ESYE Fashion Wine Down 2013


I finally got my dear laptop back and repaired, so I am able to upload some of the older photos Β that I’ve not done so previously… Starting with photos from ESYE Fashion Wine Down event that I attended in early June! πŸ™‚

2013-06-08 16.31.51-2

I was one of the four finalists of the Face of ESYE, and was outfitted in ESYE’s coral coloured laced dress from their SS’13 collection.
2013-06-08 17.46.23

The voting boxes for the face of ESYE.

2013-06-08 22.54.13

With my friends, the two belles, Christabelle on the left and Clarabelle on the right. πŸ™‚ Thank you dears for coming down! πŸ™‚2013-06-08 18.50.52

The same dress in their window! ^^

Then the fashion show began and here are some snaps of the outfits shown.2013-06-08 19.09.45 2013-06-08 19.10.47

This is a bit blurry, but its the same dress on the model, heheh.2013-06-08 19.10.59

The same lace dress in black.2013-06-08 19.11.46

2013-06-08 19.14.27

Love the floral prints and unique folds on this dress!2013-06-08 19.16.34-2

Check out the video of the looks from the first half of the show!Β 2013-06-08 19.51.53

Then for an interlude, a british lady came to introduce her unique fragrance.2013-06-08 19.56.09

Here you can see the mobile cabinet where they are able to recommend the fragrance that suits you best.

Second half of the show begins!2013-06-08 20.14.34 2013-06-08 20.16.08

Check out the video of the looks from the second half of the show!

If you love the designs here, you can get them at ESYE which is located at B2 Orchard Central! πŸ™‚

After the show, Christabelle, Kelvin and I went for dinner at Tanuki at Orchard Central.2013-06-08 22.41.27

The happy couple!


2013-06-08 22.42.16


Here’s a shot with my Salmon rice bowl. I love it! πŸ™‚ Oh you can also spot the tip of the italian wine bottle that I won from the event! Heheh. πŸ˜›

As part of the event, ESYE was also on the look out for the Face of ESYE. I was one of the 4 finalist and although I didn’t win the first price, the ESYE organizers later awarded me Miss Congeniality and $400 worth of products! (^^,) I will update photos when I have redeemed the products. πŸ™‚

That’s all for today’s post~

Be Beautiful, Inside & Out.




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