Best of 2013 & Happy New Year!

*Updated* 🙂

Happy New Year in advance folks!

2013 has really been a fabulous year for me and I want to blog about a list of my favourite and my readers’ favourite posts.

But I’m on my way home for a countdown party with my friends now so I’ll be editing this post in the new year! :p

I wish all of you a fab new year ahead! Make happy memories and may all the best opportunities come to you!


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Let’s start with the top 10 readers’ favourite 2013 posts! 🙂

Ena After Liese Pink Jewel Hair Dye 3
1. Liese New Jewel Pink Hair Dye Review, 3, 498 views in 2013

Song Hye Kyo That Winter The Wind Blows
2. Laneige, Korean Actress Song Hye Kyo’s Beauty Secret, 1 478 views in 2013

Ena Glomax Facial Review 9
3. Glomax Aesthetics Facial Review, 627 views in 2013

Ena Reviews Bio Essence 2
4. Bio Essence New Launch Royal Jelly ATP Range Review, 613 views in 2013

5. Thai Chick Flicks on Youtube with Eng Sub, 480 views in 2013

Ena Hada Labo Whitening Lotion Review
6. Hada Labo Whitening Lotion Review, 350 views in 2013

7. 23 Things I’ve learnt on my 23rd Birthday, 286 views in 2013

Enabalista Mentholatum Deep Moist Lipbalm 2013 Review
8. Mentholatum Deep Moist Lip Balm Review, 280 views in 2013

Oasap Giveaway Enabalista
9. Fashion x Enabalista Giveaway, 267 views in 2013

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista Review
10. Coco Ichibanya Curry House Star Vista Review, 219 views in 2013

Now for a recap of my blogging journey in 2013,
all of which I am super grateful for!

Let’s Begin with Hong Kong (Hong Kong Trip Day 1)

Fashion, Food, Fun, Hong Kong Day 2

Posing with Nico Panda~
Posing with Nico Panda~

Visiting Lane Crawford Hong Kong Days 3 & 4

Ena Japan 2013 12

Ohaiyo Japan 1

Ohaiyo Japan 2

Ohaiyo Japan 3 Traditional House Tour and Glass Frosting Workshop

Ohaiyo Japan 4 Isohara Seaside & Tokyo Tower!

Ohaiyo Japan 5 Tokyo & Temple

London Sights & Food! 
At this point, after two travel trips abroad,
I decided to just post up all my trip photos on one post
instead on separating them in to several posts. 😛

I also had the chance to go to Philippines again for the 3rd time, with my church.
But I didn’t manage to find the time to post up the photos!
I will post up a really belated and summarized one.

I consider myself super blessed to be given the opportunities to travel abroad in 2013
and in 4 countries! I love travelling, experiencing the different cultures,
exciting new experiences and coming home to realize just how blessed I am to be in Singapore. 🙂

Other milestones in my life:

Ena's Graduation
Oh, Graduation!
Also check out my post on 3 things no one told you before graduation, if you haven’t! 🙂

I don’t blog much about my career but I’ve also transitioned from a fashion and marketing job
to becoming a real estate agent and all in all,
I am very grateful to my mentors, bosses, colleagues and peers
who have taught me so much
I thank the Lord for all the open doors and wonderful opportunities in 2013. 🙂

I am also grateful for all the brands and PR firms
that have approached me to feature their brand and events/products on
I’m listing the rest which has not been listed in the top 10 posts above. 🙂

Ena x YourEyesLie 4

OOTD with Galaxy Skirt by YourEyesLie (YEL) 


My First Musical at RWS, with the Addams family cast backstage.

2013-06-08 18.29.29

ESYE Fashion Wine Down

2013-07-23 13.11.14

Lunch @ Oca Grassa

Ena Teo Oasap Contrast Collar Embriodered Dress 1

OOTD with dress by Oasap

Sothys Energizing Creme Review Enabalista

Sothy’s Paris New Engergizing Creme Event & Review

Jia En

Fide Fashion Week 2013

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Nanis x Goldheart Media Preview

Lile Aux Ashby @ Digital Fashion Week 2013

Digital Fashion Week


Collections Cosmetics Pop Diva Workshop

Enabalista Bunc @ Radius Review 1

Ayer’s BBQ & Staycation @ Bunc@Radius



OOTD with red dress by Choies

Enabalista HotelClub Best Lifestyle Blog 2013

Perhaps the cherry on top of the cake for 2013, was receiving this badge from HotelClub. 
Never expected an accolade like this, and it makes my blogging journey that more rewarding that it already is! 🙂

Last but not to the least, I am thankful to all the people who have made my life such as blessed one.
My family, my church and my peers.
My life will simply not be the same without these beautiful people in my life.

