No longer a Student, Not yet an Employee (???)


So, I am having A LOT of difficulties to focus on finishing my FYP project.

I’m in a state of INERTIA. As my title says, I’m no longer a student but I’m not yet an employee, with ??? –  question marks. Let me explain. So my classes have officially ended last Wednesday but my final presentation is on this Friday (some of my classmates have their slot on Thursday) and our documents can be submitted the following Thursday.

BUT unfortunately this entire journey feels exceedingly drawn out that’s why I feel like I have not more stamina and I sincerely just want to finish up but somehow there’s this inertia that’s getting to me and I have been trying to fight it continuously since… like for the whole of April. T^T

On a slightly different note, being in this stage of my life feels awkward. VERY awkward. People are CONSTANTLY asking me, so are you done with school/have you graduated/are you working – depending on how young/old they perceive me to be. Unfortunately, the impression I let on is a lot older than I really am. I’m only 22 going on 23 but it seems like people think I have been working for.. a while. Sadly. Though arguable that’s true because I did work / intern during my hols and before my degree started. Heh.

AND I feel that I need to document this awkward stage of my life down. It’s not like I’m going to experience many times of graduating from university and worrying (but not really) where I’m headed to after.

I think being in this state of flux… the between, unsettles me. Not knowing how to move forward wanting to move forward perhaps out of a subconscious fear of losing the past. I hold dear to my life in school, I do, I don’t deny it. I love it. I feel protected, challenged but sheltered. It’s not that I feel I’m not ready to begin work. But work life is tiring, I know it, I’ve been through it and I think being thrown out of a student’s life and into work life, it’s daunting, its sad. This stage of my life can be summed up in one word – bittersweet. Sick-sweet, like dried up roses in the window pane.

Sorry guys, this isn’t me and I stole this off tumblr, I think.

I have gone for job interviews, but I have no confirmed offers. I’m genuinely not worried because I think at worse  optimistically thinking, I can be a full time home tutor that earns a lot money and besides I like teaching! HAHA. Ok, I’m half joking and digressing. The truth is, I just rest assure that God has it all worked out and my fretting ain’t gonna do any good to me. ^^v

OH yes and the ??? in the title is also regards to I don’t know yet if I am going to be an employee or enjoy being called that. I don’t want to be an employee. I don’t like that term. Contributor yes maybe. HAHA. Anyhoos. Moving on…


Easier said than done. BUT DO IT ANYWAYS! (image cr: RemedyQuarterly)

OK so I’m just gonna crawl back to finishing up my work. AND I promise myself (kekeke) I will upload work I’ve done in the 3 years of my life in LASALLE, from business reports to trendboards and project proposals, AFTER I’ve graduated, which is SOON!

THAT plus photos from HK and JPN.

AND I am heading to UK, London this Sunday, how exciting is that? Anyone from UK reading this? Please contact me for a meet up! 😉

After UK, I’ll make it back for my own graduation show preparations before leaving to Philippines for my THIRD mission trip there! CAN’T WAIT.


p.s. addicted to this song atm:

Beyond Boston Bombings, Love Will Keep Us Alive

By now you should have read about the Boston marathon bombings that happened on Monday, 2.50pm in US time.

It saddens me to read of such news.

I remember I awoke on Tuesday morning in Singapore with thanksgiving in my heart, grateful for a loving God. I remember feeling very heavy hearted when I read of the news, on my way to school and wondered about how the victims and their families of the bombings would feel. I wondered why a loving God would allow such atrocity to happen to innocent people. I wondered how victims would struggle with God for allowing such tragedy to happen to them. The irony of my meditation of God’s love for man / me that morning was not lost on my train ride to school.

Then in class, for a presentation skills workshop, we were given 15 minutes to prepare for a 1 minute speech on any topic. Instinctively I wanted to talk about God’s love from the biblical passage 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. But in a tertiary education class of mixed religion classmates, I couldn’t just quote from the bible out of nowhere. So I decided to present on Love, namely Eros, Philos and Agape, a summarized version of information I took from  The Seeker of Truth’s blog post here.

— My 1 minute speech —

Eros is known to be erotic love between man and woman. It is physical attraction where one finds the other attractive and is in love. Its disadvantage is said to be self-centered, because one party loves the other because it makes him or her feel good or happy.

Philos is known to be friendship, where two people meet and connect mentally. It is better for a man and woman relationship to begin as friends and get to know each other before developing the relationship further.

Lastly Agape love refers to love that is unconditional. It is likened to a Mother’s love for a child which is oft unconditional. However the true depiction of Agape love is divine and found in God’s love for us.

