Backstage with the Addams Family musical cast! :)

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I hope you had a fruitful week?

Today I’m posting photos from my backstage tour after watching the musical The Addams Family with my sister! ๐Ÿ™‚


Complimentary 2nd row seats, such a blessing! ๐Ÿ™‚


Here’s some Uncle Fester cookies and Wednesday cupcakes for sale outside the hall!


Before the show started, the invited bloggers and guest had a really quick 5 min photo-taking session with the cast! ๐Ÿ™‚ Spot famous local blogger Qiu Qiu of Budget Barbie fame right smack in the middle front row with the dyed hair ends! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 944505_10151711339055829_1661651939_n

Here’s a shot of me and the beautiful stage setting after the show ended.ย 942710_10151711336920829_2064818634_n

And then we proceeded backstage where groups of bloggers and guest got paired with the cast for a up close and personal tour! Here’s the actor for Lurch! He was super cute in the musical as a “silent” actor speaking in gibberish and mad waving hands. There was this scene where he bursts into a song and it was amazing too! <3


Close up of the stage!1005197_10151711337145829_614969174_n

Close-r up of the buildings! Blair the actress playing the role of Alice who brought us on the tour told us that the scene of New York was true to life and she can recognize the street where she lives in and even pointed to us the exact spot! Amazing details!581420_10151711337505829_1286379954_n

Blair and I ๐Ÿ™‚968990_10151711337395829_734724756_n

Another one ๐Ÿ™‚ย 1005441_10151711338080829_1935670188_n

Here with Amanda Burton who acted with Grandma! And this is her really cool moving table of potions and what nots!ย 968990_10151711337575829_976613648_n

Here’s the torture wall where Pugsley enjoys his morning torture ritual administered by Wednesday, the setting of the act where Wednesday sings the lovely song “Pulled”.ย 995747_10151711337635829_1968774386_n

Here’s the white ball which stands in for the moon which Uncle Fester is in love with! Blair told us how in one show the moon burst and was completely deflated! Fortunately the team managed to fix it in time for the next show. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was amazed at how the ball wasย maneuveredย and now seeing the stick from the back makes perfect sense. That’s why I love backstage tours! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 943629_10151711338645829_2125671054_n

The torture seat owned by Mr Addams! In the show, the lever when pulled down will release a chopper up from the seat! Scary, creepy and amazing. ๐Ÿ˜›


Here I am, sadly imprisoned behind the Addam gate, which opens to the burial place of the Addams ancestors in the musical.ย 1009793_10151711339205829_36535064_n

My sister and I had great fun at the musical and backstage tour! Thanks to Resorts World Sentosa for inviting us!

Follow RWS’s Facebook page here for exciting updates! They are having their yearly Halloween special at USS soon, so keep a look out for that! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you catch this post in time, The Addams Family musical ends today, 28 July Sunday! The last I checked, seats are still available for their matinee show but sold out for their last show in the evening! Book your tickets here!

That’s all for now!

Be Beautiful, Inside & Out!



New Job, New Hair ;)


So today I went to dye and trim my hair to prepare for my new job coming Friday!



I did it at a hair salon near my place!

And it is very affordable. The lady boss Ai Ling gave me a discount because it was raining and there weren’t many customers. I only paid $40 for this hair colour $20 for treatment totaling $60! Elsewhere it will cost me $120-200 depending where I go! So because Ai ling’s service is great, I asked her if she would like me to blog about it and give me readers a discount. She readily agreed!

For long hair like mine, hair dye is $60.
Treatment is $20.

So dear friends, you get a 20% discount when you quote “JIA EN” when you go down to Ai Ling’s salon! ^^ So for a $80 hair dye and treatment you only pay $74!

Call Ai Ling at 8218 0996 for appointment.

Address is: Blk 27A Chai Chee Road #01-379 Singapore 461027
opening hours: 9am-7.30pm daily.

Additionally, Ai Ling also offers facial at $28 but $25 for my readers !

I have not reviewed her facial before, but I will and let you all know. But if you are keen, her facial includes:
1. Cleansing
2. Pimple and black head extraction
3. Steaming
4. Mask
5. Massage
6. Eyebrow trimming

She has 22 years of experience in facial and hair beauty and it shows in her hair cut for me!

So I would recommended it to you:)


This is how the shop front looks like! She’s very fast and can service up to 3 customers at once.. I saw how she services one customer in 10 min for a hair cut.

Alrighty, that’s all for now!

Be beautiful inside & out !