Ena London Family Pic

Teo family portrait while in London
2013-07-10 21.42.05

While celebrating my birthday at Covelli.


With my er jie, Jia Hui on her graduation day in London.2013-05-02 15.39.10

With my eldest sister, Lu Jia while shopping in London.

Posing together after our ferry ride~
Posing together after our ferry ride~

Ena's Graduation

With the Chilli Fargarettes who made school such a pleasure and the HK trip a truly memorable one!


Another one ^^

With bestie Bini, through ups and downs, our friendship remains true. 🙂 <3
Let’s work hard together in 2014 and go on trips together! 🙂

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Group Photo2

We’ll be celebrating our 9th year of friendship and camaraderie this year, and many more years to come!
Thailand, August 2014, here we come!
Ayers will always hold a special place in my heart. <3

Benji 2013

With my Benjis from church, Christmas was a blast as usual!


And our super impromptu staycation, tho it was short nonetheless fun.

I just know that 2014 will be an even better year ahead for the blog, my career and life!
And I wish the very same to you my readers as well.
Let us continue to pursue our dreams and passions relentlessly! 🙂
Blessed be.


Reflections for 2013 | What’s life, if it’s not experienced?

What's life, if it's not experienced?

As the year 2013 draws to a close, like many of my friends who’ve already done so, I’d also like to pen, or type in this case, some of the more striking lessons and thoughts I’ve learnt from the year past.

1. Forgive 

A lesson that I’ve been reminded in the final month of the year. I shared with a few friends that I find it hard to forgive a friend/person when the other party doesn’t apologize and/or ask me for forgiveness. It would be too obnoxious to go up to them and go “It’s ok that you didn’t ask for forgiveness, but I forgive you.” As I thought about the friends that I needed to forgive, I realize that as much as I felt that they wronged me or took me for granted, perhaps they didn’t know that I was mad at them. And if that’s true, then perhaps I’ve also unintentionally wronged or took some friends for granted and needed to seek forgiveness from them. That thought’s a humbling one. With this thought, leads to another – that if we care enough for a friend, we won’t let misunderstandings come in our way. We’ll find a time for a HTHT, we’ll learn that forgiveness is just part of imperfect human relationships and we’ll find that our relationship/s emerges stronger through the tough times.

2. Focus on what’ve we’ve got, not what we lack.

On hindsight, I’ve been placed in several situations this year that found me lacking in the resources I need. Resources to organize stuff and such. And through them all, I realize that, by the grace of God, I made it through because I focused on who and what I had on hand, and not on whom and what I lacked. That, is a very important lesson I’m so glad that I’ve experienced without any hiccups. I say this because the reality could have easily seen me in a pity-party crying and wallowing about all the people and things I lack in my life to make it an awesome one. But it would be like missing a yellow colour pencil in a full set of colour pencils and saying that I’ve got no colours in my life. The truth is, life has always been what we make of it. Yes, we can choose to let life make us and define us. BUT, we can also acknowledge everyone that we have, every thing that we’ve been given, put them in a pinata, shake them up, let the confetti burst into the air and celebrate life and all that we’ve got. Because, why not?

3. Love people, not things.

There are many awesome people in my life whom I regularly thank God for, but as I grow older, I’ve come to really appreciate my eldest sister in a new and different light each time I grow to a different stage in life. We tend to share similar items at home like clothes and tech stuff whether we use the same items or we have the similar items. To cut a long story short, I allowed a phone charger cable to take precedence over my sister in my life; and as I reflected about my behaviour I was ashamed that I’ve hurt my sister in doing so. Thankfully I apologized and she also forgave me. It was after this incident that I came to the realization that 1. I must not let things take precedence over people in my life. 2. I must not, in any situation, say words that are unkind that will cause hurt to people I love. Especially if I love them, I must not say words out of spite which I cannot take back.

