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I’m a big fan of Korean drama and recently I’m crazy over Fated to Love You, which is a korean remake of the popular Taiwan drama of the same name!

Fated-to-Love-You-Poster-1 NosKU0p FatedToLoveYou_PC_bc1 Fated-to-Love-you-korean-dramas-37561448-1280-720 fated_to_love_you-0084 641

(Images taken from various sites as watermarked, last image from Couch Kimchi)

And you know what? Watching this drama is so effective for my exercise and diet plans. >u<
That’s because when I watch HOW SKINNY these korean actresses are (I swear their legs are like my arms, ok maybe I’m exaggerating…) That after an episode a night, I’d be totally motivated to go down for a run even when I am dead tired or resist that pack of biscuits that I considered munching on.

I digress.

I’m not sure about you, but I am totally inspired by Korean fashion and make up. Every time after I watch a korean drama with a great sense of fashion styling, I’d take notes, consciously or unconsciously and be inspired to dress more like them.

But the thing is, we don’t always have access to korean fashion here in Singapore right? And not all of us can afford the luxury of time and cash to fly to Korea every season. 🙁

But with the awesomeness of the internet and OKDGG, now we can shop Korean fashion and have them shipped right to our doorstep! OMG how awesome is that?! FREAKING AWESOME I TELL YA.

What is OKDGG? 

DGG (Delivery Guarantee Global)service provides global post service through the network of Malltail. We safely handle and deliver your order from South Korea and also support customer satisfaction for your international delivery. – Taken from the FB page.

So basically, OKDGG stands for OK, Delivery Guranteed Globally from South Korea! 😉

Check out their home page:

Korean Fashion with OKDGG 002

FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE, FOLKS. HOORAY! *Throws confetti in the air*

Korean Fashion with OKDGG 003

Clean and organized layout of “Best Item”, ” Hot New Arrivals” items for sale and sales banners.Korean Fashion with OKDGG 005

Clear layout on the left bar telling you what are the hot brands (presumably based on the number of items sold) and Hot Keywords. So you can simply click on those tabs to link you to the sales pages for when you want need some inspiration when online shopping, or if you want to buy something that’s popular or trending!

Korean Fashion with OKDGG 006

Items for Women and Men as well! Hooray for my male readers! Finally an online shop that Ena is promoting that caters to guys as well! 😉Korean Fashion with OKDGG 007

Stylish shoes & even a space allocated for Couple wear, how cute! Now you can go online shopping for you and your partner. 😉
Korean Fashion with OKDGG 004Also categories for “Season(al) Items” and “On Sale items”.  Plus you should totes follow them on Facebook to be updated on which brands are having sales/promotions on OKDGG! 😉

So I went shopping on their site, and I fell in love with this brand 24mg (is it because I’m 24 years old? HAHA)

Nonetheless, their items are sooo casual chic, mad love!

Korean Fashion with OKDGG 24mg 003

You can find the brand by searching “24mg” at the search bar on the top. Easy peasy! The automatic sorting is by “Newly listed” as you can see under “Sort By” tab. However, you can also pick other options such as Sort by “Most Popular”.

Korean Fashion with OKDGG 24mg 002

Here’s 24mg newly listed items. Other options include “Most Viewed” and “Price Lowest/Highest First”.Korean Fashion with OKDGG 24mg 004

You can also shop based on category, such as “Clothing > Women > Knit / Pants / etc”.
Korean Fashion with OKDGG 24mg 001

You can also find “Beauty & Acc”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 4.27.48 pm

Lots of beauty items for sale, brands from Korea that I’ve never seen before at that! New discoveries! 😀

Here’s my OOTD, with items I shopped from 24mg!

Korean Fashion with OKDGG 24mg 001 Korean Fashion with OKDGG 24mg 003 Korean Fashion with OKDGG 24mg 004 Korean Fashion with OKDGG 24mg 002Jeans, Bag, Knit top all from 24mg. The knit top is surprisingly comfy and not too thick for Singapore’s hot and humid weather, the bag and jeans are of good quality and all items including shipping fell within US$100! Each item was about US$30.

Enjoy shopping at OKDGG and let me know what brands you love there and why!



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