Passage New York Body Massage & Facial Review

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A few weeks ago, I was invited down to Passage New York for a facial and body massage and here’s my review followed by perks for my readers. 🙂



Located close to Raffles City MRT, Passage New York is a facial and spa place that caters mainly to office ladies working in the area. When you arrive you will see two doors, one towards the shop that sells bags and clothes and the other that is the entrance to a huge facial and spa place with 22 rooms. It is the biggest facial and spa place that I have been to in Singapore, to date.

My appointment started a quick 5-10min registration, form filling and analysis and after which was the Body Massage followed by the Facial session.


As I had to keep my bag and phone in the locker, I couldn’t take a photo of the body massage room I was in. It’s a big room with a bed, shower and bath tub.

I was ushered into the room by the receptionist and met the female masseuse who then showed me the new set of disposable underwear to change into for the body massage.

After I changed, the masseuse returned to the room and the body massage session started off with a “Lotus scrub with milk based” moisturizer which was warm. There was a layer of plastic on the facial bed so I guess that makes cleaning up a whole lot easier. The masseuse gently scrubbed the entire of my body from the back followed by the front, just excluding the private regions, covered by the disposable underwear. I do believe you can choose to bring your own bikini which will be more comfortable, if you want to.

After the gentle scrub down, I showered in the shower area in the room and changed into another set of disposable underwear for the body massage.

The masseuse used warm Lavender oil and the massage is done in Balinese style. The massage starts from the back, from the legs followed but the shoulders and back and then the front legs, hands and tummy. I get tickled easily so I opted for no massage at the tummy area although that area is supposedly massaged as well! I throughly enjoyed the relaxing and soothing back rub down/ massage. It was soooo awesome. I also love that the massage helps loosens where it aches/ hurts(shoulders and legs for me) and it feels so good.

2014-09-23 11.32.00

Found this image from to illustrate the awesome back rub. For illustration, this is not NY Passage or Me in the picture! 

When the massage ended, I changed into their spa provided robe and headed to the facial room. Yes, with the massage oil still on the body because it is not advisable to shower after massage, until after 1-1.5 hours.




This is how the facial room looks like, each room is named after a president!

The facial session was as such:
I had light make up on so the beautician removed it with milk cleanser and double cleanses with another facial wash.
Hot Steam:
Then there was a deep cleansing mask with hot steam followed by massage.
The beautician removed more than 20+ black heads and It didn’t hurt cause pores opened due to the steam.
She used two: sodium hyaluronate and sensitive for sensitive skin and light massage as my skin is quite clogged and sensitive.
Mask + massage:
Mask followed by a shoulder massage which was very good as I tend to have tensed shoulders, then rest 10min.
After removing the mask, apply sun block.

The only drawback about the facial session was that the redness due to the extraction on my face took a few days longer to go down as compared to others that I have been to. :/


After the facial, I showered and changed back to my own clothes at the common area which feels like a hotel’s post sauna area where you shower and prim up yourself. 🙂

Check out the other facilities at the Passage New York which customers can use before their appointment:


Yes, jacuzzi and steam room!

This is a couple suite so you can go with your best friend or your partner!


Here’s a special promo for Enabalista’s readers! 🙂

Enjoy 2 luxurious spa treatment at $98 :
– 90min Vitamin C Whitening and Anti-Aging Facial
– 45min Signature Full Body Massage
– Free Classic Leather Bag worth $480 after treatments.

Terms and Conditions:
– Valid till 30 November 2014
– Valid for first-time female customers, Singaporeans, PRs and EP holders, aged 25 years and above.
– Prior booking is required, subject to availability. Please call 6226 0888 to make an appointment.
– Not valid with other promotions, discounts or privileges.
– Free Leather Bag is while stocks last, designs and colours may vary.
– Passage New York reserves the right to alter and amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.