4. Let the walls down.

I thank God that I’ve had an extremely carefree childhood and teenage years growing up. But it’s almost like when I hit 18 y/o (5 years ago, for those who are clueless, ha) that all the problems started coming in. I know for sure that my walls started building way back in my secondary school days, and then exponentially more through the recent last few years, especially after the rose-tinted effect of my innocent, childhood dayz totally wore off through people I’ve met and through my experiences in life. There’s so so much I can talk about this, how I got in and then finally out of my depression deserves an article on its own, it didn’t happen this year if you’re wondering, it’s mostly stuff that I never talk about here. But what’s important as I reflect on this point, is that I’ve finally learnt that I need to let my walls down. I’ve got to learn to stop hiding behind my safe walls and fortress that I’ve built over the years. It’s not gonna be easy, I’m still afraid to be hurt by people I love, but at least I now know that humans are imperfect; we make mistakes, we hurt and get hurt. No, it’s not ok to be hurt. But just like feet that toughens and grows a thicker skin through walking, weathered feet is better than a spotless one; they’re a sign of a well travelled man. After all, what’s life, if it’s not experienced? What’s a book, if the pages are not filled in with words? I’m not asking for people to come love me and then hurt me, since now I’m wiser. But I’m saying that I’m better prepared to experience the highs of life, along with the downs. 🙂

5. Don’t let disappointments get you down. Fight it with all you’ve got. Know that everyone struggles, but you can emerge victorious.

There’s a certain struggle that I’ve been fighting with for the longest time. The point being, I struggle with a false sense of justified in-action because of certain disappointments, albeit unaddressed and repeated, that I allow to get to me. I was going to say that I don’t know why I let the disappointments get to me, but then I know that’s not true. It got to me simply because I gave up trying to fight it. I’ve got to learn to accept and let go of disappointments, even unaddressed ones, in order to move on in my life. I’ve let them bog me down for far too long. It’s really time that I overcome this seemingly silly struggle and with hope I pray that God will allow me to, in 2014!

6. Choose wisely, that which defines you.

I was going to say, don’t let others or situations define you. And I wanted to say, define yourself. But what I really mean to say is, take control of what defines you and know that it is your conscious decision that allows people and situations to define you. As a Christian, I choose to allow biblical values to define my way of life/lifestyle. I allow the family I am from and the values that I’ve been brought up with, to define me. I choose to define my skills and knowledge based on the schools, courses, teachers and peers I’ve met. I choose to define myself as a Christian, daughter, sister, real estate agent, blogger, confident, empowered young woman and the list goes on. People in life will expect and try to define you. But you don’t necessarily need to allow them to. Not even if they are simply older and wiser. Because only you will know what it is that you want for yourself in life (unless you don’t, and if that’s the case I would say, you need to find and know yourself first). I would suggest taking others’ advise into consideration, as reference; but ultimately your life is yours to live, and live it the way you deem fit. It would be a waste of one’s life trying to fulfill the potential of another’s dream instead of exploring one’s true ambitions.

7. Be the real you, and be ready for Change.

In continuation from the point above, we have the choice and the power to decide for ourselves, who we are. And I hope that you will take the courage to face up to who you really are. Acknowledge your weaknesses, embrace your fears and failures, know that it is all your imperfections that make up the beautiful you. The world will rather have the real you than a second grade copy of another person. In the same way, know that you are the best version of who you are and can be, no one else can come close. We are indeed all different and unique, wonderfully and fearfully created by God. Know that people will judge you for who you are, and they will judge you for who you’re not. No matter what you say, or not say, what you do or not do, people will judge. So, why not speak up, laugh out loud, smile widely, love deeply and simply be unabashedly you. That said, know that Change isn’t an option, but that Change is a part of life. We are all bound to change. We will grow older, yet not all will necessarily grow wiser. Only the brave will acknowledge that Change is necessary for improvement to a person’s spirit and soul. We would be fools to do the same things repeatedly and expect different results. Therefore to experience growth and maturity, we have to Change for the better. Start exercising to get healthy, start thinking positive to be happy. Everyday is another day to be a better version of who we are.

