My date with J’s Nails

Nail Art is gaining popularity in this sunny island Singapore.

So imagine my delight when J’s nail’s invited me down for a session of their nail service and to review their nail salon! 🙂

J’s Nail’s Salon is located at 19 Shelford condominium, a little shop right in front of the pool area.

Js Nails Review Enabalista 1 Js Nails Review Enabalista 2

A little waiting area decked out in purple hues.Js Nails Review Enabalista 3

A wall of nail magazines, nail polishes and gel containers.Js Nails Review Enabalista 4 Js Nails Review Enabalista 5 Js Nails Review Enabalista 6

How cute are theses nail polishes? ^^Js Nails Review Enabalista 7 Js Nails Review Enabalista 8

Something about these colours gets the artist in me very excited and happy!Js Nails Review Enabalista 9

The pedicure area. Cushy red seats.Js Nails Review Enabalista 10

The manicure area!Js Nails Review Enabalista 11

Some of the current trending designs, i picked the design on the second column, second from the bottom. Opting to replace the neon yellow with blue. 🙂 These designs are done by Vivien / Joann, usually they will take inspiration from magazines and trends and input their own flair to it. So there is really no duplicate and every design is unique. Plus they will also take in your preference and customize a design as per your requests.

And the work begins!

Vivien nail artist and manicurist attended to me, she explains that opting for hard gel would be easier to mould and design the nail art. So I went for the hard gel option, versus the soft gel.Js Nails Review Enabalista 12

Here’s Vivien using the machine to sand my nails and prep them before applying the gel. And how cute are her minion designed nails?! ^^
Js Nails Review Enabalista 13

After the sanding, comes the gel application,Js Nails Review Enabalista 14 Js Nails Review Enabalista 15

Close ups.

Js Nails Review Enabalista 16

After each layer of gel applied there would be a short UV light period. As the period if very short, there should be no UV damage to the skin. Since we don’t do this daily as well. But if you’re worried, you can always remember to apply amply sunblock lotion to your hands and fingers before the session. 🙂Js Nails Review Enabalista 17

Here Vivien uses the nail covers to create a nice smooth gel layer on my fingers. Very cool huh?Js Nails Review Enabalista 18 Js Nails Review Enabalista 19 Js Nails Review Enabalista 20 Js Nails Review Enabalista 21

After the fingers have all been gel coated, it’s once again sanded. So that the coloured gel can attach onto the gel.Js Nails Review Enabalista 22

Well, I didn’t have available hands to take photos of her painting the colours on, but check out the final results!
Js Nails Review Enabalista 23

How pretty is this?! ^^ PLUS I love how she photographed my hands to look so pretty here..

A little more about J’s nails:

Established since 2007, J’s Nail started from a home-based nail art salon to become an active renegade force in the nail art industry. What comes with each therapeutic experience is not only the highest-quality nail art service, but also exclusive hours-on-end fun and enjoyment.

Services provided include Gel Manicure, Gel Pedicure, Nail Art, Manicure, Pedicure, Hand Spa and Foot Spa. Each is itself a different abyss to take you to various levels of relaxation.

J’s Nail believes in education, having been rigorously trained from Hong Kong Nail Collections Academy. From time to time, J’s Nail also works closely with the academy to keep the nail art profession up to date, and deliver the latest industry trends and choice to the customer.

Check out the certifications awarded to Joann Tsui, the founder and owner of J’s nails:

Js Nails Review Enabalista 24 Js Nails Review Enabalista 25

And here are the prices:Js Nails Review Enabalista 26

A nail design like mine shown above will cost $70 for hard gel service, + $58 for nail design, totalling SGD$128.
These nails will last 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow. Usually they would recommend making your next appointment in advance. Also it is advisable to go back to them for removal service as it requires sanding. But no worries, as they will always leave a thin layer of gel covering your nails and will not actual sand your real nails! Thus your nails are kept protected. Vivien kindly explained all these to me because I’m on that’s afraid of thinning and nail breakage.

Js Nails Review Enabalista 27 Js Nails Review Enabalista 28

photo 2

A photo with the talented Vivien~

More pretty pictures of my nail art in the natural sunlight~Js Nails Review Enabalista 30 Js Nails Review Enabalista 29

I seriously love it, just waking up to pretty nails makes my day and makes me happy. My friends have all been admiring my nails too! ^^

Follow J’s Nails on Instagram: @JSNAILJSNAILJs Nails Review Enabalista 31

Follow them on their Facebook here.

Make your appointment with J’s nail salon by phone: 
Tel : +65 64647498
SMS : +65 93830014
Monday – Friday 10AM to 12PM by Appointment only.
Sat10:00 am – 7:00 pm

From May 15 onwards, J’s Nails Salon will operate from Sembawang, at Block 415, Sembawang Drive, Singapore 750415.
Call / SMS / Whatapp +65 93830014 for appointment.

Thank you Joann and Vivien of J’s Nail Salon for your kind invitation!

Thank you for reading~ <3



Chacott & Freed of London’s Singapore Launch @ Mandarin Gallery

When I was young, I dreamed of being a ballerina.

Perhaps it’s because of the graceful movements
or perhaps it’s because of the pretty tutus and lovely ballet flats that ballerinas donned~

Thus when I received this lovely invite, I looked forward to check out the new store opening…

Chacott Mandarin Gallery 7pm Event

There’s just something quite captivating and mesmerizing about ballerina’s tutu’s, fair stockings and flats right?

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 12

For the uninitiated, Chacott and Freed of London are two of the most esteemed labels in the ballet world. Both labels have a rich history of producing some of the best handcrafted pointe shoes adorned by the top ballet dancers around the globe, making the two labels the go-to brands for professional ballet dancers.

Well of course, having no experience in ballet, I’m no expert and can’t tell if this is indeed a fact. So I researched a bit online and I found an about article titled “9 Popular Brands and Styles of Pointe Shoes” by dancer Treva Bedinghaus, whom I’ll quote here:

Freed of London

Founded in London, England in 1929 by shoe maker Frederick Freed, Freed of London supplies pointe shoes to many of the leading ballet companies throughout the world. The company is one of few that boasts handmade pointe shoes, but they don’t last very long. There are six varieties of Freed Pointe shoes, but its “Classics” are the most popular and most easily recognized.


Chacott is a subsidiary branch of Freed of London. Chacott pointe shoes are known for a short break-in period, an important feature to many dancers.

Now let’s check out the store!

The entrance of the store was graced by these lovely ballerina dresses:
Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 1

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 5 Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 2
Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 4

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 3

The amount of details that goes into each dress is impeccable, and it’s what makes each dress so beautiful, precious and desired.

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 7

Do you fancy some cute ballet shoe key rings? 😉

Chacott also has a professional make up range, very aptly branded as Chacott for Professionals.

Chacott for Professionals makeup range is of assured quality, being made in Japan. The products are formulated for professional use and are resistant to sweat and liquids. It also has these key features:

– Suited for High definition TV
– UV protective effect (Non-chemical SPF/PA)
– Uses mainly vegetable extract, natural colorant – Gentle to the skin and safe for children
– Fragrance-free, Colour-free & Mineral oil-free

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 6
Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 8

Chacott for Professionals’ particularly famous for their loose powders, which is also featured on Nylon’s beauty hit list 2014 reader’s choice.

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 11

Their colours range also features 25 unique shades of colour variation from its bold regular shades to its pearly Winking Series and vivid Varie-lining series, suitable for use as eyeshadow, blush, highlight, contour and more, each shade retails at SGD$22.

Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 9There are additionally 14 lip colours and 1 lip gloss, retailing at SCG$18 each. The colour range comes in singular palettes and can be fit into customized palettes created by Chacott. Chacott For Professionals Colours are intensely pigmented and they finish matte with a bright and vivid tone.Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 10

These are the customized 3 hole eyeshadow palettes and 4 for lip colours. The middle palette is customized by makeup artist Sarah Chaundry, titled ‘Arabian Nights’ with “gold blue and black to create a smokey look. Something different, from the usual combinations”.