As a Christian, I believe that it is out of God’s Agape love for us that he sent his sinless, only son Jesus to die for our sins on the cross so that we may be saved and reconciled with Him. He died on the the cross and he resurrected three days later.

To give a deeper insight into Agape love, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 describes God’s perfect love as such:

“4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  8 Love never fails.”

Eros describes physical love, Philos mental and Agape, spiritual and these are the fundamental make up of a man’s body, soul and spirit ways of loving.

— end of 1 minute speech —

It is by no coincidence that I meditated, shared and decided to write about love. I did so because I’ve been sad about a few things and I wondered why. And the more I meditated about Love, the more I realize, experience and believe the lyrics of Eagle’s hit song “Love will keep us alive” to be true. Although the song speaks and refers to mostly physical and emotional love, of physical shelter, nourishment, protection and companionship, I believe it rings true for Love in all forms.

As humans we are wired for love. We seek love, we crave love. Often a lot that we do, we do it to earn love. Whether it’s a baby’s cry for a mother’s hug, a toddler’s cry for a toy, no doubt selfish but the toy to the toddler means a parent’s material love for him/her. We work hard in school to score good grades to earn our parent’s approval, another form of love. Men work hard at work, to bring home the money for their families, as a testament of their love for them and also to earn their love.

And when we are in love, we can’t sleep because we want to spend time talking to the other party, no matter how late it may be. YET we can wake up early the next day just to hear from our loved one again. It doesn’t have to be a romantic lover. It works for close friends and loved ones. When you have love to look forward to the next day, no matter how late you’ve slept and how early it is you need to get up, you do. It works for love for work and school as well, to gain the approval/love of your tutor/boss/colleague/classmate/friends.

And that is why as I pondered about the significance and power of Love in my life, coming across the atrocity of the sudden onslaught of Boston bombing saddens me.

While I gave a speech on love, some of my classmates shared their thoughts on the Boston bombings. My classmate and friend, Malika shared that such bombings happen almost daily in Pakistan and Iraq in the Middle East region and it is just sad that one such case in US creates such huge media waves globally but we probably don’t know and care about those happening in the Middle East.

I read further about the Boston bombings, mainly from Daily Maill here and an extremely informative post from Mother Jones here. I cried a few times. I cried when I read about how hero Carlos Arredondo went down to help victims, seconds after the bombings went off. Despite the death of his son at the age of 20 when he served in forces in Iraq 2004. And his second son died in 2011, because he never recovered from his brother’s death. A man who has lost two sons and grieved, but he didn’t choose to live in despair, he went to help those who suffered and were in need.



Carlos Arredondo helping a victim from the Boston bombings. (Credits to


I cried when I read about the death of Martin who was only 8 and such a wonderful cute boy. His mother had to undergo brain surgery and his sister who is 6, lost 1 leg. His elder brother who is 12 managed to remain unscathed. And they suffered because they were waiting for their dad to pass the finishing line at the marathon. I cried imagining the grief that Martin’s dad has to go through, his younger son dead, his baby girl who lost one leg and his wife who had to go through a brain surgery.




Martin Richard holding up a message of peace which saddens us further considering how he died. (Credits

I don’t think I’ve ever posted on my blog about this before but the aftermath of war and related tragedy impacts me. Fortunately for me, I have always experienced peace in my life in Singapore, so the first time I remember feeling second-hand grief over war was during Venice Biennale 2007. I saw many artists’ works on the aftermath of war from the Middle Eastern point of view and the American point of view. The former artists painted and photographed the aftermath of war on their land. Buildings in ruins, after bombings and raids. Kids playing with humans skulls because that’s the few form of entertainment they have. Women in the typical muslim head covering, hijabs, photographed/drawn listless, fearful and lonely in bare hospitals. From the American artists, we see the entire gallery wall filled with tiny passport sized photos, each with the image of a soldier lost to war, dead. And that was only a portion from the actual dead count during a span of time which I can’t remember how long but it was relatively quite short and shocking to clock so many deaths. It is hard to describe and adequately convey the impact of these artworks individually and collectively, but I was deeply affected.


So I am decidedly anti-war and terrorism. I simply cannot understand why innocent lives must be sacrificed. I cannot help but feel emotional and tear when I see women and children  helpless, suffering in the face of war, experience trauma and having to pick themselves up in the aftermath of lost loved ones, ruined lives, bodies and buildings. Let’s also not forget the war veterans, who return from war fields bearing physical and mental trauma as well.

I don’t have the answers to the questions I pose. It pains me to know of people suffering, whether they are middle eastern or american, eastern or western, victims or aggressors(knowing these roles are debatable depending on the POV). Above these labels, I remember them as man and women, boys and girls, sons and daughters, family and friends. Each, precious and filled with beautiful potential. If war and terrorism can be avoided, if pain and suffering can be diminished at the hands of those who control it, I can only pray that it be so.


