h’muse x Enabalista vouchers giveaway!

Hmuse Enabalista 2


I hope your year is starting well as it is for me! 😀

In my last h’muse post, I said that there will be a voucher giveaway~!  (This post is really belated, my apologies!)

There are 3 vouchers worth $25 each for giveaway, to be used on h’muse store here.

The giveaway method this time will be simple, just leave a comment on this blog post below, stating why you want to win the voucher! The winner will received an e-voucher via email, so leave your email!


E.g. of comment should go, “I want to win h’muse x Enabalista voucher giveaway because I’d love new fashion piece from h’muse! Name: Ena Teo Email: enabalista@gmail.com”

3 lucky readers will be randomly selected!

So if you’ve been eyeing that piece on my post, hesitate no further, comment away~! ^^

Results will be revealed this Sunday, 27 Jan so that winners can be in time to shop for Chinese New Year accessories / outfits! 😉



2 thoughts on “h’muse x Enabalista vouchers giveaway!”

  1. I wonder if the voucher still works, haha! If no one got the vouchers I’ll take them! Got my eye on some Chevalier boots.

    1. @karrui, thanks for your comment and interest! Unfortunately the giveaway has ended and back then I didn’t promote it sufficiently so no one came up to redeem it. I hope you will continue to support my blog and I’ll try to arrange for another giveaway soon! And Chevalier boots are a good choice, the shoes h’muse carries are nice!:)

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