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Hi Lovelies!

A while back I’ve had the pleasure to be invited down for Sans & Sans’ fashion show which I unfortunately couldn’t make it to due to a clash of schedules. However I did pay a visit to their cozy boutique at Marina Square Shopping Mall to pick out a few items. 

Perhaps you don’t frequent Marina Square Shopping Mall and haven’t had the chance to check out this boutique before. So allow me to introduce the Sans & Sans brand!

Sans & Sans is a homegrown (Singapore) label and it’s a brand built on the rich oriental heritage to cater to the sophisticated customers today. Think Shanghai Tang, but in a more affordable bracket.

Without further ado, check out the store:

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 002_new

The overall vibe of the store’s decor concept is Modernity meets Heritage, as contemporary chic apparels and accessories juxtapose against vintage-style furnishing. The experience of ruffling through the collection is both exciting and cozy.

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 004_new
Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 003_new

Items are also thematically arranged to colours and styles.Here you have the earthy browns, beige and green colours.Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 001_new

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 006_new

One can expect new arrivals each week, accessories and bags are sourced from all over Asia. Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 007_new

A very cute hat stand with some of the hats available for sale.

Now for the looks I styled whilst I was there!Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 008_new

I matched a blue collared white long sleeved top with what I call the Sherlock Holmes style pants for a formal look, one that exudes British sensibilities, don’t you agree?Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 009_new

Here in the same top with a cute asymmetrical skort (skirt shorts) which is one of the 2 items I love. Do you ever feel that you keep wearing an item over and over again because it fits so well and you love it that much? That’s exactly how I feel with this pair of skorts. Major love, guys.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.11.47 am

Proof of major Sans & Sans skorts lovin’. @ena_teo on insta, guys. 😉

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 010_new

This, guys, is my current favourite blazer.

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 011_new

Wearing the grey version so you can see the beautiful fit and detailing of this piece.Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 012_new

Lastly in this white and black striped blazer (don’t mind my love for jackets/blazers, lol). Whilst this look will be perfect for Derby fashion at the horse races, it’s equally fitting in the board room as well. That’s what I love about Sans & Sans, their apparels and picks are able to bring you from the office in the day to a casual party with your friends later in the night.

As you can tell, I tend to pick out the black and white tones in the looks above, for a more balance view of the variety and styles that Sans & Sans offers, check out these looks, featuring my sweet and lovely fellow blogger Gwen:
Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 001Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 002Now, don’t you agree that you could totally sashay out of the corporate building into any cocktail party with any of the looks above?

Visit Sans & Sans stores:
#02-342/343, Marina Square Shopping Mall
Tel: 6337 8909
#02-04/05, Orchard Central

Thank you Sans & Sans Singapore for the invite and pieces.



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