I don’t have the solution to obtaining world peace. Or a convincing reason why a loving God allows such suffering to happen. But to all those who are suffering in war and tragedies or the aftermath of it, I wish you Christ because He embodies Love to me and Love will keep us alive.




Liese New Jewel Pink Hair Dye Review


I’m back! *SO FAST?* You may ask… That’s cause like what the title suggests, in between my travel posts, I’m reviewing Liese’s new Jewel Pink Hair Dye! Thanks to Liese Singapore and the folks at TheSampleStore /EK Media. ^^

I’ve been quite excited over it because I’ve never done hair dye at home by myself before so it’s an entirely new experience for me which I found to be quite fun especially after watching a few video demos on Youtube. *(^u^)*

So… I’ll let the photos do the talkin’!

Ena Liese Hamper

The Liese Jewel Pink Hair Dye arrived in a lovely basket with a hairband and pink rose… I love! ^^

Ena Before Liese Jewel Hair Dye

Now for a few photos of my dark brown almost black hair before the dye! 😉 Photo is without any filter.

Ena Before Liese Hair Dye 2

More pics… was in a fairly good hair and face day~ ^^,

Photos compiled on photo app Mei Tu Xiu Xiu. You can check out a review I did on the app a while back here.

Ena Before Liese Pink Jewel Hair Dye 3

This photo was “zhenged” (Singlish speak for blinged) using Japanese app DecoPic. Loving the Anna Sui vibe frame! ^^,

No filter was used for this but the photo got even grainer through this app. Lol.

Ena Liese Pink Jewel Demo Review 1

Getting ready for the dyeing process! Dressed in a shirt that I’m not afraid to be stained.

Ena Liese Pink Jewel Pack Items

In the box, you’ll find:
1 large hair dye mixture,
1 smaller dark bottle of hair dye for mixin’
1 satchet of hair rinse treatment,
1 foam dispenser cap, 1 pair of gloves,
1 large piece of instruction sheet and 1 additional small sheet of instructions.
Before you begin, it’s important to read through the instructions.
I also suggest watching demo videos found on Youtube, very helpful! 😀
So what’s recommended:
1. to wear an old shirt you won’t mind staining.
2. Dye your hair in an open space as the mixture gives off a hair dye smell which can be choking in an enclosed area.
3. Apply oil based moisturizer on the skin of your face and neck near the hair line, this is to prevent the dye from staining your skin. You can use Vaseline as well. This is not provided in the box.
4. Have tissue and cotton pad or ear buds (also not provided) ready to wipe the foam away from your skin. This is important! Haha, cause confirm will happen.
5. Comb through your hair so that it’s not tangled!
Here’s a gif of me grinning crazily while I comb my hair…
I have totally upped my game by creating gif files on my blog…. 😛
Ena Liese Pink Jewel Demo Review 3
Get the two hair dye mixtures ready for mixin’…
Ena Liese Pink Jewel Demo Review 5
6. Empty the small dark container into this larger container before capping it and gently turn it for 5 times. They are pretty exact about the number, 5 times! Haha.
Yes, I did a gif for this too. Turn it up and down for 5 times and let the mixture work its
***~MaGiC~*** ^^,
The container does warm up a little after you’re done. Don’t worry about it heatin’ up! 😉
Ena Liese Pink Jewel Demo Review 6
7. When the shaking’s done, change the cap to this foam dispenser head.
8. Now don your surgeon gloves! ^^
No photos for the consequent steps because I couldn’t snap photos with foam in my hands. 😛
9. Squeeze the foam out into your gloved hands before proceeding to apply and massage the foam into your hand beginning from the roots and then the end of the hair…
10. Then you twirl your hair if it’s long and place it into a pile on top of your head and allow it to settle for 20-30 minutes…
Ena Liese Pink Jewel Demo Review 2Here’s one shot with half the amount of foam from the bottle… ^u^
I took the gloves out in order to take this photo. 😛
Ena Liese Pink Jewel Demo Review 4Here’s when I’ve used up as much foam as my hair/head could take…
There was more than enough foam for my beyond shoulder length hair! ^^
Looks like an orange foam towel on my head. 😛
The foam application, massaging and leavin’ it on took me a total of 40 minutes (beyond the recommended 30min) because it took me some time to apply the whole (almost all of it) bottle of foam on my hair/head… I’m guessing if you have longer hair it will take you longer…
Then when you’re done, rinse it off with the sachet of rinse off treatment formula! It’s by Kao Essentials and it smells really really (I cannot emphasize more) ***lovely***
so much so that I think I am going to go get a bottle of Essentials shampoo soon just for the lovely scent they have.
Now for the after dye reveal~~~ *drum rolls*
Under the ***sunlight*** (^ω^)v
#nofilter photo decorated with #POCO beauty cam appEna After Liese Pink Jewel Hair Dye 2
Not under the sunlight…
#nofilter photo decorated with #POCO beauty cam app
It isn’t as obvious as when under the sunlight but it does lighten my dark hair especially where the light hits at the top… ^^
Ena After Liese Pink Jewel Hair Dye 3
A final shot of me in my newly Liese Jewel Pink hair dyed hair~ (✿◠‿◠)
#nofilter photo decorated with #POCO beauty cam app
In review:
I enjoyed the process because it is fairly simple and now that I’ve done it once, I am more confident of attempting it again next time. However, for the first try, I think my hair colour application was not as even as possible, with more dye concentrated at the top of my hair compared to the bottom of my hair, so I think on hindsight it would have been better if I segmented my hair into upper and lower tiers and dyed them from the lower tier up. As for the colour effect i think the before and after colour progression chart on the box is accurate, but the colour isn’t pink at all, I think it’s more accurate to call it orange brown or amber! haha. It is definitely more affordable and time saving compared to going to the hair salon, as it would cost me at least SGD$60 for my hair length and a bottle of Liese hair dye is only $17.90 at a promotional price at Watsons or Guardian. ^^
For more Liese Hair dye colours and information, check them out here.
Ena After Liese Pink Jewel Hair Dye
To end off this post… here’s me in my before and after Liese Jewel Pink hair dye~ `(*^ω^)ノ
Because I know how much we love before and after contrast photos… … … o_O?!
Well at least I know how much I google <insert celebrity name> before and after <insert usually is plastic surgery>. 😛
❤ Ena
~*~*~*x*X*x BoNuS x*X*x~*~*~
Final bonus gif of me bobbing to disco lights.
I took a series of aegyo (asian slang for acting cute) photos when I had a really horrid night sometime this week and this is a way of me entertaining and cheering myself up. ^u^
I give you permission to download this and keep it in a place to refer to when you’re feeling down to cheer yourself up.
PEACE out~!