I would recommend you to take up this session with your bff/ sister/ mum for a more fun experience and as a special treat, and if you find that you enjoy their service, to then consider to take up a package with them, should the location and price be suitable for you! 🙂 As it located within CBD it’s not a place that’s for everyone, but if you work at CBD area then it’s a facial place you can explore. 🙂

Passage New York
133 Cecil Street | #01-01 Keck Seng Tower
Singapore 069535
tel +65 6226 0888

Here’s a post facial photo taken on my phone without filters… Without make up as well >_< Pardon my eyebags and well I don’t have perfect skin that’s why I need facials ya! 🙂

Thank you Passage New York for the kind invitation and promo code for my readers!


Detox & Hydrate with Eumora The Moor Bar with Hma Factor

You can get a FREE trial now from with a small shipping and handling charge. 😉

Hi Lovelies! <3

How have you all been? I hope your weekend was fine, as was mine~ 😀

Today I’m sharing about a new skincare product that I’ve been using and enjoying; a facial bar to be exact!

Pre & First Impressions

When I was first invited via email to review this skincare product, I was not expecting to come to enjoy using the facial bar as I am now. As most of my skincare products, especially cleansers, come in a tube or modern plastic dispenser of some sort! Facial bar, ala LUX-style bars are meant for body soaps, not for facial cleansing, right? Well, I thought wrong. And I’m also glad to be able to report and share with you all why I enjoy using this soap bar! Read on for my review, then I will share with you just exactly what’s in this unique facial bar (marketing info. and ingredients benefits etc) that makes it effective and enjoyable to me. 😉

Eumora The Moor Bar with HMA Blogger Review Enabalista 1

My Eumora bars came in an elegant Europe-style box with baroque print details, lovely isn’t it?
The Eumora bar set do not come with the plastic holder, but it will be necessary! 🙂

Eumora The Moor Bar with HMA Blogger Review Enabalista 2

Close up of the box; Eumora The Moor Bar with Hma Factor. 

Eumora The Moor Bar with HMA Blogger Review Enabalista 3

4 small Eumora facial bars nicely packed within! Love it, reminds me of chocolates/snacks. 😛Eumora The Moor Bar with HMA Blogger Review Enabalista 4This is how the facial bar looks like, a milk chocolate colour bar. Incase you’re wondering and hungry, it’s not edible, lol. 😛

My Review of Eumora The Moor Bar with Hma Factor

After using the Eumora The Moor Bar with Hma Factor for two weeks, in the day and evening, the very first thing I noticed is how my face has a visible shine right after using it. Its hydrating factor is definitely something worth raving about. Imma gonna insert a photo of yours truly, bare face, right after using it:


Bare face, cleansed and no that is not my facial oil shine on my nose and forehead… it’s a legit and visible shine every time after I use the bar! No photoshop or filter for this pic either! When I started using the facial bar, I was very impressed with the shine on my face after cleansing, I would look at my face in the mirror and go “wow”, this stuff is really hydrating!

So in addition to the cleansing and hydration effect of this facial bar, what I like is that it gently cleanses without any taut feeling after, so I know that it doesn’t strip my face off the necessary oil. In case you don’t know, if we strip our face of the good oils, it will cause our skin to churn out more oil. So to gently cleanse your face without stripping it completely off oil is better for your skin in the long run! The facial bar is fragrance free. To use, you will have to wash your hands, lather the soap bar in your hands and then spread and leave the lather on your face for 3 minutes before washing it off with water after.

A note of caution, you might experience a healing crisis, as in a breakout after using this product as it helps you to expel the toxins in the body. So don’t worry and it is normal. 

Here’s a clear Directions for use diagram:

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.40.57 pm


I will recommend people with normal to oily and acne prone skin to use this. People with dry skin should also use this. 🙂

So just what goes into this facial bar that makes it hydrating and unique as I mentioned?

1. Moor

Natural Nutrient Rich Organic Mud from Europe

Moor has been used for well being for at least 2,000 years.
The Romans prized it for its health and strength promoting qualities,
even Cleopatra was reputed to have indulged in Moor as part of her beauty regimen.


