Enabalista Blog 2012 in review


Enjoy the last day of the year 2012 and have a great 2013 everyone!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 28,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

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Ena’s Thanksgiving 2012

Ena Thanksgiving 2012

On the 2nd last day of the year, I’d like to recount a few things that I’m thankful to God for. 🙂

In chronological order followed by special people in my life.

Starting in January, I had a very enjoyable short stay at Avilion Cove hotel at Port Dickson, Malaysia with my sisters. You can read about the relaxing stay here.:)
Ena Thanksgiving PD Trip1 copy

My sisters & I.
Ena Thanksgiving PD Trip2 copy

Picturesque view at Avilion Cove.

Back in March, Bini and I went for a super last minute but enjoyable 4D3N stay at Korea. It was definitely short but a lot of fun. Check out the stay in a 3 part post 1, 2 and 3.
Ena Thanksgiving Korea1 copy

With Bestie Bini :*Ena Thanksgiving Korea2 copy

Delicious, best Korean spread ever at Sam-chung dong.
Ena Thanksgiving Korea3 copy

Ena Thanksgiving Korea4 copy

The combined hauls from Korea. 😀Ena Thanksgiving Korea5 copy

Unforgettable memories.

Ena Thanksgiving Korea6 copy

At Korean, in-cheon airport.

In May, I went to Philippines (just realized my typo in the banner and image below) for mission trip with my church. It was my second trip there and a lot more fruitful. The growth in the two years is remarkable and there is a lot of work still to be done. Praise the Lord. Check out my post on the trip here.
Ena Thanksgiving Philippines Mission Trip1 copy

Ena Thanksgiving Philippines Mission Trip2 copy Ena Thanksgiving Philippines Mission Trip3 copy

After I came back from Philippines, I had to immediately attend to Transmission Kaleidoscope exhibition and I am extremely thankful for the work that culminated into a beautiful exhibition, thanks to everyone in the Transmission team! 🙂 More details of the exhibition can be found here.

In June, I received an influx of product review sponsorships, from lip balms, sunblocks to skin care products. You can check them out here.

Ena Thanksgiving Beauty Reviews copy

One of the product reviews.

In July, my birth month, I received two very big presents. The first is to be selected as Estee Lauder’s ambassador, to review and share updates on their latest products and events through the last 5 months in this year. It’s been an amazing journey thus far, one that I hope will continue through to the new year and beyond. I humbly believe that you my readers also enjoy reading the posts as much as I enjoyed the experiences and writing about them.  🙂

Ena Thanksgiving Estee Lauder1 copy

Ena Thanksgiving Estee Lauder2 copy

First bag of joy from Estee lauder, for reviews see here.Ena Thanksgiving Estee Lauder3 copy Ena Thanksgiving Estee Lauder4 copy

My #LOTD using Estee Lauder Fall Violet Underground collection, see here and here.

A second birthday gift was my license for Real Estate property, a culmination of studies and exams, plus I’m very grateful to pass on the first try.

Ena Thanksgiving Real Estate copy

My namecards & license tag.

The following thanksgiving are for groups of special people in my life, in no particular order.

YPM Benjamin cell group members hold a special place in my heart and will always be, as we spend every Saturday evening (I mean every single week) together, through bible studies, dinners and enjoyable outings.

Ena Thanksgiving Benji1 copy

Acting demure.
Ena Thanksgiving Benji2 copy

Really crazy. 😀Ena Thanksgiving Benji3 copy

Claire & Xue’s baptism in April. How time flies!
Ena Thanksgiving Benji4 copy

The lovely girls in the group. Ming, Bernice, Claire, Xue, Vivian, Me & Hui Ting.Ena Thanksgiving Benji5

Our Luge outing at Sentosa. 🙂

I am extremely thankful for a wonderful group of girlfriends in my management class in Lasalle. I really love them, their fashion sense, unique styles, enthusiasm, joy and encouragements. 🙂 <3
Ena Thanksgiving Classmates copy

Pris, Christabelle, Me.

Ena Thanksgiving Classmates4 copy

Photo with the group at Holland V. (My first time there, LOL)

Ena Thanksgiving Classmates2 copy

Bev’s 21st birthday with the cray-cray girls, post here.
Ena Thanksgiving Classmates3 copy

High tea!

More photos with Bestie Bini, I’ve never had a friend who’s cared so much for me, through words, time, action and gifts and I’m really thankful <3
Ena Thanksgiving Events Chanel1 copy

Together at Chanel Spring Summer show.

