TheFaceShop Celebrates Raspberry Roots 1st Million Special Anniversary

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In case you don’t know, sleeping mask is all the rage nowadays and almost every reputable K-beauty brand has its own version of it! TheFaceShop’s very own Raspberry Roots range with its Sleeping Mask, Depuffing Eye Gel and Collagen Eye Patch has sold 1,000,000 pieces! And to celebrate this special anniversary, TFS Singapore threw a huge party at 1Altimate with games, food & much fun. (Not sure if the Korean waiter/waitresses were specially engaged for the event, lol) It was a blast gathering with fellow beauty lovers/bloggers. 🙂

Specially developed to resist the effects of time, the THEFACESHOP’s award winning Raspberry Roots line is infused with pure Wild Himalayan Raspberry Roots extracts to strengthen and repair the elastin fibers deep within. Containing 3 best sellers- Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask, Raspberry Roots Depuffying Eye Gel and Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch, this all-time favourite range lifts and re-contours skin lacking in resilience while counteracting the oxidative damage of free radicals.

An oasis of comfort for devitalized and dehydrated skin, THEFACESHOP’s Raspberry Roots line quenches even the thirstiest of skins, restoring an ideal moisture balance for a soft and supple texture whilst boosting cellular renewal for a healthy looking glow.

After trying the sleeping mask, I can fully understand why the range so popular. The Raspberry Roots sleeping mask is lightweight, watery gel in consistency. Thus it quickly absorbs into your skin after application, and it leaves your skin moisturized till the next morning. It’s a sleeping mask that I’d readily recommend for all skin types as it’s gentle and hydrating. 🙂 Use the Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel before you sleep as well as in the morning as part of your skincare routine if your concern is about puffy eyes… with caffaine to stimulate blood circulation, vit C from grapefruit to brighten your skin tone! Last but not the least, the Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch will help fix your dark circles or tired eyes with its additional Marine Collagen that will stimulate the formation of collagen for youthful looking skin. I’d use this after a late night or on the morning of an important day. 🙂

The Face Shop Raspberry Roots 1 Million Celebration Blogger Review 004 The Face Shop Raspberry Roots 1 Million Celebration Blogger Review 005 The Face Shop Raspberry Roots 1 Million Celebration Blogger Review 003

With Leanne @loveforskincare, Jerlene of Musicalhouses & Cheryl of BeautifulBuns!The Face Shop Raspberry Roots 1 Million Celebration Blogger Review 002 The Face Shop Raspberry Roots 1 Million Celebration Blogger Review 001

I am laughing so cheerily, because Leanne never fails to make me smille! 😀The Face Shop Raspberry Roots 1 Million Celebration Blogger Review 006

Instaprints of our event photos. <3
The Face Shop Raspberry Roots 1 Million Celebration Blogger Review 007Thank you TFS Singapore for the event invite and products for review!




Get Fragrant, Shiny Hair with Tsubaki Camellia Hair Oil

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Have you every wondered how some girls have sweet smelling & shiny hair? Perfumes usually last for a while and they sure don’t give our hair that beautiful shine… Today I’d like to share with you about Tsubaki’s Camellia Hair Oil to give you fragrant, shiny hair! 🙂

It’s “formulated with a high concentration of selected camellia oil to protect, moisturize and repair your hair to give it that luxurious shine. And tt will protect your hair from UV rays and heat from hair dryers or styling equipment as well as preventing split ends and hair breakage.”

To apply it evenly on your hair, do so after a shower when your hair is semi-wet, pour about 20cent coin size on your palms for mid length hair, spread it first on your palm and then work it through your hair. Proceed to dry your hair with a hair dryer for a frizz free hair.

What I love most about this hair oil is the elegant and indulgent scent of floral camellia! It’s the smell of a welcoming spring… that makes you walk with a spring in your steps! I’d use this on mornings when I feel really good, relaxed and want a head of sweet smelling hair~~~ ^^ I’d recommend you to use this hair oil in the day and wash it cleanly off in the night before you sleep, or to make sure you don’t have your hair in your face when you’re sleeping. 😉

Tsubaki Camellia Hair Oil Blog ReviewTsubaki Camellia Hair Oil retails at Watsons stores at $26.90 for a 60ml bottle.

Thank you Tsubaki for sending this product for review! 🙂




A Royal Affair with Love & Co

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Sometime back Love & Co hosted a “Royal Love Affair” bloggers’ event. I’m happily single so I invited my friend Cheryl to come along with me… and her BF tagged along with us too! Cheryl & I had a blast going through the Love & Co experience in finding our perfect ring… Right now my tastes gear towards Platinum, thin band and matt surface. Not sure if this preference is gonna change down the road or not! I had the privilege to don on a diamond engagement ring with the cool price tag of $35,000. Don’t worry guys, market rate for an engagement ring is still somewhere from 1-6 months salary. Obviously what’s more important is whether your partner appreciates/agree with the value of the ring.. Cheryl & I also love the details and intricacies of Love & Co’s ring designs and the array of desserts that day!  I recommend the senior consultant Stephen Loh who was very patient, helpful and happy to share his wealth of knowledge with us. Valentines’ Day is coming soon… If you’re planning a surprise for your other half, why not consider paying Love & Co a visit soon? 😉 You can check them out them online here and find a list of their stores here.

