TheFaceShop introduces The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Range @ Cotton ECP

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A while back I attended TheFaceShop’s blogger launch for The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Range at Cotton Restaurant at East Coast Park.

As usual, I’ll let the photos do the talking before I review the product! 😉

East Coast Park 1

As I was slightly early for the event, I took a stroll along the East Coast beach.
I KID. The truth is, I was lost and I walked in the wrong direction, so I sorta took a detour before I reached Cotton restaurant. Nonetheless, I learn to enjoy the detour. 😉

And look, what a sweet picture this is, a couple having what seems like dinner. Not a bad view and date I must say. 😉East Coast Park 2 East Coast Park 3 East Coast Park 4

The clouds, the view, the breeze… reminds me of why I enjoy heading to ECP with my friends. 😀Cotton @ ECP

Finally! I found Cotton. Looking pretty cosy even from the outside…SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 111Here’s the view from the area we were seated. It’s really quite a big restaurant, and I heard from Alethia that they serve pretty good brunches! More about the food later. 😉
SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 3

The brand executive of TheFaceShop sharing about the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Range.
Yes, that’s Sheena on the right. 😉

SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 9
The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Range (not in order of the photo, but in the order of usage):
Information courtesy of TheFaceShop Press Release

1. SMIM Fermentation Total Treatment, $66.90
With 85% of pure yeast extract and naturally fermented kefir grains, this treatment is the ultimate ally for women for intensely regenerated and repaired skin for optimal youth and glowing radiance. This ‘Miracle of Youth’ acts as a power booster to enhance the synergy of products used in subsequent steps to promote texture refinement, firming, wrinkle resilience, sebum balancing and radiance.

2. SMIM Fermentation Toner, $53.90
An anty-aging toner consisting of undiluted kefir grain fermentation crystals and pure yeast extract, this gelish watery texture toner penetrates deeply in your skin, providing optimal hydration and elasticity. It contains Tundra Chaga mushroom substance that strengthens your skin’s defense power to help accelerate skin repair for healthy, hydrated and radiant skin.

3. SMIM Fermentation Essence, $59.90
An all in one anti-aging essence that contains a high concentration of fine particles of fermented Tibetian mushroom extracts and concentrated yeast extract., this lightweight essence aims to provide intense firming, radiance and regeneration to your skin. Light to the touch, this essence will melt into your skin and leave it with an satin radiance and luxurious touch.

4. SMIM Fermentation Emulsion, $53.90
The Emulsion provides an intensive firming and wrinkle repair. With a perfect blend of micro kefir grain fermentation crystals and natural fermentation yeast liquid, this essence helps to achieve a youthful radiant glow and an even skin tone. The undiluted fermented yeast solution and Tibetan mushroom extracts render soft flexibilty to the skin and elasticity for refined skin texture. Lightweight emulsion melts into the skin for silky hydrated comfort.

SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 10

Pretty Suzy of Miss A and also touted the new “Korea’s Little Sister” is the Face of the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Range. 
SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 4

We were each gifted a bottle of the SMIM Fermentation Total Treatment. 🙂

During the session, we tried using this product and the hand that had this product applied, I could visibly tell and experience that it quickly absorbed the subsequent water sprayed on, while the other hand had the water droplets sitting on the skin. Lol!

More of my review later. 🙂

Now onto dinner at Cotton @ ECP!

SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 5

This is a very yummy tuna salad.SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 7Roasted chicken and beef. The beef was very tender, I usually don’t fancy beef due to its overly chewy texture but they served it up very well. The mushroom gravy for the chicken was especially yummy.

SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 6

These tiny sized chicken wings are a hot favourite amongst the bloggers. I’m not a big fan of chicken wings, but I know these are perfect for parties! Plus, the chilly sauce is very yummy too. The skin is crispy and the meat isn’t dry. If you’re a chicken wings fan, I recommend this. 🙂

After dinner, we had a cross word search activity! Fastest blogger wins a big pack of TheFaceShop hamper. SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 8

Nope, I didn’t win cause I wasn’t fast enough! LOL.

SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 12

With Yvonne, who won the game! 😉

Some selfies of the night~SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 14 SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 15 SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 13SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 17

Thanks to TheFaceShop, I’ve just started using this product after cleansing and before putting any other skincare. The recommendation is to use it with a cotton pad, because the product will remove the dead skin cells and only with the cotton pad can the dead skin cells be picked up. So I’ve used it and I did find the cotton pad just slightly yellower than normal so I reckon the removal of dead skin cells is legit! There is a little sweet scent, not sure how to describe it except for sweet, and it’s texture is much like a toner, very lightweight. The full effect of this product is supposed to take effect in 14 days.

If you’d like to know a more detailed review, you can refer to Sheena’s 14 day beauty diary / journey on CozyCot, where you can also redeem a 2 weeks trial bottle here (which I think is the mini bottle that I also have, see above) you should also check out Sheena’s blog here. 😉

Last but not the least, a promotion specially for my readers!

SMIM Blogger Event at Cotton ECP Enabalista 16

Plus, TheFaceShop is offering Free Makeovers this weekend (see below). What are you waiting for?


Thank you TheFaceShop for the event invite~

Thank you for reading <3



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