On the right you’ll spot a lip palette customized by make up artist and also a fellow blogger friend Joanna Koh, titled ‘The Essential’. She says, “A lip palette with three basic, universally flattering shades. A glamourous red, a neutral and wearable blush pink, and an intense purple. You can wear them individually, blot them down for a sheer look or mix two to three shades together to get a whole new colour tone. Top it off with clear gloss for a beautiful sheen.”

Additionally, the store offers a range of dancing shoes and gymnastic and yoga apparels. Do check them out!

Visit the store at Mandarin Gallery #03-21A, 333A Orchard Road.

Also check out and follow them on Facebook here for interesting dance related updates and promotions!
Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 13

A picture with lovely ladies, Ashley & Samantha of, my friend Yan Ling, Shn and Jerlene of Musicalhouses!Chacott Freed of London Singapore Enabalista 14Follow me on instagram @ena_teo for my updates on the go. 😉

Chacott for Professional Star Lash Beauty Direct Enabalista

Thanks Camy of BeautyDirect for the invite & lovely goodies. :*

Thank you for reading~ <3



i Lights Highlights

Hi lovelies!

I hope your week is coming along fine! ^^

I do hope you’ve been enjoying my posts so far, there’s so many posts I have and am eager to share with you all,
so let’s get started! 😀

About 2 weeks ago, I asked my sister to join me on the last night of i Lights, a lights festival held in the evenings along Marina Bay.

Before the skies turned grey and dark, I had some “me” time while waiting for my sister to join me….

Pasarbella EnabalistaTook a walk around Pasarbella but the heat was too much for me to take, so I sought refuge indoors instead!

Toast Box Mee Rebus

Yummi-licious Mee Rebus from Toastbox. It’s real good guys, go for it. 🙂Bath & Body Works Relax

A trip to Bath & Body works had me convinced that I must aspire to always smell good in the bath… I’ve heard some raved reviews online/insta and I wondered what’s all the fuss about. But guys, you need to go in to see smell it to believe it. This set smells amazingly soothing and calming. Someone get me this please. <3 I think it’s especially appropriate for most Singaporeans who work in high stress environments, heh. 😛

So basically, here’s what I googled, to find out more information about i Lights and how to navigate the place:I Light Singapore Enabalista

The event is flanked on the left and right of MBS, on the left all the way towards Raffles Place MRT and on the right all the way towards Esplanade MRT. My sister and I started off at MBS, went down to Raffled Place first, then all the way back down to Esplanade.

The scenic city view just before the skies got dark.
Marina Bay View Singapore Enabalista 1 Marina Bay View Singapore Enabalista 2

We begin with lights installation A1.

A1. BEAT by Arup (Singapore.

I Lights Enabalista 2

A2. THE WISHING TREE by The Living! Project (Singapore)

Basically you can queue for a lighted strip, presumably make a wish and the toss your strip on the tree.

I lights Singapore Enabalista 3 I lights Singapore Enabalista 3a I lights Singapore Enabalista 3b I lights Singapore Enabalista 3c

This ain’t an installation but a poster at the SelfiePod store at the bazaar. Too cute! We couldn’t resist a few selfies. Heh.I lights Singapore Enabalista 4 I lights Singapore Enabalista 4b

A4. HAPPY CROCO by Bibi (France)

Nope I didn’t make a mistake and skipped A3, it’s because it was in the waters and we just missed it all together.
You can go watch a clip of it on Youtube though, I think my friend posted it on Youtube, it’s done by students from SUTD.

So for A4 Happy Croco, it is cute, it’s the kind of thing I imagine kids creating and enjoying.

I lights Singapore Enabalista 5 I lights Singapore Enabalista 5a

A5. BEDAZZLED by Meinhardt Light Studio Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

Where kids and adults alight can go under a half cove area and watch a light performance.

A8. #WEHEARTLIGHT by Light Collective (United Kingdom)

It’s one of my favourite, just cause it’s such a pretty light display. Hearts will always attract the girls right? 😛

A9. JOUJOU-OURS by Uno Lai (Taiwan) 

These bear heads are all sorts of cute. Puts a smile on your face when you see them, fo’ sure!
I lights Singapore Enabalista 8

I lights Singapore Enabalista 8a I lights Singapore Enabalista 8b I lights Singapore Enabalista 8c I lights Singapore Enabalista 8d

A10. Floating Hearts by Travesias De Luz (Spain)

It’s also about hearts except this one you can turn off and on the light hearts with a switch in the middle of each heart, very cool.

A11. **INSERT CAPTION PLEASE by Ryf Zaini (Singapore). 

Guess I’ll have to compile a video and post this picture below on Youtube! ;P


A12. THE GUARDIAN ANGELS by Maro Avrabou & Dimitri Xenakis (Greece & France)

I lights Singapore Enabalista 10

I lights Singapore Enabalista 11

10170994_10152168810990829_972618202_n 1655922_10152168811050829_401653237_n

Did we spot a ghosts? 😛

A14. THE POOL by Jen Lewin Studio (USA)

I really like this one too, with all the rainbow light changes. Very pretty and interactive.


Check out SG Uncle’s version of #PimpMyRide!I lights Singapore Enabalista 13

B14. CELEBRATION OF LIFE by Justin Lee with Dorier Asia Pte. Ltd.

It’s an animated video on the “shells’ of the building exterior. Interesting.

I lights Singapore Enabalista 14 I lights Singapore Enabalista 14b

B11. DIGITAL WATTLE by Out of the Dark (New Zealand)

Another one that I really like. It just reminds me of autumn trees and water colour paintings, both which I really like, but in the digital lighted form. I would love something like that in my future or a futuristic home. Not to say that I want my future home to be a futuristic home, but that it would be nice to have a light element like that, and that would make my home a little futuristic looking, ha! I lights Singapore Enabalista 15

B10. 1.26 SINGAPORE by Janet Echelman (USA)

I am really not sure what this coloured net means. But it allows the audience to rest under it on the grass and it’s just beautiful.I lights Singapore Enabalista 16

I lights Singapore Enabalista 16a

B9 CLOUD by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett.

Like what my sister said, you’d probably never seen so many people looking so keen, under what seems like a rain cloud. Heh.

Basically viewers can turn off and on the lightbulbs through the various strings attached. Cute right?I lights Singapore Enabalista 17

I lights Singapore Enabalista 17aaA video of the cloud, my sis and the view. Hehe.

A video of the short lightshow we caught and the ending fireworks from MBS! 😀

B5. THE WHEELS OF INDUSTRY by Twist Design (United Kingdom)

Basically anyone can get on the bike and cycle and light up the car. Quite interesting and probably wasn’t easy to get the mechanism working.

Honestly having been involved in a small-scale exhibition before, I know it’s tough work putting one together. These guys and the organizers have really done an INCREDIBLE & SMASHING job putting everything together and letting the public enjoying and having so much fun. My hat’s off to i Lights team!

B6 GIANT DANDELIONS by Olivia d’Aboville (Phillippines/France)

This is a poetic installation. Also very pretty and great lightning for selfies. HEHE.
I lights Singapore Enabalista 21 I lights Singapore Enabalista 21a
Ending off with an InstaVid I post on my Instagram~

It was one of those nights that was very well spent and makes me glad that we’re able to enjoy a festival like that. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post which has so many videos! 😀

There will be another post with many videos, on Fashion Steps Out, when I get to it! 😛

Thank you for reading <3



Behind the Scenes with Channel 8’s New Programme Eat & Be Merry

Hi guys!

Today I’lll be blogging about my experience being a participant of local Mandarin television
Channel 8’s new food programme “Eat & Be Merry”!