A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 015 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 011 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 014 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 012 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 013 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 016A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 017 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 008 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 007 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 005 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 004 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 006 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 001 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 002 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 010 A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 003
A Royal Love Affair with Love & Co 018

Thank you Love & Co & Lewis PR for the invite!



Behold Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream Limited Edition Gold Collection

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It wasn’t too long ago when I blogged about my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream experience here. To celebrate the success of the beauty industry’s favorite iconic beauty product that has received over 115 beauty award accolades worldwide, Elizabeth Arden has introduced a Limited Edition Gold collection! Check it out:

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Poster 001

Super gorgeoussss isn’t it?

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Blog Review 003

Owning them is like having a pot of gold and a bullet of gold… of beauty goodness!
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Blog Review 001

I enjoy using this 8 hour cream for days when I have scratches on my legs or hands due to dry skin… You can use them to moisturize and/or protect your skin on your face, lips, hands, legs, give your cheekbones some shine and even style your eyebrows (wet look is quite popular now) if you want to!Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Blog Review 002Been using this a lot as one of my go to lip balm! It has a light sweet honey scent and glides on well, feels very natural and lasts long!

Eight Hour® Cream Skin Protectant – Original (1.0oz) Retails at $30
Eight Hour® Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sunscreen SPF 15 (.13oz) Retails at $34.00
The Gold Collection launched last October and is still selling in stores but will not be restocked once sold out as it is Limited Edition!

Thank you Elizabeth Arden Singapore for the products for review~



Champagne & Strawberry Ripple Nails with ManicureMermaidSG

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To kickoff the new year 2015, I decided to get Champagne & Pink Marbleized nails that look like one of my favourite childhood wafer ice cream Strawberry Ripple… YUMS!



Watch how Manicure Mermaid Sharlene paint the pink marbleized effect on my nails on my Instagram video here!

I always enjoy my visits to Manicure Mermaid because Sharlene is good and meticulous at nail art and also because she is someone whom I can chat with the entire session. 😀

Book your appointment with Manicure Mermaid home / office based salon that’s close to Clark Quay MRT, SMS to 9155 3621 to get your nails prepped for Chinese New Year!



A Daughter’s Tribute

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Sometime last year in May, I took part in Braun Buffel’s Art Competition and before the competition I was thinking of what my theme for the artwork would it. As the day of the Competition was on the weekend for Mother’s Day and my Mum’s born in the year of the Ox, I decided to dedicate my artwork to her. Titled “A Daughter’s Tribute”, my artwork is an appreciation and reminder of my Mum’s love for my family and I.

I had a lot of fun preparing for the competition beforehand and also attended the Award presentation thereafter – even though I didn’t win any of the top few titles, I still went home with a certification of participation, a Braun Buffel travel wallet and my little Braun Buffel artwork gets to travel around for the moving exhibition! 😀

I was very inspired to pick up my brushes and paint, do something creative again after dabbling a bit for this competition – in case you didn’t know, I studied and practised Art for A’s, O’s and also in Lasalle while studying for Fashion Media & Industries… 😉 I was also very inspired by the other participants’ artworks – the first place winner dressed up her Braun Buffel buffalo/artwork in rice grains – a reminder of the hard work of the farmers and the Oxen in the field as well as the Buffel founder’s efforts in missions that goes beyond fashion fads. It’s this kind of artwork that makes me think and wonder – why didn’t I think of something so deep and meaningful? 😛

Enjoy my photos from the two days as well as some random meals and encounters along the way! 😉

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 001

Bought some new materials for the competition.Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 002

Practised my ideas at home…Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 003 Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 004

Write up for my artwork “A Daughter’s Tribute”.

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 009

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 008

My blank canvas before the competition began…

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 005

Getting started on my artwork~

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 007
Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 006

“Mama” in English on one side and Chinese on another for “Mother”.

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 010 Drying the paint…Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 011

Was the first to submit my artwork!Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 012

With my artwork. 🙂

Vivo Lunch & Cafe Costa 002

After the competition, had lunch with my 2 sisters at Vivo City basement HK Cafe… love their beancurd skin! And also met Milo himself! 😛Vivo Lunch & Cafe Costa 001

Headed to Costa Coffee with my sister. We love their Mint slushie!