Reacts Fast



Anti Inflammatory (Great for acne skin)

Wow! Sounds impressive isn’t it?

In case you think Cleopatra is merely a Shakespearean character ala in Anthony & Cleopatra, she really did exist.


A cinematic portrayal of Anthony & Cleopatra.

Cleopatra VII Philopator (GreekΚλεοπάτρα Φιλοπάτωρ; Late 69 BC[1] – August 12, 30 BC), known to history as Cleopatra, was the last active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, only shortly survived by her son, Caesarion as pharaoh. The name Cleopatra is derived from the Greek name Κλεοπατρα (Kleopatra) which meant “glory of the father” in the feminine form, derived from κλεος (kleos) “glory” combined with πατρος (patros) “of the father” (the masculine form would be Kleopatros Κλεοπατρος).[2][3]. – Wikipedia.

 Wait a minute, let me fact check if Cleopatra really did use Moor mud, I mean, she lived so many years ago… Is it just a marketing gimmick to name drop a classic Egyptian beauty to sell a modern day product? 😛

Source 1:

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.34.36 pm

According to this Spa shop, Queen Cleopatra took regular Mud and Milk Baths as her beauty ritual!

Source 2:

Therapeutic mud often comes from areas around mineral springs, and the high mineral content of the mud is regarded as one the main reasons for its beneficial effects.Cleopatra is said to have prized it so highly as a beauty treatment that she persuaded Mark Anthony to conquer the region and present it to her as a gift. Like seriously? Wow! The power of Cleopatra…

Read more :

Source 3:

Moor mud is an organic peat substance formed by the decomposition of a variety of plants over a very long period of time. Extracted from the moorlands of Central Europe, it is a black paste that dissolves easily in water and has a high concentration of amino acids, minerals, plant hormones and vitamins. This mud has been valued for its beautifying and therapeutic properties from ancient times to the present day. It was used by the Romans and the Egyptians; Queen Cleopatra apparently took regular mud dips when she wasn’t bathing in milk. In modern times, people can avail themselves of this mud in spas and health centers, or purchase it for home use from health stores and online health therapy sites. 

The unique healing properties of this mud have been used to treat a variety of human and animal ailments. The mud has been found to relieve suffering associated with arthritis and rheumatism, soothe muscle aches and reduce joint swellings, and stimulate the immune system. Being an antibiotic and astringent, the mud has a cleansing effect on skin and is used in skin care as a facial or an entire body pack. Moor mud treatment improves circulation, staves off wrinkles and gives the skin a healthy glow. It is often used to treat skin problems like acne, eczema andpsoriasiso.

Ok, so this Moor Mud thing is legit good for the skin and has healing properties, whether or not Cleopatra was so famously known to have used it in her beauty rituals.

2. MicroAlgae aka Chlorella Sorokiniana

(Sounds like a mix of Japanese and Brazil, lol)

Rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B12 and niacin which can increase the skin’s energy and protect the skin to stay away from all kinds of pressure (I think it means the radicals/pollutants in the air).

Benefits includes:
Deep moisturizing action (So this is what deeply hydrates and give me the shine after using it!)
Strengthens defense qualities of the skin barrier.
Gives extraordinary softness and brightness.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.54.37 pmAlso reviewed by New Straits Times Paper journalist!


You can get a FREE trial now from with a small shipping and handling charge. 😉

Thank you for reading~



Atlas Medical Clinic First Facial Experience

Hi lovelies!

After my first visit to Atlas Medical Clinic, I’m here to report back my first facial experience with Atlas Medical Clinic as promised!

As I mentioned before, my skin concerns are mainly dull and mild acne skin, Dr Yuen recommend and assigned two skincare treatments for me. Namely the Silk Peel treatment and the Vitamin C treatment!

