My First Visit to Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic

Hi Lovelies!

Atlas Medical Clinic Blog Review Enabalista 000_new

Last week I was invited down and I had my first visit and consultation session at Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic by Dr SM Yuen and I’m here to share with you my experience!

Upon entering I had to fill in my particulars and a form with questions about my health, my skin concerns and past experiences (if any) with aesthetics treatments.

After which I was ushered into a room to change into a spa towel (towel wrapped around body) so that it can facilitate the consultation as I wanted to consult Dr Yuen about the treatments for my back acne / scars.

The consultation with Dr Yuen went very smoothly, after a short introduction and expressing my skin concerns (dull skin, large pores around nose, mild acne / pimples). Dr Yuen suggested the Silk Peel treatment to maintain and rejuvenate my skin. I am quite excited to go through the first session scheduled next week and I’ll be back to report about it. 😉 Additionally I’ll also be starting on a new clinical skincare system, designed by Dr Yuen himself; the Rose 2 system which is hydrating and gentle:

Atlas Medical Clinic Blog Review Enabalista 006_new

From left to right: Hydra Relief, Skin Perfecting Moisturizer ($89), Splash Away Gentle Purifying Cleanser($69), UV shield SPF 30 PA+++($69).

Atlas Medical Clinic Blog Review Enabalista 001_new

I have started using the system since the visit, for a few days now and I am really loving the moisturizer. It’s liquid gel and very hydrating. I enjoy using the cleanser as well as it can double up to remove light make up so it’s super helpful now that I’m in Malaysia for a short work trip and I forgot my make up cleanser. The formulation for UV shield / sunblock has room for improvement as it’s a tad dry and is best applied right after the moisturizer (while face is still moist) so that is smoother. However what’s great about it is that it can double up as a make up base for me, and after a day’s wear my face isn’t oily, which can be in Singapore’s humid weather.

Atlas Medical Clinic Blog Review Enabalista 003_new

A little more about Dr Yuen, he started Atlas Medical Clinic about 6 years ago and this is the wall of certification of his degrees and skills acquired over the years. A lot of his skills are acquired from Korean aesthetic doctors so he adopted a Korean style of aesthetic treatments and skincare, which tends to be gentle and refined.

Atlas Medical Clinic Blog Review Enabalista 001_new

Atlas Medical Clinic was also awarded Best for Overall Skin Rejuvenation Treatment.

Atlas Medical Clinic Blog Review Enabalista 005_new

Another line of skincare is BeBePu, gentle for acne prone skin and eczema skin types.

For your convenience, here’s the details of the clinic! 😉

Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic by Dr SM Yuen

391B Orchard Road #13-10/10A

Ngee Ann City Tower B

Singapore 238874

Tel: (65) 6556 0829   Fax: (65) 6556 081

Patient Care Hotline (SMS only) : 9862 9765



Simply quote my blog name “Enabalista” when you call, Sms or email them to get readers’ rates. 😉

That is all I have for this session, let me know if you have any questions!

Special thank you to Dr Yuen and Zann from Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic for making this post possible. 🙂



Achieve Youthful Light with Estée Lauder ANR Eye Synchronized Complex II Serum & Cream

Hi Lovelies!

It’s no secret that I’m a personal fan of Estée Lauder. And like many, I have been introduced and fallen in love with their Advanced Night Repair serum and now consider it one of my HG serum. I’m not sure about you, but I do think that serums start to come in handy as our skin age so that they can help to nourish and/or maintain the youthfulness of our skin. And truth be told, I’m not a big fan of serums as I generally find them to be too rich (read: oily or greasy) for my combination skin and occasionally pimple outbreak. However I can attest that after using the ANR serum for 2 years, I now consider it my magic potion and I apply it in the night before I sleep and in the morning after I wake up I find the blemishes on my skin is reduced remarkably and has an overall radiance and glow. It’s no wonder that the ANR is the best selling product of Estée Lauder. With amazing results as such, what’s not to love?! Well, the price may be a little steep but a little of this magic potion goes a long way and it’s a price of beauty that I think is worth paying.


So a while back, I was invited down for an EL event featuring their ANR Eye Synchronized Complex II Serum & Cream and here’s photos from the lovely event held at the Fullerton Bay Hotel Floating Pod. It was an exciting and moving (literally) event. :p

The stars of the event; ANR Eye Synchronized Complex II Serum & Cream, alongside the widely raved (me included) ANR.

Estée Lauder trainer, Belda came in to educate us about the new range.

And here are my key takeaways from Belda’s presentation (note the headers are the main points and the paragraphs after are my personal elaborations):

1. Light = Youth
The younger the skin, the more it is able to reflect light. And that is why retaining the suppleness and fairness of the skin are keys to retaining the youth of the skin.

In fact, in light (pun intended) of this perspective, Estée Lauder has now introduced the Youth Light measurement as an Estée Lauder proprietary testing method / measurement to measure the age of the eyes.

2. Ozone = Cellular Damage
The air, sun, dirt in the environment we are exposed to, especially in the city, causes cellular damage. No surprise there, honey. Unless you’re able to somehow find solace in the Swiss mountain alps or somewhere of equivalent purity, we can’t run away from the exhaust from cars on the road, industrial factories and not to mention occasionally forest fires from neighboring countries. I hate to encourage fear where none ought to be due, and perhaps we’re not all going to start sleeping in oxygenated (not pure but in higher concentrations) rooms (which is too pricey anyways and only the likes of Mariah Carey can afford). But this is a fact of life, as we should know that 1 in 4 adults will have cancer in their lives, we may not wake up each day in fear that we will have cancer but we can surely start to use this knowledge to empower us towards healthier living.

3. Skin is 40% thinner around eyes
And that is also why the formulation differs from the regular ANR and the ANR Synchronized Complex II Serum and Cream.

4. Catabolysis Purification of Skin
I know, Catabolysis is a huge word and you’re wondering what it means. To put it simply, the geniuses in the Estée Lauder labs have found a way to formulate the ANR Eye and Cream serum to activate the skin in the way that it will renew itself, and hence purify the skin.


How the Estée Lauder Eye Synchronized Complex II Cream looks like before application.


Estée Lauder Eye Synchronized Complex II Cream after application.

It’s gel like in consistency and compared to the serum it is also thicker and heavier. It is recommended to use this cream as a total eye serum product, so you don’t have to layer it. Generally we apply skincare products on our skin avoiding the eye area as it might be too strong, then you can use this to cover the eye area.



How the Estée Lauder Synchronized Complex II Serum looks like before and after.

It is more liquid based and beige/ cream in colour. Compared to the cream it is lighter in texture and consistency. Due to the nature of my skin as mentioned at the beginning of this post, I tend to prefer using this serum over the cream. I love that it’s stored in a pump dispenser allowing ease and convenience of use. I love to use this on the night before I have little sleep or have to wake up earlier and it helps to lighten my dark eye circles. I can’t promise that it will work magic for you, if you constantly work and sleep late but it’s definitely worth a try.

As a huge fan of the ANR, I embrace these two eye serum and cream into my ANR family.


Delicious finger food at the event!

Photo print outs at the event to bring back our memories.

Cute cup decor customized for the event.


With the lovely ladies at the event~

With Kymm, June, Alene & Min Ru~


Thanks to sweet June for this snap of my outfit of the day. 😉


I’ll be conducting a giveaway for these two ANR Eye Serum on my Facebook page soon (will update the link here when it’s up) so be sure to keep a look out for it soon! 😉

Or if you can’t wait, redeem your free trial here!

Thank you Estée Lauder!

Thanks for reading. 🙂


Get Protected with Bioderma’s Photoderm

Hi Lovelies!

I believe most of you are already aware of the skincare brand Bioderma, especially for their HG product, Bioderma Sensibio H2O water based makeup remover which I also love and have reviewed before here.

