Tour 007

There are many affordable kitchen solutions for your home at IKEA. 
IKEA Blogger Tour 009

Check out this nifty side table with special cable storage.

IKEA Blogger Tour 010

Can you believe that IKEA spends $4 million (not sure in SGD or USD) buying print licenses from Europe museums and sometimes using 100-150 years old pattern designs for their textiles! Life must be pretty swanky if you’re the staff visiting museums buying prints for IKEA… 😀

IKEA Blogger Tour 011

Some bedroom solutions and ideas in IKEA.

IKEA Blogger Tour 012

This is Nordli, a customizable storage solution.IKEA Blogger Tour 013

Another PS product, a very cute and unique lamp.

IKEA Blogger Tour 022

Another PS product, inspired by old Russian wooden clocks that’s used to hide vodka… Cute background story right?IKEA Blogger Tour 014

An IKEA old school alarm that’s sure to wake you up!IKEA Blogger Tour 015

Edible markers, anyone? Safe for kids!IKEA Blogger Tour 016

Valentines Day surprise for your wife/hubby, maybe?

IKEA Blogger Tour 023

This smart cup design is stackable and can fit 962 cups on one palette for transport. The base has a little space so that water drains out, shows that IKEA design provides for good form and function.IKEA Blogger Tour 024

IKEA also has solid pots with thoughtful and ergonomic design.IKEA Blogger Tour 025

More nifty IKEA designs, 1) hooks for every surface, 2) shallower sinks help saves water and product costs and 3) another unique IKEA lamp that’s made of plastic even though it looks like glass!IKEA Blogger Tour 026

IKEA wooden horse sculpture, that will cost a few hundreds of dollars originally (hand made) but now made affordable.IKEA Blogger Tour 027

It’s the year of the Goat coming right up this CNY, I’ll be making a trip down to get my house ready for the festivities. 🙂

IKEA Blogger Tour 017

IKEA Blogger Tour 019

Ikea’s huge warehouse and storage. Always found it super cool to shop in the warehouse, a place we usually only watch on drama.IKEA Blogger Tour 018

Rolled and compressed mattresses, IKEA can now double the volume with the same transport system and this cost savings is brought to the customers.

IKEA Blogger Tour 032

We ended the tour with an ice cream treat! Here’s my ridiculously happy face, lol. #canthelpthatIhaveasoftspotforsoftserve

IKEA Blogger Tour 021


We had the privilege to visit IKEA office. And I’m totally envious of this whole rack of materials to read !

Then we proceeded to a class by In Merry Motion to make our own DIY Terrararium!

IKEA Blogger Tour 031

How to make your own DIY terrarium?IKEA Blogger Tour 028

Find glasses, scrap materials like straws, papers and little alphabets.IKEA Blogger Tour 029

Such pretty crafts!
IKEA Blogger Tour 030

You’ll have to cut out leaves and glue them together… Add in little animal toys to finish! I had to leave earlier that day and couldn’t join the rest for lunch… but I will be back for the chicken wings and meatballs!!! 😛

Thank you IKEA Singapore, BBH and In Merry Motion for hosting us that day! <3