Ena Thanksgiving Friends Bini2 copy

Ena Thanksgiving Friends Bini copy

Photo with Bini back in Feb, also in a review written about New York Skin solution.

My secondary four classmates are another group of friends I am increasingly thankful for, as we stay together through each year, each month. <3

Ena Thanksgiving Friends 4A3 copy

Ena Thanksgiving Friends 4A4 copy

Celebrating Clinton’s farewell, see post here.

Ena Thanksgiving Friends YL copy

With bestie neighbour, YL, from our HerWorld day out outing.
Ena Thanksgiving Flyer copy
Ena Thanksgiving Mentor copy
With my mentor, at her surprise birthday party we threw for her in church. 🙂
I thank God for using her to be a blessing to me and many more in church! <3
Ena Thanksgiving Friends Tummies copy
With my tummies hunnies food date, a special group of us dear to my heart, friendship bonded through the May trip to Philippines! <3Ena Thanksgiving Meet Michelle Phan copy
With Michelle Phan! One of the inspirational ladies in my life, to meet her in person is like meeting my idol, I have few in my life, hehe. Don’t think I blogged about the meet up when she came, but I have this photo on Instagram. 🙂
This thanksgiving post is definitely not an exhaustive one, I am thankful for each and every person I’ve met this year, whether they’ve been a blessing – or a motivation / learning lesson for me.
I hope this post inspires you to count your blessings and to give thanks for them!

EDD | Sonnet 97, Rugged Layered Denim

There’s no winter here in Singapore, but as the year draws to a close, and this set of EDD photos reminds me of colder days, I thought it apt to share a Shakespeare sonnet about Winter.

Sonnet 97, William Shakespeare

How like a winter hath my absence been
From thee, the pleasure of the fleeting year!
What freezings have I felt, what dark days seen!
What old December’s bareness every where!
And yet this time removed was summer’s time,
The teeming autumn, big with rich increase,
Bearing the wanton burden of the prime,
Like widow’d wombs after their lords’ decease:
Yet this abundant issue seem’d to me
But hope of orphans and unfather’d fruit;
For summer and his pleasures wait on thee,
And, thou away, the very birds are mute;
Or, if they sing, ’tis with so dull a cheer
That leaves look pale, dreading the winter’s near.

Though I’m personally enjoying the holiday season this December, and not going through a weary winter, I still think it meaningful that going through times of coldness can be positive reminders and longings for “summer’s time”. The sonnet ends with a sad note fearing a long and complete ending with his lover but it’s not so much the case with us in reality, or at least for me, I guess I like summer as much as winter. 🙂


Mango plaid top, worn out denim vest with floral fabrics from City Plaza,Cotton On jeggings, Boots from Korea. Bird pendant necklace, Forever 21.Rugged3



Similar mango top here. Cotton on pants & leggings here. ASOS rugged denim apparels (mens too) here. Forever 21 Trendy Vests & Outwear here.
Would you wear a look like this? Or if you’ve experience Winter before, what is it about Winter that you like or dislike the most? Let me know in the comments box!

EDD | Faux Fur For The Faux Winter

Today’s EDD photos are taken on my school, Lasalle compounds in my favourite furry dress, a few weeks back. I bought it last year at Far East Plaza and although I couldn’t think of any occasion to wear it, I did when I was in Korea earlier this year in March. I’m wearing it here again when the weather in Singapore turns colder towards the end of the year, faux winter I say. 🙂

Ena Final Mid Terms Presentation Photos

Gifted Gilot Necklace Silver GAS Bijoux necklace, furry leopard dress, faux fur lined boots from Korea.


Gilot Necklace Silver GAS Bijoux, available here. Unfortunately sold out, but you can check out the other styles on their website.


Collier Mini Love Silver Gas Bijoux available here.


HAM Necklace, Gas Bijoux available here.

For fur lined boots, see here at Shopstyle and here at ASOS.

Similar military but non fur lined boots, from Korea available on Zalora for the coming Spring season here.

Final Mid Terms Presentation Photos

With Bini & Christabelle.

Ena Final Mid Terms Presentation Photos 2

Candid shot with Christabelle. ^^



EDD | Streetwear Tiger Look


I hope you had a good week? 🙂

Here are photos of my daily dress, aka Ena’s Daily Dress from some time back! I have not been taking #ootd lately, especially after chopping my hair off, lol. Anyways, I really like this set of photos. ^^

Enabalista Tiger1

Here in Shana top, Yin Yang jeans and shoes from Korea. Hair was dip dyed back in May! Photos taken in November. :B

Tiger4 Tiger2 Tiger3

Poncho / Military like top also from Shana, $40.

