Enabalista 2nd Birthday Giveaway Winner Revealed!

Hello All!

A big THANK YOU for all who took part in the giveaway that I’ve been holding on my humble blog in the past week!

Now for the big reveal… Winner is also revealed on the actual “live” but now “ended” Giveaway tab… *Drumrolls please*

Congratulations to Ng H.!

The winner was randomly selected using the PunchTab app, and she also happens to be my friend! 🙂 Therefore I will meet her and hope (if she’s ok with it) to take a photo with her and then upload and updated on this post later!  For those who took part, and those who didn’t or missed this one, fret not because I’m having another giveaway really soon again! I’m really happy to have giveaways on my blog and many more to come. ^^

I want to specially thank the following readers & friends for taking extra time and effort to comment on the giveaway app and supporting Enabalista.

Christabelle Peh, Jenny Soo, Jane Lee, Eddy Khoo, Jessie Sng, Loh Poh Yong, Ying Lan & Tarandip Kaur.

Thank you all specially for your kind comments and retweets for this giveaway! I am very touched by your support. :’)

I am really quite behind, more like super behind my blogging because I’ve been overwhelmed with a powerful combination of school, ECA (stands for extra curriculumm activities, for the non-Singapore educated/un-initiated) such as JRunway participation, Sofie’s wedding and church commitments the past 1 month…

Follow me on my Twitter & Instagram, both @ena_teo for more daily updates! I tweet a lot of random stuff mostly revolving around Fashion, entertainment, social/Singaporean news and a lot of personal musings and angsty tweets you won’t find on my blog. (But you can read on the side bar, lah) I instagram mostly food, fashion, myself and interesting/random stuff around my life. I know it’s not much of a marketing pitch, but I’m sure you’ll be amused by what I share, cause I get amused by myself! HAHA, #notshyatall. So follow lah ah, and PLUS I am almost always looking for more tweet buddies on Twitter so join in the conversations/tweet-versations if you haven’t! 😀

xoxo you know i love you,
Ena <3

Honestly can’t wait for school to be out, then I will be giving my first church sermon this Sat, then I can by blog-happy and HOLIDAY LOR (machiam like ORD-LOH, it’s supposed to have the feel/vibe, #incaseyoudidn’tgetit.) – I don’t know why this needs to be italicized. Really, I don’t.

H`muse 3rd Popup Concept Store at Parco Millennia Walk

Hi All!

H`muse is opening up its 3rd Popup Concept Store at Parco Millennia Walk from 25th November 2012 to 24th January 2013! H`muse is a multi-label store that carries a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products. Taken from their online store:

“We aim to bring in designers from Asia to designers from over the world so you can buy from the most interesting mixture of fashion garments to lifestyle designs, in a one-stop intuitive website. We will look to provide you with a stirring range of designers and labels, giving you the best look while maintaining the personality of these unique designers and labels.”

H`muse is collaborating with specially curated International Designers out of a range of 80 strong Designer partners to rejuvenate Parco’s well known array of merchandise from local designers.

Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington, Indonesia’s handcrafted shoes by Santalum and Chevalier as well as Italian bag collection from 72smalldive are teasers to our collection of Designer wear featured in H`muse’s Concept Store.

Just a teaser of the items of the brands in the store!

Daniel Wellington Watches

Daniel Wellington Classic St Andrews


Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield


Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford



72Smalldive Bag to Differ


Do go down to H’muse’s concept store to show your support! I’ll be updating about the store opening review on Sunday. Keep a look out for the post and also of a giveaway soon! 😉

Lots of Love,

Enabalista 2nd Birthday Giveaway!

Hi All!

As promised, here’s my blog, Enabalista’s 2nd Birthday Giveaway post! As the title goes, the purpose of the giveaway is to celebrate my blog’s 2nd Birthday and to thank my readers for following this blog! *Hint* Another giveaway is coming right up! 😉

The giveaway set includes: 1. Advance Night Repair Eye Serum 2. Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara and 3. Advance Night Repair 4. Pretty blue Estee Lauder pouch. Items 1-3 in tester vials / sizes. 

A close up of the ANR Eye and ANR vials.

I’ve been using ANR for a month plus and it’s no wonder that it’s Estee Lauder’s winning product over the last 30 years because it really soothes, restores and maintains the natural beauty of the skin.

Want to be able to win the ANR? It’s very simple, simply take part in the app below, all you have to do is to answer a question “Why do you like Enabalista?”! 😉

Take part in the giveaway on Facebook here, now! 😀

You can stand to gain more contest entries for each additional step through the app:

– 1 Entry by Facebook or Email connection
– 1 Entry by following me on Twitter
– 1 Entry by tweeting about the Giveaway
– 1 Entry by liking my Facebook page

The giveaway starts today, 19 Nov Monday and ends this Sunday and the winner will be revealed and received a winning email within 2 days of the end of contest! The contest runs INTERNATIONALLY! 😀

If you are below 18 years old, please make sure your parents are ok with you informing me about your home address in event that you win so that I can mail it to you!

That’s all for now, toodles~!


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