What I’m introducing today is their range of sunblocks; Bioderma Photoderm!

Bioderma Photoderm Mood Visual

Bioderma’s Photoderm range aims to protect all skin types. 

BioDerma PhotoDerm Enabalista Blog Review 005_new

I put Photoderm Max SPF50+ and Photoderm Spot SPF50+ to test and for review.

BioDerma PhotoDerm Enabalista Blog Review 006_new

Bioderma Photoderm MAX SPF 50+ DRY TOUCH formula boast to be super effective sun protection with high anti UVA and UVB filters and a dry touch finish perfect for our humid weather. PLUS the entire Photoderm range boasts to include“the Cellular Bioprotection patent which protects 99.8% of cellular DNA to prevent free radical damage, protects and activates the immune system cells and protects cell integrity.

BioDerma PhotoDerm Enabalista Blog Review 008_new

Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 50+ is white and milky in consistency. BioDerma PhotoDerm Enabalista Blog Review 009_new

Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 50+ is colourless on skin after application. No greasiness and also dry finish as touted yet without being drying, flaky or cakey. Yes, it is impressive for a sunblock.

I used the Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 50+ and tested it with a few of my other usual skincare routine products and found out that it is 1) best used after my water based moisturizer as it will apply on even smoother. 2) It applies smoothly on bare skin but I prefer it with a layer of moisturizer before. 3) I didn’t like it when I apply it above a layer of serum, perhaps because my serum was slightly gelish in consistency and the sunblock felt a bit too much above the serum.

Therefore my verdict and recommendation is that it can be used on bare skin but better with a bit of moisturizer before.

I enjoyed using this sunblock and I would recommend it especially for athletes or anyone who works under the sun often and want something that protects your skin while being gentle and non-comedogenic (not acne causing).

BioDerma PhotoDerm Enabalista Blog Review 010_new

Bioderma Photoderm SPOT SPF 50+ is also white and milky. For comparison, it is also slightly thicker and greasier than the MAX version above.

BioDerma PhotoDerm Enabalista Blog Review 011_new

After application it is clear and leaves a slightly greasy feel that most strong sunblocks leave, in my opinion.

This Photoderm SPOT SPF50+ was specially formulated for brown spots and scars, it “prevents the appearance of pigment spots thanks to galbridrine, which is capable of inhibiting melanin synthesis.” So I use it mainly/only on my acne spots/pimples as it usually leaves a brown spot after.

I included this duo in my morning routine:

BioDerma PhotoDerm Enabalista Blog Review 003_new BioDerma PhotoDerm Enabalista Blog Review 001_new

Yes you can use these on foundation free days, as I did. 😉

Check out the other products and prices in the Bioderma Photoderm range. You can buy them from selected Guardian stores across Singapore. Bioderma Photoderm Press Release June 2014

What’s your favourite sunscreen when you need extra production out in the sun? Let me know. 😉



Enabalista’s 1st Fashion & Beauty Blog Sale!

Hi Lovelies!

It’s my first blog sale and I hope that some of you will be able to benefit and share in the joy of these items for sale! 🙂

In case you’re wondering why I’m hosting a blog sale; I only have 1 body and that includes 1 face, so I can’t wear that many clothes or use so many products concurrently.  For most of the clothes, I have been gifted (mum, aunt, etc) and I realize that though I really like most of them and have kept some for a while, it’s just not my style to wear. And for others, I don’t see myself wearing them again but they’re still in fair condition(girls tend to like variety, right? :P). Then for the beauty products, some of them are doubles/dupes, I have either bought or been gifted the extra/similar and I can’t possibly finish using them especially when I acquire new products on a monthly basis. It’s definitely a good problem to have and therefore I’m letting all these products go way below their market value, at 10-30% of the retail price (r.p.) because I don’t want to let them go to waste. I also hope some of you will enjoy using these products as well. 🙂 

Enabalista Blog Sale 001

Things to take note/How it works:
1. To purchase, email me your name and the item number, description with the price $X that you want to purchase.
2. I will email reply with my bank details for payment via bank transfer/ibanking, assuming that item is still available. If item is sold, I will reply to let you know as well.
3. Once payment has been transferred, please email me the transaction number and your address.
4. Due to my busy work and blogging schedule, please allow 3 working days (Mon – Fri) to have your items delivered after payment.
5. Any questions should be directed to my email: enabalista @ (without the gaps). I reply to emails faster than I do to comments. Should you leave your questions under comments, I may also reply you via email.
6. No trades, no negotiations & no refunds. All items come in As Is condition.
7. Items will be sold on first come first serve basis.
8. All prices includes normal postage. Additional $2.24 (includes GST) applicable for local registered article, available upon request.
9. Blog Sale open to local Singapore Residents until 31 August or till items are sold out, whichever is earlier. If the response of the sale is good and I am able to cope with the inquiries and deliveries, I may add on new products and transfer this to a page to keep a continuous tab for my blog. So come back and check on the progress! It would be great if you could email me or comment here with your thoughts about this sale. 😉
10. I will try to update the post as and when items are sold out.

Happy Reading & Shopping! 🙂

1. Cute Bow Striped Top One Piece Dress – $5
M size, preloved.

Enabalista Blog Sale 001_new Enabalista Blog Sale 002_new

2. Get Snug Winter Knitted Sweater in Maroon from Hong Kong – $10
M size, Worn once, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 003_newEnabalista Blog Sale 005_new Enabalista Blog Sale 004_new

Actual colour more similar to the photo above.

3.  Cute Denim Worker Jacket with Cat & Smaller Denim Jacket Embellishment – $10
M size,  good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 006_new Enabalista Blog Sale 007_new Enabalista Blog Sale 008_new Enabalista Blog Sale 009_new

4. Vintage Le Grand Cafe Floral Printed Jacket – $5
Fits M-L, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 011_newEnabalista Blog Sale 010_new

5. Vintage Black All Floral Lace Jacket – $10
M size, tight fit, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 012_new Enabalista Blog Sale 013_new

6. Black Denim Shorts with Paisley – $5
M size, preloved but still in good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 014_new

7. Twenty One Japanese style Kawaii Mini Lace Skirt – $5
States XS size but fits M, never worn before, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 015_new Enabalista Blog Sale 016_new

8. YourEyesLie Galaxy Maxi Skirt – $15
Size S, elastic band also able to fit M, worn once, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 017_new Enabalista Blog Sale 018_new

9. Cute Peach Jap Style Dress with Layered Petticoat, comes with shiny belt – $5
Size M, fits L, Never worn before, good condition. Slight defect of additional cloth on the shoulder portion.

Enabalista Blog Sale 019_newEnabalista Blog Sale 021_newEnabalista Blog Sale 022_new

10. Sheer Lace Dress – $5
Size M. Never worn before. Recommended to wear with a slip dress/petticoat beneath. Lace portion is off white while skirt is pure white.

Enabalista Blog Sale 023_new Enabalista Blog Sale 025_new

11. Nautical Striped Tube Dress with Floral Print – $5
Size M. Flairs at the top. Great for the beach, picnics and on the yacht with a wide beam hat!

Enabalista Blog Sale 026_new Enabalista Blog Sale 027_new

12. Poufy Lace Jap Style Skirt in Beige – $5
Fits M, great to accentuate for a fuller butt! Recommended to match with a plain top and black or cute stockings and heels for a cute & girly look.