23 Things I’ve learnt on my 23rd Birthday



It’s my birthday today! And I’m going to share 23 things to kick start this day. Hahaha. This is a post inspired by a blogger called Charlie! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok before I launch into the list, 2 updates! I got confirmed from my last job interview, and I’m going to start work this Friday! Praise The Lord! But I feel a bit worried and uneasy.. Worried that I might not feel comfortable with the job, worried that I might not perform to par. But I also am excited to start work, as I’ve “holiday-ed” for 2 months and 2 weeks now! Heheh. And also excited to contribute to society through my work and income. HAHA. ๐Ÿ˜€ second update is that I’ve sent my lappy to fix at my dad’s friend’s repair shop… Hopefully it can be fixed ! So I’m blogging from my phone now:)

Ok! Here we go!:

1. Being 23 doesn’t feel much older than say being 22.

I honestly had a whole lot of ideas for this post but suddenly have a mind blank. -.-

2. There will be fears and there will be dreams. Don’t let the fears stop you from accomplishing your dreams by taking steps one by one to make your dreams come true.

3. Friends are important but friends will also disappoint you. And when they do,
it’s ok. Your life will not topple neither will it dissolve. If there are conflicts and you have done your part to try to resolve things then breathe in, take things in your stride and move on. Recognize that God has blessed you with more than one group of friends and while some friendships may wither it also means that other friendships can blossoms!

4. Family is important to me. I may grumble at my parents and find them annoying and exasperating at times but I also love them dearly and sometimes I fear the day that they will die and wonder how I will cope with it (sorry If this is too morbid for you) but most days now I just think about how long more they have to live, how meaningful a life they have and how much I must treasure them and not waste our time together by being angry or having negative emotions.

5. It is also totally not worth it to be spiteful toward my family(or anyone). Being humorous and happy is far better. ๐Ÿ˜€ #didyouknow Humour in a relationship is what helps to resolve conflicts and allow relationships to go the distance?

6. My relationship with God is precious. Being rebellious and not spending time on quiet time because I feel that I have too much to handle is not worth it. Being dependent on him and trusting him is far more fulfilling.

7. That does not mean that everything in life and my ministry in church is perfect. But having a grounded relationship with God is the first and most important thing. That said it also doesn’t mean that I now know everything that I need to do and do them.

8. In my last 22 years I’ve swung the bat from both ends of the extreme. I’ve gone from trying to do everything. To doing nothing. But I figured doing nothing is not my style at all. Having too much time on my hands makes me uncomfortable and I don’t feel good at all. So i try to hit a balance. And taking it easy.

9. In a friendship, it takes two to tango. You can’t always be the one to initiate conversations and dinner meetings. And there’s a limit to how many times you can bear being the “pursuer” in the friendship before you feel you are devaluing yourself when the other party is unreciprocative.

10. When that happens, when you feel said friend isn’t reciprocating, it’s not always your fault. Don’t think it’s your fault. Friendship is supposed to be natural. When you have done your part and your “friend” doesn’t return the kindness and favor, you need to question why you bother and if the “friend” of yours treat you like one at all. Sometimes it’s not your friendship skills or your personality that’s the problem.

11. To develop a love relationship you need to first learn how to develop a friendship. The rules of developing a love relationship applies to a friendship as well. Best is to be friends before you become lovers. I may generalize but most guys will not spend time on you as friends if you reject them as lovers.

12. I have been single for the last/first 22 years of my life. Partly it’s because I’ve rejected guys ranging from one wanting to be my boyfriend within one week of knowing me, another still hung up on his ex, some(yes more than one, unfortunately, depending on how you see it, for me or for their gfs) still dating their gfs but will still spend time texting and asking girls out. I obviously avoid them like a virus when I find out. Partly it is also because I don’t like the guys that like me and neither do the guys that I like, like me back. ๐Ÿ™

Digressing: Said guy who wanted to be my bf within one week of knowing me, back when we were 15, he threatened to commit suicide if I didn’t speak to him on the phone for an hour during our O level exams period. Since then, I’ve stopped responding to anyone who will threaten me with suicide threats. I’ve learnt to encourage them to see a psychiatrist instead. :p

13. When a guy likes you, he will most definitely take the initiative to contact you. SMS, FB, whatever. You don’t have to worry, does he like you or not. You will know it. Neither do you have to worry if he will stop liking you. If he really likes you, nothing you do will make him stop liking you. But the reverse is true, if he doesn’t like you, it is unlikely that he will be touched by things you do.

14. Honesty is the best policy. Just be who you are and people will like you for it, or not. But no point pleasing people who don’t like you, and if you do, you will have to constantly do it which is not worth it at all.

15. That said, I subscribe to the policy that having a friend is better than an enemy. Don’t burn your bridges because you never know when you might need one. Although some may argue no point keeping a rotten bridge… It is also true that for the bridges I have burned before, I don’t foresee myself ever needing them. But then I may be speaking too early. Still, try not to burn your bridges.

16. I have made my fair share of mistakes. I have been rude to people who have been rude to me. But if time could turn back, I’d choose to be cordial. Some people say that’s hypocrisy. But I think that’s being polite and professional. I may not be able to control how others treat me, but I can control my response to them.