Braun Buffel Award Blog 010

The Award ceremony took place at ION atrium.Braun Buffel Award Blog 008

Participant’s Buffalos on display in public…
Braun Buffel Award Blog 009

Braun Buffel Award Blog 002

Some of my favourite picks…Braun Buffel Award Blog 007

Any my little Buffalo too!Braun Buffel Award Blog 006 Braun Buffel Award Blog 005

Summary of the history of Braun Buffalo.Braun Buffel Award Blog 003Braun Buffel Award Blog 001
Braun Buffel Award Blog 004

Top 3 artworks and I also snapped a picture of the first winner. Also got to speak to her to congratulate her for her brilliant concept and win. 🙂Braun Buffel Award Blog 011 Braun Buffel Award Blog 012

With Ritchie, one of the participants. 🙂Braun Buffel Award Blog 013

With the lovely ladies, MD & PR lady of Braun Buffel. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful and meaningful art competition!

Braun Buffel Award Blog 014

Braun Buffel Award Blog  1 001

For more information about the Buffel Art Project, visit their site here. Or check out Instagram #BuffelArt #BuffelArtProject and you just might find my artwork there too. 😛



Delicious Kabe no Ana Mentaiko Pasta


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As you should know by now, I’m a big fan of Japanese pasta. Many months back (ahem), my Kose girlfriends and I went to NEX for some delicious pasta at Kabe no Ana, which is famous for their Mentaiko Pasta – which is one of favourite!!! Just like my recent recommendation of Miam Miam, this is a place that I would go back again and I enjoyed my time and food there with my lovely friends.

Visit them at #B1-80, Nex, 23 Serangoon Central. About $20 per person. 

Do you have a Japanese pasta resto recommendation in Singapore? Let me know!



Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta Blogger Review 002 Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta Blogger Review 001 Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta Blogger Review 003 Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta Blogger Review 004 Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta Blogger Review 005 Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta Blogger Review 006 Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta Blogger Review 007 Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta Blogger Review 008 Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta Blogger Review 009 Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta Blogger Review 010

Yum Yum at Miam Miam Bugis

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I don’t want to sound like a broken recorder, but I still have so many unpublished photos and material for my blog that it will take me more than 2 months to publish them, (assuming) if I were to diligently update my blog daily. Yeap, that’s material for more than 60 posts. However with my work as a real estate agent, attending current blogger events and not forgetting my obsession with Korean dramas, I don’t have the luxury of time to publish all of the materials, some of which are frankly outdated now, lol! Nonetheless I will be publishing some of the older photos and materials over the course of the next few months, so indulge me! 😛 After I clear off the back log, my plan for this year is to streamline the content for my blog this year, so focus on quality instead of quantity. As fashion blogger Nicole Warne of GaryPepperGirl puts it, “It’s the work that you decline that also defines you.” Beginning from mid last year, I’ve been more intentional in the content that I publish on my blog, and moving along, I will be even more selective.

So for the record, I visited Miam Miam at Bugis Junction#02-14 many months back in May 2014 with blogger friend Clarabel for dinner and even though so many months have passed, looking at these photos remind me that I loved it. The pasta/noodles serving were very generous, thankfully I was hungry (Clarabel is blessed with high metabolism rate, always hungry and eating but still slim!) and we both loved the Molten Lava cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. I haven’t been back since but it’s a place I recommend and would definitely go back. The store is located in the atrium area of level 2 but still provides sufficient ambience with its rustic country decor for a cosy dinner. Ideal for both group and couple dates. They have a French Japanese fusion concept and at $15-$20 person for meals.

Let me know if you’ve dined at Miam Miam and what you enjoy eating there!



Miam Miam Blogger Review 006 Miam Miam Blogger Review 005 Miam Miam Blogger Review 001 Miam Miam Blogger Review 004 Miam Miam Blogger Review 002 Miam Miam Blogger Review 003

Watch Coca Cola Transform Communities By Empowering Women Micro-Entrepreneurs

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Today I’d like to share with you all about Coca Cola’s 5by20 initiative!


From fruit farmers to artisans to vendors, women around the world are already pillars of our business. The Coca-Cola Company is building on that foundation by implementing programs to help women entrepreneurs.
Through 5by20, Coca Cola help women to address the most common barriers to success, by giving them access to business skills training courses, financial services and connections with peers or mentors.
And their goal is the empowerment of 5 million women micro-entrepreneurs by the year 2020.

Watch how Coca Cola is transforming communities by empowering women and their businesses in the Philippines. It’s a heartwarming video and I find the stories at the Internet shop and how it’s a place for family reunions over Skype / Internet particularly touching! :’)



Let Your Eyes Speak with Browtisan’s Eyelash Extensions

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Today I want to share with you about my very first eyelash extensions experience. People say that our eyes are the windows to our soul.. if that’s the case, then our eyelashes must be the pretty curtains.