As it’s a relatively new show, the day before the show producer was asking my director at work if he knew anyone who would be keen to join, I thought it’d be fun to see what it’s like, so I joined with another colleague from work. 🙂

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 29

It happens to be the same day as I attended Shiseido brands’ bloggers appreciation party, thus the same outfit and look. 😀

Let’s find out if we really did “Eat & Be Merry”!

The filming was held at Han Sang Korean Restaurant at the Grand Stand, old turf club.
The entire restaurant is seriously huge, possibly can host up to 200 or more customers at any one time.

On to the food!

Oh, please let me apologize in advance for photos of half eaten food.
It only occurred to me after eating mid way that maybe I should blog about the experience. 😛

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 1

Korean Jajang Myeon / Noodles. It’s a very famous korean black bean noodle. Very delicious.Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 2

Ginseng Chicken Soup.  There is rice cooked in, I didn’t particularly like this soup because it wasn’t clear and neither was it very herbal which is the way I like my ginseng chicken soup. However my colleague really likes this soup and apparently it’s a really popular korean dish. So it’s probably just me, that I don’t fancy Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup.
Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 3

Braised beef in pumpkin. Sorry it looks horrible cause it’s half eaten. This is really good. The meat is soft and tender and the pumpkin is delicious! As you can see, half of the pumpkin wall has been scrapped off and eaten. 🙂Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 4

Cold noodles. This was one of the last dish served up and I didn’t have any more stomach to try this, unfortunately. I didn’t even get to finish the delicious Jajang noodles! So I can’t give a proper comment for this. Such a waste of food right? >.<

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 7

The side dishes. Very good kimchi lettuce. I don’t like the long green beans and the anchovies due to personal tastes. I do wish they had egg white side dish though!

Photos with the lovely hosts!

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Hosts Pornsak Korean Food Enabalista

With Jerry Yeo (left) and Pornsak! Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Hosts Vivian Korean Food Enabalista.jpg

With Vivian Lai! Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Hosts 2 Pornsak Korean Food Enabalista

Basically the show is split into 3 segments.

Each episode focuses on a certain type of cuisine, in our case, it’s Korean.

In round 1, 12 pairs of contestants get to enjoy dishes and then answer about 8-10 MCQ-type questions.
The 3 pairs that obtains the most correct answers proceeds to round 2 and 3.

In round 2, contestants continue to answer questions that are open ended.
in round 3, contestants will be tested by a simple dish creation.
The winner will be decided based by the judge’s vote.

The other 9 pairs of contestants will continue in the show by voting for their favourite remaining 3 pairs, beginning in round 2.
Those that voted the winning team will get to share a cash bounty of $1500 while the winning team brings home $5000.

I won’t spoil the episode and tell you who the winning team is, but quite obviously it wasn’t my team/ my colleauge and I, LOL.

So here are some photos from round 2!

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 9 Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 10 Basically a lot of waiting around in between takes…Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 12 Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 11

We very quickly made friends with the other teams… ^^Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 13

Here’s my view from round 3, behind the teams still in the running. Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 15

More waiting…Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 16

Hosts looking bored. 😛Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 18

Contestants explaining their dish.Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 19

Chefs in the kitchen!Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 32 Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 20

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 33More filming, one of the last scenes.Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 22

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 26

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 30

Honestly surprised to see 6 sets of cameras and 2 man for each set.
Basically there’s 1 set of camera for each host and the rest on the teams.Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 27

I think my colleague took this shot and sent it over. You can see the food prepared for round 3. Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 28

So this is what goes on behind the scenes of a relatively large scale food programme!
Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 31

Sneaking one selfie in between takes.Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 34 Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 36

With the team we rooted for… watch to find out if they won! Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 37
There’s also a mid size Korean mart in the restaurant.
Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 38And to end off, Pornsak retweeted my tweet and made my day! 😛

If you would like to take part,  form a group of 2 to sign up for the game show.

Email, together with your age, contact details and photos to 🙂

The episode will be up around Mid-May, if you would like to catch it.

Thanks to Eat & Be Merry crew and hosts for the lovely experience!

Thank you for reading~ <3



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The Perfect Alien Man, Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon is coming to Singapore!

Hi guys, so if you don’t already know, Kim Soo Hyun,
who’s the actor for the much famed Love From Another Star Korean Drama
is coming to Singapore this weekend!!!


Well, I missed the deadline for the contest submission to win tickets to see him.
(procrastination woes, I tell you.)

but to join in the fun, I did submit an entry for a contest and if I get lots of votes,
I just might win a Samsung Galaxy Note 3!
Starhub says that the phone’s great for watching dramas on the go and
PLUS I think Samsung sponsored Kim Soo Hyun / Do Min Joon their phones on the show/set…
so having the same phone as my idol, why not? 😀

I honestly don’t have anything to give you back for this favour (well, maybe the photos below will actually return the favour),
but if you tweet, IG or FB comment me asking me to help you like your contest entry in the future, I WILL DO IT TOO! <3

Honestly though, If I get to go for the fan meet and get my wish fulfilled by Kim Soo Hyun,
I will bring a marker, a clean A4 paper and get him to write:
Yes, complete with a heart, take a selfie together with my phone and upload it up here on my blog, for you guys.

You guys must be reading this and going… “Who cares?”
THAT IS if you didn’t watch the show (what are you, living under a rock?) 😛
and all you wanna read/see are pictures, I KNOW.
HAHAHA. (Cause I’m like that too.)

So I shall let your eyes feast and indulge in the goodness that is Kim Soo Hyun, cause I am sharing like that.
And go and like my contest entry, pretty please! 🙂

OH btw, these pics are DIFFERENT from the ones I posted in my contest entry! DUH, right?
The ones I posted in the contest entry are all about his latest drama Love From Another Star and those fabulous kisses,
while these are his other gems. 😉


Well, you must watch his show Moon Embracing the Sun. I did a blog post here, go read it if you haven’t!
Cause the show’s amazing. Am personally not a fan of saguek (traditional dramas)
but man, these costumes are the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen,
all the HK/TW/CN/KR dramas shows combined. You can go watch it for yourself.spoiler-kim-soo-hyun-impresses-with-powerful-acting-in-the-moon-that-embraces-the-sun_weete_0

Oh Kim Soo Hyun, no one furrows their brows the way you do~ms14

Or attempts a kiss as delicately as you do…moon-that-embraces-sun-kim-soo-hyun-close-up

Mono-lids have never looked cuter.

Even when you cry, it’s lovely. <3


You look amazing in modern day outfits. <3 <3 <3Kim-Soo-Hyun1

And so beautiful and carefree while cycling~Screen-Shot-2012-09-07-at-10.40.59-AM-687x450

I don’t care what drink it is, if you’re endorsing, I’m buying.c13bde18

Stop it, you will burn a hole into my face with that stare of yours. >.<ksh_unicaunnisansu_samsonitered3

I honestly have little preference for work bags, but Samsonite RED is suddenly the best work bag ever.3

If Kim Soo Hyun did have a twin (that’s two of him in that pic, seriously), the world would possibly combust due to too much awesomeness.

The Face Shop, I am pretty sure your CC Cream, moisturizers, face masks, lotions, what-have-you, are gonna sell like hotcakes.
And I’ll be one of those contributing to that sales. Maybe more if you do stick/print KSH’s pretty face on to the packaging. *swoons*

I never knew a guy could sport pink lips, but I’m sure if his lips were blue, I’d find it hot too. #totallybias #openlybias #kimsoohyunismybias482035

KSH obviously doesn’t show too much skin on screen cause, yunno he’s a humble guy.
You’re welcome and you might want to wipe off that drool before you leave your desk/mobile screen. 😉

If you haven’t, please like my contest entry HERE. <3

I hope you enjoyed this frivolous highly entertaining article!