Enabalista Blog Sale 028_new Enabalista Blog Sale 029_new Enabalista Blog Sale 030_new

13. HVV Country style Green Top with lace details – $5 SOLD
M size, worn once.

Enabalista Blog Sale 032_new Enabalista Blog Sale 031_new Enabalista Blog Sale 033_new

14. Zara Women Country Style High Waisted Denim Skirt – $15
Size 24, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 034_new Enabalista Blog Sale 035_new Enabalista Blog Sale 036_new

15. F21 Leopard Dress – $5
M size, preloved.

Enabalista Blog Sale 037_new

16. Hypnosis Country Style Dress in Sheer Fabric – $5
M size, preloved.

Enabalista Blog Sale 043_new Enabalista Blog Sale 044_new

17. Pocahontas Long Shirt Dress – $5
M size, worn once, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 045_new Enabalista Blog Sale 046_new

18. Glam Dark Gold Office Top – $5
Size 38, never worn, with a slight scratch on fabric on the top. Great fabric, luxe feel.

Enabalista Blog Sale 047_new Enabalista Blog Sale 048_newEnabalista Blog Sale 049_new

19. Esensual Office Top in Peach with Floral Embroidery – $5 
UK size 10, M size, Worn once, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 050_new Enabalista Blog Sale 051_new

20. Mastermind Japan Love Crochet details Top – $15
Size S/4-6, Worn once, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 052_new Enabalista Blog Sale 053_new Enabalista Blog Sale 054_new

21. Grey Dress with Blue Floral Print Details and Bubble Bottom – $5
Size M, never worn, good condition.

Enabalista Blog Sale 057_new Enabalista Blog Sale 058_new

22. Blue School Girl Dress with Bronze Buttons – $5
Size M, tight fit. Would fit a size 6 just nice. Preloved but good condition. Buttons in varying hues.

Enabalista Blog Sale 059_new

23. Super Cute Peplum Dress – $5
Brand New, size M, tight fit. Would fit size 6 just nice. Zipper is very stiff, but in working condition.
Enabalista Blog Sale 063_new Enabalista Blog Sale 062_new

24. Arithalia Cocktail Black Dress, $10
States size S but fits size M as well due to stretchy fabric. Worn twice, good condition. Great for a formal cocktail setting.

Enabalista Blog Sale 064_new Enabalista Blog Sale 065_new Enabalista Blog Sale 066_new

25. Colourful Tribal Embroidery on White Dress, $5 SOLD
Size M, preloved, good condition. Great for school or office wear too.

Enabalista Blog Sale 067_new Enabalista Blog Sale 068_new

26. Country Style Mini Skirt, $5
Elastic Band, fits size S -M, Pre-loved. Match with plain top, boots & crochet or woven bag for a cute country look.

Enabalista Blog Sale 069_new Enabalista Blog Sale 070_new

27. Fashion Lab Palm Leaves Summer Dress – $10
Brand new with tag. Size S also able to fit M as it’s stretchy material.

Enabalista Blog Sale 119_new Enabalista Blog Sale 120_new

28. Cute Knee Lenght Red Skirt – $5
Fits M Size

Enabalista Blog Sale 040_new Enabalista Blog Sale 041_new

29. Streetstyle Cute Skull Muscle Tee  – $5
Worn once.
Enabalista Blog Sale 121_new Enabalista Blog Sale 122_new

30. NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil – Aigle Noir (Shimmer Black), $10
Swatched lightly, r.p. $38.

Enabalista Blog Sale 072_new Enabalista Blog Sale 071_new

31. Majolica Majorca Honey Plump Gloss Neo $5, SOLD
Brand New, Unused.

Enabalista Blog Sale 123

32. Sally Girl Eyeshadow 4 Quad, $5
Brand New, Unused.

Enabalista Blog Sale 078_new

33. Faceshop Mini Lipstick, Glossy RD301, $2
Used twice. Does not come with packaging. Colour is sheer.

Enabalista Blog Sale 076_newEnabalista Blog Sale 075_new

34. Majolica Majorca Trick On Liner Black, $5
Brand New, Unused.
Enabalista Blog Sale 077_new
35. The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain in 01, $5.
Used once. Colour is sheer. r.p. $24.90.

Enabalista Blog Sale 079_new

36. Bella Blaze Lip Balm Honey Lemon, 20ml, $5
Brand New, Unused, r.p. $21.

Enabalista Blog Sale 080_new
37. The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover, $1SOLD
Brand New, unused, r.p. $5.
Enabalista Blog Sale 081_new

38. The Body Shop All in One BB Cream, $10
Used once, r.p. $32.90

Enabalista Blog Sale 082_new39. Bright & Glow Brightening BB Cream in 2, 35ml, $5
Used 1-3 times, r.p. $16.90. Read my review here.

Enabalista Blog Sale 084_new

40. Bright & Glow Brightening Compact Foundation in Ivory 2, $5
Used once, r.p. $18.90. Read my review here.
Enabalista Blog Sale 085_newEnabalista Blog Sale 086_new

41. Estee Lauder Ultra Marine Eyeshadow, $15
Used 3-5 times, scratches on the cover, comes with the applicator and plastic cover over the eyeshadow.

Enabalista Blog Sale 087_new

Enabalista Blog Sale 088_new

42. Benefit Eau De Toilet, Noelle, $15
Used once, comes in box. Exotic, glamorous, woody floral scent. r.p. $36.

Enabalista Blog Sale 089_new Enabalista Blog Sale 090_new

43. Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure in 470 Purple Pulse, $7
Brand New, Unused, r.p. $19.90.

Enabalista Blog Sale 092_new

44. FitFlop Nail Varnish in Blue My Mind (Glitter Blue), $5
Brand New, unused, comes with box.

Enabalista Blog Sale 094_new Enabalista Blog Sale 093_new45. Rachel K CC Blemish Balm, $5
Unused in box, stored for some time, good for use until March 2015. R.p. $34.

Enabalista Blog Sale 095_new

46. Skinc Regenerate Vit A Serum, $30
Brand New, unused in box, retails for $136.96.
Enabalista Blog Sale 097_new

47. Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Anti Melanin Spot Corrector, $30
Used 1-3 times, in box, retails for $110.

Enabalista Blog Sale 098_new

48. FTC UV Perfect Cream Premium 50 For All Seasons SPF 50 PA+++, 50g, $15
Brand New, Shrink wrapped, r.p. $60. Tube, airless pump, very convenient. Has a light green grape scent. Excellent sunblock. The one I’m using now is placed next to box to show how the product looks inside. There were plans to bring these line in Singapore but from my knowledge, it is currently still not made available in Singapore.

Enabalista Blog Sale 099_new

49. FTC UV FF SPF 50 PA++++, 30g, $15
Brand New, in box, r.p. $60. Tube, airless pump. Have not tried or used this before. Comes in pretty gold packaging box and cap. Enabalista Blog Sale 100_new

50. Senka Whitening Lotion, $5, SOLD
Brand new, unused, r.p. $16.90.

Enabalista Blog Sale 124

51. Senka UV Gel, SPF 50 PA+++ comes free with 2 perfect whip make up remover foam, 40ml, $10, SOLD
Brand New, unused, Women’s Weekly, Best Beauty Buys, r.p. $16.90.
Enabalista Blog Sale 125

52. ZA True While Emulsion Sample Set, $3, SOLD
Enabalista Blog Sale 126

53. Mekhala Soothing Tamarind Facial Cleanser, 15ml, $2
120ml retails for $42

Enabalista Blog Sale 118_new

54. Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Body Oil, 10ml, $5
Similar oil at 75ml retails for $63.

Enabalista Blog Sale 117_new

55. Alpha-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid, 50ml, S15 After some research from here & here decided not to sell and will review it. LOL. And yes I take my research for my posts very seriously, including selling these products at a reasonable price. As of now I’m in my 4-5th hour of writing this post since I started tonight. >,< Anyhoo, I’ll post up my review if it’s any good for me! 😀
Brand new, shrink wrapped, retails online 100ml for $56.Enabalista Blog Sale 116_new

56. Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash Powder Cool, 200ml, $2
Used 1-3 time for review. Retails online $9.90.

