Hermes The Gift of Time Exhibition Photo & Video Review

As I mentioned in a post earlier, Hermes presented an exhibition titled “The Gift of Time” fashion / art exhibition and I managed to catch it with my friend Ace on the last day, just about an hour to go before it closed! (;

This is how the interior of Tanjong Pagar (defunct) Railway Station looks like. Pardon for the blurry images cause the lighting was quite dim and there was an all around red/orangey hue.

Upon entering the exhibition, we see this clock/sun-dial with a horse motif clock hand which reflects a horse shadow. It’s a lovely combination of fine artistry/design and science.

The first room is filled with videos and quotes about time. I spotted quotes in English, Mandarin and French.

Here are some of my favourites:
The second room is titled “Time Suspended” and it’s about the amazing history made by an equestrian that jumped a hurdle so high that has not been broken. The bar in the room reflects the exact height of the record. It’s been said that the jump was so high and spectacular that in that moment it felt like time was suspended. Therefore Hermes was inspired to create a watch with the essence of “Time Suspended” which encapsulates the spirit of Man pushing limits.

This video screen on the sand is position in front / below of the watch and I love how technology and video is artiscally integrated into the exhibition. 

In the same room hangs a series of horse saddles over the centuries which is a testament to the evolution of Hermes horse saddles which represents their beginnings and their heritage.

There was a guide for each room and the exhibition would not have been complete if not for the stories and background they shared! I think Hermes Singapore / exhibition organizer did a great job in engaging and training the guides because I thought them pretty spectacular, they memorized the whole script and most if not all of them were impeccably dressed and smart looking.

In the fourth and my favourite room, titled “Time Balance”, there is a huge and revolving top which has a set of water filled but always balanced glasses in the middle. It illustrates the idea of how all of us have the same number hours of time in a day and balancing/managing life/time is not a mean feat but it’s possible. It’s a profound concept and I am most impressed with how it’s so beautifully conveyed.

The tablewares displayed are all designed by Hermes.

In the fifth room which I didn’t manage to catch the name of, it showcases Hermes’ expertise in leather in beautifully designed and interesting artworks. The first part is a pendulum of bags. The green bag acts as the gong and the two brown luggages vibrates.

Watch them in action in a video compilation of clips I took from the exhibition:

In the same room there are artworks designed and made with Hermes leather such as the parrot and the cat face. They are made up of beautifully coloured and various types of leather varying from rough to smooth. The guide encouraged us to touch the varying textures.

Yay for being able to touch the display in the exhibition! 😀In the fifth room titled “Imagination Room”, viewers are encouraged to relax on the cushion seating areas and gaze at the coloured reflection from a bowl of water. 

In the sixth and last room there’s a see saw in front with huge tree in the middle, a tortoise at the bottom of the tree and a horse cuckoo clock on the tree and glass framed displays that light up at different and seemingly random order. I didn’t quite catch the meaning of this room but I think it was about chance and surprise.

The horse comes out to cuckoo every 3 minutes. Haha!

As I mentioned in the video above, I enjoyed the exhibition very much. And as I review the exhibition in this post, I ponder and realize that the exhibition was intentionally and well-designed to allow viewers to experience the exhibition through the various senses of touch, sight and hearing. It is also a beautiful reminder of how Hermes takes pride in her heritage, fine craft and artistry and educating the people about them.

Haven’t had enough of Hermes from this post? Check out their video related to the exhibition here:

LoL <3,

Ena Vlogs | My Skincare Routine with Estée Lauder Refining Pore Minimizing

Hello! In this vlog, I share and demonstrate my current skincare routine, one that I’ve been following day and night for about a month now.

Products in the video are from Estée Lauder’s Refining Pore Minimizing skincare set, kindly sponsored by Estée Lauder Singapore. All products featured in this video are non-comodegenic/non-acnegenic.

Product & Price list:
Erabelle Refined Cotton Squares 100 pieces – SGD$10.70
1. Optimizer Intensive Boosting Lotion Pore Minimizing + Refining (New) 200ml – SGD$70
2. Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher 50ml – SGD$136
3. Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Creme (Normal Combination) 50ml – SGD$92
Estée Lauder products in this video are made in the U.K. Available in store at all Estée Lauder counters in departmental stores such as Isetan and Metro.

Discover the right skincare set for your skincare concerns using Estée Lauder Skincare Finder Tool here.

I am wearing a Cotton On Body Vintage Inspired Sleepwear – SGD$20.

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Underscore Magazine Flight Launch

Last Sunday, Mel, Ace & I attended Underscore Magazine’s launch at Tanjong Pagar’s now defunct railway station. It was just perfect as it was next to Hermes Gift of Time exhibition which I wanted to catch before it closed. I will blog about it next. (:

Jerry (Creative Director of Underscore Mag), Mel, Serene, Myself & Ace.

