Underscore Magazine Flight Launch

Last Sunday, Mel, Ace & I attended Underscore Magazine’s launch at Tanjong Pagar’s now defunct railway station. It was just perfect as it was next to Hermes Gift of Time exhibition which I wanted to catch before it closed. I will blog about it next. (:

Jerry (Creative Director of Underscore Mag), Mel, Serene, Myself & Ace.

Taken from Underscore Magazine website :

Underscore: An independent magazine with thematic content attuned to a simple rhythm; quality of life.


It was my first time checking out the magazine, check out their screencaps of the various chapters of Flight on the website and a very interesting effect takes place when you’ve viewed all of them! See here. The hardcopy magazine is available on Kinokuniya, a beautifully designed book with interesting articles and features from designers and artist contributors worldwide.

In conjunction with the Underscore Magazine Flight launch, pop up cafe The U Cafe opened from 1-12 August. Although I didn’t try their coffee, my friend Jon said it’s really good. Maybe they will open one permanently some time soon… 

A lot of crew in the cafe preparation and cashier area. They were having a 1 for 1 sandwich offer during dinner time!

Love how the patriotic red and white flags decorated the cafe.

A whole wall of magazine were available for browsing for customers of the cafe! Just love how it’s styled. 

Past Underscore Magazine Fight edition showcased in a bicycle case, cute!

Train inspired counters line the platforms which are free for visitors to use and dine the food available from stalls nearby. Wondered if they were in-line with Hermes’ Gift of Time exhibition because of the distinctive orange, have not found out if it was or not.

People fascinated with taking pictures of the railway… which I didn’t! Haha.

Another “Pop up” stall is an old school snack store, “Munch” which sells biscuits, sweets and toys that are usually found at neighbourhood Mom and Pop stores.

Haven’t had Mamee noodle snack in a long time! Anyone still eats them nowadays? I use to eat them daily in primary school. ^^

Love the cartoon quality of Munch store logo, very apt!

Their biscuits come in these old school tin cans. And this Tiramisu biscuit is yummy!

These styrofoam planes available for sale at counter. They also resemble the cut-out plane towards the end of the Underscore Magazine’s Flight edition!


I asked Munch staff where they would head to after the Railway and they said Fusionopolis which is far west! Check out their Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/got.craving for updates. (:


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