How often should you clean your laptop and mobile phone?

Hi Lovelies!

How often do you clean your laptop and mobile phone?

There isn’t a source I can find online that recommends how often we should clean out our laptops and mobile phones, but generally I tend to wipe down my laptop  and mobile at least once a week or once a fortnight.

Just think about it! We use our laptops and mobile phones EVERY DAY. I’m pretty sure that’s a lot of grime and dirt going around from daily usage. If we shower everyday, what more about cleaning these electronics that are so close to us right?

So thanks to the lovely folks at Watsons, they’ve sent over a pack of baby wipes a while back which I’ve brought over to my office to share with my colleagues and we’ve been using it to wipe down any dirt we find after our meals or dust and such in office. It’s super convenient!

 Watson Baby Wipes2014-06-17 14.28.17_new

What I love about this pack of baby wipes is that it’s enriched with Aloe vera and vitamin C so there’s this really light sweet fragrance that makes cleaning up gentle on the skin and that much sweeter. Plus, it’s only $2 a pack!

You can find these baby wipes and more at all Watsons stores. 🙂



Luxola’s Shimmer Party

Hi Lovelies!

Happy National Day Weekend here from Singapore!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend and the National Day festivities with your family and friends. 🙂

This year I continue to thank God and pray for Peace for our nation and tiny red dot! May God grant our government, leaders and officials wisdom to govern our country with integrity.

So, a long while back, I was invited to Luxola’s Shimmer Party by a good friend, Sherlene!

Photos time~
Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 20.14.14_new

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 21.03.30_new Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-30 00.58.04_new

Having my make up enhanced by makeup artist Janice.

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 21.04.23_new

Sneaking a shot in the mirror with lovely ladies Sherlene & Fenny.

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 21.05.43_new

With Vinna~

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-30 19.37.49_new

Group shot with Janice, Fenny and Sherlene~

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 22.56.00_new

Not forgetting a pic with Jacq of Jacqueline Burchell nail polish brand~

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 22.23.58_new

My outfit for the night. 😉

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 23.35.25_new

And a pic of my special diamante eye make up for the night as well. 🙂 Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-30 00.31.24_newThanks Luxola and Sherlene for the fun nighttt!