Here’s a picture of my before facial:


This is what the Silk Peel is about, taken from the clinic’s website:

Silk-peel’s Dermal-infusion is a breakthrough treatment that uses “wet abrasion” to infuse the skin with a topical dermaceuticals while simultaneously providing diamond exfoliation, targeting the unique needs of your skin to give you the revitalization you want.

Dermal-infusion abrades the upper 30-35 microns of the stratum corneum and clinical studies have shown that it provides even abrasion across the treatment area and rapid hydration to the underlying cells.

Compared to traditional microdermabrasion, which can cause discomfort, dryness and irritation, Silk peel is gentler on your skin. There is also no downtime and the procedure lasts only about 20 minutes. There are also a range of topical dermaceuticals for dehydration, dull looking skin, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, acne and acne scarring.


Hyaluronic acid plus allantoin and glycerin combine to deliver rich, nourishing moisture to very dry skin, improving overall skin texture and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Using Kojic acid, Arbutin and Mulberry, this solution neutralizes active melanocytes while calming the skin with Aloe and Glycerin.


This anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory solution promotes clear skin for patients with pustular or cystic acne using Salicylic acid. The added aloe extract soothes even the most sensitive skin.

Your skin will look renewed with a radiant healthy glow after the treatment.

She uses a machine with a tool that is like a pen that has a texture similar to sandpaper at the tip and it basically scraps off the dead skin cell very lightly. Then the same tool will emit a liquid that serves 2 purposes. The first is to moisturize the skin and the second is to prep the skin to be more absorbent, like a first treatment essence. To best describe how this tool works, it’s like a nail buff when you buff your nails except this if for your face and at the hands of a trained beautician. I have very low tolerance for pain so I was hesitant about it initially but after going through it, I can attest that it’s gentle and nothing to be afraid off. It’s definitely less painful then extraction and it feels quite good. Cause I love to exfoliate my skin, so this feels like a very thorough skin exfoliation!

After the silk peel treatment, we commenced on the Vitamin C treatment.

This is what is says on the clinic website:

Using innovative technology, this calming and refreshing therapy uses unique korean lab-researched and developed concentrated vitamin C enriched serums that have anti oxidation, anti-pigmentation and skin tone lightening effects.

Firstly a lot of Vitamin C serum is spread on the skin. Next there is machine (different from the silk peel) and a tool that has two ends. One end will be in the hands of the beautician who will use it to spread the vitamin c into your face. The other end requires you to hold on to.

The vitamin C treatment feels very hydrating and after the treatment, remarkably, I feel that my face is very bouncy even without touching it.

Take a look at the photo of my face right after the treatments:


It’s fairer/ lighter and the acne marks are lighter.

It’s been more than 2 weeks since this facial session and more than 3 weeks since I’ve been using the Rose 2 skincare range and I’m slowly seeing that my skin is getting clearer and fairer. I did have a breakout after changing the skincare range, though I can’t be sure if it’s because my the change in skincare or because of the usual breakouts I get. I’ll update more photos in my next post as I share about my back-cial(back facial) experience!

Here’s some of the pics I took outside the clinic after the facials!

Elizabeth Arden’s Magical 8 Hour Cream

I didn’t say it.

American actress Amanda Peet‘s the one who said “Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is like a magical ointment; it’s for cuticles, it’s for everything.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

You might remember seeing my previous post on Elizabeth Arden’s Blogger Launch for their latest fragrance and 5 min home facial. It was also when the VP Ficarelli insisted that we also be sent a tube of Elizabeth Arden Best Seller 8 Hour Cream so that we can experience and attest to the magic of this 8 Hour Cream so beloved by celebrities and everyday women alike.

I know, you’re probably thinking that Ena (yes, I do call myself by third person sometimes, lol) is totes over-selling this EA 8 Hour cream right here. But you know how each beauty brand has their something-something claim to fame and/or their skincare classic that’s a HG of cult status? Lest it be known that you’re an ignorant woman of skincare (like I was before I was educated by Mr Ficarelli, lol) the 8 Hour Cream is synonymous with the woman and brand Elizabeth Arden:

Eight Hour® Cream was created more than seventy years ago, in 1930, by Miss Arden herself and was the first ever cosmetic product to bear the Elizabeth Arden name.