17. It’s ok to make mistakes. Really. It’s not the end of the world when you do. Just know how to learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them and be better next time. Life is a life long learning process! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am left with 5 points and am running out of things to say… :p

18. The Addams Family was my first musical. I enjoyed it. But I enjoyed the media call and the backstage tour with the cast even more. ^^

19. The two months of waiting for a job and the long job decision process is a humbling one. On one hand I am privileged to be able to choose what job I want, but on the other, waiting can be trying. However I am thankful because its this process that led me to my confirmed job in an industry that excites me. And also it is in waiting that my faith and trust in God is refined and increased.

20. I used to want to plan my life and have things happen “this way and that and by this time and that” but now I’ve learnt to take things one at a time and step by step. While I can still plan things in the long term, but it can be silly when God doesn’t allow it to happen. It doesn’t mean I lie back and do nothing, (I applied for this one by asking the director/boss for “a job” through LinkedIn and they just nice had a job up for fill!) but it also does mean that I am not constantly worrying what’s going to happen to me and if it happens, it will happen. If the job is going to be mine, nothing can stop me from it. But if it isn’t, then nothing can make it mine either.

21. Life is what you make it to be. Your perspective on things and on your life is one of the major determining factor of whether you can achieve “success” (no matter how you define it). As Henry Ford says, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

22. The people and environment we are in influence us to become who we are. We become more like the people we hang around with and the shows we watch, the books we read and the images we see. So be wise with whom you spend your time with and what you spend your time on.

Last one! So it’s going be something future-focused.

23. I may be embarking on a full time paid job but I have not lost sight of being an entrepreneur someday. I don’t know how and what I’ll be doing to get me there but I know three things for sure, 1. I’ll need to meet the right team of people, 2. provide a product or service that solves a solution and 3. overcome my fears by taking action! I may not succeed upon my first enterprise but that is a risk I will have to take when the time comes! ๐Ÿ™‚

That is all! I hope you enjoyed reading this one!


Be beautiful, inside & out!


Catch The Cranky & Kooky Addams Family @ RWS only showing till the 28th July!

Sponsored review

Opening Act “When You’re an Addams”

This morning I went down to Resort World Sentosa for The Addams Family media call as a blogger. It’s my first time attending a media call as a blogger and I was so happy and thrilled to watch the cast present 3 items and to get to interview the cast after! ๐Ÿ˜€

I present to you video excerpts of the first 2 items presented!

Item 1: Opening Act “When You’re An Addams”

Item 2: “Pulled” It features the adorable Addam Siblings Wednesday & Pugsley during their morning torture ritual which Pugsley enjoys and how it is changing because Wednesday is falling in love! Very cute and funny!

Excerpt of Interview with Lurch. I found it immensely amusing because he’s just mumbling / speaking gibberish! Which is also very cute!

A little more about the Addams Family musical, it is based on the bizzare and beloved family of characters created by legendary cartoonist Charles Addams. It began performances in March 2010 in America and ran through December 2011, immediately became one of Broadway’s biggest hits.

“Classic, full tilt, fast paced, old fashioned musical comedy!”- Chris Jones of The Chicago Tribune

I am enthralled by the performances put up by the cast today! The introduction booklet featuring the cast and crew shows a very impressive cast with a lot of credits, like almost every individual has more than 3 shows worth of stage experience so you know it’s really a top notched cast. I can’t wait to watch the full musical coming Saturday afternoon with my sister!

With the Addams Siblings! ^^

Interview with the Addams Siblings, Pugsley & Wednesday

Actor Jeremy Todd Shinder as Pugsley Addams
Actress Jennifer Fogarty (JF) as Wednesday Addams

Question for Jeremy Todd Shinder (JTS) as Pugsley:
Ena: Do you require any special diet for your role as Pugsley Addams?
JTS: No, I just eat and stay the way I am. I’ve been told I can put on more weight as the character of Pugsley is a heavy boy but I like the way I am now and intend to remain like that.
(Ena: I have a strong feeling that we’ll be seeing JTS grow up to be a tall young man, we’ll see, if he does continue on in his career in Broadway/acting!)
JF: It’s important that the cast is chosen and picked for how they are even before the musical, so Jeremy doesn’t have to put on or lose additional weight.

Question for Jennifer Fogarty:
Ena: Is there anything you wish to do or look forward to during your free time in Singapore?
JF: Oh yes! I’ve already explored Universal Studios and Sentosa with the tour team and I’m looking forward to visit Chinatown.
Ena: You should also visit Marina Bay Gardens & the Supertrees!
JF: Yeah and those! Basically looking forward to explore beyond the 4 train stations in Sentosa! *wide smile*

During the interview, we also found out that Jeremy Todd Shinder is only 11! How very talented he is for his young age and fortunate to be able to tour internationally as an actor! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jennifer Fogarty is 26 years old but she definitely looks much younger, like a fresh graduate! I think partly it is because of her petite frame and big beautiful eyes and her wide smile. ๐Ÿ™‚
Her eyes and face reminds me of Emma Stone. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Addams Family cast will be heading towards Guangzhou after their Singapore leg. Wishing them all the best!