Kim Soo Hyun, if you’re reading this
(if that is ever, even possible, as he unfortunately doesn’t read English, from what I know)
please know that I love you <3

Thank you for reading! <3






Everyone lives for an affirmation of some sort. As a new born baby, we whined and cried to gain the affection of our mothers and we grew to seek the affirmation of our parents. We learn to walk and talk in the applause and cheers of our first cheerleaders in life; our parents and family.

As we grow older, some of us begin to seek the affirmation of our teachers in school. Through the “well done” compliments and “You’re a Star!” stamps and stickers, we reveled and collected these symbols and proudly showed them off to whoever would be keen to see.

Some of us sought and perhaps still seek affirmation from our peers – maybe from the prettiest girl or most handsome boy in class. Or the coolest kid with the latest converse shoe model and/or the world’s first coloured screen Nokia phone(those were the days). Or even perhaps the kid who plays the violin on stage during every major event in school or the head prefect that pulls the flag up very morning assembly. Well, now perhaps it’s seeking affirmation from the friend with the most number of Instagram followers, the dude with the coolest party tickets or the girl with the most branded bags (such is life).

Then we progress to the work place and we’re often forced by circumstances whether good or bad, to seek affirmation from our bosses, managers, superiors. So that we can have that bonus, promotion or pay increment.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur or business owner and you don’t have a boss above you. Then you’ll be seeking affirmation from your clients, buyers or customers.

Maybe you’re in love. And you seek affirmation from your partner. To hear that you’re pretty, beautiful, gorgeous are the sweetest words to your ear. Or perhaps to have cooked a meal and to know your partner found it delicious is the biggest reward in life.

Or maybe you’re a believer. And your life is about seeking affirmation from God. To know your life’s true calling, purpose and meaning is to be able to do the will of God.

What I want to say is, all of us seeks affirmation in life.

What happens when we do not gain the affirmation we seek? That’s sometime I would like to consider personally.

I believe that humans are like sunflowers and the affirmation we seek is like the sunlight.

When we don’t get the affirmation we need, in order to grow. We turn away to that which gives us the affirmation we seek.

When young girls don’t get the affirmation they seek from their parents and family, they turn to friends and lover(s) who will affirm their beauty and existence in life.

Whereas for the young boys, they will clique with other older boys whether through gang related activities, clubbing or sports.

The thing is, unlike the sunflower who’s rooted to the soil/pot and only response is to tilt towards the sunlight, we as humans have far more choices. The various affirmations one can seek in life are not limited to the ones I listed above.

Therefore, you can decide whose affirmation you seek in life.

So, whose affirmation do you seek in life?

Thank you for reading <3


The X’pect eXperience

Hi lovelies,

how’s your Monday coming along?

Recently I posted a couple of pics and videos on my new hair colour, thanks to X’pect Studio.
If you haven’t check out my previous hair eXperience with them, here.

If you’ve read my previous blog post on X’pect Studio (How time flies! It’s been about 6 months. o.O ),
you would know that I was very pleased with my copper red hair.
so you can imagine my delight when I received an email from their PR, inviting me for a hair service! ^^

Without further ado, let me know you photos from my eXperience with them this time around~

Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 1 Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 2

I last had my hair dyed at a neighbourhood salon and the lady didn’t dye my hair roots for a longer time, that’s why I had
unevenly dyed hair, with darker hair at the roots and lighter hair at the middle and ends. >.<
Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 3

A nice cuppa chilled and refreshing honey lemon drink.Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 4

Kazu (left) and assistant, meticulously getting my hair dyed, layer by layer.Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 5

Kazu & assistant (different from above) blow drying my hair after the dye and wash!

During the hair wash, I also received a 10 min hair treatment so that my hair will be smooth and silky.
Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 5a

Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 5b Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 5c Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 5d Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 5e

Why was I giggling? That’s cause in addition to Kazu’s incredible hair styling skills,
he also provides good humour and jokes, complimentary! ;P

Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 6 Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 7 Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 8 Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 9 Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 10 Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 11 Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 11a

Kazu ends of with his finishing touches, trimming my fringe and hair ends.Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 12 Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 13 Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 14 Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 15 Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 16

My newly dyed natural warm brown hair under the indoor light, no filter.Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 16a Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 16b Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 16c Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 16d Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 16e Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 16f

Thanks Kazu!Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 16g Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 16hXpect Studio Review Enabalista 16i Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 16j

Special thanks also to Mistical from Absolute PR for this session and the photos! 🙂

One more pic taken at home:
Xpect Studio Review Enabalista 16k

Check out a video here:

X’pect studio’s celebrating their sweet 16 birthday this year!

If you didn’t already know of them, X’pect Group is a leading group of hair salons with 16 years in the industry. Currently, they have five outlets around key parts of Singapore (Orchard, Liang Court @ Rivervalley, Novena, East Coast see their address on their sites here) and are set to welcome a brand new outlet in a couple of month’s time! I’ll update when it’s ready. 😉

Winner of over 70 awards counting, both on the local and international scene, the team also conducts hair seminars and shows around the world. Their forte lies in styling which they have been styling up a storm from shoots, shows, runways and events. X’pect has also been collaborating with MediaCorp,  President’s Star Charity and the most recent with MediaCorp Radio Awards where they have styled for all radio DJs and celebrities.

Check out their promotions:

Xpect Studio Review Enabalista Promo 2

Xpect Studio Review Enabalista PromoLike them on Facebook here, and get a $20 service voucher for your first treatment!

I highly recommend you going for their hair dye service. Request for Kazu,
he’ll be able to recommend you suitable hair dye colour based on your skin type!
He chose  a warm colour for mine, so that it compliments my skin and gives me a healthy glow. 🙂

Book your appointment with them here:

X’pect Studio, Orchard International Building #01-09/10
Tel: +65 6735 9932

Thanks X’pect studio for having me~

Thank you for reading <3



Fun Insta-Prints with Printic!

Hellooo guys!

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have your Instagram or phone photos developed and held in your hands?

Then you’ll love to know about the Printic App, which does exactly this and more!

PrinticApp Website Blog Review

Printic, printing one memory at a time…Printic App Andriod Blog Review1

You can find it on Google Play for Andriod users.Printic App Itunes Blog Review

You can also find it on iTunes, for Apple users.

Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 1

This is how the Printic app looks like on my screen!Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 2

Free delivery worldwide!
Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 3

When you open the app, you get to choose all kinds of prints possible – books, calenders or just regular prints!

I selected “Create Awesome Photo Prints”!

Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 4

So you’ll be directed to your albums for selection. Here’s mine!Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 5

Then you get to select how many copies you want, crop the photo, change the background colour, edit and include the text. See the black bar below. Have you read about my Watsons on Wheels event here?
Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 6

Here’s my text and my chosen font.Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 7

Then you select who you want to send the prints too. I blurred out my address. 😛Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 8

2 Printics will cost SGD$3.68, which is $1.84 per piece! Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 9

It would be however, a lot more worth it to buy the credits.
5opc Starter Pack for US$26.40 would be about SGD$33, which works out to $0.66 per piece!

Printic Blog Review EnabalistaMy prints came in a double envelope. A Printic orange envelope within a stamped white envelope.
Printic Blog Review 3

Here are my prints! Check out the sample print I did above, in the bottom left corner. 😉

~ Review~

Overall I find this Printic App very cool, easy to navigate (fool proof) and convenient. Delivery took less than 1 week to arrive. For this review, I intentionally picked various background colours to show you how the black, red and yellow backgrounds would look like!
Also, as a word of advice, emoticons DON’T show up. They become weird symbols. So don’t use emoticons.

The quality of the prints are also really good. It’s glossy and in high resolution. Of course, you have to use good resolution and not blur photos in your phone to begin with. 🙂 Perhaps my only complaint is that the fonts when printed, appear bigger than they are on screen.

I would recommend this app to everyone to mail a photo of you and your loved one / friend to surprise them on their birthday or on a special occasion. Especially if they are staying abroad or away from you. A thought and gesture like that will be sure to melt their heart! 😉 Just be sure to send it at least 10 days in advance, so that you know it will reach on time.