The cream was so effective in its debut, that Miss Arden used it to sooth her thoroughbred horses’ bruises. The product name, ‘Eight Hour® Cream‘, takes its inspiration from a loyal customer who claimed that the cream helped to heal her son’s scraped knee in just eight hours.

Since its debut, Eight Hour® Cream has escalated to near cult status. Testimonials from customers attest to the product’s miraculous healing capabilities. Its wonderful versatility also makes this product a favorite of models and make-up artists alike. – Source Credit here.

I just love reading beauty brand history! It’s always inspiring reading about enterprising women creating their own beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, EM by Michelle Phan, Tory Burr.

What the brand history excerpt didn’t include but the information I have from the kind folks from EA Singapore is that
the Eight Hour Cream that was created in 1930 to soothe skin became an instant and overwhelming success. What made/and still makes it so effective is an combination petrolatum*, a skin-soothing beta-hydroxy** in one of its first cosmetics uses, and vitamin E.

*Petrolatum Wikipedia
**the term beta hydroxy acid refers specifically to salicylic acid, which is used in some “anti-aging” creams and acne treatments. Credits Wikipedia.

So as promised, the EA 8 Hour cream did reach my home, with a handwritten note no less:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.14.44 pm

More specifically, the product is called Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant.

This skincare classic smoothes and softens skin. Protects against and helps alleviate symptoms of chapping, peeling and windburn due to dryness from exposure to the elements.

The benefits of using this includes: 
– Helps protect, soothe and moisturize skin.
– Soothes and comforts minor weather burns, scrapes and abrasions.

What they didn’t say is that it’s basically an all in 1 cream for most (I can’t claim all because I can’t prove it, lol) skin issues. I can attest that I had an issue of my lower left eye area hurting due to excessive rubbing (I promise I don’t usually do it, it was that once!) and I had no clue what to apply that would help speed up the recovery. So I used the 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant, and it worked. The formulation of this cream is more like a honey coloured, scented & consistency ointment. I personally don’t really rely on creams/ointments for my skin, rather I prefer lightweight cream lotions on my limbs which I also only put in the night. So I didn’t find that many uses (yet) for this 8 Hour Cream.

What my sister did find, is that this 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant helps her with reducing the itch she gets from spots /areas due to eczema:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.26.37 pm

She was 100% skeptical, until she used it, lol.Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.27.18 pm

While my sister and I are new converts to this cream, my friends Clarabel & Smita are long lovers:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.40.30 pm

In the event that you do decided to invest in a tube of this miracle 8 Hour Cream, know that in addition to the suggestions above, women around the world have also used it to
Refresh the skin from jet lag. Shape brows. Revitalize shine. Soothe hands. Nails. Knees. Ankles. Toes. This remarkable cream promotes healing for dry skin and seals in moisture. Use it whenever you need, as often as you like.

The Eight Hour Cream range also offers Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Hand Treatment, Daily Moisturizer. Prices range from SGD$33-51, available in stores here. For more info. visit their site here.

Now I’ve got to ask my sister for the 8 Hour cream, I’ve been told by my last manicurist that my finger cuticles are a little dry and I should apply an ointment to keep it moist. 😉

Thanks Elizabeth Arden Singapore for the magical 8 hour cream!

Do you use the 8 Hour Cream? Let me know your experience in the comments below!



Find Out Why Laneige BB Cushion is a Top seller!

Hi Lovelies!

