Helenere Skincare Cream & Mask Review

Hi lovelies!

I’ve been using Helenere, Swiss skincare brand products for some time now and here’s a video review!

If you prefer to read, instead of watching my video review, here’s a quick summary:

Before I received the invitation to review their products,
I did a quick google search and found out from Cozycot forum  that
ladies wanted to know where they could buy Helenere products in Singapore.
So I was convinced that Helenere products must be really good and I was eager to try the products for myself!

Just in case you don’t know the brand, Helenere is a Swiss skincare brand started by Helen Rosato Rossi in 1980s.
Their products are all made in Switzerland and they have a strong emphasis on R&D.
Helenere has built a strong reputation of being a skincare brand that knows,
understands and addresses women’s skincare issues which is why it is gaining increasing popularity across the globe.

Helenere Whitening Cream Review 2

Helenere White Perfection Day & Night Cream
available online here.

2014-02-25 00.22.52

Cream is pure white and moderately thick in consistency. (No filter and no flash)2014-02-25 00.21.28

Once spread out evenly, it is leaves a very light white layer that is almost colorless to the naked eye.(No filter and no flash)

After using it for two weeks, I’m really loving this cream. I use it twice daily,
in the morning and in the evening, after my shower routine.
In the day, I use it after my toner and moisturizer, just before my sunscreen lotion.
In the evening, I use it after my toner and moisturizer.

After two weeks of use, I feel that my skin has lightened,
and this cream has helped to tone my oil glands so that my face is not as oily as before.
I have used other day/night creams previously but those were generally oily in nature
and I would stop using them after one try.

However this cream is moist without being oily, and
is really a suitable cream for people who have oily and acne prone skin like me!
Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a good day and night whitening/lightening cream in your beauty regime!

Helenere Purifying Pack

Helenere Purifying Pack
available online here.

2014-02-25 00.14.08

A very light mint green colour and thick consistency.

2014-02-25 00.14.35

A visible light pale layer when spread thinly across the skin.

I have used this pack/mask twice so far. As it is named, this mask aims to purify your skin.
To use, spread a thin layer around your face for 20 min and wash away with tepid/lukewarm water.
After which, I feel that my skin is softer and smoother. Recommended for use 1-2 times a week.
I would especially recommend this mask for people whose skin is exposed to harsher conditions such as strong sun
or dirt as this mask would definitely pamper your skin. 🙂 

Thanks to Helenere for their kind sponsorship of the products!

Visit Helenere’s official website here.
Like them on their official Facebook page for cool lifestyle posts and their latest products here!
If you’re on Twitter, be sure to tweet them here via their handle @Helenere_Intl. They also often offer discount codes! 😉

Last, but not the least,
You can also choose to buy Helenere products in Singapore in 2 places!
Salon De Expression 
T: +65-6338-6958

Arleen Beauty Therapy Centre 
T: +65-6532-5668

Thanks for reading, sending you my love! <3



Why You’re Still Single (For Guys)

I’ve blogged a version for Girls, check it out if you haven’t!

This is totally bias and from a girl’s POV.


1. You think you are not good enough for the girl you like.
Unfortunately she thinks the same way too.

cryingc/o Zimbio.com

2. You comment on every single Instagram, like every FB posts and repeatedly asks her on FB message “Where are you?” And it totally freaks her out so she blocks you on social media.

c/o Quickmeme.com

3. You are constantly juggling nth number of girls on your whatsapp and have lost track of the number of girls you’ve sent your after shower naked abs showing selfies to, that you have no energy to invest in an exclusive relationship.

eb9f893a3bb7ec91aad2588a7e8b04ab559e3251ad4b4c8728850cdb5095cc3dc/o Quickmeme.com

4. You post photos of your car and cash (yes seriously) on your Facebook and wonder why girls don’t love you or want a relationship with you. That’s because girls who look for you are only interested in you car and cash.

Grown-Man-Cryingc/o Uproxx.com

5. You are too busy with school /work.


c/o Complex.com

6. All you ever talk about is school, work and/or army.
The girls just don’t get it or understand you.

c/o Gurl.com

7. You wait for the girl to ask you out because you fear rejection. It rarely almost never ever happens.

819541c/o Goodreads.com

8. You love watching anime and playing game at night more than talking to a girl.

qfbmp_chrisbrown_580711 I'm_not_a_Gamerc/o adventuretime.wikia.com

9. You think you are drop dead gorgeous and when you look into the mirror you see a handsome hunk. You don’t understand why girls don’t appreciate your huge biceps that’s the size of their thighs. That’s because it scares them and they think that you like guys cos you seem obsessed with trying to impress guys with your physique.

ian-somerhalder-vampire-diaries-i-know-youre-obsessed-with-mec/o Teen.com

10. You just want to focus on your studies / career because having one woman ie Mom nagging at you is more than enough.

things-girls-need-to-stop-doing-on-dating-sites-3 sheldon-breathing-into-bag-gif tumblr_lyxx3af2wz1r50g7wo1_500_large



Why You’re Still Single (For Girls)

Hi Lovelies!