That’s all for now, till the next post!



B’s La Luxe Vita Birthday

Bini La Luxe Vita


This year, my best friend in Lasalle, Bini threw a luxe party at Marina Bay Sand’s Ku de ta, treating a cozy group of her closest friends to dinner and after dinner drinks! 🙂

I count myself very blessed to have B as my best friend, having gone through most parts of Lasalle together and many similar friendship related mis-experiences/dramas that I’m sure in time to come, we will look back in laughter and hopefully fondness as well.

Check out Bini’s blog here.

I’ll now let the photos do the talking! (:

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday5

Ku de ta has a mix japanese and western fusion cuisine.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday7Bini's La Luxe Life Bday6

It was really dim inside, very atmospheric, heh.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday4

Tasty mixed sushi & sashimi appetizer.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday3

Foie gras! 😀

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday11

Was busy indulging in the other dishes so I didn’t take photos of them! This was the final dessert.

A mixed platter of chcolates, cream, cake, sweet pineapple puree and savory sauce.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday9

Then the restaurant served up a cake for B! 🙂

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday10


Photos taken outside Ku te da restaurant. 🙂

 Bini's La Luxe Life Bday18

Then we went out to the bar side and we celebrated with a double tiered cake prepared by Bini’s bf, served up by the Ku de ta staff. Check out the cake, from 1 Caramel @ Rochester.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday13

With fireworks! Heh.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday14 Bini's La Luxe Life Bday15

Happy birthday girl blows out the candles in excitement. ^^

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday16Bini's La Luxe Life Bday17

Taking her birthday wishes very seriously! 🙂

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday19

Face of satisfaction! 🙂
2012-10-30 00.29.10
Posted this series of images on my instagram @ena_teo, after using filter from Poco app. 🙂
Bini's La Luxe Life Bday1
Bini's La Luxe Life Bday2
The beautiful scenery from atop Marina Bay Sands.
Bini's La Luxe Life Bday12
Next to the infinity pool
Following a series of photos by Arjohn, one of Bini’s close and talented graphic designer friend. 🙂
With the group!
Girls only.
Arjohn’s requested photo with the ladies, lol.
T’was was a beautiful night!
Till the next post,

EDD & Kardashian’s Kollection with Dorothy Perkins


Happy Boxing Day my friends!

Did you receive a lot of gifts this year? Perhaps it’s not physical gifts, but gifts of kind words and loving actions?

I’ve been utterly blessed this year, spiritually and physically so I am very excited for an even better year ahead! 🙂

Back in early November, another example of how blessed I was, I won tickets from MsGlitzy, one of my favourite lifestyle blogger that I subscribe too, for Kardashian Kollection x Dorothy Perkins opening launch and an outfit!

It was really a lot of fun attending the event with my girlfriends, after dinner at my place. 🙂

Photos from the event:

Kardashian Party 2

My outfit is an orange skater dress from Bugis Village bought early this year, vintage printed blouse and BYSI bag with black heels.

Kardashian PartyPlease pardon my untidy looking hair here. o.O


With my lovely girlfriends, Kat & Bini. 🙂

Kardashian Kollection Dorothy perkins

3 Kardashian inspired champagnes, aptly named after the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney, Khloe & Kim.

Screen shot 2012-12-23 at PM 10.35.17The lace floral bustier I won… really tight fit and not really my kind of dress… LOL So I’m not sure when I will have the opportunity to wear it!

Till the next post~



Noteworthy Christmas Advertorials & Apps 2012


I do hope you are having fun this Christmas!

Over this month, I’ve had some fun reading, watching, playing and engaging with some commercial Christmas advertorials and apps with I thought I’d share with you! This is not a sponsored post, and I’m reviewing/sharing these as a consumer/user because I found them to be interesting! 🙂

1. Cartier Winter Tale Advertisement Video & Gifs

I was first captivated by their super high quality gifs but unfortunately don’t seem to show on my blog. ):



But I also thought their video very brilliant, who knew showcasing products as life-sized items in a snowy landscape as leopard cubs traverse could be so… heart warming?

2. Kit Kat CrazyPrezzies FB App

It’s really irreverent, hilarious and as the title suggest, crazy. It’s an app with an image of a ball/gum dispenser atop a dead Santa with super hilarious result when you dispense, to send to your FB friends:


This was for my aunt. Hehe.


