Tea Time #OOTD

Some pics of my #EDD aka #OOTD from the same day of the Mary Kay workshop. 😉

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Navy Dress SammyDress Review Enabalista

Navy Dress SammyDress Review Enabalista4Long sweater from Sammydress.com here.
Military Heel Boots from Newlook Somerset, similar here and here.

Review of Sammydress.com 

Upon selection and checkout of items, delivery takes two weeks which is in my opinion
rather typical of online shopping purchases.
This sweater is one of three clothing which I picked out and my favourite of the lot.
It arrived as a long and comfortable sweater which fits my petite frame as a mini dress, with leggings on.
Unfortunately after one wash, it has shrunk to a regular sweater top which I won’t be able to wear as a dress again.

I’ll be showcasing another dress I’ve worn for Chinese New Year, it’s a lovely piece
and thankfully the shape retains after a wash. 😉

I would recommend Sammydress.com for its chic and very affordable fashion,
reliable shipping/delivery experience and other than the sweater shrinking after a wash,
the other two pieces material is remarkably thick, perhaps too much for Singapore’s warm weather
but definitely will keep me snug in my company’s cold office.

I also realized, after receiving this package that I really do have a penchant for long sleeved tops/dresses.
All of the three pieces were long sleeved.
So much for casual dressing in Singapore’s hot weather. Obviously totally not relevant for me, heh.
Keep a look out for the other two dresses on my blog soon. 😉

Check out their dresses here.



2 thoughts on “Tea Time #OOTD”

  1. Hi, how was your shopping experience at sammydress? I’ve seen so many bad reviews abt it on google that I’m scared to shop there!

    1. Hi Eve! Not sure what bad reviews you’ve read, but my experience was ok! I remember the stuff I ordered came within 2 weeks. I ordered 2 dresses,1 sweater- the one I wore in this post which unfortunately shrunk after 1 wash. I wont mind ordering again for nice designs, cause its really affordable. But quality wise, not that great.

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