Today we have a guest post by Jolie Tan to share with us why the Laneige BB Cushion is a top seller by Laneige! If you’d like, check out my previous post on Laneige, Korean Actress Song Hye Kyo’s Beauty Secret. 🙂

Enjoy the article! 😉

Article by Jolie Tan

An Introduction to the Laneige Brand

If you are into makeup and cosmetics, you have probably heard about the Laneige brand. Laneige is a South Korean cosmetic product line that was founded in 1994 and created by the largest leading cosmetic brand in South Korea, Amorepacific. It has since gone on to become very popular in other Asian countries and beyond. As one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world, Amorepacific puts in a lot into their research and development so you can be assured high quality and innovative products.

I have heard many rave reviews about Laneige either on makeup forums (e.g. makeupalley) or from my own social circle. The Laneige product that really caught my eye is the Laneige BB Cushion. The BB Cushion is actually one of the top sellers, leading behind the popular Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex.

Laneige BB Cushion Review


First Impression

The Laneige BB Cushion give off a classy vibe and looks rather sleek. As with all other foundation products, the Laneige BB Cushion features a reflective mirror and a power puff. The puff however is slightly more unique given that it is specially engineered to allow better application. (See image for reference below) Although the puff is relatively thinner, it is really soft to the touch.

Laneigh BB Tailer Made Puff Review

So, what are the benefits of the Laneige BB Cushion?


Personal Review

Shade Selection

Most Korean BB creams come with only just one or two shades, this can be especially problematic if it does not blend well and create a white cast over the face, creating a pale-like appearance. (A big NO!) I hope you’re as glad as I am that the Laneige BB Cushion comes with 5 different shades (See image below)!


SPF Protection

It is common knowledge that a dedicated sunscreen should be applied even though the makeup product may already come with SPF protection. However, I do always look out for products that have a minimum SPF 30 for that extra protection. This is especially helpful since I do occasionally get lazy and skip applying sunblock (esp. when I’m rushing for time).


The texture is smooth and I love how it is so easy to apply all over the face with a gentle pat on the compact. It also gives off a cooling sensation upon application. It is important to use the patting motion so that it will last the entire day.


The coverage of the cushion is very good and was able to conceal my blemishes and minimize my pores with just one layer. This is especially important as there is a higher possibility of getting it caked up with more layers. It does help to even out the skin tone, giving a bright, well rested look with its matte finish. 🙂

Where to Buy Laneige BB Cushion? From Lazada Singapore!

The average local retail price of the Laneige BB Cushion in its boutiques will cost around $59. Unless you want to go all the way down to Korea to purchase it for ₩ 37,000 (about S$45), then your best bet would probably to buy online. The best place to do so would be Lazada Singapore (, a website I discovered recently. Other than the Laneige BB Cushion, they have a large assortment of other Laneige products, all at an affordable price!

lazada-online shopping-laneige-singapore-products

Now, you may also be wondering, what’s Lazada Singapore all about?


They brand themselves as South East Asia’s largest online shopping mall and they have operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam as well as Singapore. And they really do mean it when they say they are a big online shopping mall. A quick browse through their website revealed that they have 13 different product categories ranging from mobiles, tablets, cameras, and consumer electronics to toys and fashion. Each category was broken down into further subcategories and it was very easy for me to navigate the website and find what I needed thanks to their neat and organized layout. Their wide assortment of items was very impressive and they also offer many products at prices much cheaper than the market rate. The fact that they offer free delivery on all orders above $40 as well as free returns if you are not satisfied with your product is also a plus. There are also various payment options including cash-on-delivery where you can pay only when your order has been delivered right to your doorstep!

And while you’re browsing through their catalogue, don’t forget to check out their ongoing LAZADA 100 sale too! What is LAZADA 100? It is a sale to celebrate Lazada Singapore turning 100 days old in Singapore and it features the top 100 Best Selling Items at greatly discounted prices of up to 90% off! The sale started on 28 August 2014 and will end on 10 September 2014. So be sure to snap up whatever catches your eye soon as this you definitely do not want to miss one of the most exciting online sales of the year! Check it out here!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did!

If you have any questions for Jolie regarding the review, you can email her here.