The Addams Family musical started on July 9 and runs till 28 July 2013. So grab your tickets from Sistic while seats lasts! ๐Ÿ™‚

Many thanks to Resort World Sentosa for the invitation to the media call and tickets for the show! ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me know if you plan to catch the show and how you find it after you do!


Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be, will be.


Another vlog update… I try to vlog on Sunday or Monday but obviously this one’s late. But I’m not really going to try to keep to it, just going to vlog as and when I like! Now that my MacBook Pro is down, I’ve figured how to vlog and upload on my YouTube (and now blogging about it) all on my trusty iPhone4s! Whoop whoop! ๐Ÿ™‚

So I realized I say basically quite a fair bit, I don’t know why. Lol. Gonna cut down on it in the next vlogs.

Umm yes so I could be really upset about my Mac screen going all white on me but I’ve decided not too because its pointless and it also means if it can’t be fixed ill just have to figure a way to get a new one! I just believe that God’s gonna provide for everything and whether I am happy or sad it doesn’t help to restore my Mac so id very much rather be happy! And dinner w my family was really great! So was dinner with Annabel and the movie Whitehouse Down with her. It wasn’t a great movie per se, but definitely a spectacular all action movie. So do check out if you’re a movie buff!


My babe Annabel and veal skinny pizza

Ena Skinny Pizza Singapore
Your gal Ena and squid ink seafood skinny pizza

2013-07-10 21.42.05

My family & I at my early birthday dinner at Covelli earlier tonight:)

I’m going to upgrade this WordPress blog to my own domain some time very soon! The main reason is because I’m using up almost all of the free space there is in the free account so I’m sorta forced to upgrade to get more space for more photos. Was planning to when I upload all my some 100-200 Philippines trip photos (depending how many I decide to select and share, from a scary amount of 900-1000 photos lollll) and in order to do so I’ve to upgrade. But alas my MacBook Pro crashed. I think ill still upgrade nonetheless via IPhone / or galaxy tab my sister loaned me. It’s gonna be my birthday present to myself! Using my birthday gift allowance from my parents! Ok so it’s sorta my parents gift to me. Hahaha. So I’m gonna be having here soon! Exciting times ahead eh?

Alright that’s a lot of updates for today. Can’t wait to update on the media call for Addam’s family musical tmr! And about what happens to my baby MacBook Pro! HAHA.

Be beautiful inside and out!

Remember I love you!


#EDD #OOTD Galaxy Skirt

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Just a quick update of my outfit from the other day!

Ena x YourEyesLie 3

Ena x YourEyesLie 6

I love how the sun shines down and brings out the translucent galaxy skirt with its mountain top hem.

The material of the skirt is good, it’s well sewn and comfortable. Plus I really love the print!

For more similar printed tops here.

ย Galaxy Skirt “Time to Spree Printed Maxi Skirt” here.

For tips on how to wear maxi skirt check out my previous post here.

Ena x YourEyesLie 1

Yeap I definitely prefer being in shorts, also because of Singapore’s sunny summer weather! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Wah top has got to be my favourite new top. It’s made of great quality jersey material, it’s thick but it is not warm. Plus Wah is just such a Singaporean word and common form of exclaimation! Heh. Love it! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ena x YourEyesLie 2

Wah top. Old pair of short. Shoes from Primark, UK.
For a pair of cute shorts here.
Want more? Check out my picks for a red hot dress and a rad cutout black dress.

โ˜† โ˜…

Thanks to YourEyesLie for the Wah top and skirt.
Thanks babe B for the photos!

โ˜† โ˜…


London Sights & Food! :D


Today I’m blogging about my London trip in early May! ๐Ÿ˜€ My family went over to attend and celebrate my 2nd sister’s graduation from Imperial College! ๐Ÿ™‚

So my family stayed at Ibis hotel, Shepherd’s Bush branch. I think it’s a good and convenient place to stay, as its less than 5 minutes walk from the tube station. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ena London Ibis 3

My angel & elder sister chilling in our room. We really enjoyed chilling in London, after my final semester from school and her taking a respite from her busy work schedule.Ena London Ibis 2

The TV area and mirror.Ena London Ibis 1

Upclose picture of the room, beds and table area.

Ena London Ibis 4

Toilet! The door has no twist knob, it’s just push and pull and makes a mighty bang noise whenever you open or close the door, haha!

Ena London Ibis Sleep App

Cool looking app Sleep Art app where it supposedly makes art when ย you place it on your bed at night when you sleep, but it hanged when I used it twice. HAHA.