Enabalista Blog Sale 115_new

57. Harnn Oriental Herbs Hand Cream, 50g, $10
R.p. $45

Enabalista Blog Sale 114_new
58. PCA Facial Wash, $10
It is a gentle wash and it leaves my skin with just a light tinge of tautness. I would recommend this for people who have sensitive skin and require a wash that is gentle, calming, soothing and free from artificial ingredients.” Read my full review here.
Enabalista Blog Sale 113_new

59. Pure by Phytocare Papaya Ointment with Calendula,25g, $5
r.p. $15 (kindly ignore the gold packs and snack bar). Selling only the Ointment.
Enabalista Blog Sale 112_new

60. Somang Midnight Hydro Intense Sleeping Cream Sample, 10ml, $1.Enabalista Blog Sale 110_new Enabalista Blog Sale 111_new61. The Body Shop Pink Make Up Pouch Small, $2
Can fit lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow pots but nothing bigger than the size of a pen. ~4cm width.Enabalista Blog Sale 109_new Enabalista Blog Sale 108_new

62. SAMPLES Full set, 31 pieces for $8 (Save $3) SOLD
Just a note: I was gifted these samples from goodie bags, by the counter ladies or with purchases. So most of the samples would have “Not for sale” as samples are meant to be gifted for trial use. I’m selling them in bundles mostly to cover the postage and my trip down to the post office, I hardly make a profit from them.
Enabalista Blog Sale 101_new

That is all!

Thanks for reading! 😉



Style your iPhone with Man&Wood

Hi Lovelies!

Recently I’ve been gifted some real lovely phone covers by Man&WoodSG and I’m excited to be sharing with you about this chic brand! 🙂

Let me present to you the photos before going to the review!

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 1 2_new

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 1 3_new

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 1 1_new
Which do you prefer, the wood or the mother of pearl design? 😉

If you’re intrigued, continue reading to know more!

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 4.55.36 pm

Man&Wood is a Korean brand name of eco-friendly products made by Inmok Co Ltd, based in Singapore. We believe in using only quality materials because authenticity is best felt in your hand.

Man & Wood Singapore

Man&Wood currently has 2 collections; Wood-Fit & Ikins.

Man&Wood Wood Fit Review

Man&Wood Wood Fit Phone Covers Review

These are just 4 of the 34 designs they have under the WoodFit collection. Check out the full set on their site here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.07.13 pm

Yes, they have a selection for iPad Mini!Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.07.30 pmAnd they are also trés on trend with covers for iPad Air as well. 😉

Man & Wood Samsung Galaxy Covers

Users of Samsung Galaxy you’re in luck, there’s lots of designs available for you too. Hooray!

Now if Man&Wood’s Wood Fit Collection is all about Au Naturel & Wood, then Man&Wood’s Ikin Collection is Eclectic & Unique with materials such as Metal, Fabric or Mother of Pearls. Yes, Mother of Pearls, you read right!

Man&Wood Ikins Review

Man & Wood Ikins Cover

Some of the really gorgeous Mother of Pearl designs available. See the full Ikins collection here.

Man&Wood Ikins Samsung Galaxy CoversMan & Wood Ikins Collection Samsung Galaxy Covers are more limited but no lesser in beauty!

Now let’s check out the designs I picked out in detail. The beauty of Man & Wood phone covers is all about the details! 🙂

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 2_new

I picked out Nerolex from Man&Wood’s Wood Fit Collection and Cube from the Ikins Collection for my iPhone 5.
Each comes in a solid paper casing with the respective gorgeous image as seen on the site. It’s always good to see consistency from what’s online to what you open to when it’s received at home, isn’t it? 

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 3_new

I can’t fly to winterlands on whim nor do I often head out to the woods to caress the trees. But with Nerolex, nature’s wood is brought to my hands! What a privilege this is. 🙂Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 4_new

I was pleasantly surprised to open the box to reveal a pretty Nerolex covered with clear plastic. You know, like doubly protected!
Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 5_new

Beautiful wood grain in the sunlight.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 6_new

Under the shade.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 7_new

With Nerolex & Man & Wood’s Wood Fit collection, nature is literally always within your reach. I know it’s cheesy, but true… Like love. 😉Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 8_newThe feel of my new Nerolex cover is much like running your hands through a brand new wooden table, impeccable enmeshed/put together with smooth plastic which allows you to easily slot your phone in and out.

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 9_new Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 10_new

When I was selecting which cover to review for this post, Cube was love at first sight for me. It’s glamour and chic combined into one kickass cover. I’d like to think that it kinda represents my personality. HAHA. #NotShyAtAllMan & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 11_new

Under direct sunlight.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 12_new

Under the shade.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 13_new

Appreciate that Mother of Pearl sheen… SO GORGEOUS guys, I die.

For basis of comparison, the Cube cover is visibly shinier, smoother on the surface and it is also thicker than Nerolex. The Mother of Pearl is coated with a layer of material which I think is plastic and you can easily wipe off any dirt. It looks very, very precious. The plastic layer is quite hardy but I do recommend to avoid putting it with keys as you would avoid/prevent from scratching your screen. I am honestly so impressed with the Cube design and the Mother of Pearl glow / sheen that I’m just picking up my phone every 5 minutes to gaze and admire it when I’m crafting this review. Hehe. 🙂

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 14_new

Now I feel that my wonderful phone and life companion is appropriately & honourably blinged out. 😀

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 15_newIf our clothes express our personality, then our mobiles which we use on a daily basis also expresses who we are. Whether it’s Wood Fit or Ikins collection, you’re bound to find a design that will express your phone personality! 😉

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 4.52.32 pm

Don’t miss this chance to buy Man&Wood phone cover at a discount, use NDP2014 coupon code to enjoy a 10.49% discount! Limited to first 49 customers only.

Be sure to check them out on Instagram @ManNWoodSG #ManNWoodSG & their Facebook page for new releases & promotions.

Thanks to Man&Wood SG for sending these lovely covers my way!

Thank you for reading! :*



Lapalette; Popular Korean Bag Brand in Singapore @ Suntec

Hi Lovelies!

A while back I had the pleasure to attend Lapalette’s fashion showcase at their Suntec store and here are the photos. Enjoy! 😉

La Palette Singapore 019_newLa Palette Singapore 024_new

Before the fashion show, the models were presenting the bags within the windows!La Palette Singapore 001_new

I wanted a selfie with the iconic lapalette horse motif…  One with the handsome horse kissing my cheek. 😛La Palette Singapore 002_new

Alas! There was a random guy that photobombed us! >.<#La Palette Singapore 004_new

La Palette Singapore 003_new

For that evening, there was a special booth for customers to order a handmade leather keychain with a bag purchase.
Whenever I see handmade accessories it always inspires me to want to design my own as well… 🙂

La Palette Singapore 017_new

There were these really awesome meringues, cake pops and cupcakes.

Usually the pretty cakes don’t taste that great, but the treats from this event was really awesome, so much so I took their  namecard so that I can share their details with you guys!  Check out the bakery’s site here: Spatula Bakery.

Let’s check out some of my top picks from the store!

La Palette Singapore 005_new

There are a few collections by Lapalette, but my favourite has got to be Most by Lapalette, which is a sub-line launched with Korean model Hyoni Kang in July 2013. She’s also the one fronting the campaign images below!
La Palette Singapore 006_new La Palette Singapore 007_new La Palette Singapore 023_newLa Palette Singapore 011_new

I love the modern clean chic designs in Most by Lapalette.
La Palette Singapore 012_new

La Palette Singapore 020_new

The bag packs are reminiscent of the popular bag brand MCM, this one’s with lovely floral prints!