8. Live in the moment. 

Don’t wait for the next time to pause and admire the morning glory on the fences, smile at your neighbours, greet the good-looking colleague in another department, introduce yourself to the fellow bus passenger on bus 28 whom you’ve met for the 2nd time in the month or tell your mum/dad/bro/sis that you love them and mean it. Always remember that life is vulnerable as much as it is precious. Death to illnesses and disasters are real. It is an assumption that we will always have tomorrow. Don’t assume. We may only have today. If you’ve never tried, just for one day, live it as though it were your last. What will your last words be to each person that you’ll meet? Will you do anything differently? If so, why wait till you’re dying to live truly? I always find most chinese funerals to be such an ostentatious affair of wasted affections. We can’t be sure that the dead will appreciate the dirges and euglogies offered. Why not pay your respects to people you love and celebrate the goodness of their lives while they’re living? Why not gather the people you love and remind them you love them, often? Live, in the moment.

9. Dream big, set realistic goals and never stop moving.

I’ve always been big with dreams. My ambitions are so big, they go beyond the shores of Singapore. Because, while others may see my dreams and scoff, I’d go, why not? Dreaming is never an issue, but setting, planning and achieving the goals are the real gritty stuff we hate to handle. The secret, I’m still learning, is to never stop moving. If you don’t hit your goals, it’s not a problem, cause if you’re always taking steps towards your dreams, you can be assured that you’re one step closer to your dream.

This list has turned out to be thrice longer than what I’ve expected. Up ahead, I plan to write down a list of things I’d like to openly announce to achieve in my life, on my blog and I hope that that will give me more confidence and spur me to get them done!


What’s your 2013 learnings? Let me know in the comments below!


#LaterPost | Pink Party Bash!

About a month ago in November, I joined my ex-colleagues in Clozette/GlamAsia
to check out the Pink Party Bash!
It was one of the last projects that I was managing before I left,
so it was good to see it come to fruition. 😀

Here’s at the bash venue, St James Power House station… My pink outfit of the day!

2013-11-17 14.12.40 Pink Party Bash 2013 Pink Party Bash 2013

The highlight of the day was to see the models of the mix media nail art competition groups
who have prepared two months for this day!

Team 1 with Valerie Lim as model with a Alice in Wonderland theme:

Pink Party Bash 2013

Team 2 with a garden fairy theme:Pink Party Bash 2013

Theme 3 with a Protect the Earth from pollution message:

Pink Party Bash 2013

The 2nd team won and it must have been a tough decision as all of them did so well!
Go search #PinkPartyBash on Instagram for all the awesome pictures for that day! 😉

Here with my lovelies of the day, Cassandra a super creative nail artist who has all these pretty nail art designs! (She’s also a Clozette Ambassador, see her Clozette profile and blog),
Cherie (@cheriexsh) and Azleena (@azzychubby)!
You can thank me later for helping you make it easy to stalk them on Instagram. 😉

Pink Party Bash 2013 Pink Party Bash 2013

One of the best part of the day was that we got to enjoy gelish nail services at $20 instead of the usual $50
and all the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore! 🙂

Thanks to The Pink Room academy for organizing and Clozette for inviting!



Lile Aux Ashby @ Digital Fashion Week 2013

Digital Fashion Week 2013 came hot on the wheels behind Fide FW 2013.

I had to pleasure to attend Lile Aux Ashby’s SS 2014’s showcase
on the invitation of Glenn of The Dapper Boys (@theDapperBoys)! Thanks Glenn! 😉

Photos taken from Lile Aux Ashby Facebook!

Lile Aux Ashby @ Digital Fashion Week 2013 Lile Aux Ashby @ Digital Fashion Week 2013

It’s all a girl can dream of for a technicoloured, printed summer wardrobe collection.
Shop away for their collection on ASOS marketplace here.

I love these orange prints on this purse and jacket and these blue prints on the purse and dress!

Lile Aux Ashby @ Digital Fashion Week 2013With the fabulous boys Lucas (@niftylucas), Glenn and lovely ladies Jen and Emmy!
My ootd in Primark leather jacket and GoJane graffiti print dress.

