Why a girl shops and how to RESIST the temptation!

Little girl with shopping bags
Ohhhh yes, THAT face of satisfaction and embarrasement in one when damage’s done. Source: ColourBox.com

I’ve been on a little shopping spree…

Bought items (3 dresses & 4 pairs of shoes to be exact) from GoJane.com on Tuesday night and I bought a pair of strapped wedges from Charles and Keith and was tempted to also get a Fendi inspired red bag in the window…

Why do we like to shop so much? 

Let me list the reasons why.

Girls will never have enough of:

1. Lipstick colours. See my previous post on sampling Etude House lip colours and how I want them all, seriously.

2. Shoes of different types like flat, heels, wedges, running shoes, etc.

3. Bags of different types and colours like bucket bag in country plaid, red, black or tab work /office bag, pink or other favorite colour day/ date bag, hand purse or clutch for dinners or formal events. (Read: it can be both a boon or a bane to be a girl)

So the eternal question: how do we RESIST the temptation???

1. Decide on the chosen item and budget you have to buy.

2. When you are out and you are shopping keep to your budget. Don’t waver.

3. When you waver, decide you MAY get it ANOTHER DAY. So you leave the shop, and go back another time. If it’s gone the next time you’re there, then it’s just not meant to be, besides you didn’t plan to buy it anyways! But if you go back the next time, it’ll be planned. 😀

As for Online shopping….

1. Put your Credit Card far far far away. Ask your mum to safe keep it from you when you are browsing online and

2. When you want to buy the items, review them with your mum or sister or best friend and ask for honest opinion if it is 1. really necessary 2. within your budget 3. not a replicate of what you already have.

Any other effective tips you have that I have missed out? 🙂


P.S. Here are the sale items I got from GoJane. 😀
My colleague says the quality isn’t great, the shoes will last a year, tops. But at those prices USD$10+ per pair, I don’t need them to last that long either! HA.
Can’t wait to have them shipped over, will do a haul post, or maybe even a video then!




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6 thoughts on “Why a girl shops and how to RESIST the temptation!”

  1. I love the items you bought from GoJane. I am jealous of the fact that you can pull off such high heels; I’m already pretty tall, so I would be towering over everyone if I slipped those onto my feet. 😉

    These are excellent tips. While it can be more convenient of course, I hate when online retailers allow me to save my credit card information in my account. It just makes it too easy to add more items to my basket and click “Submit.” The idea of keeping a credit card far, far away is a good one.

    1. I love the items I bought too! The black patent leather heels are fairly comfy even after half a day and didn’t give me any blisters despite it being so high. 🙂 Well, if you ask me, I would rather have your height than my heels any day! 😛 They say the grass is greener on the other side, huh!

      I don’t actually online shop that often and when I do, I will usually buy a fairly big amount to make the shipping worth while! 😛 Having bought from GoJane now, I think I will be a return shopper because of their pretty and affordable items and fast service. Shopping with credit card can be quite scary, when you don’t see the cash it doesn’t seem to hurt that much as when you do while spending the real notes. hahaha!

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