I also really love the their bag charms!
La Palette Singapore 008_new La Palette Singapore 009_new

Aren’t these the cutest? La Palette Singapore 010_new La Palette Singapore 013_new

Lapalette also offers bracelets, these are just some available in store.

La Palette Singapore 015_new

The brand founder & CEO Mr Choi Moon Sik was also present for media presentation and interview.

La Palette Singapore 014_new

I found this British inspired clutch really cute!La Palette Singapore 022_new

So I took an ootd with it. 😀La Palette Singapore 021_new

With Hong Peng & Sheena at the event! It’s always fun attending events with friends. 🙂

Now check out some of my favourite campaign photos & product shoot images. 🙂La Palette Campaign Photos 001

La Palette Campaign Photos 007

Model Hyoni Kang with Lapalette bag.

And more eye candies from the Most by Lapalette collection!La Palette Campaign Photos 003 La Palette Campaign Photos 002 La Palette Campaign Photos 005 La Palette Campaign Photos 004 La Palette Campaign Photos 006I want them all!

Thanks Lapalette Singapore for the kind invitation. 🙂

Visit their stores:

2 Orchard turn ION Orchard #B3-36, S(238801) Opens daily from 10.00am – 9.30pm

3 Temasek Boulevard #02-368/369 Suntec City Mall S(038983)
Opens daily from 10.30am – 9.30pm (Mon-Thurs, Sun) / 10.30am-10.00pm (Fri-Sat)

1 HarbourFront Walk #01-K22 VivoCity S(098585) Opens daily from 10.00am 10.00pm 

Like Lapalette Singapore on Facebook!



Achieve Beautiful Eyes with AB Eye Tapes

Hi Lovelies!

Are you like me, Asian with tiny eyes? 😛

Well, I have a beauty secret not-so-secret to share with you!

Some time back, AB beauty brand invited me down for a beauty demonstration led by Kevin Lao Shi, a famous beauty trainer and make up artist from Taiwan who’s famous for teaching his skills on Taiwan TV beauty programmes.

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Blogger Event 004_new

Charming Kevin on the poster!

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Blogger Event 001_new

Kevin with host of the day, DJ Jia Hui.

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Blogger Event 003_new

Kevin begins to swiftly work his magic on the model of the day with “stubborn” single eye lids, according to him.AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Blogger Event 006_new

It’s amazing how Kevin transformed her small asian eye (like mine) into big, beautiful and charming! Unfortunately the lightning in the store was really terrible and this is the best I could get. Sorry for the poor quality. :/ AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Blogger Event 005_new

With my dear friend Vinna of ~ 😉

And these are the lovely AB eye products that we were gifted with!AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 001_new

From L-R:
Fabric Eye Wick (white) to thicken eye lash bone, for fuller looking eye lashes, $$16.90.
Single Eye Tape (yellow), this is my favourite because it suits my single eye lids the best, haha. S$23.90.
Mezical (not sure what it means) Eye Fiber 2 (orange), is basically a thin double sided sticker meant to create double eye lids. It requires more practice for this and you can able use up to 2 pieces at once. I tried using this but I have rather “stubborn” single eye lids as well so the effect isn’t very good on me. I would recommend this for people who already have double eye lid folds and want to further accentuate / define it. 🙂 S$28.90.
Double Eye Tape (Green) is a double eye tape that’s meant for “one touch” fast and easy application. S$23.90.
Double Eye Tape (Brown) is similar to the Yellow Single Eye Tape except it isn’t as thick. S$23.90.
AB Double Eye Liquid (Purple) S$19.90.

AB Eye Tapes and Liquid is available at SaSa stores in Singapore.

Close ups of the respective packaging, basically all the eyes look similar and the sticker of the girls are the same… So it is slightly misleading. 😛 But the wordings,the colours and items within are different. 🙂

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 002_new AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 003_new The purple tube is double eye lid glue, I reckon this is for girls who have reached a pro level in creating double eye lids during their make up. You can also use this for eye lash application / glue as well as using it to stick on the Eye Wick (white), which was what I did to create my Big Eye look in this post.

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 004_new

My favourite of the lot; Single Eye Tape (Yellow) for Double Eyelid effect!
AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 005_new

There are 80 single tapes, which would be suitable for 40 wears (should you use on both eyes), and should last for more than a month if you use it daily! 😉

These are the items I used for the look:AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 006_new

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 007_new

Single Eye Tape, Eye Lid Glue, Fabric Eye Wick and Tokyo Direct’s Star Lash Eye lashes in DB17 (non AB product).

Basically I first put on the Single Eye Tape to create double eye lids on my single eye lids. Lol.
Then I put on my regular eye shadow / make up.
Then I put on the Eye Wick on my falsies before putting on the falsies!

I took about 1 hour (I generally don’t put on eye lid tape or falsies, with experience I think you can minimize the time to 20 min) to achieve this look:

AB Eye Stickers2014-06-15 15.52.50_new

Since I went with eyelid tapes and falsies, I also went all the way to line my lower waterline with white liner, cat liner and also lined my lower outer eye corner / rim with black liner to achieve this huge doll eyed look. 😉 This is a look that you definitely can recreate for a special event, like attending a concert or a special dinner.

I highly recommend AB eye lid tapes, I’ve used a handful of eye tapes from SASA, where AB products are available and honestly none of them are as good as AB tapes. Some of them stick and I’ve finished using, and some of them don’t stick at all and its a waste of money and the best part is that they all don’t have ostensible/obvious branding/names so even if I wanted to recommend you I also can’t. I think they were Japanese brands and I can’t read or type Japanese, lol. So it’s great that this AB eye lid tape brand trusted by  many and raved in Taiwan, can now also be used by us in Singapore! 🙂

I specially recommend their single / double eye tapes depending on your eyelid needs. AB eye tapes are not too thick but they stick really well and they help to create that magical fold for the double eye lid effect. Yet it doesn’t hurt when you remove it. This stuff is nothing short of amazing.

I was very satisfied with how the look came out on photo, but I am still not used to carrying falsies which can be quite heavy on my lids. I would continue using the AB eye tapes to create double eye lid look, without the falsies, on a normal day. 😉

Let me know if you have any questions!



My Illamasqua Makeover Experience


Hi Lovelies!

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram @ena_teo, you’ll know that early last weekend, I had a makeover at Illamasqua’s counter at Robinsons Orchard.

Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-06 18.40.14_new

I was excited to be invited down for the makeover by Illamasqua because I’ve long heard of this cult British brand since it came upon Singapore’s shores late last year and I’ve also had the pleasure of checking them out at their first counter at Selfridges while I was in London UK.

1230092_561492393912634_1626405504_nFor the uninitiated, Illamasqua debuted in the UK in 2008 and aims to empower people to express their individuality. As their website so eloquently puts it. “Champions of creativity and fighting against injustice wherever we go, our highly-pigmented, long lasting products provide consumers and make-up artists alike with the products and inspiration to ensure they can express themselves, whoever they are and whatever look they want to achieve.”

They now have 3 standalone stores in the UK, along with many department stores stocking them as well as in Australia, Middle East, Thailand and now in Singapore as well. They are also found in the US market through Sephora stores.

Let’s just go straight to how it was, shall we?

Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 18.31.49_new

I went down with skincare, sunblock, brows drawn and a light coat of lipstick on my face. 🙂

The last 2-3 weeks I’ve been plagued with all the summer viruses you can think of; sore throat, fever, flu… and I was just recovering (and still am recovering, lol). 😛 So after being quite sick for the week, I was glad to be recovering and heading out with my friends that night! The makeover came in very timely. 🙂

And these are the make up that worked magic under the skilful hands of make up artist Eryn!

Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.31.33_new

Powder base & Power Eyeshadows in Wolf, Tango & Machine

Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.31.38_new

Powder blushers in Nymph (pink) & Disobey (brownish). White powder palette is pressed powder in white, used to powder off eyeshadow that flaked down on cheeks or below eye areas.

Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.31.43_new

Lipsticks for that rich plum look; in Shard & ESP. Lip colouring pencil in Lust.

Here’s the first set of photos after the makeover!

Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.38.43_new Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.39.12_new Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.39.21_new Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.39.28_new Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.39.30_new Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.39.32_new Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.41.16_new

I LOVE the smokey eye effect and how sophisticated it looks on my tiny asian eyes! 🙂 I also love the mix of lipsticks that look like a mixture of plum and red wine. 😉

And here’s the second set of photos with more definition on the eyes, cheeks, a coat of  lipstick in Underworld on the lips for that added drama and oomph!

If the photos above made me feel like I was ready for a red carpet event, then the ones below made me feel like I was ready to step onto the scene of a Twilight movie scene! #asianvampire #hollywoodambition 😛

Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.54.48_new Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.54.49_new Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.54.56_new Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.54.57_new Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.55.21_new

With my eye-lids closed to showcase the full effect of the beautiful ombre done! <3

Full list of Illamasqua products used for the makeover:

Hydraveil – $58 Skin Base 08 – $59.50 Powder Foundation PF210 – $65 Cream Pigment Emerge – $40 Powder Eyeshadow Wolf / Tango / Machine – $33 Each Powder Blusher Nymph / Thrust / Disobey – $44 Each Lipsticks Shard / ESP – $34 Each Colouring Lips Lust – $31 Raven Mascara – $32

I personally recommend Hydraveil, which is a cosmetic base similar to a primer for normal to oily skin, This stuff is good. It hydrates the skin while prepping it for the foundation. Overall I really enjoyed the foundations – skin base liquid and powder foundations – they provided moderate coverage (what I needed and how I like it) without being too heavy or cakey. I’m also glad to attest that they stayed on 12 hours after a longgg night with my friends with a lottt of dancing and walking. And they came off easily with my usual water based makeup remover routine! And my skin did not break out whatsoever. 😉 I would also really recommend the lipsticks in the colours I’ve worn for the makeover – Shard, ESP & Underworld, just cause they’re sooo prettyyy and they were also not particularly drying either, as pigmented lip colours usually do. 🙂

Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-06 18.39.26_new

These are the skin base and primers for regular daily wear. With so many colours to choose from! 🙂 Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-06 18.39.32_new

These ones are more for stage/theatre wear with thicker coverage. And the ones on the right are the pressed powders.

Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-06 18.40.33_new

The many pretty blushers to pick from, from pastels to darker pinks, orange and purples.

Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-06 18.39.39_new

Their false eye lashes are also definitely worth checking out too! Very dramatic and you might find a perfect one for a special occasion. 🙂 Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-06 18.40.23_new

Lipsticks, one of my beauty weakness! Unlike skincare, foundations & eye makeup, this is one beauty item that I can change on a daily basis to match my mood. So it’s hard to say no to lipsticks! Look at that beautiful array! Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.57.59_new Illamasqua Makeover Enabalista2014-08-08 19.58.04_new

Many thanks to the skilful and beautiful Eryn for this wonderful makeover! Special thanks to Illamasqua Singapore for inviting me down for this makeover. 🙂

Visit Illamasqua Singapore at Orchard Robinsons 260 Orchard Rd, 238855, Level 1

As of August 2014, you can enjoy a makeover with any purchase of product, even if it’s just a lipstick.
Booking of makeover is subject to availability.

Call 6735 7663 to pre-book your makeover with them!

Like Illamasqua Singapore on Facebook for their exciting updates and new releases!



Enjoy Nature’s Bounty with Crabtree & Evelyn’s Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Collection



Hi Lovelies!

Have you ever been to a resort holiday and simply wished you could bring home that relaxed atmosphere back to your own home?

Carribean Island Wild Flowers Mood Shot 06

Crabtree & Evelyn launched their Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Collection back in July and now you can enjoy that luxurious resort feel and scent in your own bathroom and bedroom after a long day’s work!

Carribean Island Wild Flowers Mood Shot 07

Delicate spider lily is blended with notes of wild flowers, tropical citrus notes along with a marine accord, all conjuring that feeling of long relaxing days on a Caribbean island. It is at once fresh, enticing, calming and luxurious.

Carribean Island Wild Flowers Mood Shot 08

Fragrance Family: Fresh Green Floral
Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin & Sea Air Accord
Middle notes: Spider Lily, Night Blooming Jasmine & Passion Fruit
Base notes: Plum, Driftwood & Tolu Balsam

CrabtreeandEvelyn Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Collection

From L-R:
Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Eau de Toilette (100ml), S$85.00
Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Body Lotion (300ml), S$45.00
Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Body Wash (300ml), S$40.00
Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Body Polish (175g), $$45.00
Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Ultra Moisturizing Hand Therapy, S$13.00 (25g), S$33.00 (100g), S$65.00 (300g)
Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Hand Wash (300ml), $65.00

Crabtree and Evelyn Caribbean Island Wild Flowers2014-06-11 13.33.36_new

Thanks to the lovely folks at Crabtree & Evelyn, I’ve been enjoying the press samples immensely.

Crabtree and Evelyn Caribbean Island Wild Flowers2014-06-11 13.37.56_new

I love how the body cream and lotion is scented, floral with a wisp of the calming caribbean sea breeze. I’ve been bringing the body lotion to work to apply whenever my hands feel dry in the aircon environment and I love to be able close my eyes and imagine that I’m on a sandy caribbean island beach.

Crabtree & Evelyn® Store Locations

Takashimaya S.C, Ngee Ann City #B1-36/36A Paragon #B1-26
Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-29
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #B2-17A Suntec City Mall #01-320
Bugis Junction #01-14
VivoCity #01-00
Parkway Parade #01-07
Tampines Mall #01-31A
Junction 8 #01-42A
Jem® #01-60
The Star Vista #01-03



April Recaps



Hi Lovelies!

YES, it’s time for another monthly update! *Throws confetti in the air*

I know, I know. I am *ahem* just about 3.5 months late…
That’s not embarrassingly late at all, right? I mean, it’s not April 2015 yet, right? 😛

So, you may not believe it like I do, but somehow while I was clearing my April photos folder, I somehow managed to find photos from February and March. LOL. Some of the photos I think I didn’t published on my blog previously.

For the uninitiated/ readers new to my blog, I’ve only started a monthly update a while back, of my personal life and what nots that I find amusing but doesn’t properly fall into an event or review blog post, so I’ve decided to combine them into a major long photo post of sorts.

Anyhoo, that’s long enough for an intro, enjoy! 😉

Jap Ramen with Cheryl2014-02-19 18.49.08_newJap Ramen with Cheryl2014-02-19 20.26.37_new

Met up with Cheryl my JC classmate back in Feb, been about 5 years since we last met and she doesn’t seem to have aged at all. Still pretty and sweet as ever! We had dinner at this ramen place at the 3rd or 4th level of Parco Next Next and I believe this place has shifted out. Not too sure what the name of the place is called but they seem to serve their specialty ramen with black garlic oil. Definitely yummy!