Enabalista LOTD

On the face that night for a mod grunge look with cat liner & pink pout.  Feat. my trusty/holy grail Maybelline eyeliner & also their fuchsia flash colorsensational lip colour.
I might have also discovered a new angle for selfies, heh,

Watch a short InstaVideo here.


#LaterPost | Hunger Games Movie Date With My Sisters!

A super belated repost from my instagram @ena_teo.

Hunger Games 2 Enabalista Review

Monday night’s dinner & movie date w my sisters. Been craving mash potato dish for a while and it was nice to indulge in a Popeyes meal. I enjoyed watching #HungerGames2 but only found out both sisters didn’t watch the first one during the movie. Had to softly whisper the context to them. Pls do watch the first one first as it’s necessary to fully appreciate the second one. Planning to get my hands on the books to find out what happens for part 3. Can’t wait for another year! I like that the heroine, Katniss has her own doubts and fears but is still a symbol of hope for the people, making her a believable and relatable character.

Nanis x Goldheart Dancing in the Rain Collection @ JewelFest 2013

JewelFest 2013 took place during the same period as Fide Fashion Week.
Here are some photos and a video I took when I was there at the media preview! 🙂

Nanis is an Italian jewellery brand by founder and designer Laura Bicego.
The brand represents creativity and versatility
which is undoubtedly expressed by how the jewellery pieces can be worn in several ways!
When it comes to just how many ways a piece of pendant can be worn, the sky’s the limit.

For their expansion in Singapore, Nanis teamed up with Goldheart Singapore
for a special line “Dancing in the Rain” which is as beautiful as it is poetic.
I’ll let the photos do the talking. 😉

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013 Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Nanis’ spokesperson, who in a private conversation later explained to me that
Nanis is the name of a beautiful girl who brought joy and smiles to the founder Bicego.
What a beautiful name and story!Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

That’s the charming creative designer and founder Laura Bicego.

The demonstration of “Dancing in the rain” begins!

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

The necklace can be worn in two layers or…Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Worn in one later with part of it dangling down the back.Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

View from the side.
Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013 Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

The necklace can be worn as a chocker and with a bracelet. For a casual look with a denim top.Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

The same chocker necklace can be lengthened by attaching another necklace..
And for a more glamourous dinner night look!Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

The same necklace can also be worn as a longer necklace.Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Or lengthened completely and attached to a fabric piece and worn down the chest.Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

More beautiful pieces, this bracelet is made of precious gems and gold pieces, each handcrafted in Italy.
Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

This is a green pendent with rain drop effects organically and handcrafted.Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

A Nanis ring and also a pendent, with rain drop effects, in peach / beige.
Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Here’s Rana of BonjourSingapore who’s also the managing editor of Marie France digital magazine. Smiling as Laura adjusts the bracelet to a necklace for her. Watch the video I took below! 😉

Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Another versatile piece of accesory which can be worn as a ring or pendent or attached to a bracelet as well!
Nanis x Goldheart JewelFest 2013

Another pendent, here worn as a bracelet but can also be worn as a necklace.

The Nanis brand is a beautiful and versatile jewellery brand that brings out a woman’s confidence and creativity.
This demonstration left all of us present with a sense of wonder and playfulness,
that fashion and beauty is unlimited when we put our creative juices to use.

Visit Goldheart Jellewery stores in town to get a piece of Nanis for yourself
and let the inner creative spirit in your shine through! 😉

Follow them for their updates!:
Goldheart on Facebook
Nanis on Facebook

2013-10-17 14.53.28

We also met up with Sharlinn of Sharart Jewellery line while we were at JewelFest!
Check out her site here and Facebook page. And also follow her on Instagram @sharartdesign.


P.S. Follow my blog on Facebook if you haven’t! 😉
Enabalista on Facebook

Copper Red Hair Dye @ XpectStudio Review

In the following 3 days,  I’ll be posting several reviews and photos of events in 2013 so I won’t have to bring them over to the new year! :’D

My elder sis won a hair dye voucher worth $100 and she passed it to me for use since she doesn’t dye her hair.

So I paid additional $51 to get my hair dyed!

