Month: June 2013

Ena’s LASALLE Takeaways Part 1 | 4 Useful Tips for Your Future!

Hi! I’m beginning a series of Ena’s LASALLE Takeaways. Having studied Fashion Media and Industries BA(Hons) degree course, Management specialism in the past 3 years, I have accumulated quite a fair bit fashion knowledge and life experiences which I’d like to share. For this first installment, I’m re-posting a FB status I posted back in March

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#AskEna Do people only like Facebook Statuses of People They Like?

Hello Lovelies! I’m starting to vlog and it’s a Q&A segment where I’ll answer YOUR questions about life and anything in general which I find interesting to answer! 😀 So below you’ll see my first video on Enabalista channel (changed over from my previous preciousicyflame handle, to fit with this blog. :B), where I got

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Ena Reviews Bio-essence New Launch – Royal Jelly + ATP range

At the age of 38, Taiwanese actress and model Vivian Hsu don’t actually look a day older than 30, doesn’t she? Have you ever wondered what’s Vivian Hsu’s secret to her youthfulness and V-shaped face? That’s what I’ll be sharing with you folks today! 🙂 Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V Face 3 Treasures

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