Taken from Underscore Magazine website :

Underscore: An independent magazine with thematic content attuned to a simple rhythm; quality of life.


It was my first time checking out the magazine, check out their screencaps of the various chapters of Flight on the website and a very interesting effect takes place when you’ve viewed all of them! See here. The hardcopy magazine is available on Kinokuniya, a beautifully designed book with interesting articles and features from designers and artist contributors worldwide.

In conjunction with the Underscore Magazine Flight launch, pop up cafe The U Cafe opened from 1-12 August. Although I didn’t try their coffee, my friend Jon said it’s really good. Maybe they will open one permanently some time soon… 

A lot of crew in the cafe preparation and cashier area. They were having a 1 for 1 sandwich offer during dinner time!

Love how the patriotic red and white flags decorated the cafe.

A whole wall of magazine were available for browsing for customers of the cafe! Just love how it’s styled. 

Past Underscore Magazine Fight edition showcased in a bicycle case, cute!

Train inspired counters line the platforms which are free for visitors to use and dine the food available from stalls nearby. Wondered if they were in-line with Hermes’ Gift of Time exhibition because of the distinctive orange, have not found out if it was or not.

People fascinated with taking pictures of the railway… which I didn’t! Haha.

Another “Pop up” stall is an old school snack store, “Munch” which sells biscuits, sweets and toys that are usually found at neighbourhood Mom and Pop stores.

Haven’t had Mamee noodle snack in a long time! Anyone still eats them nowadays? I use to eat them daily in primary school. ^^

Love the cartoon quality of Munch store logo, very apt!

Their biscuits come in these old school tin cans. And this Tiramisu biscuit is yummy!

These styrofoam planes available for sale at counter. They also resemble the cut-out plane towards the end of the Underscore Magazine’s Flight edition!


I asked Munch staff where they would head to after the Railway and they said Fusionopolis which is far west! Check out their Facebook here for updates. (:


Hermès The Gift of Time Exhibition Singapore


If you don’t already know, Hermès, the acclaimed french fashion power-house is  presenting the precious Gift of Time exhibition at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

Hermes Gift of Time Exhibition. Image take from

The exhibition is curated and created by US-born artist and poet Hilton McConnico, and the series of installations will make use of its surrounds – the de-commissioned train station itself a contemplation on the passage of time – to invite viewers to explore the ways we make use of the most evanescent and valuable aspects of life: time itself.

The Gift of Time exhibition will run from August 1 to 12, 11am to 9pm daily. Admission is free. Find out more about the traveling exhibit by heading over to Hermès’ dedicated minisite. Also check out The U Cafe, a pop-up cafe in conjunction with the exhibition.

I have yet to go down for the exhibition but I plan to this weekend. This is the last weekend of the exhibition, so do go down to check it out before it’s too late!

If however you are unable to make it down for the exhibition personally, do check out Moonberry’s visually arresting blog post here.



Olympics Inspired Fashion 2012





It’s been a few days but…

Singapore won a bronze medal in Olympics! YAY!

Thanks to our star female table tennis player Feng Tian Wei for doing us proud!

Congrats to Feng Tian Wei for bagging a bronze for Singapore! Image credits to

So while we are all still in the mood and heat of Olympics, here are a few fantastic Olympics inspired fashion items to ogle (maybe we call it google nowadays :P) over! 😀

1. Isabel Marant ‘Beckett’ trainers –

These are the coolest kicks in fashion these days. Worn by lots of models off duty!


2. Miu Miu special edition bags – available exclusively at Miu Miu’s London boutiques.

How cute that they come in Olympic medal colours… guess most women will go for the gold? (;


3. Anya Hindmarch X Dunlop,

I don’t fancy green much, but if it’s hot pink or purple I’d love it more! Find this cute because of the 5 Olympic coloured rings! 😀


4. Limited edition Proenza Schouler PS11 bag,

One of the IT bag of the moment, Proenza Schouler PS11 in a winning colour! I’m glad to report that this colour will continue to serve you well into Spring Summer 2013. Metallics is gonna be in trend then!

That’s all for now~

Image credits from Telegraph UK here.

For more Olympics inspired fashion check out:
The Fashion Spot and Miu Miu Olympics inspired shoes and bags collection here.



Win With Estée Lauder Every Woman Can Be Beautiful Photo Contest


Hi all!

Remember the Estée Lauder Makeover I attended 2 weeks ago? I’m glad to announce that there’s a photo contest from that event that’s beginning today and there are fantastic prizes to be won by the voters!