DAY 1 ! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ena London Profile

Hello good morning ya’ll! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ena London St Pauls

View of St Paul’s cathedral from the outside.

Ena London Millenium Bridge

We came to the Millennium bridge, walking from St Paul’s towards my favourite London museum, Tate. It’s the one with the long chimney looking structure. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s my favourite because it has soo many amazing art works from Pop Art to Surrealist Art, artworks and artists which I read and studied about from my JC days! <3 We didn’t have time for me to pop in this time. I visited it the last time I was there about 3 years ago.

2013-04-29 14.07.30

View from the bridge, over River Thames. It’s beautiful.

So the first day we went shopping with my sister to get her stuff ready for her graduation.

2013-04-30 14.07.57

We bought cosmetics, I got this Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in 902 Fuschia Flash. It’s a hot pink colour. I love it!
Ena London Mall

London, the land of Topshop!

Then we came to the market and saw cool stuff.

Like refillable wine. hahaha.

Then we came to South Kensington, or affectionately called South Ken by the locals.

Ena London South Kensington

To have lunch at Comptoir, for fantastic lebanese food! Someone should bring this to Singapore. ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_4794Ena London Comptoir Sisters

My lovely sisters.:D

Ena London Comptoir Parents

My Mamee and Papa. ๐Ÿ˜€

2013-04-30 11.53.02


2013-04-30 11.51.48

My eggplant dish!

We came to Selfridges…

Where people in love with fashion come, where people come and fall in love with fashion. It’s fantastic inside, looks more like a modern fashion museum, but I don’t think photos were allowed. Go visit when you are there. Or better, shop if you can afford. ๐Ÿ˜€


They have really cool and awesome, attractive window displays.
Ena London Selfridges 1

Ena London Selfridges 2Ena London Selfridges 3


Ena London Selfridges 4

More windows! And a black london cab!

Day 2!

In the morning we passed by cool places and sights.Ena London Gate

Like this wooden gate that opens into a secret garden. Not that it does, or maybe it does but I won’t know because I didn’t get to enter. ๐Ÿ˜›
Ena London Flower

And like pretty flowers!

We headed to Brighton village & market row to check out Honest burgers for lunch!


Ena London Honest Burgers

Ena London Honest Burgers 2

Honest Burgers.


Menu on the walls.

Ena London Honest Burgers 3

My burger!

Ena London Family Pic

With trees that are flowering in spring. ๐Ÿ™‚ Family shot! My dad, sisters and my mum. <3ย Ena London Family Pic 2

Another one!

Ena London Dog on Ride

Cute dog riding in style!

ย We came to the park…

Ena London Tree Park

The view is amazing, Like a work of art. <3IMG_4878

Family pic! With me taking the photo. Kekeke.IMG_4916

We came to the Queen’s garden.Ena London Park Grounds

Rolling green.ย Ena London Girl on Park

And a scene out of a painting with a little cute girl running across the park. <3

Day 3!

2013-05-02 14.25.42

We came to Stratsford city, wanting to visit the Olympic park….. but *deng deng deng* it was closed. >.<ย 2013-05-02 11.42.27

We had lunch, fish & chips at the mall. It was so-so. :/2013-05-02 13.54.59

We checked out Primark! We love it. It super cheap lah. But ok, sustainably wise, it might not be a good thing to buy so many cheap clothes and maybe at the cost of some labour issues. BUT still. Cheap clothes. HAHA. Ok. moving on.

After a non-Olympic park morning and just walking around Westfield Mall at Stratford city, my parents and 2nd sister headed back while my sister and I went shopping! At Oxford Street and Bond street! Yippee!

2013-05-02 15.09.47

Oh yes, I love the sensibility of British fashion.Eh forgot what this brand is, sorry! ๐Ÿ˜›

2013-05-02 15.04.19

Me and the “wrong” side of Star Wars trooper. HAHA. This was at Hamleys! Famous toy shop. ๐Ÿ™‚ Umm ok a little description of what I am wearing. Jacket and shoes from HK, you also saw during my Japan trip. Socks from Uniqlo, Japan. Don’t think it sells in Singapore cause they are long thick socks. I’ve been searching for them for ages until I found them in Japan, yay! Chambray top and red leather skirt from Bugis street, Singapore. Purple cardi from Mango. ๐Ÿ˜€ I love this look and it’s not something I can wear in Singapore. So I like to be dressy and layer while I can abroad. I was also wearing nude coloured stockings so I won’t get too cold incase the weather turned chilly or when the wind blew.ย 
2013-05-02 15.40.52

Weather actually turned pretty warm while we were window shopping… and Tea-shopping. My sister bought lots of Whitard tea back as souvenirs! Heh. Anyways here I am posing with the billboards but the bus came and yes I do look like I’m having a 1 million pound moment HAHAHA.
2013-05-02 15.39.10

With my elder sis!