The results? I loved it! It’s actually been about 2 months, since I dyed it in early November. (I know, I am a huge procrastinator in blogging :P). It’s originally copper red colour but now it’s only copper.

Ena Review Xpect Hair Studio @ Orchard International Building

That’s the head stylist on the left, Kazu!Ena Review Xpect Hair Studio @ Orchard International BuildingEna Review Xpect Hair Studio @ Orchard International BuildingI love how my newly dyed hair (then) made me look like an anime character, heh.

All in all, I found the services very good and the prices reasonable! If you want to get your long hair (like mine) dyed, I totally recommend it.

For  10% off their hair colouring services, quote “Jia En” And look for hair stylist Kazu! xpectstudio, Orchard International Building #01-09/10 Tel: +65 6735 9932

xx Ena

Blessed Christmas 2013!


Blessed Christmas my dearest readers!

What is Christmas to you?

I saw this tweet pic from Roy Bennett, @inspiringthinkn:


“Christmas is love in action.”

In essence, that is true because we celebrate the birth of Christ, that God sent his only son Jesus to come to earth and to prepare him to die for our sins on the cross. How often we neglect and forget the real meaning of Christmas when we are busy in the celebration and revelry of the season.

For me, Christmas this year is a time when I gather with old friends and family to celebrate the season and enjoy the warmth in the company!

Blessed Christmas, be the Love in action today! 🙂


Fide Fashion Week 2013

This is my super belated post on attending Fide Fashion Week
while working with Clozette/, almost three months back. 😛
I’ve procrastinated on blogging this because I’ve got a lot of photos from attending 8 out of 11 nights.
Better late then never, so I’ll the the photos do the talking!

2013-10-13 18.25.41

With Mayshella on one of the first few nights of fashion week.
2013-10-13 21.13.57

In a StyleStalker dress, a label from Sydney Australia by designer duo Sue Ann San and Rachel Zeilic.
It’s available in Singapore at Eclecticism + Lauren Jasmine at Wheelock Place #B1-06! 😉
Jia En
In the Aria Dress by Black Halo,
also available in Singapore at Eclecticism + Lauren Jasmine at Wheelock Place #B1-06.:)
This photo posted on my Instagram was also featured on Black Halo’s Facebook page here.
2013-10-13 11.45.522013-10-13 11.34.54
Had the privilege to interview Mr and Mrs Towako, the founders behind Felice Towako Cosme, for 🙂

2013-10-13 01.12.00

Their Towako Mist and FTC UV Perfect Cream.
The mist can be used / applied even above make up, best for OLs who are exposed to aircon all day long, to keep their skin moist and supple. The FTC UV is perfect for my arms which I try to apply every day before heading out. It protects my skin from the sun and has a sweet grape scent which I love!2013-10-12 13.41.51
Also had the privilege to interview Japanese  haute couture fashion designer designer Yoshiki Hishinuma.
I love how his designs are so ethereal and out of this world! Check out the photos from the runway here.

Photos of Sebastian Gunawan, Indonesian Haute Couturier’s backstage fitting process!

2013-10-14 11.50.11-1
Beautifully embroidered and embellished shoes.2013-10-14 11.56.59 2013-10-14 12.17.31 2013-10-14 12.17.44-1 2013-10-14 12.22.29-1 2013-10-14 13.19.46

With local top model and friend, Ying Ying who’s toweringggg over me. HEH.
2013-10-14 13.37.12

With the incredibly talented yet humble designer himself!

On Day 6, the inauguration of the Asian Haute Couture Federation.

2013-10-14 17.47.02Utt, ex-MTV DJ looking as suave as ever.

2013-10-14 18.45.55
Michael Cinco iconic lace dresses.2013-10-14 19.15.20

Korean designer Lie Sang Bong and US TV style maven, Jeannie Mai!2013-10-14 20.12.38-1

With fashion blogger, Willabelle Ong.