From Estée Lauder Singapore FB page:

From today till 16th August, vote for the Best Makeover Transformation from our Every Woman Can Be Beautiful photo contest, and you could be one of the 10 lucky voters to walk away with a SGD200 Estée Lauder Hamper!

If you happen to be on of the ladies in the photo contest, be amongst the Top 10 with the most votes and stand a chance to win a SGD1,000 Estée Lauder Hamper!

As you should know by now from reading my blog (see my recent Vivid Shine Collection Post / Review Part 1 and Part 2 if you have not), Estée Lauder’s products are not only prettily packaged, smells lovely but are also made with the best quality ingredients and   technology! Winning a S$200 Estée Lauder Hamper will surely put a smile on your face.

If you can’t wait to vote already (but come back to complete reading my post after you vote ah), check out the voting app page on Estée Lauder Singapore Facebook page for more details, click here:

If you still can wait, read on!

This is how the first page of beautiful makeover photo contest voting looks like, all you need to do is to click vote! Each page has 20 contestants and there are 4 pages so I infer that there are a total of 80 contestants. It says on the page that “You can submit unlimited votes, max 1 vote per entry” Aside: (so if you really want to maximize your winning potential, I guess you can like all 80 contestants! :P)


“Chance favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur

Do let me know if you win the contest because you heard about the contest first from here (plus if you won it with the “tip” I gave you 😉 ) cause I’d love to celebrate your win with you!

We all love to win in life don’t we? With the Olympics fever currently going on, you can also stand a chance to experience being a winner by taking part in the contest voting! Do also like and share about the contest with all your girlfriends so that all of you can stand a chance to win. I believe in sharing and that sharing breeds winning. Winning is great but winning with friends is better! This is such a great quote that I need to “quot-ify”:

“I believe in sharing and that sharing breeds winning. Winning is great but winning with friends is better!”

– Ena Teo

For more details, click here:

Speaking of winning, I am very blessed to have won a Glamasia contest and I collected my  Stella McCartney necklace yesterday. I’ll blog about it another post! (:

Designer Olympic Games Kit 2012

So Olympics have just started, have you caught the fever and seen any matches?

I haven’t seen any but I’ve seen the news, especially the fashion news for Olympics and as the title suggests, Designer Olympic Games Kit 2012 that’s worth the mention.

Seriously where and when else do you get publicity as huge as this? I know if I were a Singaporean label, I’d definitely be fighting to design a Games Kit for Singapore… #justsayin’

Stella McCartney for Britain

I personally expected something better in terms of design, the jacket is pretty nice, like it’s something wearable even after Olympics but the T-shirts could really do with better graphics.

High Street Retailer Next for Britain at the Opening Ceremony

Apparently Stella McCartney had to release a statement saying it wasn’t designed by her but i DO like how this attire is put together. I won’t be caught wearing a 3/4 pants (cause I’m petite and it just looks very auntie) so other than that, this gets a nod from me!

Ralph Lauren for USA

This games kit is IMO the best of the lot. Simple, classic and stylish. Im not a fan of the updated and huge pony logo but graphic like that is acceptable in light of how the outfits looks so good overall. And the little striped detailing of the belts? Cute.

I like the blazers but I don’t like the berets and the high ankle socks/shoes. Can I repeat myself that brands that sponsor Olympic teams are just #winning it. Get it? 😛 Anyway if I were an American Olympian I’d keep wishing Ralph Lauren keeps sponsoring and designing for USA’s Olympic team because they just stand for everything American.

Armani for Italy

Quite unfortunately and surprisingly only so-so. Really expected a lot more from Armani. But oh wells, the Italians look good in anything. Maybe even more so without. HA. 😛

Prada for Italian Sailing and Paralympic

This is much better than the above. At least the jackets seem to look more fitted. I tried looking for actual images, taken on real olympians but can’t find any on google images.

Hermes for French Equestrians 

Is absolutely regal and formal which is really cute and fitting for the sport!

Salvatore Ferragamo for San Marino

I have no idea what country San Marino is but these are some stylish designer wear. Would totally be appropriate for Pre-fall collection please!

From Top Left to Bottom: Ferragamo for San Marino, Armani for Italy and Ralph Lauren for USA.

Images taken from and credits to Fashion Telegraph UK.

Want to get into the mood for Olympics without breaking the bank for the above designer brands? I’d suggest some:

Olympics worthy nail design ^^

Image taken from

I’ve tried googling for China and Singapore’s Olympic Kits but there wasn’t any news featured on them, sadly. Chinese and Singaporean designers please and hopefully will rise to the occasion come 2016! I wonder what I’ll be doing by then, gasp!

I’ll have another post coming up on Olympics-inspired fashion items. Also gonna be posting on Fashion IT bags 2012 for Women and Men respectively as my last post on IT bags was pretty popular amongst readers. So stay tuned!