Before I got my eyelash extensions at Browtisan, I never knew how convenient it was to have long lashes. With my eyelash extensions I have bigger looking eyes, without the need to put on my usual eyeshadow or eyeliner in the morning!

Yes, it definitely took me a while to get used to longer eyelashes, especially for someone like me with short and thin lashes. On the first day I could feel the weight of the lashes and how it was a little in the way of my vision, like there’a an extra curtain drawn above my vision, but after a night’s sleep, I got used to it the next day and stopped noticing the difference.

I was very happy to have my eyelash extensions done at Browtisan, helmed by Coco, a veteran in the brow and facial grooming industry. Browtisan stems from the word Brow and Artisan. It is a name coined to reflect the skills and artistry of Browtisan’s ultra-specialised subset of aestheticians. Besides having more than 20 years of experience in this industry, Coco constantly develops new techniques and trains aspiring aestheticians in the art of brow crafting. Many of her trainees have also gone on to be entrepreneurs of their own salons.

Check out the process of having my eyelash extensions while at the Browtisan salon!

Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 3

First Coco cleaned off my eye make up to prepare for the eyelash extensions.Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 4

Next she heated my existing eyelashes to curl them, so that they provided a better shape for the incoming eyelash extensions. According to Coco, not all salons would include this step.Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 5

Then she started the eyelash extensions, strand by strand! Coco is wearing a clinical grade glasses to get amplified vision for accuracy and precision while attaching on the eyelashes. This is another tool that Browtisan has that differentiates their service from other salons.Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 6

Curling my eyelash extensions to set them in place.Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 7

Coco repeats the steps for the other eye. I was chatting non-stop with Coco while she was attaching my eyelashes. There was no pain or discomfort at all. Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 8

Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 9

More close up pictures of my newly attached eyelash extensions!Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 10

With the gorgeous & capable ladyboss, Coco.

Before Browtisan, Coco was working as a brow and facial grooming trainer for other aestheticians. With the intention of pursuing her long-term dream of having her own salon and to create a new standard in the industry, Coco decided to embark on her own business. Her dream was finally materialized after months of efforts when Browtisan finally had its soft opening in October 2014. 

The Browtisan brand aims to provide to its clients top-notch, clinical standard services and experience.  Each and every Browtisan is a highly skilled artisan in their craft.  To be an artisan is to attain the highest level of skills in the said craft and at Browtisan, there is an assurance that the services rendered will be the highest in the entire industry.

Browtisan endeavours to deliver outstanding results and unparalleled levels of comfort to each and every client, through a combination of leading expertise and clinical procedures tailored to your specific needs.

Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 1

L-R: How I look with my usual eyeshadow and eyeliner vs completely no eye makeup and just Browtisan eyelash extensions!
Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 2I am very happy & satisfied with my eyelash extensions at Browtisan. After getting used to the length, I appreciated how pretty my eyes looked without my usual make up, from all angles. I personally feel that with the eyelash extensions, my eyes are more alert, feminine & sophisticated.

My lashes lasted a good two weeks, and started to drop thereafter. If you take better care of it, it can last up to 2 months. I came to realize that I have the habit of covering my face/eyes with my blanket once the sun comes up and that made my eyelashes drop a lot faster. For the first 3 days you have to avoid touching water on the eyelash extensions and you’ll have to comb through the lashes every day and night to keep the shape of the lashes. I heard from my friends who had their eyelash extensions elsewhere that their eyes started to itch after a while and they couldn’t resist plucking them off and resulting in a lot of loss of their natural eyelashes. From my Browtisan experience, there was no itch and even when the eyelash extensions dropped, my own eyelashes were kept in tact. After 3 weeks, I had my eyelash extensions removed and my own eyelashes were all intact too! I feel really blessed to be able to have such a superb experience with Browtisan. 🙂

2014-12-31 22.03.002014-12-31 22.02.02

Here’s another look with heavier makeup for the eyes and the eyelash extensions.

Priced at $98, I highly recommend Browtisan’s eyelash extension service for a special occasion, such as a stage performance, wedding or for festive periods like Christmas and New Year! As Coco would put it, with them, “你的眼睛会说话” which loosely translates to “your eyes can speak”. And I couldn’t agree more. I feel that girls with longer, fuller lashes have eyes that mesmerise people – these girls just let their eyes do the talking because they’re attractive without even having to speak. 😛

Located at 402 Orchard Road #03-17 Delfi Orchard, call 6235 2355 to book your eyelash extensions appointment. Visit Browtisan Facebook page here. 🙂

Thank you Browtisan & AT PR.



P.S. Watch out for my upcoming post about my eyebrow embroidery with Browtisan! 😉

Look & Feel Younger with Jeunesse Luminesce Serum & Reserve Gel

Hi Loves!

Jeunesse Anti Aging Serum Jeunesse Reserve Blogger Review 003

Today I’m excited to share about two products that I’ve been using & consuming respectively; the Jeunesse Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum  & Reserve. 