If you’re a new user, download the app for free, use the code “MAILLOVE” and receive 2 free prints!
You will have to input the code on the top left corner of the app’s home screen, under coupon.

Lastly, you can use these prints to decorate your room, office or kitchen. Here’s some inspiration:

Photo Wall Decor Idea 1

Pegged to a bird cage wire frame. Photo from here.
Photo Wall Decor Idea 2

Photos pegged to lines coming down from a steel bar. Photo from here.Photo Wall Decor Idea 3

Or a simple “laundry line” concept on the wall. Photo from here.Photo Wall Decor Idea 4

Or maybe in a modern & clean vertical line. Photo from here.Photo Wall Decor Idea 5

What about as a wreath? Photo from here.
Photo Wall Decor Idea 6

Or in neatly arranged photo frames? Photo from here.
Photo Wall Decor Idea 7

Last but not the least in an epic and romantic heart shape as a grand gesture. Photo from here.

You’re welcome for the ideas. 😉

Thanks Printic for the prints!

Thank you for reading~ <3



Metallic Sleek with Majestical


Melissa Moore has won the coupon giveaway!
Thanks for taking part and you will receive the email shortly with the coupon code!

Hi lovelies!

Recently I’ve been quite in love with silver accessories.

Maybe more so after watching Kdrama Master’s Sun.




The Masters Sun

Starring Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub. In it, Gong Hyo Jin wears the loveliest of rings and accessories!


Check out my own take and version of silver accessories. 😉

Majestical Silver Cuff Bracelet Review Majestical Silver Cuff Bracelet Review 2 Majestical Silver Cuff Bracelet Review 3

I love winged accessories. So I have lots of winged earrings and rings. 😀
Recently sent me the silver cuffed bracelet featured above. On their site,you can also find lots of other chic silver accessories.  For a similar version, see this. Also check out these silver bracelets!

Majestical Jewelry Bracelet ReviewMajestical Jewelry Bracelet Review 2

~ Review ~

The delivery took about 1 week to reach after I ordered and they arrived in a nice dark blue box. I also really like their colourful gemstones necklaces & earrings which are very summer and resort appropriate and affordably priced from US$25 – $39.99!

~ Coupon Code Giveaway ~

I have 2 $10 coupon vouchers for 2 of my readers,
simply follow Enabalista on Facebook here and fill in this google doc embedded below to take part in this simple coupon giveaway! is also offering Enabalista readers a promotional code for $15 off orders of $55 or more. The code is 15DOLLARSOFF. 🙂

Majestical $10 Coupon Code Terms & Conditions

This coupon giveaway is taking place for 1 week from 14 April to 21 April. Winners will be announced by 22 April.

Open internationally. Do note, Majestical ships free in the US for orders US$49.99 and more
and charges a flat fee of US$14.99 anywhere in the world.

Winners will be chosen by random selection.

Giveaway conditions may be subject to changes.

Judge’s decision is final.

Each person can only participate maximum once on the Enabalista blog.

Multiple entries are not allowed.

Multi-accounts using different email addresses are not allowed. If found out, user will be disqualified.

Share with me if you know a good accessories shopping site! 🙂

Thank you for reading~ <3



Thanks Giveaway Monkey for promoting this giveaway on your site!

You might want to check out Giveaway Monkey for other international giveaways. 🙂

Shiseido Brands’ Celebrate Winning Beauty Products

Hi lovelies!

Do you know that Shiseido Singapore has 6 brands under them?

They are ZA, Aqualabel, Majolica Majorca, Ma Cherie, Tsubaki & Senka respectively!

As you know, I was invited for their ZA Rich Glam Rouge party & Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress party and most recently, I received a sweet invite from them again! Check it out:
Shiseido Bloggers Appreciation Party Invite Call me old-fashioned, but I actually imagined the party to be a buffet style at a hotel hall where the bloggers get to mingle. Who am I kidding right? Coming from the folks that think of the most interesting and well-propped parties!

Check out what went down:Shiseido Bloggers Appreciation Party  Oasia Food Shiseido Bloggers Appreciation Party Products Shiseido Bloggers Appreciation Party Products 2 Shiseido Bloggers Appreciation Products Shiseido Bloggers Appreciation Party Bath Shiseido Bloggers Appreciation Party Bath 2

So basically all of us were ushered into a beautifully decked out hotel room that was transformed into a press-show room for the day! The entire room and bathroom were fully utilized to show case their winning products. Shiseido Bloggers Appreciation Party Getting Hair Done

And thanks to Soo-chi (I hope I spelt her name right~), who is Shiseido’s hair & make up artist and trainer, I had a mini hair curling treatment using Ma Cherie products. My hair looked and smelled great all evening! 🙂
Photo credits to blogger Michelle of MsMcMuffin!Shiseido Bloggers Appreciation Party with Soo Chi

Check out my pretty curls~ Thanks to sweet Soo chi. :*Shiseido Bloggers Appreciation Party Anna Ena Gwen

With the lovely Anna & Gwen. Check out their blogs here & here respectively~ Shiseido Bloggers Appreciation Party Ena Louis

With Louis, a very conscientious make up & hair trainer who’s equally parts humorous, friendly and skilled!

Now time to present their award winning products:~

Shiseido Brands Winning Products 2014

19 products/product ranges here in total!

Let me highlight a few favourites:

Shiseido Brands Winning Products 2014 7

Ma Cherie’s End Cure Milk (S$16.90), Hair Gelee ($16.90), & Air Feel Shampoo (S$19.90).
You can find out more detailed info. on my post here.

Shiseido Brands Winning Products 2014 5

Aqualabel Special Gel Cream, $33.50.Shiseido Brands Winning Products 2014 4

Senka Mineral Perfect UV SPF50 PA+++ (S$16.90).
I am a huge fan of Japanese liquid sunscreen, I went out to buy one of this after the presentation. 😉
Although the thing is right now I have many sunscreen products, so it might take a while for me to get to reviewing this.  #somanybeautyproductsbutonlyoneface #firstworldproblems #happyproblem 😛Shiseido Brands Winning Products 2014 8

Senka Whitening Lotion, $18.90.Shiseido Brands Winning Products 2014 4 6
Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo, 500ml (S$18.90), 220ml (S$9.90).

Shiseido Brands Winning Products 2014 2

Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cover (S$20.90), read my review of it here. Lash Expander Edge Meister (S$25.90) Been using it for the last month and let’s just say that I usually don’t like mascaras cause they are too thick, too clumpy but this one is light, buildable and my lashes look long and feels good. Omg, I love it <3, Lash Bone Black Fibre in (S$24.90), Lash King (S$25.90).

Shiseido Brands Winning Products 2014 3

This is the best girls, try it!

So, follow the brands on Facebook if you haven’t:

Majorlica Majorca
Ma Cherie

“Why follow?”, you ask. Not only for their new product releases, tips & tricks to health care and makeup, but also fun games & giveaways! Like, this cute Majolica Majorca Beauty Emissary Name game which I took part in and got the name “Duchess Condensed Milk” 😀


Thanks Majolica Majorca~ ^^
Guys, I’m officially a “Goddess of beauty” ya’ll. Don’t mess with me alright. 😛1970707_10152474901083488_1907408589_n

To which, I won~ *happy dance*~

Check out my winning box! 😀
It’s a Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversary Press Kit Box:

Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversay Press Book

Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversay Press Book 2 Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversay Press Book 3

Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversay Press Book 9
Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversay Press Book 4 Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversay Press Book 5 2014-04-10 09.17.27 Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversay Press Book 6

Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversay Press Book 7 Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversay Press Book 8Just look at how perfectly this book box seats among my book. I’m such a beauty geek. HEH. 

Whew, now that was a really long post isn’t it?
Now gonna throw out a question, which is your favourite beauty product
(doesn’t have to be from the Shiseido brands) and why?

Thanks for  reading~! <3

Thanks Shiseido Singapore & Wendy of White Space for the invite!