Man skirt! Cool. ๐Ÿ˜€
2013-05-02 19.47.17
Hello Kitty is EVERYWHERE. Kekeke.ย 2013-05-02 19.09.47
Our sausage bread!!! <3ย 2013-05-02 20.28.42
And our snacks and dessert SPREAD back in the hotel. <3
Day 4~! aka Sister’s graduation day!
2013-05-01 20.21.23
Good morning~ Umm yes I look tired. HAHAHA.ย IMG_4964
My dad! <32013-05-01 12.31.33
BTS. Getting my sis ready for photos…ย 2013-05-01 12.31.41
Smile! That’s my sis’s friend, Han Teng. Helping out as photographer of the day!2013-05-01 12.31.54
Happy Graduate!IMG_4976
This one’s cute. With Lion!
My 2nd sis & I! Outside the graduation hall, Royal Albert Hall.
2013-05-01 21.01.08
Inside! Lovely isn’t it?
Then I took a very quick visit to V&A. Victoria & Albert Museum. Only caught the sculptures and fashion wings. Which I think I saw when I as there the last time. Just nice to revisit. But too little time so I didn’t take many photos.
2013-05-01 17.28.45 2013-05-02 00.12.44
Naked torso sculptures. Heh. Anyway check out this link of dressed sculptures looking uber hippy. Very cool and funny.ย IMG_5025 IMG_5024
Emo death related poems. HAHA.
I can’t remember if we came to Whitleys on which day. Anyway its a mall with Marks and Spencer (ok they are everywhere) and i just thought their ceiling was very nice.
So you get ceiling shots.
And another. HAHAHA.
Then we had famous duck and roasted meatย riceย at Bayswater, Gold Mine restaurant. Reasonably priced. Yes its delicious, so go there if you can!
2013-04-30 17.06.08
After dinner, my sister and I went to walk around Westfield Mall at Shepherds bush.
M&S really is everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚
Dalmations! Hehe.2013-04-30 19.08.38
Really cool shoes at New Look.2013-04-30 19.20.16
Love the fashion books at the bookshops!
Day 5!ย 
Last day of sightseeing! How time flies! So I took the liberty to walk around our hotel on my own before heading out with the family.
2013-05-03 17.21.16
Ibis hotel is along Rockley road. It’s a lovely place to live in.
2013-05-03 12.28.41
We visited the Buckingham palace park. We didn’t go in the palace.2013-05-03 12.42.59
Tulips, tulips everywhere! ๐Ÿ˜€ย 2013-05-03 12.46.48
More park views~2013-05-03 13.02.08
Squirrel!ย IMG_5189
Hehehe Cover Squirrel ๐Ÿ˜€
These cool statues were in front of the Buckingham palace.
ย I think the branch in the hands means peace. Don’t quote me on that tho! Heh.IMG_5160
I can’t tell what this is. HAHA. Maybe you can enlighten me? ๐Ÿ˜›
We came to the famous Trafalgar square, where a Bollywood dance was going on. FIlming was taking place! Cool.2013-05-03 15.12.51
We came across many many british memorabilia shops. Here are some British dolls!2013-05-03 15.24.08
And bookshops! Read the quote. If you borrow from the library, it’s zero cost! Heh. ๐Ÿ™‚ย IMG_5274
Then we came to Green Park area for Burgers & Lobsters. While waiting, you have to queue to get in, I went to walk around the area on my own and found this gem of a bookshop! G. Heywood Hill Ltd. They have a 100 books selection wall with recommendations of books by 100 famous people, including Anna Wintour and the Pope! I was too shy to take the photos in store but I thought it was really really cool. #geekinme ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_5273
PLUS Nancy Mitford a famous English author worked here! I mean how cool is that! I have not read her books before, but I shall take note to check them out the next time I am in the library.ย IMG_5276
Wait is over! Here it is and here we are! Burgers ย & Lobsters!2013-05-03 17.41.39
We ordered this 70pounds +++ lobster for the family. I don’t eat prawns or lobsters as I am allergic so I had burger!2013-05-03 17.42.41
Yes it was great. But I don’t think it’s justified to pay 20 pounds or 40 sing for it tho! Ok if you don’t convert, it’s worth it,lah. ๐Ÿ˜›2013-05-03 19.05.45
We came to the Marble Arch!IMG_5293
And visited a rather newly erected Bombers memorial hall.IMG_5295
Han Teng the history buff shares interesting stories and history with us!IMG_5296
“The fighters are our salvation but the bombers alone provide the means of victory” Winston Churchill, September 1940.IMG_5297
“To remember HOW they lived and more… Remember WHY they died” Kathleen Partridge August 1945.
It’s like visiting a museum and artworks understanding about history, wars and their significance. I like it.
Spot Singapore! ๐Ÿ™‚
A little further down, also recently erected Memorial Gates. To remember the troops fought alongside Britain & vice versa during major wars.
Day 6! We leave for home ๐Ÿ™‚
2013-05-04 12.44.51
Comptoir, at Westfield Shepherds Bush!ย 2013-05-04 14.38.21
On our tube ride back to Airport. ๐Ÿ™‚
2013-05-04 16.38.47
HAHAHA Bad lighting. But with Harrods bear! ๐Ÿ˜€
2013-05-04 18.08.00
All the chocolates we bought back!
And bye bye London, till we meet again! <3
I didn’t have time to plan for this trip at all because I was busy rushing my school submissions till the day we left. I packed like 2 hours before we left. I want to thank my sisters especially for funding me their student sister for this trip. HEHE. <3 I love London for its rich heritage, culture and fashion. Some people are impeccably dressed and chic here and it’s hard not to fall in love with the people and place. There will definitely be another time to return and I hope to check out different places and perhaps less touristy/shopping places and more food places ! Haha.
<3 Ena