Ena April Recap 20142014-03-23 13.44.50_new

A March pic, which I posted on my Instagram. Basically my first random/spontaneous fried rice I cooked for lunch. Leftover rice, egg, luncheon meat. Was not particularly savory but passable! Well at least it looks decent. 😛

So I’m not sure why I didn’t include these pics into my March update, basically my friends and I had brunch on the last day of March, a cafe that Jacq was quite eager to check out after reading some good reviews online; Stirling Highway.
Stirling Highway Review2014-03-30 14.26.45_new

Jacq & I.
Stirling Highway Review2014-03-30 14.41.49_new

Char’s mushroomy and meat brunch set.
Stirling Highway Review2014-03-30 14.41.55_new

Char & Brunch~Stirling Highway Review2014-03-30 14.48.58_new

My Salmon Eggs Benedict, which was disappointing to say the least. Very unfortunately when we reached at about 2pm, they already didn’t have quite a lot of lunch items (even though it was legit lunch time) and it was also too early for dinner items like Truffle fries. The waitress had to “check in with the kitchen” to see if we could order brunch items. It was surprising that their stock had run out on a Sunday afternoon. And the salmon in the eggs benedict was bad, as in smelled spoilt upon my first bite that I had to request to return it. For the record, I rarely ever do something like that because I know how insulting it is to the kitchen. Nonetheless they returned it back to me, citing that that’s how the Hollandaise sauce smells like… So I just removed the salmon pieces and finished my meal feeling quite absurd about the whole situation. However the only lightness of the entire situation was they decided to give me a 20% discount for the meal, although they did not admit that the Salmon was not fresh.

Therefore I would not recommend nor go back to this place. This place is also really far for me since I stay in the east, so I doubt I would go back to this place! 😛

Stirling Highway Review2014-03-30 15.26.27_new

Really cute sleepy cat outside the cafe.
Fengshan 85 Dinner2014-03-31 21.32.47_new

One random night that family bought home dinner from Fengshan 85! Famous Bak Chor Mee! I love this stuff, it’s the bomb!
Fengshan 85 Dinner2014-03-31 21.43.59_new

And my second fave, Ah Balling dumplings filled with Sesame and Peanuts respectively in Almond Milk. Yumsssss.


Yes, now going to April photos proper. Lol!
April was pretty good, or at least so it seems from the photos in this post, lol.

April 1st was April Fools Day, in case you forgot. And Google is super fond of having cool stuff for everyone. So for this year’s April Fool’s special thing, it was catching Pokemon on Google Maps! I obviously went quite crazy trying to catch ’em all. Key word being trying. I didn’t managed to catch all 150 of them in 24 hours. 🙁

Google Aprils Fool 2014 Pokemon2014-04-01 10.18.31_new

A lot of my friends were posting about it on Instagram… 😛 Google Aprils Fool 2014 Pokemon2014-04-01 13.34.10_new

One of the first few Pokemons I caught!Google Aprils Fool 2014 Pokemon2014-04-01 15.17.05_new

One of the places where you can catch a Pokemon on Google maps…

Google Aprils Fool 2014 Pokemon2014-04-01 19.22.06_new

I think I caught a grand total of 38/150 Pokemon. #majorfail LOL!

Oh apparently Google sent a hardcopy mail to all those who caught 150 Pokemons to “certify” them as Pokemon masters!

Viewing Reflections2014-04-01 12.44.41_new

Had coffee at Dempsey with my colleague before a viewing at Reflections.Viewing Reflections2014-04-01 14.11.11_new

This is the view you get when you rent/own/stay at Reflections @ Keppel Bay. Pretty eh?Ena April Recap 20142014-04-06 13.44.56_new

This is my 拿手好菜 / best dish that I can serve up, instant noodles with kimchi, cheese and my dad’s speciality chilli. HEHE. You might have no idea how kimchi, cheese and chilli go together, but I’m telling ya, it’s major yumsss!!! If you haven’t tried this stuff before, you’re missing out!

Enabalista Makeup April 20142014-04-08 01.57.38-1_new

One of my April instagram beauty post, this was All Things Pink related. Lots of lipsticks. Follow me @ena_teo for more up to date posts. 😛

My colleague Yan Ling and I meet up for meals quite a lot and we love, or rather I loveee this Taiwan food place near my office and brought her there too.Ena April Recap 20142014-04-08 13.51.48_new

Yan Ling and her chicken chop rice set.Ena April Recap 20142014-04-08 13.52.05_new

My mee sua set & I.

We have lunch here really often btw. Here’s photos from another session:
Taiwan Food Place Enabalista2014-03-27 12.14.53_new

My minced pork and egg rice set.
Taiwan Food Place Enabalista2014-03-27 12.18.20_new

Yan Ling having mee sua this time round.Taiwan Food Place Enabalista2014-03-31 15.49.03_new

Another time I ordered Pork Chop. Which is also major yums and highly recommended!

Go visit if you work/stay or just popping by around the area!

It’s right next to a Japanese restaurant at Lorong 4 Toa Payoh. I can’t seem to find the address online, but I’ll ask for it the next time I’m there and update here again. 😛

If you were living under a rock unaware, back in April, a small Ming dynasty-era bowl dubbed the “chicken cup” sold for 281.2 million Hong Kong dollars (US$36.3 million) at a Sotheby’s sale in Hong Kong on Tuesday, setting a record for the most expensive Chinese porcelain ever sold at auction, see article on Wall Street Journal here.

I was so impressed that I immediately when to my kitchen, took out this chicken dish, and proceeded to snap the following pictures. I am sorry to disappoint, but it’s not going to be sold for millions, it’s just priced at $2,000. Don’t ask me why it’s sold for $2,000, not $200 or $20,000. Cause you know, you shouldn’t be so caught up with the price, I just like the price $2,000. Should you be so keen to purchase this rare and exquisite item, you may email me at enabalista @ (no gaps). 🙂

Crow Bowl Auction2014-04-10 08.58.06_new Crow Bowl Auction2014-04-10 08.58.15_new Crow Bowl Auction2014-04-10 09.00.37_new

My sisters and I visited Doong Ji at Katong for dinner.
Doong Ji Korean Review2014-04-17 00.01.07_new Doong Ji Korean Review2014-04-17 00.01.12_new

My eldest sis and I particularly loveee the mashed egg and potato side dish, featured on the bottom most right corner. Awesome dish there, guys.
Doong Ji Korean Review2014-04-17 00.01.16_new

We had Octopus and Meat Stew for $29, fit for 3-4. We could not finish it between the 3 of us. Absolutely worth it.Doong Ji Korean Review2014-04-17 00.01.04_new

How the dish looks like after it’s all cooked.

Visit them at:

222 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428919
6345 4264

For desserts we proceeded to Nine Thirty.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

A slice of heaven, that’s what it is. Layered chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. BEST EVAR GUYS. Lots of yumsss.
Nine Thirty Review2014-04-16 21.20.15_new

I believe this to be the most expensive chocolate milk there. It deserves a precious photo such as this, with my second sister modeling. I do believe you’re paying more for the circular bottle than for the milk as well. It’s $7-8 for a bottle, if you were wondering.

Visit them at:


Nine Thirty Review2014-04-16 21.49.49_new

On the way home, we met my bestie YL on the bus! :*Ena April Recap 20142014-04-17 19.12.24_new

Spot the cat.Whole9Yards logo Enabalista

Was invited down for Whole9Yards styling event at Tangs by my Lasalle college classmate, Pris (we’ve all graduated, in case you’re wondering).
Whole9Yards Styling Event Enabalista 3

Lovely presentation.Whole9Yards Enabalista

With Shi Hui, Mayshella, Belle, Pris, Rachel and our tutor Anne Laure~

Whole9Yard Styling Tangs Enabalista2014-04-17 19.42.42_new

One of the designers Daniel Heawen introducing the collection.Whole9Yard Styling Tangs Enabalista2014-04-17 19.48.26_new

Ever lovely stylist Lionnel showing us how to style with the collection.Whole9Yard Styling Tangs Enabalista2014-04-17 19.59.24_new Whole9Yard Styling Tangs Enabalista2014-04-17 20.32.53_new

Selfie in the fitting room~Whole9Yard Styling Tangs Enabalista2014-04-17 20.36.01_new

I love the structures and really fab materials used in the collection.
Whole9Yards Styling Event Enabalista

Some of the guests for the evening~

Image credits to Whole9Yard FB. Check them out of FB here. 🙂

Winning 20482014-04-19 17.24.49_new

Yes guys, I got to 2048. 😀

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My second sis and I had NeNe chicken from Bedok Mall. The last I checked today (in August) it’s no longer there. 🙁 Nothing is quite like it, although 4 Fingers come close, it’s probably as delicious but the flavour isn’t the same. We had spicy and garlic if I didn’t recall wrongly.