Skincode Bloggers’ Event & Whitening & Brightening Kit Review & Giveaway~!


Thank you all who have participated in this Skincode x Enabalista GIveaway, it has ended! ^^
These are the following winners~ You will received an email from me informing you that you have won~
You can go down to collect the set from Skincode office, from this Friday (2 May) onwards!
Address is:
Parklane Medical Centre, 35 Selegie Road #02-25A
Parklane shopping Mall, Singapore 188307
Hours for collection: Mon-Fri – 10am to 5pm, Sat – 10am to 1pm.

Blog Winners

Yanti F Lye

Hui Ying Goh

Lim Hui En

Cynthia B Lin

Kokhui Lovedimsum

Lim Hui Yin

Lavender Teo

Slj Slk

Lu Siu Ching

Toh Hui Qi

Facebook Winners

Kymmy Kit Lim

Pei Lin

Vincent Lee Wee Ping

Dave Lim

Yingling Tan

Apai N nana

Deepali Gupta

Liesa Desisca

Kate Lee

Jane Ng

Hi lovelies!

How have all of you been? Have you been treating your precious skin well?

If you feel like your skin is in need of a perk me up, I just might have the solution for you today! 🙂

Recently Skincode Singapore held an exclusive bloggers’ event at Novotel and I had the pleasure of attending the intimate session. Even though Skincode was a brand new to me, I readily accepted their event invitation because it’s a Swiss brand, and the Swiss are famous for their skincare. 🙂

In case you’re new to the Skincode Brand, let me fill you in a little about them, you can find these information from their site.


Skincode AG, a Swiss-based beauty company founded in 1998 by a team of professionals with profound knowledge and experience in the cosmetics industry reinforces Switzerland`s reputation for state-of-the-art skincare.

The Skincode range includes two results-oriented lines to answer to your needs and to suit your personal preferences. Built on the principle that the skin is a living organ and its genetic “code” must be respected, the collections provide consumers with high-performance, innovative skincare products reflecting the precision, purity and quality that are synonymous with Switzerland.

Skincode Essentials is an advanced dermocosmetic skincare line formulated to satisfy the daily skincare needs of both women and men. From cleansing to anti-aging, moisturizing to beautifying and even lightening, Skincode Essentials has you covered. The products, dermatologically tested, contain a sophisticated blend of natural extracts and biotech ingredients (some medical grade), while being 100% free of fragrance, preservatives, colors and animal derivatives, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. CM-Glucan, a key ingredient in all of the products, protects the skin’s natural defense mechanism and stimulates Collagen and Elastin production, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Switzerland has a long tradition of cellular therapy, people from all over the world have been visiting Swiss clinics to receive such rejuventating and anti-aging treatment. Skincode Exclusive is a luxury-orientated, revolutionary cellular skincare line designed to address the specific needs of mature skin. The powerful anti-aging treatments speed up the cell renewal process, which slows with age. The key ingredient: Active Cellular Regenerating Complex Generation 2 (ACR Complex G2) is a truly ground breaking development in the fight against aging skin. Skincode Exclusive products are formulated without Parabens and with an allergen-free fragrance.


Recently the founder of Skincode, Prince Niclas Massalsky came to Singapore and he was interviewed on Straits Times. You can check out the article here.

Now I’ll let the photos from the bloggers’ session do the talking~ 😉

Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Enabalista Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Enabalista 2

Aren’t these cupcakes the cutest promotional desserts? ^^

Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Enabalista Blogger

So cute, that I have to take a picture with it first!
I was told that this is one of Skincode’s best seller and star product, Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules. 
Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Star Product Skin Capsules

Another photo of it, along with sample satchets and stationary set prepared for the evening.
Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Star Product Skin Capsules Write up

Here’s the cupcake icing and the product write up, side by side! Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules contains luxurious silky serum that will help improve skin’s elasticity, regenerates and soothes the skin. Each of us got to test out one capsule and boy, the experience was remarkable! When applied, the capsule oozes out a small liquid dose that feels powdery and velvety yet after application the skin is silky smooth. Amazing description, I know! You simply have got to experience it to believe and understand it. This serum truly embodies the touch of luxury as it leaves the skin smooth and pampered, much like a coat of velvet on your skin. Ahh~~~

Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Presenter

The evening was equal parts presentation by Ceceila Weidner, Skincode Global Beauty Consultant and Trainer and equal parts hands-on workshop where we got to test the products from both the Skincode Essentials and Exclusive ranges. Essentials as it is named provides the basic essential skincare, whereas Exclusive is more focused on anti-aging concerns. I lost count of the products we tried, it must have been between 10-20 of them! It was one of the most hands-on presentation and skincare workshop I’ve attended. And I’ve got to say, nothing beats being able to experience the efficacy of the products hands on even if it’s for a short 5-10 minutes! I can attest that Skincode is so proud of their products that they simply believe people will love their products after testing and usage. More on that later when we get to their product counters. Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Extra Gentle Skin Refiner

This, my dear friends, is one of my favourite Skincode product. Or maybe THE MOST favourite. It’s called the Extra Gentle Skin Refiner, what a cute name right? But don’t let that cute name fool you, cause it’s simply one of the most remarkable masks I’ve used and I do believe I’ve tried & used several by now and I can say I am a fan of this product. If you were to ask me to recommend which Skincode product to try and start with, I would say this. Why am I waxing lyrical all about this product (and I wasn’t even sponsored to review this product, lol)? It’s simply because, after a short 10-15minutes of application, generous application may I add, just like what you see above, a gentle wipe off will reveal skin that is visibly moisturized and supple. Some of us bloggers can even see a fairer skin. As it is named, the key feature of this mask is that it acts as a gentle exfoliating mask, that will reveal a fresher and more radiant looking skin as it is formulated with a subtle blend of actives which removes dead skin cells and impurities. I can’t explain to you the science behind this mask, but IT WORKS. If this product was made in the past, the researchers in Skincode Swizterland laboratories would be akin to magicians formulating potion, cause this works pretty much like *~**magic**~*. 😀 For an in-depth review, check out this review by Denise Li on Material World.Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Eye Serum

Another remarkable product we tried & tested is this Cellular Wrinkle Prohibiting Eye Serum. It is formulated to rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eye area and to reduce dark circles and puffiness. As you can see, It is golden and shimmery as the photo-reflector particles work to instantly illuminate your eye area. Essentially what these photo reflector particles, aka golden particles does is it catches light so that all the darkness around your eye goes away, instantly removing the eye-bags. Amazing, huh? That’s why consumers are the most powerful people today, ask and you will be given, even instant miracle products can be created/formulated – things that were perhaps deemed impossible in the past.

Skincode Singapore Blogger Event with Trainer

A photo with Ceceila Weidner, who is an incredibly knowledgeable lady on skincare and beauty and also a very conscientious trainer and excellent presenter.

Skincode Singapore Blogger Event with Katjuju

With friendly Kat of, a site dedicated to all things eco and natural living. Check out her event review here.Skincode Singapore Blogger Event with Karen of Renzze

With Karen of, who is always beautiful and chic, be in on photos or in person. Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Ena Teo Instagram

Did you catch this post on my Instagram? Be sure to follow me on @ena_teo. 😉

At the event, each blogger got to bring home a Whitening & Brightening set for use and here’s my review~

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Order

I love the packaging. It’s clean, fuss free and I love the touch and feel of sturdy glass jar and pots.

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Hero Products

The kit is applied in this order, twice daily in the morning and evening after cleansing:
1. Cool White Essence
2. Lightening Eye Contour Cream
3. UV Protective Whitening Cream with SPF 12 (only for the day)

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Serum

1. Cool white essence as a liquid drop with liquid-gel like consistency.

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Serum on Skin

1. Cool white essence thoroughly hydrates the skin when applied.Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Eye Cream
2. Lightening Eye Contour Cream is a white cream of moderate consistent, but not oily or greasy to the touch.Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Eye Cream on Skin2. Lightening Eye Contour Cream when applied reveals a fairer shade of skin.