Jeunesse Anti Aging Serum Jeunesse Reserve Blogger Review 006

Based on the latest available technology, LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum makes a powerful debut as the first anti-aging product that supports your body’s natural ability to restore and rejuvenate the skin. Using an exclusive patent-pending formula derived from adult stem cells that contains over 200 key human growth factors and cellular messengers, LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum gently transforms your skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Look younger, healthier, and more radiant as this revolutionary serum helps you restore life to tired skin.


Helps even out discolored and blotchy skin tones

Provides a youthful luminosity to the skin

Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Refreshes collagen and elastin

Helps maintain smooth skin texture

Replenishes skin’s natural stores of proteins to sustain a youthful, firm appearance

All natural, hypoallergenic, and paraben free

Jeunesse Anti Aging Serum Jeunesse Reserve Blogger Review 001

When I review a product for my blog, I usually start using the product without reading the product information and other reviews online, so that I won’t be affected by what the product boasts or be inclined to write similar things. This is because I believe in sharing my own experience, which may or may not be the same as others. And for this product, my experience coincides with the very benefits that they boast of! 🙂

Jeunesse Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum is touted to be an anti-aging serum, but it’s really moreee that that! As its name suggests, this product rejuvenates your skin from its cells. As such, it also works as a repair serum, or a serum that helps wounds to recover at a faster rate. Personally my skin is still quite young so I can’t testify much to the anti-aging effects of a serum. What I do like about this product is that it is a lightweight gel that is easily absorbed by the skin and it keeps my skin moisturized, long into the night till the next morning – so my skin looks brighter and softer instead of dull and dry. I also like that this product is safe to use for my normal-oily combination skin. 🙂

 Jeunesse Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum on the left shows it’s a watery gel like consistency and when it’s applied on the right, the skin is immediately brighter/fairer, appears smoother and this is the effect that I also get when I apply it on my face t night, it lasts till the next morning. I have applied it for both my morning and night skincare routine, but I prefer to use this only at night because there is a strong scent. What I do to combat the scent is I use another scented skin First Treatment Essence (there are many brands available, SK-II, Laneige, I currently use My Face Shop SMIM one), which also conveniently helps to prep my skin to absorb more of the consequent product used, in this case the Luminesce serum.

I mentioned above that the Luminesce serum also helps you to recover from wounds faster, I don’t have a personal experience, but here’s a Youtube video that is really super convincing, so much so that I actually feel happy for these interviewed users for having this Luminesce serum to improve their skin to a healthier and younger state that’s either due to normal aging or damaged from injury. Note: some of the users’ skin are really bloodied due to accidents, so don’t watch this will eating or it may spoil your appetite.

I would recommend this  Jeunesse Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum for users that are looking for a product to reverse the signs of aging on your skin, to have brighter, plump looking and smoother skin and also if you or you know someone with a fresh injury and want the wound to recover faster and reduce scarring!

Jeunesse Anti Aging Serum Jeunesse Reserve Blogger Review 002

Next we come to the Jeunesse Reserve! 

RESERVE™, this delicious and nutritious gel will infuse your body with youthful vitality and a feeling of overall good health.


Antioxidants resist oxidative stress and premature aging

Anthocyanins support healthy cardiovascular function

Essential fatty acids assist in digestive tract function

Reinforces a healthy immune system

Helps maintain a healthy metabolism

Helps boost energy

Supports healthy joint function

Jeunesse Anti Aging Serum Jeunesse Reserve Blogger Review 004

What I like about this product is its amazing taste! It tastes like red wine, due to the red grape extract aka Resveratrol, with a wonderful blend of other fruits such as Acai Berry, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Grape Seed, Dark Cherry (another of my fave too!) and Green Tea (major love for this too!). It comes in a big box of 30 ml gel packs, you can choose to take it in the morning or after dinner at night. I’ve been told by the Jeunesse distributor that it’s best consumed in the morning, before you eat your breakfast. This is because this product will increase your metabolism rate, kickstarting your day and gives you more energy. I like that the Reserve helps my digestion better, when I take it in the night, the next day I can move my bowels easily! 😛 Amazingly too, it’s only 13 calories even thought it’s a real sweet treat. Yay!

Jeunesse Anti Aging Serum Jeunesse Reserve Blogger Review 005

I also really like how conveniently packed these are! I like to put them in my bag and consume them after dinner when I’m out – they don’t take up much space and I never have to worry about spillage either. Plus with this design I squeeze out everything and no wastage either!

I recommend the Jeunesse Reserve if you want to increase your metabolism rate and a healthy supplement to kickstart your day and/or if you’re always travelling and don’t have time to buy and eat fresh fruits! This is also really ideal for busy executives because it’s super convenient to integrate into your lifestyle – put a box in your car or office and eat it either in the morning on the way to work or at night while on the way home. 🙂

You can watch this video about the benefits & science behind Reserve!