Thank you Lazada Singapore for making this guest post possible! 😉



Sans & Sans Delivers Classic Looks with a Twist


Hi Lovelies!

A while back I’ve had the pleasure to be invited down for Sans & Sans’ fashion show which I unfortunately couldn’t make it to due to a clash of schedules. However I did pay a visit to their cozy boutique at Marina Square Shopping Mall to pick out a few items. 

Perhaps you don’t frequent Marina Square Shopping Mall and haven’t had the chance to check out this boutique before. So allow me to introduce the Sans & Sans brand!

Sans & Sans is a homegrown (Singapore) label and it’s a brand built on the rich oriental heritage to cater to the sophisticated customers today. Think Shanghai Tang, but in a more affordable bracket.

Without further ado, check out the store:

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 002_new

The overall vibe of the store’s decor concept is Modernity meets Heritage, as contemporary chic apparels and accessories juxtapose against vintage-style furnishing. The experience of ruffling through the collection is both exciting and cozy.

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 004_new
Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 003_new

Items are also thematically arranged to colours and styles.Here you have the earthy browns, beige and green colours.Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 001_new

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 006_new

One can expect new arrivals each week, accessories and bags are sourced from all over Asia. Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 007_new

A very cute hat stand with some of the hats available for sale.

Now for the looks I styled whilst I was there!Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 008_new

I matched a blue collared white long sleeved top with what I call the Sherlock Holmes style pants for a formal look, one that exudes British sensibilities, don’t you agree?Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 009_new

Here in the same top with a cute asymmetrical skort (skirt shorts) which is one of the 2 items I love. Do you ever feel that you keep wearing an item over and over again because it fits so well and you love it that much? That’s exactly how I feel with this pair of skorts. Major love, guys.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.11.47 am

Proof of major Sans & Sans skorts lovin’. @ena_teo on insta, guys. 😉

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 010_new

This, guys, is my current favourite blazer.

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 011_new

Wearing the grey version so you can see the beautiful fit and detailing of this piece.Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 012_new

Lastly in this white and black striped blazer (don’t mind my love for jackets/blazers, lol). Whilst this look will be perfect for Derby fashion at the horse races, it’s equally fitting in the board room as well. That’s what I love about Sans & Sans, their apparels and picks are able to bring you from the office in the day to a casual party with your friends later in the night.

As you can tell, I tend to pick out the black and white tones in the looks above, for a more balance view of the variety and styles that Sans & Sans offers, check out these looks, featuring my sweet and lovely fellow blogger Gwen:
Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 001Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 002Now, don’t you agree that you could totally sashay out of the corporate building into any cocktail party with any of the looks above?

Visit Sans & Sans stores:
#02-342/343, Marina Square Shopping Mall
Tel: 6337 8909
#02-04/05, Orchard Central

Thank you Sans & Sans Singapore for the invite and pieces.



L’Oreal Paris comes to the rescue with Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Treatment

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of L’Oreal Paris hair solution. Previously I was invited to their EverStrong Thickening Sulfate Free Hair & Scalp system bloggers event and brought home a set and fell in love with it after using and recommended the set to a lot of my family and friends.


This time round, I was sponsored a set of Fall Repair 3x Anti Hair Fall Treatment, including the shampoo and conditioner for review. I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation because from my experience, L’Oreal Paris Hair products deliver what they promise and because I’ve used the smaller travel bottle of Fall Repair Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and I was curious to know what the additional of the Treatment set would be!

So, what does L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3x Anti Hair Fall Treatment boasts?


L’Oreal Paris research claims that everyday we lose 100 strands of hair (that totally puts my hair fall into perspective, now I don’t feel so worried anymore, phew!) and that amounts to 3000 strands of hair loss a month! What L’Oreal Fall Repair 3x Anti Hair Fall treatment can do is to save 1600 strands of hair a month, which is more than 50% of hair saved from potential loss! That’s a rather bold claim, I’d say.