This was for my sister. You start to see their lame jokes? 😛
Find/tag a friend to go along with you on the fairy tale journey and end with an album! It’s cute but I was expecting cartoon images and not text heavy images, pity!
424884_10151210158369121_905524748_n Christmas FB App Robinsons
The End
Till the next post!

Merry Christmas!


Ena Merry Christmas

Hello dear readers!

I would like to wish all my readers a very wonderful and blessed Christmas!

May you spend it with your loved ones.

It’s also a season where I am reminded of God’s love for mankind by sending His son, Jesus down to earth to save us. <3

Thank you God.

Now let’s get off the computer and really spend some quality time with our family and friends!

Till the next post!




EDD | Purple & Pearls


Weeks back, while I was Bini’s place, we decided to take photos which would begin “My Daily Dress” which I reterm Ena’s Daily Dress here. 🙂

Just a few photos in this lovely korean purple dress with huge pearls necklace and black heels. 🙂

Happy3Happy5Enabalista Purple & Pearls Outfit 1

I’m so happy and I know it and it shows on my face. 😀


Sure I can smile while I’m looking at a plain white wall, why not? 😛


I’m on my way to becoming a Tai-tai and I know it! 😛

(Ena: Now taking in applications from rich bachelors for courtship.)

I KID. You are not allowed to quote me on this! ^^

OOTDs are so much fun! Hope you liked this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. HA.



Bev’s 21st Cray Cray Birthday

Ena Bev Bday Cover

Back in October, my cray cray classmates and I went to celebrate Bev’s 21st birthday!

Here are the photos of what went down… x) Photos taken from Bev, Belle and also some by myself. 🙂

Ena Bev Bday4

Bev the birthday girl smiling for the camera. 😀

Ena Bev Bday3

The lovely lemon flavored, Tiffany inspired cake from The Pines.
Ena Bev Bday7
Individual shot with the birthday girl 🙂
Ena Bev Bday12
Everyone in!
Ena Bev Bday11
Just us cray cray girls from BAFMIN5B :B
Ena Bev Bday8
Cray cray girls + BFs. Ena Bev Bday9Formal shot. 🙂
Ena Bev Bday10
Getting crazy…
Ena Bev Bday16
Going crazy 😀
Ena Bev Birthday1
Ena Bev Birthday2
Ena Bev Birthday1
With Shella ^^
Ena Bev Bday5
With Rach and Pris!^^
Ena Bev Bday15
With the funny one, Belle~!
Ena Bev Bday14
All Charlie Chaplin. :B
Ena Bev Bday13
Gang-nam Power to us cray cray girls! 🙂
Less than half a year to go before we all graduate! :’)
Here’s to more parties with these fab girls.

Ena’s Halloween 2012

Ena Halloween Cover


This is my almost 2 months belated Halloween post, hehe. I have a handful of belated posts which I will be slowly updating here over the next week. Yay to overcoming blogging procrastination!

On a side note, how do you like my new blog layout? I really like it for its fresh and clean concept, and that’s exactly what the theme is titled, “Fresh & Clean” Cool huh! 🙂 On a similar note, I really hate that WordPress is becoming all premium-ish, charging $30 a year if I’d like to customize the theme, like change the ugly blue hyperlinked text to an oxblood/maroon red that I’d like. Yes, at the moment I think it’s such an necessary waste of money to dish out $30 just for the hyperlinked text that I want. Sobs.

Anyway, enough of ranting! Photos from Halloween this year! 🙂

My classmates and I went to Attica @ Clark Quay  this year, the Sat before Halloween on 27 Oct and these are some of the pretty awesome outfits the go-getters were decked out in. Photos by Attica as credited, and the rest taken by my friend Shi Hui! 🙂


Fancy a SWAT team to chase the enemies away?


I really liked the Nightmare before Christmas make-up this girl had on, so cute and the Russian doll printed dress she has on is really pretty too.

Some guys came in suspenders… sans shirt. Didn’t quite get what character/look they were after, or maybe not!

Ena Halloween 2012 1

My friends Ser li, I & Shi Hui. Ser li’s in Katy Perry inspired dress and Shi Hui is kind of inspired by middle eastern princess look I think! Nonetheless they were very gamed… unlike me, I didn’t prepare a costume! 😛

Ena Halloween 2012 2

With Pei Xuan and Priscillia – going for the Nightmare before Christmas bridesmaid look but in black.