If you’d like to buy the Jeunesse Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum and/or Reserve, email me at to order! Or visit this site for more information about Jeunesse and other products they have to offer.

If you’ve used Jeunesse and would like to share your experience, share them below!




Watch One Direction Live in Singapore!

Hi Loves!

If you’re visiting Singapore in March you can buy One Direction tickets for their upcoming On the Road Again tour that starts in February 2015!!! This will be the fourth concert tour that will cover some of the main cities across North America, Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia. One Direction will also promote their fourth studio album Four while they will sing songs from their previous albums like Midnight Memories, Take Me Home and Up All Night. Commonly known as 1D to their fans, One Direction has managed to be among the successful British boy bands in recent times. Last year, they were voted as the Top Artist of the Year by Billboard.


Music has always been one of the main attractions in Singapore and there are many events that happen here throughout the year. While top bands like One Directions do perform here you have to make sure that you buy the tickets for the concert at the right time.
The band is performing in Singapore for just one day on March 11 at the Singapore National Stadium, so you need to make sure that you do not miss out the fun. One Direction has also been the recipients of two BRIT Awards and popular choice awards that make them immensely popular not just in the UK, but globally.


While Singapore also has wide range of attractions and places where tourists prefer to go for entertainment, nothing is better than having a great time while attending the concert tour of the best boy bands currently in the UK. Singapore is among the best places where you can enjoy great food with your loved ones, enjoy some shopping and head for some live music at the concert.

Watch the handsome One Direction boys talk about their tour here!:

Get your tickets for their show in Singapore before they’re sold out!



9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be The Third Party in a Relationship

Hi loves!

I’ve been wanting to write my personal thoughts on life down on my blog but wells, laziness often gets the better of me and I try to post up my review posts first when I have the time.

Anyways, this is one of the topics that I’ve been wanting to share about and well, it’s kind of a spur of the moment and late night inspired / musings post.

And I’ve kind of waited till 2015 to publish such posts cause I feel like at 24 going 25, I’m coming of age. Just 5 more years to 30, gasps. And yeah it might sound ridiculous that I’m coming of age at 24+ when like I have friends who are already mother of 2. Lol. I’ve lived a fairly sheltered life I admit. So I guess, depending on my mood, I may be releasing more of such posts this year!

I hate to admit, even though I’ve never officially dated or had a boyfriend, I’ve experienced my fair share of players- “friends” whom I was acquainted and later realized that they were attached. There was this one guy whom I went out for meals when I was 18, found out he had a girlfriend and so I promptly told him that “I would be so sad if I were your girlfriend, stop contacting me.” I naively thought then that maybe guys play while they can before marriage until one married guy friend who crossed the friendly line and would send me “good morning” & “good night” texts and when I told him to stop he still asked me why. And perhaps the worst is another guy who asked me out for dinner when I later realize that he has 3 kids at home. And he did not wear his ring whenever I saw him at events and still behaves like a bachelor on his FB page and instagram. Why on earth his wife would let him behave like this, I have no clue.

In the past I was way less forgiving – I would immediately cut such people out my life and after “attracting” 2 guys who had girlfriends, i even felt sad and for a while thought that maybe the problem lies with me – was I too bubbly and friendly past a limit?

But then, thank God, I grew older and more mature and I learnt to put such immature and cheating boys (they don’t count as men, do they?) in their place. Me being friendly doesn’t mean I am open to being a third party and cheating with you on your gf/ wife, please for goodness sake.

On hindsight, these people may think that because I have a friendly and nice personality, I may be an easy target (read: desperate idiot) to be persuaded to go on dates after I find out their non-single status. So I did became more conscious of my friendliness to guys in general – I won’t be my normal friendly self to people I know who are attached or married, in case they think I am sending them a signal, when I am not.

When I told my best friend about the married guy who wouldn’t stop sending me messages despite me telling him to stop – we both agreed that the wife is lucky that I am someone with integrity. Unfortunately even tho I may still treat that married guy as a friend, I doubt that he will stop his cheating ways. Cheating is a subjective word, some people may think that cheating is only cheating when it’s physical. Others think that even an errant thought or flirting texts = cheating. I define cheating as being un loyal – that you are no longer solely devoted to your partner and are actively romantically engaged with someone else, whether emotionally or physically.

I am not condemning people who decide to be involved in a relationship as a third party (hate the sin, love the sinner), I guess I just don’t want to be judgmental – I always abide by my rule that your life is yours, you can live how you deem fit, and so will I.