2013-10-14 20.17.58

Dinner was a lovely candle lit affair.2013-10-15 11.20.22

Designer duo Vatit Itthi known for their modern and elegant designs,
spent 10 years in Chicago and is now based in their home country Thailand. See their runway collection here.
2013-10-15 12.53.42

With Michael Cinco, acclaimed Filipino fashion designer
who was invited to America’s Next Top Model to be a guest designer and judge on two occasions!
See his collection here.2013-10-15 14.52.44

With iconic Chinese haute couturier Guo Pei! We were blown away by her elaborate concepts and designs!2013-10-15 20.23.58

With Jed

2013-10-15 20.24.12

With Adrian Jiun2013-10-16 09.05.42

with Christabelle 😀
2013-10-16 18.44.51

With teachers & students from Atelier Chardon Savard. 🙂

2013-10-16 19.35.23

With local DJ Yasminne! 🙂2013-10-16 19.52.19

With Rana, blogger of Bonjour Singapore and current editor of Marie-France Singapore. 🙂2013-10-16 21.23.23

With friends Clarabelle, Christabelle, Kelvin & Nigel.

2013-10-17 01.49.29

Clarabelle, Christabelle & I 🙂2013-10-17 01.49.32 2013-10-17 01.49.35

With Beatrice:)

2013-10-17 16.01.46

Jean Paul Cauvin the COO of Julien Fournier Haute Couture house speaking on the history of Haute Couture.

1383544_679858658706173_1014298327_nWith Alexandra, the lovely lady and fashion writer for NY Times. 🙂
I’m in a Talulah dress, available on 😉
2013-10-17 17.44.56

A badly lit photos, but with a few of my favourite tutors! From L-R, Gilles, Circe, Ann & Lionel. 🙂2013-10-19 19.46.52

On the last night, in a dress by Talulah, available on InvertedEdge.com2013-10-19 22.03.14

2013-10-19 22.03.23-2

With Smita, current editor of 🙂
Follow her latest fashion, beauty & travel updates on her instagram @smitadesouza 😉
1375872_10151767614964121_1255482787_nWith a the lovely PR team who made FIDE a success,
Cindy, Jansen and Lionel on the far right,
along with Smita (in pink) and Alexandra. 🙂

2013-10-20 00.18.44

2013-10-20 00.20.20

With Felicia, kissing Fide Fashion Week 2013 goodbye with a kiss! :*

Read about my interviews with Julien Fournie and Love, Bonito girls.
Also check out Smita & I’s interview with Inverted Edge on their blog, the Thread! 😉

It would be tough to top another bigger fashion week in Singapore next year! 😛


Ayers’ Rainbow BBQ at Boutique Hostel Bunc@Radius

Thanks to Bunc@Radius, my friends/secondary classmates and I had a BBQ and staycation
over at Bunc@Radius at Little India, Singapore!

I’ll let the photos do the talking! 😉

Enabalista Bunc @ Radius Review 1

Bunc@Radius is a luxurious 5 star hostel.
They have two branches in Singapore, the one we stayed at is located at
15 Upper Weld Road, Little India, Singapore 207372.

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Lobby

Here with Laura, the lovely & pretty marketing exec. of Bunc@Radius
and the cute christmas mascots at the lobby counter. ^^

The boys & I checked in earlier before everyone else came down for the BBQ…
So we took advantage of our 6 bed dorm. 😀Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Room

Mao quite obviously enjoying his bed and pillow.
Bunc beds are uniquely customized and each has a 7inch mattress with two fluffy pillows which are sealed with bug resistant hygiene covers and with hotel grade duvet!

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Room2
Here’s Gan Da and Justin posing happily along with the colourful rainbow balloons!
Thanks Bunc@Radius for specially preparing these balloons! 😀

Check out the vent on the right of the balloons, these vents are there to provide fresh air ventilation. The system works by taking in fresh air from outside the building, runs it through a cooling system and pumps in cool air into each room and forces stale air out through an exhaust. Cool huh?

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Room3
Look at how happy Gan Da is with the balloons… hahaha!

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Common Area

We all loved the colourful and vibrant bean bags that were really comfortable to chill out on…Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Fun

And I took the liberty to post with the balloons (the same one from the room, heh) on the leve 2 communal area/deck as well… 😀Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Dining Area

We decorated the communal area tables with some streamers!
Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Common Area2And we tied the balloons to the stand to welcome all for the BBQ. 😉

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Kitchen

Guangshun came along and took the initiative to prep the BBQ food! Good job Guang!Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India BBQMao started the fire for the BBQ…
He’s single & available so if anyone is interested, you may drop me an email! 😛

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India BBQ Chicken Wing
Check out our delicious BBQ food! Chicken wings & Satay! 😀

After the BBQ session, it was time to celebrate our December babies’ birthday!