Ena Halloween 2012 2.5 Ena Halloween 2012 3

Here’s me dressed in Nicholas’s Arabian headwear & Ser Li’s humongous specs! HEHE.

In light of Halloween, Bini, Lucius, V and I also went to USS’s Haunted House. I do think its worth it for $60 / ticket (more worth it at $45 for student ticket but it was sold out fast) but not so worth it when we topped up $40 to get express but the wait for the house without the express was… unbearably long. It’s worth it cause the set was really awesome and so were the actors dressed up as corpse, soldiers, asylum patients, olden day chinese characters in the Chinese Haunted Alley! We went to the scariest house first so after that the other houses didn’t have as much as a kick, lol.

We didn’t take photos in the Haunted houses or the alleys. Only a few photos towards the end! Photos by V / Bini / Lucius. 🙂

Ena Halloween 2012 4Ena Halloween 2012 5

It was super smokey cause they kept pumping smoke at the entrance to create the atmosphere, lol.

Ena Halloween 2012 6

That’s the highlights of my Halloween, till the next post!

Christmas Gift Ideas with Estee Lauder


As I mentioned previously in this post, Estee Lauder has wonderful gift sets this Christmas season and here are a few that I absolutely adore.

 Estee Lauder Art of the Lips: Chic Pinks, SGD$76.Estee Lauder Christmas 2012 Set

Try adding a festive touch of elegance and glow this holiday season with Art of the Lips: Chic Pinks. To achieve the perfect sultry lips under a mistletoe, line your lips in feathering strokes with Fuchsia Lip Pencil. Next, blend Candy Lipstick with the lip line for that seamless soft finish. Finally, add shine with Shocking Pink Gloss. It’s the ideal gift, if not the perfect treat for yourself.

Ena Recommends: A gift for yourself or a trendy young female friend.

Estee Lauder Art of Lips New Nudes, SGD$76.Estee Lauder Christmas 2012 Nude Lips  Set

Art of Lips New Nudes is an essential kit for mastering the art of the perfect lip with natural, nude shades. Simple, yet timeless, this modern, colour-block case consists of Pure Color Lipstick in Sugar Honey, a new limited edition Pure Color Gloss Pot in Praline Paradise, and Double Wear Lip Pencil in Rose.

Ena Recommends: A gift for your cool mum or aunt.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer set, SGD$52.

Comes with :

a) Purple Passion
b) Berry Hot
c) Porcelain
d) Pure Red

Estee Lauder Christmas 2012 Nails Set

Ena Recommends: A gift for your nail crazy female friends.

Estee Lauder “Sparkling Nights” set made with Swarovski Elements, SGD$80.Estee Lauder Christmas 2012 Golden ClutchSet

Exclusively at Tangs’ counters, this limited edition “Sparkling Nights” set made with Swarovski Elements is sure to add a touch of glam to your festive look this holiday season.

Retailing at S$80, this elegant clutch comes with a matching mirror and a full-sized Pure Color Lipstick and is bound to make you sparkle!

Ena Recommends: A gift for your party loving self or female friend.

Estée Lauder with Michael Kors Set,  worth $300 but only S$98 with any S$50 purchase.

Estee Lauder Christmas 2012 Michael Kor Set

Estée Lauder’s collaborative spin with Michael Kors takes a typical makeup regime to a whole new level. This versatile kit worth over S$300 features a hand-picked assortment of beauty tools for the perfect holiday look. Yours for only S$98 with any S$50 purchase. Keep a look out on our Page for more exclusive tips and trends!

Ena Recommends: A gift for your special female friend, i.e. girlfriend.

Estee Lauder incredible limited edition Blockbuster Ultimate Color collection, valued at over SGD$800, just $108 with any Estée Lauder purchase of $120.Estee Lauder Christmas 2012 Mega Set

Tis’ the season to be beautiful with this year’s incredible limited edition Blockbuster Ultimate Color collection valued at over S$800. With 24 unique shades at your beauty disposal to create stunning looks in the lead up to Christmas, it’s every woman’s must-have and yours for just S$108 with any Estée Lauder purchase of S$120.

This is definitely in my Christmas wishlist, is it in yours? 😉

Ena Recommends: A mega gift for yourself after receiving that 13th month bonus!

Estée Lauder New Pleasures Eau Fraîche


I’m pretty sure your holidays is getting along well! For the ladies, have you wondered what you’d like to smell like this Christmas? 😉

In light of this festive season, I would like to introduce a wonderful new scent by Estee Lauder, the Pleasures Eau Fraîche.