Let’s begin with Hong Kong!

Hello hello~!

It’s been almost a month since I last posted. 😛

So before the days pass to months and months pass to years, I’d better upload my travel photos from HK before they become stale! 😛

Together with 2 tutors and 9 other classmates from Lasalle, we went to Hong Kong (HK) for a 4 Days 3 Nights fashion exposure trip, to see their fashion stores, school and design studios.

For this HK trip, I decided to design a Travel Photo Album in vintage style because the photos are almost becoming vintage since I’m taking so long to post them 😛 and also because there’s a part of the old HK that evokes romantic vintage vibes. 😉

Personally I’m not a fan of vintage fashion or design but vintage design is a very rich style, with many fans and resource available online so I had a lot of fun in designing and putting together this album. I hope you will enjoy it! And if you want to know where I got the free design elements from, you may find them at the end of this post. Also, I’ve saved photoshop (PSD) templates of all my pages, so when I’ve figured how to upload them online, I’ll also post it up so it’s free for download and people can edit for their own trips! Cool huh? ^^

Without further ado, here are my photos from HK Day 1~!

Ena HK Travel Log CoverEna HK 1 Ena HK 2 Ena HK 3 Ena HK 4 Ena HK 5 Ena HK 6 Ena HK 7 Ena HK 8 Ena HK 9 Ena HK 10 Ena HK 11 Ena HK 12 Ena HK 13 Ena HK 14 Ena HK 15

How did you find this album? Post your comments below! ^^

That’s all for now, I hope to be able to bring the next installment next week! For the record, there’s 3 more days for HK and 10 for Japan. These 15 pages took me a whole day to edit… So wish me luck! 😛



Resource Credits to:

  • MaiaraMay (IGotTheLook on Deviant Art) for Photoshop Actions 27. I used action 2 for my photos. You can download the action set here.
  • Leather Textured Paper for my book cover by WebTexture. Available for download here.
  • for Colored Vintage Paper: Texture Pack. Check them out here.
  • Hi-res Grunge Textured Paper used for my pages. Available for download here.
  • Polariod and Paperclips by ~atilazz on Deviantart here.
  • Free fonts: Pacifico and SeasideResortNF both available online.
  • All other design elements  (e.g ribbons, stamps, etc.) not mentioned are found on google images and edited by myself to suit the design.
  • All photos and design credits to me, Ena Teo Jia En. 2013.
  • Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS5.
  • I was listening to this “Relaxing Playlist” on Youtube here while designing this. 😉