Was invited down for Bill Ang and Friend’s concert at Lowercase. Attended the 1st one last November and was glad to be down again, HOW TIME FLIES GUYS. >.<

2014-04-01 15.47.21 Bill Ang Friends Concert April 20142014-04-19 19.52.54_new

You can’t tell here, but I was wearing a cropped top and I was too shy to wear it without my denim jacket. >.<#Bill Ang Friends Concert April 20142014-04-19 20.38.04_new

Bill looking as suave as ever. Rocking white/red/whatever hair colour he ever has. And a manskirt! 🙂Ena April Recap 20142014-04-15 02.03.50_new

Grammatically incorrect; it’s supposed to be You’re amazing. But how lovely is this galaxy inspired background! How uncanny it is that Spotify is playing Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are at the very moment I am captioning this image. We always need a timely reminder to know that someone will always find us amazing and we don’t ever need to change a thing. It’s true. You just gotta believe it. 😉

Ena April Recap 20142014-04-15 03.36.48_new
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Took me forever and a day to get down to buying a new pair of kicks which got me running for a while… and I stopped again. 😛 Time to put on the running shoes again! Maybe time for me to get some new running gear/sports wear. 😛 I want those abs! HAHA.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Honestly took me a while to figure how to photograph my badass metal rings. YES, that’s the real reason for the victory sign finger. LOL. #vainpot #blogger Rings from Louvisa. 🙂

Went down to ME @ OUE because a friend was spinning/DJing there.
Jacq Birthday ME OUE2014-04-27 20.40.22_new

With lovely girls Jacq & Char.Jacq Birthday ME OUE2014-04-27 20.40.25_new

Jacq Birthday ME OUE2014-04-27 20.40.32_new Jacq Birthday ME OUE2014-04-27 20.40.39_new

Great company & view! Couldn’t have asked for a better night.

Enabalista Sun Blocks2014-04-30 00.41.05_newThere was a day in April when I wanted to post this particular photo up on Instagram, but I just couldn’t. It’s one of those weird unexplainable technology/Instagram faux pax and so this photo never made it to my Instagram. It’s basically a photo of all the sunblocks I have. 10. I believe I have more than 10 now as of August. 😛 A beauty blogger never says no to more beauty products, esp. Sunblocks! Haha.

Alright! That pretty much sums up my exciting April with a lot of food and friends. Ena will never say no to food and friends. 😛

Leave me your questions, comments or love notes, if any~ 😀




My 24th Birthday @ TCC

Hi Lovelies~

You might know that I turned 24 last July and here’s some photos from the night I celebrated my 24th with my family and friends! 🙂

For dinner, my family and I enjoyed our meal at TCC @ airport, Terminal 3 #01-22. As I have the TCC card, I enjoy 50% discount on my birthday month! 🙂

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 20.04.07_newEna 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.10.31_new Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.11.02_new

Some of the pretty cakes on display.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.11.19_new

“If you’re gonna be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty.” Did Marilyn Monroe really said this? 😛 Well for the records, I don’t think we should be two-faced. There’s no harm having a pretty face tho! 😉

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.24.20_new

My parents. We forgot to take a family photo that day. 🙁 Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.31.37_new

My sister’s seafood baked rice.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.21_new

My dad’s braised beef baked rice which was really yummy; much like a East meets West fusion cuisine. Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.44_new

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.54_new

My red wine beef steak, which I really enjoyed! I rarely eat steak outside (I find chewing steak a hassle and painful at times) but I was in the mood to and this was really delicious. I had mine in medium well, no blood, still tender and chewy. I highly recommend it!
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.33.13_new

My second sister ordered a spaghetti bolognese, which was also a rare choice but it was delicious! We all didn’t think that a simple dish like this could astound us but it did.
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.35.15_new

My mum’s salmon dish.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.34.28_new

We didn’t think we would all be so full with out own dish and we had a side order of this beef ball skewers which was really yummy but we couldn’t finish the last ball. hahaha.
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 20.44.30_new

I always love going to the airport for travels, send off and meals. It’s a beautiful place of departures and arrivals!

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-20 21.28.04_newSome of the gifts and angbaos from close friends, colleagues and family! 🙂

It felt kinda weird to celebrate my 24th this year because I’ve started saying I turn 24 this year since the start of this year. So when I finally turned 24, it felt kinda underwhelming and also because I’m starting to face a new stage in life where I don’t want to turn older, lol.

Nonetheless, I have been exceedingly blessed this year; with a great family, work and friends. My wish for the year ahead is that my family and friends will enjoy the best of health and that I will work harder and smarter for my career ahead.

That is all!



How often should you clean your laptop and mobile phone?

Hi Lovelies!

How often do you clean your laptop and mobile phone?

There isn’t a source I can find online that recommends how often we should clean out our laptops and mobile phones, but generally I tend to wipe down my laptop  and mobile at least once a week or once a fortnight.

Just think about it! We use our laptops and mobile phones EVERY DAY. I’m pretty sure that’s a lot of grime and dirt going around from daily usage. If we shower everyday, what more about cleaning these electronics that are so close to us right?

So thanks to the lovely folks at Watsons, they’ve sent over a pack of baby wipes a while back which I’ve brought over to my office to share with my colleagues and we’ve been using it to wipe down any dirt we find after our meals or dust and such in office. It’s super convenient!

 Watson Baby Wipes2014-06-17 14.28.17_new

What I love about this pack of baby wipes is that it’s enriched with Aloe vera and vitamin C so there’s this really light sweet fragrance that makes cleaning up gentle on the skin and that much sweeter. Plus, it’s only $2 a pack!

You can find these baby wipes and more at all Watsons stores. 🙂



Luxola’s Shimmer Party

Hi Lovelies!

Happy National Day Weekend here from Singapore!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend and the National Day festivities with your family and friends. 🙂

This year I continue to thank God and pray for Peace for our nation and tiny red dot! May God grant our government, leaders and officials wisdom to govern our country with integrity.

So, a long while back, I was invited to Luxola’s Shimmer Party by a good friend, Sherlene!

Photos time~
Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 20.14.14_new

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 21.03.30_new Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-30 00.58.04_new

Having my make up enhanced by makeup artist Janice.

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 21.04.23_new

Sneaking a shot in the mirror with lovely ladies Sherlene & Fenny.

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 21.05.43_new

With Vinna~

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-30 19.37.49_new

Group shot with Janice, Fenny and Sherlene~

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 22.56.00_new

Not forgetting a pic with Jacq of Jacqueline Burchell nail polish brand~

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 22.23.58_new

My outfit for the night. 😉

Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-29 23.35.25_new

And a pic of my special diamante eye make up for the night as well. 🙂 Luxola Shimmer Party2014-05-30 00.31.24_newThanks Luxola and Sherlene for the fun nighttt!



Are Men That Unobservant?

Hi Lovelies~

Recently a fellow blogger and good friend Sheena asked me if I’m attached… and if you’ve been following my blog and instagram you’ll know that I don’t have any pics up with a significant other.

And so after watching this video by Downy Parfum, I was caught in disbelief. Are Men really that unobservant? Are the 3 husbands caught in this social experiment really so used to the routine of married life that they did not notice their respective wives have been switched out? :O

Well… I wouldn’t know the answer because I’m neither attached nor married. Maybe when I am married someday I’ll have the answer. 😛

Watch the said video here!:

Let me know your thoughts!