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Sunblock

3. UV Protective Whitening Cream with SPF 12 is a very lightweight cream with watery characteristics. Blends smoothly and evenly with no hassle.Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Sunblock on Skin
3. UV Protective Whitening Cream with SPF 12 is colourless after blending and applied evenly into the skin. The result of application of all three products in the kit is a more hydrated and fairer skin shade. Skin is more dewy and definitely prepped for make up,  if you do apply. As they say, your makeup foundation is only as good as the skin beneath it, so boys and girls, it’s always important to maintain good skin through proper skincare!

After using the Whitening & Brightening kit for 2 weeks and counting, what I love most about it is the Cool White Essence. There is a light tingly sensation when applied and this essence keeps my face hydrated day and night, thereby curbing my skin’s usually oily glands. As a result, my skin is less oily. Yay! Having combination skin (normal with oily T-zones) Skincode products serve me well. On humid days, the kit may feel a bit too damp on the skin, however they are usually perfect for a sunny day and I can only imagine how much more remarkable they will serve in colder countries, like Japan and Switzerland! That’s all I have to say for the review and the kit, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask me via comments below, on Facebook/Instagram or Twitter~!

Still want to know more about Skincode? I recommend this review by fellow blogger Kiyora on her blog here.

Skincode products are sold at Guardian stores, to experience the Skincode counter personally, I went down to check out the Guardian outlet at Takashimaya. You may also find them at the Guardian at Paragon and Marina Bay Sands. For the Takashimaya and MBS outlets, Skincode shelves are visibly seen at the entrance!
Skincode Singapore Guardian Skincode at Guardian Takashimaya

Look at how pretty the products seat at the Skincode lighted shelves~
Skincode Singapore Extra Gentle Skin Refiner

My favourite product, the Extra Gentle Skin Refiner at $82/tube. As mentioned, Skincode is generous with their testers. I highly encourage you to go test this product and try it for yourself~ I was attended to by Skincode Beauty Advisor Rosalyn is a very experienced beauty advisor and also very knowledgeable about Skincode products, despite it being a new brand in Singapore. You can find her on weekends at the Takashimaya counter, tell her your skin concerns and she will make the right product recommendation for your skin type!Skincode Singapore Guardian SOS Oil Ultra Matt

Another star product, the S.O.S Oil Control Ultra Matifiant at $79/bottle.Skincode Singapore Guardian Perfect for Eyes & Face Kit
A special Perfection of Eyes & Face Kit going at only $98.Skincode Singapore Guardian Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules

The most marvelous Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules priced at a cool $180 for a pretty blue jar of 45 capsules. It lives up to its reputation as the epitome of the touch of luxury. In case you’re wondering, Skincode didn’t supply me all these effusive language in describing these wonder capsules – I am merely inspired after my personal experience with it. 🙂

Last but not the least, thanks to Skincode Singapore’s generosity, 10 lucky Enabalista blog readers will be able to win for yourselves a full Whitening & Brightening set, the exact same one I reviewed above, priced at $128!

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit

3 Steps to join the giveaway~:

1. follow Skincode Singapore on Facebook and Instagram @SkincodeSingapore.

2. follow Enabalista on Facebook and Instagram @ena_teo.

3. Fill in a google doc form below, so that if you win,
we can track that you’ve done the steps above & that we can contact you easily!

The giveaway is open for 14 days,  from 12th April to 26th April.

The same giveaway is also happening on my Facebook page (for 10 lucky Enabalista Facebook fans), so if you like,
be sure to hop over and check out the steps to take part in the giveaway on my Facebook and double your chance of winning! However do note, each reader can only win once either from the blog or Facebook as I sure won’t pick the same reader twice. 😛

To make things even more exciting,
I will reveal 10 winners (5 from Blog and 5 from Facebook) every 7 days via my Facebook page!
The first 10 winners list will be revealed on 20th April, Sunday.
and all 20 winners will be revealed by 28 April, Monday.

Skincode Singapore x Enabalista Giveaway Terms & Condition
Open to residents in Singapore, or if you have someone who will be able to collect the product on your behalf.
(Sorry to my International readers, but fret not, future international giveaways in the works~)
Winners will be chosen by random selection.
Giveaway conditions may be subject to changes.
Judge’s decision is final.
Each person can only participate maximum once on the Enabalista blog & maximum once on Facebook.
Multiple entries are not allowed.
Multi-accounts using different email addresses are not allowed. If found out, user will be disqualified.
Winners will have to respond within 3 days upon announcement, to acknowledge that they have won,
otherwise their win will be forfeited and new winner/s will be selected in their place.
Winners will have 2 weeks starting from 28 April to collect the kit from Skincode Singapore office which is located at:
Parklane Medical Centre, 35 Selegie Road #02-25A
Parklane shopping Mall, Singapore 188307
Hours for collection: Mon-Fri – 10am to 5pm, Sat – 10am to 1pm.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Skincode Singapore (Sephanie & Brian)
for the invitation to the bloggers’ event and for their kind & generous support to my blog
thereby allowing me to thank all of my dear readers’ support by conducting this wonderful giveaway~

Thank you dear reader~ <3



P.S. If you can’t wait to test Skincode products, simply redeem these samples at Samplestore, for a flat rate of $5.99 for any 4 samples:
1. Skincode Essentials Extra Gentle Skin Refiner
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Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Tea Party


Hi lovelies~

Are you on the look out for a BB cream that
provides good coverage without feeling heavy on your skin?

Collection Cosmetics recently held a tea party to introduce their
new Bright & Glow Brightening BB Cream & Compact Foundation!

Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Carpenter & Cook Cafe Decor Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Event Decor Day Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Event Decor Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Table Decoration Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Table Food Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Cupcakes Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Carpenter & Cook Interior Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Carpenter & Cook Interior Decor Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Carpenter & Cook Interior Decor Books Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Quiche Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Model Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Model Leanne Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview with Leanne Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview with Leanne 2 Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Having Fun Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Having Fun 2 Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Having Fun 3 Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Media Preview Chatting Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Photo Booth 2 Enabalista

Isn’t the decor for the tea party just beautiful? Carpenter & Cook cafe serves up a mean quiche, one that I would definitely love to go back for, despite it being all the way in the West. The same folks behind Carpenter & Cook are also the brains behind a props, styling & events company Heaven In a Wild Flower. Such quirky names! 🙂

Beautiful Leanne was model of the night and we had a lot of fun playing with the make up and doing a mini-photoshoot of sorts. Thanks to Leanne for all the lovely pics!

And now I’ll leave you with a series of pictures I took after I applied the Collection Cosmetics’ Bright & Glow Brightening BB Cream & Compact Foundation that evening~

Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Make Up Review Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Make Up Review Enabalista 8 Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Make Up Review Enabalista 7 Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Make Up Review Enabalista 6
Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Make Up Review Enabalista 4 Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Make Up Review Enabalista 3 Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Make Up Review Enabalista 2

~ My Review ~

The pics above were taken with normal lightning and has no filters at all. As you can see, the Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow BB cream was very effective in covering the blemishes on my face. I’ve used it for several days and I really like that the BB cream is lightweight while providing good coverage, does not clog my pores and does not cause a break out. *double thumbs up* It’s safe for oily/combination skin types. PLUS they also last all day. I use the BB cream in 02 (medium to dark) and compact foundation in 02 Ivory.

The BB cream contains mineral pigments that evens out skin tone and conceals imperfection. The formula is further enhanced with Vitamin E and Sodium Hyaluronate, to keep the skin hydrated, as well as Vitamin C contained in light reflective powders to create a brightening effect for an all day glow. It also contains SPF30, protecting skin against UVB rays. The BB cream is specially formulated for Asian skin (despite Collection Cosmetics being a UK cosmetic brand, shows that they’re SERIOUS about entering the Asian market!) and is available in 2 shades, Light-Medium and Medium to Dark. Retails at $16.90 for 30 ml each.