Perhaps to a 20-30 year old this doesn’t amount to much, especially if you think your hair problem is having too much of it. But if your problem is thinning hair due to genetics or aging, then every hair saved, counts! Plus imagine all the hair strands saved over long term usage, it’s like savings in the bank, it only gets better, right?

So, despite how amazing the claim is, just exactly how does this Fall Repair 3x Anti Hair Fall Repair works?


The formula is explained in 3 easy steps:
1. Nourish Hair Roots with Arginine, an essential active ingredient that promotes hair growth

2. Prevent Hair Loss with Aminexil, an ingredient that strengthens hair anchorage at roots thereby reducing hair loss

3. Strengthen hair fibre with protein, for stronger and more resistant hair.

I don’t want to disappoint, but it’s no magic, really. 😛

So, how to use this treatment product, since we only usually just wash and condition our hair in the shower and use hair oil or styling products after?


Again in 3 easy steps:
1. After washing and conditioning hair with the Fall Repair 3x Anti Hair Fall range, whether dry or damp, apply the complete dose on scalp partitioned like by line just as pictured.

2. Massage on the scalp with finger tips, concentrate on areas with higher hair fall.

3. Leave in without rinsing.

It is as simple as that. 🙂


So, after 2-3 weeks of using this Fall Repair 3x Anti Hair Fall System and treatment, what I find is that this system is remarkably gentle on the scalp even as it cleanses the hair and scalp. I reckon that it is because the system is meant to help strengthen hair roots and reduce hair fall so there is no unnecessary ingredients or scents that might irritate the hair scalp to cause hair fall.

The new treatment is like a light liquid serum. There’s no tingling sensation or scent, it also not greasy and basically very easy and convenient to apply after shower.

Another plus of this Anti Hair Fall Range is that my hair feels soft, smooth & manageable after use. It definitely helps me to manage my usually frizzy hair!


I would definitely recommend this system to anyone facing hair fall and want to reduce the hair fall while strengthening your existing hair!

Thank you L’Oreal Paris for the products!


Watch Blake Lively Ooze with Confidence in Gucci Premiere EDT

Are you a lover of fragrance and looking for a scent that’s empowering yet sufficiently delicate for everyday wear?

Look no further. This year, Gucci introduces their Gucci Premiere Eau De Toilette, which is a lighter, brighter and more delicate incarnate of the signature Gucci Premiere.


The Gucci Premiere fragrance range takes its inspiration from the Gucci Premiere couture collection that debuted at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. The luxurious couture gowns have been created to dress the likes of Hollywood starlets such as Jessica Alba, Cameron Dias and Li Bing Bing.


The face of Gucci Premiere, Blake Lively reprises her role for the new and softer Eau de Toilette. Blake Lively is no stranger to the Hollywood scene since her entry as the sexy and remarkable Serena Van Der Woodsen of Gossip Girl fame. The image that Lively portrays in and out of the show is consistently attractive and show-stopping, further heightened by her much talked about romance and marriage with Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds.


While adhering absolutely to the beautiful fragrance silhouette of the original Eau de Parfum, Gucci Première Eau de Toilette has a new bold brightness – radiant flowers and sparkling citrus notes bring a new lightness to the fragrance. The initial bloom triggers a luminous elegance and effervescence, the orange blossom and the light citrus oils combine to give you a sensation that suggests the pouring of a cold bottle of vintage champagne into a tall, elegant glass. The elegant sparkle of the top notes slowly yield to the radiant white flowers at the heart of the fragrance of freesia, jasmine and soft Bulgarian rose. As the fragrances dries on skin, the subtle but tenacious warmth of leather, patchouli and musky notes complete the fragrance’s captivating charisma.

Watch the campaign for the launch of the new Gucci Première Eau de Toilette starring Blake Lively, doing what she does best; sashaying in the light with sensual elegance while oozing with confidence. You’re welcome. 😉

Did you enjoy this video clip like I did? 😉



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