How was your V-day?

I meant to publish this on V-day but was too busy to, anyhoo, it’s still V-day weekend, hope you enjoy it!

I’ll be publishing a Guy’s version too! 😛 Edit: Here’s the Guy’s version!

Why You’re Still Single (For Girls)

1. You are too busy with school / workworkaholicc/o www.theblowoff.com

2. You are slow on the uptake and belated realize that the guy that asks to chat every night actually likes you but you have ruined any possibility of getting together because you found him annoying.

idk-girlc/o www.kingkresse.com

3. The guy that you like doesn’t like you back.

crying-celebrity-gifs-lauren-conradc/o http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/

4. You found out that the guy has a girlfriend on the second date.

tumblr_lj36nulsg61qeef0nc/o pinterest.com

5. You enjoy going out on dates with the guy but you don’t like him enough to be in a relationship with him.

41398-Emma-Stone-shrug-gif-cK4yc/o Pandawhale.com

6. The guy who asks you out for the first time cancels the date an hour before. It’s so flaky and uncool that you never want to meet him ever.

GrossedSNL_zps78c71cbbc/o Photobucket.com

7. The guy who likes you thinks and says he is not good enough for you. You then actually think so too.

810107c/o Goodreads.com

8. You don’t want to settle because seeing your couple friends quarrel over the pettiest things scares you and assures you that being single till you’re ready is the right decision.

tumblr_mskvdsyYBK1sg5pb2o1_500c/o Wifflegif.com

9. You’re waiting for the tall, intelligent, guitar-playing, reasonable and understanding guy who is preferably a few years older and has a spark with you to come in your life… But he just hasn’t made an appearance yet. Only in your mind.

I-love-dreaming-daydreaming-20470827-500-280c/o Fanpop.com

10. You think being single is the best thing and you’re totally enjoying your freedom.

9b5cb110-65b1-0131-46e4-6ea18e39698cc/o Bustle.com



Get Pretty with Mary Kay Make-up Workshop

Just before Chinese New Year, at the invitation of Wendy,
my girlfriends and I visited Mary Kay’s office in Tanjong Pagar for a make up workshop!

Here’s some photos, my favourite products and review from the session! 😉

Enabalista with YL Mary Kay

With YL pre workshop session!
My skin was honestly in bad condition that day, after a breakout.

Before the makeup demonstration and workshop, we indulged in a little skin care pampering session.

Enabalista Mary Kay Workshop Review

Here, YL, Belle and I had half our face slathered with Mary Kay’s Botanical Mask.
So we could tell the effect comparing to our non-masked half!
Don’t we look like we have dramatic masks on? 😀

Drama Masks

Enabalista Mary Kay Review Favourite Products

Mary Kay TimeWise Replenishing Serum and Botanical Mask
These are my favourite Mary Kay products from the workshop. 🙂
The serum preps the skin before the mask and after the mask application, the skin is fresher and clearer.

Enabalista Mary Kay Review 5

After prepping the skin and cleaning off the mask, it’s time for makeup demonstration!

Post make up workshop photos!:D

Enabalista Mary Kay Review 4

With lovely Belle

Enabalista Mary Kay Review 3

With my fav neighbour and bestie YLEnabalista Mary Kay Review 2

Mary Kay Workshop Review Enabalisa Groupshot

And with Juliana and Wendy, Mary Kay trainers and consultants.
Thanks Wendy for inviting us! 🙂

Enabalista Mary Kay Workshop Chinese New Year Look 1 Enabalista Mary Kay Workshop Make Up Look 2

Close up and unfiltered photos, post make up!

With Mary Kay concealer, primer, foundation, loose powder, eyebrow pencil, blusher and
eyeshadow in pink, orange and gold to suit the auspicious chinese new year occasion!
Mary Kay lipstick colours are also very lovely and pigmented.
On my lips are a mix of  TrueDimension lipstick in Color Me Coral and Wild About Pink.
I really really like this look on my girlfriends and I!

Enabalista Mary Kay Mission Statement

My girlfriends and I enjoyed the session and we agreed that the session was made more enjoyable because we
had each other’s company while we pampered ourselves with skincare and picked up make up techniques.
I actually think this is an excellent idea for a girls’ gathering! Plus, Juliana is a great make up coach and
she made us feel very relaxed and at ease with her bright smile and cheerful personality. 🙂

Mary Kay is a unique skincare and beauty brand in the sense that it doesn’t have a brick and mortar shop,
instead their products are sold by women, started  by Mary Kay Ash in America and is now in Asia.
Mary Kay Beauty Consultants start by going through the workshop and training themselves
they are certified trainers and enlist other women into their own teams
that sell and train other women in skincare and make up.
Pretty much like real estate or insurance agents but in the world and field of beauty!
I love the concept of women empowering other women and making their passion a living.