Estee Lauder  Pleasures Eau Fraîche

Eau Fraîche is french and it refers to Eau de Fraich which means fresh water, and that is cologne. Cologne does not have the type of essential oils perfume does, and is not as strong -smelling or long-lasting. Therefore the new Estee Lauder Pleasures Eau Fraîche is a sweet, light floral fragrance for women!


Check out the beautiful Constance Jablonski in this Estee Lauder video for Pleasures Eau Fraîche:

Isn’t it lovely?


For those who are olfactory inclinced, you will be keen to know that:

in pleasures Eau Fraîche, the proportion and balance of pleasures Eau de Parfum have been modified, revealing a new olfactive experience. This re-balanced impression opens with top notes including pure white lilies and violet leaves with even more airy clarity.  The crisp green elements are fresher and more watery. The floral heart of black lilacs, white peonies, pink roses and exotic karo-karounde blossoms smells even more petally and dewy.  The signature baie rose spiciness, although still present and vibrational in Eau Fraîche, is more intense in the eau de parfum, as is the underlying warmth of the floral heart.


But of course, reading it won’t justify the smell at all, so go ahead, check out the new fragrance at any Estee Lauder counters! 🙂

Every 50ml is priced at SGD$86.

If you’re a guy and still wondering what gift to get for a modern and young woman like your girlfriend, sister, best friend or crush then this is really a great Christmas gift choice!

Other than the new  Pleasures Eau Fraîche, Estee Lauder has an excellent variety of gift choices for women this year. Check out my next post for more Estee Lauder Christmas limited edition gift sets! 🙂



My Wisdom Tooth Extraction Experience


So anyways, I blogged this before the last h’muse featured post but I shelved it cause I got caught up (went to watch Argo the movie) and conveniently (ahem) forgotten about blogging… until now my conscious tells me I really need/ought to clear all the backlog so I can start the new blogging year on a clean slate! HEHE.

— since the last time which is like almost 2 weeks ago —

It’s been such a long time since I last blogged and I feel a little shy blogging again! (Weird, I know)

Anyways I’ve been wanting to blog about this for like forever but I really didn’t have the time to…


So my wisdom tooth extraction started quite some time back, about June/July when my top right molar started hurting, so I went to a local polyclinic for a check up and the doctor referred me to National Dental Center for a visit scheduled 3 months later in September. So thankfully the pain didn’t persist and the day finally came for me to see the doc in September! I was first scheduled for an X-ray which revealed that I had a hidden wisdom tooth in my upper left gum which was impacted, i.e. it was coming out the wrong way and hitting my tooth instead of growing out normally.

So after the X-ray (which was immediate result, much like a digital photograph), the doctors – both the surgical and the braces doctor- and I discussed that I wanted to remove two of my upper molars and do a incision surgery to remove the hidden wisdom tooth.


— continuing now, sorry if this is confusing you guys, lol. —

… Interestingly/weirdly… I totally forgot what I wanted to say which was interesting/weirdly, seriously. T-T#

Anyways I guess this will more or less wrap up my wisdom tooth and molar teeth extraction experience, is that the hidden/impacted tooth that needed to be operated on to be removed, leaves a hole where it STILL HURTS whenever I drink or eat either too hot or too cold drinks or food. ARGH. Seriously! It’d literally leave my gum in pain for like the whole day. And it’s been like coming 3 months since the operation. ): Doctor did say it might take up to 6 months for the gum to fully recover. And I am only scheduled to see the braces doctor (fancy named Orthodontist) in March. Seriously, I think if they don’t call me, I’m super likely to forget, lol. Anyways I can really feel the tightness in my  mouth loosen up after removing the teeth and sans the pain when I eat/drink hot/cold, it FEELS GOOD not to have food stuck in my weirdly protruding teeth, post meal! I really wonder why/how I put up with all the inconveniences over the last almost decade. I should have removed those hideous teeth (to me, since you can’t see it unless I open my mouth at a weird angle for you to see since it’s at the back of my mouth) long ago.

It cost about $700 for the operation for the removal of the teeth. I went through full body anesthesia and I’m glad I did cause I have low tolerance for pain and can’t imagine if I did went through the surgery awake. o.O Its cheaper compared to outside private clinics cause I did it at NDC, as mentioned above.