A New Fashion Video Platform


So today I’m blogging the third & last part of ย my LASALLE takeaway series, ending off with my mid term research presentations, both the essay and the project.


StyleAsia Teaser Video Cover

My final presentation’s on a business proposal for Asia’s first Fashion Video platform combining commerce and community. Imagine Youtube’s video platform, ASOS shopping site and WordPress or LinkedIn community. That’s what we’re talking about! I initially termed it StyleAsia. But for the final name it’s something else. I’m not posting about it yet or publishing it publicly… As I hope I can find a team or business to really create this platform, if God allows. ๐Ÿ™‚

So what you’ll be seeing here today, for my essay research presentation, was my initial idea on the rise of blogging, vlogging and its impact on the fashion industry.

The business idea to create a bloggers management entity was later aborted because blogging is on a downwards trend. So I pivoted the idea to a video platform as video production and consumption is on an upwards trend.ย Cisco research says in 2013, 90% of internet traffic is driven by video content! Yeah baby!

So here are the works I’ve done for my final year’s mid terms!:

Research on rise of bloggers and vloggers and their impact:

Mid-term research on the Fashion Video Platform business concept:

Accompanying StyleAsia Teaser Video:

If you’d like to find out more about my:

1. Final Thesis titled:

Fashionสผs Digital Frontier:ย How successful fashion brands utilize online videos to brand andย market themselves in the social media sphere to achieve internationalย recognition.

2. Final Business proposal on the World and Asia’s first Fashion Video platform that combines commerce and community

You can email me your business enquiries at

For other non business related queries, email me at! ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all for now!



Ena Vlogs | Job Search, Inspiring My Shocking Stories & Tao Kae Noi Founder

I didn’t expect my job search process to take so long. I didn’t even expect myself to go through this process because I thought I would go straight into full time Real Estate salesperson work since I got my license last July. Nonetheless, I began this journey, and am now still deciding if I want to enter the Fashion related industry or go back to Real Estate… It will more or less depend on what the results of my last interview is, in two weeks times. I still continue to trust in God to provide the best way and career for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been home most of the time during this holiday, if I am not out meeting my friends for lunch, coffee and movie or church related activities.

Recently I began to watch documentaries on Youtube channel “My Shocking Story” and have been so inspired by the families and individuals who didn’t let their handicap or disabilities let them down! I am so inspired to want to live my life to the fullest as well.

I have also been doing a fair bit of reading. I’ve finished reading and or gleaming through a handful of books on Emotionally Intelligence. Did you know that we first FEEL in our brains before we THINK and rationalize? That’s why every decision we’ve ever made was first based emotionally before rationally. And therefore it is important to let ourselves cool down and take time to think through before we make big decisions in life. Also, when we are in conflicts, to breath deeply to allow our rational mind to think clearly before we act or react based on our emotions which often can be reckless.

Recently finished reading this handy book based on the life of young Thai businessman who is the founder of Tao Kae Noi, a famous fried seaweed brand. The book and his life is inspiring because he is innovative, saw every problem as an opportunity to overcome and develop his business to become bigger.

It is stories like his that inspires me.

I want to become someone like Tao Kae Noi founder, but there are also many things holding me back, fear of failure, lack of resources, fear of lack of discipline, consistency and perseverance. That is why I want to first overcome all these fears with work experiences and gain the network and experiences and successes before I will embark on my own business and projects with hopefully the right partners that God will send.

That is all for now!

Be Beautiful, Inside & Out. ๐Ÿ™‚



What is Fashion Marketing & Management?

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani, the man touted to be both a brilliant designer & businessman.

For the last 3 years I’ve been studying Fashion Marketing and Management in LASALLE College of the Arts, under the degree title BA(Hons) Fashion Media & Industries.

When people ask me about what I study and I reply “Fashion Management (sometimes adding & Marketing)”.