Collections Bright & Glow Review 1 Collections Bright and Glow Review 2

The Bright & Glow Brightening Compact Foundation is made from smooth particles, creating a radiant look without clogging pores. Rich in pigments and mineral powder to even out skin tone and conceal blemishes, it also contains an oil control powder.  After application of the BB cream, the powder helps to set the cream for a longer lasting finish. It’s great for areas such as the forehead, nose and jaw line areas where you want to minimize the shine, but do keep the cheeks untouched/un-powdered for that dewy look. 😉 It is available in 4 shades: Vanilla, Ivory, Almond and Honey, retails at $18.90 each.

I personally think that the BB cream is good for a stand-a-lone product & I would definitely recommended it. For the more conscientious girls, you might want to buy both and bring the compact powder with you for touch ups in the mid day or after work  before you head out for an event or a party. 😉

Collection Cosmetics is available at selected Watsons stores, BHG (Bugis) and their own pop-up store in Cineleisure level 2.

Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow Event Instagram Enabalista

The event review picture posted on my instagram @ena_teo – follow me there! 😉

Ending off with some make up tips thoughtfully prepared by Collection Cosmetics!
Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow How To Enabalista Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow How To 2

Thank you Collection Cosmetics, PR ladies Carina & Jo & The Make Up Room for the fun evening~

Thank you for reading ~ <3

Till the next post, stay beautiful!



Congratulations to Singapore’s Yeo Yann Yann for bagging award at “The Oscars of Asia” – 8th Asian Film Awards

Yeap, that’s right,
Singapore-based actress Yeo Yann Yann won best supporting actress for her role in Ilo Ilo at the 8th Asian Film Awards!

 In modern life, when we encounter a lot of difficulties, our family members give us the biggest strength. So I hope you all can have this strength,” Yann Yann said her thanks, especially to her husband.

The 8th Asian Film Awards award ceremony aka the “Asian Oscars”, was held on the 27th March at the House of Dancing Water Theatre in the City of Dreams, Macau.

Singapore’s director Anthony Chen also scored a Best Director nomination with his story of a humble Singaporean family in his first feature film Ilo Ilo.

The Grandmaster walked away with the most awards that evening, bagging seven awards: Best Film, Best Director for Wong Kar Wai, Best Actress award for Zhang Ziyi, Best Production Designer and Costume Designer for William Chang Suk Ping, and Best Cinematographer for Phillipe Le Sourd.

In her speech, actress Zhang Ziyi spoke of one of the martial arts directors that was on the MH370, the missing Malaysian flight. Director Wong Kar Wai received the Best Film award on behalf of the crew and dedicated his speech to the missing director. He offered his deepest condolences and called on the Malaysian government for more transparency in clarifying the situation soon.

Guests of the 8th Asian Film Awards ceremony were entertained by a spectacular water show in the House of Dancing Water TheatreHouse of Dancing Water Theatre, Macau

Celebrity Juror of the 8th Asian Film Awards Donnie Yen arrives on the red carpet hand-in-hand with his wife Cecilia WangCelebrity Juror of the 8th Asian Film Awards Donnie Yen arrives on the red carpet hand-in-hand with his wife Cecilia Wang

Ms Carina Lau, celebrity juror of the 8th AFA, arrives on the red carpet in a similarly bold red numberCarina Lau, celebrity juror of the 8th AFA, arrives on the red carpet in a similarly bold red number.

Ms Jeon Do Yeon is the ambassador of the 8th Asian Film AwardsJeon Do Yeon is the ambassador of the 8th Asian Film Awards.

Wong Kar Wai arrives on the red carpet with Zhang ZiyiWong Kar Wai arrives on the red carpet with Zhang Ziyi.


Ilo Ilo Film Poster

Ilo Ilo Official Trailer

Yeo Yann Yann and Anthony Chen arrive together on the red carpet at the 8th Asian Film AwardsYeo Yann Yann and Anthony Chen arrive together on the red carpet at the 8th Asian Film Awards.

Yeo Yann Yann chokes up as she receives the Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in Ilo IloYeo Yann Yann chokes up as she receives the Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in Ilo Ilo

The GrandmasterThe Grandmaster Film Poster

The Grandmaster Official Trailer

Zhang Ziyi speaks after receiving the Best Actress award from presenters Carina Lau and Zhang Guoli Zhang Ziyi receives the Best Actress Award for her performance in The Grandmaster from celebrity juror Carina Lau andZhang Ziyi receives the Best Actress Award for her performance in The Grandmaster from celebrity juror Carina Lau and Zhang Guoli.

Wong Kar Wai receives the Best Director Award at the 8th Asian Film Awards from Ambassador Jeon Do Yeon and Johnnie ToWong Kar Wai receives the Best Director Award at the 8th Asian Film Awards from Ambassador Jeon Do Yeon and Johnnie To.

Wong Kar Wai, director of The Grandmaster, receives the award for Best Film from Peter Chan and Isabelle HuppertWong Kar Wai, director of The Grandmaster, receives the award for Best Film from Peter Chan and Isabelle Huppert.

As a Singaporean, I’m super proud of Yeo Yann Yann for her win at the 8th Asian Film Awards!
Although Anthony Chen didn’t bag the Best Director award this time, he has already won the prestigious Camera d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. He also won the illustrious 50th Golden Horse Award for Best Feature Film and Best New Director. It’s really awesome that Anthony Chen is bringing Singapore talent to the Asian film arena and beyond.

I am also a fan of Wong Kar Wai’s work and creative direction. Go watch his film “2046” if you haven’t. Congratulations to him for  his double win! Also, a quick fun fact, he’s born on the same day (17 July) as I am! 🙂 If you’d like to read more about him, check out this interview, this write up, and this photo of him without glasses and with his wife. 😉

I love watching American films and drama, but I get equally excited about watching Asian films and I never once doubted about Asian talents before and behind the screen. I believe that all Asians should be proud of our unique cultures, heritage and work hard to showcase what we’ve got to the world! 😉

For more information about Asian Film Awards, visit their website here.

Thanks to DT Asia PR for the press release & photos.

Thanks for reading~ <3



As Featured on Cosmopolitan Magazine April’s Make Me Awesome

Guess who’s on Cosmo’s Make Me Over feature this month?

Yes, it’s yours truly! 😉

The make up brand feature of the month is Givenchy,
a designer brand famous for its edgy looks and chic street wear interpretations.

The shoot took place last month and I’m glad that the pictures came out nicely! 🙂

And… I’m 24, not 26 (apparently you need to be 26 for the make-over)
and they didn’t tell me that when they asked me if I’d like to be featured! 😛

Cosmo Feature Enabalista Ena Teo

Cosmopolitan April 2014

Go purchase this edition if you haven’t! You can check out their e-sampler here. 🙂

The day that I went down for the shoot, I also collected the Cosmo Beauty Grand Prix box that I won (I’m a blessed gal, I know!)

2014-03-09 12.21.34 2014-03-09 12.25.24

There was also a Phyto night hair serum, but I gave it away to a friend, a girl’s (that’s me, yes) has only 1 head of hair!  I also haven’t tried the L’Oreal leave in spray above cause I’ve been using my L’Oreal EverStrong Thickening hair products. 😛

2014-03-09 12.27.50

I’ve been using this Bio Therm Pure-fect Skin Anti-Perfection Targeted Solutions and I really like it!
I apply it at night and day on my acne spots and the recovery is remarkable. The solution is liquid and lightweight and has a hint of herb scent. I’ve tried a set of Bio Therm travel set and I love their aqua/water based products that is really great for sensitive skin especially in Singapore’s hot and humid weather!

Thank you Cosmo for the make-over! :*

Thank you for reading! <3