So I guess I am sharing this post because when I realize that I was “attracting” attached guys I felt guilty and I couldn’t find a forum or resource that could direct me or give me proper advice. And that’s exactly what I want to achieve with this post. I realized, while growing up & older that actually cheating people exist everywhere and it’s not your fault when they cheat, but you do need to put your foot down, draw the line and say / type firmly “NO”. This is for my younger self who wished that there was someone older and wiser who could give me advice. This is for all of you who are seeking for this advice right now.

That’s a super long introduction, and now I come to the main point of this post – Why you shouldn’t be the third party in a relationship.

In no order of merit:


1. It won’t end well.
A relationship is often likened to a tree that will grow strong, take root and spread its branches. When two people get together, naturally they will think of marriage, buying a house and having kids to form a family. But when you’re a third party – essentially you’re throwing the original couple’s plans in disarray. Think about it, the gf/wife when she finds out, is going to definitely hate you. Whether or not she hates her bf/husband. This is because you ruined their relationship by accepting to be the third party. A breakup is almost always messy, much less a divorce.

2. The guy is likely to cheat on you, too.
If the guy can cheat on his gf/wife with you, what makes you think that he won’t cheat on you with someone else?

3. You are probably not his only “back up”.
I realize that cheating guys usually cheat on their gf/ wife with more than one girl. I reckon that they think that since they are already cheating, it doesn’t really matter if it’s with one, two, three or four girls.

4. You will have the reputation of being the slut / home wrecker.
If you decide to be the third party, while in full knowledge that the guy is attached, basically you’re consciously just throwing your reputation down the drain. Usually the first thing people will remember about you is how you shamelessly agree to be the third party. Everyone will agree that the cheating guy is a bastard but if you accept a relationship with the bastard, knowing he is behaving as one, then you have no defence and is putting women around the world to shame for behaving this way.

5. You deserve a better guy.
Seriously. Maybe women who accepts the role of the third party do so because they are afraid that they can’t find a better guy. I’m telling you right now that your value and worth is not based on some jerk’s affection for you. If you believe in Christ – your value and worth is based on your identity in Christ as a precious child of God. If you don’t believe in Christ – your value and worth exists because your parents bore and raised you – definitely not for you to be the third party. And if you have sucky parents, your value and worth comes from within – from how YOU define it, not how others perceive you to be, ok? Go tell that guy to fly a kite because you deserve someone better than him, someone who can devote his entire heart to you and not have to share it with Nth number of girls.

6. Your relationship can’t see the light of day.
He probably deletes every message / whatsapp after you send them incase his gf sees it. He probably dates you to neighborhood coffee shops where no one will see the both of you hanging out. You want to go out to Orchard to shop and watch a movie, visit Gardens by the Bay but he is probably too cowardly and scared that people might recognize him with you and find out about his cheating. A healthy relationship is one where there is no hiding, you don’t have to nor should you be afraid of people seeing you two together. If the guy is afraid to bring you out to crowded places – with the exception that he is some super hot star – do yourself a favour, drop him like a hotcake, please.

7. You won’t be his one devotion.
You already know he has a gf/wife and chances are, you are second place. I hope you won’t fall for the “I am with her but my heart is with you”. Thank God no one ever used that on me, but I took that from watching too many dramas – dramas are inspired from reality after all. Imagine every Valentines, Christmas & New Year’s – you are receiving the second phone call / text / hug. Go ahead and sob, I see tears welling in your eyes.

8. You will cheapen yourself.
Humans will only treasure what they fought hard to get. When you fall into the third party place, the guy is unlikely to treat you like a hard earned precious pearl since he ain’t going to give you the full treatment that’s reserved for his main gf/wife – wedding banquet and all. Imagine that, just imagine that.

9. If he meant to break up with his gf/wife, he would have done so already.
If he claims that he will break up when “the time is right”, please don’t be so naive. He will not break up. He is leading you on and you will be the fool if you follow him.

What should you do?

1. Tell him to stop contacting you or stop flirting with you because you respect him, his gf / wife.
2. Move on in life – surround yourself with trustworthy friends of both sexes who will introduce you friends who are trustworthy too.
3. Don’t feel guilty about his lecherous feelings for you.
4. Send him this post and just in case he still doesn’t get the message, say it in Iggy freestyle: “F is for friends and stuff and U is for you and me” – I realize this tho is funny and irreverent, it can be quite misleading. So you can quote me: “I am not a hard disk – I am not your back up. You can go to Challenger to find yourself one if you’re so keen.” 😉
5. Just be direct and ask “Are you single or attached?” before you agree to go on dates in future. If he says attached and still asking you out – tell him to bring his gf/wife along and basically don’t waste your time on him any longer.

Good luck!


Christmas Light Up Party at Orchard Hotel

Hi Loves!