They will almost always react with a “Wow! ?!”

And followed by, “So what is that?” or “What exactly do you study?”

Well, so my blog post today is to answer and clarify what Fashion Management and Marketing Studies is exactly! This way, you also have a better idea of what I have been doing for the last 3 years and where my skills, knowledge and specialization lies. ๐Ÿ™‚

Usually I will answer in a nutshell that Fashion Management & Marketing is the basically Business Marketing studies but specific to the Fashion industry and we also study Fashion theories, history, trends, creative direction and graphic design.

But to be more specific, the modules I have taken in the last three years include:

Cultural and Contextual Studies in Fashion (Fashion theories, history, academic research and writing),
Integrated Marketing Communications,
Visualization and Presentation (both digital and traditional, i.e. drawing by hand, softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign),
Finance (Budgeting, Financial Proposals)
Visual Merchandising,
Project Management,
Product Development,
Fashion Retail,
International Fashion Marketing
& Studio for putting our soft skills & knowledge into practical proposals such as Concept stores and Brands.

It is tough to define what Fashion Management and Marketing is exactly, but I have googled and found two pretty decent answers:

Fashion management is the promotion of apparel sales and involves all of the tasks necessary to deliver the clothing requests and meet the needs of potential customers and designers. Developing campaigns, displays and advertisements, directing manufacturing and marketing, and creating sales strategies are the various parts of Fashion management. Credits here.

Fashion marketing is much the same as product marketing. Integrating brand into the product is something always popular in the fashion world for many popular retail fashion wares. Basically fashion marketing is marketing to either fashion conscious consumers or to distribution channels such as retail franchises and so forth. Credits here.

So you may ask, why did I decide to study something as specific as Fashion Marketing and Management?

The reasons are simple, I love Fashion and I discovered after JC (Junior College) that I was more interested in the Business of Fashion rather than design. Also I really love branding, design and marketing. Also back then, after JC, I thought I wanted to be a Fashion Buyer. But over the last four years I have changed my mind.

I am not exactly sure yet what I am going to do or be in the near and distant future, if it will be directly related to Fashion or not, but I am quite sure that the skills and knowledge that I have picked up over the last 3 years will still be relevant wherever I may be.

You may also ask, so what are the Career prospects of Fashion Marketing and Management studies?

The typical ones will be, but not limited to:

Retail Manager
Visual Merchandiser
Fashion Buyer
Public Relations Manager
Human Resource Manager
Production Manager
Fashion Journalist
Entrepreneur of Fashion Brand/Label/Marketing firm/Fashion related business

So now that you have a better idea of what Fashion Management and Marketing is, you might wanna check out the works I’ve done in Year 2, from August 2011-April 2012:


Retail Scene for Concept Store in Singapore
Fashion Essay: Define Radical Fashion. Case Studies Alexander McQueen & Azzedine Alaia
Group Branding Proposal for Multi-label Concept Store Biaten
Proposed Branding Creative Brief for Accessories Brand Allure
Fashion Critical / Literature Review on Sustainable Fashionย 
Group Project Comparing & Constrasting 3 Departmental Stores in Singapore


That’s all! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!



Hello July

Hello July

Hello July~!

& HELLO my dear readers! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ok so, this post is gonna be another one of those long rambling-ish thought post.

July is my month, my birthday month! So I am very happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

But I am also not so happy because I have not received a favourable reply from the company that I would like to work with… I have not received a confirmed YES or NO reply from them.

But I feel that I need to document this moment down, this state of – uncertainty, not knowing where exactly I am headed towards, what step I am going to take next.

And the reason is, I am not worried, I am assured that I WILL have job. Not only I will have a job, but I WILL HAVE THE JOB THAT GOD HAS PLANNED FOR ME. AMEN!!!

Ok so, this post really is just a declaration of faith, that I am ready to receive the next step of my career, my life direction from God… ๐Ÿ˜€

And I hope this post will encourage you, if you are feeling lost, don’t know what to do, just pray, declare out loud that you are ready to receive what God has in will and plan and mind for you!

Now go and enjoy your July, my July, our July! And I will update where I am headed to next when I know it! Like soon!

Be Beautiful, Inside and Out!


Ena Vlogs #2… Results of Poll & Updates… Subscribe for updates! :)


Ena Vlogs return… after I have decided to KIV (keep in view, for the uninitiated) #AskEna segment until people actually ask me questions. HA.

Ena Vlogs #2

So what am I so disappointed about? Watch my vlog to fun outtttt ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway I hope you can tell I am having fun with this whole vlogging thing and let’s see what I can do / the possibilities I can explore with vlogging! Gotta be more creative, right? ^^

And yes, I am a LIKER. so when I have to restraint things I like on FB, I am sad. ๐Ÿ˜›

COMMENT guys and girls!!! Cause I love reading your comments! ๐Ÿ˜€