Shall have no more angst about my teeth from hence forth but show lots of love to my teeth and think wonderful thoughts towards my teeth so I shall have very straight teeth for both my upper and lower gums! Oh this is really random, but whenever my teeth hurts, I weirdly think of having a boyfriend that’s a dentist, perhaps foolishly thinking if my boyfriend’s a dentist he can help relieve my gum ache, but then I actually just need painkillers (but the thing about them is that I don’t like to take them and I rather suffer the pain as much as I can or do whatever else it takes to lessen the pain). Anyways, enough random stream of consciousness posting! Lol. Photo time!

Ena Cool TeethCheck out my teeth. They are actually really milky cream (think baby milk powder) coloured and probably also coffee coloured from all the years of coffee drinking, lol. But for your eyes and mine, they are prettified in this pink purple hue. I kept them btw, I plan to encase them in silver and have them made into pendants so I can wear them around my neck. Not morbidly, but because I love how they look like!

2012-09-28 17.09.26

Yes this is how badly my gums swelled post surgery, also while biting the gauze. I bit them for about 5-6 hours post surgery until the wound stopped bleeding. And yes, thank you for being kind and not judging my swollen face, rofl.

2012-09-23 13.22.25

I shall post photos PRE surgery, in case you’ve forgotten how I really look like, LOL. Photo filtered with POCO app and also prettified in Rakuga-cute app. 🙂

2012-09-21 14.28.31This photo was taken at 313 Somerset mall toilet, it has this golden glow to it, in case you’re wondering where I took it and want to replicate the golden glow effect, LOL. Anyway these photos are back when my hair was still at its record length (I don’t think I’ve ever had my hair that long in my 22 years of living) and with the wild red turned copper dip dye. Kinda miss my long hair, and kinda wonder how I kept it so long cause now my past – shoulder length hair is already mighty irritating me. o.O

So that’s all folks! OH I really wanted to post the h’muse giveaway so you guys can start taking part until Christmas day BUT Punchtab refuses to send me my password (I forgot my password T-T) so I have to delay it till I get my password! Sorry guys!

Ok that’s all, for realz.


<3 <3 <3,

P.S. In case you wonder about what’s the whole point of this post, as I also wonder, it’s really just I sharing my experience cause to me, it’s really pretty epic. And when I was going through it I was curious to know all of my friends/peers experiences, those who went through it so I can know about it and be more prepared for it. Lol. For those who’s been through it, hope it was enjoyable reading mine, and those who haven/t, you can hope your experience won’t be as painful as mine! 🙂

Ena features | H’muse Pop Up Store @ Parco

Hmuse Enabalista 2

Hello my dear readers!

It’s been a long time since I’ve last blogged, do you miss me ? ^^

I know it’s no excuse… but yours truly have indeed been busy with school assessments followed by my church youth camp. God’s been very gracious to my church youth group and I, we’re recharged for another great year with Him! (:

This is really a long overdue post, for H’muse the Pop Up store at Parco. The nice folks there have generously sponsored 3 vouchers for my readers. So watch out for the next post on how to take part! The vouchers giveaway will take place through the Christmas season and the winners will be revealed on Christmas day, so it’s like 1 more Christmas present for you, the potential winner! (:

Without any further ado, let me show you the photos I took when I went down to visit the store!

Hmuse Pop Up Store EnabalistaH’muse is located at Parco level 1. It occupies a small yet cosy corner. The colourful and quirky merchandise also stands out against the intentionally bare furnishing.

Hmuse Brands EnabalistaThe list of brands featured in store, with a majority of Indonesian brands.

Hmuse Shoes EnabalistaBeautiful handmade leather shoes from Indonesia. Chin, the PR and marketing guy at H’muse says that more stocks are coming in (which should be in store by the time you are reading this).

Hmuse Shoes 2 EnabalistaThese shoes are good-looking and double up for work and play. Guys, if you’re looking for a nice pair of shoes for Christmas and into the new year, go on down to H’muse!

HMuse Ask Dress Enabalista

I picked out a few items, the ones I like to feature in this post…. and I’m telling you, I’m in love with this Indonesian brand, Ask. It’s so spot on with the trends and it doesn’t harm that it has a Korean vibe and sense of aesthetics that I see in the Korean dramas I am watching currently… Just saying. >.<  So this lovely Autumn/Winter scenery printed dress is apt for the current season and selling at SGD $96.