I hope you’re having a great Christmas season~ A while back I had a great time at Orchard Hotel for their Christmas Light Up party; with their festive Christmas lightning and decor, delicious spread & a really cute Snow House at the lobby. My friend Beatrice and I were acquainted with new friends Cecilia and Sheelah and we chatted the night away. My sister & brother in law hosted their wedding banquet at Orchard Hotel back in August, as their Chinese restaurant Hua Ting serves up really yummy food – be sure to check them out too. I also filmed an instavideo capturing the light up in action, watch it~~~

Orchard Hotel Christmas 2014 Lightup 005 Orchard Hotel Christmas 2014 Lightup 004Orchard Hotel Christmas 2014 Lightup 001 Orchard Hotel Christmas 2014 Lightup 007 Orchard Hotel Christmas 2014 Lightup 006 Orchard Hotel Christmas 2014 Lightup 002Orchard Hotel Christmas 2014 Lightup 003

Orchard Hotel Christmas 2014 Lightup 008 Orchard Hotel Christmas 2014 Lightup 009 Orchard Hotel Christmas 2014 Lightup 010

Thank you Orchard Hotel for the invite & fruit cake!



Party Up in Risis Style

Hi Loves~

*:. Happy New Year! .:*

First of all, I am so super happy that we’re in 2015 right now. 2014 hasn’t been the worst but neither has it been the best and I am just so grateful to enter into the new year and I believe with all my heart that 2015 is going to be a so much better year for me – at work, in life and blogging too! Taking the time to wish all of you a wonderful 2015 – may the new year bring you greater joy & successes in all that you do!!!

Now onto the blog post proper, back in late November, Risis threw a party in style – if there’s any store party that I’ve attended and loved in 2014, it’d be Risis’ – humourous styling workshop with celebrity stylist Keith Png, beautiful jewelery, good food, makeup and nails booth – a girl’s heaven! Truth be told, I wasn’t in my best of form as I was feeling under the weather and having a bad hair day, lol. Nonetheless that didn’t keep me from enjoying the event with my friend and sweetie pie Christabelle!

Scroll down to check out my photos & captions from the event. 😉

Risis Blogger Event 001

Risis designer sharing about the collections presented and how the Christmas Special Luna collection is inspired by Orchids.Risis Blogger Event 003 Risis Blogger Event 004

Keith demonstrating how to layer up jewellery on the hands. He also shared how to spot whether you’re warm or cool skin tone – greenish veins means warm while blueish veins means cool. My veins are greenish so I have warm skin tone. Warm skin tones suit gold coloured jewellery while cool skin tones suit silver coloured jewellery. That said, I usually have no problem wearing either – in the sense that I think I look okay with both gold and silver – and I prefer silver for day to day jewellery and wear gold for special occasions.

Keith proceeds to show us how to match jewellery for different looks and occasions, beginning with more casual and office looks.
Risis Blogger Event 005

Left to Right: Necklace from Moonlight Dance and Floral Ring collections respectively, silver is subtle and appropriate for chic and office looks.

Risis Blogger Event 002

Luna Necklaces from Luna collection in gold, for a more dressy cocktail occasion.

Risis Blogger Event 007

Layer up necklaces and rings for a more glamorous evening look.

Risis Blogger Event 006

Luna Slider Necklace extended with another chain for a versatile accessory that can even double up as a belt – such creative ideas from Keith!
Risis Blogger Event Official Photos 002

Here’s Christabelle and I paying full and focused attention to Keith! That’s me with my serious face. 😛Risis Blogger Event Official Photos 003

And another one of us, with Crystal and Smita on the sofa next to Christabelle, so happy and inspired after the workshop. 🙂Risis Blogger Event 010

Special SG50 collection in the background, Kirana collection on the bottom left and Embrace collection on the bottom right.

Risis Blogger Event 011

Orchard Parade collection.

Risis Blogger Event 013

Risis Blogger Event 012

Christmas Special Luna Collection.

Risis Blogger Event 014

More detailed look of Moonlight Dance collection – 2 necklaces can be layered at different length for an elegant look.
Risis Blogger Event 015

The Endless Spring collection with a special Swarovski crystal birthstone for each pendent – these makes great birthday gifts for gold lovers!Risis Blogger Event 008

Christabelle looking lovely in the Moonlight Dance collection – we both really like this collection.

Risis Blogger Event 009

We also had fun testing out Catrice makeup and nail booths!

Risis Blogger Event 018

Risis started out with gold plated sculptures, that’s just a portion of what they have available in store! These make great gifts for offices & homes, think new offices and house warming gifts.

Risis Blogger Event Official Photos 005

Thank you Risis for having us!

Risis Blogger Event 019

Risis Blogger Event Catrice Goodie Bag

Door gifts from the event.Risis Blogger Event 020Pretty gold orchid pendant necklace.

Prices of Risis jewellery featured in this post range from $50 to $230.

Visit Risis website and Risis Singapore Facebook for more images and updates. For a list of stores, visit here.

Thank you Risis and Bolt for the invite!