Fun Insta-Prints with Printic!

Hellooo guys!

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have your Instagram or phone photos developed and held in your hands?

Then you’ll love to know about the Printic App, which does exactly this and more!

PrinticApp Website Blog Review

Printic, printing one memory at a time…Printic App Andriod Blog Review1

You can find it on Google Play for Andriod users.Printic App Itunes Blog Review

You can also find it on iTunes, for Apple users.

Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 1

This is how the Printic app looks like on my screen!Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 2

Free delivery worldwide!
Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 3

When you open the app, you get to choose all kinds of prints possible – books, calenders or just regular prints!

I selected “Create Awesome Photo Prints”!

Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 4

So you’ll be directed to your albums for selection. Here’s mine!Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 5

Then you get to select how many copies you want, crop the photo, change the background colour, edit and include the text. See the black bar below. Have you read about my Watsons on Wheels event here?
Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 6

Here’s my text and my chosen font.Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 7

Then you select who you want to send the prints too. I blurred out my address. 😛Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 8

2 Printics will cost SGD$3.68, which is $1.84 per piece! Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 9

It would be however, a lot more worth it to buy the credits.
5opc Starter Pack for US$26.40 would be about SGD$33, which works out to $0.66 per piece!

Printic Blog Review EnabalistaMy prints came in a double envelope. A Printic orange envelope within a stamped white envelope.
Printic Blog Review 3

Here are my prints! Check out the sample print I did above, in the bottom left corner. 😉

~ Review~

Overall I find this Printic App very cool, easy to navigate (fool proof) and convenient. Delivery took less than 1 week to arrive. For this review, I intentionally picked various background colours to show you how the black, red and yellow backgrounds would look like!
Also, as a word of advice, emoticons DON’T show up. They become weird symbols. So don’t use emoticons.

The quality of the prints are also really good. It’s glossy and in high resolution. Of course, you have to use good resolution and not blur photos in your phone to begin with. 🙂 Perhaps my only complaint is that the fonts when printed, appear bigger than they are on screen.

I would recommend this app to everyone to mail a photo of you and your loved one / friend to surprise them on their birthday or on a special occasion. Especially if they are staying abroad or away from you. A thought and gesture like that will be sure to melt their heart! 😉 Just be sure to send it at least 10 days in advance, so that you know it will reach on time.

If you’re a new user, download the app for free, use the code “MAILLOVE” and receive 2 free prints!
You will have to input the code on the top left corner of the app’s home screen, under coupon.

Lastly, you can use these prints to decorate your room, office or kitchen. Here’s some inspiration:

Photo Wall Decor Idea 1

Pegged to a bird cage wire frame. Photo from here.
Photo Wall Decor Idea 2

Photos pegged to lines coming down from a steel bar. Photo from here.Photo Wall Decor Idea 3

Or a simple “laundry line” concept on the wall. Photo from here.Photo Wall Decor Idea 4

Or maybe in a modern & clean vertical line. Photo from here.Photo Wall Decor Idea 5

What about as a wreath? Photo from here.
Photo Wall Decor Idea 6

Or in neatly arranged photo frames? Photo from here.
Photo Wall Decor Idea 7

Last but not the least in an epic and romantic heart shape as a grand gesture. Photo from here.

You’re welcome for the ideas. 😉

Thanks Printic for the prints!

Thank you for reading~ <3



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