Hmuse Ask & Coat EnabalistaThis lovely grey faux fur coat also from Ask is selling at $119. Have I told you I secretly (ok fine, not so secretly) LOVE fur? And it’s only arguably in this time of the year in Winter where it’s arguably colder that I can wear fur, fur-lined and winter related thingamajings out in Singapore. Like my fur lined boots from Korea, furry dress, knitted beanie and scarves. But even then, when I wear them out I feel like I’m crazy. T-T I wish I could travel to somewhere cold this winter! Even if it’s 3-4 days it’d still make me very happy, and so I can wear layered attired and furry stuff, HEHE. (:

Hmuse Ask Dress 2 EnabalistaThis printed and Batik inspired dress is selling at $98. It also comes in other colours like green hues. I featured this cause it’s in pink/purple hues. Hee.

Hmuse Ask Pullover EnabalistaThis knitted sweater can double up as both a festive item and tribal too! Also by Ask, priced at $92.

Hmuse Lou Top 1 EnabalistaThis quirky yet laid back striped top by Louskii is priced at $37.

Hmuse Lou Top 2 EnabalistaAlso by Loushkii, this top is going at $55.

Hmuse ColorRiot Shirt EnabalistaThis beautiful floral top is bound to garner attention to the wearer, by ColorRiot, selling at $59.

Hmuse ColorRiot Floral Set EnabalistaIn a similar print, the shorts also by ColorRiot is selling at $59.

Hmuse Ensemble Black Dress EnabalistaBy Ensemble, this sheer dress is unique with its velvet collar and tassel detailing.

Hmuse Ensemble Dress Collar Details EnabalistaUp close photo of the collar, tassels and sheer fabric.

Hmuse Ensemble Golden Hands Black Top EnabalistaAnother Ensemble item, sheer black top with Golden Hand collar detailing.

Hmuse Ensemble Golden Hands Black Top Details Enabalista

Close up photo of the delicately poised Golden Hands.

Hmuse Ensemble Golden Hands White Top DetailsEnsemble Golden Hands Shirt also comes in white. The shirts are selling at $49.

Hmuse Jan Sober Shirt Enabalista

Hmuse Jan Sober Logo EnabalistaNext up we have a brand that specializes in Menwear, Jan/Sober (Jan pronounced in a french way as Yen). The fabric is great and the designs have unique and quirky details (check out the cute collar) which make it really worth the price. This top is selling at $85.

Hmuse Jan Sober Short Sleeve Shirt EnabalistaAnother Menswear brand, Soep Shop, this cute top is selling at $54.90. I particularly like how the collar and shoulders fabric (I forgot what this part of the shirt is called, lol) is different from the rest of the shirt.

Hmuse Men Shirt EnabalistaThis black t-shirt by Kazign has a different coloured pocket and is selling at $49.

Hmuse Bags EnabalistaNow moving on to the vibrant center counter of bags and accessories.

Hmuse Clementine Yellow Clutch EnabalistaIndonesian bags brand Clementine, faux leather clutch going at an affordable price of $49. It’s so lovely.

Hmuse Clementine EnabalistaThe same clutch also comes in blue.

Hmuse Clementine Back EnabalistaClementine has expanded beyond Indonesia, to America, Malaysia and now Singapore.

Hmuse Pink Black Clutch EnabalistaClementine clutch in my favorite combi (yes it still is, lol) Pink & Black, priced at $70.

Hmuse Red and Blue Clutch EnabalistaClementine Envelope clutches in Red and Blue, priced at $60 each.

Enabalista Clementine Clutch EnabalistaClementine velvet and leather combi clutches in Red, Black and Tan. Each priced at $78.

Hmuse 72Smalldive Clutches EnabalistaEuropean bohemian label 72Smalldive Bag to Differ in various colours, $220 each.

Hmuse Acc EnabalistaAustralian brand Vanessa Ward, an architect by profession turned accessories designer. With a nautical collection in H’muse. These necklaces are going for $95 each.

Hmuse Necklace EnabalistaThis unusual ball necklace was the first item to be sold when H’muse opened, bought by an SPH editor! Haha. Also by Vanessa Ward, selling at $130.

Hmuse Daniel Wellington Watches EnabalistaLast but not the least in this featured post, Daniel Wellington bracelets and watches.

Hmuse DW Watch Enabalista

Do visit H’muse’s Pop Up store which opens till January to check out these lovely brands and items!

Readers of Enabalista blog will also get a discount if you quote “Enabalista”.

Lots of Love,

(I have no idea why previously there’s a huge gap here, it’s one of those wordpress glitches. o.O but it’s gone now that I’ve typed this sentence, so yay~! 🙂 )