My girlfriends and I are planning to head back for workshop two where we pick up how to create “Smokey eye effect”.
If you would like to arrange for a Mary Kay workshop session for you and your girlfriends,
email Wendy, wenyip516 @ gmail.com (without the gaps)!
I’m also thinking of arranging for a session for my blog readers to attend Mary Kay’s workshop,
so keep a look out for that! 😉



Ultraflesh Shinebox Review

Hi lovelies!

Thanks to StrawberryNET.com, today I’m reviewing a beauty/makeup product,
Ultraflesh Shinebox, Highlight & Shimmer Collection!


As you can see from above, the UltraFlesh Shinebox has three tiers, the top being an enhancer aka shimmer powder that can be used to highlight your forehead, cheeks and nose bridge, which is exactly what I did for today’s make up.

The second tier is the shimmer cream which can be used to apply below your eyebrows to highlight and create eyes with depth.

The third tier is my favourite and new find, shimmer eye liners in white and nude colours. I have used eyeliner in white on my lower eyes waterline to create a bigger and doll-like eyes effect. However it is my first time using the nude shimmer eyeliner and I love it! It blends perfectly with my skin colour, creating a healthy bright eye look. 😀


My full make up look, enhanced with UltraFlesh’s Shinebox!
I love how my nosebridge is higher and my eyes are brighter. 🙂

I’m glad StrawberryNET.com introduced me to UltraFlesh makeup.
The brand’s packaging reminds me of cult brand UrbanDecay,
perhaps it’s only a matter of time before this cool brand achieves recognition in Singapore and the rest of Asia.
You can also get your UltraFlesh Shinebox here at S$41.50.

StrawberryNET.com is an online retailer of discounted makeup, perfume, skincare and hair care,
stocking over 30,000 products from 600+ leading brands – up to 65% OFF.
They also offer FREE shipping on all orders, I’m sure you will find appealing, as I do!




Tea Time #OOTD

Some pics of my #EDD aka #OOTD from the same day of the Mary Kay workshop. 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Navy Dress SammyDress Review Enabalista

Navy Dress SammyDress Review Enabalista4Long sweater from Sammydress.com here.
Military Heel Boots from Newlook Somerset, similar here and here.

Review of Sammydress.com 

Upon selection and checkout of items, delivery takes two weeks which is in my opinion
rather typical of online shopping purchases.
This sweater is one of three clothing which I picked out and my favourite of the lot.
It arrived as a long and comfortable sweater which fits my petite frame as a mini dress, with leggings on.
Unfortunately after one wash, it has shrunk to a regular sweater top which I won’t be able to wear as a dress again.

I’ll be showcasing another dress I’ve worn for Chinese New Year, it’s a lovely piece
and thankfully the shape retains after a wash. 😉

I would recommend Sammydress.com for its chic and very affordable fashion,
reliable shipping/delivery experience and other than the sweater shrinking after a wash,
the other two pieces material is remarkably thick, perhaps too much for Singapore’s warm weather
but definitely will keep me snug in my company’s cold office.

I also realized, after receiving this package that I really do have a penchant for long sleeved tops/dresses.
All of the three pieces were long sleeved.
So much for casual dressing in Singapore’s hot weather. Obviously totally not relevant for me, heh.
Keep a look out for the other two dresses on my blog soon. 😉

Check out their dresses here.



Poulet Affordable French Restaurant @ Vivo City Review

Hi guys!

A while back I was at Poulet restaurant at Vivocity for dinner with my friends.
Check out the photos and my review at the end of it! 😉

Poulet Restaurant Review Enabalista2 Poulet Restaurant Review Enabalista Poulet Restaurant Chicken Review Enabalista

My friends and I shared the Poulet’s popular roasted chicken which is their signature dish.
The chicken was well roasted, has a unique sauce which I can’t put my finger on what special ingredient it includes.
The chicken itself could have scored better, it was neither very juicy or tender, but alright.
I would however, order it again when I’m back.

Poulet Restaurant Granny Apple Review Enabalista

My friend ordered Poulet’s chicken and granny smith sandwich and like it very much.
I am not a fan of sandwiches for dinner (only like them for breakfast)
but I have to say the filling in the sandwich (i tried a little of it) was good.

Poulet Restaurant Mash Potato Review Enabalista

Poulet’s mashed potatoes.Poulet Restaurant Review Mushroom Soup EnabalistaPoulet’s Mushroom soup is very unusual!

It tastes more like smooth butter with a tad of potatoes. HA.

Poulet Restaurant Bread Review Enabalista

The mushroom soup was a smooth blend of wild mushrooms and a little cream.
Definitely for those who like their mushroom soup with a raw-er taste. 😉
The bread comes with the soup isn’t remarkable.


Nice and quiet. Good for family and friends gathering.

#01-175/176/177, VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk
Call: 63769087
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:30 – 22:00

Find out a list of their other outlets here.

Till the next post! 😉