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Birthday

Yup that’s me bringing out the cake. Heh.
Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Birthday2

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Group Photo2

A group pic to remember all the Ayers that came down for the BBQ!
Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Group Photo
With the whole group that came down for the BBQ, this time including Yi Ning’s hubby!

Butter Studio Gingerbread

Special thanks to Butter Studio for sponsoring these gingerbread men and delicious cupcakes during our staycation! Butter Studio Cupcakes

These cupcakes are ridiculously cute…Butter Studio Panda

Mr Panda.
Butter Studio Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
Butter Studio 1Red velvet! One of my favourite! 🙂

Check out their site here, Facebook page and follow them on instagram @butterstudio. 😉

When it was time to rest… we don on our masks for some beauty time… 😀


After a good night’s rest…

The next morning, we went down to check out the breakfast!

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Breakfast

Here’s the breakfast crowd!Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Breakfast Cereal

I am a fan of breakfast cereals. 🙂
Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Glimpse Zines2

I spotted something interesting at the breakfast area…Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Glimpse Zines Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Gilmpse Zines 3I really like that Bunc@Radius supports local artists through this Glimpse project.
Do go down to check them out if you’re in the area! 🙂

Ena’s Review
My friends and I had a lovely time catching up during our BBQ at the outdoor deck.
The open air concept, fully fitted kitchen, tables and chairs allowed us to have a fuss free BBQ.
We were particularly impressed with the dorm beds and fitting and toilets which were modern, clean and spacious.
Wifi was strongest at the lobby and weak in the dorm rooms,
so a lot of travellers will gather in the lobby to make use of the strong wifi in the area.
Bunc@Radius is definitely a place that we’ll come back to visit again. 🙂

Check out Bunc Hostel’s video showreel and what they represent here:

Check out Bunc@Radius website, Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @bunchostel! 🙂

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Enabalista featured in HotelClub’s The Best Singapore Lifestyle Blogs of 2013!

 Thanks to HotelClub for featuring my blog Enabalista as one of the Best Singapore Lifestyle Blogs of 2013! It is my honour and privilege to be mentioned next to fellow bloggers like MsGlitzy (whom I am a fan and longtime reader of) and Felicia Neo! Couldn’t have done it without the support of my readers, many of whom are my family and friends.  Thus I dedicate this milestone to all of my dear readers! I also want to thank God for this award because it’s a great blessing to be picked out of many lifestyle bloggers in Singapore. 🙂 

Enabalista HotelClub Best Lifestyle Blog 2013

This is an excerpt from the HotelClub featured article!:


Who?: Ena Teo, Enabalista

Why?: An honest and open account of young Singaporean life

Follow: @ena_teo


Real estate agent by day, lifestyle blogger by night, Ena began blogging at just 13 years of age, and in the ensuing years has honed her writing to a finely tuned craft. Her site,, covers her own experiences of living in Singapore, ranging from the extremely personal (see her posts about her graduation and her business ideas) to working, shopping, dining and going out. We were particularly taken by her willingness to share and engage with her followers, as well as her knowledge of all that Singapore has to offer!

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Thanks again to HotelClub for the award and I look forward to another great year for Enabalista in 2014! 😀

Red dress kinda day ;)

Been quite excited over this red dress and the sunglasses since receiving it from in the mail! Was expecting the red colour to be brighter but after wearing and see the photos, the deep red colour is growing on me as well. Perfect for a formal day wear as well as for dinners!




Took these photos at my current company office’s balcony which you can tell is rather obviously neglected in terms of paint work. But after some fotorus & vsco filters it looks like I’m somewhere in HK highlands having a holiday. Well, no picture that a filter can’t fix and a holiday abroad somewhere cold… I could do with that right now. >_<

Get them here! 😉 –> Red DressVintage inspired Sunglasses | Shoes from Charles & Keith